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         Australian & New Zealand Zoos:     more detail

1. ZooCheck NZ: ANZFAS
australian and new zealand Federation of Animal Societies ANZFAS is a federation of some 40 animal welfare and animal rights organizations founded in 1980. bred in captivity, can be extremely poor. zoos in their present form provide stressful living conditions because they
Australian and New Zealand Federation of Animal Societies
ANZFAS is a federation of some 40 animal welfare and animal rights organizations founded in 1980. The ANZFAS principle purpose is to promote the cause of animal rights and welfare throughout Australia and New Zealand.
ANZFAS policy on Zoos
ANZFAS is opposed to the keeping of animals in zoos. ANZFAS calls for a phase-out of zoos. Until such time, ANZFAS calls for funds collected from zoo operations to be given towards the protection of endangered species habitats. The quality of life for zoo animals, irrespective of whether they have been taken from the wild or bred in captivity, can be extremely poor. Zoos in their present form provide stressful living conditions because they keep animals confined in unnatural environments. As a result, most zoo animals suffer from caging, lack of exercise and from inadequate social and environmental stimulation. ANZFAS believes that, given the unnatural way most zoos display animals, they have little educational value. While open-range zoos provide significantly better conditions than most, they contribute to the survival of lower-standard zoos by their demand for, and supply of, animals.

2. The Zoos Of Australian And New Zealand
The zoos that are hyperlinked have review. Sanctuary; Currumbin Bird Sanctuary; TheAustralian Zoo; Adelaide. WESTERN AUSTRALIA Perth. new zealand Auckland; Hamilton;
As I visit each zoo, and time permits, I will be writing a zoo review. Each review will give basic details on the zoo, including opening hours etc, plus a report and a picture gallery. The zoos that are hyperlinked have review. QUEENSLAND
  • Alma Park
  • Fleays Fauna Sanctuary
  • Currumbin Bird Sanctuary
  • The Australian Zoo
  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
  • Royal Melbourne
  • Victorias Open Range
  • Pearcedale Conservation Park
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Auckland
  • Hamilton
  • Orana
  • Wellington Zoos in Australia and New Zealand There are plenty of smaller zoos, Alma Park, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Currumbin Bird Sanctuary, Fleays Fauna Park and Theme Parks with animals, Dream and Sea Worlds. Unfortunately Queensland lacks a world class state zoo such as Melbourne or Taronga. I cannot see this being remidied in the future. Such a zoo would have to be in Brisbane (population and tourism numbers), fairly large in area and with excellent public transport access. There are two areas that come to mind, the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens and the former Roma Street Goods Yard. Mount Cootha Zoological and Botanic Gardens has an excellent ring about it. Owned by the Brisbane City Council it is close to the city and has excellent existing a menities.The gardens are beautiful and animal exhibits could be easily incorporated. But this is not going to happen.

australian and new zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching menagerie to conservation centre the changing role of zoos in world-wide conservation programs

4. ZPGB - Conservation - List Of Acronyms
Environment and Conservation Council AQIS australian Quarantine and Regional coordinatingbody for zoos in Australia and new zealand ARKS Animal
Avicultural Federation of Australia
Australian Genome Research Facility
Australian Nature Conservation Agency
Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council
Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
ARAZPA Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria Regional coordinating body for zoos in Australia and New Zealand ARKS Animal Records Keeping System (data base) Contains the collection and maintenance of data pertaining to live animal collections ASMP Australasian Species Management Program Generates captive species management recommendations and Collection planning recommendations for ARAZPA AZA American Zoo and Aquarium Association AZRI Arid Zone Research Institute CALM Conservation and Land Management, Western Australia Cat Species management category defined by ARAZPA CBSG Conservation Breeding Specialist Group One of the Specialist Groups of the SSC. The largest of all the Specialist Groups CFI Crocodile Farming Institute (in Philippine) CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Consists of 130 member countries CmaG Captive Management Advisory Group, New Zealand

5. AusStats : 8699.0 Zoos, Parks And Gardens Industry
8699.0 zoos, Parks and Gardens Industry EMBARGO 1130 AM Class 9239, RecreationalParks and Gardens of the australian and new zealand Standard Industrial

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Zoos, Parks and Gardens Industry

