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61. Space News
Image of the Day Member Gallery virtual Cards Ask a as well as selected Lunar ToursReference Library for the Space Interferometry Mission (sim), an innovative
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Virtual Cards

Ask a Scientist
MECA - May Everyone Connect Always

Launch your "Cosmic Messenger" and talk to the world! Special Features: CosmiFiction Today's Story: Toad by Burk Stone Your Sky Tonight Locate the stars where you live ISS Updates ISS Mission status reports, imagery and more Shuttle Missions Updates and imagery on current missions Future Missions Data and photos outlining upcoming missions Farewell Mir Mir Image Gallery and More! Learn More: Cosmiverse in the Classroom Cosmikids A Great Place for Cosmic Kids! Solar System Tours Interactive Tours of our Solar System as well as selected Lunar Tours Reference Library More than 900 pages of reference material! Image Galleries Over 2000 images! Search Tools: Search WWW Search Cosmiverse Cosmiverse Database Yellow Pages People Search Business Search Shopping: Cosmiverse Marketplace Shop for Everything Under the Sun at the Cosmiverse Marketplace!

VizieR Catalogue Browser ADS virtual library (Books the Berkeley Undergrad Radio AstronomyObservatory (BURAO packages, plus discount flights and package tours.
Ricky Patterson
Southern UBVRI high galactic lat
Photometric Sequences for Wide-Field Surveys
Photometric Sequences for Wide-field Surveys
Observing Tools
Object Observability
Computing Exposure Times
Sunrise/Sunset computation ...
Date conversion utility
WCSTools: Image World Coordinate System Utilities
Karl's Boring
PDL ...
JK's Applets for Teaching Astrophysics
Sky Surveys
Minnesota Automated Plate Scanner
Large Scale Survey Project URL's
USNO PMM Project ...
Revised LHS Catalogue
WebElements periodic table of the elements - the periodic table on the World-Wide Web
Javascript Unit Conversion Calculator,Unit Conversion Tables and Tables of Old English and Obsolete or Unusual Measures
VizieR Catalogue Browser
ADS Virtual library (Books) ...
USNO Astronomical Applications Department
Milky Way
Open Clusters
Globular Clusters
H-alpha surveys
Mount Stromlo H-alpha Survey
H-Alpha Sky Survey
Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper
VT Spectral Line Sky Survey
Optical Surveys
BATC Color Sky Survey
Radio Surveys
Radio Surveys
The Parkes 21cm Multibeam Project
Working Group on Sky Surveys ...
GCNews, Galactic Center Newsletter

63. Library Entries Pending Review
. Best,Lehigh Valley,PAExplore Bicycling tours,local group...... to be listed in the WWW virtual Library under Location http//
Games and Recreation
Library Entries Pending Review
The following entries are here pending review by the Games and Recreation librarian. The librarian is not responsible for the content of this page.
Computer Games and Recreation
  • Buttons for DOS : starts DOS games easy...even in Windows 95. Download the shareware edition free.
  • Cryptograms
  • Utopia Technologies : Utopia Technologies is a leading realtime 3D games development company.
  • Webfoot Technologies, Inc. Game Gallery : Download INCREDIBLE games for DOS and Windows. Play online games. Graphics and music on this site are stunning. Gamer's BBS and chat area. Complete Webfoot product catalog is online. Also available: screen shots, animations, and music from actual games, plus on-line user manuals and help files.
  • Gamma Game Reviews : Check out the latest in computer game reviews, including java, frames, awesome graphics, and flying tarantula.
  • Gamma Game Reviews: Check out the latest in computer game reviews, including java, frames, awesome graphics, and flying tarantula.
  • Interact! CD-ROM Store

