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  1. AZERBAIJAN - Aug. 6 - Ailing Aliyev Flies To US.(Brief Article): An article from: APS Diplomat Recorder
  2. Political Organization in Central Asia and Azerbijan: Sources and Documents (Cummings Center Series)
  3. United States Ambassadors to Azerbaijan: Ross Wilson, Richard Miles, Stanley Tuemler Escudero, Reno L. Harnish, Richard Kauzlarich, Robert Finn
  4. Azerbaijan Oil & Gas Sector Business & Investment Opportunities Yearbook
  5. Azerbaijan Energy Policy, Laws and Regulations Handbook
  6. Azerbaijan Energy Policy, Laws and Regulation Handbook (World Law Business Library) by Ibp Usa, 2008-08-08
  7. Azerbaijan Investment and Business Guide
  8. Azerbaijan President Aliyev Handbook
  9. Azerbaijan Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook
  10. Azerbaijan Internet and E-commerce Investment and Business Guide: Regulations and Opportunities
  11. Azerbaijan Recent Economic and Political Developments Yearbook (World Strategic and Business Information Library) by Ibp Usa, 2008-08-08
  12. Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic
  13. Post-Soviet Energy Wealth: a Comparative Study of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan by Dilyara Teshebayeva, 2008-12-03
  14. AZERBAIJAN - Resurgence In The Shiite World - Part 5.: An article from: APS Diplomat Redrawing the Islamic Map

81. ICL - Azerbaijan Index
by Armenia supports ethnic Armenians in the NagornoKarabakh region of Azerbaijanin the longstanding, separatist conflict against the Azerbaijani government;
Azerbaijan Index Constitutional Background
Since declaring independence from the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan refuses to have Russian troops on its territory and rejects claims of Russia to joint ownership of Caspian oil. The Caspian Sea boundaries are disputed among Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkmenistan. Ethnic Armenians in the enclave Nagorno-Karabakh are fighting for separatism; they are supported by
Armenia supports ethnic Armenians in the Nagorno-Karabakh
region of Azerbaijan in the longstanding, separatist conflict against the Azerbaijani
Government; History and News
  • 11 Oct 1998: Re-election of Aliyev as President. 26 Nov 1996: Artur Rasizade becomes Prime Minister. 12 Nov 1995: Constitution adopted by referendum. 11 Nov 1995: Parliamentary elections; most opposition parties are banned from participation. Oct 1995: Four journalists get sentenced for up to five years in prison for "insulting the dignity of the President". 3 Aug 1995: Police uncovers plans for assassination of President Aliyev by street bomb.

82. State And Government. Azerbaijan Internet Links
azerbaijan Internet Resources. General information. State and government. azerbaijanLaw government http//
Azerbaijan Internet Resources General information State and government Karabakh conflict Regions and cities ... Azeris at Internet Service Search in our site What is new in site? Map of our site Do you want add URL? ... About sites' promotion General information Maps of Azerbaijan State, government General information Law and Legal Regulations Government and Ministries State committees, concerns ... International organizations Karabakh conflict Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict Refugees, IDPs in Azerbaijan Regions and cities General information Baku, capital Ganja city Nakhchivan region ... Travel, recreation. Hotels Society and Culture History of Azerbaijan Political parties, NGOs Television and Radio Mass media, press ... Nature and ecology Azerbaijan onLine Country guide General links Azeris at Internet General information Personal pages ( A - M ) Personal pages ( N - Z ) State General information Law and Legal Regulations Ministries Azerbaijan Embassies  ... State committees, concerns...

83. 23_6
The Oil Issue In The Policy Of azerbaijan's government In Nigyar Maxwell. Nigyar Maxwell, Ph.D. is a researcher at the
The Oil Issue In The Policy Of Azerbaijan's Government In 1918-1920
by Nigyar Maxwell
Nigyar Maxwell, Ph.D. is a researcher at the Department of Azerbaijani History 1917-1920, Institute of History, Azerbaijan Academy of Science in Baku.
On the historic day of May 28, 1918 Azerbaijan declared independence. Thus, after over than 100 years, national statehood was re-established and Azerbaijan's government started creating its own state institutions. However, in spite of the energetic steps taken by the government, this process was complicated and impeded by the military-political situation it faced at the same time. Even after the declaration of independence, a diarchy existed in Azerbaijan: the city of Baku and Baku province were controlled by the Bolshevik regime. It is clear enough that the Bolsheviks, led by Shaumyan, were completely controlled and directed by Soviet Russia; this explains the fact that the interests of Baku's economy and especially the oil industry, were subjected to Russian interests.
On May 1, 1918 The Baku Soviet of Peoples Commissars published a declaration claiming that it would apply all the decrees of the Soviet government in Russia

