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         Astronomy Virtual Tours & Sim:     more detail

21. Message
(free, with code) LSS for Windows 3D views and realtime virtual tours with textured and

22. Math
Particle Adventure interactive tours of quarks, neutrinos astronomy NASA; NinePlanets - a multimedia tour of the solar system; virtual Solar System - site
Riesel Jr./Sr. High School Library Math Science Chemistry Dinosaurs Botany Physics ... General Science Topics Math: Science:

23. Websites Castles on the Web offers virtual tours through many AstronomyPicture of the Day. simULATION http//
WEB SITES Overview Please browse to the following sites. Do not browse to any other sites without the specific permission of the teacher. NEW SITES Problem Solving Skills for students 8 to 14: Three challenging new math problems every week arranged by grade level along with the answers to the previous week's teasers. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. TRIBUTE: Life magazine offers potent images and biographical clips from King's life. Be sure to click on and view the Black in America tour. THE FRACTORYAN INTERACTIVE TOOL FOR CREATING AND EXPLORING FRACTALS:

This Think Quest project includes how-to's, a fractal gallery, a Make-Your-Own Fractal page, how fractals are used, and a link to the Fractini fractal generating program.
Black History Month links from The Gale Group including a quiz. Cool! and also at THE INVENTOR'S WORKSHOP:

24. Girls Tech: Web Sites Evaluated For Girls
A must for astronomy lovers are notable for their easyto-use self-paced tours, thedepth A virtual narrator/host gives positive feedback on the team's answers
Here is a list of sites our project investigator reviewed and rated using the eight evaluation areas described in the GirlsTech site.
Viewing these examples and their ratings will help you see how the evaluation guidelines can be applied to electronic resources you recommend to young women. These sites are recommended because they are strong in at least a few of the framework evaluation areas.
You can also read a detailed review by our project investigator of the CD-ROM game, Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion (a game for ages 10 and up, HerInteractive, 2000) to help you see how it measured up against our evaluation guidelines.
Web Sites JUMP TO CD-ROMS Astronomy Solar System Simulator
The Solar System Simulator, created by NASA with assistance from Jet Propulsion Labs and Caltech, produces full-color representations of planets and satellites, as seen from other planets and satellites, at whatever day, year, and hour the user chooses. Thus, users can view Mars from Jupiter during the hour they were born, or the Earth as viewed from the Galileo Spacecraft right now, or the moon as viewed from Titania two hundred years from now. VIEW RATING Auroras: Paintings in the Sky
Developed by a high school teacher and the San Francisco Exploratorium museum staff, this site introduces students to auroras through a self-guided tour. The high quality photographs, audio clips, and videos are sure to interest young people in these beautiful atmospheric lights.

25. MoS | Learn More | Lyman Science Library
the Universe (Ages 10up) Learn astronomy, hands-on book lessions with experiments,videos, and 3D tours. virtual Physics Escape from Braindeath (Ages 10-up
Museum of Science members and New England teachers can borrow two CD-ROMs for two weeks at a time and can return them by mail. Available in the Lyman Library, Museum of Science Boston. Call 617-589-0170 for more info. Aeronautics and Astronomy

Anthropology and Archaeology

Aeronautics and Astronomy
Astronomy: An Immersive Journey Through the Universe (Ages 10-up)
Learn astronomy, hands-on, discover the universe, explore new scientific findings. Exploring the Solar System and Beyond (Ages 3-8)
Takes children on a journey to the moon, the sun, and the planets, and shows how scientists use telescopes and spacecraft to learn about objects in the solar system and beyond. In English and Spanish. Lost in Space (Ages 7-11)
As the leader of a Milky Way Project, your mission is to enter deep space and travel to a distant galaxy in search of planets that can support human life. The Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System (Ages 6-10)
A special field trip on the magic school bus allows Ms. Frizzle's class to get a first-hand look at the major parts of the solar system. Not available for Macintosh. The Magic School Bus Lands on Mars (Ages 6-10)
Engaging games, interesting facts, and stunning photographic images help teach children about Mars.

