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         Attachment & Special Issues Children:     more detail
  1. Understanding Why: Understanding Attachment and How This Can Affect Education with Special Reference to Adopted Children and Young People and Those Looked After by Local Authorities by Mary Ryan, National Children's Bureau, 2006-12-31
  2. Stop Wasting My Time!: Case Studies of Pupils with Attachment Issues in Schools with Special Reference to Looked After and Adopted Children by Eileen Bebbington, 2005-05
  3. Children with Serious Conduct Issues, Part 2: A NEATS Assessment by Ph.D., LICSW Jane F. Gilgun, 2009-11-13
  4. Children with Serious Conduct Issues, Part 3: Guidelines for Case Planning by Ph.D., LICSW Jane F. Gilgun, 2009-11-13
  5. Children with SeriousConduct Issues: A Case Study, A NEATS Assessment, & Case Planning by Ph.D., LICSW Jane F. Gilgun, 2010-01-22

1. Practical Attachment
Practical attachment describes developmental, social and emotional issues of young children who spent Category Home Family Parenting Adoptive Parents...... promoting attachment in children with special parenting needs that are often confusedwith attachment issues so that Not all children from orphanages fit this
Have you adopted a complicated child? Or are you thinking about it, and wondering how to prepare? Or wondering if you can handle it?
Are you looking for strategies for promoting attachment in children with special parenting needs, such as children from institutions or backgrounds of neglect?
Are you struggling with professionals to find a diagnosis that fits and is actually helpful to you when you seek services?
Welcome to my world.
This web site may help you understand some useful concepts and strategies for young children who have problems associated with living in an orphanage during their infancy. You need to be aware of problems that are often confused with attachment issues so that you won't be caught off guard if they should develop in your child. Not all children from orphanages fit this profile, so your experience may be different. You won't find any horror stories here, just preparation. I want you to adopt these kids! I want you to feel that you have the information you need to help these kids have a meaningful life. I want you to feel ready, willing and able to love, protect and parent these kids in ways that are appropriate to their developmental needs. Every last one of them! A loving family for every child...
By request, I am posting articles, correspondence, essays, checklists and observations that I have written over the past 6 years. Much of this has appeared on adoption-related e-mail lists, and some has been included in newsletters and booklets. These topics are revisited as new people begin struggling with these issues. I hope this web site will help make these ideas easier to find. If you are looking for statistical data or scientific research, you will need to look elsewhere. This is a practical site. Everything here is based on observation and input by adoptive parents. This is not the final word, or the only approach.

2. Resources For Special Needs Children
This site is for those who have adopted special needs children either domestically Thissite focuses, but is not limited to, attachment and bonding issues.
International Child Amputee Network
    Email: The International Child Amputee Network provides the parents of children with absent or underdeveloped limbs with a vehicle for communication between parents and adult mentors who are congenital amputees or early acquired amputees through I-CAN an Internet mailing list and annual international and regional meetings

The Attachment and Bonding Center of PA
    Email: or
    Email: At ABC of PA, we believe in hope for healing. We specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents with attachment disorders - children who are suffering from a seeming inability to form an attachment or bond with those who love them most
The Attachment Center at Evergreen
    URL: "We are committed to transforming the lives of children with attachment disorder and their families, and promoting healthy parent/child attachments."
Attachment Disorder Network

3. Parenting Special Needs
Learn how to locate resources for support and advocacy for children with special needs and their families. Parenting. PDD. RAD/attachment. Resources. Sensory issues. Speech/Language disposable or reusable pad inserts for children with special needs discrete, comfortable and affordable!
zfp=-1 About Parenting Special Needs Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
Parenting Special Needs
with Jody Swarbrick
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In The Spotlight Thu, Apr 3, 2003
April Awareness

April 2003 brings Autism and Child Abuse to center stage. Become an empowered parent and advocate for children.
Tool: Child Advocacy - Protect Your Family
More: Would Your Family - Benefit from Therapy? Autism and Trauma "Autism and Trauma: Reflections on Autism Awareness Month" By Dr. Robert Naseef "Every time I think I have accepted my child's disability, something happens that sets me way back." Tool: Autism Spectrum - Disorders - Guide Picks Special: Beyond the Wall - Personal Experiences with Autism I Am Not the Typical Mother By Carolyn Curran Reprinted with Permission. Motherhood is not what I expected. I am not the typical mother. I can't be typical, my life is not. Tool: Autism Spectrum - Understanding Autism Discussion: Support, Insight,

