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         Aviation Museums:     more books (100)
  1. Catalina by Air (Images of Aviation: California) by Jeannine L. Pedersen, Catalina Island Museum, 2008-07-28
  2. U.S. Naval Aviation by Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, M. Hill Goodspeed, et all 2001-11-09
  3. The Spirit of Naval Aviation: The National Museum of Naval Aviation by M. Hill Goodspeed, 1997-04
  4. Murals Without Walls: Arshile Gorky's Aviation Murals Rediscovered by Arshile Gorky, Ruth Bowman, 1978-11
  5. San Diego's North Island: 1911-1941 (CA) (Images of Aviation) by Katrina Pescador, Mark Aldrich, et all 2007-09-10
  6. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Directory of Airplanes: Their Designers and Manufacturers by Dana Bell, 2002-04-01
  7. North AmericanAircraft & Aerospace Museum Guide
  8. Canada's Warplanes : Unique Aircraft in Canada's Aviation Museums by Dan McCaffery, 2001-04
  9. Jämsä: Jämsänkoski, Lake Kuorevesi, Isojärvi, Längelmäki, Hallinportti Aviation Museum
  10. United States Naval Aviation Museum by Unknown, 1988
  11. Government Ministries of Serbia: Ministry of Defence (Serbia), Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Museum of Aviation
  12. The Spirit of Naval Aviation The National Museum of Naval Aviation by Captain E. Earle Rogers, 2002-01-01
  13. Museums in Belgrade: Museum of Aviation, National Museum of Serbia, Nikola Tesla Museum, Military Museum, List of Museums in Belgrade
  14. Aviation Museums and Collections of Mainland Europe by Bob Ogden, 2006-07

21. Aviation Museums
There is some aviation museums in Poland worthvisiting. Two already have their own sites.
Main Military Airlines Photogallery ... About
There is some aviation museums in Poland worth visiting.
Two already have their own sites. Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego, Kraków
(Official site here)
Muzeum Wojska Polskiego, Warszawa Muzeum Marynarki Wojennej, Gdynia ... About Original design by Elysium deeZine Elysium deeZine . All rights reserved. Photos and other material from this site may not be used or published, neither commercially nor for other purposes, in any form, including Internet, magazines and books, without the authors permission. For all enquiries please contact us by e-mail or by other means. Contact the webmaster here.

22. Russian Aviation Page: Reviews Of The Aviation Museums And Aerospace Attractions
Detailed reviews of the Russian aviation museums and other aerospace attractions. Thereare three videos covering few aviation museums from this list.

Central Museum of Voenno Vozdushnukh Sil (Air Force) is the largest collection of aviation artifacts in Russia. Back few years ago I managed to take few photos, but was warned and in fear to be asked to leave the facilities and to loose the film I interrupted my photo session . The place was still taboo for visitors with cameras (unless you are lucky, can make friends quickly or bribed you way through Besides Monino there are few more "must see" places in Moscow and surroundings: Gromov Flight Research Center (LII) at Zhukovsky The Central Museum of Armed forces National Aviation and Space Museum at Khodynka Kubinka Tushino Space related : Korolev's memorial, Tsialkovski's museum, Cosmos Pavilion etc. Moscow Victory Park Museum Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI): Moscow Airports: Sheremet'evo and Vnukovo Gorky Park where you can dine inside of Soviet space shuttle Buran The Yakovlev OKB (Design Bureaus) Museum The Kamov OKB Museum The Mikoyan OKB Museum The Sukhoi OKB Museum Through out Russia: Chkalov's museum in Chkalovsk, Nizhnij Novgorod region

23. Fleet Air Arm Website
One of the world's largest aviation museums with over 90 aircraft in the collection on display including Concorde 002 (the British prototype)
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. Please download a newer version of your browser.

