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1. The Journalist's Toolbox: 2002 Winter Olympic Games Events
and its personalities. Skiing Breaking news on the sport. Alpine Skiing.Salt Lake 2002 Alpine Skiing Page News, features, athlete bios, schedules


Last Update: Monday, Feb. 25, 2002
Note: The Winter Olympics are over, but this site will remain live for archival purposes. Related Toolbox Pages: Daily News Sites Global Journalism Sports Toolbox Weather ... Sept. 11 Attacks Winter Games Events Listing of Events and Links Olympics Physics and Biomechanics
A scientific look at how events are won through nutrition, psychology, physics, biomechanics. Includes Shockwave animations. The Ice Sports Page Links to dozens of winter sports sites. Hockey The official U.S. team's site. Olympic Hockey History Exploratorium's Science of Hockey A cool site that . The Hockey News The Hockey Database A quick way to check bios, stats and other info. on players, coaches and legends at several levels of hockey. Message boards and link pages too! Hockey Research Assn. History of the game and many, many links to other research sites. One-stop shopping for puck history. European Hockey Net Bios, standings and news from the European leagues.

2. Spotlight Sport - Swimming
out various Olympic swimming personalities on or on news on every sport, this site contains athlete diaries. events as well as athlete bios, diaries, and chats.
The first modern Olympic swimming contests were held outdoor in open water. The weather had turned unusually cold at the Bay of Zea at Phaleron, near Piraeus, and on the morning of the competition the temperature in the water had dropped to 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Centigrade). Unlike early competitions, which were held in lakes, rivers and the open sea, all events are now held in Olympic-size pools, where the water temperature is kept between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Events

News, History, Fast Facts

All About Athletes

More Sports

The Events
The events are categorized by the type of stroke the swimmer uses.
"Freestyle" is where the competitor may swim any stroke he or she prefers, usually the Australian crawl, where the arms alternately come out of the water and the legs flutter kick.

3. - PR - ESPN Internet Group Facts
ESPN experts and other sports personalities. The service news and results, athlete bios, interviews and product reviews, travel information, sport culture antique information, and
ESPN Network: ABCSports ...

Sport Sections NBA Scores NHL Scores ...

More Sports Baseball-min. Fig. skating Football Other sports
Wednesday, May 3
ESPN Internet Group facts, the most popular sports site on the Web, delivers up-to-the-minute sports news, statistics, analysis and scores, along with extensive video and audio programming, and chats with players, ESPN experts and other sports personalities. The service features analysis from a roster of more than 70 ESPN experts, more than 50 free and premium Fantasy games, real-time statistics and graphics, and more. Fans can also listen to Live Audio of ESPN Radio and ESPNEWS Network programming, as well as SportsCenter On Demand, and can play the 50 premium Fantasy Games and free games the service produces. has introduced numerous pioneering applications to the Internet, including: GameCast real-time statistics and graphics for football, basketball, baseball, hockey and Winston Cup racing; Sortable Stats; Live Drafts for fantasy games; Batter vs. Hitter Charts; Hit Charts; Interactive Depth Charts; and more.

4. Bios
undeniable effects of the music and personalities that laid NY USA Resides Greenville,NC USA sport Freestyle BMX the most decorated xgames athlete having a
Bios Anywhere you go within the Bicycle Freestyle scene, the name Mat Hoffman is bound to come up. In fact, Mat's reputation stretches beyond the bicycle stunt world and into the mainstream. He is, without question, the greatest vert-ramp rider in the history of the sport - a fact that is uncontested among his peers.
Mat's enthusiasm for the sport is a direct reflection of his enthusiasm for life. "If you want to experience all of the successes and pleasure in life, you have to be willing to accept all the pain and failure that comes with it," he said. " I don't want to hold myself back from anything life has to offer. I want to experience all life has to offer."
Mat entered the Bicycle Freestyle circuit as an amateur at the young age of thirteen. After quickly rising to the top of the amateur class within three years, Mat leapt to the pro ranks. At age 16, he was the youngest pro the sport had ever seen. An article in Ride magazine wrote, “What’s left to say about a guy who ignored all established limits and redefined vert riding - at age fifteen?”
Mat's unparalleled accomplishments as a rider are equaled by his success in the business world. By 1991, Mat had already surpassed amateur rank, seized the pro division, and brought the sport to new heights never thought possible, inventing the majority of the vert tricks today. Frustrated at having someone else in the driver’s seat of his career, Mat left his primary sponsor and began his own promotion company: Hoffman Promotions. He assembled a team of the best Freestyle bike riders, most of whom still ride for Hoffman Bikes, and began organizing show tours as the Sprocket Jockey Bicycle Stunt Team. The Sprocket Jockeys tour the country to this day, and are considered to be the best Bicycle Freestyle road show in the business.

