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         Astronomy Online Courses:     more detail
  1. An Internet-Based Introductory College Astronomy Course with Real-Time Telescopic Observing.(Internet/Web/Online Service Information): An article from: ... (Technological Horizons In Education) by David G. Iadevaia, 1999-01-01
  2. Astronomy of To-day by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-04-17
  3. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-08-02
  4. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-10-24
  5. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-08-13
  6. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-06-14
  7. Astronomy for Amateurs by CamilleFlammarion, 2010-10-23
  8. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-09-16
  9. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-10-24
  10. Astronomy for Amateurs by CamilleFlammarion, 2010-10-02
  11. Lectures on Stellar Statistics by Carl Vilhelm Ludvig Charlier, 2010-07-09

61. TechTools Online!
course offered through the UNC Grensboro Physics and astronomy Department and can outlinesand course requirements for each of the TechTools online! courses

62. EdNA Online - Search
of astronomy and astrophysics. The web site offers information on Nepean Observatoryand courses offerd by the centre . 69. online courses offered at

63. May 2000 - Continuing Legal Education Online, Teaching Online . . .
Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing at the Swinburne Universityof Technology in Melbourne, Australia offers online astronomy courses as well

IN THIS ISSUE: Continuing Legal Education Online, Teaching Online, Marketing in International Business, and School of Real Estate . . .
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April 2, 2003


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64. Star Search, LBCC Planetarium
online astronomy courses .
Planetarium Home
Explore the Universe

Reach for the Stars

Star Search
Celestial Inspirations
Star Search:
Astronomy as a Hobby or Career
LBCC classes, online courses, and numerous web resources are available to the backyard astronomer. If you are seeking out a career in astronomy or in a related field, you can plan your career path, learn about a sample of astronomy and physics university programs in and around California, and find LBCC or online courses to help prepare you for further study. LBCC Courses for the Serious Astronomer LBCC Classes for a Backyard Astronomer Online Astronomy Courses Career Paths ... The Amateur Astronomer Preparatory Courses for Physics/Astronomy Majors* If you wish to pursue a bachelors degree (or beyond) in astronomy or physics, here are some general guidelines for academic preparation. These are not meant to represent specific graduation or transfer requirements, but rather serve as an illustration of preparation based upon a review of the lower division requirements of several universities offering Astronomy or Physics undergraduate degrees. Please see an academic advisor to determine actual, approved requirements. For LBCC Guidelines for the Physical Science major, click here (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

65. Online Courses: School Of Sciences
in this course you must have completed astronomy 1 . This online course is equivalentto 1 semester of high These two courses will prepare you well for your
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Thursday, April 3, 2003 You Are Here: Home School of Sciences > Department Home School of Sciences: Departments Classes School Listing Categories Accounting
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School of Sciences
All classes have been reviewed by our staff and are taught completely online by real experts dedicated to giving you personalized instruction. Enroll instantly . Start receiving instruction immediately . Achieve your educational goals now at your own convenience . Here's a list of available departments and areas of study in the School of Sciences:
  • Archaeology (1 Class)
  • Introduction to Australian Archaeology Part 1 In this introductory course Part 1, we consider what archaeology is, and how it fits into the scheme of anthropology. Learn something of early Australian anthropologists and how archaeology developed in Australia. Consider the formative processes of the earth, and look at how plate tectonics effected biogeography. You will gain knowledge about various theories of Hominid dispersal, like Out of Africa and Multi-regionalism. Discover facts about the Ice Age and fluctuating Pleistocene sea levels. Find out when and how Australia was first colonized, was it 40,000 or 60,000 years ago? Archaeology is a multidisciplinary science, and this course exposes you to archaeology papers, with the benefit of discussion through the forum or interaction with the instructor. This course is designed for anyone interested in Australian archaeology, or archaeology in general. Completing Introductory Australian Archaeology Part 1 is a prerequisite to Part 2.
  • 66. Converting Courses From Classroom To Online: Pre-conversion Issues
    astronomy. Television Production (online course using Blackboard Classroom). Departmentdecides to put a series of courses, possibly comprising a certificate
    Online Courses: Integration Options Requisite Skills technical planning communication ...
    Depending on your comfort and skill levels, one of the following options for integrating technology into your curriculum should work for you. Take your time. As mentioned on the Requisite Skills page, a 1992 Apple Computer study found that it can take up to two years for faculty to adjust to and work with technology, implement new tools successfully, and integrate them into their curriculum. Also as discussed elsewhere on this site, you can't assume that everything that has worked for you in a classroom setting is going to work in an on-line course. Experiment and practice in small steps to see what works best for you.
    Option 1: Integrate technology into your classroom course. This may be as simple as offering the syllabus and course information online, linking to relevant resources that can be found on the web, and/or requiring preparation of specific assignments using relevant software (e.,g., word processor for documents, perhaps requiring that they be emailed to you as attachments; spreadsheet program for accounting classes; PowerPoint or other presentation software for classroom presentations of group or individual projects, etc.) Accounting Managerial Cost Accounting Analysis and Design of Accounting Databases Anthropology