24. Russian Aviation Page: Reviews Of The Aviation Museums And Aerospace Attractions
Russian Aviation Page Reviews of the aviation museums and AerospaceAttractions. text based navigation at the bottom of the screen.
Khodynka One of the better treated Yaks on display at Khodynka. Photo
Inside the Red Zone
by William Triplet ( June/July 1995 National Aviation and Space Museum, 24a Leningradsky Prospekt, Moscow, 125040, Russia. Phone (7095) 213-88-53. Open daily from 10:00 a. m. to 7:00 p. m. Admission: $2 "This is Su-15", says Gennady Roshichin pointing to the long, narrow Sukhoi fighter that was once a staple of the Soviet Air Force. "It was this type jet that shotdown Korean Air Lines 747"."In fact", he elaborates, "when a Russian movie was made about the 1983 downing of flight 007, this very jet was used in the filming". Roshchin moves down the line. "This is Su-25", he says, pointing to a ground-attack jet with rocket pods and dummybombs hung from the wings. This saw very much action in Afghanistan. He walks on, continuing with the same authoritative dispassion one hears in thevoices of museum guides the world over. But it would be impossible to mistake Roshchin for anything other than a Russian. He is a retired Soviet fighter pilot who will say of his past only that heturned in his flightsuit long ago (presshim for specifics and he will graciouslyevade the question). The museum where he serves as deputy director - the National Aviation and Space Museum, a.k.a. the National Aeronautics Museumor the Museum of the Air Forces - shows the standard early artifacts found in most collections in favor of morecontemporary models, particularly tactical combat aircraft. Indeed, the more than 30 aircraft on view represent the bulk of Soviet fighters built over the last 40 years.

25. Flight Journal - Aviation Museum Search Form
Home Great Planes Online Articles Aviation Museums ... FJstore
You may use one or more of the following criteria to search
Search by Museum Name
Search by State

Search by Country
Australia Brazil Canada Denmark England France Germany Great-Britian Ireland Malaysia New-Zealand Norway Portugal Sweden USA
• If your museum is not already included in this directory and you wish to create a new listing, you must complete and submit THIS FORM . The form can also be printed and returned by mail to: Museum Directory, Flight Journal, 100 East Ridge, Ridgefield, CT 06877; or by fax to (203) 431-3000. Be sure to include your daytime phone number so we can contact you to verify your submission.
• If you wish to modify or delete an existing Museum Directory entry, please send an email to . Be sure to include your daytime phone number (so we can contact you to confirm your information)and the text of the current entry and any additions, subtractions or changes.

26. Aviation Museums - Feature
A good place to begin is the Landings list of aviation museums, from the AirVictory Museum in Medford, NJ, to the Central Finland Aviation Museum.

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November is Aviation History Month, the perfect time to explore museums dedicated to flight. Never been beyond a commercial aircraft? Enter the cockpits of unique and historical planes at the following sites. A good place to begin is the Landings list of aviation museums, from the

27. Robin's FYI - Aviation Museums
This page is for anyone with an interest in aviation museums. Manyalso offer great information of days gone by. aviation museums
This page is for anyone with an interest in Aviation Museums. You can visit many of the museums online, or find one to visit on your next vacation. Many also offer great information of days gone by. Aviation Museums While going to different museums around the world would be fun, most of us simply can't afford it. However the internet gives us an opportunity to see some great pictures from some of the best museums, not to mention the virtual museums. This page can be useful for things like research for a school reports, checking the schedules of a museums you are planning to visit, or just some inexpensive entertainment. There are just over 90 museums sites listed below, have fun. If you know of a site that should be included please feel free to e-mail me. To make things a little quicker please give a suggestion to which section it would belong to. All text links are FREE, if you wish to place a banner this can be done by sponsoring a page . There is a limit of one sponsor per page Aviation pages on this site: Aviation - Main page Airlines - other
Airports Air Shows Employment Helicopter History Humor Maintenance Military Miscellaneous Museums Personal pages Read about...

28. Controller Guide To The Web: Aviation Museums
Controller Guide to the Web aviation museums,

29. Canadian Museum Of Flight - Links To US Aviation Museums
US aviation museums Air Heritage Inc. Alaskan Aviation Heritage MuseumArkansas Air Museum Aviation Museum of Kentucky Capt Michael
U.S. Aviation Museums Air Heritage Inc.
Alaskan Aviation Heritage Museum

Arkansas Air Museum

Aviation Museum of Kentucky
Confederate Air Force
(a.k.a. Commemorative Air Force)
Collings Foundation

Cradle of Avaition Museum

DC-3 Online Museum

Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Association
... Aviation Links


