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         Atheism:     more books (96)
  1. The Godless Delusion: A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism by Patrick Madrid, Kenneth Hensley, 2010-06-25
  2. Atheism Remix: A Christian Confronts the New Atheists by R. Albert Mohler Jr., 2008-07-25
  3. Atheism: A Reader
  4. Radical Atheism: Derrida and the Time of Life (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics) by Martin Hagglund, 2008-09-03
  5. An Atheism that Is Not Humanist Emerges in French Thought (Cultural Memory in the Present) by Stefanos Geroulanos, 2010-03-08
  6. The necessity of atheism . by Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1972
  7. At the Origins of Modern Atheism by Michael J. Buckley S.J., 1990-08-29
  8. Atheism, Morality, and Meaning (Prometheus Lecture Series) by Michael Martin, 2002-10
  9. Real Face of Atheism, The by Ravi Zacharias, 2004-09-01
  10. Atheism in Christianity: The Religion of the Exodus and the Kingdom (Second Edition) by Ernst Bloch, 2009-06-01
  11. When Atheism Becomes Religion: America's New Fundamentalists by Chris Hedges, 2009-03-10
  12. Christian No More: On Leaving Christianity, Debunking Christianity, And Embracing Atheism And Freethinking by Jeffrey Mark, 2008-08-12
  13. The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith by Peter Hitchens, 2010-05-25
  14. Atheism Advanced: Further Thoughts of a Freethinker by David Eller, 2008-02-01

21. Atheism Awareness: Atheism In Music
The goal of atheism Awareness is to help dispel the myths, misconceptions,and misunderstandings about atheism and atheists. I'll
Any music that is not directly targeted toward a religious audience is considered "secular music". There are many secular songs that have theistic undertones and others are more blatant in their theistic views. What about atheism, agnosticism, religious doubt and ridicule? Does this kind of music exist? You bet it does! I don't like all of it and there are some theistic songs within the secular arena that I do like. The great thing about secular theistic music is that the message is normally hidden or is so innocuous that it has no "real" meaning ( Creed , for example). When I started to seriously look for anti-religious meanings in lyrics I was actually surprised at the number of songs out there. And contrary to popular belief, they were not all Punk and Anarchist songs. For those theists that refuse to listen to secular music, it's too bad. Most secular music does not promote violence or hatred and it does not cause children to commit suicide or attack public schools. Most of the music I listen to (NuWave, Synthpop, progressive, industrial, post modern and alternative) comes from artists with serious messages; and a few have some things they'd like to say about religion... A band or artist that is listed on this page is not necessarily atheist. The groups listed on this page had something to say about religion in their lyrics and that is all that qualified them to be here. Their personal beliefs or lack thereof is another issue entirely.

22. Affirming Humanism
What is humanism and what is it all about? How does it compare to religion? Some ideas from the Guide to Agnosticism and atheism.
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Affirming Humanism Dateline: September 23, 1998 Considering the level and intensity of attacks levied against humanism by religious conservatives in the media, from the pulpit, and on the internet, one might be lead to think that there is something to all of their allegations. But is there? In an intermittent series of essays, I intend to address a variety of those allegations and examine whether or not they enjoy a solid foundation. One common misconception which is often seen being bandied about is the idea that humanism embodies some sort of dogmatic creed . Most humanists will find this laughable, but they should not shrug it off too quickly. Enough people actually believe it that we really need to deal with it.

23. Anime Atheism
Street Fighter, Escaflowne, Ranma 1/2, and Ruroni Kenshin stories by Frank Wustner.
Welcome to my web site, said the spider to the fly...
All righty now. Anime and atheism are the features here in my personal web presence. Enjoy your stay. 640x480 resolution should work fine for all my pages. 800x600 or better is recommended.
Go here to have a look at my HALL O' HEATHENISM On the other hand, try this link to see my ANIME FANFICTION
Go here for various LINKS
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These web pages and the contents here-in are the property of Frank Wustner. Use of these pages and/or their content without the express permission of Frank Wustner is strictly prohibited. No illegal activities happen or are encoraged within these pages. Frank Wustner makes no warranties or other guarentees regarding any information or file contained within FRANK WUSTNER'S LAIR. anime animation manga ranma ah my goddess amg omg oh megamisama street fighter fanfiction fanfic story stories ken ryu sakura akane ukyou kuno tarou shampoo mousse ryouga beldandy urd skuld keichi tenkuu visions escaflowne van hitomi schezar dilandu jajuka folken fanel fanelia zaibach asturia ruroni rurouni kenshin himura kaoru kamiya sano sanosuke sagara yahiko miyojin megumi heathen heathenism atheist atheism religion religious christian jesus christ cross god satan devil bible fundy fundamentalist fundamentalism jehova allah baptize sex sexxy drug drugs girl boy hot cold good bad right wrong gay lesbian homosexual

24. Atheism -
Articles, polls, links, discussions, and contests.Category Society Religion and Spirituality atheism......atheism disbelief in gods, but also a freethinking way of life. Life withoutdeities or other invisible means of support. Welcome to the atheism area !