64. The Promise Of Virtual Reality
astronomy students will be able to visit a range land on Mars and offer live toursof additional of the planet's surface through virtual reality's telepresence
The Promise of Virtual Reality
By John C. Briggs . From John C. Briggs, The Promise of Virtual Reality. , Vol. 30, The Futurist, 09-01-1996.
Virtual reality may be one of the most important technologies in our future, producing a great leap forward in many fields. While most people now focus on VR's use in entertainment areas, its real impacts will be in the arts, business, communication, design, education, engineering, medicine, and many other fields. Due to the importance of this emerging technology, I would like to dispel some misinformation about it and suggest some important applications it will have in the future. But first, let's get clear about what virtuality is.
Defining Virtual Reality
Virtual reality can be defined as a three-dimensional, computer-generated simulation in which one can navigate around, interact with, and be immersed in another environment. In this sense, "virtual" is derived from the concept of "virtual memory" in a computer, which acts "as if" it is actual memory. Virtual reality provides a reality that mimics our everyday one. Since human beings are primarily visual animals, we respond much better to spatial, three-dimensional images than we do to flat, two-dimensional text and sketches. With three-dimensional images like those produced in virtual reality, we are better able to see patterns, relationships, and trends. Virtual reality goes beyond mere static images to ones that we can navigate through and interact with in real time. We can look at things from any perspective. Virtual reality is also immersive­it draws you into the visualization.

65. MIT Center For Space Research
Resource Directory; NASA Thesaurus; NASA tours Galore Tour of Orion, the Hunter; UMassAstronomy Education Page; Very Low Frequency Radio Project; virtual Library of
MIT Center for Space Research
Space News Services
Space Missions and Experiments
Societies and Papers
Other Institutions

66. General Science Resources
film, food, weather, physics/optics, astronomy, etc) and users can take 3D panoramictours, enjoy interactive Museum using a variety of 'virtual tools', some Science Resources&Subject=Sci

67. Focus Knowledge Index
52 space simulations linked to the Penguin Dictionary of astronomy, 9 guided toursand an Ruths Encyclopedia of Sex Join Dr. Ruth in her virtual office and
This comprehensive range covers subjects from health and well-being, science and technology, history and literature to the solar system. ESS409 The Britannica Quizmaster
The quest for knowledge is an ongoing process. Once of the most exciting and popular methods of acquiring knowledge is through quizzing. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica now bring to quiz fans a unique CD-ROM derived from the world's greatest source of knowledge. ESS383 Space Station Simulator
The International Space Station is the largest and most ambitious international scientific project in history, with the USA, Russia, Europe, Brazil, Canada and Japan all working together on an orbital station capable of housing a 6 man crew. ESS382 Ordnance Survey Interactive Atlas of Great Britain Fourth Edition
Do you know where to find the Tumpy Lakes and Turkey Island? Could you navigate your way to Zone Point? The Ordnance Survey Interactive Atlas will take you above and beyond your immediate locality to broaden your geographical knowledge of Great Britain. ESS370 Encyclopaedia Britannica DELUXE Millennium Edition
With thrilling multimedia - videos, music, animation, photography and more, the Britannica Deluxe Millennium Edition provides endless education and entertainment for anyone who wants to learn.

68. IAUXXV -- Scientific Programme
and building FGTs The International virtual Observatory (IVO Pre and post toursof longer duration include Tour, Kimberley Highlights Tour, astronomy and the
Scientific Programme VISA INFORMATION
All participants entering Australia need a visa. It is important that participants apply for their visas well in advance of anticipated travel. Programme Schedule
Schedule Changes

Invited Discourses


Tour Booking Form All Tours

Sydney Day Tours - Information

Pre/Post Assembly Tours Information

Registration Form
... Meeting Room Assignments INVITED DISCOURSES
TOP SYMPOSIA The symposia publisher is the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. More information is available here on the main IAU website. TOP var S216_URL = "" Symposium 216 MAPS OF THE COSMOS July 14-17, 2003 Chair, Local Organizing Committee: L. Staveley-Smith Principal Topics: - Low redshift (z <0.5) galaxy surveys

69. Focus Multimedia Software: Knowledge
52 space simulations linked to the Penguin Dictionary of astronomy, 9 guided toursand an Ruth's Encyclopedia of Sex Join Dr. Ruth in her virtual office and
The Knowledge Series Hutchinsons Multimedia Encyclopedia '97
This British orientated encyclopedia combines the exciting world of multimedia with the unrivalled reference resources of the Hutchinson Encyclopedic database. Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
Discover how easy and exciting interactive learning can be with The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia. Just point and click, and Grolier takes you anywhere you want to go. The Unexplained
This fascinating interactive documentary takes you on journey through the unknown, where science fails and conventional explanations are no longer adequate. Enter the world of timeslips, hauntings, UFOs... The Encyclopedia Of Science Fiction
Explore the fantastic world of science fiction with the only comprehensive multimedia reference title of its kind. Contains the entire text of the Hugo Award-winning book The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. World War I
This interactive CDROM tells the full story of this war and its shattering effects on people and society. Covers key areas including battle and conflict, a soldiers life, the home front, technology and tactics. World War II
This two disc interactive documentary tells the dramatic story of this fight for freedom, and the price that was paid to over throw tyranny. Examine details of soldiers, heroes, weapons, aircraft and countless other facets of the war.