EMBARGO: 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 11/09/98
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This publication presents results, in respect of the 1996-97 financial year, from the first Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) census of organisations engaged in the operation of zoological gardens and aquaria, botanic gardens, and national and recreational parks.
The scope of the census was all employing businesses and statutory authorities classified to Class 9231, Zoological and Botanic Gardens and Class 9239, Recreational Parks and Gardens of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC). In addition, the botanic gardens, national parks and recreational parks and gardens activities of Commonwealth, State and local government authorities were included in the census even though these organisations are defined to another class of ANZSIC.
The publication has three parts, the first part presents data about zoological gardens and aquaria, the second about botanic gardens and the third national parks and recreational parks and gardens. The publication is one of a series to be issued in respect of 1996-97 covering cultural industries, which were partially funded by the Cultural Ministers' Council. Other publications in this series are:

6. New Zealand
There are a number of zoos and wildlife parks in new zealand, including an underwater world and an major east coast australian cities. Air new zealand offers special student travel

STOCK EXCHANGE CLIMATE TIME ZONE ... RECREATION New Zealand is a unique country. Its scenery sets it apart from the rest of the world while its people have a reputation for friendliness, strength and independence. There is abundant beauty and diversity in scenery, lifestyle and culture. From rolling green farmlands to barren volcanic desert areas, from golden beaches with clear blue water to majestic snow covered mountains, New Zealand offers a sample of every possible landscape within a relatively small country.
New Zealand is situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. With two main islands - North and South Island - and other outlying islands, New Zealand encompasses an area comparable in size to Great Britain and Japan, but with a population of only 3.8 million it is one of the world's least crowded countries. The capital city, Wellington (population approximately 400,000) , and New Zealand's largest city, Auckland (population approximately 1,000,000) , are both situated in the North Island. Life in these two cities offers the convenient luxury of being both five minutes from beautiful beaches and just three hours from the mountain ski-fields. In fact, anywhere in New Zealand you are never more than two - three hours from the sandy beaches or rugged coastline. There are many lakes and rivers throughout the country and we make the most of these by enjoying leisure and action activities from fly fishing to jet boating. Other major cities and towns are Auckland, Hamilton (population 120,000), Palmerston North (population approximately 75,000), Christchurch (population approximately 400,000) and Dunedin (population approximately 110,000).

7. New Z Ealand Birds Journal
the lives of kiwi at one of new zealand's premier coastal shooting and banishmentto overseas zoos, some of The australian Government wants the wallabies back.
Journal of New Zealand Birds
NZBirds Home
Vol. 5, No. 4, April, 2003 gh mhthr qewn -Sofoklhs Events Birds a Plenty , New Zealand Bay of Plenty Bird Festival British Birdwatching Fair
American Birding Association's

Birding and Nature Festivals Directory

Shorebird Education Australia
... eport on the Asia Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy: 2001-2005 British Ornithologists's Union CONFERENCE PROGRAMME 2000–2002 B irds Australia 2003 Members' Day. Threats to, and conservation of Australasian birds. Saturday 31 May 2003, Hobart, Tasmania. email: T he VI th World Conference on Birds of Prey and Owls will be held from 18 – 25 May 2003 in Budapest, Hungary. Further developments will be reported regularly in our Website W.W.G.B.P.
Call for Papers T he 4th Conference of the
Working Group on Aquatic
Birds of the International Society of Limnology
(SIL) "Limnology and Waterbirds 2003" will be held in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada, August 4-9, 2003. You will find the Preliminary Announcement and the return form of Expression of Interest at:
The VIIth Neotropical Ornithological Congress will take place in Puerto Varas (Xth Region), Chile, from

8. Australia And New Zealand Cruises
Resting Kangaroos, australian and new zealand cruise itineraries shopping, museumsfeaturing aboriginal artworks, and of course aquariums and zoos where you Pacific - Austral

9. NZOOM - New Zealand News, NZ News, World, Health, Politics And TV ONE News
new zealand latest local and internatinal news website, featuring national, world, politics and health news, with video, special features and commentary. takes effect. A new era in new zealand broadcasting begins on on their enclosures? No, zoos already take enough safety precautions Advance australian fares. . Colmar Brunton poll
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LATEST STORIES Study reveals teen truths Most New Zealand teenagers are well adjusted and healthy but a minority indulge in risky behaviour, a comprehensive new study shows... more White powder scares rampant
Police evacuated a cinema complex and foot hall in Whangarei on Thursday evening after the discovery of white powder in the women's toilets... more Alkema killer gets life in prison The man convicted of murdering Lower Hutt woman Kate Alkema has been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of 13 years... more PM apologises to Chinese The Prime Minister stepped into a dispute over Chinese officials banned from a Masterton conference... more US forces attack Baghdad airport US forces attacked Iraqis dug in at Baghdad's main airport on Thursday after armoured units thrust to the edge of the city, where they intend to oust and possibly kill President Saddam Hussein... more Bush: a "vise" closing on Saddam With US troops knocking at Baghdad's door, President George W Bush said on Thursday a "vise is closing" and nothing would divert the mission to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein...