84. Who Is Who In Azerbaijan - On-line Directory
government Business Economy Science Arts Culture Sports International OrganisationsAssociations Home, Advertise, Register, All azerbaijan, Search Tips, About.
Top.Az Search News Shopping ... Downloads Popular Categories: Government


International Organisations
Aliyev Heydar Alirza

Abdullazade Fatma Husseyn

Gumbatov Yusif

Mehdiyev Ramiz

Muradverdiyev Akif

MILLI MAJLIS Murtuz Alasgarov Arif Rahimzadeh Yashar Aliyev CABINET OF MINISTER'S Abbasov Abbas Aydin Abbasov Namig Rashid Abutalibov Hajibala Ibrahim Abiyev Safar Akhundbala ... Sharifov Abid Goja PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE Garalov Zakir Bakir Alphabetical Index a b c d ...

85. GlobalEDGE (TM) | Country Insights - Government Of Azerbaijan
http// azerbaijan government. The governmentof azerbaijan consists of three branches the executive branch

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87. - Government Of Azerbaijan
short form azerbaijan local long form Azarbaycan Respublikasi local short formnone former azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. government type republic.

88. MINELREL-L Archive (09141998-14:33:32-20803)
azerbaijan's government prepares to report on tortures. ReplyTo minelres-l@riga.lvSender From MINELRES moderator
Azerbaijan's government prepares to report on tortures

89. Azerbaijan Development Gateway
Power and politics. government. Justice. Law. Foreign affairs. Business and Economy. Partnerssection. Donors. Private companies. Nongovernment organizations. Goverment.

90. 1netCommunications > Regional > Asia > Azerbaijan > Government
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Wednesday December 05, 2001
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91. World Travel Guide - Azerbaijan - History And Government
World Travel Guide azerbaijan - History government - includes informationon the constitution and politics. WORLDTRAVELGUIDE.NET,
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APPENDICES How to Use This Guide Health Disabled Travellers Buddhism ... Travel Warnings LANGUAGES Deutsch Dutch Español
... Azerbaijan
History and Government
The oil boom, which began in the late-19th century, transformed the capital, Baku, into a cosmopolitan industrial centre, with a large proletariat living and working in appalling conditions. Subsequently, the city was a receptive target for the early Bolshevik movement: activists, including the young Josef Stalin, cut their political teeth organising Baku oil workers. Control of the oilfields led to a prolonged power struggle in Baku following the 1917 revolution. The Bolsheviks eventually prevailed and in 1920 the Red Army entered Azerbaijan. In 1922 the territory joined the USSR, assuming the status of the full Soviet republic in 1936.
Armenia section).

92. AnsMe Directory - Regional > Asia > Azerbaijan > Government
agency Official news from azerbaijanian government. Available in English and Russian.http// 3. governments on the WWW azerbaijan Links to
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Web Directory Regional Asia Azerbaijan
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Web sites
The Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan Republic

Information about the Court, its judicial decisions and relevant legal documents. Brief information about the Judges, the court's organizational structure, archive and contacts.
AzerTac state information agency

Official news from Azerbaijanian Government. Available in English and Russian. Governments on the WWW: Azerbaijan Links to websites of governmental institutions and political parties in Azerbaijan. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Extensive source of official information about the country's economy and policy.

93. Russian Periodicals Catalog. Azerbaijan Respublikasy Milli Mejlisinin Mellumaty.
azerbaijan Respublikasy Milli Mejlisinin Mellumaty. government, Legislative,Baku, azerbaijan, azerbaijani,. east view information services,
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azerbaijan REPUBLIC. State Symbols Constitution of azerbaijan. PoliticalStructure. Governmental Administration. azerbaijan
State Symbols Constitution of Azerbaijan
Political Structure. Governmental Administration
Azerbaijan in the International Arena ...
Sports and Tourism

95. Political Resources On The Net - Azerbaijan (1:3 Parties & Org.)
Index of Azerbaijani political sites available on the Internet, with links to Parties, Organizations, Governments and Media

Last updated: Nagorno Karabakh Azerbaijani Constitution Constitution of Azerbaijan Elections in Azerbaijan by Wilfried Derksen Azerbaijan REENIC - The Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Virtual Azerbaijan The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Government Azerbaijan on the Net Azerbaijan Internet links Resources about Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Resource Page by AZERBAIJAN - A Country Study Library of Congress Heydar Aliyev Homepage exposing the injustice that Azerbaijanis are experiencing at the hands of their President The US-Azerbaijan Council Modern Azerbaijan and the Karabakh problem Back to Middle East

