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         Australia New Zealand Business & Economic Statistics:     more detail
  1. Statistics by William Bacon Bailey, 2010-10-14
  2. Consumer Markets in the Far East
  3. Business failures - the Australian insolvency statistics, by R. P Brooker, 1967

81. Business
Society of australia; Marketing Association of australia and new zealand includesonline member of DePaul University’s School for new Learning; summarized

82. Regional Development - Useful Links
Best Practice in australia Trade NZ (including InvestmentNZ new zealand Chambersof Commerce Canterbury Development Corporation business in the Community.
About this Website Conferences Quotes Useful Links Search Site Map Home
Useful Links
New Zealand Government
Ministry of Economic Development
Industry NZ

Community Employment Group

Ministry for the Environment
NZ Central Government Links
Best Practice Advice and Discussion Forums
On topics that stretch across the RMA spectrum for planners and professionals. Best Practice in Australia
Trade NZ (including InvestmentNZ)

Venture Capital NZ
New Zealand Local Government
New Zealand Local Government Online
Statistics New Zealand

New Zealand Government Online

New Zealand Government E-Commerce Portal
Economic Development Associations
Economic Development Association of New Zealand (EDANZ)
Economic Development Administration (US)
Worldwide Economic Development Directory OECD
Keynote Speakers from the 2001 Conference
Ernesto Sirolli Peter Kenyon Gordon McVie
New Zealand Chambers of Commerce Canterbury Development Corporation
Business in the Community
Business in the Community Ltd - Business Mentor Programme NZ Business Planners Limited Te Puna web site: New Zealand-commerce and economy
Business Information
Bizinfo PIPERS - New Zealand Business Links
Venture Capital/Poutama Trust Maori Business Network Pacific Business Trust

83. New Zealand - Country Profile - Background
UK exports to new zealand year to June 2002 Top australia United States Japan UnitedKingdom Korea China data plus international telephone, business and trade

84. Economics
Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small business (DEWRSB) provideslabour market analysis data. ANZ (australia new zealand Banking Group
Monash: Library home: Subjects: Economics: ... Business and Economics Resources Page
Economics: A select list of Internet sites
Australian Economic Statistics

Australian Economic Publications by Banks

Country Profiles
Research Organisations
Economics A-Z, a glossary of terms from the Economist homepage. Encyclopedia of the new economy is published by Hotwired and provides definitions of business and economic terms relating to the New economy. Glossary of economic and financial terms from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
Australian Economic Statistics
Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) provides data access to its complete catalogue of statistics, press releases and new publications announcements. Also contains publications from the Reserve Bank of Australia and the OECD. Australian economic indicators on the Internet is maintained by the Department of the Parliamentary Library. This site is a good introduction to finding some of the key economic statistics published by the main statistical agencies. Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business

85. OECD Other Statistical Sources
australia, Reserve Bank of australia. new zealand, Reserve Bank of newzealand. Europe. National Association of business Economists (NABE).
Other Statistical Sources
OECD Countries
Direct link to the
data section Home pag e Canada, Statistics Canada Canada, Bank of Canada Mexico, Instituto Nacional de Estadistica Geografia e Informatica (INEGI) Mexico, Banco de Mexico ... United States, USDA Agricultural Statistics
Direct link to the
data section Home pag e Korea, National Statistical Office Korea, Bank of Korea Japan, Japan's Statistics Bureau Japan, Economic Planning Agency of Japan ... New Zealand, Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Direct link to the
data section Home page Austria, Statistik Österreich Austria, National Bank Austria, Austrian Institute of Economic Research Belgium, National Institute of Statistics ... United Kingdom, Bank of England
Non OECD Countries
Direct link to the
data section Home page South Africa, Statistics South Africa
Latin America
Direct link to the
data section Home page Argentina, Instituto Nacional De Estadística y Censos (INDEC) Bolivia, Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas (INE) Brazil, Fundacao Instituto Braseleiro de Geografia e Estatistica (IBGE) Chile, Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas (INE) ... Venezuela, Oficina Central de Estadística e Informática (OCEI)
Direct link to the
data section Home page China, National Bureau of Statistics