4. Key Issues - Children With Special Health Care Needs
for children Reimbursement and Coverage issues for children's Brief (66k); MentalHealth attachment (46k); Methodologies for children with special Health Care
The health care needs of all children are special and distinct from those of adults, but the term "children with special health care needs" refers to a group of children who require specialized health care, habilitation, and rehabilitation services. Frequently children with special health care needs (CSHCN) are limited - or have potential limitations - in their ability to function because of a chronic or congenital illness, a major trauma, a developmental disability, or exposure to a serious or life-threatening condition. Because they are devoted to serving all children, regardless of their condition, children's hospitals dedicate a disproportionately large amount of their care to children with special health care needs. N.A.C.H. Public Policy Position
N.A.C.H. advocates that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implement specific requirements, which a state must meet before it can receive federal approval for mandatory enrollment of children with special health care needs in Medicaid managed care. N.A.C.H. also advocates implementation of these requirements in the instance of states seeking to renew or extend existing Medicaid managed care waivers, not just new ones. Related Fact Sheets Related Issue Briefs and Other Resources

5. Books For Parenting RAD (Attachment Disordered) Children
with multiple homes (birth, foster, orphanage) develop attachment issues. adoptedchild should be considered special needs. attachment is a major topic in the
Older Child Adoption Bookstore Our Story Pre-Adoption Parenting Shopping ...
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Foster Care

Educational Toys
International Adoption

RAD Books
RAD Kid Books

Parenting Books

For Children
Child Emotion Books ... Main Page Website Info -Advertise Write for Us -Adoption questions? Email us ... Attaching in Adoption The newest attachment book, just published . Covers the child and the family. Parenting With Love and Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay This book provides a system of parenting that teaches responsibility. They advocate natural and logical consequences. Some therapists recommend that if you don't yet have an attachment therapist in place, that you use this parenting approach. Then when you have a therapist, use When Love Is Not Enough When Love Is Not Enough by Nancy Thomas THE main parenting book for RAD kids. You MUST have this! Nancy Thomas provides a step-by-step program for parenting RAD children. For a RAD child to heal, they need attachment therapy, and therapeutic parenting. This book provides the latter. Building the Bonds of Attachment by Daniel A. Hughes, Jason Aronson, 1998

6. Special Needs
Reference Bookmark Kid's Bookmark Contact Us. special children. Americans with Disabilities Act Sensory issues. Sensory issues. Reactive attachment Disorder. RAD / attachment
var TlxPgNm='id44'; Special Needs Home Parent Bookmark Reference Bookmark Kid's Bookmark ... Contact Us
Special Children
Americans with Disabilities Act Special Education
Parent's Groups / Advocacy Parents United Together Special Needs and Special Gifts National Parenting Network on Disabilities Exceptional Parent ... Financial Needs
ADD/ADHD National Attention Deficit Disorder Association Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder Attention Deficit Disorder ADD Archive ... ADD/ADHD - The Parent ADD ADD Children
Family Bookmark Behaviors Behavioral issues
Cerebral Palsy Cerebral Palsy Cerebral
Cognitive Issues Cognitive Issues Mentally Disabled
Children's Cancer Cancer Net Children's Cancer Foundation Children's Cancer Research Fund National Children's Cancer Society
Cystic Fibrosis Cystic Fibrosis
Diabetes American Diabetes Association
Down Syndrome National Down Syndrome Society Down Syndrome Parenting Network Down Syndrome Down Syndrome for New Parents Learning Disabilities Learning Disabilities Mental Illness Bipolar Kids Rett Syndrome Rett Syndrome Parent Rett Syndrome Research Foundation Rett Syndrome - What is it?

7. Preparing Families For Adoption Of Children With Special Needs
Early institutionalization increases the risk of attachment difficulties 5 . It Adoptionof Institutionalized children At Risk for special Needs. General issues.
Preparing Families for Adoption of Instiutionalized Children with Special Needs and/or Children At Risk for Special Needs
By Dr. Victor Groza and Daniela F. Ileana International adoptions have increased since the end of World War II and currently represent about 10% of all adoptions in the United States . While children are adopted from every continent, different countries have been primary sources for international adoption. Although 6,500 children were adopted from Germany by American families during the years 1963 to 1981 , before 1990 most international adoptees came from Asia or South America. Beginning in 1990, international adoptions increased from Eastern and Central Europe. European adoptions, particularly in 1990 and 1991, were predominantly from Romania. By 1992, more children were adopted from the republics of the former Soviet Union rather than Eastern Europe. In 1995, there was an increase in children arriving from China. While the history and culture of each of these countries are different, there are many similarities in their child welfare systems that affect the issues faced by families who adopt internationally. Child welfare systems, in most emerging countries, are institutional or group-care-based systems, unlike the United States, which is a foster-family-based system. Thus, the overwhelming majority of children adopted internationally have spent time in institutional settings. Many of these children are placed at infancy or shortly thereafter. Most of these children are not orphaned in the traditional sense, in that they still have birth parents who are alive but are unable or unwilling to care for them. Often, these children become part of the child welfare system due to family poverty. There are many similarities in the structure of the institutional systems, even though they are located in different countries. For example, the structure of the system in Romania, as described by

