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         Austrian History:     more books (100)
  1. Napoleon and the Archduke Charles: A History of the Franco-Austrian Campaign in the Valley of the Danube in 1809 (Napoleonic Library) by F. Loraine Petre, 1991-07
  2. Introducing Austria: A Short History (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought) by Lonnie Johnson, 1989-02-01
  3. Austrian Women in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives (Austrian History, Culture and Society) by Mary Jo Maynes, David F. Good, 1996-12
  4. Austrian History Yearbook 1995 (vol 026) by Solomon Wank, 1995-03-01
  5. My Austrian love: the history of the adventures of an English composer in Vienna, written in the trenches by himself by Maxime Provost, 2010-08-30
  6. Austrian History Yearbook 1967
  7. The Habsburg monarchy, 1815-1918;: A history of the Austrian empire and Austria-Hungary, by A. J. P Taylor, 1941
  8. Sketches of the History of the Austrian Netherlands: With Remarks on the Consititution, Commerce, Arts and General State of these Provinces by James Shaw, 1786-01-01
  9. Hitler and the Forgotten Nazis: History of Austrian National Socialism by Bruce F. Pauley, 1981-09
  10. Creating the Other: Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism in the Habsburg Central Europe (Austrian History, Culture and Society)
  11. Austrian History Yearbook, 1992 (vol. 023) by Charles W. Ingrao, 1992-05-01
  12. Austrian History Yearbook 1997 (vol 28) by Charles W. Ingrao, 1997-03-01
  13. Austria in Poetry and History: Bilingual (Anthology of Austrian Literature ; V. 1)
  14. An Economic Spurt That Failed: Four Lectures on Austrian Economic History

austrian history Yearbook. Index Editorial Board Contacts/SubscriptionRates Notes for Contributors Published in Association
Austrian History Yearbook
Index Editorial Board Contacts/Subscription Rates Notes for Contributors Published in Association with the Center for Austrian Studies, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sponsored by the Center for Austrian Studies in cooperation with the Society for Austrian and Habsburg History, an affiliate society of both the American Historical Association and its Conference Group on Central European History, and the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies.
Volume XXXII

22. GERM 21005 - German And Austrian History 1918-1933
University of Bristol shield, GERM 21005 GERMAN AND austrian history19181933. UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL DEPARTMENT OF GERMAN, Problems
Problems of democracy in an age of ideologies - from defeat in the First World War to the rise of Hitler
Handbook entry
Unit bibliography Essay questions 2002-3 Lecture outline 2002-3 This unit, taught by Dr Allinson , is available as an optional unit to all second year students of German. It is also open to other Second Year students in the University of Bristol as an Open Unit.
To find out more, and to register for an Open Unit in the Department of German,
come to Room G108 in 21 Woodland Road
between 10.30 and 12 noon on the Friday of registrstion week.
You may find the following materials and links useful for this unit: (the list is under construction - any suggestions for additions will be gratefully received) Link to Weimar Republic section of the Deutsches Historisches Museum - lebendiges Museum online (highly recommended) Informationen zur politischen Bildung, Heft 261: Die Weimarer Republik An interesting site on the Weimar Repulic by Dietmar Nix Documents on the political history of the Weimar Republic at

23. GERM 21005 - German And Austrian History 1918-33: Unit Bibliography
University of Bristol shield, GERM 21005 GERMAN AND austrian history19181933. UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL DEPARTMENT OF GERMAN, BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Handbook entry
Plan of lectures Essay questions Unit homepage BIBLIOGRAPHY The books listed below are just a selection of the books you will find in the library. You will find plenty more on Germany in class marks DD (history) and JN (politics), and on Austria under DB (history) and JN (politics). For the international setting of the period, see also works on general European history and foreign policy/diplomacy. For titles on more specific themes, remember you can also use the on-line library catalogue and/or consult the bibliographies included in some of the books below (the bibliography in Eberhard Kolb’s book is particularly good).
General works on Germany covering this period Mary Fulbrook: The Fontana History of Germany 1918-1990: The Divided Nation DD 89 FUL
William Carr: A History of Germany, 1815-1990 DD 203 CAR
Gordon A. Craig: Germany 1866-1945 DD 201 CRA
Mary Fulbrook (ed.): German History since 1800 DD 203 GER
Golo Mann: The History of Germany since 1789 DD 203 MAN
Hajo Holborn: A History of Modern Germany 1840-1945 DD 175 HOL
A. J. P. Taylor:

24. GERM 21005 - German And Austrian History 1918-33: Essay Questions 2002-03
University of Bristol shield, GERM 21005 GERMAN AND austrian history 19181933.UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL DEPARTMENT OF GERMAN, ESSAY QUESTIONS 2002-03.

