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         Austrian Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Die Rezeption Von Arthur Schnitzlers Reigen 1897-1994: Text, Affuhrungen, Verfilmungen Pressespiegel Und Andere Zeitgenosslsche Kommentare (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought) by Gerd K. Schneider, 1995-10
  2. Ice on the Bridge: A Novel (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought. Translation Series) by Erich Wolfgang Skwara, Michael Roloff, 1997-03
  3. Holocaust: A Court for the Dead : A Play in Three Acts (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought Translation Series) by Fritz Hochwalder, U. Henry Gerlach, et all 2003-05
  4. Thennberg or Seeking to Go Home Again (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought Translation Series) by Gyorgy Sebestyen, Lisa Fleisher, 1995-03
  5. Three Late Plays: The Sisters, or Casanova in Spa, Seduction Comedy, the Way to the Pond (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought Translation Series) by Arthur Schnitzler, 1992-01
  6. Buried in the Sands of Time (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought Translation Series) by Janko Ferk, 1989-12
  7. Ferdinand Von Saar: Zehn Studien (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought) (German Edition)
  8. Memories With Trees (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought Translation Series) by Ilse Tielsch, 1993-02
  9. Alfons Petzold-Stefan Zweig: Briefwechsel (Austrian Culture) by Alfons Petzold, Stefan Zweig, et all 1998-10
  10. Aneignungen, Entfremdungen: The Austrian Playwright Franz Grillparzer, 1791-1872 (Austrian Culture) (German Edition)
  11. The Austrian Nation: Cultural Consciousness and Socio-Political Processes (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought) by Ernst Bruckmuller, 2003-05
  12. Weapons of Women Writers (Austrian Culture) by Rigina Breaker, 1995-05
  13. Stone's Paranoia (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought Translation Series) by Peter Henisch, 2000-06
  14. Creating the Other: Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism in the Habsburg Central Europe (Austrian History, Culture and Society)

81. Austrian Cultural Forum : London
austrian Cultural Forum, London. The austrian Cultural Forum (formerly Institute)promotes cooperation in the fields of culture, art, science and education.
Austrian Cultural Forum, London The Austrian Cultural Forum (formerly Institute) promotes co-operation in the fields of culture, art, science and education. The Forum hosts lectures, symposia, concerts, theatrical and dance performances, films and exhibitions. Our library is open to the public. Austrian culture in the UK and Ireland: current listings
Visual arts programme

Contacts and WWW sources

Finding the Austrian Cultural Forum: map
Plus a special event Feedback:
28 Rutland Gate
London SW7 1PQ
Tel: 00 44 (0)20 7584 8653, Fax: 00 44 (0)20 7225 0470

82. Calls For Papers: 20th: CFP: Austrian Holocaust Culture (1/15/0
CFP austrian Holocaust culture (1/15/02; journal). From Geoffrey Chew( Date Sat Nov 10 2001 141308 EST
CFP: Austrian Holocaust Culture (1/15/02; journal)
From: Geoffrey Chew (
Date: Sat Nov 10 2001 - 14:13:08 EST Forwarded message

AUSTRIAN STUDIES, New Series, Volume 1
"Hitler's First Victim?" Holocaust Writing and Public Memory in Austria
Austrian Studies has been relaunched by the MHRA under the new editorship
of Judith Beniston and Robert Vilain, who take over from distinguished
predecessors Ritchie Robertson and Edward Timms. "Austrian Studies" will
appear both in printed and in electronic form from 2003.
A Call for Papers for the first volume has been prepared. It is attached below, and can also be found at the following website:

SIXTH ANNUAL CONFERENCE. ON. austrian LITERATURE AND culture. Visions and Visionariesin. Literature and Film of Modern Austria . CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS
"Visions and Visionaries in
Literature and Film of Modern Austria"
CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS: Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger, Lafayette College
Gisela Roethke, Dickinson College
Dear Conferees,        On behalf of the entire Lafayette College family I am pleased to welcome you to our campus for the Conference on Austrian Literature and Culture entitled "Visions and Visionaries in Literature and Film of Modern Austria."  Professor Lamb-Faffelberger of Lafayette and Professor Roethke of Dickinson College and staff members have arranged an excellent program for your edification and enjoyment.  Recent national events illustrate that now, more than ever, we must increase the positive dialog and interactions among the nations of the world.        We look forward very much to your visit.                                              Arthur J. Rothkopf
                                             President, Lafayette College