70. Favorite URL's
Art; astronomy; Auctions; Aviation; Banks; Books; Cameras on the net; Cars; Commercial serverat Old Dominion University The WorldWide Web virtual Library Subject
Various pointers to things around the net, grouped by catagory:
Starting Points for Internet Exploration
YAHOO: Stanford search engine and index
LYCOS: Carnegie Mellon search engine local form ...
Deja News
keywords are case insensitive.
n = NEAR
keywords may be preceeded by: ~a = Author; ~s = Subject; ~g = Newsgroup; ~dc = creation date
UCSD News archives.
Open Text index
PGP Key Server local form ...
Go Postal (includes ZIP code and ZIP+4 lookups as well as a full listing of postal rates)
Anywho reverse lookup
Switchboard (national phone # directory) (national phone # directory)
California Phone Book
Email address search
Internet Address Finder ...
Harvest Information Discovery and Access System , CS Technical reports.
WATERS Global Service Home Page technical report server at Old Dominion University
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library unclaimed property
California Comptroller's office unclaimed property
Massachusetts unclaimed property
Useful search engines
Network info:
Mit finger daemon
Berkely finger daemon local form
Mike Prevost's WWW IP utils
internic Whois server
internic Whois server
DNS Lookup ...
IP to Lat - Lon (For those times when only a Tactical Nuke will do ;-))

71. Science
The Rose Center offers virtual tours, activities and resources There are also AstronomyWebQuests, and 100 picture is not complete without this virtual tour.
6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade Chemistry ... General
6th Grade Science
ARM's Education Center Provides background information, lesson plans, questions of the week, quizzes, and ask a scientist all on global warming and environmental science. (Bauer) The Atoms Family In the Mummy's Tomb, learn about energy conservation, kinetic, and potential energy. The Phantom's Portrait Parlor teaches the principles of atoms and matter. Dracula's Library studies the properties of light, waves, and particles. Cascades Volcano Observatory Provides detailed information on hundreds of volcanoes. Also provides news on current events, hazard reports, living with volcanoes, and provides and educational outreach program. (Bauer) Discover Volcanos Using a wide variety of websites, students will explore volcanoes and eruptions around the world. They will learn to describe the character of an eruption and its explosivity, and be able make comparative analyses between types of volcanoes. EIA Kid's Page

72. India A2z - India A2z - Your Comprehensive Guide To Indian Web Sites - Mumbai
Comforts tours and Travels Business Conferencing, Air web hosting, webspace andvirtual servers. Vivekanand Institute's Society for astronomy and Space
Regional States and Union Territories Maharashtra Cities : Mumbai Personalize Your Page Advanced Search Tips Home ... Netzine NetZine - Mumbai Mart's Free City Magazine Rider Software Ltd. Software Solutions Provider, specializing in the area of Internet Services, Multimedia and GIS/Map Mumbai - The Gateway of India Detailed information about Mumbai city mumbai Know about Mumbai (Bombay) City, we have Entertainment, Shopping, Education, Hotel, Fashion, Shrines and Monuments, Yellow Pages and Medical Section Mumbai News Online news from Mumbai Mumbai City - User Guide Mumbai City Directory Bombay The Gateway of India Mumbai City Guide Mumbai City Guide Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Mumbai Chapter Mumbai chapter of the oldest and most celebrated computer society in the world.The ACM offers seminars ,tutorials and monthly interactions for members.