    67. College Of Arts And Sciences 2002-2004 Online Bulletin: Astronomy
    To obtain a minor in astronomy and astrophysics, a student must take the followingcourses two 100level astronomy courses (all combinations are acceptable
    College of Arts
    and Sciences (College)
    Academic Bulletin

    College Programs

    College of Arts and Sciences (College)
    Kirkwood Hall 104
    130 S. Woodlawn
    Bloomington, IN 47405
    Local (812) 855-1821
    Fax (812) 855-2060
    Contact College
    Astronomy Faculty Introduction Major in Astronomy and Astrophysics Minor in Astronomy and Astrophysics ... Course Descriptions Faculty Chairperson Professor R. Kent Honeycutt Professors Haldan N. Cohn, Richard H. Durisen, Phyllis M. Lugger, Stuart L. Mufson, Catherine A. Pilachowski Assistant Professors Constantine P. Deliyannis, Liese van Zee Academic Advising Swain Hall West 319, (812) 855-6911 Return to Top Introduction The Department of Astronomy (AST) offers courses towards the B.S. degree in astronomy and astrophysics as well as 100-level courses for non-astronomy majors. This degree program is designed to prepare students for graduate study and a subsequent career in astronomy and astrophysics. The program also serves the needs of students preparing for careers in related technical fields. Students enrolled in this program use the telescopes at the campus observatories, the Morgan-Monroe State Forest Observatory, and the Wisconsin-Indiana-Yale NOAO Observatory. Students also use the extensive computing facilities in Swain Hall. Return to Top Major in Astronomy and Astrophysics Students must complete the following fundamental skills and distribution requirements for the B.S. in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

    68. Max Millennium Science Mail Archive: Swinburne Astronomy Degree
    Date Wed, 13 Oct 1999 151759 +0000 From Margaret Mazzolini .Swinburne astronomy online online Graduate courses in astronomy.
    Swinburne Astronomy Degree Program Online
    Tim Slater (
    Sat, 22 Apr 2000 08:04:42 -0600 (MDT) Forwarded message
    Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 10:08:53 -0600 (MDT)
    Subject: Swinburne Astronomy Degree Program Online
    in astronomy education. If you would prefer not to receive these
    occaisional emails, please reply privately to
    Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 15:17:59 +0000
    Swinburne Astronomy Online - online Graduate Courses in Astronomy
    We are very excited to announce that, due to the success of our
    current online astronomy programs, in Semester 1 2000 we will be offering online Master of Science (Astronomy) and Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy) qualifications worldwide, subject to University accreditation procedures currently underway. We will also be offering single-subject entry worldwide, plus an online Graduate Certificate in Science (Astronomy) which will be available to Australian residents only.

