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  1. An Internet-Based Introductory College Astronomy Course with Real-Time Telescopic Observing.(Internet/Web/Online Service Information): An article from: ... (Technological Horizons In Education) by David G. Iadevaia, 1999-01-01
  2. Astronomy of To-day by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-04-17
  3. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-08-02
  4. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-10-24
  5. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-08-13
  6. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-06-14
  7. Astronomy for Amateurs by CamilleFlammarion, 2010-10-23
  8. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-09-16
  9. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-10-24
  10. Astronomy for Amateurs by CamilleFlammarion, 2010-10-02
  11. Lectures on Stellar Statistics by Carl Vilhelm Ludvig Charlier, 2010-07-09

1. Pearson - Astronomy Online Courses
Astronomy. astronomy online courses.
Please Select A Discipline Business and Economics -Business and Management -Decision Science -Economics -Marketing -MIS Computing -Applications Software -Computer Science -Computer Concepts -IT Continuing Education Electronics and Engineering -AutoCAD/Engineering Graphics -Electronics and Computer Technology -Engineering -Mechanical Engineering -Education -Health Professions -Nursing Language and Linguistics -Language -Linguistics Law -Business Law -Law Science and Maths -Astronomy -Biology -Chemistry -Mathematics -Physics -Statistics -Anthropology -Media -Politics -Psychology -Sociology -Statistics Astronomy Astronomy Online Courses Find your Rep Author Area Feedback What's new? ... Privacy Statement

2. Swinburne Astronomy Online Home Page
Online degree granting program in astronomy offering courses for Master of Science and Graduate Diploma Category Science Astronomy Education...... So far Swinburne astronomy online courses have included participants residentin 34 countries across the USA, Singapore, England, Mexico, China, Spain
Swinburne Astronomy Online Student Login Online Courses in Astronomy Master of Science in Astronomy* Graduate Diploma of Science in Astronomy* individual-unit enrolment* Graduate Certificate of Science in Astronomy** short course in Astronomy* Follow these links for i nformation about: online and accessible worldwide Australian residents only Caribbean resident: " I am writing to thank you and the staff at Swinburne. I cannot say how much I enjoy these courses. They bring back all the fun and adventure I experienced in College Introduction Units Entry Requirements Sample course content ... Swinburne
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Authorised by: Matthew Bailes (
Last modified: 5 August 2002 11:28:39 EST

3. Swinburne Astronomy Online
For upto-date details of Swinburne astronomy online courses, fees and applicationprocedures and much more, visit the website at
From 1999, Swinburne Astronomy Online has been offering a choice between taking individual online astronomy units for interest, or enrolling for an accredited Graduate Certificate degree. From 2000, Swinburne Astronomy Online will be offering short courses, plus Masters, Graduate Diploma courses, all online and accessible worldwide. Participants in Swinburne Astronomy Online units receive custom-made CD-ROMs with up-to-date course content, take part in newsgroup discussions lead by professional astronomers, and carry out projects chosen from topics ranging from practical amateur observing to Internet research to curriculum development. Units available in 2001:
Exploring the Solar System
Exploring Stars and the Milky Way

- an introductory-level astronomy unit on the birth, life and death of stars and the structure of our galaxy. No background knowledge of astronomy or physics is assumed and the emphasis is on conceptual astronomy, not mathematical techniques. Exploring Galaxies and the Cosmos
Exploring Stars and the Milky Way Theories of Space and Time
Exploring Galaxies and the Cosmos History of Astronomy
Exploring Stars and the Milky Way Tools of Modern Astronomy
Exploring Stars and the Milky Way Astrophotography and CCD Imaging

- this unit will discuss the principles behind the imaging of astronomical objects with telescopes, conventional cameras and CCD cameras, plus the use of computer techniques for image processing. It will focus particularly on techniques and equipment within reach of the (existing or intending) serious amateur astronomer. This unit will assume familiarity with the content of

4. Department Of Physics And Astronomy
Online courses. This page provides links to online material for physicscourses as well as links for online courses. Web pages to
Department of
Online courses
A dmissions
nline Forms ... aduate

... abs
raduate ... s
This page provides links to online material for physics courses as well as links for online courses.
  • Web pages to supplement regular courses: Links to course web pages are available at this URL:
  • Online Courses: Starting Spring 2003, a section of PH2213 will be offered online. Send email to Mrs. Mindy Wolf at (MWolfe@CE.MsState.Edu ) or follow this URL to access registration information: You have to fill out a form to register for the course; you cannot do it online. If you are not already admitted to the university, you need to complete additional forms. Follow this URL to get the catalogue description of the course: Follow this URL to get a detailed description of the online course:
  • Independent Study Courses: These are accessible at the following URL:

5. Online Master Of Science In Astronomy, Online Astronomy Courses And Tutorials
Learn astronomy with these online courses, degrees and tutorials in astronomyand cosmology for amateur astronomers, stargazers and wouldbe astronauts.
Learn astronomy with these online courses, degrees and tutorials in astronomy and cosmology for amateur astronomers, stargazers and would-be astronauts.
Accounting Degrees

Agriculture Degrees

Associate Degrees

Aviation Science Degrees

Browse the learning categories above or search below to find the courses you want. Tip: enclose your search phrase in "quotes" for better results.
Our Featured Education Partners:
  • The Backyard Astronomer: Skywatching Basics

  • Whether you live under the glare of city lights or in the countryside, this informal, activity-oriented course will guide you on a fascinating voyage of discovery through the constellations and beyond.
  • From Planets to Pulsars: Astronomy Basics

  • "From Planets to Pulsars: Astronomy Basics" will teach you all about planets, moons, comets, stars, gaseous nebulas, and galaxies. You'll learn how stars are born and die, how black holes anchor galaxies, and why the universe is expanding.
The Premier curriculum brings an even greater variety and depth of learning to BNU than ever before with a higher level of instructor participation, smaller class size, hands-on interactive activities, and a certificate of completion for each course you finish. for a complete list of online science courses Amateur Astronomy Foundation Amateur Astronomy Foundation offers non-accredited courses in amateur astronomy suitable from novice to experienced amateur (diploma level). All courses are free of charge and delivered online as well as via email. Diploma course requires independent study. Courses include:

6. Astronomy HyperText Book
online astronomy DEGREES courses. Learn astronomy with these online courses, degrees and tutorials in astronomy and
Warning: This is a Never Ending Project which is not yet well- organized due to lack of time. The best example of integration of animations, graphics, data, etc are in the actually course web pages that are now referenced below.
Topics in Astronomy:
Topics in Physics
ON Line Labs:
ON Line Experts:
The Electronic Universe Project e-mail:

7. Online Education: World's Largest Directory Of Online Courses & Education
. astronomy Space astronomy and cosmology for astronomers . . . . CookingClasses Learn to cook with these online cooking courses . . .
Look to World Wide Learn for trusted access to a wide variety of online education programs.
World Wide Learn puts the world of learning at your fingertips, and no matter where you are, you can quickly and efficiently find hundreds of online courses and education with our award-winning, easy-to-navigate directory.
Looking for online education?
Online courses and education featured at World Wide Learn are carefully screened to ensure quality , ease of use, and other factors that we believe are critical for a successful e-learning experience. Educational institutions from all over the world submit their courses for listing on World Wide Learn; we select only the best of the bunch.
Education Courses Online
You'll find courses, tutorials, workshops, e-learning, classes, and seminars in a wide variety of subject areas and to suit every budget all available to you online.
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8. Internet Astronomy School - Astronomy, Education, K12, Lessons
Designed as an online school for students from the 4th grade to the end of high school. Apart from the fact that students can study in it directly from their homes, it is intended to be used by science teachers within the framework of their science courses.

Blossoms of Science



Invitation to Cooperation
The Sun's "Finger Prints"

New Comers to the IAS:
we suggest you begin with
Conceptual Frameworks

in Astronomy

About Blossoms of Science
IAS Development Team ... Astronomy Links N E W Planets Knowledge Blossoms of Science

9. College-Level Astronomy Courses
AST 102 (Midlands Technical College); astronomy courses (Mission College);Introductory astronomy, online (Montana State University);
College-Level Astronomy Courses
The list below is a set of links to over one hundred different college-level astronomy courses, mostly at the "beginner" level. These links were gathered from a search of over six hundred institutions. (Only a few links to non-US courses are provided but there are plans for more in the future.) These pages contain material of value to astronomy students and instructors alike. Practice exams, sample quizzes, lecture notes, homework problems, lab work, observational assignments, and study tips will all be found in these sites. Few, if any, of the links are to just a course catalog description.
The list will no doubt be dated by the time you read this due to the dynamics of the World Wide Web and academic calendars. Check back from time-to-time for updates. Better yet, send an e-mail message here if you find a link that has changed. Contributions are welcome!

10. Online Education Directory Online Degree Programs And Course Online Education Di
Back to SAO home. Swinburne astronomy online. Student Login I cannot say how much I enjoy these courses. They bring back all the fun and adventure I experienced in College."