5. Academy Update - 12 May 2000
UNITED STATES sportS ACADEMY UPDATE 12 May 2000 Academy's Awards of sport athlete of the Year selection group of dignitaries and sport personalities scheduled to be a to update NAFAC addresses, bios and other necessary information.

6. Article Curtain Going Up On Winter Olympics In Japan
with sportby-sport news and athlete bios. It will also have several columnists reportingfrom Japan, and exclusive chats with athletes and CBS personalities.

7. The Star Scene Valuable Links
Follow the links to pictures and bios of your favorite personalities. (POP UP PRISON!!). Whetherit’s your favorite athlete, actress, sport or TV show

8. Essay Bios
family (my wife Lil, a terrific multisport athlete and mechanical (These EssayBios are a Despite the wide diversity in personalities, families, and incomes Bios.htm
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Contact Dick A TDG Executive Vignette
What's an "Essay Bio"?
A personal story of your life/dreams/memories. How you got to be "you." Maybe two pages (can be less, or a bit more), in narrative/prose style, usually chronological. Much more intimate/detailed than a résumé. A sharing of self, to enable a group of Leadership Learning Output Forum participants to get to know you as an individual, more quickly, and in ways which facilitate the LLF process. Another signal that each LLF is a different, likely a unique experience and gift. Be ready for that difference. Capitalize on it. An example of how rich, deep and "broadly lived" the people are, with whom we work/attend meetings etc., but often don't really know well enough. Such insight helps teamwork, helps productivity, helps relationship building. The facilitators' Essay Bios are a good role model (in handouts).

9. USA Diving
athlete bios bios and headshots of divers and coaches. works best with activeTV personalities and primarily diving; you are representing the entire sport.
Media Relations
Web Site

Media Relations

- Anticipate the questions and formulate positive answers. - Identify the amateur or high school sports beat writers, columnists who mention diving or water sports and active TV reporters. Get their names and work hours, add them to your media list and contact them directly. - Free is good. Look for sections of the paper where you can list your upcoming events or clinics and submit photos for free. - There is such a thing as too much information. Give them only enough to make the sale. You can expand upon the info when the media shows up. - Timing is everything. Call three weeks in advance for TV, two weeks in advance for print and then follow up the week heading into the event. - Be realistic. Reporters must prioritize, and national events often come before local ones. Early-morning programs (wake-up shows) are excellent targets and will often do live remotes at a practice or meet. - Plan and prioritize your media relations campaign for the year and event by event. Make a calendar to remind you of key dates and keep important contacts in a readily accessible database.

10. Deena Brush Mapple - Biography
only previously accomplished by one athlete, and which color commentator for the sport,providing special insight into performances and personalities. Mapple.htm

11. Dr. Julian Bashir
He was a star athlete in the sister sport of racquetball Among the DS9 personalities,Bashir was immediately drawn to the Cardassian clothier Garak, hitting
Trekking the web since 1996
Please rate this site 1-10.
10 = excellent. Biographies
Dr. Julian Bashir

Chief Medical Officer
PERSONNEL FILE: Bashir, Julian, M.D. **Includes summary updates through SD 52999 (2375); updated addenda pending Played By: Alexander Siddig
Rank: Lieutenant
Current assignment : Chief Medical Officer, Deep Space Nine
Full Name: Julian Subatoi Bashir Year of birth: Parents: Richard and Amsha Bashir Education: Starfleet Academy and Medical School, 2359-2369 Marital status: Single Office: Infirmary, DS9 Promenade Starfleet Career Summary 2369 With brevet rank of lieutenant junior grade, assigned as CMO to Deep Space Nine under Cmdr. Benjamin Sisko. 2371 - Nominated for UFP Medical Council's Carrington Award for work on biomolecular replication (youngest nominee in history of award). 2372 Promoted to lieutenant. Unsuccessfully attempted to cure ketracel-white addiction in Jem'Hadar. 2373 Abducted by Dominion and held captive on Jem'Hadar internment camp in Gamma Quadrant for over a month while Changeling impersonated him; escaped in time to prevent imposter from completing mission of destruction. Illegal genetic status discovered by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, but allowed to retain Starfleet commission in father's plea bargain arrangement with Rear Admiral Bennett, Judge Advocate General. 2374 Served as CMO aboard Defiant during several months on front line of Dominion war; returned to DS9 when Federation retook station. Reported being approached by "Section 31" operative for recruitment, but declined invitation. (Note: Starfleet does not acknowledge the existence of any organization designated "Section 31".)

