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         Astronomy Online Courses:     more detail
  1. An Internet-Based Introductory College Astronomy Course with Real-Time Telescopic Observing.(Internet/Web/Online Service Information): An article from: ... (Technological Horizons In Education) by David G. Iadevaia, 1999-01-01
  2. Astronomy of To-day by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-04-17
  3. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-08-02
  4. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-10-24
  5. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-08-13
  6. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-06-14
  7. Astronomy for Amateurs by CamilleFlammarion, 2010-10-23
  8. The Uses of Astronomy by Edward Everett, 2010-09-16
  9. Astronomy of Today by Cecil Goodrich Julius Dolmage, 2010-10-24
  10. Astronomy for Amateurs by CamilleFlammarion, 2010-10-02
  11. Lectures on Stellar Statistics by Carl Vilhelm Ludvig Charlier, 2010-07-09

81. Welcome To Your FREE April Astronomy Lessons
Learn astronomy from an experienced science teacher. to your FREE MONTHLY astronomy LESSONS! This course runs the science of astronomy (academic astronomy). This course is several selfstudy science courses specifically designed for
Welcome to Your FREE
April Astronomy Lessons
created by Dr Jamie Love Check out The Night Sky
and According to the US Naval Operations Universal Time Clock it was when you downloaded this page. These two links below will direct you to places on the Internet that will reinforce specific lessons and complement your learning experience but they are NOT required for our lessons.
The January lessons are now over and we are into the February lessons (below) BUT I have decided to keep the January lessons posted because they are so important and fundamental. So .....
  • Introduction to the Course
    Please start here to learn what the course is all about and how to get the most out of it. This lesson will also address some of the most frequently asked questions.
  • Getting Your Bearings
    You'll learn how to find the "North Star" and use it to figure out which way is north, your latitude and how much time has passed. You'll also learn how we keep track of the nightly motion of the stars by using "right ascension" and you will learn the terms needed to explain the location of an object as seen by an observer. The Dippers, plus URSA MAJOR, URSA MINOR, and CASSIOPEIA are introduced.
  • The Earth's Motion
    The Earth's motion causes the sky to appear to move and understanding this motion is very important for understanding observational astronomy. Here you'll learn how the Earth moves, how to imagine the sky "motion" and how to keep track of it.
  • 82. College Level Astronomy Courses
    For the list of collegelevel astronomy courses, try here instead. 10/13/01
    For the list of college-level astronomy courses, try here instead.

    83. Public Education And Outreach
    General astronomy tutorial, education links, web courses, documents at the UCSD Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences.
    University of California, San Diego
    John P. Gleason Celestial Images
    Gene Smith's Astronomy Tutorial
    Project ASTRO at CASS ... Related Educational Sites Prof. GENE SMITH's ASTRONOMY TUTORIAL
    If this looks a little like an Introductory College Astronomy Course, that is because these pages were developed for my Courses for Liberal Arts Majors. These pages will evolve to feature topical material and new research. (Copious thanks go to Susan Rappoport who has done a bit of everything in making these pages possible.) The Scale of The Universe Introduction : Through the Universe at the Speed of Light A Brief History of Astronomy Forces and Light Telescopes : Ground-Based and Space Bourne
    Reflectors Radio Space Telescopes Thermal Radiation Atomic Structure Stellar Spectra Spectral Classification ... Stellar Evolution I Forming Stars to the Main Sequence Stellar Evolution II Massive Stars Supernovae General Relativity Black Holes The Milky Way Galaxy The Interstellar Medium The Distance Scale in the Universe Galaxies : The Spiral Nebulae Clusters of Galaxies Dark Matter Gravitational Lenses Quasars ... The Big Bang - A Brief History of the Universe Cosmology The Structure and Future of the Universe Featured Links
  • NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Images and description of NASA supported research of topical interest. Frequently features Hubble Space Telescope and other research that you'll see on the news.
  • 84. Swinburne Centre For Astrophysics And Supercomputing
    astrotour. swinburne. astronomy. online. search. internal

