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         Aviation Weather:     more books (100)
  1. Aviation Weather Services by Kathleen Schlachter, 2002-07-31
  2. Aviation Weather Hazards of British Columbia and the Yukon by Kent Johnson, John Mullock, 1996-01
  3. Second international Conference on the aviation Weather System June 19-21 1985 Montreal PQ Canada by American Meteorology Society, 1985-01-01
  4. 1979 FAA R. & D. authorization: Hearings before the Subcommittee on Transportation, Aviation, and Weather of the Committee on Science and Technology, U.S. ... Congress, first and second sessions by Aviation, and Weather., . United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Technology. Subcommittee on Transportation, 1977-01-01
  5. Aviation Weather for Pilots and Flight Operations Personnel by n/a, 1965
  6. Aviation Weather Services: A Call For Federal Leadership and Action by National Aviation Weather Services Committee, National Research Council, 1995-11-02
  7. Aviation Weather & Weather Services 3rd EDITION by Irvin NGlrim, 1999
  8. AVIATION WEATHER by Unknown, 1975
  9. Aviation Weather Services (JQ946759) by John M. Holley, 1992-03
  10. Aviation Weather Services by Noaa Usdot Federal Aviation, 1995-05
  11. Aviation Weather: A Series of Interactive Exercises on Weather Reports and Forecasts by GILLIESROBERT, 1220-09
  12. Aviation Weather Services, Revised 1977 (A Supplement to Aviation Weather AC 00-6A), EA-AC-0045A)
  13. Aviation Weather Services (A Supplement to Aviation Weather AC 00-6A) by U. S. National Weather Service, 1975
  14. Aviation Weather for Pilots and Flight Operations Personnel

81. Aviation Products From The Honolulu, Hawai`i National Weather Service Forecast O
See Aviation Area Map. Active SIGMETs. Graphic of Central and EasternPacific SIGMETs from the aviation weather Center. TAFs. Site Map News Organization Search
Local forecast by
"City, St" or Zip Code Search by city or zip code. Press enter or select the go button to submit request Current Hazards

Tropical Cyclones


Current Conditions



Radar Imagery Kaua`i Moloka`i Kohala South Point ... CONUS Radar Forecasts Hawai`i Marine Aviation Fire Weather ... Aviation Wx Ctr Climate Hawai`i El Nino/La Nina Climate Prediction NCDC Weather Safety Weather Radio Weather Links Educational Links Storm Ready ... EMWIN About Us Our Mission Our Office Local Applications Contact Us W-HFO.Webmaster Pacific Region Links Regional HQ Central Pacific Hurricane Center WFO, Guam ... WFO HFO Home Page > Aviation Aviation Products For the immediate Hawai`i area, products issued are Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs), area forecasts, upper level wind and temperature forecasts, and AIRMETs (AIR pilots METeorological information) for low clouds, turbulence, and icing. In addition, the Honolulu forecast office is an aviation Meteorological Watch Office that covers approximately 5,000,000 square miles. See Aviation Area Map Graphic of Central and Eastern Pacific SIGMETs from the Aviation Weather Center TAFs Area Forecast for Hawaii and adjacent coastal waters Wind and Temperature Aloft Forecast for Lihue, Honolulu, Kahului, and Hilo

82. Aviation Weather : Organized Weather Links
aviation weather Center; The Weather Channel (Maps galore); Landings;National Weather Service METAR/TAF Information SOUTH AMERICA.
believe it or not!
  • Aviation
  • Celestial
  • Climate
  • Data sources ...
  • Home

  • South Africa (WeatherScape)
  • South Africa (South African Weather Bureau)