Religion and Spirituality
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25. Solid Rock Ministries
Debates, articles, and links providing information on atheism, Islam, Mormonism, the Christian life, theology, and general apologetics.
Solid Rock Ministries
Last Update March 25, 2003
About SRM

What's New




Offline Survey Comments Links Bookmarks Search Engines Email Welcome to Solid Rock Ministries SRM is dedicated to defending the Christian Worldview in a society that is increasingly anti-Christian. Our aim is two fold: One, to present Christianity as offering the best explanation of our world and humankind's place in it, and second, to critique alternative worldviews, be they theistic or atheistic. While we endeavor to present everything on this site in an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding, realizing that issues of this sort are never beyond doubt or dispute, we also recognize the exclusivity of contrary positions. We, therefore, have no qualms about presenting our belief in the superiority of the Christian Worldview, agreeing with Angelo M. Codevilla that "there is not now and never has been a better predictor of prosperity, family, and civility than the practice of Judaism and Christianity." Please take a moment to fill out our visitor's survey. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

26. The Atheism Articles
Things creationists should learn about evolution. (14/3/99), Is atheism a newidea? How long can it endure? What are the positive aspects of atheism?

27. Jesus Jesus Christ Is The ONLY Way To God
Opposition to Catholicism, New Age, paganism, atheism, Buddhism, the unsaved, and versions of the Bible other than the King James.
K J V 1 6 1 1 www. jesus Jesus Christ is the
ONLY way to God "I am the way the truth and the life; NO MAN cometh unto the Father BUT BY ME."
Jesus Christ, John 14:6 REPENT ye, and BELIEVE the gospel
Your SINS are KILLING you! You NEED the BLOOD of Jesus!


About Jesus This website solely exists to magnify the name of Jesus Christ and His doctrine. In so doing, we expose grievous human and satanic errors that keep people in bondage and out of the kingdom of God. If you are a hypocrite or other hellbound rebel, REPENT of all your wicked sins, BELIEVE the gospel , and stop dishonouring King Jesus. Ye must be born again! Flee from the wrath to come! There are hundreds of links on this website divided into major sections. For some, this can be overwhelming. You may wish to concentrate on one section at a time. Here's a synopsis of each section: THE BASICS: How to get to heaven, how to get to hell, comparative religion, the Judgment, the foolishness of atheism, dangerous "fake Christian" movements to avoid, etc. THE BIBLE: The importance of the Bible, the alterations found in modern corruptions of the Bible such as the NIV, NASV, NKJV etc. (there are HUNDREDS of Bible versions out there and they do not all say the same thing). Extensive, hard-to-find information on

28. Big Bang Cosmology And Atheism
A response to William Lane Craig's Kalam Cosmological Argument for God's existence (by Quentin Smith).Category Society Religion and Spirituality atheism...... Big Bang Cosmology and atheism. He has published five books, including Theism, atheism,and Big Bang Cosmology (Clarendon Press, 1993) with William Lane Craig.
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MENU atheism Belief in no God, and no belief in God. Read a news feed of currenttopics related to atheism, maintained by American Atheists. Quotations
Belief in no God, and no belief in God
Read a news feed of current topics related to Atheism, maintained by American Atheists
Isaac Asimov, " On Religiosity ", Free Inquiry magazine " Although the time of death is approaching me, I am not afraid of dying and going to Hell or (what would be considerably worse) going to the popularized version of Heaven. I expect death to be nothingness and, for removing me from all possible fears of death, I am thankful to atheism ." H. Havelock Ellis: " And it is in his own image, let us remember, that Man creates God ." George H.W. Bush , as Presidential Nominee for the Republican party; 1987-AUG-27: "No, I don't know that Atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered as patriots. This is one nation under God." Dan Barker, Author: " Losing Faith in Faith :" I have something to say to the religionist who feels atheists never say anything positive: You are an intelligent human being. Your life is valuable for its own sake. You are not second-class in the universe, deriving meaning and purpose from some other mind. You are not inherently evil you are inherently human, possessing the positive rational potential to help make this a world of morality, peace and joy. Trust yourself. "

