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         Atheism:     more books (96)
  1. Dictionary Of Atheism, Skepticism, & Humanism by Bill Cooke, 2005-07-05
  2. Spiritual Atheism by Steve Antinoff, 2010-01-19
  3. Atheism (A Brief Insight) by Julian Baggini, 2009-10-06
  4. Flirting with Faith: My Spiritual Journey from Atheism to a Faith-Filled Life by Joan Ball, 2010-05-11
  5. Natural Atheism by David Eller, 2004-04
  6. Atheism and Alienation by Patrick Masterson,
  7. Why Atheism? by George H. Smith, 2000-11
  8. What Is Atheism?: A Short Introduction by Douglas E. Krueger, 1998-05
  9. The Logic of Atheism, 3 Lectures by Henry Batchelor, 2010-03-29
  10. Anthology of Atheism and Rationalism
  11. After Atheism: Science, Religion and the Meaning of Life by Mark Vernon, 2008-01-15
  12. The New Gospel of Christian Atheism by Thomas J. J. Altizer, 2003-03-07
  13. Suspicion and Faith: The Religious Uses of Modern Atheism by Merold Westphal, 1999-01-01
  14. Atheism, Ayn Rand, and Other Heresies by George H. Smith, 1991-04

41. A & E
Book reviews, articles and responses about atheism vs. evolution.Category Society Religion and Spirituality atheism...... (By Richard Barnett). 2). Suicide and atheism Camus and the Myth of Sisyphus. (ByRichard Barnett). If you would like to write a new article, please click here.
We would like to encourage you to write responses to our articles, and also write your own. Please note that this website is a forum for debate from both sides - not just from atheists and evolutionists. If you oppose anything you see on this site, then we would like to know what your view is. We will put all we receive online – but be prepared to defend your writing! Click on the ‘how to respond’ link below for more information and where to send articles. Book Reviews: Tornado in a Junkyard, the Relentless Myth of Darwinism – By James Perloff (Reviewed by Daniel Aston) Darwin on Trial – By Phil Johnson. (Reviewed by Richard Barnett) Darwin on Trial – By Phil Johnson. (Reviewed by James Brown) The Blind Watchmaker – By Richard Dawkins. (Reviewed by Tim Bonnici) New Articles: Supernatural Causes and Cures of Melancholy in the Early Modern Period. (By Richard Barnett) Suicide and Atheism: Camus and the Myth of Sisyphus. (By Richard Barnett) If you would like to write a new article, please click here.

42. Atheism
The Case for Evolution Note The theory of evolution does not necessarily entailatheism, but I include this section because many religious individuals argue
Click here for frames. "Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear." - Thomas Jefferson I am an atheist ( is that at all possible? ), which means that I do not believe in the existence of any gods or other supernatural beings. I was a Christian for over a decade, but I gradually began to realize, through calm, rational reasoning, that there was, in fact, no reason whatever for supposing Christianity true. I invite you to find out for yourself why this is so. I also urge you to leave the Church of Sweden, if you are a member. For information on this and a form to fill out, click here Introduction

An essay claiming to provide all the answers to religion and atheism.
THE PHILOSOPHY TO REPLACE ALL PHILOSOPHY Theology, Atheism, and Evolution John Brand Keywords Origin and structure of the Universe Organization and change of matter Origins of life Proof of Evolution Atheism, Humanism, Agnostic Development of the nervous system and the brain Dreams Development of language Origins of religion
From Genesis to AD 2002 Change in the Universe is random according to the nature of matter and energy. The solar system (Sun, planets, moons, etc.), galaxies, etc. were formed by the condensation of matter/dust by gravity and by the rotation of this matter. The rotation resulted in objects circling each other according to their mass and distribution. The age of the Earth is given at about 4 billion years. For billions of years there was little or no life as we know it, only a mix of atoms and molecules, with no systematic reproductive process. PROOF OF EVOLUTION: As is obvious, every human is different.

