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         Azerbaijan History:     more books (104)
  1. Uzeir Hajibeiov (The outstanding men of Azerbaijan) by Zemfira Safarova, 1985
  2. THE SOVIET UNION: COLLAPSE OF THE USSR AND FORMATION OF INDEPENDENT REPUBLICS: An entry from Gale's <i>History Behind the Headlines, Vols. 1-6</i> by Shahram Akbarzadeh, 2001
  3. Ta'rīk̲h̲-I S̲h̲aik̲h̲ Uwais (history of S̲h̲aik̲h̲ Uwai̲s): An important source for the history of Ad̲h̲arbaijan in the fourteenth century by J. B. van Loon, 1954
  4. History of Baalbek by Mīkhāʾīl Mūsa Alūf, 1953
  5. The memoirs of the national liberation movement in Azerbaijan by Naki Keykurun, 1998
  6. Ta'rikh-i Shaikh Uwais: (History of Shaikh Uwais) an important source for the history of Adharbaijān in the fourteenth century by Abū Bakr al-Qutbī al-Ahrǐ, 1954
  7. National consciousness and political orientations in Azerbaijan, 1905-1920 (Occasional paper / Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies) by Tadeusz Swietochowski, 1980
  8. Azarbaijan in Jewish history by Walter Joseph Fischel, 1953
  9. Statistical History of Football in Azerbaijan, A by Alexander Graham, 2002-07-02
  10. Transcaucasia, Nationalism, and Social Change: Essays in the History of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia by Ronald Grigor Suny, 1983
  11. Transcaucasia: Nationalism and social change : essays in the history of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia (East European series)
  12. Report on Azerbaijan's November 1995 parliamentary election : Baku, Lenkoran, Lerik (SuDoc Y 4.SE 2:AZ 2) by Michael Ochs, 1996
  13. Two Chronicles On The History Of Karabagh: Mirza Jamal Javansir's Tarik-e Karabag And Mirza Adigozal Beg's Karabag-Name (Armenian Studies Series)
  14. Turkey's Entente with Israel and Azerbaijan: State Identity and Security in the Middle East and Caucasus (Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Politics) by Alexander Murinson, 2009-12-04

61. World Travel Guide - Azerbaijan - History & Government
World Travel Guide azerbaijan - history Government -includes information on the constitution and politics.
Travel Information Contact Addresses Overview General Information Passport/Visa ... Maps Regions and Cities The Caucasus Home World Asia ... Azerbaijan
History and Government
History: Over the centuries Azerbaijan has enjoyed only brief periods of independent statehood, in between longer periods when it was incorporated into the major regional empires. This process began with the Arabs in the 7th century, during which period Islam was established as the predominant religion. In the 11th century, the Seljuk Turks established a Turkish dialect as the main language in the territory. Thereafter, Azerbaijan was influenced by both the Ottoman Turks, lying on the border of their empire, and the Iranians from whom they acquired an adherence to the Shia branch of Islam. In 1828, the Russians, in the course of their drive southwards, took over the northern part of Azerbaijan - which now comprises the modern republic - while the southern part remained a province of Iran.
The oil boom, which began in the late 19th century, transformed the capital, Baku, into a cosmopolitan industrial centre, with a large proletariat living and working in appalling conditions. Subsequently, the city was a receptive target for the early Bolshevik movement: activists, including the young Josef Stalin, cut their political teeth organising Baku oil workers. Control of the oilfields led to a prolonged power struggle in Baku following the 1917 revolution. The Bolsheviks eventually prevailed and in 1920 the Red Army entered Azerbaijan. In 1922 the territory joined the USSR, assuming the status of the full Soviet republic in 1936.

62. Azerbaijan. Country On The Shores Of Caspian Sea.
Past and present, society and culture, daily news and travel information, religion and business directory Category Regional Asia azerbaijan Guides and Directories......Resources on azerbaijan Azeri history, Society and Culture. Azeri Languageand Religion. BakuCapitol of azerbaijan. history of a Beautiful City.
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Daily News From Azerbaijan ... ISLAM Page from Muslims to people of all religions so as to build a bridge of understanding in matters of cultural grounds, beleifs, relationships, and above all, in matters as how to live together peacefully.
Armenian: history, background. Answers to all Armenian claims Origin of so-called Armenian Genocide
Joint Ventures Sharing agreements Caspian Sea legal issues. Maps. News ISLAM Page from Muslims to people of all religions so as to build a bridge of understanding in matters of cultural grounds, beleifs, relationships, and above all, in matters as how to live together peacefully.
Armenian: history, background. Answers to all Armenian claims Origin of so-called Armenian Genocide
Joint Ventures Sharing agreements Caspian Sea legal issues. Maps. News

