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21. Ultimate X - Production Notes @ Big Movie Zone
Scroll down for athlete bios. on the undeniable effects of the music and personalitiesthat laid came back into the contest circuit and pushed the sport to new
Ultimate X: Production Notes
*Scroll down for athlete bios.
Touchstone Pictures' motion picture ESPN's "Ultimate X" takes audiences inside the excitement and explosive drama of ESPN's massively popular Summer X Games. ESPN's "Ultimate X" will debut on the exhilarating giant screen when the film is released exclusively in IMAX® Theatres and Large Format Cinemas worldwide. Chronicling the breathtaking highlights and dramatic stories behind the 2001 Summer X Games in Philadelphia, ESPN's "Ultimate X" showcases the eye-popping skateboarding, BMX biking, Moto X, and street luge competitions on the giant screen for the first time. In the film, X Games stars including skateboarders Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, and Bucky Lasek, BMX stunt riders T.J. Lavin, Dave Mirra, Cory "Nasty" Nastazio, Ryan Nyquist, and Mat Hoffman, and Moto X riders Travis Pastrana, Brian Deegan, and Carey Hart share their experiences as they prepare for and compete in the ultimate championship event for action sports.
Touchstone Pictures presents ESPN's "Ultimate X," written and directed by Bruce Hendricks and produced by Art Repola. The directors of photography are Reed Smoot, Rodney Taylor, and C. Mitchell Amundsen. The film is distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution in IMAX® Theatres and Large Format Cinemas worldwide.

22. Politics Personalities
Politics personalities. and survived to go on and become an even greater athlete,winning the a Day. Which proves, if nothing else, Watson is a good sport.
Best News Story and Best Scandal
Jenna Bush Best News Story and Best Scandal Jenna Bush

photo by Jana Birchum
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., White House Press Office, 202/456-2580
Best State Department

Yay, jobs! Well, the former Highway Department certainly is good at providing the services they are responsible for providing: building roads. It is also part of their mission nowadays to consider the impacts of such ubiquitous infrastructure, as decreed by federal acts such as TEA-21 and ISTEA. TxDOT, we want you to know, the people of Texas (or at least our readers here at the Chronicle ) are behind your efforts to pave the way for our state to ditch its currently shameful record on maintenance of roadways. With TxDOT's budget, anything can happen! 125 E. 11th, 463-8585 Best Council Member
TIE: Jackie Goodman; Will Wynn
A study in contrasts? Goodman is the longest-serving council member (more than eight years), has been involved in local politics for decades, and comes from the world of environmentalists and neighborhood advocates. Wynn is one of the newest council members (just over one year), is still a young fresh face on the political scene, and comes out of the downtown business community. Yet both have developed a reputation as centrists looking to preserve quality of life with real nuts-and-bolts solutions to urban problems. They'll probably continue to make a good team. PO Box 1088, Austin, 499-2255/499-2256

23. James Beard
involved in the arts, you weren't supposed to be an athlete. abilities as much ormore so in wrestling as in any sport. personalities are a separate discussion
You are here: Home Stories James Beard
Where Wrestling's Regional History Lives! Stories: James Beard
Search Kayfabe Memories Regional Territories This section contains monthly articles on over two dozen territories. To relive those wonderful days of old, click here Wrestlers Enter this section for bios/profiles of various wrestlers from the regional days. To find more out about your favorite pro wrestler, click here Stories This section contains stories from the pros themselves told exclusively to Kayfabe Memories. Want to know more as told from the wrestlers themselves? Click here KM Polls and Results Click here to find the latest polls and their results. Old School Book Reviews Click here to find various book reviews from old school wrestlers. KM Links For tons of links to old school related sites, click here KM Micro Wrestlers What are Micro Wrestlers? Click

24. SwimInfo Swim Shop: Shopping
were reacting to mold the maturing personalities of the accomplishments is includedfor each athlete along with Woodhead truly fine ambassadors of the sport.