  • Landings Asia (Significant weather information and products) AUSTRALASIA
  • Landings Australia (Significant weather information and products) CENTRAL AMERICA
  • Landings (Significant weather information and products) EUROPE
  • Landings (Significant weather information and products)
  • Aviators Weather European TAFs and METARs MIDDLE EAST
  • Landings (Significant weather information and products) NORTH AMERICA: USA
  • Aviation Digital Data Service
  • Aviation Model Forecasts
  • The Aviation homepage (An EXCELLENT SITE)
  • Aviation Weather Center
  • The Weather Channel (Maps galore)
  • Landings
  • National Weather Service METAR/TAF Information SOUTH AMERICA
  • Landings (Significant weather information and products) RELATED LINKS
  • Explanation of tephigrams (WeatherScape)
  • Radar images
  • Realtime Data
  • Aviation links (Virtual Library)
  • 83. Altohiway: Missing Page
    Weather on the Web. This page checked and updated 1 July 1997. Free aviation weatherinformation METARs worldwide (have ICAO airfield locator code ready);
    Missing Page You are looking at this page because the URL of the page you want has changed, or is no longer available. Why not search now? Type in the subject you are looking for then select the Search altohiway button.
    Quick Search on altohiway's Pages Full Search Options
    Alternatively, you can email our webmaster if you have a specific enquiry. *** Site Map *** *** Contact Us ***

    84. AeroLounge - Your Online Aviation Community
    aviation weather Series. aviation weather Hazards Does icing give youchills or turbulence cause you to shake? Does fog make you fidget?

    85. ERAU Virtual Libraries: Aviation/Weather
    FlightBrief FlightBrief-aviation flight planning center. Loaded with real-timeaviation weather, easy-to-use route planner, and complete airport information.
    Embry-Riddle Destinations... - About Embry-Riddle - Admissions - CATER (Training) - Contact Information - Employment Opportunities - ERAU Online - Libraries - News and Events - President's Welcome - Research - Resident Centers - Search ERAU Web - University Update - Web Site Map - WebShop - Year 2000 Project Page Catalogs - Graduate - Prescott Campus - Undergraduate Campuses - Daytona Beach, FL - Extended Campus - Prescott, AZ
    advanced search
    Home Add a Site Modify a Site ... Aviation : Weather
    • FlightBrief - FlightBrief-aviation flight planning center. Loaded with real-time aviation weather, easy-to-use route planner, and complete airport information. pop
      Rating: 2.67 Votes: 3) Rate It
    • 1B1 awos Columbia County Airport, Hudson, New York - Live graphical awos information from Columbia County Airport in Hudson, NY. Data is updated every minute on the internet. Spreadsheets and graphs allow pilots to make decisions based on weather trending. Email comments or suggestions to
      Rating: 10.00 Votes: 12) Rate It
    • Atmospheric Sciences
      Rating: 2.00 Votes: 3)

    86. Aviation Weather
    aviation weather. Several other aviation weather related topics are availablehere. (Note Any of the above links will transfer you to a different site.
    Aviation Weather
    This site contains links to various geographic weather areas with detail down to the state as well as a link where, if you know the airport or observing station identifier, you'll be able to get the latest hourly observations. In addition, there are links to pages reguarding severe weather and how that affects airline safety. Please note that the purpose of this page is NOT to replace a full pre-flight weather briefing. It is intended, rather, to assist pilots in planning possible routes and times of departure based on various weather observations and to show pilots what possible obstacles there are to their intended flight routes and maybe save them an unnecessary trip to the airport. The authors encourage you to obtain a full weather briefing for your entire flight route once you arive at the airport. Enjoy and fly safely!
    Current Weather Map
    (Courtesy of the Perdue Weather Processor
    To view a close up of the area you are interested in flying in, click on that area on the map below. From there, you will get a close up view of that area and after clicking on a state, you will have the option of obtaining satellite and NEXRAD radar images for various areas of the state. Also, if you are interested in viewing the latest hourly observations for a measuring station and know the identifier for that station, click here for a METAR (French acronym which roughly translates as Aviation Routine Weather Report ) coded report. If you do not know the code or would like a report other than a METAR report, click

    87. CyberFlight Inc. - Aviation Weather
    aviation weather. Here are some links to some way cool aviation weatherstuff. As usual, no guarantees are made for the reliability
    Aviation Weather
    Here are some links to some way cool aviation weather stuff. As usual, no guarantees are made for the reliability or accuracy of the stuff you might find here. And don't forget about the FAA's little caveat about how pilots are responsible for getting a complete weather briefing, sending money to the weather gods of their choice, and otherwise not being stupid enough to get stuck by the weather. NOAA - WONDERFUL pilot resource. And it's FREE!
    A great source for all different kinds of weather info
    Intellicast US Radar Summary