63. History Of Azerbaijan
The 20th century entered the history of the azerbaijan people as the periodof radical changes in socioeconomic, political and cultural life.
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Top of the page Top of the page Azerbaijan expiriences the period of great economic changes and reforms. the transfer to market relations and integration to the world economic system constitute main trends of our policy. the macroeconomy has been stabilized in the country. the economic egress of late 80's has been overcome and the progress in some branches has become visibly achieved. The current economic reforms have had a qualitative new step. Fundamental changes are taking place in the economy. The market relations and entities are being formed to meet the requirements of new structure. Some branches of the industry, trade, transport, public utility services have been privatized, bank and fiscal systems, finansial institutions have been reformed, the implementation of joint projects with major foreign state and private companies and the like are good examples of progress in Azerbaijan's economy. Top of the page Top of the page The Azerbaijani diplomacy has achieved important progress to ensure independence, security and territorial integrity including multilateral and mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries based on the principle of equality. Today the most sensitive problem of our country is the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and fair call of Azerbaijan to settle the Nagorny-Karabakh problem is supported by the countries worldwide, international and regional organizations. We are convinced that this problem will be justly and peacfully solved very soon and territorial integrity of our country will be restored. We have declared once and again that the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan must be settled peacefully. We are against the war. We are in favor of peace. Our utmost desire is to establish peace in azerbaijan, throughout he Caucasian region and worldwide. Azerbaijan is a peace-loving State is willing to live in peace in the atmosphere of mutually beneficial cooperation and understanding with all countries and nations, especially with its neighbors.

64. Library Of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handboo
Provides basic and brief understanding of the country and society by describing and analyzing its Category Regional Asia azerbaijan Guides and Directories...... Introduction; Chapter 2. azerbaijan Country Profile Country; Geography; Society;Economy; Early history Persian and Greek Influences; The Introduction of Islam and
AZERBAIJAN - A Country Study
Search Azerbaijan
Include word variants Use only words as entered. Please note: The current Country Study was previously in a multi-country volume.
Chapter numbers reflect those used in the printed book.

65. Jewish History Of Azerbaijan
Brief history of the Jewish community in azerbaijan from medieval to contemporary period.Category Regional Asia azerbaijan Society and Culture history......Jewish history of azerbaijan. Persian Times Russian Times In the 70s and80s The Mid1990s azerbaijan, one of the independent states of the CIS.
Jewish History of Azerbaijan
Persian Times
Russian Times

In the 70s and 80s

The Mid-1990s
AZERBAIJAN, one of the independent states of the CIS. It gained its independence with the breakup of the U.S.S.R.
Persian Times
Former northwestern province of Iran. There have been Jewish settlements in Azerbaijan ever since Jews first settled in Persia. However, their presence is attested by documentary evidence only from the 12th century. Benjamin of Tudela (c. 1165) refers in his "Travels" to a chain of "more than a hundred congregations in the Haftan mountains up to the frontiers of Media," which included Persian Azerbaijan. Samuel b. Yahya al-Maghribi relates that David Alroy (12th century) found adherents for his messianic movement in such cities as Khoi, Salmas, Tabriz, Maragha, and Urmia (Rizaiyeh). When after 1258 Hulagu Khan established his residence in Tabriz, the new center attracted many Jewish settlers. Saad al-Dawla (d. 1291) made his career there as courtier. Tabriz, Sultaniyya, and other places in Azerbaijan continued to be a scene of Jewish events in the 13th and 14th centuries. Azerbaijan was also a Karaite center. Under the Safavids, Jews are mentioned in several districts. The Jews in Azerbaijan survived persecutions in the 17th century. Between 1711 and 1713 an emissary

Analysis and history of the conflict and its causes and consequences.