86. WebBuilder New Zealand
Food Standards australia new zealand; food standards new zealand Parliament MPs,Ministers, Committees Energy, Communications, business Development, Consumer
HOME COMPANY PROFILE SERVICES THE PROCESS ... webbuilder customers Want to receive our News?
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BUSINESS Companies Office - official site for all company information Bizinfo Business to business - business newspaper for Auckland SMEs; usefull links Enterprise North Shore - business information for North Shore ENCYCLOPEDIA / DICTIONARIES Internet terms - Searchable encyclopedia of terms CALCULATORS Mortgage Calculators - Amortizations, loan payments, etc. Financial Calulators - National Bank calculator Units Calculator Units Calculator - Calculators, various units Directory of Calculators Large variety of calculators Distance Calculators Home Improvements Calculator - Paint, pool volume, electricity, etc

87. AusStats : Business Indicators Survey
L. Property and business Services; N. Education Industry australian and new ZealandStandard Industrial Institutional Sector Classification of australia (SISCA

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Data Source
Business Indicators Survey

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    Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
    The Quarterly Economic Activity Survey is a quarterly survey which produces estimates of profits, selected income items including sales, selected expenses including labour costs, and inventories, by private businesses in Australia.
    This survey provides key measures on the performance of Australian industry, and is an important component of the quarterly National Accounts. The data contributes to the production of the income-based and production-based measures of Gross Domestic Product, in particular, estimates of gross operating surplus of private non-financial corporations, the increase in the book value of non-farm inventories, and industry gross value added. The data are used by economic analysts in the private and public sectors. SCOPE The following industries are in scope of the Quarterly Economic Activity Survey from the March quarter 2001: B. Mining;

88. Current State Of The New Zealand Economy
manufacturers, building industry, merchants, services, and australia. Search alsobusiness and economics databases for articles on the new zealand economy in
header('650') The Current state of the New Zealand economy THE BANKS OTHER VIEWS BOOKS JOURNALS ... STATISTICS What Treasury and the Banks are saying.
  • Treasury including the Budget forecasts , and the New Zealand economy
  • ANZ commodity prices index (1986 onwards), economic focus, market focus, rural focus, and the New Zealand country report.
  • ASBBank quarterly economic prospects, weekly economic reports, quarterly housing reports.
  • Bank of New Zealand the New Zealand markets outlook and the New Zealand observer, interest and exchange rates.
  • BankDirect economic reports.
  • HSBC Check Economic Reports under Australia and New Zealand research.
  • National Bank business outlook, rural report, regional trends, quarterly economic forecasts, financial markets update, leading index, interest and exchange rate graphs, small business monitor and research papers.
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand Including the Bulletin Statistics Monetary policy statement.
  • Westpac the New Zealand economic review, NZ economic bulletin/focus, NZ weekly commentary, consumer confidence
Other views.

89. GeoInvestor: Global Investment News; International Financial Markets Data; Econo
Come July 1, australia will operate under a productivity, corporate profits, new businessinvestment, entrepreneurship standards and overall economic activity. The Daily Tear Sheets What's New in Global Wealth Creation
Monday, February 14, 2000
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Latest Update: 11:10 GMT/UTC
6:10 a.m. New York
Australia's Bullish Outlook Come July 1, Australia will operate under a radically new taxation system, with substantially lower capital-gains and personal-income tax rates and a higher consumption levy. On balance, the changes are highly bullish for Australian stock and bond appreciation, productivity, corporate profits, new business investment, entrepreneurship, living standards and overall economic activity. GeoObserver All Ordinaries Index Key Economic Indicators Japan Lower House Election Possibility ... Budget Aims at Reforms As Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi readies the fiscal 2000 budget, which will include structural fiscal reforms, the opposition and the ruling coalition are jockeying for position in anticipation of a dissolution of the Lower House and a subsequent election. What Japan needs, of course, is additional deregulation, lower tax rates and more monetary liquidity. Reforms already have helped the Nikkei Index gain more than 40% in the past 12-months. Asahi Shimbum NHK TV News Nikkei 225 Stock Index Thailand Too Slow in Restructuring Bad Debt ... Small Firms Struggle for Funds International Monetary Fund chief Michel Camdessus said Thailand's efforts to restructure massive corporate debt are too slow and are dampening economic recovery. "Not only the banking restructuring but also the corporate restructuring has been a little bit slow," he said in Bangkok. The proportion of non-performing Thai bank loans stands at 38%, down only slightly from a peak of 45% in 1998. Debt restructuring is indeed vital. But, as the outgoing IMF chief noted, "You are facing vested interests." Small Thai businesses, meanwhile, are struggling to find funding.