Handbook entry
Plan of lectures Unit bibliography Unit homepage ESSAY QUESTIONS 2002-03
A. To be submitted to the departmental office no later than noon on Friday 29 November 2002. Write an essay of approximately 1,500 words in answer to ONE of the following questions: 1. To what extent can the period from October 1918 to the end of 1919 be regarded as
revolutionary in Germany and Austria? 2. ‘The essential difficulty for the First Austrian Republic was a lack of clear national identity.’ Discuss. 3. ‘At least until 1924, the problems faced by the German and Austrian republics resulted principally
from the policy of the allied powers.’ Discuss. 4. Discuss the view that the German left-wing parties snatched defeat from the jaws of victory
during the years of the Weimar Republic.
B. To be submitted to the departmental office no later than noon on Friday 24 January 2003. Write an essay of approximately 1,500 words in answer to ONE of the following questions:

25. Austrian History Geography Culture
Links to Web sites with information on austrian history, geography,culture, and language. Cheryl Imboden's Switzerland Austria
Cheryl Imboden's
500+ pages of illustrated travel articles and links for Switzerland and Austria. Switzerland and Austria Europe Venice Travel Articles Hotels, Lodging Cities, Towns, Villages, Resorts Transportation General Travel Advice Travel Links Switzerland -Austria Travel Planner Other Resources Tourist Offices Currency
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History, Geography, Culture:
ABOVE: Bookshelves in the National Library, Vienna.
The History of Austria
A review of major Austrian events from prehistoric times through the 20th Century, from The History of Gottschee KZ Mauthausen-Gusen
The World War II concentration camps at Mauthausen and Gusen, Lower Austria, were said to be among the worst in the Third Reich. A Short Extract of Austria's History
The Austrian National Tourist Office traces the country's history from the Babenbergs through the Second Republic. A Short History of Austria-Hungary and Poland
Click the Contents link to select articles from the 1914 edition of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica Austria

26. Chronologies And General Histories For Austria Hungary Czech Slovak History – E
austrian history Divided for easy reference, this longer narrative is part of theEncarta Encyclopedia, covering events from around 15 BC right up to 1999, and
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European History
with Robert Wilde
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Timelines and General Histories For most of the early modern and modern period Habsburg Austria ruled a large area of Central Europe including Hungary and the Czech-Slovak territories. A Short History of Austria-Hungary and Poland
The Encyclopaedia Britannica originally published this detailed examination in 1914. The text is still interesting, despite being hugely out of date, because it reflects the views and attitudes of a time when the Austro-Hungarian Empire still existed. Austrian History Austrian History This detailed narrative of Austrian history includes details on political and religious policies, economics and social trends; it is subdivided, enabling easier reference. The style is clear and nicely written. Brief History of Austria Chronology of Austrian History General History of Austria Produced by the Austrian Press and Information Service, this is a swiftly moving narrative of Austria from the Palaeolithic era to 1998. Although simplified, and with no attempt to analyze, the material is nonetheless clear and partially illustrated.

27. Austrian History, Culture Society
austrian history, Culture Society. Volume 1 AUSTRIAN WOMEN IN THE19th 20th CENTURIES Crossdisciplinary Perspectives Edited
Volume 1
Cross-disciplinary Perspectives

Edited by David F. Good, Margarete Grandner and Mary Jo Maynes Volume 2

Culture and Politics in Austria and the United States

Edited by David F. Good and Ruth Wodak Volume 3

Edited by Steven Beller Volume 4

The Evolution of Dramatic and Muscial Theater in Austria and Central Europe

Edited by Michael Cherlin, Halina Filipowicz and Richard L. Rudolph Volume 5 CREATING THE "OTHER" Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism in Habsburg Central Europe Edited by Nancy M. Wingfield