    69. Knowledge Portal - Astronomy & Space
    photography. online Photography courses Hundreds of links to free onlinecourses and tutorials for students of all ages. Photography
    EDUCATION HOME Login MySpace Bazaar
    Other Channels Directory EducationFirst FamilyTime FinanceRight Cricket Helpline Newsline ProductSmart Quiz Portal Spade TravelNow Matrimonials Jobs More...
    Subjects General Science
    Biology Mathematics ...
    • Taking Great Pictures Online tips and tricks to be a proffesional Photographer.
    • Kazanelorama Provides you tutorials on Holography, Ultra violet, Infra Red and Digital Photography.
    • Silver Light An Introduction to Photographic techniques.
    • World Wide Learn Get to know how better pictures can be taken using your digital camera with these Onlinecourses on photography.
    • Online Photography Courses Hundreds of links to free online courses and tutorials for students of all ages.
    • Photography for you to learn One of the best resource on photograhy to learn the techniques and trick to photograph.
    • ShootGlamour Provides you with free gallery, photo cvlinics, online tutions in glamour, beauty and portrait photography
    • Foto Info Information about camera, lens and equipment information for the professionals and amatur.
    • Astrophotography Lessons for the amateur, how to photograph the moon, planets, stars with proper equipment ranging from camera or from advanced telescope.

    70. UMD Spring 2003 INI Courses
    Historical development of astronomy as a science. Taught in day schooland also in INI format. online courses Available Spring 2003.
    Path: Home Program Guide
    Spring 2003 Individualized Instruction (INI) Courses
    Spring 2003
    Ast 1040 Educ 5401 Psy 3111 Psy 3991 ... SpEd 5433 * * Denotes online classes
    Astronomy (Ast)
    College of Science and Engineering Ast 1040 Introductory Astronomy
    INI Individualized Instruction course through CE, Holst, Timothy

    Composition (Comp)
    College of Liberal Arts
    Comp 3110 Advanced Writing: Arts and Letters
    Practice in arts and letters writing. (A-F only; SP-1120, 60 cr; QP-same as: Engl 3110; 1110 or 1120 or Engl 1110, 90 cr, upper div papers filed) (3 cr)
    INI Individualized Instruction course through CE, Maurer, Kate (instructor approval required for registration) Comp 3121 Advanced Writing: Business and Organizations
    Study of and practice in the main forms of business and organizational writing: letters, memos, proposals, and reports. (A-F only; SP-1120, 60 cr; QP-same as: Engl 3120; 1110 or 1120 or Engl 1110, 90 cr, upper div papers filed) (3 cr)

    71. U3A Online: Courses List
    astronomy, Ongoing, TBA, TBA, What Others Say. Zealand are eligible for a concessionalarrangement whereby they can enrol in up to three U3A online courses for AUD16
    Courses List In the following list, each entry provides a link to a page where a summary of the course contents can be found. You can enrol from the link shown below or from the link you will find on each of those course pages. For most U3A Online courses there will be three study Options available. For a few, not all Options are available. You should read the rest of this page carefully before going to the Subscribe page.
    Available courses and commencement dates
    Click here to find feedback about the program in general from people who have taken these courses. Click on the name of a course to read a brief introduction to it and click on 'What Others Say' to read feedback comments about that particular course. Option A Option B Option C Comments Ageing and Retirement Ongoing TBA TBA What Others Say Astronomy Ongoing TBA TBA What Others Say Continents on the Move Ongoing TBA TBA What Others Say Genealogy Ongoing TBA TBA What Others Say Design in Your Life Ongoing TBA TBA What Others Say Botany for Knowledge and Enjoyment Ongoing TBA TBA What Others Say The Romans Ongoing TBA TBA What Others Say Antarctica: The Frozen Continent Ongoing TBA TBA What Others Say Autobiography and Journalling Ongoing TBA TBA What Others Say When you've decided on the course you'd like to do, read through the following section about Options, decide which Option you want to enrol for and then, at the bottom of the page, click the ENROL NOW button.