44. Thinking Man's Minefield
A resource covering philosophy, sex differences, religion, atheism, Buddhism, Zen, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Weininger, deep satire, and works of Kevin Solway.
Redirecting you to: The New Location T HE T HINKING M AN'S M INEFIELD
For those magnificent individuals who seek the eternal.
Welcome to The Thinking Man's Minefield (which doesn't exclude masculine women). If you are interested in thinking then I am happy to tell you that you have stumbled on a gold mine! GENIUS-L email discussion list There is not enough darkness in the whole world
to extinguish the light of a small candle. - Site Map -

45. Real International Statistics On Religion
Religion statistics for many countries. Includes surveys to measure beliefs about God, Bible, reincarnation, hell, life after death, atheism, agnosticism, and so on.
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46. J’raxis·Org
Includes a god simulator, an argument explaining "why Yahweh is impossible" and atheism quotes.Category Society Religion and Spirituality atheism......J' atheism The God Simulator, TNA images, and the religious views ofJ’raxis. J’raxis·com, atheism. http//
J’raxis·Com and all content is down until further notice.) As you read this, the American Empire is taking its last steps toward eventual destruction, and ultimately its rightful place on the scrap heap of history alongside other failed empires. I must congratulate President Bush on a job well done. The United States has had imperial ambitions since its foundations, however, past regimes had used the fig leaf of international diplomacy and cooperation to hide this fact, and much of the world had cooperated willingly as the United States increased its hegemony throughout. document.writeln( '“' + quote[ quoteIdx ] + '”' ); document.writeln( '— ' + attrib[ quoteIdx ] + '' ); “The world is witnessing a second great power: it is the power of international public opinion, which is forecasting the end of the United States.” — Marwan Fares, President Bush, however, has revealed the United States for what it is: An empire with delusions of grandeur rivalling Rome, a sense of self-entitlement rivalling the British Empire, an expertise at propagandizing rivalling the Soviets, and barbarity rivalling Nazi Germany. Each of these empires, and all others, eventually, and sometimes quite quickly, imploded under their own weight and the conflict they caused. And, now that the true ambitions of the American Empire are known, its days are numbered, and its ultimate fate is surely sealed. I shall soon be far from America’s shores, where I will watch with satisfaction the twilight of the last and largest of the world’s empires.

47. Altered Perspective
As an informal and often humorous look at todays social issues, this site provides an Atheistic look on todays society. Some of the topics include news, smack (rants), atheism, technology, and music.
Altered Perspective
As an informal and often humorous look at today’s social issues, we provide an Atheistic look on today’s society. Some of the topics include: news, smack , atheism, technology, and music.
Altered Perspective porn pics.

48. Big Issue Ground Essays On Religion, Philosophy, Politics...
Essays on issues of politics, religion, science and history. Includes website on atheism by positive atheist Thomas Ash.
Interesting essays on religion, philosophy, politics, history and the future...
As the title suggests, you can find essays and opinion on
some 'big issues' here. Big issues include areas like religion
and philosophy as well as politics, history, and the future.
I try to keep Big Issue Ground a directory of interesting
essays in these areas, with all sides represented. You
can find many opinions here, not just my own.
Thomas Ash, webmaster THE CATEGORIES Politics Religion and Philosophy