30. Flying In Florida
UK pilot's guide to flying in Florida, with details of airfields and aviation museums.
The Flyer Guide to Flying in Florida is the perfect start point for any UK pilot looking to explore and savour the delights of touring this beautiful US State for the first time. By providing essential and practical advice for the first-timer flying in America, this Guide is the ideal introduction to the relatively unrestricted airspace that covers the vast majority of Florida. Further supplemented by a complete guide to all of the aviation museums in Florida, the Flyer Guide to Flying in Florida is the perfect US-bound aviators companion. For more information you can click on the links below and if you wish to talk to the author of the book personally you can e-mail him at the address at the foot of the page. This book is also being substantially updated into a CD-ROM version covering almost 100 airfields throughout Florida complete with colour photographs of the majority of airfields - for further information visit the dedicated website flying in Florida Introduction US Airspace Airfields ... Designed and maintained by Parkstone Management Consultancy
Updated 16/03/2002

31. The 'AirNet' Web Site. Aviation Links: UK Aviation Museums
Aviation Links UK aviation museums (Details in brackets show when a site was mentionedin AirNet.) Page last updated 4th February 2003 Translate this page
Aviation Links:
UK Aviation Museums
(Details in brackets show when a site was mentioned in AirNet
Page last updated: 22nd March 2003

Want your site added?
E-mail me:
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A link from your site to mine will always be appreciated. Dead Links
If you spot a link that no longer works, please let me know: On this page: UK Aviation Museums See also: US Aviation Museums Museums in Other Countries Miscellaneous Museum Sites Operators of Historic Aircraft UK Aviation Museums

32. The 'AirNet' Web Site. Aviation Links: US Aviation Museums
Aviation Links US aviation museums (Details in brackets show when a site was mentionedin AirNet.) Page last updated 19th January 2003 Translate this page
Aviation Links:
US Aviation Museums
(Details in brackets show when a site was mentioned in AirNet
Page last updated: 22nd March 2003

Want your site added?
E-mail me:
remember to let me know the
Title and URL of your your site!
A link from your site to mine will always be appreciated. Dead Links
If you spot a link that no longer works, please let me know: On this page: US Aviation Museums See also: UK Aviation Museums Museums in Other Countries Miscellaneous Museum Sites Operators of Historic Aircraft US Aviation Museums

33. Carpetbagger And Northants Aviation Museums
These two small museums at the same location house memorabilia and history from several bombgroups flying from USAAF Station 179. Located in Northamptonshire.
Carpetbagger and Northants Aviation Museums
    Carpetbagger Aviation Museum
    Housed in the old Operations Building on the administrative site of USAAF Station 179, the Carpetbagger Aviation Museum offers a rare look at life on the base of the 801st/492nd American Eighth Air Force Bomb Group during World War II. A Carpetbagger B24 Liberator taking off in front of the Foxhall cottages at Harrington Photographs and exhibits vividly show the work carried out by the group codenamed the 'CARPETBAGGERS' because of their secret missions to parachute in people and equipment to occupied Europe. Other exhibits and displays include the work of the British Special Operations Executive from their RAF base at Tempsford, the Cold War roles of the airfield at Harrington with the Thor rockets, and the Royal Observer Corps. Further detailed information can be found on the museum' web site. It is also recommended that you take a look at the excellent Carpetbaggers Pages compiled by Tom Ensminger, whose father served at Harrington in World War II.
    Northants Aviation Museum
    Next door to the Carpetbagger Aviation Museum in the old Paymaster Generals Nissen hut is the Northants Aviation Museum. This museum contains many remains of recovered World War II aircraft, including parts of a Lancaster, Hurricane, Wellington, Tiger Moth, B17 Flying Fortress, B24 Liberator, and other WW II aircraft. The exhibits also include instrumentation, and other fascinating items of equipment and memorabilia.

34. Aviation Museums
aviation museums. Increase your web site's traffic Home Page ThemeIndex AviationMuseums http// Home Page ThemeIndex aviation museums.
Aviation Museums
Home Page ThemeIndex Aviation Museums Active Duty Air America Air Shows Aircraft Parts Supplies ... WWII Memorabilia
Please support our Link Partners by visiting them.
march field museum, march field air museum...
March Field Air Museum serves as home to over 50 historic aircraft and many inside displays relating to the history of March Field, now known as March Air Reserve Base....
SAC Museum...
Valiant Air Command (VAC) ...
Mustang32's Community Page ...
Warbird Museum in Titusville, Florida, featuring aircraft WW1 to Desert Storm. Restorations. Large memorabilia room. Gift Shop. Grand Warbird Airshow held in March....

