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         Astronomy Online Courses:     more detail
  1. An Internet-Based Introductory College Astronomy Course with Real-Time Telescopic Observing.(Internet/Web/Online Service Information): An article from: ... (Technological Horizons In Education) by David G. Iadevaia, 1999-01-01
  2. Astronomy of To-day by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-04-17
  3. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-08-02
  4. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-10-24
  5. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-08-13
  6. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-06-14
  7. Astronomy for Amateurs by CamilleFlammarion, 2010-10-23
  8. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-09-16
  9. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-10-24
  10. Astronomy for Amateurs by CamilleFlammarion, 2010-10-02
  11. Lectures on Stellar Statistics by Carl Vilhelm Ludvig Charlier, 2010-07-09

41. TechNet's Guide To Online Courses
more courses check out the online Learning Partners. A B C D E F G H I J K LM N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. A. Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator astronomy 1
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SITE MAP Home About ... Professional Guide To Web Courses The free online courses at this site have been selected from the wide range of courses available from companies and communities across the web.
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With hundreds of free online courses available on the web how can they be organised for our technical staff to gain access? Well, here is the A to Z of free online courses. Page 2 Of 3 This page contains the A to Z of courses. More will be added in every category as time goes by.
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A Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Astronomy 1

Astronomy 2

B Biochemistry C Chemicals and Human Health Chemistry Cold Fusion Mastering Cold Fusion ... Corel Draw D Digital photography Dreamweaver 2 Dreamweaver 3 E Earthquakes F FrontPage 98 FrontPage 2000 G Geology Geological dating H HoTMetal Pro 6.0

42. Caithness Community Web Site
for your courses. Distance Learning Network. Private Pilot Course. Furniture History.Electronics for Beginners. Guide to Essay Writing. Art School online. astronomy
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Build Your Own PC
This tutorial is FREE online and can be downloaded in full. It will take you through all the steps and consider the history of the PC and its functions. Even if you do not want to build one you will understand much better how it works.
Excellent for anyone who wants to know what happens in the box. Lots of pictures/diagrams clearly explained.
Upgrading PC's
About Anthroplogy Art School Online ... Electronics Beginners Course English Language English Literature History Genealogy Courses Genealogy Links Golf Academy Horse Clinics ... Swim Workouts Lots of FREE courses

43. Educational Uses Of The WWW At MIT
on this page are automatically added to the Registrar's online Subject Listing and toComputational Neuroscience; 8.282 Introduction to Astrophysics astronomy;
Educational Uses of the WWW at MIT
To request additions or corrections to this page, send e-mail to About the sites on this page
Course Web sites listed on this page are automatically added to the Registrar's Online Subject Listing and Schedule . This is not a complete list of MIT course web pages (some faculty wish to keep their course materials private), nor are these pages part of MIT OpenCourseWare Help
If you are an MIT faculty member needing assistance with course Web pages or other uses of technology in your teaching, please contact the Academic Computing Faculty Liaisons Other contact information
  • Please visit the following pages if you are interested in any of the following areas:

44. Lakehead University Part-Time Studies Online
online courses Political Science 1100 YDE Introduction to Political Science; Psychology3161 YDE - CANCELLED. FALL 2001 General Science 2310 FDE - astronomy I;

45. Arapahoe Community College -- Astronomy Listings
online courses. CCC online. Telecourses. Accelerated courses. FlipFlop courses. Hybridcourses. Professional Achievement Awards. Display All astronomy Search Form

46. Arapahoe Community College -- Department Search Astronomy
online courses. CCC online. Telecourses. Accelerated courses. FlipFlop courses. Hybridcourses. Professional Achievement Awards. Display All astronomy Search Form,

47. Online Instruction Online GE online courses Spring 2003. astronomy 152 OL (lower division),Elementary astronomy, B2, 86020, ARR, Professor Collins
Completely Online GE Courses
Spring 2003
CSU Northridge is offering online Upper-division General Education Courses. Each course has a different set of requirements, concerning meeting times and other procedures. Contact the instructor or review the courses' information at the links provided below for that particular course. Other Online Courses
ENROLLMENT PROCEDURES Each course has a different set of requirements concerning meeting times and teaching methods. Email the course instructor for information.
  • OL Suffix. CSUN students register through TTR for online courses like they register for any course. Online courses are designated in the Schedule of Classes by the suffix OL , e.g. Art 305 OL
    Add and Drop. Add and drop forms may be put in the relevant faculty mailbox for signature, after contacting the instructor.
    Other CSU campuses. Students from other CSU campuses, who wish to enroll, must submit the Application for Intrasystem Concurrent Enrollment to their home campus.
    Open University.

