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         Aviation Propulsion:     more books (101)
  1. Thrust for Flight: The Propulsion Element at Aircraft Flight by W. Thomson, 1992-09
  2. Physics of Plasma Propulsion
  3. Gun Propulsion Technology (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics)
  4. Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion (Aip Conference Proceedings) by Mohamed S. El-Genk, 1994-08
  5. Advanced Airbreathing Propulsion (Orbit) by Y. M. Timnat, 1996-01-01
  6. Space propulsion units and parts: State Market Index by BizMiner, 2008-06-01
  7. Frontiers of Propulsion Science (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics)
  8. Synthesis of Subsonic Airplane Design: An Introduction to the Preliminary Design of Subsonic General Aviation and Transport Aircraft, with Emphasis on ... Design, Propulsion and Performance by E. Torenbeek, 2010-11-02
  9. Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion, An by R. Douglas Archer, Maido Saarlas, 1998-03-20
  10. Principles of Laser Propulsion by Andrew V. Pakhomov, 2010-07-15
  11. Airplane Design Part II : Preliminary Configuration Design and Integration of the Propulsion System by Jan Roskam, 1989
  12. Ultralight propulsion--the basic handbook of ultralight engines, drives, and propellers (Ultralight aviation series) by Glenn Brinks, 1982
  13. Elements of Gas Turbine Propulsion by Jack D.; McGraw-Hill Mattingly, 1996
  14. Rotax engine mods: some good options; engine heaters are a welcome arrival for those running Rotax in colder climates. Better starts, fuel flow and electrical ... An article from: The Aviation Consumer by Jeff Van West, 2010-06-01

81. Links To Related Sites
Landing pagesInternet aviation News, Databases. Aeroseek-aviation searchengine and directory. AeroTurboDiesels and Jet propulsion engines,
[Auto]Planes for the Millennium Home Introduction Prop, 4-seat Prop, 6-seat ... Closing Words [ Links to Related Sites ] Feedback NASA's Programs AGATE-Advancements in General Aviation SATS-Small Aircraft Transportation System GAP-General Aviation Propulsion Program Link page to most GA manufacturers/developers -Important! Governmental Agencies and Aviation Related Web Sites NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board)-Aviation FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) -electronic Internet GA Magazine Landing pages -Internet Aviation News, Databases Aeroseek- aviation search engine and directory Stallion-a high wing composite kit plane Lancair IV-335mph 4-seat single engine kit plane Adam M309 Twin piston push-pull in tandem Eclipse 500-entry level twin jet for $837,000 ... Scaled Composites (Burt Rutan's) -Aerospace development company-may be willing to do initial development of the Autoplane for hire, especially the ducted-fan models. Aircraft Design Inc. (Mark Hollomann's)- may be willing to develop the Propeller versions of the Autoplane for hire. Skypadtech- Roadable Aircraft history and VTOL personal AC Pegasus- NASA-FAA-awarded flying car project Richard Strong 2-seat ducted fan Dragon autoplane Molton Taylor's Aerocar tribute website Ducted Fan Related Stuff A Ducted Fan Experimental Project for a Long E-Z Ducted Fan discussion group Ducted Fan book -by Marc Piolenc Wankel Rotary Engines Power Sport Rotary Engine-Mazda 13-B 220hp Tracy Crook's 13-B Rotary engine conversion for AC Aircraft Rotary Engine Electronic Newsletter -by Paul Lamar

82. Mystery - Exotic Propulsion
Multiple Sightings of Secret Aircraft Hint at New propulsion, AirframeDesigns, aviation Week Space Technology, 1 October 1990, page 22.
FAS Intelligence Programs Mystery Aircraft ... Join FAS
While the depiction of an Aurora aircraft seems consistent with the confines of present technological imagination, other SR-71 follow-on prognosticators suggest more alien craft. Aviation Week & Space Technology has proposed a current black aircraft that is something akin to a 1960s Sci-Fi concept. They depict an elongated diamond shaped vehicle (one hesitates to call it an aircraft) similar to a "flattened football." The airframe's dimensions might be 110 x 69 feet. Due to intense heat, the vehicle would have a heat-streaked appearance similar to that of the space shuttle. Contrary to intuition, the aft body would appear distinctly more pockmarked than the fore sections, as if the most intense heat was experienced in this region. This vehicle would have a dual propulsion system. Jet engines buried in the fuselage would propel the vehicle to supersonic speeds, when a novel external burning mechanism would take control as the fundamental propulsion method: "In the high Mach regime, misted fuel is ejected from the fuselage midsection the 'break point' of the elongated diamond across the aft surface tiles, into the area between the fuselage and a shock wave attacked to this break. In essence, the sloping, converging aft fuselage sections form the inside of a 'nozzle' and the shock boundary constitutes the outer surface, creating an expanding exhaust effect, much like that on a conventional rocket. The fuel is ignited by surface heating or other means creating combustion that accelerates the aircraft up to the Mach 6-8 regime."

