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         Azerbaijan History:     more books (104)
  1. AZERBAIJAN AND AZERIS: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Russian History</i> by GREGORY TWYMAN, 2004
  2. Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan (Former Soviet States) by Elizabeth Roberts, 1992-10
  3. Architectural Development in the Earliest Settled Agricultural Phases of Azerbaijan (bar s) by Mubariz S. Azimov, 2006-01
  4. Azerbaijan Diary: A Rogue Reporter's Adventures in an Oil-rich, War-torn Post-Soviet Republic by Thomas Goltz, 1998-05
  5. Azerbaijan: Ethnicity and the Struggle for Power in Iran by Touraj Atabaki, 2000-11-04
  6. The Sumgait Tragedy: Pogroms Against Armenians in Soviet Azerbaijan : Eyewitness Accounts (Zoryan Files Series, No 3)
  7. Past, present, future, and postcolonial discourse in modern Azerbaijan literature.(Literatures of Central Asia): An article from: World Literature Today by Shouleh Vatanabadi, 1996-06-22
  8. BAKU: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Russian History</i> by AUDREY ALTSTADT, 2004
  9. Country Name Etymology: Nicaragua, Ériu, List of Country Name Etymologies, History of the Name Azerbaijan, Names of the Irish State
  10. History of Baku: Azerbaijan State Oil Academy Shootings, Pogrom of Armenians in Baku, 2000 Baku Earthquake, Baku Air Defence Army, Baku Khanate
  11. Azerbaijan: Legacies of the Past and the Trials of Independence (Postcommunist States and Nations) by Tadeusz Swietochowski, 2011-02-24
  12. Azerbaijan Diary: A Rogue Reporter's Adventures in an Oil-rich, War-torn Post-Soviet Republic by Thomas Goltz, 1998-05
  13. AZERBAIJAN: An entry from Gale's <i>Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies</i> by Yüksel Sezgin, 2002
  14. AZERBAIJAN: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by HÜLYA DEMIRDIREK, 2001

21. Azerbaijan Vacations: Romantic Azerbaijan Cruises.
azerbaijan history. Azerbaijan a nation of Turkic Muslims - has been anindependent republic since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
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Azerbaijan: History
Azerbaijan - a nation of Turkic Muslims - has been an independent republic since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Despite a cease-fire, in place since 1994, Azerbaijan has yet to resolve its conflict with Armenia over the Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh enclave (largely Armenian populated). Azerbaijan has lost almost 20% of its territory and must support some 750,000 refugees as a result of the conflict. Corruption is ubiquitous and the promise of wealth from Azerbaijan's undeveloped petroleum resources remains largely unfulfilled.

Culture Geography ... Practical Info Other Places in Asia
Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan ... Click here to save money, time and stress booking your Azerbaijan vacation.

22. Web Guide
azerbaijan history URL http//; Azerbaijanhistory Books In memory of Ali Akbar Derekhshani , The 7th anniversary of

23. Azerbaijan History
azerbaijan history Last updated in April 2002 8th century BC. The Scythians,a nomadic people native to the Black Sea region, settle

24. Azerbaijan Page
of Sciences Mirror from Baku Baku - a tour of the city in pictures Another sitewith very good pictures of Baku azerbaijan history Pages azerbaijan history
Welcome to Page at Dubna
Hello !
This is a Home Page of Azerbaijani physicists working at
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

Useful information about our republic:
More detailed map
Remembering "Black January": A Decade after
Black January - 1990

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic 80-th Anniversary Day
Art Gallery featuring Azeri Artists

Links to some of the Azerbaijan Web pages in the cyberspace:

Baku Web Page

AZERBAIJAN International Magazine
Azerbaijan President's Home Page ... Azeriland Type a question and click "Ask!" Where can I buy cheap airline tickets?
Thank you for the visit.
Rashid Mehdiyev Last Updated - 31,May 2000

