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  1. New eyes on the cosmos: the next constellation of telescopes will dramatically extend and sharpen scientists' view of the universe.(YEAR OF ASTRONOMY): An article from: Science News by Janet Raloff, 2009-05-23
  2. Unearthing ancient astronomy.: An article from: Science News for Kids by Julie J. Rehmeyer, 2007-04-18
  3. A breathtaking night under the stars is remembered.(PRACTICE TRENDS): An article from: Internal Medicine News by Richelle Marracino, 2009-01-15
  4. Physician looks to the stars.(THE REST OF YOUR LIFE): An article from: Skin & Allergy News by Doug Brunk, 2009-02-01
  5. Physician looks to the stars.(THE REST OF YOUR LIFE): An article from: OB GYN News by Doug Brunk, 2008-12-15
  6. Snapshots from 25 years of publicizing astronomy.(COMMENT): An article from: Science News by Stephen Maran, 2009-11-07
  7. Seeing better: in 400 years, telescopes advance from rooftops to mountains to orbit.(YEAR OF ASTRONOMY)(Chronology): An article from: Science News by Unavailable, 2009-05-23
  8. 21st Century Complete Guide to SIRTF: NASA's Space Infrared Telescope Facility--Infrared Astronomy from Orbit (CD-ROM) by World Spaceflight News, 2003-09-12
  9. 21st Century Complete Guide to the Chandra X-Ray Observatory ¿ Images and X-ray Astronomy Scientific Observations of Supernovae, Pulsars, Neutron Stars, Quasars, Galaxies, Clusters, Black Holes, and the Milky Way ¿ Images and Movies (Two CD-ROM Set) by World Spaceflight News, 2003-05-24
  10. 21st Century Complete Guide to the Webb Space Telescope, Successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, Planet Finder, Origins Program, New Visions for Astronomy and Space Science (CD-ROM) by World Spaceflight News, 2003-09-12
  11. Stargazers ponder the mystery of Comet Holmes.(City): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team, 2007-11-04
  12. Canadian leads advance to moon-based telescope.(Canada Wire): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team, 2007-06-22
  13. Jupiter (Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers) by Christine Taylor-Butler, 2008-09
  14. Neptune (Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers: Space Science) by Melanie Chrismer, 2008-03

21. Astronomy News
For more information see NSSDC GSFC NASA site * NASA Spacelink. Archiveof Previous SAO astronomy news. Semester 2, 2002. Semester 1, 2002
25th March, 2003: From the embers ... Science still flows from the halls of Mt Stromlo despite the devastating bushfires of January, 2003. ANU astronomers have played a crucial role in the first ever accurate measurement of the age of our universe. An international team of astronomers has announced that the universe started in a fiery explosion, thirteen thousand, seven hundred million years ago. "The human race lives on a tiny, insignificant planet in a remote corner of the universe," said team leader Dr Matthew Colless. "It is amazing that we should even think of trying to measure the size, shape and age of the whole universe. But what really beggars belief is that Australian astronomers, working at a burnt out observatory, should have played a pivotal role in solving this age old question". More details are now becoming apparent about the bushfire that struck the observatory. "It was no ordinary bushfire - it was a superheated firestorm," said Vince Ford, a research officer at the observatory, Australia's oldest and one of the largest. "If it was made of aluminium, it burned and blew away. Made of brass, it melted. Made of steel, it softened and drooped. So we're talking temperatures around 1,000°C to 1,200°C.

22. N.A.A. Astronomy News
Some hidden keyword text NAA Illinois astronomy clubs current astronomy news headlinesbreaking stories about astronomy, space exploration, cosmology, space
n.a.a. cool news page loaded at: This Hour's Ten Headlines: Cosmiverse
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Astronomy Picture of the Day HEASARC's
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buttons Magazine Astronomy Magazine Astronomy Now Magazine IAU Telegram Headlines Satellite Visibilities EurekAlert! Space Science SpaceRef Space News Universe Today Space Daily Spaceflight Now Tonight's Starcast N.A.A. Site Directory home
... links
Some hidden keyword text: N.A.A. Illinois astronomy clubs current astronomy news headlines breaking stories about astronomy, space exploration, cosmology, space flight news, astronomical events. Source for the latest astronomy news updates. Astronomy Picture of the Day / APOD direct from NASA, astronomy picture of the week, science pictures. Links to astronomy news sources.

23. EYE ON THE SKY Astronomy News Service
EYE ON THE SKY News Service provides astronomy lecturers and services for cruiselines and highlyprecise astronomy and almanac text for newspapers and

24. Astronomy Sight | Astronomy News
astronomy news. a Nakamura Design production. Please send suggestionsor comments pertaining to this site to The Astronomy Sight Staff.