history OF THE CARPETS. Carpet weaving is one of the oldest and most popular formsof art in azerbaijan, and is so highly developed that the usual Western
Carpet weaving is one of the oldest and most popular forms of art in Azerbaijan, and is so highly developed that the usual Western distinctions between the fine arts and the decorativc arts simply do not apply. The traditional skills of this art have been handed down from one generation of weavers to another for many centuries, and the visual language they employ in their carpetsthe motifs and the coloursforms an essential part of the culturc of Azerbaijan, and seems able to speak to Azeris of every background, whether simple or sophisticated.
Weavers of earlier cenhlries, whose names have been forgotten, produced magnificent carpets and textiles that are now in the collections of the world's greatest museums: the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Louvre in Paris, Topkapi Sarayi in Istanbul, and many others. Baku also has a museum of textile art, located in the centre of the city.
Early geographers and historians have left valuab]e accounts of the sophistication of carpet weaving in Azerbaijan, and of the esteem in which Azeri carpets were held by neighbouring peoples. The famous 10th-century Arab historians al-Tabari and al-Muqaddasi both remarked that splendid carpets were made in the Azeri town of Barda. The folk epic Dada Gorgud, created during the 11th and 12th centuries, gave special praise to the purple carpets of Azerbaijan, while in the 13th century, Azeri carpets were admired by the Flemish traveller and missionary Guillaume de Ruysbroeck as well as by the Venetian merchant and explorer Marco Polo. Two centuries later, Azeri carpets appear in the paintings of European artists including Hans Holbein the Younger and Hans Memling. Records of luxurious Azeri carpets are also found in the journals of the English traveller Anthony Jenkills in thc 16th century, and of the Dutch seafarer Jan Struys in the 17th century.

68. History Museum Of Azerbaijan
basis of monuments of material culture, original documents of a political historyand socially economic life of the country history of azerbaijan from most Category Regional Asia azerbaijan Arts and Entertainment Museums
History Museum of Azerbaijan
of Academy of Sciences
The History Museum of Azerbaijan of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, (briefly - the History Museum) is the head museum of the Republic. It is situated at one of the most beautiful buildings in Baku - in a former private residence of an oil industrialist, famous chariter and Maecenas - Gadji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev. Necklace "Bogazalty". Silver. Filigree (20th c. ) The useful area of the building makes 3.000 square meters. From them 2.000 are allocated for a scientific exposition where on the basis of monuments of material culture, original documents of a political history and socially - economic life of the country history of Azerbaijan from most ancient times up to our era is reflected.The History Museum of Azerbaijan is going to be 80 years old soon. It was founded on the basis of the exhibits of the "Istiglal" museum, that was founded on the order of the government of the First Sovereign Azerbaijan Republic in 1919. Numismatic fund - more than 150.000 units

69. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Azerbaijan | Culture
Includes facts and figures, culture, history, and tourist information.
home search help worldguide ... Related Weblinks
Azerbaijanis have their feet in Islamic and European cultures, the latter mostly Russian and Turkish, struggling with deep divisions between the old and the new. About 90% of the population is ethnic Azeri, with a smattering of Dagestanis, Russians, Armenians, Jews and other groups. Most Azerbaijanis speak Azeri, a close cousin of Turkish, though many also speak Russian. Despite years of Soviet attempts to wipe it out, Islam remains the most popular religion with Azerbaijanis, followed distantly by various Orthodox Christian sects. Azerbaijan is one of the most liberal Muslim-majority states. The country's musical traditions are preserved by ashugs , or poet-singers, who often strum the kobuz (a stringed instrument) while singing of the deeds of ancient heroes. Another popular form of music in Azerbaijan is mugam , which is improvised by voice and wind and stringed instruments and is often compared to jazz. The country has a healthy literary heritage, much of which derives from an oral tradition of poems and ancient epics. Mirza Fatali Akhundzada was a literary light in the 19th century, helping to develop a modern literature, especially in drama. During Stalin's reign, many of the country's writers and artists were victims of the purge. Azerbaijani architecture went through many different stages over the centuries but the lasting legacies belong to the medieval period, especially the Maiden Tower and the palace of the Shirvan shahs in Baku. The capital's ornately decorated subway stations are its most recent architectural marvels.

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71. | Front Page
Information about the Armeniaazerbaijan conflict and its consequences, the history and culture of Karabakh region of azerbaijan.
Home News Photo gallery Site map Search
Armenian aggression
Armenian terrorism Azerbaijani genocide Refugees ... Karabakh culture Latest News

Ceremony dedicated to the 11th anniversary of Khojali tragedy was held in St Petersburg Youth Palace by Azerbaijani Consulate in St Petersburg and Azerbaijani communities functioning in this town, February 22.
Azerbaijan ruling party demands Khojaly tragedy to be assessed as genocide

NEW AZERBAIJAN PARTY ADDRESSED INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS IN PROTEST MEETING New Azerbaijan Party held a protest meeting February 21 in Galaba (Victory) square in Baku together with NGOs and pro-authority political organizations.