25. The Official Site Of The Canadian Football League As Powered By SLAM! Sports
We plan to present more CFL personalities in this forum for the balance of the Ifyou could have been any other professional athlete, what sport would it
Inside CANOE.CA SLAM! Sports Jam! Showbiz AllPop CNEWS Webfin Money C-Health Lifewise AUTONET.CA Newsstand Travel Search 411 online Free E-Mail CareerConnection Classified Extra Match Contact Obituaries Today Weather Horoscopes Lotteries Crossword Scoreboard News Ticker Biz Ticker Sports Ticker TV Listings Movie Listings CLIVE Concerts Hockey Plus Mutual Funds Stocks Feedback Index LIVE SCOREBOARD 2003 SEASON NEWS PLAYER BIOS ... LINKS
CFL Pigskin Chat
Mike Pringle
The following transcript was taken from the CFL Pigskin Chat with Montreal Alouettes Running Back Mike Pringle on Oct. 2, 1998. We plan to present more CFL personalities in this forum for the balance of the season.
Welcome to the Mike Pringle Chat! We'll be starting at 12:30pm. Please feel free to post questions, and we'll put them into the queue. We'll get to as many questions as we can. Thanks!
Mike Pringle
Hi, I'm Mike Pringle of the Montreal Alouettes and I'm glad to be here to answer any questions you may have.
Who do you feel is your toughest competition en route to the Grey Cup?

26. The Official Site Of The Canadian Football League As Powered By SLAM! Sports
19, 1998. We plan to present more CFL personalities in this forum each Wednesday LeoIf you could be a professional athlete in any other sport, which would
Inside CANOE.CA SLAM! Sports Jam! Showbiz AllPop CNEWS Webfin Money C-Health Lifewise AUTONET.CA Newsstand Travel Search 411 online Free E-Mail CareerConnection Classified Extra Match Contact Obituaries Today Weather Horoscopes Lotteries Crossword Scoreboard News Ticker Biz Ticker Sports Ticker TV Listings Movie Listings CLIVE Concerts Hockey Plus Mutual Funds Stocks Feedback Index LIVE SCOREBOARD 2003 SEASON NEWS PLAYER BIOS ... LINKS
CFL Pigskin Chat
Mike Morreale
The following transcript was taken from the CFL Pigskin Chat with Hamilton slotback Mike Morreale on Aug. 19, 1998. We plan to present more CFL personalities in this forum each Wednesday throughout the season.

Welcome to the Mike Morreale Chat! You can submit your questions, and we'll put them into the queue. At 1pm, we'll start the chat. Thanks!
Mike Morreale
It's good to see fans interested in what's happening with me and with things around the league
Spencer at McMaster University
What's it like to be playing in your hometown, where you grew up and went to school? Mike Morreale It's fantastic. It's something that as a kid growing up and you dream about it and then living it out on the field with the guys you watched growing up like Angelo Mosca, Grover Covington and Rocky DiPietro.

27. Bios
Ø Effective communicating with widely varied personalities. and organized youthsport programs in counselor coordinating student –athlete study sessions. Bios WE SUPPORT THE COACHES,ATHLETES AND FANS OF TEXAS Call 915-413-8341 or Email
Great Texas
Sports Inc.
Coach, do you have a resume or bio to post?
Click here to post your bio and it will appear below... If you need to change something about your bio posting below, click here to email us about the change. YourName: Yarbrough Laws
I am looking for a college Track and Field job. I have 18 years of coaching experience in high school coaching boys and girls. I have coached in Oklahoma city and Dallas, TX. I have a proven track record for as a winner. I have won a state championship in Oklahoma City, state runner-up, regional champion, and 10 districts championships in Dallas. YourName: Dan Miles
Coached in New York, Virginia and Germany at the High School level. Coached in 3 High School Championships won 2. Currantly Coaching in the GFL German Football League Division 1 with the Stuttgart Scorpions. Have been a Defensive Coordinator for 7 years. Looking to come back to the USa and coach at either the College level or High School level. More information can be obtained from go to YourName: Kristopher Vigus YourEmail:

28. Official Athletic Site Of The University Of Oklahoma Sooners
working similar to that of an elite level athlete. weekly edition we have featuredthe bios of the I love being around everyone and their unique personalities.

Online Store
Tickets Travel Audio/Video ...