26. Award Of Excellence Winners
Interactive Network Interactive astronomy Educational Resource. Online home tours,mortgage application, mortgage Nostalgic Thoughts, virtual Gifts, Literary

LinkExchange Member
Free Home Pages at GeoCities
And the winners are...these delightful sites!!!
To make it easier to browse the winner's list, use the following links to view the separate categories or browse them all!
Sites listed as NEW! are for month of October, 1999. Sites listed as NEW! are for the month of September, 1999
General Sites
Religious Sites Pet Sites Medical Sites ... The Arts

Hotel virtual Network; World City Pages; Ciel Logis stay in Rome hotels, apartments,tours, general information Everything Space astronomy and Space News, Chat
Add to your favourites! Military-historical and technical tours
Incredible adventures

Classic tours


A Destination

28. 100 Ways To Celebrate 100 Years Of Flight
virtual Hangar' with photographic walkarounds of Wright models Wright Flyer http// htmlhttp//
100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Years
Apr/May Jun/Jul
Oct/Nov ...
QTVR Sightings

A List Of Centennial Web Links
Roger A. Mola
Air shows, air races, museum exhibits and traveling shows, books, Web sites, films and television programs-even musical productions-all commemorate the Wright brothers' feat of a century ago. Throughout the year, events have been scheduled across the United States and in nearly every place in the world that flight has touched. Here's a list of performances to attend, places to visit, and products to buy to help you observe the anniversary of the first flight. This list is not intended to be comprehensive, or imply any particular preference based on order of listing. It is simply a cross-section of ideas that we hope will inspire your own exploration.
Centennial-Theme Events
The U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission calendar of events
North Carolina First Flight Centennial Commission calendar of events

29. CODATA 2002 Program
Sook Ahn, Bo Sik Han, Kyung Jin sim Du classification), Shellfish pavilion (Korean,World, Rare), astronomy pavilion (ancient, virtual solar system

30. CODATA 2002 Program
2. The virtual Observatory The Future of Data and Management in Astrophysics DavidSchade Canadian astronomy Data Centre Bo Sik Han, Kyung Jin sim, Du Jong Song
CODATA 2002: Frontiers of
Scientific and Technical Data
Detailed Conference Program
Table of Contents
Keynote Speakers Invited Cross-Cutting Themes ...
[PDF File]

(To view PDF files, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader Conference Sponsors About the CODATA 2002 Conference
Saturday, 28 September
Saturday Workshops and Tutorials
CODATA Course on Information Visualization


Nahum Gershon, MITRE, USA, E-mail :
John Dill, Simon Fraser University, USA, E-mail :
Jean-Jacques Royer, CNRS, Nancy, France, E-mail :
Instructors Jean-Jacques Royer, CNRS, Nancy, France
Sunday, 29 September
Registration Sunday Workshops and Tutorials Environmental Information in Satellite Imagery and Numerical Classification A CODATA Workshop on September 29, 2002 sponsored by the Task Group on Data Management and Virtual Laboratories and convened by Alexei D. Gvishiani (Russia) and Herbert W. Kroehl (USA)

31. Big Listing
through our top designs with VideoGraphic Home tours video clips astronomy 2000The largest collection of astronomy programs and Dogz Your virtual Pet, $9.99.

Refinance now homeowner even if you have bad credit. 185 loc
Computer Software Discount Store
games, educational, business, + more
Enter The Store 0015 Games 8.95 Postal ~ CD In Jewel Case Welcome to Paradise...Arizona. They're out to get you (or are they?) It doesn't matter, you don't have time to think, only time to kill. Go Postal!! Blast, maim and fire-bomb your way through 17 unsuspecting locales from a small town to a heavily guarded military complex... Conspiracy or Insanity? But, don't get too crazy - this killing spree is anything but senseless.
CD-ROM in Jewel Case
0016 Games 13.95 Chessmaster 7000 ~ CD w/Manual This is the latest version of the world's finest chess program, Chessmaster 7000 is the complete computerized chess resource for all age groups and skill levels
CD-ROM w/Manual
0018 music 10.95 Guitar Player 2000 CD in Jewel Case
CD-ROM in Jewel Case
0033 Games 5.95 X-Car Experimental Racing Race any one of 16 XCars. The latest experimental racing vehicles. Test drive your prototype and customize every aspect of your car's performance using cutting-edge racing technology.
Includes a library of real racing circuits and concept tracks.

