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         Aviation Institutes & Organizations:     more detail
  1. Organization and Roles of Army Aviation (Advanced) (IPD) by Army Institute of Professional Development, 1980
  2. Emergency Preparedness for Nuclear Powered Satellites. Report of Ad Hoc Meeting of Oecd Nuclear Energy Agency and Swedish National Institute of Radia
  3. Technology and adaptive hierarchy: Formal and informal organization for flight operations in the U.S. Navy (Working paper / University of California, Berkeley, Institute of Governmental Studies) by Gene I Rochlin, 1988
  4. U.S.-Japan civil aviation (Working papers on Asia Pacific economic cooperation) by Jacqueline McFadyen, 1997
  5. The $5 Billion Misunderstanding: The Collapse of the Navy's A-12 Stealth Bomber Program by James P. Stevenson, 2001-09
  6. The multilateral agency : the approach, the perspective and the means (FTL report) by Assad Kotaite, 1981

1. Russian Aviation Organizations
Tolmachevo Airport English and Russian. Pulkovo aviation Enterprise English and Russian Aircraft Portal organizations institutes.
Now in its 5th year!
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Aircraft Portal Organizations
Air Forces
Airports Industry Institutes ... Organizations Airports
  • Izhevsk Airport Includes photos and specs of aircraft operated from there. Novosibirsk JSC Tolmachevo Airport English and Russian Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise English and Russian Sakhalin Airport English and Russian Sheremet'evo Moscow International Airport Home Page English and Russian. Yuzno-Sakhalinsk International Airport English and Russian.

  • Aircraft
    Portal Organizations Institutes
  • CENTRAL AEROHYDRODYNAMIC INSTITUTE (TsAGI) The Central Institute of Aviation Motor Construction (TsIAM). In Russian only. Moscow Aviation Institute Short overview. Moscow State Aviation Institute State Research Institute of Aviation Systems

  • Aircraft
    Portal ... Organizations Schools
  • August Hang Gliding School . In Russian only. Affiliated with the Moscow Aviation Institute. Faculty of Aviation Transport Engineers (Russian only) Kazan State Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev. Russian aerobatic school, by Paul Ross, who flew in a Yak-52. State Aerospace University by N.E. Zhukovskiy "KhAI"
  • 2. PolishWorld: Organizations
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    PolishWorld: Organizations
    Aviation Institutes


    Internet Polska
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    3. Subscribing Mission Organizations
    about some of these organizations, click the button beside their Training institutes. College of the Ozarks. LeTourneau University aviation -. Missionary aviation Institute
    Subscribing Mission Organizations
    To find out more information about some of these organizations, click the button beside their names.
    Mission Organizations
    Africa Inland Mission (AIMAIR) -
    Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) -
    Baptist Mid-Missions
    Biblical Ministries World Wide
    Board of Global Ministries (United Methodist Church)
    Flying Mission
    JAARS International - Mision Evangelica Bolivana (Evangelical Methodist Mission) Missionary Aviation Fellowship - Australia (MAFA) Mission Aviation Fellowship - Canada (MAFC) - Mission Aviation Fellowship - Europe (MAFE) Mission Aviation Fellowship - US (MAFUS) - New Tribes Mission Aviation (NTMA) - Regions Wings (World Team) - South American Mission (SAMAIR) United Indian Mission (UIM) World Gospel Mission (WGM) World Mission Prayer League
    Training Institutes College of the Ozarks LeTourneau University - Aviation - Missionary Aviation Institute (MAI - Piedmont Baptist College) MMS Aviation (Missionary Maintenance Service) Moody Aviation (Moody Bible Institute) - Prairie Bible College - Aviation School of Missionary Aviation (SOMA - Christian Heritage College) Mailing address: Mission Safety International 328 E.Elk Ave. Ste.1

    4. Organizations And Associations
    Logistics and Related organizations and institutes. Advanced Technologies Steering International Civil aviation Organization (ICAO). International Council on Systems Engineering

    5. International Directory Of Design: Aeronautics & Aerospace Organizations
    professional societies, associations, institutes and other of Design Aeronautics Aerospace organizations. more info International Civil aviation Organization.

    For more info, click here
    Argentina Australia Bulgaria ... United States Argentina TOP Australia TOP Design Institute of Australia Royal Aeronautical Society Bulgaria TOP Bulgarian Astronautical Society Canada TOP Aerospace Industries Association of Canada Air Transport Research Group International Civil Aviation Organization India TOP Aeronautical Society of India Italy TOP Associazione Italiana di Aeronautica e Astronautica Japan TOP Nihon Koku Uchu Gakkai Uchu Kagaku Kenyusho Portugal TOP Aero Club de Portugal Russia TOP Aircraft Building Society Aviation Engine Research Institute Switzerland TOP Airports Council International International Air Transport Association United Kingdom TOP Airship Association British National Space Centre United States TOP Aerospace Industries Association Air Transport Association Aircraft Electronics Association ... Vertical Flight Society
    Last Update: Wednesday, November 6, 2002
    PO 470925, San Francisco, CA 94147, USA
    tel: +1 (415) 567 4157
    fax: +1 (415) 567 4165
    If you have any comments, changes or additions for this page, please contact us at one of the addresses above.