An Inside Glimpse At Oklahoma Women's Gymnastics With Assistant Coach Nilson Savage Archives
March 14 March 11 March 5 November 14 ... October 31 March 14, 2003 The following is a Inside Glimpse entry from assistant coaches Nilson Savage and Jenny Rowland, covering the day-by-day activities on the Sooners recent west coast road swing. We arrived late into Tucson, Arizona. The flight was just fine and the bus ride from Phoenix to Tucson was pretty short. We got to the hotel at 2:30 in the morning. The girls slept in and had a late breakfast. We ended up having to check out early due to the spring break rush in Ariz. Patricia Aoki, Meredith Fricke and Erin LaBarr went down stairs for some coffee and ended up getting stuck in the elevator for a little more than an hour. Nilson finally came to the rescue and threatened to call the fire dept if the girls were not out in the next 5 minutes. The maintenance worker finally crawled through the shaft and released the door and the girls came out unharmed. (They ended up drinking their coffee through a straw through the crack of the door thanks to Leah and Christy!) After the drama at the hotel, we left to find a Chili's to have lunch before the meet. After a nice meal, we headed to the competition where we had a pretty rough warm up. With everything going wrong that day, the competition ended up being the best meet of the season. We broke Oklahoma records for bars, beam and team score, with a final of 197.725. We could not have asked for a better perfomance out of our girls. They seemed to be having a great time out there on the floor as well. What big hearts they have.

29. Javacafe.Com - Sports News
sports info covers just about every athlete competing in reports and statistics, bettingodds, and sport merchandise. Take a look at NBC personalities and see
Home Games MP3 Select Live Broadcast ... We welcome you Search this Hub MP3 Select Broadcast/Radio Digital Postcard Movie Guide TV Listings Games Horoscope Sports Webcams Personals Home Scoreboards Baseball Pro football Sports USA ... Miss June 2000 Daily Sports Headlines
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Miss January 2000 Miss February 2000 Miss March 2000 ... Is MJ's still flying high? Best Sports Sites
provides mentorships for future sports agents, taught by Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook.
The definitive name in sports TV is now on the Web. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey and more all get a piece of the spotlight. Some coverage requires a subscription to view.
Providing products for team sports, extreme/winter sports and recreational sports and fitness.
Kids' Collecting Site
Looking for that limited edition Barbie, rare coin, or overpriced Beanie Baby? Guide Robert Olson can help.
BigGuy Sports
Vegas sports simulation and sports monitor.
EA Sports
Electronic Arts selection of sports games.
FOX Sports
Aims quality sports coverage and well-crafted, up-to-date columns at a young, hip demographic. However, the real treats here are the trivia quizzes, fan polls and a feature that shows just how far sports-crazed individuals will go.

30. Attackpoint
Weaker personalities feel left out a single worldclass orienteerer without dedicationto the sport as full no mistake, the life of a semi-pro athlete is very

31. - 2001 Spring Book Guide
presented by the American sport Education Program guidelines in evaluating an athlete'scapabilities, plus journalistic career and the personalities (both in
Home News Money Sports Inside Baseball Baseball home Scores Box scores Statistics ... City Guides American League News briefs Standings Probable pitchers Team notes ... Daily schedule National League News briefs Standings Probable pitchers Team notes ... Daily schedule Baseball Weekly Print edition Archive Life Tech ... Weather Site Web
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03/21/2001 - Updated 01:59 PM ET 2001 Book Guide 2001 Spring Book Guide By David Plaut, USA TODAY Baseball Weekly Books by category The only thing better than a great baseball gam e is a great baseball book. There are many new titles hitting bookstores this year, and every fan can find a great read. ALMANACS Baseball America 2001 Almanac (Baseball America: $16.95) Big-league information is supplemented with overviews of each franchise's minor league system, college year summary, winter ball and a review of the 2000 draft. Baseball America 2001 Directory (Baseball America: March, $17.95)

32. - Olympic Sports - Weightlifting - SI's Jack McCallum
Water polo player Chris Humbert • athlete bios US Rosters. Lifting is a grittysport that, to the Nott and Haworth both engaging personalities has gone