by providing personal bios during each athlete's or team's focus on the individualnames and personalities of the presentation of skydiving as a sport, and for
by : BJ Worth
FAI's Skydiving Events are the Highlight of the World Games 2001 Eighteen months ago, the IPC adopted the following new Mission Statement: "The IPC's goal is to develop its sporting disciplines into events which are attractive to the athletes, to the event organizers, to the public, to the media, and to sponsors - thereby increasing participation at IPC events, increasing public viewing of IPC events, and increasing income within the sport." During the parachuting events of the 6th World Games in Akita, Japan - August 16-20, 2001 - many of these goals were accomplished in one fell swoop. The World Games are the quadrennial sports event conducted by the International World Games Association. The competitors are athletes from 30 international sports federations whose disciplines have been recognized as "Olympic Sports" by the IOC (International Olympic Committee), but are not (yet) part of the official program of the Olympic Games. Every four years, the World Games are held to give an opportunity for 4000 of the top IWGA athletes to compete in a multi-sports environment on a global stage. In October 2000, the IOC signed an agreement with IWGA whereby the World Games are now conducted "Under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee." As part of this relationship, it is presumably the IOC's intention that new sports will enter the Olympic Program only via the IWGA. The IWGA will essentially serve as a farm team for the IOC. IWGA sports which are most attractive to the IOC will have the opportunity to move into the Olympics, and the less attractive sports currently in the Olympics will risk being moved to the World Games.

13. Skyline Staff
adversity, appreciate people with different personalities, how to it is essentialto help each athlete develop to full potential in every aspect of the sport.'s bios.htm
Dallas Skyline Juniors Staff Directors
Jon Rye: Roamer

Jodie Rye: 18 National Head Coach
Club Advisor / Travel Coordinator
Stan Johnson
Coaching Staff by Team 18 National RoShamBo 17 National RoShamBo Jodie Rye: Head Coach Jenny Krueger: Head Coach Amanda Albert: Assistant Coach Jake Dax: Assistant Coach 17 or 18 Gold 16 National RoShamBo John Schmidt: Head Coach Damon Wilson: Head Coach Jodie Fowler: Assistant Coach Heidi Johnson: Assistant Coach 16 Gold 15 National RoShamBo Mark Flores: Head Coach Tony Kille: Head Coach Charity Falls: Assistant Coach Kyla Kille: Assistant Coach 15 Gold RoShamBo Katie Massey: Head Coach Shirley Mann: Head Coach Cheryl Dunn: Assistant Coach Donnie Boughton: Assistant Coach 14 Gold 13 RoShamBo Joel Stanford: Head Coach Stephen Larwa: Head Coach Debbie Stanford: Assistant Coach Ashley Hutto: Assistant Coach Roamers Jon Rye
Doug Hinton

Maggie Ehlers

Lindsay Osborn
18 National RoShamBo
  • Jodie A. Rye:

14. The Body: UNAIDS -- World AIDS Campaign 2001: Catherine Freeman
talent becoming a worldclass athlete and winning the ultimate prize in any sport an Olympic As one of Australia's most popular personalities, Catherine is
World AIDS Campaign 2001
Catherine Freeman
Catherine Freeman, Order of Australia Medal, is one of Australia's most admired and respected athletes. Catherine has not been an overnight success. She has achieved her goals through hard work, commitment and natural talent becoming a world-class athlete and winning the ultimate prize in any sport an Olympic gold medal. Four billion people watched Catherine light the Olympic cauldron at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games cementing her position on the world stage. As one of Australia's most popular personalities, Catherine is recognised for her modesty, free spirit and passion for her family and country. Catherine is passionate about aboriginal culture and strives to assist and support indigenous causes wherever possible. As part of her committment to caring, Catherine has agreed to take part in the World AIDS Campaign 2001. "Discrimination can stop people fulfilling their potential. Don't discriminate against people with HIV." Catherine Freeman
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This document was provided by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)