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25. IIA > Astronomy News
astronomy news. Pure Space Exploration (Science Technology, DeccanHerald, 27/08/2002) Twenty five years after beaming astronomical
Pure Space Exploration
Twenty five years after beaming astronomical data, Voyager 2 is now on a search for the edge of the solar system, the realm where the sun's influence finally gives way to interstellar space Celestial Visitors
Whether 2002MN or 2002NY, Near Earth Asteroids have created a sense of awe among astronomers, both amateurs and professionals alike Asteroid may hit Earth, but don't panic (Health Science, Times of India)
A massive asteroid could hit Earth in just 17 years' time, destroying life as we know it, a British space expert said on Wednesday. The Search is On..
Astrobiology, a super science suggests that there could be several earth-like planets floating about in space, perhaps carrying life. Staring at the Sun
What's happening on the hottest little star in the neighbourhood? No longer can we claim to be bedazzled by the sun. There's news from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) of the University of Colorado that suggests that the H-bomb in the sky is growing more turbulent by the day. (Science and Technology, Deccan Herald, 02/07/2002)

26. Arizona Astronomy News
Have news to submit? email us here. The mystery of why large featurescalled supergranules move across the Sun's surface faster than

About Us Observing Sites Member Pages ... Observing Guide Have news to submit? email us here The mystery of why large features called supergranules move across the Sun's surface faster than the Sun rotates has been solved, according to a team of scientists using the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft. Instead of actually moving faster than the Sun, their apparent rapid rotation is an illusion generated by a pattern of activity, like fans doing the wave at a sporting event.
Images, Movies, can be found at the Nasa Website
Sharpest ever view of the Sun
(from the Institute for Solar Physics The first images from the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope on the Canary Island of La Palma are presented in Nature on November 14. The images are the most detailed ever obtained of the Sun - among the new solar features uncovered are hitherto unknown phenomenae in sunspots.
The telescope was opened in March this year and is operated by the Institute for Solar Physics of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Its objective lens has a diameter of one meter and the telescope is designed to minimize problems from turbulent air that blur the images. The telescope tube is evacuated and a mirror in the beam adjusts its shape a thousand times a second to counteract the atmospheric blurring. This makes the images the sharpest ever of the Sun. The resolution achieved is 1,200 times better than normal eyesight (20/20 vision).

27. Arizona Astronomy, News For Southern Arizona Astronomers, Online Astronomy Magazine, offers current astronomy news,star charts, pictures of space and images of our fascinating universe along
Arizona Astronomy Astronomy News Home Articles Whats New Pics ... Comets Break Up Far and Near
September 5, 2002 Some comets may break apart over and over again in the farthest reaches of the solar system, challenging a theory that comets break up only occasionally and not too far from the Sun, says a researcher from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. Programs Will Share Excitement of Voyager Discoveries
August 28, 2002 Two free public programs in Pasadena next week will present highlights of the scientific bonanza from NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft, launched 25 years ago and still going strong in one of human history's greatest missions of exploration Rehearsal Readies Scientists for NASA's Next Mars Landing
August 19, 2002 With less than a year to go before the launch of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission, scientists have spent the last few weeks at a high-tech summer camp, rehearsing their roles for when the spacecraft take center stage. NASA AIRBORNE OBSERVATORY'S TELESCOPE ASSEMBLY ARRIVES NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
(SOFIA), the largest airborne observatory in the world

28. Astronomy News
Section. AmSky, Global / Internet, astronomy news Email Alerts. Astro News.Sky Watch, Jerusalem, Israel, astronomy news Mailing List. Space
NEWS Site Geographical Location Notes 'Astronomy Now Online' - Breaking News Kent, UK 'Astronomy Now' News Section AmSky Global / Internet Astro News ('Astronomy' Magazine) Wisconsin, USA 'Astronomy' News Section AstroAlert (Sky Publishing) Massachusetts, USA Email Alert Service BBC Online - Science - Space London, UK Space News From The BBC - Space Global / Internet Space News From CNN Cosmiverse Global / Internet Current Astronomical News Massachusetts, USA - Spacezone Global / Internet Excellent Use of Graphics Florida Today - Space Online Florida, USA Galactic Surf Saint Médard en Jalles, France Astronomy Portal Jane's Aerospace Global / Internet Some Satellite Related News NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory News Alabama, USA NASA International Space Station Florida, USA Keep Up-To-Date On The ISS NASA Space News Florida, USA