33. Home Page
and bibliographical information on distinguished American sports personalities, writtenby Summary A biography of the black athlete who broke sport in America
Menu Home Interviews Team Bios Presentations ... Lesson Plans Bibliographies Hall of Famers Tech Presentations Project ReTrace Contact Extras
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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOKS DEALING WITH THE NEGRO BASEBALL LEAGUES Aaron, Hank and Wheeler, Lonnie. I had a hammer : the Hank Aaron story.
Summary: Henry “Hammering Hank” Aaron slugged his way from the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro League to the Atlanta Braves, where, on April 8, 1974, he shattered Babe Ruth’s homerun record – a feat voted as the greatest moment in baseball history. Out of Print Aaron, Hank, Schaap, Dick and Holtzman, Jerome. Home run: my life in pictures. : Total Sports, 1999. ISBN 1-892-12905-1 Summary: Twenty-five years after shattering Babe Ruth’s career home run mark, Hand Aaron offers his thoughts on being a hero, on the game of baseball, on our times. Adelson, Bruce.

34. Search Results For Sports Stars
deals and the lowest prices on Junior sport Star kids KidzWorld Which athlete SaidIt? singers, poets, sports stars, and other personalities, provides brief stars

35. Smack Sportswear - The Soul Of California
Since I know everyone's strengths, weaknesses, and personalities, I like to challengemyself by analyzing Every athlete in every sport has tendencies or
Question: I'm 5'10 and love playing but recently I have had a problem with my nerves. In the first half of a game, I was literally psyched out. My heart was beating really fast and I wasn't playing the way I usually tend to play. How do I get around this? I am fairly sure this is from overidoliziing the guys I play against and not instilling enough confidence in myself.
Answer from Adam Jewell (AVP "Young Gun" - nickname "Skywalker" - 36" vertical in the sand - hardest hitter in the northern hemisphere) Travis, Adam Jewell February 2003 February 2003
Q & A with National Team player Brook "The Hammer" Billings
(Brooke recently graduated from USC, where he was a two time All American. He is now playing in the European leagues and will return to states in April) Q. How do you like living in Europe?

36. Bruce's Cycle Works -
athlete Profiles. Here are a few of the personalities on the team, their resultsand Race Class (MTB) Senior sport Race Bike (MTB) A pretty cool bike ) 2002
2002 Bruce's Cycle Works Race Team 2002 is a new year for the team, and also a new look. Gone are the gold and navy jerseys that we have worn for the last two years, replaced by spanky new red, white and black. There are also a lot of new faces on the team, and we have a new sponsor - Smitty's restaurant! Things are looking good all round.
Bruce's Cycle Works:
Of course the primary sponsor of the race team is Bruce's Cycle Works, continuing to provide discounts on equipment and labour for the team members. Smitty's Restaurant: New for this year, Smitty's has signed on as a title sponsor for the team. We are very excited about building a partnership with this locally owned restaurant. Great food and breakfast all day, served at The Centre at Circle and 8th (phone 477-7108). Visit Smitty's on the web at Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes: An equipment sponsor providing a discount on a number of bicycles each year to the top members of Bruce's race team. Check out the Sugar 1's that will be flying around Saskatoon this year, piloted by Neil and Cory.
Team Members
The 2002 Race Team has members who enjoy a variety of pursuits including mountain bike, road, cyclo-cross racing, endurance competitions and recreational pursuits. Members range from provincial champions intent on improvement to the occasional racer who is out there for fun and fitness.

37. Rugby Magazine Article About Wes Clark
This game we play is filled with lively personalities, most of them of the non andcreative people with an avid interest in the sport of rugby Firsttime athlete.
From the 29 January 2000 issue of Rugby Magazine (the one with Jack Clark on the cover, see end of this page). Article by Buzz McClain. I do believe this article contains more hyperlinks than anything I have ever formatted! - Wes This game we play is filled with lively personalities, most of them of the non-conformist variety, and that explains why many of us are attracted to the sport. Who wants to hang around people who are like everybody else when there's a whole world of energetic, dynamic and creative people with an avid interest in the sport of rugby? Well, here's another one of those people. His name is Wes Clark and he's 43 years old. He started playing the game at... 42. And in that year he's been a rugger, Clark has made a significant contribution to rugby, not just for his club, not just for US rugby, but for rugby worldwide. He's even won an international rugby contest and been mentioned in Sports Illustrated None of it was luck, and all of it was out of his newfound devotion to his favorite pastime. First, a little history. First-time Athlete Despite the fact that he's a fit 6 feet 4 and 250 pounds, Clark never played sports growing up in Southern California. Didn't like them. "The only sports I played were the ones we had to in P.E. class," he says. Instead he was the No. 2 chess master at