73. Red Ribbon Net Search Results For Subject: AIDS
University of Oklahoma Physics and astronomy 0030 UCSB 0019 The World Wide WebVirtual Library Sumeria Reconstruction Home Page 0019 Public tours at NIST\searches\web1.htm
Red Ribbon Net Search Results for Subject: AIDS
The query "AIDS" found 2027 documents and returned 1914: Financial Aid and Admissions
Global Programme on AIDS - World Health Organization

HIV Text Files 3

AIDS/HIV Information
The Quantum Leap Episode Guide

74. Cyber Space Miva Search Engine
on the computer games, Deadlock, Doom, and sim City 2000 GoThere/San Diego Virtualtours of San Diego places of Todd Gross' Weather astronomy Page weather and
Search Results
Webmasters can make money! Ultra Trade Online Auctions Software

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Updated monthly, the Grandfather of All Links lists over 3300++ classifieds, free for alls, search engines, and directories where you can promote your site for free
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pub, beer, wine, coffee, tea, Sample Trays, pictures, brewery, brewpub, sports cards, bars, home brew, micro brew, hand crafted, custom Educational,informational videos and cd-roms
video cd-rom learning information instruction math computer homeschooling research academic resource education skills science student teacher school fundraiser Plum Hill
Positive Thinking, Personal Power, Creativity, Health, Wealth, Love, Andes, Peru, Art, Crafts, Artisans, Networking, Multi-Level Marketing, Writing, Writers, Books, Piano, Music

tours Travel Services in India throughIATA HOMEPAGE Vivekanand Institute's Society for astronomy and Space

76. Free For All Link Page
language instruction surf camp surf tours T; On Everything; Express Shopping Onlinevirtual shopping mall; Meteorites astronomy portal; antique beds - authentic

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Below is a free for all list of links meaning you can add anything you please. When you add you will be automatically returned to this page and your URL will appear. There are links on this page, the last one was added on on Friday, April 04, 2003 at 00:50:09 Title URL Section Science Fiction Juggling Games Personal Business Internet Entertainment Shareware Shopping Jewelry Drinking water Email Meteorites Pets Hacking Music hardware Free Stuff Contests Computers Net tools Health and Fitness Employment Mutual benefit Lottery Children Home for sale Network Industrial Diablo Faith no more Test equipment Stock photos Webrings Automotive Health Chat Calculators Financial Travel Vitamins Groovy stuff Music tuition Woodcarving Paid to surf Persian rugs Food safety Trade Stockmarket Motorcycle clubs Science Rv Eating out Asia Support Making money Beach rental Free advice Tamil Tattoos Downhill skiing Night clubs Taxi Weddings Rainbow-brite Soccer fans Work at home Offspring Fishing Arabian horses Art Wwf Escorts Karaoke Electronics Building materia Wicca Home repair Woodeboat Novelty Non profit Paranormal Vacation homes Business sale Skateboarding Goth E-cards Mortgage leads Sales leads Halloween Housewares Limousinservice Marinas Photo albums Craft supplies Models Glamour models Couples swingers Cigars Songwriters Dating Aromatherapy Astrologie Tropical holiday Exporters Free stuff Send free sms Modelling Religion Inspiration Uploads Craft City guide

77. My Favorites
about fs98 flight simulator 98 FS98 Flight sim Central's Main FBO Page DouglasDC4's Convair 240's, 340's, and 440's Keith's virtual Helipad - Helicopters My Service Provider
Scott Network Services

This page is generated automatically by a program I wrote in Delphi
so the categories are not in order, and there is no index...yet.
My Favorites
Tomb Raider The N.E.D. Tomb Raider Page!
Nascar 2

Nascar 2 Taurus Cars

Three Man Racing

Heavy Gear Heavy Gear Unofficial
Heavy Gear Tech Bay

Need For Speed 2 GameWeb - Need for Speed II Cheats Yahoo! - Need For SpeedNeed for Speed 2 Need For Speed Cheats Need For Speed Cheats NFS2 Edited Cars ... Ara's Need For Speed 2 Page Flight Sim tutorials Basics of Squawkbox - Procontroller Basic Autopilot - Part 1 Basic Autopilot - Part 2 Basic Autopilot - Part 3 ... ! Tutorial - Scenery98 Management FlightSim ADE98 Home Page Fred Wohosky's Airfield of Dreams, Quality Flight Shop Aircraft Lycos Community Guide Flight Simulators Microsoft Flight Simulator ... The World Wide Guide Scenery Central Longbow 2 Aviation Encyclopedia AH-64D Longbow Apache Chopper Max Jane's Combat Simulations Games GAMECENTER.COM