8. Attaching In Adoption Book Review
of children and families struggling or resolving attachment issues. A brief discussionof the special needs which may be mistaken as attachment disorders are
Attaching in Adoption
By Deborah D. Gray
Order Book from Amazon

Review by Allison Martin
A three year old girl wanders off at a street fair and approaches strangers for hugs, instead of looking back for her mother... A six year old boy recently adopted from Russia breaks every toy he touches... A five year old girl anxiously attempts to stay close to her mother, crying "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom" every time she leaves the room... Another five year old girl falls apart at bedtime each night, as she seems to relive the drama of her early abandonment in a Chinese orphanage. These children, and their families, are coping with attachment issues. And now there is a remarkable new book to help them. Attaching in Adoption by Deborah Gray provides a comprehensive and knowledgeable overview of the causes, diagnosis and treatment of attachment issues of adopted children. Gray is an experienced family therapist and clinical social worker who specializes in grief, trauma and attachment. Her unique blend of empathy and practical advice makes this an excellent resource for anyone who has questions about bonding and attachment. Most adoptive parents will learn something from this book - about their children and about themselves. Gray defines attachment as an enduring family relationship that is formed over time and with shared experience. Of crucial importance to adoptive families, Gray reminds us that the loss of an attachment figure is a cause for a lengthy and painful grief. Other tragic events - such as traumatic loss, severe deprivation, abuse - can impede a healthy attachment process. However, as children attach securely, they learn that they are lovable, that they can trust their parents, and that others will help them with their needs.

9. Special Children With Special Needs
People Chat. Groups. special children With special Needs and advocacy for families dealing with attachment disorder and attachment issues. We feature a bimonthly newsletter and
MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Search ... Money
Special Children With Special Needs Groups Home My Groups Help What's New ... Tools The Attachment and Bonding Center of PA
    Email: or
    Email: At ABC of PA, we believe in hope for healing. We specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents with attachment disorders - children who are suffering from a seeming inability to form an attachment or bond with those who love them most
Attachment Disorder Network
    Email: The Attachment Disorder Network is a national organization dedicated to education, support and advocacy for families dealing with attachment disorder and attachment issues. We feature a bimonthly newsletter and a packet of information to get new parents started on their journey.
Notice: Microsoft has no responsibility for the content featured in this Group. Click here for more info. MSN - More Useful Everyday MSN Home My MSN ... GetNetWise

10. Families With Children From China
special SECTION Understanding attachment of difficult behavior they believe wascaused by attachment issues. number of families with children adopted from

11. SPAN Internet Links
special issues in Adoption Links Reactive attachment Disorder attachment Disorder needfor holding therapy with attachment disordered children.
Single Parent Adoption Network
Hypertable of Contents:
Single Parent Adoption Links
Special Issues in Adoption Links

12. Residential School Addressing Aspergers, Adoption Issues, Attachment Disorders,
Committed to Assisting Boys of special needs These children have difficulty followingrules or behaving in a socially acceptable attachment issues with Adoption.

Aspergers Syndrome
Conduct Disorders Attachment Disorder Adoption Issues ... Military School Alternative
Residential Education
Committed to Assisting Boys of special needs.
Aspergers Syndrome
Attachment Disorders
Conduct Disorders
Attachment Issues with Adoption ...
Starr Commonwealth

13. ANCOR Adoption Network National Resources
issues dealt with include attachment, bonding and building and understanding of Reactiveattachment Disorder and parents raising children with this special need

Pima County Resources

Arizona Resources

National Resources

To request an English/Spanish ANCOR Resource Manual or for information on joining ANCOR, call (520) 622-7611 or click here to write and send an e-mail.
Click on any of the links below for more information on these national providers for adoptive families with special needs children. Sites will appear in a new browser window.
Adoption Advocates

Offers in-depth articles on a wide range of adoption related topics.
Adoption Connections Project: Women's Journeys

The Adoption Connection Project is a group of individuals dedicated to bringing together birth mothers, adopted daughters, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, step mothers and other women and men to share their stories.
Adoption Helper's Teacher's Guide to Adoption
Offers 8 modules for teaching elementary and secondary school children about adoption and related issues. Adoptive Families Together This site includes a variety of information on addption related issues, anecdotes, resources and adoption support. The Arc Formerly known as the Assocation for Retarded Citizens of the United States, The Arc is the country's largets voluntary organization committed to the welfare of all children and adults with mental retardation and their families.