    85. Sonoma State University Physics And Astronomy
    courses, labs, faculty and graduates as well as useful pages on jobs, graduate school, physics, astronomy, and the popular What Physicists Do public lecture series.
    Sonoma State University
    Department of Physics and Astronomy
    What can you do
    degree in physics?
    Welcome to Physics and Astronomy
    Latest News Department will host regional meeting of physics teachers April 4-5
    Department seeking new tenure track faculty member
    Search cancelled
    Physics majors win scholarships

    Our Department Introduction
    Courses and Degrees

    Courses with Web Pages

    The Physics Major
    How to Reach Us
    Class Schedules Final exam schedule S03 Public Programs What Physicists Do Public Viewing Nights at the SSU Observatory Our Mailing List People Our Faculty and Staff Our Graduates Some Favorite Links Physics Astronomy Jobs Scholarships ... Educational Resources in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Fields Friends and Neighbors Bay Area Physics and Astronomy Colloquia Physics In Our Neighborhood (PION) The Robert H. Ferguson Observatory Valley of the Moon Observatory Association ... Dr. Joe Tenn presents prize-winning astronomers. Bad Astronomy Dr. Philip Plait corrects errors and misconceptions. Physics and Astronomy Departments in the California State University system Sonoma State University Created by at last updated by JST

    86. School Of  Physics And Astronomy
    Undergraduate and graduate physics courses with a wide choice of options. Toprated research in a broad range of fields in physics and astronomy.
    School of Physics and Astronomy
    University Fast Find Site Index Schools / Departments Telephone Directory Email Directory Useful Contacts Frequently Asked Questions Directions / Maps Acronym Directory Vacancies SCHOOL OF PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY
    About the School

    Prospective Students

    Current Students


    General Links
    School Calendar

    School News
    PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY SITE SEARCH SITE SEARCH The University of Birmingham has one of the largest Schools of Physics and Astronomy in the country, with a long tradition of world-class research. It achieved a grade five in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise and this spirit of high quality research in the research activities of our staff, infuses undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Staff are active in a broad portfolio of research fields including Astronomy, Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscale Physics, Nuclear and Particle Physics as well as Theoretical Physics. Courses in all of these topics and many more are available for our degree programmes, taught by internationally recognised experts. Our teaching is well respected, having been awarded 23 (out of 24) in the last assessment. This page is maintained by the School of Physics and Astronomy.

    87. Faculty For Physics And Astronomy
    Events, news, general departmental information, people, courses, and other details. Also features information for international students.
    Faculty of Physics
    and Astronomy
    Faculty/Dean`s Office
    D-69120 Heidelberg
    Tel. +49-6221-54-9298/9299, Fax -54-9347
    What`s New?
    Addresses, Persons
    on Teaching and Studies
    and their Research


    88. College-Level Astronomy Courses
    Provides communications services such as broadband, including t1, t3, vpn, frame relay; low long distance; DSL; and local phone rates.
    College-Level Astronomy Courses
    The list below is a set of links to over one hundred different college-level astronomy courses, mostly at the "beginner" level. These links were gathered from a search of over six hundred institutions. (Only a few links to non-US courses are provided but there are plans for more in the future.) These pages contain material of value to astronomy students and instructors alike. Practice exams, sample quizzes, lecture notes, homework problems, lab work, observational assignments, and study tips will all be found in these sites. Few, if any, of the links are to just a course catalog description.
    The list will no doubt be dated by the time you read this due to the dynamics of the World Wide Web and academic calendars. Check back from time-to-time for updates. Better yet, send an e-mail message here if you find a link that has changed. Contributions are welcome!

    89. UBC Physics & Astronomy Home Page
    Includes information about graduate and undergraduate studies, courses, faculty, and other details. Also features departmental outreach programs.
    U n i v e r s i t y o f B r i t i s h C o l u m b i a
    P HYSICS STRONOMY DEPARTMENT Welcome Contacts Search this Site Talks/Events ...