29. JCMT Astronomy News
JCMT astronomy news Year 2001 News Items. In conjunction with the UH88 telescopethe JCMT has detected the largest Kuiper Belt Object yet seen. Full story.
JCMT Astronomy News
Year 2001 News Items
In conjunction with the UH88 telescope the JCMT has detected the largest Kuiper Belt Object yet seen. Full story. Taking advantage of nights where the weather was too bad to look at faint sources we have mapped a very bright nearby object. This has produced an unusual view of an object that is familiar to us all! Full story. Utilising the unique abilities of SCUBA to see faint dust material arround nearby newly formed stars, observations of Vega, Fomalhaut and e Eridani, have provided tantelising hints that planets may exist arround these stars. Full story. The SCUBA polarimeter has produced a 'map' of the magnetic fields in NGC2024 (the most promenent part of the closest large star formation region to the Earth). Full story. Year 2000 News Items
An observation of M82 using the SCUBA polarimeter has provided the first millimetre-wavelength polarimetry image of a magnetic field in a star-formation region of another galaxy. Full story. The largest ever sub-mm continuum survey of the galactic centre using SCUBA in on-the-fly scan-map mode. Full story and Press release.

30. OAC: Astronomy News
Solutions. This website maintained by Kevin M. Berg. astronomy news.March 2003. Has the Speed of Light Changed Over Time? Australian
M a r c h
Club News Event Calendar Observation ... Membership Form A monthly publication of The Oakland Astronomy Club - A member society of the
ASTRONOMICAL LEAGUE This website maintained by
Kevin M. Berg Astronomy News March 2003 Has the Speed of Light Changed Over Time?
Australian theoretical physicist, Professor Paul Davies, has proposed that one of the so-called "constants" of the universe the speed of light has in fact slowed over time, a revelation that will cause a rethink of many of our accepted laws of physics as well as our "understanding" of the beginning of the universe. Latest Results in Continuing Search for Ancient Martian Life
In the latest study of a 4.5 billion-year-old Martian meteorite, researchers have presented new evidence confirming that 25 percent of the magnetic material in the meteorite was produced by ancient bacteria on Mars. Pluto's Atmosphere is Changing
New findings by astronomers from Lowell Observatory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) indicate that Pluto's atmosphere is undergoing a cooling trend and other global changes. Earth's Oldest Known Meteorite Impact
A team of geologists has determined the age of the oldest known meteorite impact on Earth - a catastrophic event that generated massive shockwaves across the planet billions of years before a similar event helped wipe out the dinosaurs.

31. Current Astronomy News
Current space and astronomy news. Updated nearly every day. Mostarticles here credited to some division of NASA. In The News My
In The News My apologies on the un-updated status of this section. I hope to get it reorganinzed and updated sometime in the near future. Lava Fountain on Jupiter's Moon
Dazzling Lava Flow on Jupiter's moon Io
December 17, 1999: During a recent close flyby of Jupiter's moon Io, NASA's Galileo spacecraft observed a fiery lava fountain shooting more than a mile above the moon's surface. The images, showing a curtain of lava erupting within a giant volcanic crater, will be unveiled today during the American Geophysical Union's fall meeting in San Francisco. Galileo took the pictures on Thanksgiving night, November 25. "We've finally caught a close-up of a massive volcanic eruption in action on Io," said Galileo project scientist Dr. Torrence Johnson of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA. "The erupting lava was so hot and bright, it over-exposed part of the camera picture and left a bright blur in the middle." These lava fountains were hot enough and tall enough to be observed by the NASA Infrared Telescope atop Mauna Kea, HI. By combining data from this telescope and Galileo observations, scientists have their best chance ever to pin down temperatures of the extremely hot lava on Io. The images show a region of giant calderas, or crater depressions, in Io's northern latitudes. They came from two of Galileo's onboard instruments the camera and near-infrared mapping spectrometer, which observes wavelengths invisible to the unaided eye.

32. Winnie Pooh - Astronomy News
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ÍÎÂÎ! NEWSLETTER íà Ìå÷î Ïóõ! Ñòàíåòå ÷àñò îò ñâåòà íà àñòðîíîìèÿòà îùå äíåñ, îùå ñåãà, îùå NASA  Î×ÀÊÂÀÍÅ ÍÀ ÇÂÅÇÄÀ