10. The World Veterinary Consultants: Dr Robert Baker
North America to study zoos and their administration, with particular reference toopenrange zoos and to ANZCCART (australian and new zealand Council for
Home Services Offered Company Details Principal and Associates
Dr Robert Baker
Dr Robert Baker
PO Box 248
Ashton, SA 5137
Telephone: +61 8 8390 3658
Mobile: +61 421 613 292
email: Work Address: Primary Industries and Resources [ SA ]
Animal Health Group,
33 Flemington St., Glenside, SA Australia 5065
Telephone: work: 61-8-8207-7802
fax: 61-8-8207-7852
Work Email:
Australian Veterinary Association
Dr. Baker has a wide knowledge of the veterinary profession in Australia and the issues associated with practice and government work. He has an extensive network of contacts throughout Australia in government agencies, research, teaching and in private practice. He is currently National AVA Vice-President and a member of the AVA Board. He was National President and AVA Board Chairman in 2002-3 and South Australian Divisional President in 1998. During his term as President, he was closely involved with strategic planning and senior staff appointments for the AVA. He attended conferences and met officers and elected representatives of veterinary associations in the UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the USA. Dr. Baker , on behalf of the AVA, was instrumental in gaining Australian Government and industry support for a national Review of Rural Veterinary Services, whose report, due in early 2003, will be wide-ranging in its recommendations. Much of the emphasis will be on ensuring Australia's biosecurity through active disease surveillance programs.

11. Bookmarks - Museums, Libraries, Gardens, Zoos And Aquariums
Victoria's Three Great zoos http// South australian Museum http// PapaTongawera, National Museum of new zealand http//www
Within this section:
Bookmark index

Animal Care


... Bookmarks
Bookmarks - Museums, Libraries, Gardens, Zoos and Aquariums
General Australian Museums Online
A site for information on, and location of, museums around Australia. Has a guide to web address for Australian museums and other institutions.
The Museum Computer Network
The Museum Computer Network is a non-profit organisation of professionals dedicated to fostering the cultural aims of museums through computer technologies.
Information Literacy Website
Assist for Librarians and educators in information provision. New South Wales Australian Museum Australian National Maritime Museum New South Wales State Library Art Gallery of New South Wales Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales

12. SheSaid, For Australian Women
describes the activities of modern zoos, and assesses Br, Godwit Publisher RandomHouse new zealand Ltd ISBN A Field Guide to australian Trees By Holliday

13. Links
WAZA (World Association of zoos and Aquaria). new zealand Conservation ManagementGroup Inc, PIENet australian Fisheries Management Authority,
Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria Links Home Search Join Now ARAZPA Member Zoos and Aquariums ... Government Agencies Zoo and Aquarium Associations AZA
(American Zoo and Aquarium Association) EAZA
(European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) SEAZA
(South East Asian Zoos Association) PAAZAB
(Pan African Association of Zoological Gardens, Aquaria and Botanical Gardens) WAZA
(World Association of Zoos and Aquaria) ISIS
(International Species Information System) CBSG
(Conservation Breeding Specialist Group) IUCN
(The World Conservation Union) QWPA
Queensland Wildlife Parks Association Conservation Groups and Societies ACT Herpetological Association Aquatic Conservation Network Asociación de Zoológicos, Criaderos y Acuarios de la República Mexicana Australian Society of Herpetologists ... Cockatoo Care Project Government Agencies Environment Australia AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) VPC (Vertebrate Pest Committee, NSW Agriculture)