Other important links.
8th Air Force Museum...
Museum, Custom Screen Savers, See the latest aircraft in action, Stealth Airplanes, B-2, F-22 and all Aviation Related Screen Savers....

35. Bits & Pieces Aviationsite : Website
Provides photographs and locations of preserved and stored planes in the Netherlands and other countries. Includes aircraft in aviation museums, towns, schools, and airfields.

36. Flying In Florida - Aviation Museums
of the differences between flying in UK airspace and US airspace together withairfields worth visiting and full details of all aviation related museums.
The book contains full details of all the aviation related museums throughout Florida and brief details are given on the pages linked below. Air Force Armament Museum Fantasy of Flight Flying Tigers Warbird Museum Kennedy Space Center ... Airfields [ Aviation Museums ] Flying in Florida - Full Index About the Author Flyer Magazine Review Pilot Magazine Review ... Designed and maintained by Parkstone Management Consultancy
Updated 28/11/2000

37. Coastal Computers, Inc. - Preserved US Military Aircraft
List of US military aircraft on display and links to aviation museums.
Preserved US Military Aircraft
This list of US military aircraft preserved and displayed was originally compiled by Ben Marselis with input from many others. He posted it on the newsgroups and we asked him if we could host it here. With his cooperation, we have converted it to HTML and added URL's for pictures and technical data.
This is of course an ongoing project. Ben has moved to Peru, and then on to Egypt, and we haven't heard from him for a while. However, we carry on and would like changes, corrections and additions to the list, as well as links or pictures for the individual aircraft.
Ben's Introduction Rules of the game Ben's Home Page
This entire crackpot project is of course perpetually Under Construction -
Editor's notes as of Late February 2003 :
All of the list pages now have the new format. Individual aircraft listings will be converted as targets of opportunity. I am shifting emphasis to updating the museum web site listings. Of course, individual spot reports and photo contributions will continue erratically.

Over the decades covered by the list, designations and types have become hopelessly muddled. I will try to keep the various lists in as much logical and chronological order as possible, but you may have to look in several to get what you want. In general, reconnaissance versions and other specialized variants will be included with the basic type.

38. Aviation Museums And History
Search. aviation museums And History. aviation museums England (AndUK Airshows); Braniff Historical Site; Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame;
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Aviation Museums And History
Top Links Page FAA, NASA, and NOAA Sites Airlines Airports ... Top Links Page FAA, NASA, and NOAA Sites Airlines ... ATC Audio and Web Cams This document was last updated on 18-May-2002. Please Enable JavaScript
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39. Aviation Heritage
Features links to local aviation museums, maps of county airfields with the history of each, oral testimony from veterans, memorial section, and events listing.

40. Aircraft And Aviation Museums
Aircraft and aviation museums UK. John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages. Spitfire's65th birthday. Hot Links. United States Aircraft aviation museums.
Aircraft and Aviation Museums - UK
John Hopkinson's Aviation Pages
Spitfire's 65th birthday
First flight 5th March 1936
World wide there are about 50 flying examples of the Supermarine Spitfire, of the 200 or so that survive. The number of airworthy aircraft fluctuates as new specimens are restored to flying condition and others become none flying airframes. This flying example is based at Duxford, Cambridge UK.
If you are interested in aircraft and aviation, particularly WW2 and post war aircraft, then the following aircraft collections and museums in the United Kingdom can be recommended. If your browser supports the facility (eg MS Explorer 2 or greater) you can click on the navigation bar below to move directly to the museum that interests you.
To hear World War 2 piston engined` plane click here (Windows WAV format 256K)
United Kingdom ....interesting places to visit
Duxford Airfield, Cambridge, UK (telephone 01223 835000)
  • Location - off Junction 10 of the M11 motorway. An excellent collection of flying examples and museum aircraft from WW2 belonging to or on loan to the Imperial War Musem, the Duxford Aviation Society and private owners. Duxford is a preserved Battle of Britain fighter station, with original hangers dating from WW1.
  • In addition to over 140 aircraft, there is the purpose built hall to commemerate the aircrews of the WW2 US 8th Air Force and a separate exhibition of land warfare vehicles.

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