96. Karaim Home Page
The Karaim Web site is sponsored by SOTA, Research Center for Turkistan and azerbaijan, located in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Established in 1991 by Mehmet Tutuncu, the Center is dedicated to research on the Turkic Peoples of former Soviet Union and the promotion of human rights, democratic governments and peace in the Turkic World.
A View of Chufut-Kale, Crimea
This Web site is dedicated to the history and culture of Crimean Karaims
Here you will find a fascinating history of Karaims or Karailar (sing. Karai ), their language, culture, and heroic struggle to survive. Crimean Karaims are people of Turk(ic) descent who have adopted Karaism. This movement could be described as a return to the roots or sola scriptura. Although the Karaite reformation never became a mass movement, an ethnic mixture of Alans, Cumans and a number of Turkic Kipchak tribes in Crimea and northern steppes of Black Sea, as well as the ruling junta of Khazaria (not all the Khazars) converted to Karaism. These people became known as Karaims, thus combining the religious denomination with ethnonym. The following pages are about the native people of Crimea, their ancestors, the Khazars, and the areas they settled. Religion has played an important part in forming the Karaim people. In the 8th century, Karaism was initiated by Anan ben David in Mesopotamia. From the 8th to the 10th centuries, the Karaims were subjected to the rule of Khazar Kagan. It is recorded in the 13th century that the Karaim congregation practised in Solkhat, the capital city of the Crimean Tatars. Karaism is Mosaism, an independent, non sectarian, monotheistic religion of Abraham. Anan Ben David, the founder of the actual Karaite religion, preached about a return to the written word of the Old Testament. He refused to recognize the Talmudic thought. This religion is distinct from Rabbinical Judaism.

97. Links
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98. DINO - Language: Englisch - Regional - Asia - Azerbaijan - Government
neuen Fenster AzerTac state information agency Official news from azerbaijanianGovernment. einem neuen Fenster Governments on the WWW azerbaijan - Links to
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Websites The Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan Republic - Information about the Court, its judicial decisions and relevant legal documents. Brief information about the Judges, the court's organizational structure, archive and contacts.
[Verwandte Websites] AzerTac state information agency - Official news from Azerbaijanian Government. Available in English and Russian.
[Verwandte Websites] Governments on the WWW: Azerbaijan - Links to websites of governmental institutions and political parties in Azerbaijan.

99. Government
The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
Íàðîä Àçåðáàéäæàíà, ïðîäîëæàÿ ìíîãîâåêîâûå òðàäèöèè ñâîåé ãîñóäàðñòâåííîñòè, ðóêîâîäñòâóÿñü ïðèíöèïàìè, çàôèêñèðîâàííûìè â Êîíñòèòóöèîííîì Àêòå "Î îñóäàðñòâåííîé íåçàâèñèìîñòè Àçåðáàéäæàíñêîé Ðåñïóáëèêè", æåëàÿ îáåñïå÷èòü áëàãîïîëó÷èå âñåõ è êàæäîãî, óòâåðäèòü ñïðàâåäëèâîñòü, ñâîáîäó è áåçîïàñíîñòü, îñîçíàâàÿ ñâîþ îòâåòñòâåííîñòü ïåðåä ïðîøëûì, íûíåøíèì è áóäóùèì ïîêîëåíèÿìè, èñïîëüçóÿ ñâîå ñóâåðåííîå ïðàâî, òîðæåñòâåííî ËÀÂÀ I. ÍÀÐÎÄÎÂËÀÑÒÈÅ I.  Àçåðáàéäæàíñêîé Ðåñïóáëèêå åäèíñòâåííûì èñòî÷íèêîì ãîñóäàðñòâåííîé âëàñòè ÿâëÿåòñÿ íàðîä Àçåðáàéäæàíà. II. Íàðîä Àçåðáàéäæàíà ñîñòîèò èç ãðàæäàí Àçåðáàéäæàíñêîé Ðåñïóáëèêè, ïðîæèâàþùèõ íà òåððèòîðèè Àçåðáàéäæàíñêîé Ðåñïóáëèêè è çà åå ïðåäåëàìè, ðàññìàòðèâàþùèõñÿ êàê ïîäâëàñòíûå I. Ñâîáîäíî è íåçàâèñèìî ðåøàòü ñâîþ ñóäüáó è îïðåäåëÿòü ñâîþ ôîðìó ïðàâëåíèÿ - ñóâåðåííîå ïðàâî íàðîäà Àçåðáàéäæàíà. II. Íàðîä Àçåðáàéäæàíà îñóùåñòâëÿåò ñâîå ñóâåðåííîå ïðàâî íåïîñðåäñòâåííî ïóòåì âñåíàðîäíîãî ãîëîñîâàíèÿ - ðåôåðåíäóìà è ÷åðåç ñâîèõ ïðåäñòàâèòåëåé, èçáðàííûõ íà îñíîâå âñåîáùåãî, ðàâíîãî I. Íàðîä Àçåðáàéäæàíà ìîæåò ðåøèòü ïóòåì ðåôåðåíäóìà ëþáîé âîïðîñ, çàòðàãèâàþùèé åãî ïðàâà è èíòåðåñû.

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