25. Culture & Arts Of Azerbaijan: Museums Of Azerbaijan
The azerbaijan history Museum, under the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan, is the republic's leading scientific and enlightening establishment
Museums of Azerbaijan History Museum of Azerbaijan of Academy of Sciences
The Azerbaijan History Museum, under the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan , is the republic's leading scientific and enlightening establishment acquainting the public with the long and eventful history of the Azerbaijan people. Jewelry and chased copper, bronze and pottery, carpets and coins, arms and armour, national costume and embroidery, monuments of material culture...
The "Icheri Shahar" is the oldest part of Baku. There are many unique monuments of Azerbaijanian architecture in any parts of "Icheri Shahar": The Shirvanshahs' Palace. XV c. The Maiden Tower. b.a VII-in a. XIIc.
The Azerbaijan State Museum of Art is a storehouse of the works of art beginning from the ancient period up to the present time. All kinds of art are completely represented here. The art of Azerbaijan, West-Europe, Russia, the East is displayed in the halls of our museum.
In the halls of the Museum of Azerbaijan Literature named after Nizami there are various exhibits that visually acquaints you with Azerbaijan Literature and folklore, with the creation of the prominent poets and writers of Azerbaijan - Khagani, Nizami, Nasimi, Fizuli, M.F. Akhundov, Natavan, Dzh. Mamedkulizade, M.A. Sabir, J. Jabarly, S. Vurgun, and many others.

26. Azerbaijan: History
History The Republic of Azerbaijan comprises the Transcaucasian or northernpart of the historic region called Azerbaijan. azerbaijan history.
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    Azerbaijan: History The Republic of Azerbaijan comprises the Transcaucasian or northern part of the historic region called Azerbaijan. Known to the ancients as Albania, the area was linked to the history of Armenia and Persia, particularly after its conquest (4th cent.) by Shapur II. Overrun later by Mongols, it was divided after the fall (15th cent.) of Tamerlane into several principalities (notably Shirvan). The territory of the present Azerbaijan was acquired by Russia from Persia through the treaties of Gulistan (1813) and Turkamanchai (1828). Soon after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Russian Azerbaijan joined Armenia and Georgia to form the anti-Bolshevik Transcaucasian Federation. After its dissolution (May, 1918), Azerbaijan proclaimed itself independent but was conquered by the Red Army in 1920 and made into a Soviet republic. In 1922, Azerbaijan joined the USSR as a member of the Transcaucasian Soviet Federated Republic. With the administrative reorganization of 1936, it became a separate republic. Immediately after World War II, Azerbaijan was used as a base for Communist rebels in Iranian Azerbaijan; Azeri nationalists still press claims to Iran's Azerbaijan province. In 1988, ethnic Armenians in the Nagorno-Karabakh region pressed for its unification with Armenia, leading to a guerrilla war. In 1992, a large-scale conflict broke out between the two republics, which continued into the mid-1990s. Azerbaijan declared itself independent of the USSR in Aug., 1991, and joined the
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    28. Azerbaijan
    Directory. Adoption Sites, Adoption Community, Adoption Shop, AdoptionReunion, International Adoption. azerbaijan history. Historical

    29. History Of Azerbaijan
    History of Azerbaijan. azerbaijan history An excellenthistory from Use the outline below the article
    zfp=-1 About History 20th Century History Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    20th Century History
    with Jennifer Rosenberg
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    History of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan History
    An excellent history from Use the outline below the article to navigate through the complete text of this extensive encyclopedia entry. Country Study: Azerbaijan
    This comprehensive book-length information from the Library of Congress includes an entire chapter (chapter one) of history of the country. Flags of the World: Azerbaijan Information, images, and available history of the current and past flags of the country. Geography and Maps of Azerbaijan A plethora of geographical information and online maps from the About Geography site. Historical Outline of Azerbaijan A short historical overview from the official Azerbaijan government site.

    30. - United States - New - Library - Humanities - History - Asia & Middle
    present. Contributed by neonalley . 3. azerbaijan history Index http//

    31. Azerbaijan: History
    Click to go to text menu. You are here History, Azerbaijan. TheAzeris came from the mix of ancient peoples of eastern Caucasus.

    32. Azerbaijan E-Cards - History And Culture - Quick Details From
    about regions world azerbaijan for children and children's regions world azerbaijanwebsites art links about regions world azerbaijan history link about >> Azerbaijan E-Cards - History and Culture Email this page Print Edit Azerbaijan E-Cards - History and Culture OVERVIEW - Includes images of medieval and historic structures, archaeological sites, dramatic architecture, museums, and other cultural landmarks. CLICK to ENTER THIS RESOURCE
    RELATED search the web .. for more regions world azerbaijan resources .. companion search powered by
    - purchase direct offspring of trees from historic homes, battles, moments in history .. easy to plant seedlings make great gifts that will last for generations! .. the web's best source for posters and prints .. From popular artists to the most obscure, we've found this site to offer the most variety .. at discount prices. This helpful resource page has been brought to you by the .. one of the world's leading gateways to museum links and resources .. we are grateful to our sponsors for helping ensure the continued success of our network. Information updated on ..