11. APS Astronomy Online
Access pages of this site, and email the astronomy online page administrator. Containsinformation on lab sections for astronomy courses, public viewing nights
APS Home Research Astronomy Online Courses ... Local Access
Astronomy Online
at the
University of Colorado
Index to this page:
General Astronomy
Outside Links Content Guide: =no classification, general This webpage collects information on astronomy that is of general interest to the public and students. Its focus is web resources developed by members of the APS Department, but there are several links to outside astronomy web resources as well. Use the Content Guide above to get a rough idea of the content level at a given link. If you would like to add a resource to this page, please post the URL to the Local Access pages of this site, and email the Astronomy Online page administrator
General Astronomy Pages

12. APS Minor Courses
elected by the student may be substituted for advanced undergraduate courses. ASTR1030/1040 Accelerated Intro astronomy (8). 1 accesses since placement online.
APS Home Research Astronomy Online Courses ... Local Access
Courses for the APS Minor
This page contains:
Course Requirements (18 Credit Hours Total Required)
Elementary Course Work ( Maximum of 9 credit hours):


    1030/1040 Introductory sequence is recommended over 1010/1020 sequence. ASTR 2000 Ancient Astronomies of the World (3) ASTR 2010 Modern Cosmology - Origin and Structure of the Universe (3) ASTR 2020 Introduction to Space Astronomy (3) ASTR 2030 Black Holes (3) ASTR/ASEN 2500 Gateway to Space (3) ASTR 3210 Intermediate Astronomy: Solar System (3) ASTR 3220 Intermediate Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies (3) ASTR 3300 E.T. Life (3)
Advanced Course Work ( Minimum of 9 credit hours required):
    One upper-level course sequence: Planetary Sequence (6) or Astrophysics Sequence (6)
    Plus 3 hours from the following: ASTR 3720 Planets and Their Atmospheres (3) ASTR 3730 Astrophysics 1 (3) ASTR 3740 Cosmology and Relativity (3) ASTR 3750 Planets, Moons and Rings (3) ASTR 3830 Astrophysics 2 (3) ATOC 4710 Atmospheric Physics (3) ATOC 4720 Atmospheric Dynamics (3) ASTR 4840 Independent Research (1)
Sample Tracks
The various options allow a student to tailor-make a program of study from the diverse possibilities within the APS Department. Interested students are advised to discuss their interests and plans with an

13. Margaret M. Mazzolini
Projects. Internally Funded Projects The Swinburne astronomy onlineProject A postgraduate suite of online courses in astronomy.
Margaret Mazzolini's Home Page
Margaret M. Mazzolini B.Sc.(Hons.) Ph.D.(Melb) M.Online Ed.(USQ)
Educational Development Coordinator
Deputy Head of School (Academic)
School of Biophysical Sciences and Electrical Engineering,

Swinburne University of Technology
Course Coordinator,
Postal Address:
Dr. Margaret Mazzolini
, Mail Box 31,
Swinburne University of Technology

P.O. Box 218, Hawthorn VIC Australia
Phone: (+61 3) 9214 8084 FAX: (+61 3) 9819 6443 Room: SE429
Dr. Margaret Mazzolini is a Principal Lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology . She is currently the Educational Development Coordinator and Deputy Head of School (Academic) for Swinburne's School of Biophysical Sciences and Electrical Engineering . The Educational Development Coordinator (EDC) is responsible to the Head of School for furthering the development of learning and teaching in BSEE, with regards to the School's particular needs and also the University's Flexible Learning and Teaching Strategic Development Plan. Margaret is also currently working on a new project, Swinburne Multimedia Online , which involves the development of online teaching materials to allow for flexible delivery of components of the undergraduate and postgraduate multimedia programs at Swinburne. Margaret co-designed and is now course coordinator for the double degree program

14. SDSU College Of Sciences - Online Course Curriculum
etc. These courses are offered to SDSU students only, and they are not currentlyoffered for credit online. Access astronomy. astronomy
San Diego State University
Enter keywords
Sciences Home Sciences Site Map Feedback Science Course Syllabi and Lectures Courses
Smart Classrooms


... Browse or Search SDSU's Current Class Schedule ATTENTION: The content of these online courses may neither be current nor final. Be sure to check with the instructor for the latest information regarding lecture schedules, exams, etc. These courses are offered to SDSU students only, and they are not currently offered for credit online. Access to them via this page is for convenience only. However, feel free to browse their contents, and as always your comments are encouraged. Astronomy Astronomy 101: Principles of Astronomy