83. Other Propulsion Technology - Russia And Space Transportation Systems
2830, 35. 383. Russians to Offer Their Nuclear Thermal propulsion Technologyto US , aviation Week and Space Technology, 20 January 1992, p. 21. 384.
FAS Space Guide Russia ... Join FAS
Reusable Launch Vehicles
Aerojet is also exploring applications of the Lyulka Engine Design Bureau's (Saturn Scientific Production Association) cryogenic D-57 engine and of the Khimavtomatiki Design Bureau's cryogenic RD-0120 flown by the Energiya launch vehicle. Energomash is also offering for commercial operations its small restartable RD-0161 liquid oxygen/ kerosene engine. However, by the end of 1994, none of these activities had resulted in a firm decision to employ Russian rocket engine technology in Western launch vehicles (References 340-363) . In 1993 reports did cite a clandestine sale of several RD-170 engines to the PRC (Reference 364) Another Russian space propulsion specialty garnering wide attention in the West is the use of ion thrusters on spacecraft for attitude control and orbital adjustments. Often referred to as Hall thrusters, the low-power, high-endurance, high-efficiency engines produced by the Fakel Design Bureau have been in use on USSR/CISLEO and GEO spacecraft since 1971. A joint Russian-American enterprise named International Space Technology, Inc. (ISTI) was formed to market engines such as the SPT-100. The principal partners of ISTI are Fakel, the Moscow Aviation Institute, and the US firm Loral. SEP of France joined the venture in 1993. In addition to substantial ground testing, ISTI has undertaken in-orbit test programs on both US and Russian spacecraft (References 365-375) (References 376-388)
  • W. Ferster, "Russian Rocket Engines Vie for Role in EELV Effort"

84. MECH 594 Education Links
Design, and Engineering Advanced Topics in Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics,Aeronautics, aviation, propulsion Systems, Design Aerodynamics Index
MECH 594
U2 Specs Educational Resources
Research Literature NASA Technical Reports Server
Aerospace Information Quest for Performance: The Evolution of Modern Aircraft Advanced Topics in Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aeronautics, Aviation, Propulsion Systems, Design Aerodynamics Index Performance Parameters of Various General Aviation Aircraft ... V22 Osprey Web
Online Fluid Texts Applied Aerodynamics: A Digital Textbook Viscous Fluid Dynamics Prof. Smits' Princeton Fluids Text K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook ... Pump School
Helicopters History of Helicopters Bell Helicopter Textron The Roton Space Helicopter
Miscellaneous Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure Tsunamis Pre-Contact Polynesian Deep-Water Sailing Vessels Rice University Facilities and Engineering ...

MECH 594 Home Page

85. Space: Aviation Week's
sequences, the technology has come to be known as digital propulsion. . Choose Channel.

America Confronted

Space Shuttle: Full Coverage STS-110: Assembling The International Space Station
International Space Station PUBLICATIONS Europe Plans To Revamp Launchers
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NASA Eyes Tethers For Propulsion In Space
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  • ASA (Austria)
  • ASI (Italy)
  • BIRA (Belgium)
  • BNSC (Britain) ...
  • Post-Show Wrap-Up RELATED STORIES AvWeek: NASA New Millennium Project Will Help Test Einstein Theory Key Wind Tunnel's Demise Stirs Concerns Aerospace Daily: Raytheon Hopes WAAS Will Be One-Stop Satellite Navigation System Atlantis Launch Postponed Until At Least Sunday ... Search For New Asteroids Goes Inside Fighter Cockpit Tiny Propulsion System Aimed At Micro-Sats By Staff

    86. 1Up Info > Jet Propulsion (Aviation, General) - Encyclopedia
    Guide • News. Search 1Up Info. ENCYCLOPEDIA . aviation, General.jet propulsion. Related Category aviation, General. jet propulsion
    You are here 1Up Info Encyclopedia Aviation, General jet propulsion ... News Search 1Up Info
    Aviation, General jet propulsion Related Category: Aviation, General jet propulsion, propulsion of a body by a force developed in reaction to the ejection of a high-speed jet of gas.
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    rocket, in aeronautics