90. More About Trans Tasman Weekly Content
economic Forecast, a quarterly economic indicator, covering both australia and NewZealand. of every situation and trend affecting your business operations
Home About subscribing For more than three decades TRANS TASMAN has been keeping its clients informed on Australian/New Zealand events. Such important issues as ..
Political Commentary
Where is the Clark Labour coalition Government leading us? What is the relationship with its Australian counterparts? Who has the power and how would shifts in influence affect you?
The Economy
Is GDP meeting expectations? Which sectors are strongest? What do the numbers say about confidence in each country's economy and prospects for short- and long-term growth? A common currency?
Sector Reports
How are the specific sectors of the economy performing? Where are the best opportunities for investment - and what areas are best left alone?
New Legislation and Tax Laws
-Market Regulation - Food Safety - Commercial and Corporate Law - Securities
- Taxation - Kyoto Agreement - Intellectual Property Rights
Trade Sharemarkets Its effect on business - investment - trusts - superannuation and mutual funds. A joint Stock Exchange? The property market - boom or bust?

91. Macquarie University Library: Management: Databases
of published sources including australian and new zealand newspapers and Many businessdatabases, in the past two years Year Book of australia 1995 Level 3
Quick Links Catalogue Reserve Journal Finder Databases Hours Help Home Site Search Site Map Feedback ... Contact Us You are here: Library Research Central Research Guides Research Central ... Need Help?
Management: Databases
All Databases
Full Text Descriptions
  • AGSM Annual Report File on CD ROM (ceased 1997) Level 3, Library.
    Published by the Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW. It is an annual report file of the top 500 Australian companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Connect 4 Annual Report File 1992 onwards
    Provides annual reports of the top 500 Australian companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. This database is key word searchable.
    Australian Economic Statistics- 1949 - 50 to 1994 - 95 Level 3, Library
    This database provides statistical tables on balance of payments, government, finance, labour market and product, expenditure, income, prices and capital.
    Australian Economic Statistics 1949-1950 to 1996-1997
    International Financial Statistics (IFS) Level 3, Library

92. Australia, New Zealand And Pacific Politics Resources On The Internet
Free new zealand; Refugee Council of australia; Independent newspapers; National BusinessReview; Television new One Network news; Radio new zealand; Times newspaper
Keele University
[Australia] [New Zealand]
[Pacific, General]
... [Western Samoa]
Latest Update 12 March 2003
National Anthem and Symbols
Constitution Governor-General Federal government Parliament Ombudsman Administrative Review Council Legal System

93. NZBR Home Page (Index)
of the questions asked was Did new zealand have a David G Green, 1 February 2003new zealanders face a higher than in its close neighbour, australia .more,