32. Critical Mass Award Previous Winners Page 31
Wishes World. Tom Campbell's Amateur astronomy. Pin Up Art Page. Paloma Bali tours.Alumni.NET. Madhura's Homepage. Macross Computer. Wizzzard´s virtual Realm.
home sitemap QuickSearch search ... business
Please send comments or suggestions to

33. Critical Mass Award Previous Winners Page 35 astronomy. Northwest Steam Society. Veteran Feministsof America. Galeria virtual Artes Graficas. Art Research tours and Studios.
home sitemap QuickSearch search ... Bibi Ferreira e Edith Piaf s Real Estate Property Management Info Service Centre The Forbind Crossroads ... business
Please send comments or suggestions to

34. Science Lending Library Resources
comprising six sections atlas, timeline, families, index, guided tours and videos. TheOuter Planets; astronomy. 7 8) Provides a virtual field trip to a real
This Lending Library is only for the use of students and families
registered with the Nechako Electronic Busing Program. SCIENCE NEW 02/03 The Magic School Bus Doscovers Flight
(K-Gr. 5)
NEW 02/03 The Magic School Bus in Concert (K-Gr. 5)
Learn facts about musical instruments, speakers, microphones, how sounds are made and how sound travels as you attend the concert with Ms. Frizzle. Learn facts about musical instruments, speakers, microphones, how sounds are made and how sound travels as you attend the concert with Ms. Frizzle. NEW 01/02 Earth Quest (gr. 5 -12)
Earth Quest provides an interactive, multimedia environment for a study of earth science topics. Students learn about tectonic processes, basic mining techniques, conduct simulations of earthquake and volcanic activity, identify many rocks, minerals and gemstones and acquire vocabulary related to earth science topics. A teacher's manual containing 22 activities, categorized into four grade areas, based on the screens and information on the CD-ROM is available upon request. NEW 01/02 SimLife (gr. 4 up)

35. Knowledge Index
Ruths Encyclopedia of Sex Join Dr. Ruth in her virtual office and 52 space simulationslinked to the Penguin Dictionary of astronomy, 9 guided tours and an This comprehensive range covers subjects from health and well-being, science and technology, history and literature to the solar system. ESS032 Family Doctor - 3rd Edition
Through full colour illustrations, text, sound, animation and video, you will find all the answers you need to questions you have about your families health and well-being. Includes the answers to over 2300 medical questions, plus more! ESS034 Complete Works William Shakespeare
From the whimsical fantasy of A Midsummer Night's Dream to the tragic genius of Hamlet, uncover new insights into the writings of the most important playwright in the English language. An invaluable tool. ESS035 Interactive Space Encyclopedia (DOS)
This CD allows you to simulate real interplanetary flight. Plan and execute exciting missions to the planets that share our solar system. A totally educational experience, with in-depth information about the planets, their surface and atmosphere ESS043 Dreams of Flight
For centuries, mankind dreamed of flying. You can now relive this fascinating journey with Dreams of Flight. This entertaining, informative and interactive CD-ROM chronicles the history of flight from the Wright Flyer to the B-2 Stealth bomber. ESS044 Dr. Ruths Encyclopedia of Sex

36. Arthur Hu's Bookmark File
and the Sky Publishing Catalog of astronomy books, star for NT/Win95; Icat internetcatalogs; Cartalog virtual catalog; Scenery Skyline City tours California AAA
Arthur Hu's Bookmark file
index/bookmark.htm Favorite News Spots Arthur Hu's Home Page Toy Collecting Diversity Politics ... internet.htm Search Engines: Archive Yahoo HotBot DejaNews(Newsgroups-now google) ... CEO Express More...
A to Z
Audio Books by Web - Audio Highway
Credit Cards
Internet Providers
  • Hope of Seattle (webmaster's church) Biblical church with lot of Asians and their friends of all kinds.