A BRIEF SURVEY OF austrian history. 103459 Rickett, Richard. A BRIEF SURVEY OFaustrian history. Prachner 1983, 7th edition. 166 pages. Small hardbound.
Richard Rickett A BRIEF SURVEY OF AUSTRIAN HISTORY. Prachner: 1983, 7th edition. 166 pages. Small hardbound. Illustrated with photos and drawings. Austria history and Austrian culture. Near fine condition. $12
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29. Austrian Information
Washington, DC Volume 53, No. 4, April 2000. austrian history YearbookVolume XXX. The austrian history Yearbook, Volume XXX, published
Washington, D.C. Volume 53, No. 4, April 2000
Austrian History Yearbook Volume XXX
The Austrian History Yearbook, Volume XXX, published by the Center of Austrian Studies, contains articles by Ernst Wangermann "By and By We Shall Have an Enlightened Populace: Moral Optimism and the Fine Arts in Late-Eighteenth-Century Austria;" Michael John "We Do Not Even Possess Our Selves: On Identity and Ethnicity in Austria, 1880-1937;" R. John Rath "The Dollfu§ Ministry: The Intensification of Animosities and the Drift Toward Authoritarianism;" Friedrich Rainer "National Socialism, and Postwar Europe: The Historical World of an Austrian Nazi," Peter Utgaard" From Blümchenkaffee to Wiener Melange: Schools, Identity and the Birth of the 'Austria-as-Victim" Myth, 1945-55;" Michael Hochedlinger "Bella gerant alii...? On the State of Early Modern Military History in Austria; a forum discussion on "Counter-Reformation, Reform Catholicism, and the Enlightenment," as well as 24 detailed book reviews. The Austrian History Yearbook is published annually by the Center for Austrian Studies in cooperation with the Conference Group of Central European History and the Society for Austrian and Habsburg History.

30. Austrian Information
Washington, DC Volume 50, No. 10, 1997. austrian history Yearbook.Volume XXVIII of the austrian history Yearbook, a peerreviewed
Washington, D.C. Volume 50, No. 10, 1997
Austrian History Yearbook Volume XXVIII of the Austrian History Yearbook, a peer-reviewed, annual journal for the study of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Republic of Austria, published by the Center of Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota contains the following articles: Vienna 1900 Revisited: Paradigms and Problems by Allan Janik; Central Europe's Gentle Voice of Reason: Bílejovsky and the Ecclesiology of Utraquism by Zdenek V. David; Franklin's Free Will; Or, Optimism in Cracow, 1798 by David A. Frick; The Politics of the Book Trade in Nineteenth-Century Austria by Norbert Bachleitner; Galicia in Vienna: Jewish Refugees in the First World War by David Rechter; Some Reflections on the Habsburg Empire and Its Legacy in the Nationalities Question by Solomon Wank;

31. Austria , Austro-Hungarian Empire-- Primary Documents
Sammlung von Primärquellen zur Geschichte Österreichs und der ÖsterreichischUngarischen Monarchie, Category World Deutsch Österreich Gesellschaft Geschichte...... Primärquellen zur Geschichte Österreichs im 20. Jahrhundert Primary Documentson 20th Century austrian history (20th century; German transcriptions)
History of Austria,
Austro-Hungarian Empire:
Primary Documents
The Early Germanic Kingdoms
Texts and Archives
(transcriptions) Quellen zur mittelalterlichen Reichsgeschichte
Sources for the History of the Medieval [Germanic] Empire Early, High and Late Middle Ages.
Includes the Hanseatic League.
(800 - 1503; Latin and contemporary German transcriptions with critical apparatus) Handschriftenabbildungen:
Deutschsprachige Handschriften des Mittelalters im Internet
Facsimiles of German-language medieval manuscripts.
Organized by locations of manuscripts. Traditional Austrian Sagas and Legends
(Transcriptions) Establishment of the Duchy of Austria
(17 September 1156; English translation) Verdun altar at Klosterneuburg
Perhaps the earliest text form of Biblia pauperum
(1181; transcription) Kaiser Rudolf I von Habsburg:
Mandate on property of fleeing Jews
(6 December 1286; modern German translation) Kaiser Rudolf I von Habsburg:
Establishment of feudal relationship of the Jews of Limburg to Gerlach von Limburg
(6 May 1287; modern German translation) Codex Manesse
Complete facsimile of the Codex Palatinus Germanicus 848 in the Heidelberg university library