Science and the Future
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49. Atheism, Socialism, Vegetarianism, Determinism, Free Love, Humanitarianism, Paci
Essays on atheism, socialism, vegetarianism, free love, humanitarianism, pacifism, and reproductive freedom.
Today is a new day. And we will conquer tomorrow, the way we offered our heartfelt honesty to this day. We will give the world a new a hope, an old reason, and an all around common purpose. The obstacles blocking us from happiness can be achieved only through liberation. One more brick, one more wall. Through the destruction of our bondage to these cruel myths, to the unflinching superstitions, the commonplace dogmas by tearing ourselves off from these vindictive beasts, we are becoming free. And if we can enlighten others, and show humaneness and compassion, the flame of reason and the music of passion, then we are liberating others. And if we can do this, then we really have achieved the plateau of liberty: the open fields of happiness, every cloud so amazing that you swear you never saw one before, the land so inviting that you call it your home even without a house. Purpose without vengeance, passion without hate, love without hurt, religion without supernaturality, beauty without tangibility, action without oppression, life without lifelessness. Today is a new day, and our time in the battlefields has passed. The flashing beacon of duty is calling, and we will forever be living in the soothing light liberty, as long as we are attend to the blood-rushing profession of liberators.
Abolition Abolitionism Abolitonist Abortion Abortionist Abraham Lincoln Activism Activist Adam Smith Adolf Hitler Affirmative Action Afterlife Agnostic Agnosticism Alexander Berkman Alternative Alternative Culture Amendment America American Americanism Anabaptist Anabaptism Anarchism Anarcho Anarchy Angel Animal Liberation Front (ALF) Animal Rights Animals Anti-Christ Anti-Fascism Anti-Racism Anti-Semitism Anti-Sexism Anti-War AntiChrist AntiFascism AntiRacism AntiSemitism AntiSexism AntiWar Aristotle Art Arthur Schopenhauer Article Atheism Atheist Atheistic Atonement Auto-erotic Auto-eroticism Autoerotic Autoeroticism Baptism Baptist Baptists Baruch Spinoza Beastiality Belief Beliefs Believer Bertrand Russell Bestiality Bi-curious Bi-sexual Bi-sexuality Bible Biblical Bicurious Bisexual Bisexuality Black Panther Blasphemer Blasphemy Bolshevik Boycott Buddha Buddhism Buddhist Calvinism Calvinist Capitalist Capitalism Catholic Child Abuse Civilization Censor Censorship Charles Bradlaugh Charles Darwin Che Guevara Christ Christian Christianity Christmas Church Churches Circus Civil Rights Clarence Darrow Class Classless Classlessness Colonialism Colonialist Commentary Commune Communist Communism Comstock Conscience Conscientious Objector Conscious Consciousness Constitution Constitutionalism Constitutionalist Corporal Punishment Corrupt Corruption Creature Creatures Creed Creeds Critic Criticism Critique Cross Crusade Crusades Counter Culture Counterculture Creationism Creationist Crucifix Culture Cultural David Hume Death Death Penalty Debate Deist Deism Deity Democracy Democrat Denis Diderot Deport Deportation Design Determinism Devil Dictator Dictatorship Direct ACtion Disbelief Disbeliever Disobedience Disobey Dissertation Dissident Diversity Doctor Younis Shaikh Doubt Doubter Draft Draft Dodge Draft Dodger Draft Dodging Dropout Drug Drugs E Zine E-Zine Earth Earth Liberation Front (ELF) Ecology Economic Economics Education Electronic Magazine Electronic Zine Emma Goldman Emotion Environment Environmentalism Epicurean Epicureanism Epicurus Episcopal Episcopalian Equal Equality Equity Essay Essayist Ethan Allen Ethics Euthenasia Evangelical Evangelism Evangelist Evolution Experimentation Express Expression Faith Fanatic Fanaticism Fascism Fascist Feminism Food Not Bombs Forum Francisco Ferrer Free Love Free Will Freedom Freegan Freeganism Freethinker Freethought Friedrich Engels Gay Gender Genesis George Bernard Shaw Ghost Ghosts Giordano Bruno God Gods Goddess Goddesses Godlessness Gora Government Guerrilla Hate Crime Hate-Crime Heathen Heathens Heaven Hell Henry Mencken Henry Salt Henry Thoreau Heresies Heresy Heretic Heretics High School Hindu Hinduism Historical History Homeless Homelessness Homosexual Homosexuals Homosexuality Human Humane Humaneness Humanism Humanist Humanitarian Humanitarianism Humans Humanity Ideological Ideology Idolator Idolatry Ignorance Ignorant Imperialism Imperialist Impiety Impious Incest Incestuous Independence Independent Individual Individuality Industrial Society Indy-Media Indy Media IndyMedia Inequality Infidel Infidelity Infidels Iniquity International Monetary Fund (IMF) Islamic Islamist Jehova Witness Jeremy Bentham Jesus Jew Jewish Jews Jihad Jihads Judaism Job Jobless Joblessness John Calvin John Dewey John Scopes Trial Joseph McCabe Karl Marx Koran Labor Law Lawful Lawfulness Lawless Lawlessness Left Leftist Legal Legalization Legalize Legislation Leon Trotsky Leopold And Loeb Lev Nik Tolstoi (Leo Tolstoy) Liberal Liberation Liberationist Libertarian Libertarianism Liberty Life Literature Logic Lutheran Lutheranism Madalyn Murray O'Hair Magic Manifesto Mao Tse-Tung (Zhe-dong) Maoism Maoist Marcus Aurelius Antonius Augustus Aurelius Margaret Sanger Mark Twain Marriage Marriages Marry Martin Luther Marxism Marxist Masturbate Masturbation Masturbator Materialism Materialist Materialistic Meaning Meat Media Meme Memes Menshevik Mercantilism Mercantilist Metaphysic Metaphysical Metaphysics Methodist Mikhail Bakunin Minority Miracle Monarch Monarchy Monkeywrencher Monkey Trial Monkey Wrencher Monogamist Monogamy Morality Moses Muslim Myth Nature Naturism Naturalism Naturalist Nazi Nazism New Testament Niccoló Machiavelli Nihilism Nihilist Non-believer Nonbeliever Nostradamus Nude Nudism Nudist Nudity Objective Objectivism Objectivist Objectivity Old Testament Online Books Online Library Opinion Orthodoxy Outcast Pacifism Pacifist Pagan Paganism Partisan Party Peace Pedophile Pedophilia Pentecostal People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Percival Bysshe Shelley Peter Kropotkin Peter Singer Philosopher Philosophical Philosophy Physiological Physiology Picket Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Piety Pious Plato Pledge of Allegiance Poetry Political Politics Poly Polyamory Polygamist Polygamy Pope Porn Pornographic Pornography Prayer Predestination Presbyterian Press Pro-Choice Pro-Life Pro Choice Pro Life ProChoice ProLife Property Prophecy Prostitute Prostitution Protest Protestant Publication Purpose Queer Qur'an Race Racism Radical Radicals Rational Rationalism Rationalist Rationality Realism Realist Reason Rebel Rebellion Red Reform Reformer Religion Religionist Religions Religious Republic Republican Resist Resistance Revelation Revolt Revolution Rights Robert Green Ingersoll Robert Ingersoll Romance Romantic Romantics Romanticism Romanticist Sacred Saint Saints Satan Satanism Satanist Savior Secular Secular Humanism Secular Humanist Securalism Secularist Sentient Sentience Sex Sexism Sexist Sexual Sexuality School Science Sin Sinner Sinners Sinning Sir Francis Bacon Skeptic Skepticism Slave Slaver Slavery Social Change Social Justice Socialism Socialist Society Solidarity Spirit Spirits Spiritual Spirituality Stalinism Stalinist State Stories Story Summit Summit Hopper Summit Hopping Supernatural Superstition Swastika Syndicate Syndicalism Syndicalism Taboo Talmud Terror Terrorism Terrorist Theism Theist Theology Theory Thinker Thinking Thomas Hobbes Thomas Huxley Thomas Jefferson Thomas Paine Thought Tolerance Torah Totalitarian Totalitarianism Trade Transvestite Transvestitism Trotskyism Trotskyist Truth Un-believer Unbeliever Unemployment Unholy Union Unionism Unionist Unions Unite United States Upton Beall Sinclair USA Utopia Vatican Vegan Veganism Vegetarian Vegetarianism Vivisection Vladimir Lenin Voltaire War Welfare William Godwin Witch Witch Hunt Witchhunt Womyn Work Worker Workers World World Bank World Trade Organization (WTO) Writer Writing Zoo Zoophile