    The Weather Channel Aviation Reports

    Now be good with these wonderful weather resources, and don't forget to wear a sweater, cut your hair, and bring an umbrella. Most of all, however, don't forget to CLOSE YOUR FLIGHT PLAN!
    Click Here to Return to the Insanity

    88. Aviation Weather Research Program Internet Links
    National Weather Service (NWS) aviation weather Center (AWC). MIT Lincoln Laboratory.aviation weather Page, http//

    Site Map DOT Ask FAA ... Search
    AWRP Web Site:




    FAA Aviation Weather Research Program
    Internet Links Associated With The FAA Aviation Weather Research Program
    AWRP Home Page
    Product Development Teams Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)
    FAA Headquarters
    Under the Office of Air Traffic Systems Development
    AWRP Product Development Teams (PDTs)
    Link to Public Forum slides
    Terminal Ceiling and Visibility PDT
    Convective Weather PDT

    89. NOAA - National Weather Service
    Links to Marine Forecasts, weather bouys and stations.Category News weather Marine...... Forecasts Local aviation Marine Hurricanes Severe weather Fire weather Climate Forecast Models Numerical Models. weather Safety weather Radio. Education. Site Map News Organization Search Local forecast by
    "City, St" Search by city. Press enter or select the go button to submit request

    Is Your Community StormReady?
    Americans live in the most severe weather-prone country on Earth. Each year, Americans cope with an average of 10,000 thunderstorms, 2,500 floods, 1,000 tornadoes, as well as an average of 6 deadly hurricanes. Communities can now rely on the National Weather Service's StormReady program to help them guard against the ravages of Mother Nature. Details...
    Warnings and Forecasts National Maps Radar Rivers Satellite Click on Map for Local Information
    24 Hour Loop
    12 hour Loop

    For NWS Employees
    ... National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service 1325 East West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910 Page last modified: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 07:52:00 EDT

    90. Freese-Notis Weather.Net Home Page
    Source of weather information for agriculture, aviation, commodities, construction, energy, forensics, and transportation. NEXRAD radar imagery via InterRAD.
    FREESE NOTIS WEATHER SERVICES InterRAD Energy.Net Weather Trades ... Agricultural Weather Forecasts Freese-Notis Weather Freese-Notis Weather has been one of the most recognizable and respected names in the industry since its founding in 1973. Things have changed tremendously in terms of technology since 1973 but one thing has remained constant throughout the years; a passion for our work has provided our customers with the best quality forecasting. Late in 1994, Freese-Notis entered a brand new horizon. This is when the company decided to also become a complete Internet Service Provider and headed full blast into the “Information Superhighway”. Whether your need is weather information or Internet services, Freese-Notis Weather has the solution for you. For more information on all the various services we provide, click on the links above or on the right. Click for Current National Radar Enter Zipcode for regional weather radar
    Click here for Instant InterRAD or AgWeather registration
    Do you have questions regarding the most effective Weather game plan for your company?

    91. - Aviation Index
    Other Features. aviation Message Board Share questions and answers with pilots andaviation enthusiasts. In The Spotlight. Premium weather Alert Service Notify!

    92. Welcome To Aviation Links - Resources For Pilots And Aviation Enthusiasts!
    Categorised aviation links. Including; government, airlines, safety, and weather.
    Welcome to The Aviation Links Page! Message Board Guest Book Sites up for Review Link to this page ... Submit URL / Send E-Mail Front Page Table of Contents - Located on a separate page
    Alaska Airlines Flight 261 - Information and Links with special thanks to: for providing an Alaska Airline MD-80 picture
    Don't forget to check The Message Board
    News Table of Contents
    Its always a good idea to keep up on current events. Many of the sites on this page have news features. Here are a few sites who's primary purpose is aviation news.
    Air Transport World News
    - Global Airline News
    Aviation Articles
    - Site of aviation stories with index. By: NTSB
    - Up to date news wire stories.
    Air Transport World News
    - Global Airline News
    Sun 'n Fun EAA Fly-In, Inc.
    This is one of the largest gatherings of experimental aircraft builders, pilots, and manufactures. This link will take you to the official home page where you can find event news and schedules, workshop times, and directions on how to get there. Terrace-Kitimat Airshow - A biennial airshow in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada. Featuring the snowbirds and many more military and civilian performers. This year is a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Snowbirds. This year date; Sunday July 23, 2000.