32. Austrian History
History of Austria, 1492 1792. .will not occur for quite som timeyet) Last modified June 11, 1997 Martin Kirkengen
History of Austria, 1492 - 1792
....will not occur for quite som time yet:) Last modified: June 11, 1997 Martin Kirkengen

33. Austrian Trivia And Quizzes Quiz
austrian history. 1, austrian history At its height, the AustrianEmpire was the second largest country in Europe (after Russia).
Home Members History European History : Austrian
Austrian History
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Quiz Title Difficulty Played Online Author Austrian History
At its height, the Austrian Empire was the second largest country in Europe (after Russia). Some of its history is well known, but much of its history is rather less well known. Test your knowledge, and have fun. Average Apr 02 01 bloomsby Mighty Monarchs VI (Austria) Mighty Monarchs VI covers the rulers of Austria from the creation of the Margraviate (976 AD) to the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1918 AD). Related odds and ends included. Good Luck! Average Jul 08 02 hund = highest rated quizzes = added recently = has extra info for each qn Editor's Pick = FunTrivia Editor Gold Member info Games are listed by highest rank.

34. Department Of German, Handbook, History 1918-33
University of Bristol German Homepage Handbook Frontpage Departmentsand Services , GERM 21005 GERMAN AND austrian history 19181933.
University of Bristol German Homepage Handbook Frontpage Departments and Services GERM 21005:

Tel 0117 928 7949
Fax 0117 929 1901
Email: S TUDENT H ANDBOOK - 2002/2003 10 Credit Points
Unit Director: Dr Mark Allinson One hour per week in the First Teaching Block Building on the first year introductory unit, this unit takes a close look at one of the most crucial periods of German history. Although the emphasis of the unit is on Germany, the development of the first Austrian republic is also considered in compari son with the history of Germany's Weimar Republic. Though the emphasis is on political history, to trace the collapse of democracy in both Germany and Austria during this period, the development of Germany and Austria is necessarily placed in the interna tional context, and there is also consideration of social history.
Most of the hours will consist of lectures. Brief summaries of the lectures and further materials are distributed as appropriate. Seminar hours will be used to discuss the additional materials and to debate essay-type questions.
The unit serves as a useful preparation for understanding the history of the countries to be visited during the Third Year abroad, and for a wide range of final year options. Apart from the inherent importance of historical knowledge, the essays written for this unit are designed to develop analytical skills and to instil an awareness of the importance of choosing and deploying relevant material to further a line of argument.

35. Primary Sources Of Austrian History - Eduseek
Subjects History History 12+ Continents and Countries Europe CentralEurope Austria 20th Century Austria Primary Sources of austrian history,

36. Austrian History
Provides a indepth history of the country from the Celtic and Roman eras to the later part of the 20th century.
History of Austria History Home Page Shop our Online Store! Discuss World Issues! ... End of the Kreisky Era Afghanistan Albania Algeria Angola Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Bolivia Bulgaria Cambodia Chad Chile China Congo, Dem. Rep. Colombia Comoros Cyprus Czech Republic Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ethiopia Finland Georgia Germany Ghana Guyana Haiti Honduras Hungary Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Jordan Kazakstan Korea, North Korea, South Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Libya Madagascar Mauritania Moldova Mongolia Nepal Nicaragua Nigeria Oman Pakistan Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Saudi Arabia Seychelles Singapore Somalia Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Syria