14. ARAZPA Office Staff
chair of the World Association of zoos Aquariums course, Tracy gained employmenton the australian Mammal Division at new zealand Program Officer Ian Fraser.
Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria ARAZPA Office Staff Home Search Join Now Current ARAZPA staff have the combined experience of over 25 years of administering a regional zoo association, and currently provide the following expertise to the association:
  • Population biology Conservation biology IT and database management Program management and facilitation Policy development Publication review and editing Data analysis Administration
Meet the staff of this office below. Executive Officer
Jonathan Wilcken
Jonathan Wilcken was appointed as ARAZPA’s Executive Officer in 2000. Before taking up this position, Jonathan had worked for the Association over the previous seven years, including six years as the Association’s Population Biologist. Jonathan majored in Ecology at London University, and completed a Masters while conducting research in conservation genetics at Macquarie University. Before ARAZPA, Jonathan’s background was in zoos and museums. He worked as a keeper at London Zoo and Taronga Zoo (and also had a brief period at Vancouver Aquarium as part of the Exxon Valdiz clean-up operation), and as an Educator at the Natural History Museum in London. Jonathan represents the Australasian region on a number of international bodies, including:

15. Australia
Birds Checklist of australian Birds Native Birds of new zealand new zealand Birdsnew zealand Native Birds. HOME A Celebration Aviaries zoos Banding Backyard
Birds of Australia
and New Zealand
CHECKLISTS Africa Antarctica Asia Australia Central America Europe Indonesia/Malaysia Middle East South America United States World Australian Bird Sounds
Australian Birds

Birds Australia

Birdwatching Australia

16. Parliament Of Australia Senate Rural And Regional Affairs
CHAPTER 18 zoos, WILDLIFE PARKS AND TOURISM. zoos and Wildlife Parks. ANZECC,australian and new zealand Environment and Conservation Council.

17. The Australian
Cup race 1200 (AEDT) TEAM new zealand abandoned its to a USled war with Iraq, AustralianDemocrats leader Valentine's sex tours 1110 (AEDT) zoos across the
04 April 2003
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BREAKING NEWS The latest news updates from our network CATCH UP
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... Coalition 'controls third of airport'
09:25 (AEDT) US troops say they have captured about a third of Saddam International Airport, near Baghdad, while several large explosions have been heard in the centre of the capital. Crucial days ahead: Howard
09:15 (AEDT) THE next few days will be among the most crucial in the war in Iraq, Prime Minister John Howard has said. Three siblings in SARS scare
09:10 (AEDT) TWO brothers of a young girl suspected of having Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) have joined her in a Melbourne isolation ward. $1m for struggling communities 09:00 (AEDT) MORE than $1 million has been allocated to help disadvantaged communities tackle problems like child abuse, family violence, financial management and rural unemployment. Iraq aid pledges 'reach $2bn' 08:50 (AEDT) PLEDGES totalling $US1.2 billion (about $2bn) have been received since the United Nations made a worldwide appeal for $US2.2 billion ($3.65bn) for post-war Iraq, an official has said.

18. - United States - New - Library - Sciences - Animals & Wildlife - Zoos
new zealand Wellington Zoo http// Explorethis australian marine park Victoria's Three Great zoos http//www.zoo

19. Victorian Association For Environmental Education - EE Links
Plants/Animals Ecology Snow and Ice Sea/Lake/Ocean Museums/zoos/Aquariums For BarwonWater. Australia/new zealand top LEARNZ; australian Antarctic Program;
This page contains a selection of the best Environmental Education websites we can find. The State of the Environment
Australia/New Zealand


More Links/Search Engines

The State of the Environment
top Australia/New Zealand top Victoria top Farming top Dinosaurs top Human Beings/Plants/Animals top Ecology top Snow and Ice top Sea/Lake/Ocean top Museums/Zoos/Aquariums top For the Teacher

20. Monash University Animal Ethics - Web Links List - Animal Information Resources
welfare of animals as pets, in zoos, laboratories, on laboratory animals held inAustralia and new zealand and was australian Quarantine Inspection Service.
Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Training (ANZCCART)
ANZCCART is an independent body whose role is to encourage the ethical and humane use of animals in research and teaching. This links contains information on newsletters, publications, conferences and much more. Using Animals in Science Online
Prepared jointly by ANZCCART New Zealand and the Animal Welfare Science and Bioethics Centre at Massey University in New Zealand. Useful for AECs and students. Topics covered in the resource include: Why study animals?, Minimising the harm done to animals used in science, Benefits of animal-based science, Balancing harm and benefit, The three dimensions of science, Ethics and animal use in science, Control of animal use in science. National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
The National Health And Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is a statutory authority within the portfolio of the Australian commonwealth minister for health and family services. This link contains information on animal ethics for NHMRC grants, the NHMRC Animal Welfare Committee, Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes and other policies. Natural Resources and Environment - Animal Welfare
This contains information on Victorian Legislation the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Regulations, The Bureau of Animal Welfare, the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee.

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