    93. - Aviation Index
    Click to return to home page. See weather related to aviation Features. DailyTraveler Get hourly departure and arrival forecasts for 150 US airports.

    94. Landings: Welcome: News: Databases, Aircraft Sales, Planning, Weather, Pilot Sup
    Comprehensive guide to aviation on the Internet, featuring news and a vast directory sorted by subject matter. world's most colorful aircraft, I have no doubt why aviation has captured so many hearts. World map w/route + clickable enroute weather stations. +. additional airport information
    If you are seeing this message please send email to: landings at Please include information on your browser, and the frequency of use of

    95. Windsong Weather Services, Inc.
    Worldwide meteorological forecasts in support of unique aviation events including races and record breaking attempts.
    World-wide meteorological forecasts in support of unique aviation and sporting events including races and record breaking attempts.
    Our second-to-none accomplishments are in hot air balloon, gas balloon and aircraft races, promotions, meets, over ocean flights, around the world flights, and duration/altitude/distance record setting adventures. Our other sport-specific forecasts, such as in cross-country skiing, have been used in setting world class records.
    Contact webmaster for questions about this site.

    96. Weather Resources
    Institute of aviation Home aviation Links, Welcome to the. Institute ofaviation's. weather Information Center! You are visitor since 5/4/98.
    Institute of Aviation Home Aviation Links Welcome to the Institute of Aviation's Weather Information Center! You are visitor # since 5/4/98. Site Announcements:
    • NEW - Wisconsin's surface reports and various weather reports and radar services have been added for the Milwaukee, WI area. Thanks for the suggestion. METAR / TAF reports. We had been providing a direct link to Environment Canada, to obtain reports by submitting the 4-character ICAO location. The site in question has requested that we no longer do this, since it was set up only for experimental purposes. Consequently, we recommend that you connect to the National Weather Service Site and submit the ICAO location (to obtain METAR reports) from there. Be sure to bookmark their site for easy access. They maintain a similar page for TAF reports Special THANKS to the University of Illinois' Weather Machine GopherServer , Purdue University's PurdueWeather Processor and Intellicast Please be patient if a site is not operating on a given day. Some of these links are under construction quite frequently.

    97. Weather.html
    Oops! The Institute's weather page has been moved to http//
    Oops! The Institute's weather page has been moved to: Please change your saved links accordingly! Send questions or comments about this site to This page was last updated on

    98. FlightSim Aviation Zone
    A flight simulation resource. Screenshots, photos, downloads and links. Includes a FAQ database, weather and flightplanning downloads.

    99. Landings: Welcome: News: Databases, Aircraft Sales, Planning, Weather, Pilot Sup
    A large aviation hub for pilots and aviators.Category Recreation aviation Resources...... place featuring aviation news, up to date aviation databases (FAA Regulations, AIM,SDRs, NTSB Briefs, N Numbers and more), pilot weather, expert advice forums
    If you are seeing this message please send email to: landings at Please include information on your browser, and the frequency of use of

    100. - Index
    Present details plus 10day summary forecast for cities, with maps for shorter periods ahead. Also maps of weather elements relevant to travel, health, sport, gardening and aviation.
    e.g., "London", "W11" Home Local World Climate Statistics ... Services
    City Selector
  • Belfast
  • Birmingham
  • Cardiff
  • Dublin ... Fishing
    Maps Click to enlarge How to read this map See more maps
    See What's New Ski Guide
    Need the best ski information to plan for your holiday or weekend getaway?
    If you're hitting the pistes in the near future then check out the current snow conditions and weather forecasts in your favourite resorts.
    If you're planning ahead then find the best resorts for you, based on past ski conditions
    Or view our selection of the top 10 ski resorts
    Experience the best!
    Features of the Week
    Plan your next holiday
    Motorway forecast for your region Get weather on your calendar or PDA In The Spotlight WeatherLine Skin Protection Weather Maps International Sites: United States Brazil Latin America Germany ... Advertise Privacy Statement Licensed by TRUST-e
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