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         Australian History:     more books (100)
  1. The History Of Australian Exploration From 1788 To 1888 (1888) by Ernest Favenc, 2010-09-10
  2. Other People's Wars: A history of Australian peacekeeping by Peter Londey, 2004-10-01
  3. History of the Australian Environment Movement by Drew Hutton, Libby Connors, 1999-04-13
  4. Vietnam Fragments: Oral History of Australians at War by Gary McKay, 1992-09-18
  5. SAS, Phantoms of the Jungle: A History of the Australian Special Air Service by D.M. Horner, 1989-11-01
  6. Homophobia: An Australian History
  7. Aboriginal Australians: A History Since 1788 by Richard Broome, 2010-05-01
  8. Colonial Blue: A History of the South Australian Police Force, 1836-1916 by Robert Clyne, 1987-12-31
  9. Zombie Myths of Australian Military History
  10. Light Horse: A History of Australia's Mounted Arm (Australian Army History Series) by Jean Bou, 2009-12-21
  11. The Oxford Companion to Australian Military History
  12. A Source Book of Australian History by N/A, 2005-03-12
  13. Australian Dreaming: 40,000 years of Aboriginal History by Jennifer Isaacs, 2006-04-10
  14. The Rush That Never Ended: A History of Australian Mining by Geoffrey Blainey, 1993-12

1. Australian History On The Internet
Part of the National Library of Australia site, this site includes many interesting links, including Category Society History By Region Oceania Australia......australian history on the Internet. australian history Resources atAustralian Universities. Most Australian universities have sites

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60 Second Survey
Australian History on the Internet
This guide was prepared in accordance with Guidelines for Internet Subject Lists
Reference Library
These are useful sites for locating documentary sources of information in the field of Australian history, such as archives and historical societies. Note that these sites do not contain the actual archives themselves, but rather indexes and finding tools. Also contains a brief outline of Australia's history.

2. Australian History
Australian Embassy in Washington DC provides this overview of the history of Australia from the first Australians to the Federation. australian history. PRE 1788. 17881901
Australian History PRE 1788 The First Australians European Settlement Torres Strait Islanders Development of Settlements ... Contact Us Last updated: Privacy

3. Aust Stu Net: History Resources
australian history Resources. Thanks to the University of Sydney Library historyguide for recognising this page as the premier site for australian history . Category Society History By Region Oceania Australia
Australian History Resources
With support from the Commonwealth government, Australia is taking the lead in placing its history and culture "online". The "tyranny of distance" is no longer a primary factor in the study of Australian topics. Archives, libraries, galleries and regional historical associations are becoming linked to the internet in an effort to provide basic research material to the world. Things are moving fast and the list below will change frequently. Thanks to the University of Sydney Library history guide for recognising this page as "the premier site for Australian history". We're trying!
Related sites:
Resources for Historians in Australia and David recommends from Newcastle University in Australia.
Electronic resources for teaching about Australia
See also a similar directory at Academic Info by Mike Madin - useful starting place for locating Australian history sites online.
And the large list at AAA Matilda
The following sites have been selected because they provide either primary resources [Marked as X] or information useful in the study of Australian topics. Although it is aimed at the historian, researchers from other disciplines will find much of use. Comments and additions related to this directory should be sent to Dr. Frank Poyas at email

4. Aust_history
Australia has two distinct periods in her history ~ the time before European settlement in 1788, and the years since then. Convict database and activities. australian history Databases. First Fleet
Australia has two distinct periods in her history ~ the time before European settlement in 1788, and the years since then. Our indigenous people, the Aborigines, were hunters and gatherers who roamed this country for 60 000 years before Captain James Cook landed in Botany Bay in 1770 and claimed the land for England. Our first European settlers were convicts transported from England on the "First Fleet" under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788.
The Early Years First Fleet 1788
Origins of transportation
The ships and their passengers
The voyage
The first year The First Fleet Home Page
The voyage and settlement
Convict database and activities Australian History Databases
First Fleet
First Fleet Ships
Non-Convicts Absconded Convicts Family History Convict Databases Researching Your Ancestors Introduction Timeline Databases Investigating the First Fleet Research for beginners Databases Letters and diary extracts First Fleet FunQuest Online discovery activity Does the Time fit the Crime?