84. - Culture
Calendar of Events AEIOU The austrian Cultural Information System culture CalendarFestival Management Vienna Ticket service Vienna City Hall - Guided tour
Information: external link
Calendar of Events
AEIOU - The Austrian Cultural Information System Culture Calendar ...
Vienna City Hall
- Guided tour Memorial for the Austrian victims of the Shoah Vienna Film Office Viennese Wine
Vienna Mozart Concerts Vienna Boys' Choir Musicals in Vienna Wiener Konzerthaus ... Vienna State Opera Balletschool
Reviewing the 10-year History of the Vienna Jewish Museum Museumsquartier Wien Albertina Graphic Arts Collection ... Secession - Association of Artists Museum of Ethnology Vienna Federal Pathologic-anatomical Museum Vienna Vienna Museum of Technology Museum of Military History ... The Vienna Teddy Bear Museum
... and more
Walks in Vienna The Spanish Riding School of Vienna Vienna Zoo Vienna Festival ... top of page
contact: Manfred Rohrhofer
DVR: 0000191
Rathaus, A-1082 Wien

85. German And Austrian Cultural Links
German culture German Links Comments? Suggestions? Broken links? DummyText Rockerparty in Berlin. Auf dem Gelände eines colourtragenden MCs.
Some Annotated Links on the German-Speaking Countries
At the end of April this site will move. Please click HERE to be taken to the new location and then update your bookmark/favorites list. To browse the category, just click below. Graz/Austria - move your mouse in and out German Reference Dictionaries and Encyclopedia German On-Line Book and Video Sources German Language Web Internet Radio German Language News Sources ...
Comments? Suggestions? Broken links?

Dummy Text Rockerparty in Berlin. Auf dem Gelände eines colourtragenden MCs. Begründet wird's in Berlin mit dem ehemaligen Mauerstatus. Damals sei auch nicht jeder einfach so in die Stadt gekommen. Und ausgeweitet wurde es nach dem Mauerfall auf ganz Berlin. Die bestehenden Ostberliner Clubs mußten klein beigeben und legten ihre Kutten schnell ab. „Zu schnell", wie einige von ihnen im Nachhinein bedauern s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)

86. Austrian/German Music & Culture: Myth/Folklore, Opera & Symphony Explored
Highlights of austrian/German Cultural/Historic Events Mid 19th Centuryto Early 20th Century. If you have any questions, EMail
Highlights of Austrian/German Cultural/Historic Events:
Mid 19th Century to Early 20th Century
If you have any questions, E-Mail the author,
Yutaka Yamada

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Yutaka Address and Phone:
77 Glenbrook Rd #208
Stamford CT 06902
Telephone 203 969 2014 The mid to late 19th century in which late "romantic" composers such as JOSEPH ANTON BRUCKNER This period was also a time of turbulence, conflict and warfare. Austria experienced revolution (March Revolution of 1848), had wars with colonies of Austria such as Italy (wars with Kingdom of Sardonia in 1848 and 1859-1860), Hungary (1848) as well as wars with Prussia (1860). These various conflicts ultimately lead Austria into the World War I (conflict with Serbia in 1914 and other nations) Following are summaries of some of the social, political and cultural events of this period.
Late1840's to Early 1860's
After the defeat of the March Revolution (1848), a new government under Franz Joseph (Emperor of Austria 1838-1916) was established. Extreme oppressive measures such as abolishing freedom of the press, jury and public trials were taken. Corporal punishment by police was reestablished and internal surveillance increased. The Catholic church had legal authority over marriage, education (e.g. curriculum of elementary and secondary schools) and had some power to conduct censorship. Certain crucial legal reforms of this period included the drafting of a new Austrian constitution in 1860 (October Diploma) and February Patent (1861). The constitution included unified customs territory, new codes for trades and crafts and serf emancipation (emancipation of peasantry).