    6. Art History Organizations
    Cultural Heritage Major organizations Archaeological institutes and Research Centres Foreign Archaeological institutes Landings aviation related organizations on the web IndexA

    7. Resource Library: Hub Of The RmFamily Of Sites And Services
    organizations Industry associations, institutes and nonprofit organizations ( Library public interest to enhance worldwide aviation safety. Hazardous Materials Advisory Associations, non-profits, institutes related to ergonomics. organizations / Fire. Associations

    8. Omniseek: Science And Tech: /Science & Tech/Aviation And Aeronautics
    Top Science Tech aviation and Aeronautics Accidents Aviators Employment EventsHistory institutes organizations Propulsion Usenet Web Directories Women Show
    News Sections




    Search Engine Omniseek Multisearch Article Archives Discovery EnviroOrgs Exploratorium Invention City ScienceNOW Scientific American Scorecard Home TechExpo Treasure Troves Xplore Top
    Aviation and Aeronautics
    Employment Events History Institutes Organizations Propulsion Usenet Web Directories Women Show Sites in this topic Thu Apr 3, 6:17 pm

    9. Aviation Links #5 (Institute Of Aviation)
    Translate this page aviation Links 5 Universities/Research institutes. 1 Overview 2 organizations 3 Airports/Airfields 4 Airlines 5 Universities/Research institutes 6
    Institute of Aviation at Dresden University of Technology
    Aviation Links #5: Universities/Research Institutes
    #1: Overview
    #2: Organizations

    #3: Airports/Airfields

    #4: Airlines

    #5: Universities/Research Institutes
    #6: Publications/Information/Link Sites

    #7: Exhibitions/Fairs/Shows

    #8: Commercial Aviation Services

    #9: Aviation Safety/Incidents/Accidents
    Universities/Research Institutes in Europe
    Cranfield University
    Cranfield College of Aeronautics
    Donau-Universität Krems
    Aviation MBA - Further Studies in Aviation
    Fachhochschule Aachen
    Fachbereich Flugzeugbau, Triebwerkbau, Raumfahrttechnik
    Fachhochschule Wiesbaden
    Fachgebiet Luftverkehrswesen Studienschwerpunkt Luftverkehrswesen
    Loughborough University
    Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering
    RWTH Aachen
    Verkehrwissenschaftliches Institut Fachgebiet Flughafenwesen - Airport Research Center
    TU Berlin TU Braunschweig TH Darmstadt
    Fachgruppe Luftverkehr Fachgebiet Flugsysteme und Regelungstechnik Fachgebiet Strömungslehre und Aerodynamik Fachgebiet Gasturbinen und Flugantriebe
    TU Dresden TU Hamburg-Harburg
    Arbeitsbereich Flugzeug-Systemtechnik Fachgebiet Raumfahrttechnik Homepage Institut für Verkehrsforschung ...
    R. Lux

    10. UK Department Of The Environment, Transport And The Regions
    4.1 Commercial and public air transport operators 4.2 Approved design, productionand maintenance organizations 4.3 aviation training institutes 4.4 Numbers
    Department for Transport
    International Civil Aviation Organisation
    Safety Oversight Programme
    Executive Summary List of ICAO documents referred to in this report List of United Kingdom documents referred to in this report INTRODUCTION ... APPENDICES
    Appendix A - A copy of the MOU signed between the United Kingdom and ICAO
    Appendix B - Oganizational charts
    Appendix C - List of public transport providers
    Appendix D - List of Airworthiness Notices
    Appendix E - Design Approval Groups
    Appendix F - UK Action Plan
    Published 10 December 1998 Return to Aviation Index Return to Home Page