atheism, AGNOSTICISM, FREE THINKING, HUMANISM, etc. Click Here to Visit ourSponsors. atheism is also not a religion or a complete ethical system.
ATHEISM, AGNOSTICISM, FREE THINKING, HUMANISM, etc. Click Here to Visit our Sponsors. One of the problems in the field of religion and ethical systems is that certain terms (e.g. Atheism, Agnosticism, Humanism) have multiple meanings. Perhaps the most impressive example of confusion over terms are "Witch" and "Witchcraft" which have at least 17 different definitions. Those who have abandoned traditional religious beliefs and practices define themselves in various ways: Agnosticism is not a religion or complete ethical system. It is simply a belief that we cannot prove either the existence or the non-existence of deity; (i.e. of one or more gods, one or more goddesses, or combinations of the above). Many Agnostics believe that we cannot know anything about deity or deities at the present time, but that this could conceivably change in the future. Atheism is also not a religion or a complete ethical system. It has two main definitions: The lack of a belief that deity, in the form of one or more supernatural gods or goddesses, exists. American Atheists define an Atheist to be a person who "

31. Pantheism: FAQs On Pantheism, Panentheism, Paganism Etc.
FAQs on paganism, animism, panentheism, atheism, and free will.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pantheism
by Paul Harrison
This page deals with some FAQs and misapprehensions about pantheism and answers some of the most common criticisms.
You can print out this page from your browser [File/Print] or save it [File/Save As/(name).txt]
What is the central belief of pantheism?
Why do pantheists believe in pantheism?
What's the evidence for pantheism? How do you know the universe is divine?
If I accept pantheism, what difference would it make?
Is pantheism just theism in disguise?
Is Pantheism just atheism or humanism in disguise?
What is the difference between pantheism and panentheism?
Does pantheism have anything to do with pantheon or polytheism?
What is the relationship between paganism and pantheism?
Has pantheism got anything to do with animism? Does pantheism believe that all things are one? Does pantheism believe that humans are one with nature and the cosmos? If God is everything, then surely all actions are God's actions, and there is no distinction between good and evil? Does pantheism believe that everything is predetermined and there is no free will?

32. American Atheists -- Atheism
A section on atheism from American Atheists. Includes a subsection on TheRoots of atheism. atheism It has a short and simple title atheism.
ATHEISM While many Atheists have an intense interest in religions, enjoy debating theists, and can intelligently discuss the various holy books, Atheism can be discussed and celebrated for its own sake. The first entry in this section is a transcript of a speech given in 1962 by Madalyn Murray O’Hair. It has a short and simple title: Atheism The rich human history of Atheism is examined in detail in several articles in The Roots of Atheism The roots of American Atheists are closely associated with the Murray v. Curlett case. Here is the text of the Petitioners' Brief to the US Supreme Court. California Lawyer and political candidate Edward Tabash discusses the controversy or ridiculing religious beliefs Ancient humans could not understand the real reason for the passing seasons. They associated what they observed with all sorts of mystical goings on. In this short pamphlet, Frank R. Zindler explains the natural seasons . Now, when a theist tries to tell you about the "reason for the season," you'll know better. Next are three essays by Frank Zindler:
  • Ethics Without Gods . A must-read for any Atheists who has been told “If you don’t believe in God, there’s nothing to prevent you from committing crimes, is there?”

33. Index Of /www/atheism
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34. The Psychology Of Atheism
Conversations Resource Center. Truth Journal. The Psychology of atheism. ProfessorPaul C. Vitz. The Psychology of atheism Social and Personal Motives.

Social Sciences


Current Issues



What's New
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Truth Journal
The Psychology of Atheism
Professor Paul C. Vitz
The title of this paper, "The Psychology of Atheism," may seem strange. Certainly, my psychological colleagues have found it odd and even, I might add, a little disturbing. After all, psychology, since its founding roughly a century ago, has often focused on the opposite topic-namely the psychology of religious belief. Indeed, in many respects the origins of modern psychology are intimately bound up with the psychologists who explicitly proposed interpretations of belief in God. William James and Sigmund Freud, for example, were both personally and professionally deeply involved in the topic. Recall The Will to Believe by James, as well as his still famous

35. Panlatrevo
Religious philosophy resources and discussions on religion, spirituality, atheism and freethought. Centers on Taoist philosophy.

Topics from meditation to medicide, from love to capital punishment, from atheism to Christianity, from vegetarianism to life after death. RealVideo files of 14 years of programming.
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37. Íàó÷íûé àòåèçì.
The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.