33. Cyprus Astronomical Society, Astronomy In Cyprus
Latest online Astronomy and Space News. Back. Recent astronomy news. InSearch of Moon Trees Hundreds of trees have been to the Moon.
Give us One Night....We'll Give You the Universe Astronomy Headlines Site news: We are proud to presend you our new version of Thank You for YOUR Support! Many new Astronomy Links...the Links YOU have Asked for! Two New Astro-Ads Everytime you search for something in our site we track the "Keywords" and if we don't have what you are looking for, we add it! Cyprus Information Cyprus
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34. Physics & Astronomy News
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35. KC AstroNews - Astronomy News, Images, And Links
And the best thing? The prices! KC AstroNews. KC AstroNews is a freenewsletter. Astronomy and extraterrestrial news for all ages.
has headlines and news, ASTRONEVENTS the latest events, ASTROIMAGES shows space photos, and ASTROLINKS takes you further.
Today's moon phase Current AstroNews GET ASTRONEWS FAST!
Earthlings and Aliens! GlobalCom offers you the best prepaid long distance service!
It's neat - it's all web based! And the best thing? The prices!
KC AstroNews
KC AstroNews is a free newsletter.

36. ETHZ Institute Of Astronomy: News
NEWS FROM THE INSTITUTE OF ASTRONOMY. Monday, February 3rd 2003 Annualreport of research activities. The annual report of the Institute
E T H Z U R I C H OUR PAGES: About us

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ETH: ETH Search ETH Homepage N EWS FROM THE I NSTITUTE OF A STRONOMY Monday, February 3rd 2003: Annual report of research activities The annual report of the Institute of Astronomy's research activities is available for download (in german only). Wednesday, January 29th 2003, 16:30: PhD graduation apero Dominique Fluri See photos of the event. Tuesday, January 28th 2003, 16:00: PhD graduation apero Michele Bianda See photos of the event. Thursday, July 11th 2002, Lectures WS 2002/03 The lectures given by members of the Institute are available at the new Semesterprogramm or on the Institute's website 25-Feb-2003 Responsible

37. The Prairie Astronomy Club: Astronomy News
astronomy news Provided by Note the news items shown onthis page are provided by The Prairie Astronomy Club
Astronomy News
Provided by Note: the news items shown on this page are provided by . The Prairie Astronomy Club does not have any control over this content.

38. Department Of Astronomy: News And Announcements
Department of Astronomy, Department News andAnnouncements. Click for News Archives.
Department News
and Announcements
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Last updated January 9, 2002 Research
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and Nominations
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Planetary Nebula NGC 7027
at 10.8 microns
UF Astronomers Complete First OSCIR Run on Gemini North [June 2000]
OSCIR, the visiting University of Florida 10um imager and spectrograph, has just completed its first commissioning run on Gemini North . This period saw several engineering firsts for Gemini: the first use of chopping synchronised to an instrument, the first test of the Visitor Instrument Interface (used to exchange commands and status information between OSCIR and the Telescope Control System), the first chopping and nodding of the telescope, the first attempts at simultaneous chopping and fast guiding and, of course, the first 10um images. For more info see Summary of OSCIR Engineering/Commissioning (June 2000) . For more on OSCIR see OSCIR Introduction . Also see the UF OSCIR page [Left: NGC 7027: 1 min. chopped integration using 10" chop throw at 3 Hz & broad-band 10 um filter; smoothed with 3 pixel (0.26") Gaussian. Click on image for more info.] Professor Charles M. Telesco To Receive UF Research Foundation Professorship [March 2000]

39. Department Of Astronomy: News Archives
Department of Astronomy, Department News Archives. More News.
Department News Archives
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Last updated January 9, 2002
Department News Archives

40. GLAST: GLAST And Gamma-ray Astronomy News
GLAST News and Events GammaRay Telescope To Sleuth For Origin Of Elements - October23, 2002 The International Gamma-ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTEGRAL), a
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GLAST News and Events
  • Race to Gamma Ray Burst Reveals Gigantic Explosion, Death, and Birth - March 19, 2003
  • Scientists arriving on the scene of a gamma ray burst, just moments after the explosion, have witnessed the death of a gigantic star and the birth of something monstrous in its place, quite possibly a brand-new, spinning black hole.
  • Gamma-Ray Telescope To Sleuth For Origin Of Elements - October 23, 2002
  • The International Gamma-ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTEGRAL), a space-science mission led by the European Space Agency, launched successfully on October 17, 2002, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan aboard a Russian Proton rocket. The satellite will now undergo system checks for two months before attaining first light.
  • NASA Names Builder for Future Gamma Ray Observatory - August 23, 2002
  • NASA has selected Spectrum Astro, of Gilbert, AZ, to build the Gamma ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) Observatory.
  • Bulk Source of Universe's Gamma Rays Identified, Scientists Say - August 13, 2002
  • Scientists at Columbia University and Barnard College have found that the majority of the gamma rays outside of our galaxy are likely emitted by galaxy clusters and other massive structures. This may resolve a 30-year-old mystery as to the origin of the Universe's gamma-ray background.

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