    33. Azeriweb Azerinet Directories
    Chronology of azerbaijan history Chronology of azerbaijan historytill 1830 URL http//;

    34. Azerbaijan Resources
    Ancient Azerbaijan Flash and shockwave enhanced web site that has information onazerbaijan history and archaeology from the Museum of History of Azerbaijan
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    Sites Universities Researchers Culture History ... Geography and Maps Archaeological Sites University Programs Current Researchers Cultural History Ancient Azerbaijan
    Flash and shock-wave enhanced web site that has information on Azerbaijan history and archaeology from the Museum of History of Azerbaijan of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. History of Azerbaijan
    From Baku.Net. General Information Azerbaijan Resource Page
    From the Central Eurasian Project, a range of resources. Virtual Azerbaijan
    By Adil Baguirov, a collection of general information about the country.
    Archaeology at

    35. Chronology Of Azerbaijan History And Neighboring Regions:
    JBOC's Notes on Oriental Rugs. Chronology of azerbaijan history andneighboring regions compiled by Zaur Rzakhanov Turkic peoples
    Chronology of Azerbaijan History and neighboring regions:
    compiled by Zaur Rzakhanov Turkic peoples: Huns, Kazars, Sabirs, Saragurs, Kuturgurs, Barsils, Gok-Turks, Seljuk Turks. Chronological Table 200 B.C - 400 A.D Kabala is a capital of Caucasian Albania 131-140 A.D. Ancestors of Khazars settle in the lower regions of rivers Terek and Sulak 191-200 A.D. "Hordes of Barsiles and Khazars crossed Kura, but were defeated by Alans"(Source: Moisey Kalankatly "History of Albans") Benchmark event: 226 A.D. Sassanian dynasty established in Iran (Non-Turkic) 381-390 A.D. Huns in Greece. Emperor Pheodosius invited Huns to join his army. 391-400 A.D. Huns overrun Syria and Mesopothamia(Iraq). Huns supress Gothish apraising in Byzantium. 400-600 A.D. Barda becomes capital of Caucasian Albania in VI century A.D. 441-450 A.D. Reign of Attila 451-460 A.D. Huns invade Azerbaijan 461-470 A.D. Saragurs invade Azerbaijan 511-520 A.D. Sabirs attack Iran and Asia Minor(Anatolia)

    36. History Of Azerbaijan - Wikipedia
    History of Azerbaijan. Little is known about Azerbaijan's history untilits conquest and conversion to Islam by the Arabs in 642 AD.
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    History of Azerbaijan
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the history of Azerbaijan , a nation in the Caucasus . See also the history of the Caucasus history of Central Asia history of Asia history of present-day nations and states ... Azerbaijan combines the heritage of two venerable civilizationsthe Seljuk Turks of the 11th century and the ancient Persians . Its name is thought to be derived from the Persian phrase "Land of Fire," referring both to its petroleum deposits, known since ancient times, and to its status as a former center of the Zoroastrian faith. The Azerbaijani Republic borders the Iranian provinces of East and West Azerbaijan, although they have not been united into a single state in modern times.

    37. World History Archives: History Of Armenia & Azerbaijan
    History of Armenia Azerbaijan. Hartford Web Publishing (Haines Brown)is not the author of the documents in World History Archives
    Hartford Web Publishing (Haines Brown) is not the author of the documents in World History Archives and does not presume to validate their accuracy or authenticity. History of West Asia in general
    Retrospective history of Ajerbaizan
    Baku, January the 20th, 1990
    Contemporary history of Azerbaizan
    Where haved all the cold warriors gone? U.S. oil giants drain Azerbaijan
    By Brian Becker, in Workers World, 21 August, 1997.
    Armenian politics
    Amnesty International appeals against death sentences of three political prisoners
    From Amnesty International. 11 December, 1996.