astronomy courses online courses ASP A Selected List of Web Sites for Instructorsof Introductory astronomy courses http//
This Page is
Updated June 6, 2002 If you find any of these links no longer operating
(after repeated triesnot just first try),
please notify Alan Gould at
Please include name of non-operative link as well as the name of this page: URLs-Astronomy Back to General Astronomy URLs AAS Newsletter of the Working Group on Astronomy Education Applets Applets on Inverse Square Law; Galaxy Photometry; Blackbody Radiation; Galaxy Sizes and the Hubble Law; Combine Stellar Spectra to synthesize a galaxy ASP Astronomy Camp University of Arizona Alumni Association Astronomy Camp Astronomy Courses Online Courses

49. Spring 2003 Online Courses | UALR Off-Campus Programs
ASTR, 1301, 999, Intro To astronomy, 12895, Coleman, Lawrence. The followingtwo courses are TELEWEBcourses, combination telecourse and online courses.
Spring 2003 Online Courses
For the most up-to-date information on online courses, please check the new, searchable, online UALR schedule of classes. As it becomes available, information will be updated there first.
Instructions are available at: . To find all online courses, select the attribute, "On-line (WEB)", and click the box "Show all subjects with matching attribute".
Course ID Title CRN Instructor ANTH North American Indians Sanderson Robert ASTR Intro Astronomy Lab Coleman Lawrence ASTR Intro To Astronomy Coleman Lawrence CRJU Intro Criminal Justice Patenaude Allan CRJU Seminar: History of CRJU Sys Laufersweiler-Dwyer Deborah CRJU Seminar: Crime and Popular Cul Laufersweiler-Dwyer Deborah CRJU Victimology Laufersweiler-Dwyer Deborah CRJU Criminal Justice Systems Laufersweiler-Dwyer Deborah ENGL World Literature Themes Murphy Russell GERO Marks Alan GERO Marks Alan HIST Religious History of the U.S. Bolton Sidney HIST Religious History of the U.S. Bolton Sidney HSCI Personal Health Copeland Nita HSCI Nutrition Quimby Donna HSCI Wright Charles LIST Reasoning Across Disciplines Guy Clarence MATH Elementary Algebra
MATH-0300-999 will have two optional class meetings on-campus. Students who cannot attend the meetings should contact Theresa Watson at

50. Educational Observatory - On-Line Courses In Astronomy
Swinburne astronomy online Our courses do not involve formal examinations.Assessment is by a mixture of newsgroup communications
On-Line Courses in Astronomy
  • Astronomy AST 191 - One part of the two-semester introduction to astronomy. This course is primarily about the nature, origin, and evolution of the planets of our solar system and of their satellites. Special emphasis is given to recent spacecraft studies of the solar system. Related topics include the nature of comets, the uses of astronomical telescopes, and eclipses and other solar phenomena. Prereq: Two years of high school algebra or MA 108R concurrently.
  • Astronomy: Journey to the Cosmic Frontier provides a complete description of current astronomical knowledge, neither at an extremely technical level nor at a level that fails to communicate the quantitative nature of physical science. Although this textbook is not an on-line course, there is a rich collection of supplementary material on-line.
  • Dave Soper works in theoretical elementary particle theory. You might like to investigate his astronomy course for Planets Stars , and Galaxies . Information on computer code for jet calculations in hadron-hadron collisions is available to anyone interested. Soper's student Parvez Anadam has created a source for information about parton distribution functions, titled
  • 51. Online Courses
    Also see our NonCredit courses (online) for additional courses available to students AST101-40, Solar System astronomy (TeleWeb) (CLOSED), 4SH, Paula Brown.
    What's an Online Course?
    See listing of online courses below
    An Online course is an Internet-based, faculty-guided, interactive course offered by the college for students who work well on their own and need this mode of study as an alternative to the traditional time- and place-bound classroom. Courses listed below marked "TeleWeb" have an additional video tape component students watch on their home videotape players. Videotapes are provided with the textbook and student guide. You are assigned a faculty coordinator to supervise and assist in your learning process. Faculty communicate via the Internet. Each course has a Web site on the Internet (via WebCT) where students receive assignments and information and access the online study guide. A textbook supplements your online lessons. Your tests are taken online for most of the courses. Other projects assigned by instructors help evaluate mastery of the subject. One proctored exam is normally required, but almost all of the work is accomplished by corresponding regularly with a member of Piedmont Technical College's faculty at a distance. You can register for online courses via the Piedmont Technical College Web site. You may

    52. Division Pages And Online Courses
    Interactive courses. The links on the interactive courses page are to current, oncampuscourses that have a course site online. astronomy astronomy 104.
    Brigham Young University - Hawaii Campus Interactive Courses The links on the interactive courses page are to current, on-campus courses that have a course site online. These sites are used to access information about the course, course documents (handouts, readings, lecture notes), assignments, class discussion groups, and other information the faculty member wishes to make available to students. College of Arts and Sciences School of Business English and Communication Studies Accounting Exercise and Sport Science Business Education Fine Arts Business Management Interdisciplinary Studies
    International Cultural Studies
    Exercise and Sport Science
    Language and Linguistics Hospitality and Tourism Management Math and Sciences International Business Management Religious Instruction Travel Management Social Sciences School of Computing School of Education
    Library and Academic Support
    Computer Science
    Information Systems

