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         Australian Culture Specific:     more books (21)
  1. Art from the Land: Dialogues With the Kluge-Ruhe Collection of Australian Aboriginal Art
  2. The Antipodeans: Challenge and Response in Australian 1955-1965
  3. Queer-Ing the Screen: Sexuality and Australian Film and Television (The Moving Images) by Samantha Searle, 1998-02
  4. Framing Culture: Criticism and Policy in Australia (Australian Cultural Studies) by Stuart Cunningham, 1992-01-01
  5. Australian Civilisation
  6. Communication and Cultural Literacy: An Introduction (Australian Cultural Studies) by Tony Schirato, Susan Yell, 1996-08
  7. Ned's Nemesis: Ned Kelly & Redmond Barry in a Clash of Cultures by Graham Fricke, 2007-01
  8. Picking Up the Traces: The Making of a New Zealand Literary Culture 1932-1945 by Lawrence Jones, 2004-04-01
  9. Sport in Australian History (Australian Retrospectives) by Daryl Adair, Wray Vamplew, 1998-01-15
  10. The Littoral Zone: Australian Contexts and their Writers (Nature, Culture and Literature)
  11. Intermediate Ilokano: A Integrated Language and Culture Reading Text by Precy Espiritu, 2004-07
  12. Voices in the Wilderness: Images of Aboriginal People in the Australian Media (Contributions to the Study of Mass Media and Communications) by Michael Meadows, 2000-12-30
  13. Frameworks: Contemporary Criticism on Janet Frame (Cross/Cultures)
  14. New Australian Cinema: Sources and Parallels in American and British Film by Brian McFarlane, Geoff Mayer, 1992-06-26

1. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Australian Culture
throughout the country. Words specific to australian language and cultureare defined in a glossary for each story. Includes an account
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Australian culture
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  • About Australia
  • Australian Centre for Independent Journalism
  • Australian Literary and Historical Texts
  • Australian Museums Online ...
  • WWW Virtual Library: Aboriginal Studies Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    About Australia
    A guide and travelogue for visitors to Australia, with information about its people, culture, commerce and the Australian lifestyle. Includes travel, shopping, lifestyle, business and news resources.
    Author: Cardline Pty. Ltd
    Subjects: australia, australian business, australian culture
    Location: australia
    Last checked:
    Australian Centre for Independent Journalism
    Includes ACIJ news, general broadcasting and journalism news, ACIJ online publications, a toolbox of journalism resources, details of ACIJ special projects and information on journalism and research courses.
    Author: Australian Centre for Independent Journalism
    Subjects: australian culture, journalism
  • 2. Australian Literature On The Internet
    soc.culture.australian FAQ (Part 1 of 6) (monthly posting)

    Contact Us

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    60 Second Survey
    Australian Literature on the Internet
    Major Australian Literary Sites
    These are useful general sites for researching Australian literature on the Internet and provide a good starting place for researchers in this field. They provide a diverse range of information on Australian literature resources as well as providing links to other useful sites both in Australia and overseas.

    3. Omniseek: International: /International/Culture-Specific/Australian
    Top International culturespecific australian Show Sites in this topic,Sun Feb 9, 737 pm. © copyright 2001, created by Omniseek.
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    4. Selling Australian Culture To The World - Department Of Communications, Informat
    opportunity to showcase our culture through international and market access for Australiancultural exports. export prospects for specific cultural industries
    submit your arts news media kit about us services ... art history Indepth Arts News: "Selling Australian culture to the world"
    1999-09-27 until 0000-00-00
    Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Australia

    Sydney, , AU Australia
    Leaders from the Australian cultural community have endorsed a three-year strategy to promote Australias culture abroad. Federal Minister for the Arts, Peter McGauran, today chaired the third meeting of the Australia International Cultural Council in Darwin on behalf of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer. The Council intends to engage comprehensively with the arts industry, cultural businesses and artists to achieve its objectives. We have an unprecedented opportunity to build an international profile by using major world events held within our shores and overseas during the next three years, Mr McGauran said. The Council identified a number of substantial opportunities for promoting Australian culture internationally including the Sydney Olympics, the Centenary of Federation celebrations in London in 2000 and in Australia in 2001, and the Hannover Expo in 2000, he said. The ABCs Millennium Day live broadcast was also recognised as an excellent opportunity to showcase our culture through international television. This global broadcast will feature commissioned works at truly Australian sites such as the Sydney Opera House and Uluru, he said.