A demonstration dedicated to the 11th anniversary of the Khojaly genocide was held in Baku. The organizers of the demonstration was Qarabaq Freedom Organization and war veterans of the first Qarabaq war were chanting the slogans like: Kocharyan and Arkadiy Ghoukasyan are terrorists, Khojaly is our bloody history, Freedom to Qarabaq..

A meeting dedicated to the 11th anniversary of the Khojali genocide was held in Baku 21 February. The meeting was opened by secretary of the Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP), MP Ali Ahmadov, who informed that tens of thousands representatives of the YAP, as well as a number of other parties, NOGs and public took part at the event.

72. GlobalEDGE (TM) | Country Insights - History Of Azerbaijan
http// azerbaijan history. Little is known about azerbaijan'shistory until its conquest and conversion to Islam by the Arabs in 642 AD.

73. GlobalEDGE (TM) | Country Insights - History Of Azerbaijan
times. Little is known about azerbaijan's history until its conquestand conversion to Islam by the Arabs in 642 AD. Centuries of

74. Azerbaijan - History
azerbaijan. The area of azerbaijan was settled from about the 8th centuryBC by the Medes, and the region later became part of the Persian Empire.
Political turmoil characterized the first years of Azerbaijani independence. President Ayaz Mutalibov was forced to resign in March 1992 after he was held directly responsible for the death of several hundred Azeris killed by Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh, the primarily Armenian enclave claimed by Armenia. After Mutalibov resigned, the interim president, Yagub Mamedov, was unable to control the political situation. The Azerbaijani Popular Front (APF) attempted to take over local administrations, and Mutalibov made an aborted attempt to regain power. With the support of military units, the APF seized control in a nearly bloodless coup in May 1992. After the coup, the Supreme Soviet (the Soviet-era legislature) was dissolved and replaced by a 50-member National Council, or Milli Majlis, which had been established in November 1991.
In early 1994 Azerbaijan launched a renewed offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh, but gained little territory. As many as 10,000 Azeris were killed in the fighting. After the failure of a March cease-fire, the National Assembly called for intervention by the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), which sent a peacekeeping force of mostly Russian troops to the region. Fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh continued until August, when defense ministers from Armenia and Azerbaijan again agreed to a cease-fire.

75. BUBL LINK: 947.5 History Of The Caucasus
Also features bibliographic details of readings covering topics such as azerbaijanhistory, political and economic developments, azerbaijan cuisine and an
BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
947.5 History of the Caucasus
Titles Descriptions
  • A to Z of Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijan International
  • Baku: A Tour of the City in Pictures
  • ...
  • Virtual Azerbaijan
    All links checked August 2001 Comments:
    A to Z of Azerbaijan
    Extensive information about Azerbaijan covering agriculture, airlines, the alphabet, businesses, cinemas, colleges, national symbols, flowers, food, health, history, disputes, minorities, and safety. Specific geographical and cultural details of major cities can be obtained via an interactive map. Also offers images of prominent structures such as Baku's Republic Palace, Mardakan's Square and Round Towers, and Panah Khan's library in Shusha.
    Author: Miguel Torres
    Subjects: azerbaijan
    documents, images, maps
    Location: portugal, europe
    Azerbaijan International
    An independent publication committed to the discussion of issues related to Azerbaijanis around the world. Includes hundreds of magazine articles since 1993 and nearly 1000 photographs, plus music, company and service details and an international store. Author: Azerbaijan International Subjects: azerbaijan DeweyClass: ResourceType: magazine, images, sounds
  • 76. Azerbaijan
    First Islamic opera was written in azerbaijan (history Culture). historyof azerbaijan A sequence of turmoil - (history Culture).
    Advertisers/Sponsors Azeravtonagliyat Azerbaijan State Railway Azercell Aztelcom Caspian Fish Co. Caspian Shipping Co. Caspian TransCo Inc. Cresent Beach Hotel FedEx Garadagh HP M.K.T Ugur 97 Company At a Glance... Land Area:
    86,600 sq. km. Lowest Point:
    -28 meters (Caspian Sea) Area (comp.):
    Slightly smaller than Maine Highest Point:
    4,485 meters (Bazarduzu Dagi Mountain) Border Countries:
    Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran Climate:
    9 of 11 climatic zones, mostly semi-arid steppe Population:
    7,771,092 (July 2001 est.) Life Expectancy:
    63 years Ethnic Groups:
    Azeri (90%), Dagestani (3.2%), Russian (2.5%), Armenian (2.0%), other (2.3%) Religions:
    Muslim (93.4%), Russian Orthodox (2.5%), Armenian Orthodox (2.3%), other (1.8%) Languages: Azeri (89%), Russian (3%), Armenian (2%), other 6%) Currency: Manat (4670 = $1 U.S.) Literacy: GDP; growth rate: $23.5 billion (2000 est.); 11.4 % GDP per capita: $3,000 (2000 est.)