    Bibliographic instruction Division of Continuing Education BYU Independent Study College of Arts and Sciences Division of Fine Arts Division Pages

    53. Online Astronomy Courses - Spring 2002 Schedule
    Descriptive astronomy II, Course Number PHYS 1312 440, Instructor Schneider,Course ID 157940. Descriptive astronomy II Laboratory. Course
    Descriptive Astronomy II
    Course Number
    PHYS 1312 440 Instructor
    Schneider Course ID
    Descriptive Astronomy II Laboratory Course Number
    PHYS 1112 701 Instructor
    Schneider Course ID
    Instructions for starting the class vary with each course. You must click on How to Start for each course in which you have enrolled to receive proper instructions. Helpdesk Back
    Graphics by Debbie Fraser - AC FIRST Center

    54. Louisiana State University - Independent Study [College Astronomy Courses]
    noncredit courses. online courses. degree opportunities. policies. FAQs. contactus. College astronomy courses. ASTR 1101 - The Solar System (3) (On Hold).

    55. Academic Subjects : Science : Astronomy
    astronomy HyperText Book online courses from the University of Oregon which youcan access, including Cosmology and the Origin of Life, Solar System Geology

    More search options
    Academic Subjects : Science : Astronomy
    Home Academic Subjects Science / Astronomy ] Read a great book! Check out WannaLearn's Classic Literature page . . . Free Instructional Sites: Astronomy for Kids - an easy-to-understand guide to the planets, also with sky facts, sky maps and more (Rating: 7.28 Votes: 28) Rate this site: Astronomy HyperText Book - online courses from the University of Oregon which you can access, including Cosmology and the Origin of Life, Solar System Geology, Properties of Galaxies, Planetary Motion, Inverse Square Law, The Interstellar Medium, Stellar Evolution, Nucleosynthesis in Stars and The Evolution of Star Clusters (Rating: 7.12 Votes: 34) Rate this site: Astronomy Picture of the Day - a daily image or photograph of our fascinating universe, with accompanying instructional information and links to archived past images (Rating: 7.40 Votes: 25) Rate this site: Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions - an examination of commonly held astronomical misconcetions including: Why is the sky blue? What's Your Sign? Astrology and the Zodiac, Flushed with Pride: the Coriolis Effect in Your Potty, Are Mini-comets Hitting the Earth? ...and more (Rating: 7.33 Votes: 33)

    56. Online Class - Astronomy 2: Beyond The Solar System - ELearning Certification
    online Syllabus, Enroll Now. course will allow you free entry into astronomy 2 tofurther your studies in astronomy In this UniversalClass Top Reviewed courses .
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    Thursday, April 3, 2003 You Are Here: Home School of Sciences Sciences > Syllabus: Part II: Astronomy Course Info. Syllabus Similar Online Courses Edit Profile My Classes Categories Accounting
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    Syllabus: Astronomy 2: Beyond the Solar System
    This course will provide you with a low cost opportunity to undertake studies in astronomy. It is taught by a live instructor who will answer all questions you may have and provide full feedback on all work submitted. Online Syllabus Enroll Now This is a non-credit course , and is provided by Jason Anderton for informational purposes only. This course cannot be substituted for any state, government, licensing, or educational requirements. Instructor Name: Jason Anderton EMAIL

    57. MSU - Online Learning & Continuing Education
    Oncampus; Off-campus US Particle Accelerator School; online Overview The MS programin Physics in the Department of Physics and astronomy offers courses in the

    58. MSU - Online Learning & Continuing Education
    campus; Offcampus US Particle Accelerator School; online Overview The Ph.D. programin Physics in the Department of Physics and astronomy offers courses in the

    59. Online Classes And Web-enhanced Instruction Make SC4 Quality More Convenient
    GEO 105, Introduction to Meteorology. Additional online courses NotCurrently Scheduled. AST 104, astronomy of the Solar System. CHM
    810-989-5525 or
    The list of online courses available at SC4 is growing each semester! The primary interest lies in a flexible course schedule, the convenience of electronic communication, and use of technology in your learning experience. Online courses at SC4 may be a new opportunity for you. Information about Online Courses at SC4 Online Courses for Winter and Spring 2003 More Options - MCCVLC Non-credit Online Training Information about Online Courses at SC4 What is ONLINE at SC4?
    • Visits to campus are infrequent to none at all Interaction with classmates happens in the online environment, while private communication occurs with your instructor via email Course information is accessible from any Internet connection at any time Courses run parallel to campus semester schedule Starting in the Winter 2003 semester, SC4 will be providing email accounts for online students

    60. Electronic Books
    life); WLH astronomy (links to online astronomy courses); astronomyHyperText Book (MPEG and Quicktime movies for astronomy); The
    Electronic Courses

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