    72. The Medword List - A Medical Directory Of Medical Transcription, Medicine And He
    Top Level Science astronomy. Categories Professional Edge online medical transcriptioncoding billing and terminology courses, online Course Menu

    Business Courses Diversions ... Science : Astronomy Categories: Amateur Associations Astronomers Business ... OnLine Medical Transcription Exam
    Introduction Page
    Medical Coder Registered Medical Coder Medical Coding Courses ... FAQs on Courses
    MedTrans Medical Transcription Course About Author Course Info Course Materials ... Student Testimonials
    Medword Book Lists Book Lists Menu Abbreviations Administration Atlases ... Women's Magazines
    Medword Member BBB Chamber of Commerce ICRA Site HONcode Subscriber ... Shopping System Help
    Print This Page
    S / E / A / R / C / H More Search Options
    Medword eStore Ad
    Practice Transcription Tapes

    or CD-ROM Set
    Practice Your Transcription With The Best, Most Realistic, Medical Dictation Tapes Available - At The Best Price - For MTs - By MTs Medical Spell Checker Software MediSpell is a full-featured, Microsoft Certified medical spell checker designed to meet basic spell-checking needs Spellex Medical Spell Checker is a feature-packed, Microsoft Certified updatable spell checker designed to meet extensive spell-checking needs Medical Book Lists Medical Book List Menu Top 10 Selling Medical Books at our sister site

    73. Internet Courses
    are a registered student in HACC's online courses, select the Below are the coursesbeing offered for 103 Introduction to Planetary astronomy Gregory Dolise
    Internet Based Courses
    Welcome to HACC's Online Courses. If you are a registered student in HACC's online courses, select the course below. Please note, that a student ID and password are required to enter the course. If you can not remember your ID or password, please contact your instructor. Summer 2003 Courses Fall 2003 Courses Spring 2003 Courses Below are the courses being offered for Spring 2003.

    74. Observatory, University Of Helsinki - Astronomy Online Resources
    astronomy resources online. cosmology. Springer (Berlin Heidelberg) astronomy andAstrophysics Astrophysics Symposia. SaasFee Advanced courses in Astrophysics;





    Observatory library University of Helsinki
    Various astronomy resources online
    Online journals are listed separately at:
    Electronic journals
    Astronomy resources online
    ADS Abstract Service
    The NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)
    Astro-ph e-print database
    The Astronomer's Telegram ...
    History of Astronomy
    Publishers and catalogues
    American Institute of Physics
    ASP Conference Series
    Cambridge University Press
    EDP Sciences
    Library resources
    PAMnet astronomy resources
    Astronomy librarians
    Union list of astronomy serials
    Astronomy thesaurus ...
    Space Science Telescope Library

    75. Space Today Online -- Global Space And Astronomy Links
    Planetaria Archeoastronomy Advanced astronomy Textbooks astronomy courses Search for guide to stars and galaxies Amateur astronomy online For star
    'Second star to the right ... and straight on till morning.'
    Capt. James T. Kirk, Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country


    'To infinity and beyond'
    Buzz Lightyear
    Toy Story
    E-mail SPACE TODAY ONLINE ~~ COVERING SPACE FROM EARTH TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE Global Information Resources: Deep Space YOU MAY CLICK ONE OF THESE LINKS OR SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE Deep Space Astronomy Stars Constellations Galaxies ... Miscellaneous Astronomy Resources Deep Space Astronomy Information Center for New Star Gazers Beginners guide to astronomy as a hobby Ask the astronomer Ask about cosmology, solar system, galaxies, careers, etc. Astronomy Cafe Ask the astronomer Q/A; careers; data/images links; Science Fair projects Curiosity Page Questions are answered by grad students at Lick Observatory Astronomy Picture of the Day main index Adventures in astronomy Fun for amateur and professional astronomers Cosmology and Astronomy Roundup of Time magazine articles on questions about the Universe General Astronomy Information from Royal Greenwich Observatory FAQ frequently asked questions about astronomy Universe Today Space exploration and astronomy news updated every weekday Starman comic strip of astronomy Jay Ryan's cartoons teach natural sky secrets humorously Izzy's Skylog Astronomy information source Astro-Link Astronomy trivia and links to other astronomy pages FAQ sci.astro

