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         Aviation Weather:     more books (100)
  1. Aviation Weather Services (Advisory Circular)
  2. Remote Sensing Applications for Aviation Weather Hazard Detection and Decision Support (Proceedings of Spie)
  3. Aviation Weather Services Workbook by John M. Holley, 1991-03
  4. Aviation Weather: For Pilots and Flight Operations Personnel by Federal Aviation Agency, Weather Bureau Dept of Commerce, 1965-01-01
  5. Practical guide to aviation weather: Weather and your flight decision (Modern aircraft series) by John Lewis Nelson, 1976
  6. Practical guide to aviation weather by John Lewis Nelson, 1984
  7. Aviation Weather Surveillance Systems: Advanced Radar and Surface Sensors for Flight Safety and Air Traffic Management (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics) by P. Mahapatra, R. Doviak, et all 1999-01-01
  8. Cold Weather Flying (Modern Aviation series) by Jeff W. Griffin, 1979
  9. Aviation Weather Services AC 00-45E by none given, 1999
  10. Pilot's Weather Guide (Modern aviation series) by Lindy Boyes, 1981-06
  11. Gleim Aviation Weather & Weather Services Fifth Edition by Irvin N.; Gleim, Garrett W. Gleim, 2008
  12. Controlling Pilot Error: Weather by Terry Lankford, 2001-06-04
  13. Radar & Satellite Weather Interpretation for Pilots by Terry T. Lankford, 2002-06-21
  14. Aviation Weather Services AC 00-45C : A Supplement to Aviation Weather AC 00-6A

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The Alaska Aviation Weather Unit has relocated.

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22. Pilot's Web The Aviators' Journal
Aviation matters, principles of flight, air navigation, aviation weather, aviation bulletin boards, aviation chat, pilot mail.
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23. Alaska Aviation Weather Unit
aviation weather Clickable Map. Alaska aviation weather Unit 6930 Sand LakeRoad Anchorage, AK 995021845 (907) 266-5102, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy.
Home PIREPS Hourly Weather Area "Fax" Sheets ... What's New Public
Forecasts by
City, State Aviation Weather Text Maps Other Resources Denali Page ...
Aviation Links
Volcano Data Volcanic Ash
Advisory Center
Alaska Volcano
... Volcano Links
Information Glossary / Abbreviations Weather Symbols Product Description TAF Decoder ... Official Time
Craig Bauer

Aviation Weather Clickable Map Forecast Surface Map Alaska Aviation Weather Unit
6930 Sand Lake Road Anchorage, AK 88502-1845

24. Alaska Aviation Weather Unit
aviation weather. Text. Maps. Other Resources. System Administrator Craig Bauer.aviation weather Clickable Map. Forecast Surface Map. Forecast Surface Map.
Home PIREPS Hourly Weather Area "Fax" Sheets ... What's New Public
Forecasts by
City, State Aviation Weather Text Maps Other Resources Denali Page ...
Aviation Links
Volcano Data Volcanic Ash
Advisory Center
Alaska Volcano
... Volcano Links
Information Glossary / Abbreviations Weather Symbols Product Description TAF Decoder ... Official Time
Craig Bauer

Aviation Weather Clickable Map Forecast Surface Map Alaska Aviation Weather Unit
6930 Sand Lake Road Anchorage, AK 88502-1845

25. Index
Offers flight training, aircraft rentals, maintenance and related services. Provides a description of services and training plans, aviation weather, air travel and related links.

26. Pacific Northwest Aviation Weather
Internet Explorer 3.x (NOT any version higher or lower). Also try theold Pacific Northwest aviation weather which does not use frames.
Pacific Northwest Aviation Weather which does not use frames.