37. Andrew's Bookmarks
au/telescope/s_index.htm; Webcam astronomy http//www Motorcyle Training, tours,Offroad tours In Australia; Other virtual Morris Minors
Andrew's Bookmarks
This page is regularly updated and contains 509 links!
Full page may take a while to download over a modem as it is nearly 100kB in size.
Click each folder to expand its contents.

38. Stephen M. Pribut's Home Page
Cool Site of the Day The WWW virtual Library USA Science Foundation Geosciences JetPropulsion Laboratory AstroWeb astronomy/Astrophysics on tours at home.
Stephen M. Pribut's Homepage
Updated: February 25, 2003
What's here:
This main page lists a variety of sites, some net resources, search areas, hot spots and starting points. My home page links to:
Steve Pribut's Chess Page
Dr. Pribut's Sports Injuries Page

Steve Pribut's Go Page

... FAQ
WWW version. FAQ Part 1
Text version part 1 of 4. FAQ Part 2
Text version part 2 of 4. FAQ Part 3
Text version part 3 of 4. FAQ Part 4
Text version part 4 of 4.
This area undergoes periodic change. New links can't be missed . These pages will be updated every week or two so please come back to visit. If you are an long time Web surfer there still are some cool non-commercial sites left on the net, net culture and so on. Search the site Constitution of the United States Bill Of Rights of the United States Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson's Writings (Library of Congress) ... Yahoo Most E-mailed News The section, Starting on the Internet , lists a number sites helpful to internet "newbies." I also have a section on medical resources, news sources, and government resources.

39. BUBL LINK Updates
to the online journal 'Currents', virtual tours, education and usa National Archivesvirtual Museum Historical Bill Arnett Subjects astronomy research, space
BUBL LINK Updates Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
Updates for January 2001
Index Select number to read resource description or select title text to connect. Titles Descriptions
  • 2002 Olympics Education
  • Mexican Culture
  • ACAP: Asian Conservation Awareness Programme
  • All-American Girls Professional Baseball League 1943-1954 ...
  • Zoom Astronomy - Planets
    For more search options, try a general Internet search
    2002 Olympics Education
    Educational service aimed at schools and designed to promote knowledge of, and projects connected to, the forthcoming Winter Olympic games in Salt Lake, 2002. Information on Olympic and Paralympic sports are included, with data on the likes of training, history, and sports science. News features, venues, tickets, transport, and accommodation details, as well as events schedules, are also provided.
    Author: Utah Education Network
    Subjects: olympic games, winter sports
    usa Mexican Culture
    Offers original articles and features about Mexican culture, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject-specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include art and museums, folklore, food and drink, government and politics, history, and religion.
  • 40. What's New With NCSA Mosaic
    published in the leading journals in astronomy. Information about tours, hotels,conference centers, airlines The virtual Dentist GalaxyNet Telecommunications
    Friday, 2 February 1996
    Cease Fire
    Janis Decker-Frisk, Toledo, OH, US
    Confronts the realities of firearm violence as they pertain to children and teens. Included are ways to prevent firearm violence. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
    Cincinnati, OH, US
    Designed to connect people with wild places and animals. Many forms of media are used to make curriculum available to teachers. The Main Quad
    San Francisco, CA, US
    TMQ is an emerging global community for college students, with a wide spectrum of content and services to connect students to themselves, each other, and the world. The STOP AIDS Project
    San Francisco, CA, US Leading AIDS prevention organization; site includes prevention resources, training manuals, and media campaigns. Woodland Hills, CA, US Connects unsigned artists, bands, and song writers with major record labels, publishers, and film and TV producers. music supervisors.

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