37. Österreichische Historikerkommission
Wirtschaftsgeschichte vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart (Vol, 10 of ÖsterreichischeGeschichte, a series of publications on austrian history ed. by Herwig
o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roman Sandgruber
Born 1947, Rohrbach, Upper Austria, Austria
1965-1971 Studied history, German literature and economics at Vienna University 1972-1988 Assistant, Department for Social and Economic History, University of Vienna (under Professors Alfred Hoffmann and Michael Mitterauer)
1982 Habilitation as lecturer ( Dozent ) in Economic and Social History, Vienna University
since 1982 Full Professor and Head of the Department of Economic and Social History, Linz University
since 1995 Corresponding Member of the Austrian Academy of Science
since 1996 Chairman of the Senate of Linz University
1998 Academic Director of the Upper Austrian Regional Exhibition 1998, "Land of Hammers - Iron Ore Land" and Chairman of the Academic Advisory Committee of the "Iron Road" regional association in Upper Austria Chairman, Economic History Section, Union of Austrian Historians and Historical Associations
Prof. Sandgruber has published a comprehensive account of the economic history of Austria from the Middle Ages to the present ( Ökonomie und Politik. Wirtschaftsgeschichte Österreichs vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart

38. Austrian Genealogy - History And Geography
Republic of Austria (see the official pages of the Federal Chancellery that includesa short summary of austrian history) consists of the following provinces
Table of Contents History Geography Maps Please be patient while this page loads. It may take several minutes for the map thumbnails to appear.
It is important to distinguish between present-day Austria and the Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empire of the past. Many "Austian" towns and provinces are no longer part of Austria and many probably bear different names today. If you are not sure, check using any of the fine place finder resources. In some cases provinces have been re-defined or split amongst different countries. The following table illustrates a few (simplified) examples of such changes: German name English name Native name Now in . . . Krain Carniola Krajina mainly Slovenia Kroatien Croatia Hrvatska mainly Croatia Veneto Veneto Veneto Italy Schlesien Silesia Poland and Czech Republic Galizien Galicia mainly Poland Moravia mainly Czech Republic Bohemia Czech Republic Transylvania Romania Untersteiermark Lower-Styria Slovenia South Tyrol Italy For more detailed information see:

39. AAASS Website
PURPOSE To encourage, support, and further the study of austrian history and thehistory of the Habsburg monarchy and of its successor states, insofar as the
Society for Austrian and Habsburg History
To encourage, support, and further the study of Austrian history and the history of the Habsburg monarchy and of its successor states, insofar as the relationship between these and the Habsburg monarchy is clear. OFFICERS/Executive Committee: Mary Gluck, Dept. of History, Brown U, Providence, RI 02912, tel.: 401-863-2131, e-mail: Term: 1995-99 James Van Horn Melton, Dept. of History, Emory U, Atlanta, GA 30322, tel.: 404-727-6555, e-mail: Term: 1994-98 Maria Kovacs, Dept. of History, U of Wisconsin-Madison, tel.: 608-263-1800, e-mail: Term: 1996-2000 Franz A.J. Szabo, Dept. of History, Carleton U, Ottawa, ONT KIS 5B6, Canada, e-mail: Term: 1997-2001 Gary B. Cohen, Dept. of History, U of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019. Term: 1998-2002 PUBLICATIONS : Austrian History Yearbook, annual (spring) REGULAR MEETING : Annual meeting of Executive Committee at AHA meeting CURRENT MEMBERS: ANNUAL DUES: Included with subscription to Austrian History Yearbook CONTACT for further information: Mary Gluck
Contact Webmaster

40. Paul W. Schroeder
Editorial Boards Journal of Modern History (2 terms), Central European History,austrian history Yearbook, International History Review, Historical Abstracts.
Paul W. Schroeder
VITA Name: Paul W. Schroeder Advanced degrees: M.A., History, Texas Christian University, 1956 Ph.D., History, University of Texas, 1958 Prizes: Albert J. Beveridge Prize, American Historical Association, 1956 Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Prize, 1962 Finalist, Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 1975 Queen Prize, 1980 Senior University Scholar, University of Illinois, 1989 British International Studies Association, 1990 Jubilee Professor, 1992 Honorary Doctor of Letters, Valparaiso University, 1993 Fellowships: Fulbright Scholar in Austria, 1956-1957 United States Steel Foundation Fellow, 1957-1958 Senior Fellow, National Endowment for the Humanities, 1973 Senior Fellow, American Council of Learned Societies, 1976-1977 Fellow, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 1983-84 Visiting Research Fellow, Merton College, Oxford, 1984 Peace Fellow, United States Institute of Peace, 1992-93 Offices: Secretary-Treasurer, Conference Group for Central European History, 1967-1968 Research Division Committee, American Historical Association, 1974-1977

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