5. Australian History Resources - History Of Australia - Academic Info
Directory has links to australian history resources grouped by type of resource and described by brief synopses. Academic Info. australian history. Australian Studies History. - History Gateway australian history
Home Keyword Search Index Reference Desk ... Student Center Academic Info
Australian History
Australian Studies History
History Gateway
Australian History We Need Your Help
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Academic Info
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(below) Reference Desk Digital Library Political History Organizations Start with Australian History on the Internet An annotated collection of resources. Compiled by Helen Wade, Senior Subject Library, National Library of Australia Women's History Month - March 2003 " about women, the present, and the past. Its main aim is to help us appreciate women's contribution to history."

6. Australian History
"australian history is almost always picturesque; indeed, it is also so curious and strange, that it is itself the
"Australian history is almost always picturesque; indeed, it is also so curious and strange, that it is itself the chiefest novelty the country has to offer and so it pushes the other novelties into second and third place. It does not read like history, but like the most beautiful lies; and all of a fresh new sort, no mouldy old stale ones. It is full of surprises and adventures, the incongruities, and contradictions, and incredibilities; but they are all true, they all happened." ( Mark Twain, 1897 ) Convicts Troublemakers Timeline Timeline of major events The first bushranger John 'Black' Caesare Descriptions First hand accounts of Convict life Resistance Pemulwuy Crimes Type of crimes committed The gentleman Matthew Brady Escapes Convict escape attempts The honest man Brave Ben Hall Class war Conflict between Convicts and free settlers Forbidden love Mary Anne Bugg Larrikins Profiles of larrikin Convicts The underdog's champion Ned Kelly Slang Convict rhyming slang Defiance The female factories Music Convict music Jesus like Mary McKillop Legacy Convict streak - Page 1 Tough as old boots Molly Morgan Convict streak - Page 2 Conviction

7. Index
OPENING UP THE LAND. australian history. THE GOLD RUSH
WHY AUSTRALIA, WHY THEN? FIRST FLEET DETAILS WARRA WARRA OPENING UP THE LAND AUSTRALIAN HISTORY THE GOLD RUSH On this site I shall be looking at different events in Australia's development. From its infamous convict beginnings, the gold rush era, the ANZAC legend the people and events that have made Australian what it is today.
A country where nearly 85% of it's population lives on the coast. A country that believes in egalitarism, a country that is a melting pot of nations. A country of 19.7 million people.
How did we get to where we are today?
(1901-present) THIS SITE WAS LAST UPDATED ON JANUARY 11th January 2003 WEBSITE OF THE MONTH Updated 11th Jan 03 This many people have visited my website LINKS BIBLIOGRAPHY This
Australian Tourism and Tourists Webring

site is owned by the
Australian History
Best viewed on IE5. (800 x 600) All text on this site has been produced by the author of the site. You are welcome to use information from this site as long as this site is acknowledged. Please feel free to link to this site as long as your site is relevant to mine, such as a history or Australian(no pornography. abuse etc). Please feel free to contact me if something on my page offends you.

8. 131-073 Human Rights In Australian History
131073 Human Rights in australian history. Usually 25 points of first-year history,see Prerequisites, or first-year Australian studies, see Prerequisites.
Subject information Search Index Faculty of Arts History
Prev 131-072 South Africa Under Apartheid: 1948-1994
Next 131-075 The Graeco-Roman City in Antiquity
131-073 Human Rights in Australian History
Note Formerly available as 131-294/394. Students who have completed 131-294 or 131-394 are not eligible to enrol in this subject. Availability 2nd and 3rd year Credit Points HECS Band Coordinator To be advised Prerequisites Usually 25 points of first-year history, see Prerequisites , or first-year Australian studies, see Prerequisites Semester Not Offered (view timetable) Subject Description This subject is a study of the changing forms of Australian citizenship from the colonial occupation to the present times, with particular attention to the creation of the nation state, its modes of government and arguments over the boundaries and meaning of citizenship for indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. The subject will examine issues of human rights and social justice in relation to Australians who faced discrimination on the basis of gender, sexuality, constructions of 'race', migrant and refugee status from the white invasion of 1788 to the incarceration of refugees in the early 21st century. Search Index Faculty of Arts History
Prev 131-072 South Africa Under Apartheid: 1948-1994
Next 131-075 The Graeco-Roman City in Antiquity
Status: Official 2003 Last Modified: Thursday April 03 22:11 SGML to HTML Conversion: Information Division - CWIS (SDI) Authorised by: Academic Registrar Enquiries:

9. Australian History Links
australian history Links. Queenlsand · New South 28 • EnvironmentAustralia. Brough's Linklist. Contact. australian history Webring.
Australian History Links
Queenlsand New South Wales Northern Territory South Australia ... Western Australia
Related Links Australian Tourism
Australian Maps

City and Shire Councils

Australian Art

Books Australian History



Australiana First Families 2001 The Road from Coorain Jill Kerr Conway's classic from the PBS Masterpiece Theatre Federation Gateway - National Library of Australia History of Australian Places Index - Project 2000 Australian History Webring Australian History Links Royal Australian Historical Society ... Australia by Year: Frank Crook's Living Memories ABC Radio series 1996 Map of Australia showing the routes of 19th century explorers - a very useful resource Australian Studies Network ANU Aust Stu Net: History resources Aust Stu Net: Electronic resources Australian History on the Internet ... Archives of Australia Aust Govt Australian Storytelling Australian History Page - Australian and New Zealand History James Cook Uni Australian Libraries Gateway (ALG) Bradman Museum Bowral NSW Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material Directory of Archives in Australia Melbourne Uni History Resources Melb Uni Totalisator History - an Australian Achievement Websters History of Australia Australian History by Sandra ... The Journal of Syms Covington - The Beagle's third voyage.

10. Australian History Webring
The australian history Ring. This painting by Pio Carlone is the basis of the RedRoo logo seen on many of the australian history webring navigation bars.
The Australian History Ring
The Australian History Webring aims to link quality Australian history related sites in order that students and researchers may share their interests and services. The ring welcomes any website devoted primarily to Australian history.
How Do You Join?
You become a member of the ring by first adding your site to a list of potential new members. Once your site has been reviewed and quality checked it may be added to the ring. Submit your site to the member applicants list here The Australian History Webring needs you! Click here to join now
Australian History Webring Join Now Ring Hub Random Next >>
This painting by Pio Carlone is the basis of the Red Roo logo
seen on many of the Australian History webring navigation bars.
Click here to see more of this unique Australian painter's canvases.

Australian History Links
Australian History Books

11. Australian History Digital Library - Electronic Publications - Academic Info
Academic Info australian history Digital Library. The australian history DigitalLibrary is sponsored by. How would you like to sponsor this page?
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Australian History
Digital Library
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Digital Library
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12. Chinese Australian History
Museum that has exhibits and holds cultural events that tell stories of early Chinese settlers.Category Society Ethnicity Asian-Australian Chinese Australian......Chinese australian history. Here, too, are held public lectures andseminars on facets of Chinese australian history and culture.
Chinese Australian History
The history of the Chinese in Australia is on show in the Central Equity Gallery on the third floor of the Museum. An exhibition highlighting the Museum's collection, accumulated over the past ten years is on show, with a wide variety of objects including old dragon and lion heads, traditional wedding costumes, shoes worn by women with bound feet, Cantonese opera banners and children's toys, currency, dolls and much more, depicting the life of Chinese immigrants over the past 150 years. A highlight of the exhibition is a display illustrating the achievements and activities of the Young Chinese League of Melbourne. The audio-visual theatre on the first floor houses a dynamic, multi-screen presentation of images and sounds - "Early Days", "Race Relations" and "Settlers". Here, too, are held public lectures and seminars on facets of Chinese -Australian history and culture. Finding Gold Cultural Classes Chinatown Heritage Walks
School Excursions
... Home page

13. Australian History Links

14. MUP: Australian History
australian history titles from Melbourne University Publishing, Australia'spreeminent scholarly publishing house. australian history.