27. Aviation Weather Information
Links to appropriate weather reports for pilots in the Ottawa area.
Start Here:

28. Flight Planning At Baseops.Net
NOTAMS, aviation weather, perdiem rates, Foreign Clearance Guide, Airfield Suitability Reports, DZ/LZ Category Regional North America Government Military Air Force...... Our Forums include Aviation; Pilot Selection AFOQT, ASVAB, ANG/AFRES Selections;Aerospace Medicine Q A; and Guard and Reserve Bums TDY. Mission Reference.
About Baseops Contact Baseops Aviation Jobs Military Calling Cards ... Message Board What's New at the Baseops Network? Get your A-2 jackets modded - see Pops Leather ad at bottom of page
New UPT Questions Archive - Got questions on Pilot Training?
New Travel Voucher How-To - Instructions, Examples, Tips.
New Pocket Flight Log - Finally! A Flight Log for Pocket PC
Updated Little Rock Schoolhouse Guide - new BAH and lodging info
New T-44 Gouge - Study guides for every sortie in every stage
New Jeppesen Departures - C17, KC10 Nonstandard Dept. Procedures
Info on the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act - educate your crew dogs on this Updated Guide to your Box Lunches CONUS + Overseas
New Aviation Job Listings . ANG/AFRES ads. CA, OK, NJ + UPT
New TDY Gouge : Scotland, Vegas, Istres, Wake, Souda, Truk, Pete
New Military - Corporate Transition - Check out our new section Essential Travel Gear - Gear up before your TDY or Deployment Updated RVSM / Oceanic Guide - Reduced Vert Separ Minima Guide 2.0

29. MIT Lincoln Laboratory - Aviation Weather Main Page
aviation weather. Figure Figure 1 Illustration of the major aviationweather system (TDWR, WSP, ITWS) locations on a map of the US.
Air Traffic Control Lincoln Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
244 Wood Street
Lexington, MA 02420-9108
Phone (781) 981-5500 Details. Direct comments and
questions to: J. Evans

Aviation Weather
MIT Lincoln Laboratory's aviation weather program develops weather sensing and short-term forecasting systems to reduce weather-induced accidents and delays in terminal areas by combining Lincoln Laboratory expertise in innovative signal, image and sensor data-fusion processing with physical insights furnished by staff meteorologists. Major Activities Include:
  • (PDF)
  • Ceiling and Visibility Forecasting
  • Convective Weather Forecasting
  • Corridor Integrated Weather System (CIWS) (PDF)
  • Enhanced Echo Tops Product (PDF)
  • Graphical and Text Products for Pilots
  • Medium-Intensity Airport Weather System (MIAWS) (PDF)
  • Quantitative Assessment of Aircraft Encounters with Thunderstorms
  • Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) (PDF)
  • The Integrated Terminal Weather System (ITWS)
  • The New York ITWS
  • Wake Vortex
  • Weather (including wind shear) Detection Radars ...
  • Weather Systems Processor (WSP) (PDF)
  • This section discusses the principal methods used by Lincoln Laboratory to conduct research and achieve operational utilization of the system. Short discussions of major activities follow, with more information available through the links. Full copies of a number of reports and papers are provided in the

    30. Information
    Designed for accessing aviation weather information.
    Jeremy's Home Jeremy's Perl Stuff Geo::METAR
    Geo::METAR Information
    A Perl module for accessing aviation weather information.
    Geo::METAR is Perl module for accessing aviation weather information. I am developing it for my own use, but I realize that others' needs may be served by making this available for public use. I was even able to put it to use in my [old] day job. (By "aviation weather" I'm referring to things like a cloud altitudes, temperature, wind, dew point, and so on.)
    The code is distributed under the GNU Public License . If you don't like that, don't use it. Version 1.14 was released on November 24th, 2000. It contains a lot of new features (not all of which are documented yet) and fixes for several bugs.
    On CPAN
    My directory on CPAN is and you can find most of my stuff there as well.
    Help Needed
    If you're interested, I could use help with both the coding, testing, and documentation of extensions to this module. If you'd like to help, feel free to

    31. Climatological Consulting Corporation - Forensic Meteorology Consulting
    Private consulting company providing litigation support and expert testimony in forensic meteorology, climatology, aviation weather, and related areas.
    Climatological Consulting Corporation 7338 155th Place North Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 (561) 744-5098 Fax
      Comprehensive analysis of past weather and climate for litigation and insurance claims related to:
      • Aviation, maritime, highway accidents Structural Damage Agricultural Losses Environmental Damage Construction Delays Criminal Trials
        • Expert testimony provided
            Easy to understand expert reports and courtroom exhibits:

    32. Aviation Weather Databases Search Engines
    1000's of directly accessible search engines are available at Internets' database of databases,
    About Us Corporate News Privacy Advertise ... Home Internets, The Database of Databases
    Welcome to Internets - The Internets site is categorized into sections. Click on the drop down menus or use our search engine below.
    The library of the Internet - As the name implies, we have attempted to broaden the reach of the Internet. The Hidden Web - Internets is the gateway to the hidden Internet, the regions of the Web that are beyond the reach of the robots and search engines. Internets positions you at the search pages of the databases within web sites. Dynamic HTML Ready - We have upgraded to the standard used by 97% of the Web browsers. If your browser does not support advanced javascrript, simply use our internal search engine and type in a short search string to locate engines on that topic. A word about advertising. Please remember that advertising is needed to cover our web site expenses. If a pop-up appears, it did not come from us. If you cannot tolerate our advertisements, please surf elsewhere.
    Back to Internets Home Page

    Aviation Weather Databases
    Web Sites
    In-line Databases Searchable Databases
  • AvBrief
  • Aviation Digital Data Service - AIR/SIGMETs
  • Aviation Digital Data Service - AIR/SIGMETs Java Tool
  • Aviation Digital Data Service - Flight Path Tool ...
  • 33. Nick's Aviation World
    Maintained by an Aircraft Dispatcher for a US Airline. Aircraft dispatch, aviation weather, flight sim, aviation photography, aircraft spotting, and airline news.

    34. Weather To Fly - Sport Aviation Weather Data
    Information for the hang gliders, paragliders, ultralight, or balloon pilots for determining aviation weather conditions.
    Welcome to Weather To Fly web site for pilots, by pilots.
    Weather to Fly takes your experience, skill, and knowledge and weight them against the weather in the ultimate decision of "whether to fly".
    This web site is designed to facilitate this process, help you have great flights, and to be safe. Bookmark and tell a friend about Weather To Fly SUMMARY OF WEATHER TO FLY CONCEPTS Overall Wind - The Big Picture - (most aviation maps) Fronts, Pressure Systems, Isobars (Surface Analysis Maps)
    Intellicast SFSU ... National Summary Jet Stream (Jet Stream Maps)
    - (select jet stream map) SFSU USA Intellicast USA Today Europe USA Today Our Planet Intellicast USA Today Local Conditions Moisture, Wind Barometer
    - Click to your area or enter your zip
    - Enter your zip code
    NOAA #1
    NOAA #2 - Click to your area
    Soaring Forecast Local Graph -

    35. Aviation Weather INformation Program HomePage
    Ongoing Surveys. AWIN Publications. Opportunities with AWIN. Weather RelatedLinks Pages. Aviation Safety Program HomePage. An Overview of AWIN
    An Overview of AWIN AWIN Keyword Search: Website best viewed at 1024x768 resolution with Medium font size. Opportunities Events Surveys Tasks ... ConITS-Team
    Last Modified: October 10, 2002

    36. Data Transformation Corp.
    FAA's Direct User Access Terminal service provides free aviation weather and flight planning for certifie Category News Weather Aviation...... This is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) computer system This service providesdirect access to weather briefing and flight planning computers to prepare by Data Transformation
    DUAT Web


    Windows Software

    Access Code:
    Aircraft ID:
    Lost Password?
    DUAT Related Links

    Contact Us
    DUAT FLIGHT PLAN FILING RESTRICTIONS Using DUAT for filing flight plans into the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Air Defense Identification Zone (DC ADIZ), the NYC ADIZ and any other ADIZ that is activated by NOTAM under the Department of Homeland Security is not authorized!! Please contact an FAA Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS). FAA Security Bulletin The U.S. Government continues to receive credible indications that extremist individuals are planning additional terrorist operations against U.S. and Western interests within the U.S. and overseas. Such operations, possibly involving civil and general aviation (GA) aircraft, could be carried out whenever attack preparations are complete and operatives are in place. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has no credible information concerning specific targets, timing, or methods of attack. However, the GA community should observe good physical security for aircraft and facilities and be continuously on the lookout for suspicious persons, activities, and operations around airports. Terrorists who are no longer able to hijack commercial airliners because of increased security at commercial airports may turn to GA airports and aircraft to conduct operations.