... LINKS Media releases
Policy backgrounders
Books and reports
Multimedia Economic growth and reform Fiscal policy Public sector including local government policy Monetary policy ... Collected volumes Site by TO ADVANCED SEARCH SUBSCRIBE TO OUR UPDATES HERE NEWS Editorial: Gats offers too much to sideline NZ Herald Govt Urged To Consider OECD Findings XTRAMSN ... NEWS CONT IN FOCUS Economic Growth Getting Serious About Economic Growth HTML, speech by Sir Ronald Trotter, October Why Growth Matters HTML, speech by Roger Kerr, August Memo to Dr Cullen: Big Government Harms Growth HTML, speech by Roger Kerr, September How Much Government?: The Effects of High Government Spending on Economic Performance PDF, report by Winton Bates, July How Do We Compare? New Zealand Public Policy Directions in an International Context

94. Turkish Australian Trade
k) Uluslararasi Adresler International business l) Yeni A14)Importers Institute-newZealand (English) Yeni of Commerce and Industry- australia and new

This page promotes :
AVUSTRALYA ve YENI ZELANDA / AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND "AVUSTRALYA ILE TICARET NASIL YAPILIR 1999/2000" "AVUSTRALYA ILE TICARET NASIL YAPILIR 1997/98" A2) Avustralia and New Zealand - Customs Tariffs (English) "Avustralya ve Yeni Zelanda Gümrük Vergileri" "Australian Customs Service -Avustralya Gumruk Idaresi" A3) Australian Government Agencies (English) "Avustralya Devlet Kuruluslari" A4)Avustralya,Yeni Zelanda Gida Standartlarý - Australian and New Zealand Food Standards (English) "Food Standards Australia New Zealand" "Gida Standartlari ve Sektor Bilgileri" A5) Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (English) "Karantina ve Ithalatta Aranan Sartlar" A6) Avustralya GIDA STANDARTLARI A12, A14 ve J3 (English) "Gidalarda Metal ve Zararlilar - Metals and Contamination in Food - Standard A12" "Maksimum Kalinti Limitleri - Maximum Residue Limits - Standard A14" "Soslar,Tursular ve Zeytinde Koruyucu Limitleri - Standard J3"

95. Other Export Sites
advice and assistance to assist your business to identify The australian/new Zealanddelegation of the EU aims between EU member nations and australia and new Export Sites
Other Export Sites External Links 2002 Victorian and Australian Export Awards Other Export Sites
State Government of Victoria

96. SOSIG: Statistical Theory
Browse this resource, London business School, Centre Browse this resource, new ZealandStatistical Association. resource, Statistical Society of australia Inc (SSAI
Statistical Theory You are here : Home Statistics > Statistical Theory
in Statistics



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Thesauri All subjects within Statistics Statistics > Statistical Theory >

Expert's Choice in Statistics
Editor: Southampton University Library Internet Resources Listed Alphabetically Sort: by type For a short description click the title. To access the resource directly click A Collection of JavaScript E-labs Learning Objects; goodness-of-fit Test; Lilliefors Test for Normality American Statistical Association Annals of Statistics Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics ... 2003 SOSIG

Buy the Research Report "Country Risk Service new zealand March 2001 Updater" at Shop at for premium market research reports. Country Risk Service is a comprehensive twoyear forecasting service that monitors

98. Links
Austrade Online. Reserve Bank of australia. Brunei Darussalam, Reserve Bank of newZealand. Papua new Guinea, Papua new Guinea People's Republic of China,
Useful Links
The CITYU APEC Study Center has created an indicative list of resources that should not be considered exhausive
Official APEC Websites
Hong Kong Economy Global Organizations Websites Member Economies Websites ... Other Hong Kong Universities
Official APEC Websites APEC Secretariat APEC 2000 in Brunei Darussalam APEC 2001 in China APEC 2002 in Mexico ... APEC Tariff Database Global Organizations World Trade Organization World Bank
Asian Development Bank ... Pacific Economic Cooperation Council
Member Economies Websites

Prime Minister of Austria
Australian Bureau of Statistics Austrade Online Reserve Bank of Australia
Brunei Darussalam
The Government of Brunei Darussalam Official Website
The Brunei Darussalam Indonesia Malaysia the Philippines - East Asean Growth Area Canada Government of Canada Statistics Canada Canada's Business and Consumer Site Bank of Canada Chile

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