Info for booksellers

MUP Online Democracy by Richard McGarvie Kidspeak by June Factor Educational multimedia
Australian History
American Citizens, British Slaves: Yankee Political Prisoners in an Australian Penal Colony, 1839-1850
Cassandra Pybus and Hamish Maxwell-Stewart
[PB] Available
Edited by Stuart Macintyre
Introduction and notes on sources by Stuart Macintyre
[HB] Reissued Anglicanism in Australia: A History Bruce Kaye (general editor) Anglicanism in Australia the first comprehensive national history of Anglicans in Australia. [HB] Available Arab-Australians Today: Citizenship and Belonging Ghassan Hage (ed.) Arab-Australians Today raises important questions about immigration, settlement, marginalisation and participation in Western societies. [PB] Available Architecture on Campus: A Guide to the University of Melbourne and its Colleges Philip Goad and George Tibbits information on many of the University of Melbourne's buildings, built from its establishment in 1853 through to the present day, including walking tours around the University [PB] Forthcoming Australia and Israel: An Ambiguous Relationship Chanan Reich Australia and Israel have always had a close relationshipor so most people believe. But does the historical record support this assumption?

15. A History Of Australia
Links to resources on settlement, the First Fleet, convicts and convictlife, books and CDs about australian history. Settlement
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    Captn. James Cook, F.R.S by Francesco Bartolozzi 1727-1815
    From the IMAGES1 collection of the National Library of Australia
    Note: This image is provided for research purposes only and cannot be reproduced without the prior consent of the National Library of Australia. In 1770 Captain James Cook finally ended the mystery of Terra Australis Incognita for the European world. Although partly discovered and mapped to the west and north by Dutch and Portuguese traders and explorers and by English pirate, William Dampier, until Cook's four-month cruise on the Endeavour up the east coast of what he called New South Wales in 1770, the maps of the time showed a blank - the east coast was unknown to, and uncharted by, the European world.

    16. Australian History Museum

    SANDRA'S HOME PAGE. australian history.
    SANDRA'S HOME PAGE AUSTRALIAN HISTORY Governors and Governors-Generals Opposition Leaders Early Australians ... Government House Canberra A.C.T. Australia Australia is a democracy under the Westminster system. The head of state is the monarch of England. THE AUSTRALIAN COAT OF ARMS The Australian Constitution - reference to the changing of the Constitution is in chapter VIII , No. 128 Other proclaimed flags Another very informative link is here in our very own capital city of Western Australia, Australia, that being Perth. 'Gateway to Perth' has many varied and informative links itself. The Australian Tourism Commission has a very interesting page. There is also a photo gallery, which is gives an insight as to the type of scenery we have here in various parts of Australia. Another well presented page well worth visiting is Written by Graham Vowles. Compiled and Edited by Sandra and Timothy Vowles. Last updated
    6th July, 2002.

    Similar pages australian history Formation of the Australian Continent, Early A Page in australian history.

    19. Australian History
    Trinity College Logo Trinity College, australian history. Society and Environment.History. Western australian history. Convicts. Australian Explorers.

    Trinity College
    Australian History
    Society and Environment Australian Identity Year 9 History Pictures and Images from Australia ... Aboriginal People History including timelines Australian Leaders: Prime Ministers, Premiers and Politicians Western Australian History Convicts Australian Explorers ... Parallel History of Australia and the World Timeline First Families Historical Timeline
    Embassy of Australia Australian Cultural Timelines
    Convict Creations Timeline The National Story
    Queensland Federation Documenting a Democracy - Timeline to 1836 Prime Ministers of Australia - Gallery with Timeline
    National Museum Australian History Timelines
    Jackie Miers Australian History
    Embassy of Australia - Washington D.C.

    20. Western Australian History
    Trinity College Logo Trinity College, Western australian history.Society and Environment, Western Australia, australian history. WA

    Trinity College
    Western Australian History
    Society and Environment Western Australia Australian History W.A. Settlement and Early History ... The History of Perth, Western Australia
    Perth WA Shopping Guide Western Australian Convicts A brief history of Western Australia
    West-oz On-line Western Perspectives on a Nation
    Images from Australia's West 1901-2001
    State Library WA
    Western Australian Museum
    Art Gallery Premiers of Western Australia
    Western Australian Electoral Commission
    ... Crossing West Australia Giles Warburton Gosse
    Discoverers Web John Forrest
    David Reilly Lighthouses of Western Australia Legends of the West Other Rushes Kalgoorlie Launching the Ship of State Outback Towns Gold Nuggets Kalgoorlie Discovery of Gold Western Australia
    Le Boydre John Forrest Explorers of Australia Augustus Charles Gregory ... Origins of Street Names in Perth DOLA Home P.L. Duffy Resource Centre

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