    76. Astronomy
    astronomy. astronomy Freeware and Shareware. NEIC Near Real Time Earthquake List.actDEN (Digital Education Network) Software Tutorials and online courses. Cam
    Astronomy Freeware and Shareware http Imagine The Universe! Home Page ... Welcome to the Mars Millennium Project
    Clip Art
    1000 pictures - free desktop wallpaper Clip Art Warehouse - Free clipart images by the thousand !! ... Microsoft® Clip Gallery Live
    Forefront Curriculum's Making Best Use of the Internet to Enhance Science Instruction MDE MICLiMBScience.Org - The Midi Karaoke Library ... Where You Live
    Earth Resources
    Map Collections Home Page NEIC Near Real Time Earthquake List actDEN (Digital Education Network) Software Tutorials and Online Courses ... WORLD OF DISCOVERY
    Fun Stuff
    Cam ... Live Internet Cams ... The Search Beat NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) NOAA-PMEL TAO Home Page Radio Station Guide ... Ask an Expert!
    Grant Info
    Grant and funding resources for education Grant Information Grant Resources for Science Educators Grant Writing ... Welcome to K-12 World!
    Lesson Plan Sites
    AskERIC Lesson Plans Awesome Library - Blue ... MEL Education
    Professional Development
    Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory BigChalk Teachers Blue ... Education Week on the WebYour independent source for complete education news!

    77. ILEARN: Online Courses, Fall 2002
    of your courses! AD EF GH IP QZ designates a fully online course AD. Course,Instructor/Email, Section/CRN, Active, Password? ASTR 101 Intro to astronomy,
    Skip to courses CSUSM Home CSUSM Search Online Courses Index: Fall 2002
    (for courses using one or more online components)
    This index last updated on Wednesday, February 05, 2003 05:37:50 PM What's your password?
    For courses marked "standard," your login is your CSUSM Network Login; your initial password is the last 4 digits of your Student ID. If you have trouble with an online course contact the HelpDesk Faculty: are you teaching or planning to teach with online components? Please fill out our form Wondering about making your online materials ADA accessible Previous online course indexes: Or are you looking for the Fall 2002 SmartWeb schedule Do you already know you're in a course? Log in directly to myWebCT to get a customized list of your courses! A-D E-F G-H I-P ... Q-Z
    designates a fully online course
    A-D Course Instructor/Email Section/CRN Active Password?

    78. Hyperlinks (Science Education)
    Science education links.Category Science Educational Resources...... Carelton University's Physics courses online; Web Physics; Berkeley's InteractivePhysics System (Images from recent missions); The astronomy Cafe; Astrophysics at
    Science Education on the WWW
    Science Courses On-line

    79. Online Courses In Earth And Environmental Sciences
    Earth Science courses online. Course Title, Author, Institute. Fudamentals ofCartography, National Atlas of Canada. Introduction to astronomy Solar system.
    Israel Science and Technology Homepage
    Home Search About Contact
    Subject Menu Agriculture Biosciences Chemistry Computer science ...
    Earth Science : Courses Online
    Course Title Author, Institute Comets and Meteor Showers Gary W. Kronk
    American Meteor Society Discover Our Earth Institute for the Study of the Continents (INSTOC)
    Cornell University Ecology (Hebrew) Amram Eshel
    Tel-Aviv University Fudamentals of Cartography
    National Atlas of Canada Introduction to Astronomy: Solar system. Stellar Structure and Evolution. Cosmology and Cosmogony.
    Introduction to Astrophysics.
    James N. Imamura
    University of Oregon Introduction to Geology Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni
    University of Michigan Online Meteorology Guide Daniel Bramer
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Online Remote Sensing Guide - Radars and satellites Steven E. Hall
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Solar System Physics R.M. Sharples University of Durham Teaching Geography through the Internet Arnon Medzini Oranim School of Education Understanding Earth Frank Press and Raymond Siever W. H. Freeman Inc.

    80. List Of Reciprocal Links
    Swinburne astronomy online online courses in astronomy; Australia Telescope NationalFacility - supports Australia's research in radio astronomy by operating
    Reciprocal links
    Saturn Home Home of the Solar System in Pictures The companies below were kind enough to link to some of the Solar System Network of Websites. Please visit their websites too. Thank you.

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