"Íàó÷íîå çíàíèå è ðåëèãèÿ íà ðóáåæå XXI âåêà"


"Íàó÷íîå çíàíèå è ðåëèãèÿ íà ðóáåæå XXI âåêà"

38. The Fascist Ideology Of Star Trek: Militarism, Collectivism, & Atheism
Provocative essay on themes of militarism, collectivism, and atheism in the popular scifi series.
The Fascist Ideology of Star Trek
One and only one person can give steering and engine orders at any one time....The commanding officer may take over the deck or the conn...In taking the conn from the officer of the deck, the captain should do so in such a manner that all personnel of the bridge watch will be notified of the fact. Watch Officer's Guide, A Handbook for all Deck Watch Officers , Revised by K.C. Jacobsen, Commander, U.S. Navy, 11th Edition [Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, 1981, pp. 68-69] I have always liked Star Trek . I watched the original show in the 60's, waited eagerly for the first movie in the 70's, and then later in the 80's got hooked all over again on Star Trek: The Next Generation . It has been good television, good science fiction, and occasionally even good film. Some things, nevertheless, have driven me crazy: (1) Picard and Riker both giving commands, in tandem, on the bridge is absurd. One person has the conn or has the deck on a ship, and it is dangerous to have any confusion about that (see quote above). As Executive Officer, Riker wouldn't even be on the bridge in ordinary circumstances. (2) There doesn't seem to be anything like a regular watch on the bridge. In one show a big point is made that only a full commander can have bridge command, but nothing is more common on the show than to have scenes where all the senior officers of the ship are in some conference or other, leaving who knows who directing the ship on the bridgeunless there are full commanders who aren't part of the regular cast. The writers don't seem to know what naval lieutenants are forto be the officers of the deck. And (3)

39. Atheism---A Bayesian Approach
A probabilistic examination of existence / nonexistence of god with an agnostic conclusion.
Atheism-A Bayesian Approach
by Peter D. Wilson Bayesian inference is a method of analysis that is very useful when comparing hypotheses. It assigns probabilities to all the possible outcomes of an experiment, combines this with all the knowledge one has before performing the experiment, and then calculates the probability of each hypothesis being true given the actual observation. The method is fully contained in Bayes theorem which is Occam's Razor states that given two hypotheses for a set of observations, the better choice is the simpler hypothesis. The more complicated model will always make better predictions and will be capable of explaining a wider range of observations, but if these complications are unnecessary the simpler model should be preferred. Bayesian inference has this built into it because it deals with probabilities. We have the constraint that the integral of each of these probabilities over all hypotheses or observations be equal to 1. This requires that at least one of our hypotheses be true and that one observation actually occur. One must therefore distribute a finite amount of probability among all possible observations; the more observations one must distribute over, the less probable any single observation becomes. If the reindeer died, neither hypothesis goes to zero. We are left with the relative probability of the two hypotheses. Because the probability of a reindeer dying with notR being true is 1 while for it not dying with R being true is less than 1, the posterior probability of R will decrease (and notR increase) after each experiment. This occurs regardless of the prior weightings and the distribution of probability between flying and dying with R. Because R can explain both flying and dying reindeer but notR can only explain dying reindeer, when only dying reindeer are observed the better hypothesis becomes notR. The preference for notR over R will never be absolute because the probability of R won't ever become zero although it may come close. How strong must the preference be before notR can be accepted and we move on to more important questions? 3-to-1? 100-to-1? or, a billion-to-one?

40. New Page 2
Christian discussion board challenging atheism.Category Society Religion and Spirituality atheism Christian Views......Why Challenge atheism? Greetings visitors and welcome to the site. The thoughtoccurred to me that many passing through may ask why challenge atheism?
Contents General Welcome new visitor Why another site? About the site creator Tips for making great posts ... Discussion board rules About Atheism The myth of weak atheism Challenges for Atheists Is atheism Dangerous? Review of Positive Atheism ... Review of Walking Away About Theism My view on the bible Pain and suffering Assorted Articles Why atheism will lose The Robot Rebellion of Richard Dawkins The Unraveling of Scientific Materialism Atheism Versus Theism Debates Why Challenge Atheism? In short the only reason anyone would say they are a weak atheist is because they realize there is little positive evidence in favor of non-God explanations for such things as the existence of this physical material world we live in. Commonsense suggests if there was strong evidence in favor of atheism there would far more strong atheists than weak. As a result many of the atheist websites and literature spend most of their time launching salvos against theism. The thought being that if theism is discredited than atheism prevails by default. This leads to what I call sound bite atheism. Atheism based on little else than brief essays. This is evidenced by popular arguments such as there is no more evidence for God than Santa or religion is the cause of all wars. Such thought bombs are easily exposed and refuted for being poorly thought out. Yet the march of atheists who visit my site touting what they think is irrefutable logic such as the above continues on.

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