    11. UK Department Of The Environment, Transport And The Regions
    by over 100 aviation training institutes, schools, colleges, etc. The CAA approvestraining courses provided by approved training organizations and conducts a
    Department of the Environment,
    Transport and the Regions
    International Civil Aviation Organisation
    Safety Oversight Programme
    4.1 Commercial and public air transport operators
    The CAA has issued over 200 air operator certificates (AOC). These include 179 AOCs to civil operators and twenty-six to the police force (PAOC). Fourteen of the AOCs issued to commercial operators were issued under JAR-OPS 1 provisions. Additional operators are in the process of being certificated in accordance with JAR-OPS provisions. A list of public transport operators holding an AOC or PAOC may be found in Appendix C.
    4.2 Approved design, production and maintenance organizations
    The United Kingdom CAA has approved over 1 400 design, production and maintenance organizations. The requirements and procedures for the approval of such organizations are discussed in section 5.6 of this report.
    4.3 Aviation training institutes
    Aviation training is a major undertaking in the United Kingdom. Aviation training, covering the whole spectrum, is provided by over 100 aviation training institutes, schools, colleges, etc. The CAA approves training courses provided by approved training organizations and conducts a periodic control and supervision programme of the organizations and approved courses. Specific training issues are addressed in paragraphs 5.4

    12. Women's Studies Organizations - Academic Info
    you, your organization, department, or company are acknowledged here as a sponsorof the Women's Studies organizations page. Women in aviation Resource Center.
    Home Keyword Search Index Reference Desk ... Student Center Academic Info
    Women's Studies Organizations
    Social Sciences Women's Studies Organizations We Need Your Help
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    Academic Info
    19-143rd ST SW
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    "...links to more than 600 women's studies (including "gender studies") programs, departments, and research centers around the world that have web sites."
    From Joan Korenman's Women's Studies / Women's Issues Resource Sites Women's Studies Programs, and Campus Women's Centers in the US Compiled and maintained by Gerri Gribi About-Face "...promotes positive self-esteem in girls and women of all ages, sizes, races and backgrounds through a spirited approach to media education, outreach and activism."

    13. Institutes - Aviation Catalog -
    institutes 8. air educational institutions in Russia and abroad, cooperates withaviation establishments and organizations, developers and

    14. Researching Philanthropy - Grants Classification - The Foundation
    ASSOCIATIONS (G84) Use for organizations that provide AUTISM RESEARCH institutes ANDACTIVITIES ONLY (H84 DRUNK DRIVING RELATED (I23) aviation/AEROSPACE MUSEUM

    15. Museums Organizations
    Ports aviation Ports aviation Embassies Centers institutes Centers institutesClubs, Unions Shopping Centers Museums organizations Museums

    16. Web Bound - Health: Organizations-Institutes
    Main Health organizationsinstitutes (55) Sites American Sports Medicine Institute- aviation Health Institute - Bayer
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    17. Web Bound - Connecticut
    Directory of Connecticut businesses, organizations, real estate, education and other subject areas.Category Regional North America Connecticut Guides and Directories...... Repair (30) Auto Rental (1) aviation (10) Banks EducationAcademies (7) Education-institutes(9) Education Centers (19) Healthcare-organizations (39) Healthcare
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    18. Human Systems R&D Links - MATRIS Web Site
    organizations With Human Systems Research Interests. Administration (FAA), Officeof aviation Research Human Usability Group National institutes of Health
    Organizations With Human Systems Research Interests Air Force Army Navy Department of Defense/Tri-Service ... Standardization Documents
    Department of the Air Force
    311th Human Systems Wing
    Air Force Human Systems Integration Office

    Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning (AFIADL)

    Air Force Occupational Measurement Squadron (AFOMS)
    ... Go to top
    Department of the Army
    Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL)
    Army Battle Command Training Program

    Army Health Hazard Assessment Program

    Army Medical Research Institute for Chemical Defense
    ... Go to top
    Department of the Navy
    Chief of Naval Operations - Office of Training Technology (OTT)
    Marine Corps Safety Division

    Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory (NAMRL)

    Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)
    Go to top
    Department of Defense/Tri-Service
    Advanced Distributed Learning Network (ADLNet) Defense Acquisition Deskbook Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Defense Automated Visual Information System (DAVID)/Defense Instructional Technology Information System (DITIS) ... Go to top
    Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) Center for Advanced Aviation System Development (CAASD) Department of Commerce - FedWorld Department of Energy (DoE), Environmental Measurements Laboratory (EML) - Human Subjects Research Database

    19. Welcome To Hankuk Aviation University
    After graduation, students can pursue their careers in civil and government aviationlaw organizations, airlines, international law institutes and major

    20. The WWWW Virtual Library: Logistics: Organizations And Associations
    and Related organizations and institutes Advanced Technologies EDI/EC organizations,Premenos; Electronic Commerce Effects Reporting on aviation Medicine and
    WWW Virtual Library: Logistics Clearinghouse Approved Home Go Back Organizations and Associations 271 URLs, updated: 01/01/98 Logistics and Related Organizations and Institutes WWW Virtual Library of Logistics
    Ver 4, Sep, 1999, Matthew D. Cox,
    Sponsored by LogisticsWorld

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