14. Psychosocial Issues For Children And Adolescents In Disasters, National Mental H
Emotional health issues for victims. Introduction to the special section on attachmentand psychopathology Overview of the field of attachment.
United States Department of Health and Human Services
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

CMHS Programs Go to... Child, Adolescent, Family Community Support Disaster Services HIV/AIDS Homelessness Managing Anxiety Mental Health Statistics Special Programs and Initiatives State Planning Features Topics Go to... Abuse Adolescents Alcoholism Alzheimer's Anxiety Bipolar Birth Defects Brain Cancer Conduct Disorder Consumer Depression Disabilities Disaster Relief Dual Diagnosis Eating Disorders Expenditures Genetics Grants Homelessness Insomnia Managed Care Parity School Violence Social Work Suicide Schizophrenia Therapy Navigation
Search: This Site Mental Health at HHS All Mental Health Account Cart E-mail to a Friend
Disaster Relief and Crisis Counseling
Psychosocial Issues for Children
and Adolescents in Disasters
References American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. (1998). Facts for families: Helping children after a disaster [Fact Sheet No. 36]. Washington, DC: Author.

15. Reactive Attachment Disorder
Parenting special Needs. put together an assortment of sites that deal directly withattachment issues. PTSD in Parents of RAD children Many foster and adoptive
zfp=-1 About Parenting Special Needs Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
Parenting Special Needs
with Jody Swarbrick
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS What is Reactive Attachment Disorder "Support Center" Start a Support Group ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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Reactive Attachment Disorder
Guide picks RAD is the result of chaos and neglect early on in a child's life. The child is unable to trust, which in turn creates frightening and violent behaviors.
Top 5 Help and Hope Books for Reactive Attachment Disorder

Parenting a child diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder requires a great deal of emotional support and professional input. The selected Guide Picks offer families help and hope. Rad Center
Information to empower families and children who are coping with Reactive Attachment Disorder. About Building the Bonds Nancy (Sass) Ashe, our terrific Guide to Adoption has chosen Net links that will enhance your ability to build a strong bond with your child. Help Your Child Develop a Healthy Attachment Ten steps to helping your adopted child develop a healthy relationship. Learn how to strengthen bonds.

16. Family Support Services
Topics we have had in previous years include educational rights of special needschildren, bonding and attachment issues, transracial adoption, behavior Support Services/projects.htm
Children Unlimited, Inc.
About Special Needs Adoption Clinical Services ... Foster Care [ Family Support Services ] Discussion Resources Independent Living Newsletter ... Staff PARENT SUPPORT WEEKEND Come join what many adoptive parents have described as a well-deserved get away. Twice a year adoptive mothers and fathers travel to the Kinard Conference Center for a weekend filled with fun, relaxation, and to attend workshops. While the kids stay home with a caregiver or spend the weekend with friends/family, moms and dads are fishing, getting a massage, and taking a walk in the woods. The weekend is also filled with workshops on topics relating to parenting, adoption, specific disorders or diagnosis, and community resources. Each weekend retreat new topics are presented so each retreat is different from the last. Saturday night hosts a social event where parents get to be kids again and come together in a fellowship of fun and games. Sunday ends the weekend with a cookout and volleyball game. It is always amazing to see the smiles on relaxed faces at the end of the weekend. You wonÂ’t find a more supportive atmosphere anywhere! So how do you qualify to join this group? You must be an adoptive parent living in South Carolina. It does not matter whether you adopted domestically, internationally, or if your adopted children are related to you biologically. All types of adoptive families are welcomed. There is no cost to attend this weekend retreat. However, your children will not be able to attend with you.