    5. Australia At A Glance
    australian culture and history. For more articles on specific topicsabout australian history and culture visit our Articles Index.
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    On this site On contributor websites Friday, 04-Apr-2003 10:21:51 AUS Eastern Standard Time Australia at a glance Cultural Resources
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    ausculture newsletter
    Cultural statistics ... Training directory

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    Subcribe to our free e-mail ausculture-newsletter, bringing you the latest on culture, recreation and online issues To sum up Australian culture is a big ask. Trying to define "culture" is like trying to catch a kangaroo in an open paddock. Every time you think you've got hold of it, it gets away from you again. This article will provide you with a quick overview and some context for Australian culture and history. For more articles on specific topics about Australian history and culture visit our Articles Index Australian culture is as big and as varied as the landscape . Australia is multicultural and multiracial and this is reflected in our food, our lifestyle and our cultural practices and experience. We have an important heritage from Australia's

    6. Articles Index On The Culture And Recreation Portal
    Articles on specific topics about australian history and culture.Each article has a short introduction and overview with lots of
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    On this site On contributor websites Friday, 04-Apr-2003 10:21:56 AUS Eastern Standard Time Articles index Cultural Resources
  • Articles

    ausculture newsletter
    Cultural statistics ... Training directory

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    Subcribe to our free e-mail ausculture-newsletter, bringing you the latest on culture, recreation and online issues Articles on specific topics about Australian history and culture. Each article has a short introduction and overview with lots of links to more relevant information. Search our articles for
    Or browse our Articles by title starting with: A B C D ... Z A Aboriginal Art
    A history of Australia

    A history of Australia: related links

    Alexandria Digital Literature
    ... Australian political cartooning: related links B Beach C Canberra: Australia's capital city Cartoons and cartooning Changing the business culture Chinese New Year: the Year of the Ram ... Computer Choice D Dance E Easter eBooks eCommerce and cultural organisations eCommerce: terminology F Federation Festivals Film In Australia G Getting Girls to go Global Globe is great Great Barrier Reef H Henry Lawson: Australian writer Henry Lawson: related links HTML 4.0

    7. Omniseek: /International /Culture-Specific /Australian
    check mark ( ) to vote for a site! International /culturespecific /australian. BOOTS Australia Point WWW Search Facility australian Native Aboriginal culture A site that provides{50956}
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    International /Culture-Specific /Australian BOOTS Australia
    Boots Online is a catalogue of Australian elastic sided boots from the legendary R.M. Williams Company. Other bushware available includes Moleskin Shirts and Pants, leather belts, Akubra Hats and Oilskin Coats.
    ( Fosters Beer Australian For Beer. ( Queen Victoria Building At the heart of Sydney. ( R.M.Williams It takes an individual with great character to create a legend. R.M. Williams is the man behind our famous boots and clothing collection. ( Vegemite The Australian Spread. ( RAINB0WEB.C0M: ZUNA ENTERTAINMENT ... Australia's Torres Strait Island... Zuna Entertainment brings you the talents and culture of Australia's Torres Strait Islands (

    8. Legals : Department Of Culture And The Arts - Western Australian Government
    parts or sections of this website in which case those specific terms will OnlineWA, Western australian culture and the Arts, Minister for culture and the Arts,
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    Your use of this website, including any of the content or materials on it is governed by these terms and conditions. In addition to these terms, there may also be additional terms that govern your use of or access to specific parts or sections of this website in which case those specific terms will apply to your activities at those locations in addition to these terms. Your use of this site signifies your acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms and conditions.
    Planning and Policy Division
    Human Resources Corporate Affairs How to Contact Us ... Work experience and volunteers

    9. G24001L5 Department Of Culture And The Arts - Western
    in retailing, with demonstrated success in developing a niche market in books andgifts is essential; as is specific knowledge of the australian book trade

    10. Aboriginal Studies - Art & Culture
    in administering any specific area within History Intercultural Relationships australian Native Title Aboriginal Art culture Aboriginal Spirituality
    The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
    Category Subtree WWW VL database WWW VL Global Search
    Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library
    The Internet Guide to Aboriginal Studies Edited by Dr T.Matthew Ciolek Est.: 15th Apr 1994. Last updated: 7 Mar 2003. This document is a part of the Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library and keeps track of leading relevant University and Governmental information facilities. Please mail if you are interested in administering any specific area within this Virtual Library. Your feed-back will be gratefully appreciated. This page is regularly updated. It is optimised for transmission speed, not for fancy looks. All links are inspected and evaluated before being added to this Virtual Library.
    Aboriginal Studies Virtual Library
    General Resources Koori Web Resources University Programs Governmental Web Resources ... Aboriginal Online Bookstore
    Search WWW Search USA Books Music Video Enter keywords...