    38. National Bank Of Azerbaijan
    only, and is not an official translation History Background 1. Money turnover withinazerbaijan history of Azerbaijan statehood goes beyond the ancient times.
    • History
    • Legal status and main functions
    • Law
    • The Management Board ... Press releases USD EUR GBP RUR Search
      Note : This text is a working material for information only, and is not an official translation
      1. Money turnover within Azerbaijan

      History of Azerbaijan statehood goes beyond the ancient times. One of the factors proving ancient Azerbaijan statehood is discovery of local coins, which were minted in Albania (Caucasus Albania) and Atropatena, which existed within Azerbaijan. First money found within Azerbaijan are related to the times of Alexander of Macedonia (Alexander). As early as the second half of the III century B.C. albans and atropatenians, which were involved in world trade, to meet the demand of internal market began to mint coins similar to imported coins of Alexander. Silver dirhams (drahmas), with “AT” and “ATR” monograms related to this and later periods (numismatists read them as Atropat and Atropatena) have been widely discovered in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Dagestan. Scientists suppose that such coins were minted at mints in Gabala, Ardabil and other cities. At the same time circulation of money similar to silver coins of Selevki in Albania encounters in II-I centuries B.C.
      At the second half of the III century most part of the Azerbaijan territory was invaded by the Sasanids empire. Along with this already in VI-VII centuries Sasani rulers minted their silver coins in Nakhchivan. But at that period the Arabian Khilafet, which defeated Sasanids, conquered Azerbaijan as well. At the initial period of Khilafet history (VII-IX centuries) money circulation, especially minting of golden and copper coins were centralized. At the same time silver coins of the Khilafet were also minted in Azerbaijan.

    39. KU-Academic Departments
    azerbaijan history Museums, The Palace of Shirvanshahs and Ancient Gobustan are amongthe most favorite places for the University students and visiting scholars
    The School of Engineering and Applied Science
    The School of Economics and Management

    The School of Law and Social Science

    The School of Humanities
    The School of Medical Science

    Academic Departments Academic Departments Department of Applied and Medical Physics
    Department of Arts and Cultures

    Department of Biological Sciences

    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Department of English

    Department of History Department of Journalism Department of International Relations and Political Science Department of Law Department of Mathematics ... Department of Western Languages Department of History Department of History, established in June 1993, is a university division with wide educational and research interests. It offers comprehensive undergraduate programs providing fundamental courses on the history of world civilizations, which cover such issues as history of ancient and medieval human societies, and history of Asian, European and American Societies. The Department also provides courses related to University Requirements on the History of the Azerbaijani nation, including its evolution, growth and the contemporary life. Migration in the Far East, its influence on the formation of Azerbaijani ethnicity, historical development of relations of Azerbaijan with the other Caucasian countries as well as with Russia, Iran and other bordering countries are also among the major topics of the programs developed by the Department. The program jointly developed with the Department of International Relations and Political Science emphases the History of Foreign Policy of Azerbaijan, with modern phase Foreign Policy being given a more important place in the course. Teaching and research interests of the department encourage its joint programs and connections with other research divisions of Khazar University.

    40. Azerbaijan
    The azerbaijan history Museum is housed in the 19th century townhouseof an oil magnate. The museum contains petroglyphs from the
    The beautiful capital city and largest city of Azerbaijan, Baky (also Baki or Baku ) , which has a population of 1.8 million, lies around the sheltered harbor on baku bay, covering the natural hillside terraces on the southern Apsheronskiy Poluostrov (Apsheron Peninsula) . This ancient city is also an important industrial center. The economy is centered around petroleum and heavy industry. The capital is close to major petroleum fields near the border with Iran, and oil refining is its chief industry. Pipelines carry oil products to Batumi Georgia , on the Black Sea . Baky also has shipyards and factories producing metal cable and cotton, leather, and food products. Old Town is one of three parts of Azerbaijan's capital city of Baku. The Old Town contains many restored buildings, and much of the area is closed to vehicular traffic. The Old Town extends from the curve of baku Bay through the hills behind it. The Synyk Kala Minaret , located in Baku's Old Town, is the city's oldest building. The minaret was constructed in the year 1093. The Palace of the Shirvan Shahs is located in the heart of Baku's Old Town. Constructed in the 15th century, the complex contains a domed pavilion, a small, two story palace, courtyards, a royal mausoleum, and a mosque. The palace contains a museum and folk dance performances are staged here. The old quarter of Baky contains the large fortress of

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