15. Todd Christensen
of the more engaging and complex personalities ever to his scope as no other athlete,ranging from host American Gladiators , the syndicated, trash sport hit
During his playing days with the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders, Todd Christens was referred to as "The Renaissance Man1’. His ability for quoting everyone from Kant to Shakespeare while elucidating the throngs of fans regarding the intricacies of the game and its metaphors to life, made him one of the more engaging and complex personalities ever to grace professional sports. Too often, his intellectual persona has overshadowed what was a Hall of Fame career. He was a five (5) time All-Pro Tight End (1983-1987) who caught 349 passes between 1983-1986 a NFL record at the time. Twice he led the NFL in receptions (1983 with 92 and 1986 with 95) along with Hail of Famer Kellen Winslow, the only tight end in NFL history to have done that -also the only tight end in history to have caught 90 passes twice. Todd played on two (2) Superbowl champion teams - the 1980 Oakland Raiders and the 1983 Los Angeles Raiders. It is a testament to his perseverance and work ethic that he had a career in professional football, let alone an eleven (11) year span worthy of the Canton, Ohio shrine. But it was in football where he proved that he was arguably the brightest and most articulate ex-athlete in recent memory. His Denver - Houston 1992 Divisional Playoff game was nominated for an EMMY Award. He broadcast the greatest comeback in NFL history, Buffalo Houston 1993. The next year he was the analyst on the second collegiate "Game of the Century" between Florida State and Notre Dame again, acknowledged by "USA Today" as "College Broadcast of the Year".

16. National Association Of Basketball Coaches, Official Athletic Site
together the diverse talents and personalities of a team positive contribution tohis sport during the as ODU's Outstanding Gentleman Student athlete; and was
NABC Board of Directors
Roy Williams
Roy Williams
Roy Williams, one of the most highly respected and active leaders in college basketball today, is in his 14th season as head coach at the University of Kansas. With a career record of 355-89, Williams' teams won more games in the first 13 seasons of a coaching career than anyone in NCAA history. His career winning percentage (.800) is the third-highest among all active Division I coaches with at least six years experience, and he has led the Jayhawks to 12-straight 20 win seasons. In addition, Williams recently moved into second place on Kansas' all-time coaching wins list. When KU beat Colorado 91-79 on Feb. 21, 2001 in Allen Fieldhouse, it marked win No. 349 for Williams, moving him past Ted Owens for second place on that ledger. He now trails only legendary former KU coach Phog Allen for first place. Williams' teams have won seven conference championships over the last 11 years. In five years of Big 12 Conference play, his teams have gone 64-16 against conference foes, capturing the league title in 1997 and 1998 and the postseason tournament crown in 1997, 1998 and 1999. From 1995-98, Kansas was a combined 123-17 ; an average of 30.8 wins per season. Williams has led KU to 12-consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances including the Final Four in 1991 and 1993.

17. Quad Cities USA - Sports Personalities Websites About The Quad Cities
Dead Links? -
- Missing QCA Links?
Search: Books Popular Music Classical Music Video Enter keywords...
"QUAD-CITY TIMES" TOP 100 ATHLETES OF 20TH CENTURY NBR NAME/CITY ACCOMPLISHMENTS Roger Craig, Davenport, IA *Football- NFL's only 1,000/1,000 man; 3 TDs in Super Bowl "Iron Man" Joe McGinnity, Rock Island, IL *Baseball- won 241 games in 10 years in major leagues John Lujack, Davenport, IA *Football- Won 1947 Heisman Trophy, played 4 years in NFL Ken Anderson *Football- Augustana QB passed for 32,838 yards, 197 TDs in 16 years with Bengals Don Nelson, Rock Island, IL *Basketball- scored 10,898 points in NBA, helped Celtics to 5 world titles William "Baby Doll" Jacobson, Cable, IL *Baseball- St. Louis Browns outfielder batted .311 in 11 seasons Michael Nunn, Davenport, IA *Boxing- two-time world middleweight boxing champion Jack Fleck, Bettendorf, IA *Golf- From Bettendorf; defeated Ben Hogan in playoff in 1955 U.S. Open Gayle Hopkins, Davenport, IA

18. R-ball - Promoting The Sport Of Racquetball _ 1
for participation unless you are a star athlete and the and still has some of thekey racquetball personalities. These folks would promote the sport to club
Ideas on promoting the sport of racquetball - page 2 Find all books and videos related to racquetball at Amazon! Back to promote r-ball index Search Now: Winning Racquetball : Skills, Drills and Strategies
From Jordan: 8/24/2002 What do I believe the USRA should provide? Club management support, promotional leadership support and sponsoring
non-tournament activities to create new players and NEW MEMBERS at the local
club. Leadership and direction for local states to promote non-tournament
activities to non-USRA members. Local club managers are not dumb, they know that hosting a tournament does
little to create new members, since all these players live in other cities or
belong to another club. But mention that the "State or National" organization will help host and run
promotional events "at the clubs scheduling" to attract new members, including
provide promotional material, you will get a club managers attention, since it

19. Academy Update - 12 May 2000
impressive group of dignitaries and sport personalities scheduled to Are the Soulof the athlete, is scheduled always been influential in the world of sport.

20. Web Directory
sports info covers just about every athlete competing in Browse links categorizedby sport or submit your own Take a look at NBC personalities and see what's

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