    Translate this page XXX, LOGIN. XXX. works with Internet Explorer only. Contact© Copyright 1997 - 2002 by ltd., Zurich Switzerland.
    works with Internet Explorer only. Contact:

    38. Aviation Services
    Similar pages BoMaviation weather Products Helpaviation weather PRODUCTS HELP. Help for users of aviation weatherInformation on MetNet. aviation weather Products Help is provided
    Weather: National Victoria NSW ACT ... Tasmania
    Aviation Weather Services
    Aviation Weather Products Help Aviation Weather Products Frequently Asked Questions Satellite Imagery - Latest IR Latest Vis Other Recent Australia Weather Watch Radar MSLP (surface) Analysis Latest Forecast MSLP Prognosis Chart 00 UTC Forecast MLSP Prognosis Chart 12 UTC Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre User id: Temporary password: aviation
    User: provides more information on how to access registered user Aviation Weather Services
    Other enquiries about Aviation Weather Services can be to emailed to , or Fax: 1800 630 100
    Aviation - WARNINGS Australian SIGMET International SIGMET Volcanic Ash Advisories issued last 24 hours (From All Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres) Volcanic Ash Advisories - Last 7 Days ... Volcanic Ash SIGMET - Last 24 Hours (All Centres) Aviation - General, Forecasts and Observations Australian Area Forecasts and Aerodrome Forecasts and Observations AWIB (Aerodrome Weather Information Service) Locations and Details (Updated March 2003) Sports Aviation Gliding/Hang Gliding - Vertical Temperature and Wind Profiles - Australian Locations Gliding/Hang Gliding - Vertical Temperature and Wind Profiles - International Locations (University of Wyoming site) International Services International Aerodrome Forecasts by Route Corridor International Significant Weather Charts East Timor Forecasts Temporary user id: password: aviation) Australian Aviation Weather Charts Grid Point Winds SIGWX WAFS Regional Services New South Wales Northern Territory Queensland South Australia ... Western Australia Return to:

    39. National Weather Service Forecast Office - Birmingham, AL - Aviation
    The National Weather Service (NWS) in Birmingham has Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts(TAF) or aviation weather forecast responsibility for six locations in Alabama Site Map News Organization Search
    Local forecast by
    "City, St" or zip code Search by city or zip code. Press enter or select the go button to submit request
    Current Hazards

    Current Conditions



    Upper Air
    Radar Imagery
    Local Radar
    Nationwide Forecasts Animated Forecast Discussion Aviation Hurricane ... Fire Weather Climate Drought Local Climate Climate Prediction Weather Safety Storm Ready Awareness SKYWARN More Topics Goodies Weather Desktop Research Kids ... About Our Office Contact Us You are at: Home The National Weather Service (NWS) in Birmingham has Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF) or aviation weather forecast responsibility for six locations in Alabama. These forecasts are listed below with other selected TAFs issued by other NWS offices across the southeast United States. For raw or decode surface observations take a look at our surface data page Aviation Digital Data Service has METAR, plots, satellite, radar, TAFs, etc. Great java applet that plots METAR data. Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF) SRH = Southern Region Headquarters AWC = Aviation Weather Center NWS = National Weather Service Internet Weather Source
    • SRH AWC NWS (ANB) - Anniston Metropolitan Airport, Anniston

    40. NWS Memphis, Aviation Forecasts
    Link to National Weather Service Homepage, aviation weather Forecasts. Rock,AR Upper Air Sounding. Additional aviation weather links
    Aviation Weather Forecasts
    Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs)
    Jonesboro, AR Memphis, TN Jackson, TN ... Tupelo, MS
    Soaring Forecasts (available around 1300Z daily) from Nashville, TN Upper Air Sounding from Little Rock, AR Upper Air Sounding Additional aviation weather links: to NWS Memphis Homepage

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