    (Secure JavaSSH)


    Research Directory

    Research Web Sites

    Graduate Students

    Job Opportunities
    TRIUMF Ampel Computer Lab Outreach Programs Physics Olympiad Physics Olympics Outreach (schools, summer camps, etc.) Industry Service Office Upcoming Events Talks/Events 2 weeks at a glance Graduate Info. Graduate Admissions Graduate Brochure Graduate Info/Events LaTeX2e UBC Thesis Class ... Recent Graduate Awards Undergraduate Info. Overview Honours Biophysics Engineering Physics Eng. Physics Project Lab ... Student Information Courses Courses Given 2003S Courses Given 2002W Course Outlines (Prev Years) UBC Calendar ... ITS WebCT Server Internal Links Dept. Directory Dept. Network Dept. Forms Dept. WebCT Site ... Parties/Events UBC Sites UBC Home Page Library Calendar Faculty Service Centre ... Plagarism Detector External Links Physics on the Web Astronomy on the Web Surf the Web FREE Online Virus Scanner ... Labour Dispute Information from the Faculty of Science University of British Columbia 6224 Agricultural Road Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z1

    90. Pearson - Physics Online Courses
    online Course. Please Select A SubDiscipline. Physics online courses.
    Online Course Please Select A Sub-Discipline Algebra Based Physics Astronomy Calculus Based Physics Conceptual Physics Physics Online Courses Find your Rep Author Area Feedback What's new? ... How to order
    Welcome to the Pearson Education Physics Online Courses home page. Pearson Education has a range of online solutions in this area covering core topics. You can browse through the complete list using the sub-discipline links above or below. Our list is growing all the time so be sure to keep revisiting the site. If you have any enquiries please contact us at Please select Online Courses in the following sub-disciplines Algebra Based Physics

    Calculus Based Physics

    Conceptual Physics
    ... Privacy Statement

    Information about research programs, courses offered, activities, meetings and publications.
    The department of Astronomy of the university of Guanajuato
    Tel: +52 (473) 732 9607 or (473) 732 9548
    Fax: +52 (473) 732 0253 The department of Astronomy of the University of Guanajuato Mexico, was founded in 1995 and is administratively linked to the Institute of Physics located in the city of Leon. In February 1997, we inaugurated the offices of the department located in the city of Guanajuato
    The Department
    Colloquium and meetings Formation and outreach Publications Useful links in Astronomy
    All about the city of Guanajuato
    This page is maitained by Roger Coziol and was last updated the 27 of February 2003.

    92. Test2
    Los Angeles Mission College Physics and astronomy Syllabi, courses, and gradesheets for physics and astronomy courses; not completely up to date.
    Los Angeles Mission College
    PHYSICS and ASTRONOMY Faculty....... ........................Albert Einstein (Honorary)..................Richard Rains (Actual) Physics Course Syllabi: Physics 1 Mechanics Physics 2 Fluids and Thermodynamics Physics 3 Electricity and Magnetism Physics 6 General Physics I Physics 7 General Physics II Astronomy Courses: Astronomy 1(Morning) Astronomy 1(Evening) Astronomy (Lab) Online Astronomy 1 Current Gradesheets: Physics 6 Astronomy 1 Available soon Astronomy 1(Eve)-Available soon Astronomy 2 Lab
    Physical Science 1
    Astronomy 1 Online
    Astronomy Links

    93. Earth Science Software / Earth Science
    Fulllength earth science and remote sensing courses, each provides 40 interactive media exercise, movies and animations in geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy and geomatics.
    Earth Science Software and are full-length courses in earth science using a unique remote sensing perspective. Both products are approved as a software title equivalent to a textbook for earth science courses and provide a wide range of content and rich media in geology oceanography meteorology astronomy , and satellite remote sensing
    Buy now through our affiliate
    Just click on the image icon.
    Pricing: Single CD-ROM . . . . . . . . . . . . $79.00 (US)
    Lab Pack 5 (5 CD's) . . . . . . . . . .$199.00 (US)
    Network 50 License . . . . . . . . . .$599.00 (US)
    Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere-Space Explorer presents content as sequential chapters and topics and organized similar to a traditional science textbook. Explorer's owes it's success to the even balance of rich media technology and superior text content that conforms to specified science learning standards in United States and Canada; compacting these requirements into 625 megabytes of text, imagery, animation, movies and interactivity on CD-ROM.
    • state/provincially approved as a school science textbook equivalent for students aged 11 - 18 (North American grade levels 6 -12) new media interactive content broad science investigation courseware in Earth and Space Science geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, and remote sensing