50. Welcome To An Alt.Atheism Related Web Site
Alt.atheism Main Page, Welcome These pages are dedicated to the alt.atheismnewsgroup. You can use this site as a starting point
main page


... News:Alt.Atheism Welcome These pages are dedicated to the alt.atheism newsgroup. You can use this site as a starting point in your search for background information on anything that occurs in the forum. Some points of interest:
  • The Library , containing especially good articles from the newsgroup alt.atheism plus humor, FAQs, news stories, legislation and more.
  • Books , book reviews by posters to a.a.
  • The People of alt.atheism , including the AA list, a gallery of photos, some personal stats and more.
  • Site Map
main page books people ...

51. Atheism, Christian Theism, And Rape
atheism, Christian Theism, and Rape by Michael Martin.
Library Modern Michael Martin : Atheism, Christian Theism, and Rape (1997)
Order books by Michael Martin here.
Atheism, Christian Theism, and Rape (1997)
Michael Martin
One of the more dramatic debating maneuver used by Christian apologists against atheists is to argue that atheists can provide no objective reason for not raping people. This startling claim follows from the apologists' wider claim that atheists can provide no objective moral reasons for anything. In this paper I will examine both claims in context of the debate between atheism and theism. I will maintain first that the theists' assume without good argument that an atheistic morality must be subjective. Second, I will argue that the theistic position on rape does not escape a special case of the Euthyphro dilemma:[ ] Does God disapprove of rape because it is bad or is rape bad because God disapproves of it? On the first interpretation of the dilemma theists can provide objective reasons for not raping, but so can atheists. On the second interpretation, theists can provide no objective reasons for not raping so that if atheists cannot, they are no worse off than theists. To be sure, some theists attempt to escape from the dilemma by appealing to God's character. But I will argue that they do not succeed and in fact beg the question against atheists. Finally, I will maintain that the Biblical view of rape should not be our moral guide: Not only does the Bible seem to condone rape on certain occasions but its attitude toward female victims of rape is insensitive and chauvinistic.

thinkers. What is atheism, Agnosticism, and Theism? Omnibelievers, Christians,and others some thoughts from alt.atheism.moderated. This
Search the Web.
Type it and go! Freethought Statement of Purpose Frequently added to quotes featuring Emerson Darwin , and many more thinkers.
What is Atheism, Agnosticism, and Theism?