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    87. Aircraft Propulsion Enables A Century Of Powered Flight
    Ralph Regula; Judge Walter Rice, Dayton aviation Heritage Commission chairman; GaleNorton, secretary of the interior; Stephen Wright, grandnephew of Orville
    Information AFMC Event Calendar
    AF Event Calendar

    Dec 2002 Event
    Stories Notable Dates in History Worth Repeating ... Educational Resources
    Wright-Patterson AFB Educational Outreach FAQs
    AFMC Trivia AFMC Units AFMC Public Affairs Aeronautical Systems Center
    Air Force Research Laboratory

    Air Armament Center
    ... Band of Liberty Notable Dates in
    AFMC History...
    Worth Repeating... AFMC Centennial of Flight Home News AF kicks off Centennial of Flight celebration WASHINGTON (AFPN) — The Air Force joined the yearlong Centennial of Flight celebration on Tuesday that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first powered flight. The Air Force participated in centennial events honoring a century of aviation heroes and communicate its contribu-tions to airpower, from the earliest beginnings of powered flight to today's expeditionary air and space force and the future in air and space.

    88. HobbySpace - Launch & Propulsion
    Looks at the many types of launch vehicles and propulsion technologies that are in service or proposed.Category Science Technology propulsion Aerospace Space...... Astronaut Skills Honed Flying Steep STA Dives aviation Week - Julyt.8.02. ExternalTank External Tank reference info. SSME Main propulsion System NASA
    HobbySpace Activism

    About HobbySpace

    Shop at Countdown Creations Apparel for the Space Pioneer - the internet's leading provider of space T-shirts, flight suits, mission shirts, caps, and jackets.
    Toddler to adult XL sizes, so you can outfit your entire crew! HobbySpace Store:

    Space Photos
    Columbia Launch into the Clouds
    These pages look at the many types of launch vehicles, propulsion technologies,
    exotic systems, etc. that are in service or proposed. Site Search Match: All Any Format: Long Short Help Home Links Index Index Space News Headlines Launch Schedules Forums, etc ... Space Colonies RLV: General, US World Technology History ... - January 2003 - FAA / AST - reviews both latest ELV and RLV projects in the past year Sampling of recent articles:

    89. Energy And Propulsion
    Civil aviation Organisation (ICAO) Committee for Aircraft Emissions Protection (CAEP). Clean energy systems are at the heart of QinetiQ's propulsion research
    Complex Systems Distributed Systems Energy And Power Human Performance ... QinetiQ Holdings Ltd Energy and Propulsion QinetiQ is a pioneer in the fields of energy and propulsion. Now your organisation can take advantage of its ground-breaking technology, backed up by extensive expertise and facilities.
    Decades of pioneering research and development have made QinetiQ a leading-edge player in the fields of energy and propulsion. Our work on aeronautical gas-turbines, for example, began in the days of Sir Frank Whittle's ground-breaking engine research and we are the leading European developer of ion-thruster technology for spacecraft propulsion, a position founded on twenty years' experience in the field.
    Decades of pioneering research and development have made QinetiQ a leading-edge player in the fields of energy and propulsion. QinetiQ continues to build on this heritage of innovation by designing power plants with improved performance, higher efficiency, and reduced cost of ownership, and which also respond to the need to protect the environment and satisfy tightening environmental legislation.
    QinetiQ's work on gas-turbines has enabled many leading manufacturers and operators to achieve substantial improvements in design and performance. Our expertise in solid and liquid rocket propellants and in missile propulsion has been indispensable to the UK Ministry of Defence, and we continue to pursue an active programme in solid-fuel ramjets and scramjets. This work is underpinned by our expertise in fuels and lubricants.

    90. MIT Aero/Astro
    is a leader in the design, manufacture and support of engines for commercial, militaryand general aviation aircraft, and space propulsion systems. Company
    Visits and Lab Tours Criteria for Graduate Admission Tips for Completing the Graduate Application Graduate Student Funding Aerospace Resources Admission
    Aerospace Resources American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) "...Its primary purpose is to advance the arts, sciences, and technology of aeronautics and astronautics and to foster and promote the professionalism of those engaged in these pursuits. Although founded and based in the United States, AIAA is a global organization with nearly 30,000 individual professional members, over 50 corporate members, thousands of customers worldwide, and an active international outreach. AIAA is the U.S. representative on the International Astronautical Federation and the International Council on the Aeronautical Sciences." AIAA home page , 19 November 1999 Site Synopsis: Aviation Week Online "Aviation Week...a multimedia provider of information and marketing services to the global aviation and aerospace market. This listing covers the key products and services that make up the Aviation Week brand..."