    94. Boston University Department Of Astronomy
    Provides a range of courses and programs for students planning careers in astronomy, space science, or related fields as well as for those wishing a nontechnical introduction to this exciting field of science.
    Astronomy Home: Home Admissions Astronomy Sites Open Night ... Alumni New page: Events Boston University Department of Astronomy
    Undergraduate Studies
    Undergraduate Courses

    Graduate Studies

    Graduate Courses
    Laboratory Manuals

    Research Highlights
    Center for Space Physics

    Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling

    Institute for Astrophysical Research
    Teaching Facilities:
    Coit Observatory Astronomy Library Classrooms Teaching Laboratories
    Astrophysics Seminar Space Physics Seminar Observatory Open Nights Other events
    BU Astronomical Society Computer Support Lowell Observatory The SPIDR Satellite Mission ... WWW links You need a JavaScript-enabled browser to view the rotating highlights. If your browser supports JavaScript please turn it on. If your browser doesn't support JavaScript you can use the link below to see the highlights. (Reloading or refreshing this page shows a different image, chosen to highlight one of our many research projects
    Search the Boston University Web:
    Contact us: 725 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215

    95. Department Of Physics And Astronomy
    Information about research, courses, and faculty.
    courses research undergraduate computer support ... UGL Construction
    since 30 March 2001

    96. Manchester Physics Redirector
    Details of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and the parttime courses. Includes pictures of the department, research information, and a password protected section for members of the department.
    Going to NEW location in 5 seconds or click here

    97. Department Of Physics And Astronomy
    Offers a wide range of courses with opportunities for research at the more senior levels. Contacts, research, course and graduate student information, plus information for intending Students and other links.

    98. Roger Freedman, UCSB Physics
    Materials related to Mr. Freedman's physics courses at UCSB, including links to physics and astronomy, recommended reading, and advice to freshmen.
    Roger A. Freedman Room 2417, Broida Hall Department of Physics University of California,
    Santa Barbara Santa Barbara CA 93106-9530 Telephone: (805) 893-2345 FAX: (805) 893-3307 e-mail: Office hours:
    Mondays and Wednesdays,
    3:00-4:30 PM I'm a lecturer in the Department of Physics at UCSB Here's the UCSB Academic Calendar for 2002-2003 and the UCSB Catalog ... and here's the UCSB Campus Directory Get the latest Santa Barbara weather , courtesy of The Weather Channel For UCSB Physics people - Find out about the curious little car in the background to this page. Astronomy 1, Winter 2003 Physics 6C, Spring 2002 Physics 3, Fall 2001 The Science, History, and Literature of Flight, Spring 2001 ... Courses from previous quarters Fun Links Who is Airboy? Aviation Links Trans-Goleta Airways Santa Barbara Flying Club ... Klyde Morris - the only ant in aviation Read Alan Hale's (the co-discoverer of Comet Hale-Bopp) personal statement on UFOs ... and if you still believe in UFOs, take a look at an article by Philip Klass , a writer for . You'll find other related articles exposing the fallacies of pseudoscience at the web site for CSICOP (the Center for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal)

    99. - Education :: Distance Learning :: Online Courses :: Astronomy, Links. Links Education Distance Learning OnlineCourses astronomy. Monthly astronomy Lessons Learn astronomy Links Links Education Distance Learning Online Courses Astronomy

    Education Distance Learning Online Courses ...
    Site Search Engine

    © 2001-2003,

    100. Louisiana State University Department Of Physics And Astronomy
    Includes events, directory, undergraduate and graduate program, research, courses, job opportunities, endowments and alumni.

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