87. Austria Cafe
covers the political system, economy, environment, history, education, people, culture,and social security. A comprehensive directory of austrian web links
This site is about Austria, a landlocked country in Europe. Austrian landmarks are notably Mozart, the Alps, Schoenbrunn castle and Sacher Cake (no kangaroos in Austria!). Content covers the political system, economy, environment, history, education, people, culture, and social security. A comprehensive directory of Austrian web links provides access to live radio, news, museums, sports, tourism, universities, music, nature, churches, embassies.
No Kangaroos... ... in Austria! This site is best viewed with a pc and a monitor (800 x 600 min). Basic External Links Service Austrian Culture Inst NY Austria Camping Guide Austria Albums (Encyclopedia, Images, Pictures, Stamps, Video Clips, Music Clips) ... Phone: Yellow Pages Content External Links A - Z Churches Eat and Drink Economy Embassies ... University Search the Austrian Internet Lycos Austria AustroNaut Austria WWW Netguide.At YAHOO! search results: Austria
Last update: 26 October 2002 Woelfchen

88. Philippine Culture And History
Ferdinand Blumentritt An austrian Life for the Philippines (by Harry Sichrovsky,1987). very interesting pages on the prehistory and precontact culture of the
Philippine Culture and History What's New Culture Picturesque Old Philippines History
Philippine Culture
  • Prospects for Transformation in the Philippines in the Next Millenium (by San E. Juan, Jr.)
  • Samples of the PANABI Newsletter (courtesy of National Museum of the Philippines) Remote Links: POP (Picturesque Old Philippines)
    Includes 150 turn-of-the-century photographs!
    Philippine History
  • 89. Wines From Austria - A Taste Of Culture

    one item visiting the Russian Museum together with his austrian counterpart and 13NEW THEATRE OPENS IN VORONEZH On Tuesday, Russian culture Minister Mikhail
    Say what you want! PRAVDA.Ru will hear you!
    Jun, 24 2001 In Russian Em Portugues Former USSR Top Stories ... About Pravda.RU:Culture
    Pioneer Organization in Russia will be revived. New Pioneers want to be top managers
    The Soviet tradition – the initiation in pioneers enters our capitalist days with the whole solemnity. As some years age, children are initiated in pioneers the day before the day of Soviet victory in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany.
    More details
    Kremlin Dedicates Exhibition To Art Academician Fyodor Solntsev
    The exhibition that opens today in the main lobby of the Kremlin Armoury is dedicated to the 200th birthday of Fyodor Solntsev, an art academician, painter, archeologist, restorer and ancient Russian art expert. Solntsev was among the specialists decorating the interior of the Grand Kremlin Palace.
    More details
    Armenian professor: The United Kingdom should return golden treasure to Armenia
    Erevan professor of History of Science Suren Aivazian is preparing a great surprise for the authorities and the population of the United Kingdom: he is going to sent to Queen Elizabeth II a letter, demanding to return Kilikia treasures to Armenia.
    More details
    Russian Archbishop Alexander: Young People's Moral Values Should Be A Common Concern Of State And Church
    Young people's moral values should be a common concern of state and church, said Archbishop Alexander of Kostroma, in charge of the Moscow Patriarchate's youth department, as he spoke Thursday at a press conference ahead of the first Orthodox Youth Congress.

    91. Christians Heimseite: Die Newsgruppe Alt.culture.austrian
    Translate this page alt.culture.austrian. In da alt.culture.austrian schreim und disktian mia imDialekt. Schau afoch amoi eine. Unsa Houmpedsch soitast Du Dia a aunschaun.





    Science Fiction

    In da alt.culture.austrian schreim und disktian mia im Dialekt. Schau afoch amoi eine Unsa Houmpedsch soitast Du Dia a aunschaun. A gaunz wichtige Seitn is a de vom Bernhard Kauntz duat gibz vuele interessante Sochn iwa Kuitua. Es warad nett, waun Du die aun da Umfroge Weanarischste Liada beteulichst. Schick ma Dein Beitrog per Mehl oda posts in da a.c.a In de Archive von da a.c.a gibz a poa oide Sreds aus da a.c.a zum nochlesn, sowie is komplette Archiv aus 95 - 97, soweid i de Artikln hoid hob.
    Created: 31.05.1998
    Updated: 27.09.2000