78. E-HOT LINE, October 18, 2002
invited to enjoy guided airfield bus tours, aircraft displays to try their hand atvirtual flying through the planets and stars during an astronomy demonstration
EAA AirVenture Homebuilts Ultralights ... Register Now Departure: Destination: Paper Airplane Weekend at EAA AirVenture Museum
Get your launching arm in shape for Paper Airplane Weekend, October 19-20, at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh. Paper airplane expert Ken Blackburn will be on hand to show participants of all ages how to make and fly paper airplanes. Ken holds the world record for the longest paper airplane flight—27.6 seconds—and is the author of several books about paper airplanes, including Aviation Legends Paper Airplane Book and Kids' Paper Airplane Book.
Demonstrations will take place inside the museum’s Eagle Hangar. Admission is half price, or $4.00 for adults, $3.25 for students 8-17, and $10.50 for a family. These prices include admission to the museum, the paper airplane happening, and the museum’s new interactive Raptor Gallery. As always children 7 and under are free.
Hours for the event and museum are Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, contact the EAA AirVenture Museum at 920/426-4818.
Aluminum Overcast at Van Nuys Airport Open House
EAA’s B-17 bomber Aluminum Overcast is a main attraction at this weekend’s free community open house at Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Saturday, October 19, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. PDT. The event is sponsored by the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and the public is invited to enjoy guided airfield bus tours, aircraft displays, educational exhibits, 25 tenant and vintage aircraft displays, food, refreshments, a live disc jockey...and perhaps the best airworthy example of the Flying Fortress in existence.

79. HTML Version Of AstroWeb Database
tasks are research and teaching in astronomy and Geophysics. in the areas of astronomy, Solar Physics, Astrophysical Plasmas, of the Institute of astronomy and Space Physics in
HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 10:08:01 GMT Server: Apache/1.3.27 (Unix) mod_jk/1.1.0 Last-Modified: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 09:30:48 GMT ETag: "129165-10fee4-3e817348" Accept-Ranges: bytes Content-Length: 1113828 Connection: close Content-Type: text/html
HTML Version of AstroWeb Database
KASHLINSKY, Alexander ( Goddard Space Flight Center )
High Resolution Fly's Eye Cosmic Ray Detector
( HiRes )
The HiRes detector - an atmospheric fluorescence detector: HiRes currently consists of two sites on top of two mountains separated by 13km in western Utah.
Armenian Astronomical Society ( ArAS ) Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory ( Armenia )
ar (Argentina)
Observatorio Astronomico de La Plata ( OALP )
Faculty of Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences. The Observatory was established in November 1883. Its principal tasks are research and teaching in Astronomy and Geophysics.
Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia ( IAR )
Información sobre las características del Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomía, sus facilidades instrumentales, tareas de investigación y desarrollo en curso, personal científico y técnico y actividades de extensión.
Complejo Astronómico El Leoncito ( CASLEO )

Its main telescope is a 2.15 meter reflector, equipped with direct CCD camera, spectrographs, a photopolarimeter and other instruments. It is located at 2552 meters above the sea level, in a high quality astronomical site in the mountains of Calingasta, 240 km away from the city of San Juan (Argentina).

80. Favorites
Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum Air Space Museum Links The Intrepid SeaAir-SpaceMuseum **Memphis Belle Davis-Monthan Air Force Base tours Davis-Monthan
Daniel S. E. Cascaddan
Dan's Favorites
Dan's Quotations
Dan's Photo Site ...
€Travel Thingy
Who Pays for This? -> Foundation For a Better Life
NewsHour Index
Oregon Mensa ...
King of the Hill Paintball
R/C UFO $120
Nanny B-day Present
Porter Hall CD $15
Fender® Briefcase $99 ...
My First Mister DVD $27
Aviation Info
Air Shows Home Page ...
***Patty Wagstaff
Directory of UltraLight Home Pages Page
Flying Lessons
Stanford Flying Club
Sundance Flying Club
West Valley Flying Club - Palo Alto ...
Be A Pilot! Learn To Fly!
Aviation Museums
Confederate Air Force
SAC Museum, Ashland, NE
Goleta Air and Space Museum: Convair B-36 Wrecks ...
California Air and Space Center
Nike SF88L
Nike Missile Site
Titan Missle Museum
Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum
Yahoo Search: Air Space Museum ...
Davis-Monthan AFB
Aircraft and Manufacturers
C-17 USAF Fact Sheet
Flight of the Valkyrie (XB-70)
X-33 Venture Star SSTO ...
The Stemme S10 Sailplane
Outdoor Hobby
WA High Power Rocketry
Countdown Hobbies
Rocket Silo ...
Public Missiles, Ltd. Online Webstore

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