Dr. Philip Blanco

15. Online Courses In Astronomy
In order to enroll in this course you must have completed astronomy 1 . Click Hereto Enroll Now! More online Classes UniversalClass Top Reviewed courses .
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Thursday, April 3, 2003 You Are Here: Home Sciences Astronomy Online Courses in Astronomy Edit Profile My Classes Categories Accounting
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Classes in Astronomy
  • Astronomy 1: The Solar System
  • Astronomy 2: Beyond the Solar System Astronomy 1: The Solar System Course No: Course ID: astronomy Cost: Review: Approved Instructor: Jason Anderton Syllabus: View Syllabus Duration: Continuous: Enroll anytime! Details/Enroll Now Add to Cart Course Description: This course will provide you with a basic knowledge of our solar system. Your enrollment in this course will allow you free entry into Astronomy 2 to further your studies in astronomy In this course, we will investigate each of the planets, and some of the other objects found in the solar system in detail. Including their origin, composition, and what it would be like if you visited these planets. You will be asked to completed theory tests as well as a number of practical exercises. If you are interested in the universe, and our place in it, this course will provide you with invaluable insight, and an idea of just how we as individuals fit into the larger universe. Click Here to Enroll Now!
  • 16. Learn Online Course - Astronomy 1: The Solar System - Expert Instruction
    2 to further your studies in astronomy In this courses at UniversalClass do awardseveral different certificates, reference letters, and online transcripts.
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    Thursday, April 3, 2003 You Are Here: Home School of Sciences Astronomy
    Online Course: Astronomy 1: The Solar System Course Info. Syllabus Similar Online Courses Edit Profile My Classes Categories Accounting
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    Online Course: Astronomy 1: The Solar System
    Use this form to join this online class Join Astronomy 1: The Solar System Add to Shopping Cart You can join this class right now! Press the " Join Class " button and you'll immediately enroll into the class and you can begin receiving instruction online from Instructor Jason Anderton. Don't miss out on instruction from a real expert in the field, giving you personalized assistance, and documenting all of your progress (through certificates and reference letters) which you can add to your resume or portfolio. Course Description
    Attention Students: Special Discount!

    17. Online Courses
    Skip to astronomy through Education Internet courses Skip to English through SpanishInternet courses Skip to Art and Computer Cablecast courses Skip to
    Spring 2003 - Courses
    Cablecast Telecourses CD-ROM INTERNET COURSES Enrollment Information
    Things to Know for

    Your Internet Course

    Tutoring Services
    Astronomy 100L
    (Astronomy Lab)
    Business 100

    (Introduction to the New Economy)
    CST 128

    (Intro to Networking) CST 160-2 (Admin Windows 2000 Network) Chemistry 110 (Intro to Chemistry) Chemistry 180/180 Lab (General Chemistry A/Lab A) Chemistry 185/185 Lab (General Chemistry A/Lab A) Computer 085AB (Easy Email) Computer 120 (Microsoft Excel 1) Computer 121 (Microsoft Excel 2 2nd 8-Week Computer 147-2 (Microsoft Word Beginning 2nd 8-Week Computer 148A-1 (Word/Long Documents 2nd 8-Week Computer 148B-1 (Word/Graphics 2nd 8-Week Computer 148C-1 (Word/Power Word 2nd 8-Week Computer 166A (Macromedia Dreamweaver) Computer 167 (Visual Basic) Computer 171 (Webpage Design) Computer 180 (Introduction to MuItimedia) Computer 185 (Microsoft PowerPoint 2nd 8-Week Economics 180 (Principles of Economics-MACRO) Economics 185 (Principles of Economics-MICRO) Education 103 (Introduction/Computers in Education) Education 104 (Introduction/Teaching/Learning) Education 200 (The Teaching Profession)

    18. Light And Matter: Educational Materials For Physics And Astronomy
    Free introductory physics textbooks for the high school or college level, available as large pdf files Category Science Physics Education Tutorials...... Light and Matter series of online introductory physics Materials; Legal; Links. astronomySoftware for amateur astronomy. Links. courses This area will only be of



    The Light and Matter series of online
    introductory physics textbooks.

    Buy printed copies.

    Examination copies

    Reviews, adoptions, and comments
    Planet Finder
    , an applet for finding planets in the night sky.
    , a guide to the night sky through binoculars. Information about my classes at Fullerton College. Physics Astronomy Courses Home ... Contact Site Map

    19. High School Online Courses
    courses, online courses, Testing, ISD Home. ISD News. Search. Site Map. Navy PACE.Help. Accreditation. Contact Us. Select a course from this list astronomy 301W

    20. Lecture Scripts And Online Courses
    Lecture Scripts and online courses Physics. Other resources. astronomy. astronomy The cosmic journey William K. Hartmann, Chris Impey html .
    L ecture Scripts and Online Courses
    Other resources
    • Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
      Martin V. Zombeck
    • Cosmological Simulations Using Adaptive Particle-Mesh Methods
      Hugh Couchman, University of Western Ontario [ ps
    • Kosmologische Modelle Postscript
    • Lernkartei Relativistische Astrophysik compressed Postscript
    • The Field of Solar Physics: Review and Recommendations for Ground-Based Solar Research toc
    • Black Holes Dr. P.K. Townsend, DAMTP, University of Cambridge Abstract
    • √úberblick Kosmologie Peter Schneider, Institut f. Astrophysik u. Extraterrestrische Forschung der Universit√§t Bonn html ps.gz

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