The Man Who Bought A House
(parable for those interested in reality
The very unofficial Atheist Manifesto
Acts of God and other Disasters
is an essay on God's personality.
Helping Your Child Learn Science
(Ideas, experiments, resources, and morecontributions welcome)
Science vs. The Cosmological and Teleological Arguments

Do atheists or theists bear the burden of proof?

Tons of information on the Noah's Ark Myth
Excerpts from John D. MacDonald's essay entitled, "Reading for Survival"
Did you hear what the Pope recently said regarding evolution In God We Trust? (some items dealing with coins, currency, prayer, and our founding fathers) Some humor: Is God missing? Math and religion don't mix Priest on the subway , and A Thinking Man Find out where many of the Christian holidays came from. And here are some thoughts on Santa Mary wasn't a virgin? Check out a translation error that poses big problems for Bible literalists.

53. The Atheism Web: Logic & Fallacies
atheism Web's guide to logic and fallacies in practical reasoning.
Map Overview Introduction Common Arguments Freethought Organizations ... Miscellany
The Atheism Web
Portuguese Hebrew
There's a lot of debate on the net. Unfortunately, much of it is of very low quality. The aim of this document is to explain the basics of logical reasoning, and hopefully improve the overall quality of debate. The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines logic as "the science of reasoning, proof, thinking, or inference". Logic will let you analyze an argument or a piece of reasoning, and work out whether it is likely to be correct or not. You don't need to know logic to argue, of course; but if you know even a little, you'll find it easier to spot invalid arguments. There are many kinds of logic, such as fuzzy logic and constructive logic; they have different rules, and different strengths and weaknesses. This document discusses simple Boolean logic, because it's commonplace and relatively easy to understand. When people talk about something being 'logical', they usually mean the type of logic described here.
What logic isn't
It's worth mentioning a couple of things which logic is not.

54. Was Hegel Christian Or Atheist?
Explores Hegel's relation to Christianity, atheism and paganism in the light of the struggle between the Left and Right Hegelians. Presents a view of Hegelianism as a freedomloving philosophy.
    Up to the English Server!

    Was Hegel Christian or Atheist?
    Paul E. Trejo
    After Hegel's death there was a great clash of intellectuals which the Hegelian theologian David Strauss called the clash between "the Left Hegelians and the Right Hegelians." The Left Hegelians were atheists, led by the ex-minister Bruno Bauer and his famous follower, Karl Marx, and by the radical editor Arnold Ruge and the radical egoist whose real name was not Max Stirner. The Right Hegelians were Christian fundamentalists. They found Christian inspiration in Hegel's philosophy, and they condemned David Strauss' progressive New Testament critique, The Life of Jesus . Strauss also took his inspiration from Hegel. He showed how the earliest Christian communities altered the Gospels with their local traditions. Albert Schweitzer praised his book as epoch-making, and by today's standards the book is tame. But it was the 19th century death-knell for Hegelian scholarship. Strauss defended himself by accusing Hegel himself of ambiguity on the subject. Bruno Bauer was living evidence of this. Bauer was first the leader of the Right Hegelians, and led the damnation of David Strauss' theology of demythologization. After more years of reflection, however, Bauer turned coat and became the leader of the Left Hegelians. (In either role, Albert Schweitzer praised Bauer's scholarship as world class.) Scholars for generations have reviewed the arguments of the Left and Right Hegelians, and are still divided on the question: Was Hegel a Christian or an atheist?

55. Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses - What's Up With Atheism?
People who have left Jehovah's Witnesses may be curious about atheism, but havetrouble understanding it. Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses. What's Up with atheism?
Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses What's Up
Approximate Reading Time:
6 Minutes January 1 2003 Edition Note: If you have only recently left Jehovah's Witnesses, this article may not be for you, as it does not deal with the challenge of overcoming JW indoctrination. This article will mainly interest those people who are at a later stage of recovery. Introduction "How can somebody not believe in God?" People who have believed in God for all or most of their lives can scarcely imagine otherwise. reason for it all. Moreover, theists (people believe in God) never feel completely alone, and they have an organized set of principles (in the Bible, or the Koran, or whatever) to give structure to their lives. However, knowing that an idea is helpful does not tell us if it is true or false. For example, in the past people believed that problems stemming from incest were punishment from a god. Some still do. However, most of us now understand that it is a matter of genetics, not divine retribution. The explanation was wrong, even though the advice (i.e. to avoid incest) prevented a lot of suffering. It is easy to conclude there is a god at work when there is a mundane (but unknown) explanation. People have, at times, conducted rituals to bring rain to water the crops. When these rituals failed, they assumed they had done them incorrectly, or the gods were angry with them. When they worked, they considered it proof that the gods had smiled upon them. Yet it was simply a matter of meteorology: sometimes it rained and sometimes it didn't. There's no evidence that some gods were paying attention in this matter.

56. The Atheist And His Atheism.
The bottom line is that atheism is a false belief system composed of foolsit's not newthe Bible told us about atheism thousands of years ago.
The atheist and his atheism. keywords: atheism, God, atheist, Jesus, agnostic, Christianity, religion, philosophy
Atheism is defined by Webster's New World Dictionary as, "1. the belief that there is no God, or denial that God or gods exist. 2. godlessness" . An atheist, therefore, is a person who believes that there is no God. But what does the Bible say? The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. PSALMS XIV:I Atheism is a belief system that ardently denies the existence of God. God calls the atheist a FOOL. Many atheists spend much time and effort attempting to "disprove" that God exists. According to Romans chapter 1 they know that He exists, but they want to control their own lives and not submit to the Lord. They are actually rather tragic figures just like any other unsaved individual. It is hard to live out their atheism if they did, they'd actually be considered crazy like O'Hair was. The atheist's RELIGION (which is simply a system of beliefs based on a philosophy) of atheism is simply a way to try to block out and override the truththe ol' ostrich-head-in-the-sand technique: If you try to tell 'em the truth, they say "Shut up!"

57. Atheism And Pantheism: Religious Atheism
Parallels between atheism and pantheism, with pantheistic quotes fromleading atheists Hume, La Mettrie, d'Holbach, Shelley, Sagan.
Atheism and pantheism: religious atheists
Principles of scientific pantheism* by Paul Harrison. Featured, Dec. 12, 1996. Are you a pantheist? Find out now at Scientific Pantheism.
Pantheists don't just want to be negative about Gods and heavens beyond this world. They want to be enthusiastically positive about this life, this earth, this universe. Many famous atheists have had the same feelings.
Theists and other critics have often regarded pantheism as atheism in disguise. Yet atheists often mistrust pantheism and see it as theism in disguise. Some atheists are so concerned with combatting the enemy - theism - that they leap to the opposite extreme, reducing life to blind selfish genes or the universe to bleak meaninglessness. But many atheists - even among the best known and most militant - have also had powerful feelings towards nature and the universe: feelings of reverence, love, awe and sense of belonging to nature and the material universe. Below on this page you will find quotes that show these feelings very clearly, from Hume, d'Holbach, la Mettrie, Shelley, and Sagan. They are so close to the feelings that believers have towards their deities, that they may be called religious. This is exactly the position of scientific pantheism.

58. Humanism Deception
Warnings for the goals of humanism.
Deceptive Mask for Atheism
Humanism John Dewey, Father of Modern Education, Author of Humanist Manifesto I, Amerikanized version of Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. How is it that the school system omits this bit of history? Humanist Manifestos I, II, and III It took forty years to produce HM II, and only seventeen for HM III. Consider the growth rate curve. The following articles can be found on the menu for Public School. Menu of Writings on the Public School System The Purpose of Education History of Changes in Education Deceptive School ... More History Menu another group of historical things IGNORANCE OF HUMANISM ALLOWS EASY DECEPTION:
God's own people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge. Protect your child from the traps of humanism which is nothing different than the original snare used by the serpent to deceive Eve. People are often deceived by a false association of words.
They relate humanitarian with the good Samaritan.
Then they equate the belief system of humanism with humanitarianism.
Then they accept the idea of supporting humanistic projects which give no glory to God.

59. Nietzsche, God And Doomsday
An essay which uses Nietzsche's writings to attack science and atheism.

60. Index
Biblical contradictions, list of poor arguments, and reasons why people believe in God.Category Society Religion and Spirituality atheism......
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