17. NYS CCC Adoption Conference 2000: Workshops
Parenting techniques that reinforce attachment and enhance children's and practiceand the special issues involved in open adoptions of foster children.
The New York State Citizens' Coalition for Children presents:
Adoption 2000
For the Love of Children
May 12-13 2000
Marriott Hotel
Albany, NY
Featured Speakers:
Richard Kagan, PhD Deborah Hage, MSW Robert G. Lewis, MEd, MSW, LICSW
To Conference Information To Conference Registration Information Back to CCC Home Page
Friday, May 12, 2000
Understanding Attachment Models for understanding how patterns of attachment in infants and preschool children shape later behavior. Ways to use developmental assessments in permanency work. Richard Kagan
2. Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun
Establish parental leadership by taking control in high morale-building ways. The importance of reciprocity in family relationships. Deborah Hage
3. Adoption Research Today
An overview of current adoption-related research and significant findings to improve adoption practice and understanding. Rosemary Avery , Moderator, Cornell University
4. Birth Children in Adoptive and Foster Families
What are the issues and concerns? Understanding the needs and providing individualized support to birth children. Maris Blechner

18. 2002 Conference Workshops
Together What are the special issues in families with both birth and adopted children? 21.Anxiously Awaiting attachment New understandings in how
Adoption 2002 Linking Promises to Possibilities
Friday, May 10, 2002 Click on highlighted workshops to view workshop handouts. Order Audio Tapes of Conference Workshops 1. Identity and Self-Esteem: Lifetime
"Who am I?" "Am I worthwhile?" Setting the groundwork for
helping adopted children answer the questions which follow
them through their lives. Ken Watson 2. Support for Parents, Support for Foster

Learn about a time-tested program that helps children go
home sooner and makes sure they have one and only one
placement while in foster care. Panel, St. Christopher's Trends in Termination of Parental Rights
In the aftermath of the Adoption and Safe Families Act, what
are the consequences of more TPR petitions and speedier filings? Margaret Burt 4. Permanency Mediation to Benefit Children and Families An overview of a child-centered, family-focused alternative to contested court proceedings, using a specially-trained

19. ABC Of Ohio -- Dr. Greg Keck
Cleveland, Ohio. Assessment and treatment of childparent bonding problems. Training for parents .Category Health Mental Health attachment Disorder...... Mother's Retreat. Adoptive mothers of children with special needs or children withattachment issues require time away to regroup and rebuild their resources.
attachment and bonding center of ohio gregory c. keck phd ABC of Ohio
Presents Parenting and International Adoption Training
Adoption and Attachment: Strengthening Family Connections
There is no denying the inherent strength of the bond that exists between a mother and her infant. It is the very framework of the child's life...the key that impacts how the future will unfold. Sometimes, this fundamental connection fails to develop. Children embrace the belief that they cannot depend on others to care for them or meet their needs. Instead of moving toward trust, they shy away from it - convinced that they are alone in their fears and insecurities. A variety of factors contribute to their feelings, including:
  • Interruptions in the early bonding cycle Abuse and/or neglect Multiple placements Painful medical conditions Frequent separations, such as hospitalization Chronic family situations Lack of nurturing and love Orphanage/Institutional care
Promoting Healthy Attachments Through A Full Spectrum of Services At the Attachment and Bonding Center (ABC) of Ohio, we place particular emphasis on fostering the connection between adopted children and their parents. By re-working the early life experiences that interfered with normal developmental processes, we help the children let go of their anger, resentment, and fear. With this release comes the freedom to experience closeness and trust with others - resulting in a greater likelihood that they will attach to their adoptive families. To achieve this end, we provide a variety of services tailored to the specific issues of children with attachment difficulties, as well as programs for those whose lives are intertwined with theirs.

20. Foster Care - A Child's Journey Through Placement
with Birth Parents Assessment Treatment Planning special issues. Management ManagingBehavior Reflecting attachment Problems children with Learning
Table of Contents Attachment and Separation
The Importance of Attachment
Development of attachment between parent and child
Assessing attachment
Identifying Attachment Problems
Promoting New Attachments for Children in Care Child Development
The First Year of Life
The Toddler Years
The Preschool Years
The Ages Six through Ten
Adolescence Special Developmental Issues Separation and Loss Factors Influencing the Reaction to Separation The Grief Process Unresolved Separation Interfering with Attachments Minimizing the Trauma of Moves Strategies for Minimizing the Trauma of Moves When Foster Children Enter Interim Care The Foster Family's Role When the Child Leaves Returning to the Birth Parents Moving a Child to Adoption Leaving the System by Emancipation Case Planning Working with Birth Parents Assessment Treatment Planning Special Issues Behavior Problems Principles of Behavior Management Selecting an approach to Behavior Management Managing Behavior Reflecting Attachment Problems Children with Learning Problems Direct Work with Children The Scope of Direct Work Communicating with Children Additional Communication Tools The Lifebook $20.00 plus $1.50 per book postage and handling.

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