    11. Australian Culture
    finesse that drives the reader everdeeper into specific facts and Browse AustralianBiographies Search culture for.
    page moved page moved

    specific forms (music, television, cinema, fashion, youth cultures) has altered in recent decades. The course does not attempt to define a uniquely australian popular culture.
    World Class: Be Part of It Search: All UQ for:
    Download ATSIS Handbook
    (pdf file, 202kb)





    UQ LIBRARY CATALOGUE my.UQ ... Australian Studies AUST2000 AUSTRALIAN POPULAR CULTURE AUST2000 AUSTRALIAN POPULAR CULTURE Semester: Credit Value: Contact Hours: 3 (1.5 x Lecture + 1.5 x Tutorial) Time: Thusday 10-11:30am + Tutorial Venue: TBA Prerequisite: nil Incompatible: Coordinator: A/Prof. David Carter Centre/School/Faculty: Australian Studies Centre Faculty of Arts Recommended Readings: The Media in Australia: Industries, Texts, Audiences nd Hayward, P. (ed.) (1992) From Pop to Punk to Postmodernism: Popular Music and Australian Culture from the 1960s to the 1990s O'Regan, T. (1993) Australian Television Culture O'Regan, T. (1996) Australian National Cinema . London: Routledge. Turner, G. (1994)

    13. Australia - Books On Australian Culture And Its People
    visitors in the hope of bridging culture gaps and Bloodiest Mutiny by Mike Dash Listedunder australian History. the reader everdeeper into specific facts and
    Books on Australian Culture UK Bookstore
    Related Books Travel Australia
    Aboriginal Australia

    Aboriginal Art

    Australian Art
    North American Bookshop

    Best Sellers
    Browse Powells
    Books on Australia

    Australian Posters
    Featured Site Australian Aboriginal Artists Art in Australia : From Colonization to Postmodernism (World of Art) by Christopher Allen Listed under Australian Art Australia : True Stories of Life Down Under (Travelers' Tales) by Larry Habegger (Editor), Amy G. Carlson (Editor) Listed under Australian Travel Books Australian Food : In Celebration of the New Australian Cuisine by Alan Saunders (Introduction), et al Listed under Australian Cooking The Australian People : An Encyclopedia of the Nation, Its People and Their Origins by James Jupp (Editor) Cambridge Univ Pr (Short) Hardcover (October 2001) The Architecture of East Australia by Bill MacMahon (Editor), et al Edition Axel Menges Gmbh Paperback - 272 pages (December 15, 2001) Australian Beach Cultures : The History of Sun, Sand, and Surf (Cass SeriesSport in the Global Society, 28.) by Douglas Booth Paperback (July 2001) A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms by G. A. Wilkes (Editor)

    14. UC Davis Summer Sessions Summer Abroad
    that you leave your preconceived notions behind and make an effort to discoverthe real Australia and australian culture. This Program specific Guide is
    Summer Sessions Abroad
    University of California, Davis
    Program Specific Guide
    Australia: Identity, Culture, and Nature


    General Education Credit
    Contact Us

    Program information is subject to change without notice. Return to:
    Basic Survival Guide Home

    Program Specific Guide Home

    Australia is a complex country that has been oversimplified by distorted images in our popular culture. Amazing landscapes and unique wildlife make Australia the top choice on many travelers' wish lists. While Australia is a great tourist destination, it is important that you leave your pre-conceived notions behind and make an effort to discover the real Australia and Australian culture. This Program Specific Guide is viewable through several web pages (links to each section are located to the right) and as a downloadable PDF document (link is below). This guide should be used in conjunction with your "Basic Survival Binder" and the Lonely Planet Guide as an important part of the research and preparation for your trip to Australia. This guide is filled with the specifics about your program. It also addresses many of the special issues that you will face as a traveler to Australia. The Summer Abroad Survival Binder This is the black binder with the cow sticker that you received with your acceptance letter. This binder will help you keep all of the paperwork for Summer Sessions Abroad organized.

    15. Medical Anthropology: Culture Specific Diseases
    icon to hear the preceding term pronounced is a fatal culture specific disease of Inthe early 1950's, a team of australian doctors began working to discover
    Culture Specific Diseases
    T here are some diseases that have very limited distributions around the world due to the fact that they are caused by unique combinations of environmental circumstances and cultural practices. These are generally referred to as culture specific diseases or culture bound syndromes . Some cause relatively minor health problems while others are very serious and can even be fatal. An example of a relatively harmless culture specific medical condition is "rave rash" in contemporary England. This afflicts young women who go to "raves", or large-scale pop music dance parties that go on all night long. Aggressive dance motions without wearing a bra sometimes leads to a painful rash on their nippleshence "rave rash." K uru is a fatal culture specific disease of the brain and nervous system that was found among the South For people of the eastern New Guinea Highlands. Until recently, it was thought that kuru is caused by a virus with a prolonged incubation period. Recent microbiological evidence now points to