38. Miscellaneous Sports
Badminton Canada's Homepage Site includes athlete profiles, a chat with pro ridersand personalities, classifieds, links the future of the sport, techniques and
Home Page Safety Net Newsletter Teacher Resources Libraries ... Projects
Miscellaneous Sports
Table of Contents



  • Archery: Sport of Champions

  • This ThinkQuest site goes over the sport's history, techniques, and the science behind the bow and
  • Federation of Canadian Archers

  • Information on this organization, history of archery, events and more.
  • MSN Encarta - Archery
  • Encyclopedia entry offers history and a description of this bow and arrow sport.
  • National Archery Association
  • Official site for U.S. Olympic Archery. Includes info on how to join and the history of archery.
  • Olympic-Style Archer's Corner
  • Individual archer presents target scoring format, equipment details, and educational articles. Find related links.
  • U of T Archery Club - Links
  • A comprehensive site with links to archery sites world wide.
  • "Victoria Bowmen"
  • A site with a wealth of information about archery, including: history, types of archery, equipment, events and more. (Back to Table Of Contents)
  • Badminton Canada's Homepage
  • Site includes athlete profiles, a list of champions, tournament results, a newsletter, badminton links and more.

    39. World AIDS Campaign 2001
    natural talent becoming a worldclass athlete and winning the ultimate prize in anysport - an Olympic of Australia 's most popular personalities, Catherine is
    I care... do you? Posters
    Campaign documents Background documents Links ... UNAIDS home 2001 Campaign Catherine Freeman , Order of Australia Medal, is one of Australia 's most admired and respected athletes. Catherine has not been an overnight success. She has achieved her goals through hard work, commitment and natural talent becoming a world-class athlete and winning the ultimate prize in any sport - an Olympic gold medal. Four billion people watched Catherine light the Olympic cauldron at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games - cementing her position on the world stage. As one of Australia 's most popular personalities, Catherine is recognised for her modesty, free spirit and passion for her family and country. Catherine is passionate about aboriginal culture and strives to assist and support indigenous causes wherever possible. As part of her committment to caring, Catherine has agreed to take part in the World AIDS Campaign 2001. Discrimination can stop people fulfilling their potential. Don't discriminate against people with HIV.

    40. OnlineAthens: DogBytes: Gymnastics: Yoculan Has Done Things Her Way In 20 Years
    being involved with the chemistry, the personalities and being real difficult, thedisappointment the athlete has to the difficulty of our sport, the challenge


    Men's BB

    DogBytes Specials

    Mighty Mascots


    FB Schedule
    Web Design
    Top Jobs ATHENS REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER NURSING OPPOR... Seeking individuals looking for SALES TRAINEE PO... RECEPTIONIST / OFFICE ASST. FT position available... COMPANY DRIVERS !! Ready for a change? Che... Nurses Assistant For night shifts, From 7PM to 7A... High energy, self motivated Outside Salesperson w... EXPERIENCED ROOFERS needed. Experience in slate, ... ORTHODONTIC ASSISTANT We are looking for that spe... View all TopAds Submit a TopAd FreeMail Free web-based e-mail is just a click away. Sign up now for your free account. Username Password GYMNASTICS Story last updated at 9:42 p.m. on Thursday, January 9, 2003 Yoculan has done things her way in 20 years with Gym Dogs By Anthony Dasher Georgia gymnastics coach Suzanne Yoculan has won five national titles and 12 Southeastern Conference championships and has had 26 individual national champions in her 20 years with the Gym Dogs. R.C. Rique/Staff

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