    92. NIC - Alt.culture.austrian
    Use soc.culture.austria instead. Readers 4500 (0.1%) {15%} Mesgs permonth/day 180/6 {28%} Crossposting 11% {43%} Megs per month
    NIC Search FAQ Format NIC Search FAQ Format ... Credits

    93. About Austria
    Language proudly presents its W6 (home page) and its MS Windows Help File.You mayalso want to risk a look into its official newsgroup alt.culture.austrian;
    A (very) short Guide to Austria on the World Wide Web
    Nationalfahne und Bundesadler - National Flag and Seal This service is also available in GERMAN. There is information on the following topics:
    Soon to come.

    94. The Robert A. Kann Collection Of Austrian History And Culture
    The Robert A. Kann Collection of austrian History and culture http// core of the collection is modern austrian history
    The Robert A. Kann Collection of Austrian History and Culture

    The core of the collection is modern Austrian history, emphasizing the political and intellectual history of Austria and the Habsburg lands from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. The collection consists of nearly 6,000 monograph volumes, significant periodicals, and some 800 offprints.
    Search collect
    Have a question?

    Last modified March 1, 2001
    The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

    95. Austrian Cultural Office Istanbul Istanbul Culture Center
    austrian Cultural Office Istanbul Istanbul culture Center AmbassadorHotel located in divanyolu district in old part of town Istanbul.

    96. Aries Culture - EU - Culture: Austrian Presidency Criticises The Budget For The
    Translate this page EU - culture austrian Presidency criticises the budget for the EUcultural programme. EU - culture austrian Presidency criticises
    Aries Culture

    97. German Course & Cultural Programme - Austrian Music & Culture In Vienna
    You like to travel and you are interested in culture and languages? In thatcase come to us! Get to know the austrian capital Vienna with its various
    Home Contact Us Contact an Agent Sitemap :: REGISTER NOW :: PRICE CALCULATOR :: LAST MINUTE :: FAQ ... :: DOWNLOAD Select Language English Cesky Chinese Trad. Deutsch Espanol Francais Italiano Japanese Korean Polish Russian Svenska Bulgarian Chinese Simpl. Croatian Finnish Hungarian Norwegian Portugues Serbian Slovak Slovenian Turkish
    Learn German
    German ...
    Adults 16+ 2-11 weeks 3-12 months Youth 12-18 years Course Content Certificates
    Accommodation ... Registration
    German for Seniors
    You like to travel and you are interested in culture and languages? - In that case come to us! Get to know the Austrian capital Vienna with its various cultural traditions and let the world-wide unique art treasures enchant you. After a stroll through the historic streets and squares of the imperial city you can relax in a café, drinking a delicious cup of coffee. You want to be out in the open? - Go on a relaxing hike through the Vienna Woods or improve your handicap at the golf course and learn almost effortlessly the German language in small, international classes. German course
    German course from 2 weeks on with 20 lessons German course and 5 lessons culture- and leisure programme per week for all ages. ActiLingua Academy teaches standard German according to a recognized curriculum. ActiLingua is an examination centre for the Austrian German Diploma (OSD).

    98. Culture Net Norway
    AEIOU The austrian Cultural Information System Information on austrianculture and history. Austria Encyclopedia and musical history.

    99. Alt.culture.austrian Archiv
    Translate this page alt.culture.austrian Archiv. W6-Logo. Dere! Auf dera Seitn gibz de bestnund de komplettn Sreds aus da Njusgruppn alt.culture.austrian.
    alt.culture.austrian Archiv
    Dere! Auf dera Seitn gibz de bestn und de komplettn Sreds aus da Njusgruppn alt.culture.austrian . Mea oigemeine Infoamazion findzd auf meina Heimseitn und auf da Houmpedsch von da a.c.a
    De besten Sreds
    Am 06.09.98 san dazukumma: Am 12.09.98 san dazukumma: Am 13.09.98 san dazukumma: Am 19.09.98 san dazukumma: Am 29.09.98 san dazukumma:

    100. Links
    austrian Politics and culture. Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs. austrianMinistry for Economy and Labour. Federal Chancellery of Austria.
    Austrian Politics and Culture Sectoral Information ...
    Related Pages in Ethiopia

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