    16. Australian Libraries Gateway (ALG): Collection Assessment Report
    in this area with some emphasis on australian Aboriginal culture are good holdingsalso relating to culture and sociology of specific institutions and
    State Library of Queenland collection assessment
    Division report comments A total of 3207 monographs are held in this division. This represents 0.81% of the 397,000 monographs quoted for State Reference Library and Special Collections in the 1995/96 annual report of the State Library of Queensland. This division overlaps with the division of Biological Sciences in the area of Dewey 572 and 573. In determining the levels for this division, State Library's holdings as compared with the standard bibliographies checked and with the publishing output in the area were taken into account. As a result, overall levels are higher than the levels of the individual categories would suggest. Overall collecting level is 2b - Basic Information: Augmented. 47% of monographic holdings have been published since 1985. Collection strength is in culture and institutions. There is good even coverage in this area with some emphasis on Australian Aboriginal culture. The area of Costume and Personal Appearance, particularly history of costume, is another area of strength. There are good holdings also relating to culture and sociology of specific institutions and specific aspects of culture, etiquette and manners, folklore, proverbs and sayings. Current works on human origins and human genetics are well represented.

    17. Culture And Recreation Portal
    portal provides news from the culture and recreation sectors;; articleson specific topics about australian history and culture;;,,0_1-2_1-3_175-4_15810,00.html
    Home Ministers Newsroom Arts and Culture ... Telecommunications SEARCH
    Events and Forums > Culture and Recreation Portal Printer Friendly Version
    Culture and Recreation Portal
    The Culture and Recreation Portal provides access to online services and information from over 2000 Australian websites in the fields of culture and recreation. The Culture and Recreation Portal has been developed as part of the Commonwealth Government's Online Strategy. Of the 2000 sites listed by the Culture and Recreation Portal, approximately 500 are government sites and the other 1500 are from non-government sources. Features In addition to access to Australian culture and recreation websites, this portal provides: Contact details: The Culture and Recreation Portal
    Department of Communications,
    Information Technology
    and the Arts
    GPO Box 2154
    Canberra City ACT 2601
    Australia E-mail:

    18. Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Geographic-specific Sites
    Geographicspecific Sites. USA. Association (CMRRA/CMPA); cultureNet A window onCanadian culture; Aus Music Links; australian Classical Guitar Maker - Jeff Kemp;
    William and Gayle Cook Music Library
    Indiana University School of Music
    Worldwide Internet Music Resources
    Geographic-specific Sites
  • Alabama Music Hall of Fame Baltimore
  • Baltimore Music Scene
  • Baltimore.Com Music Page
  • Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
  • Paradox Restaurant/Nite Club Boston
  • Boston Celebrity Series
  • Boston Music Scene
  • Boston's Rave Community
  • California
  • Alberto's Nightclub (Mountain View, CA)
  • Catalyst Nightclub (Santa Cruz)
  • Digimag - California's On-line Music Magazine
  • The Family Dog Presents
  • Jazz Central Station: Los Angeles ...
  • SF BAUM San Francisco Bay Underground Music
  • San Francisco Live Music List
  • Santa Barbara BandLinx
  • Santa Cruz Alternative Music
  • Subculture (San Francisco)
  • Virtually Music San Diego Chicago
  • Chicago Concert Search
  • Chicago Music Network
  • Chicago PsyberView
  • Chicago SoundWeb Contributor ...
  • Chicago Tribune - online news
  • Concerts Under The Dome - chamber music series Colorado
  • Aspen, Snowmass - Art and Culture
  • 19. Untitled Document
    through introducing units which deal with Australia and australian culture. The additionof an australian perspective would be specific activities planned are strategy.htm
    Future Strategy...
    The ASC sees itself playing an increasingly effective role in the advancement and internationalisation of education in Thailand - from the primary to the university level and beyond - in accordance with the country's National and Economic Development Plans. In this respect it has put into place several long term plans whose primary aims are to benefit Thai students, academics and researchers. At the same time, the ASC is also mindful of opportunities which benefit both Australian academics and students, and the Centre itself. Fields in which future ASC activities will concentrate include: Thai Students:
    Student development:
    producing 'global citizens.' The current educational directive is to produce graduates competent in working in a global market place, knowledgeable about a variety of cultures, and able to adapt to a variety of research and workplace situations. The strategy of teaching students about Australia is part of a broader programme to produce graduates with broad cultural knowledge and skills, vital in a more globalised world. With these perspectives and skills, Thai students (and by extension, Thailand in general) will be better able to compete internationally. The ASC will develop these key competencies among Thai students: 1. Research skills:

    20. Xcursion Central: Xcursions
    ID 1017 Students will visit Web sites to learn more about australian culture. describethe process through which deserts are formed, the specific aspects of

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