    91. Advanced Topics In Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aeronautics, Avia
    Electronic media about Aerodynamics, Aeronautics, propulsion Systems, Related Technology for Experts with Knowledge of Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics

    92. Aviation Links - - Portal For Danske Fly-enthusiaster
    USAFAA. USA-Misc. USA-NASA. USA-State/Local. Alphabetical General AviationPropulsion Program; NASA Dryden Research Aircraft Photo/Film Archive;
    Aviation Links
    You are here : Frontpage Goverment/Official - USA-NASA
    Goverment/Official - USA-NASA :
  • Aviation Authority (Non US)
  • Civil Registers
  • USA-Misc
  • USA-State/Local
    Alphabetical :
  • 93. FLUG REVUE March 1997: New Powerplants For General Aviation
    Teledyne Continental Motors was selected as part of the General AviationPropulsion program (GAP) to develop a new piston engine.
    F R 3 - 9 7
    Update Latest Issue Gallery ... FR 3/97
    by Heinrich Hemker Several manufacturers have taken the challenge and are developing new engines for single and twin-engine General Aviation aircraft. Along with European manufacturers, US companies are working on promising projects. Still, while the US partners are getting financial and technical support from a NASA program, most of the European manufacturers are working on their own risk.
    The Austrian company Bombardier Rotax GmbH is the uncrowned king of the engine manufacturers. The Rotax 912 has become the byword for a light aircraft engine: More than 4500 units of the 912 and 914 have been delivered since 1990. The 914F, a turbocharged version with 115 hp take-off power, was certified in September of last year. Rotax expects a sales volume of 1200 four-cylinder engines for 1997.
    Following a development time of more than 12 years Zoche's Aero-Diesel is now in the middle of the certification process. Two variants are under development: ZO 01A, a four-cylinder radial (140 hp), and the ZO 02A, an eight-cylinder rated at 300 hp. Michael Zoche's engine concept offers several advantages. The engines are extremely light (123 kg for the 300 hp engine) and use less fuel. Also, the vibration level is very low. The engine control via just one lever is simple and the design gives a high reliability: Carburetor icing, problems with the ignition system or vapor lock are unknown to a diesel engine. Zoche expects that the engine to be certified in 1997.

    94. Advanced Topics In Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aeronautics, Avia
    Electronic media about aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, aerospace andpropulsion systems for experts and non experts with knowledge of aerodynamics
    Electronic media about aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, aerospace and propulsion systems for experts and non experts with knowledge of aerodynamics and fluid dynamics. Extensive database, tables, graphics, sketches, results, photos, technical and scientific literature, for higher education, learning, reference, research, consulting and engineering services. Home

    95. NASA Aerospace Technology News
    November 5, 2002. For additional information on fuel cells in aviationpropulsion, contact Bruce Bream, or call (216) 433-6532.
    News from the Office of Aerospace Technology (OAT)

    Toplevel page for the NASA Aerospace Technology News Welcome
    Information about this newsletter Archives
    Past issues as well as a search engine for topics/articles in past issues. Subscribe
    Subscribe to receive e-mail notifications of new issues Feedback
    Please email us your feedback comments Links
    Links to more NASA pages and other sites Search Engine
    To search within the newsletter site
    NASA Headquarters Responsible Official: Code R
    Curator: SAIC Information Services
    Electric Engines for Cars, Space Shuttle Experiments, UAVs, and now, Airplanes
    The OAT Newsletter has had articles using fuel cells in space and on remote controlled aircraft like Helios. Now, let's see how they can be used in aviation propulsion. Fuel cells offer higher energy efficiency with no emissions when compared to existing piston and turbine powerplants. A fuel cell uses hydrogen and oxygen as the source of energy. Under the Zero CO project, a recent feasibility study was performed on fuel cell powered light aircraft. The project's goal was two-fold: to drastically reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of subsonic air breathing propulsion system as a source of global climate change by reducing CO emissions from present day levels to zero while concurrently reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by more than a factor of five over present day levels. Both goals were aimed at reducing stress upon the earth's ozone layer.

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