    77. Azerbaijan Technical University
    23.02.2003 The official web site of the azerbaijan Technical University wascreated on 2001 and in the course of time underwent to different updates.
    Automation and computing techniques Transport Engineering business and management Radio engineering and communication ... sitemap
    Using: All words Any word Exact phrase What do you think, what we should add to the site? Forum "Graduates" section Chat Change design Nothing See results
    Why do you need computer? For games For job To work at the internet To print the documents Just to be See results Voting Archive
    At the AzTU in the framework of "Days of Francophone in Azerbaijan" was held a big arrangement. This is already the third year as AzTU prepares arrangements for the Days of Francophone whereby participants are not only French-speaking students but also lecturers of different specialities possessing French.

    Within the chair of "Technological complexes and special equipment" under the management of doctor of technical sciences, Prof. Husseinov H.A. functions a study group studying a subject of "Application of SAD/SAM system in engineering planning".
    The official web site of the Azerbaijan Technical University was created on 2001 and in the course of time underwent to different updates. Since 2002 it was decided on complete modification of the site by means of adding new sections and redesigning.

    Fundamentals of a higher education in the Republic were put by the decision of the parliament of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1919 about the foundation of Baku State University. And training of the necessary highly qualified specialists for Azerbaijan, both in the Sciences and Medicine and humanities began.

    78. Tourism In Azerbaijan
    The azerbaijan Republic is party to the European Union for security and cooperation stateis passing through the most difficult period of its history, it is

    Azerbaijan overview
    Atribute History Geographical Data ... Tourism in Azerbaijan
    History Azerbaijan is one of the most ancient cradles of global civilization. Its historic boundaries encompassed the eastern part of the South Caucasus and the northwestern regions of Iran. The surveys of the Guruchay archaeological culture, which was doubtless the most ancient in the whole expanse of the former Soviet Union territory and is analogous to the Olduwai culture in Africa, confirm that the territory of Azerbaijan was within the zone where the humanity emerged. In the Azikh cavern located on the left bank of River Guruchay the fragment of the jaw of the ancient human being - azikhantropos - was found; that population inhabited the locality 350-400 thousand years ago. Tribal associations were forming in the territory of Azerbaijan and attempted to establish political unions in the 23d century. Atropatena that arose at the historical scene two centuries and a half after the fall of Manna (otherwise called Atrapatakan. Aderbadagan, and hence the derivation 'Azerbaijan') was the first Oriental state ever to become politically independent from the Greek-Macedonian conquerors. The Researchers think that there was an independent monarchic system in the territory of Atropatena like in other countries of that age; later, however, the ever increasing influence and power of the Mydian Magi converted that state into a theocratic formation. Various studies witness that Albania located in the northern lands of Azerbaijan, also had statehood organisation in the Hellenic period. The earliest coins minted locally that are discovered in the former territories of both Albania and Atropatena date back to the first half of III century In the feudal era, unlike the territory of Atropatena that had come to be one of the provinces of the Sasanis Empire, Albania managed to preserve relative sovereignty up till the Arabian conquest.

    79. About Azerbaijan
    are the heirs to a rich history and culture. Located in the Caucasus, on the westerncoast of the Caspian Sea, the modern Republic of azerbaijan occupies the
    October 29-30 Visit of the Azerbaijani Diplomat to Beloit College History and National Symbols NATIONAL SYMBOLS
    The State flag of Azerbaijan is made up of three horizontal stripes pale blue, red, green, with a white crescent framing an eight-pointed star in the middle of the flag. NATIONAL HOLIDAYS
    January 1 - New Year's Day
    January 20 - Day of the Martyrs
    March 8 - Women's Day
    March 21 - Novruz Bayrami
    May 9 - Victory in WW II Day
    May 28 - Republic Day
    June 15 - National Salvation Day
    June 26 - Army and Navy Day
    October 18 - National Independence Day November 12 - Constitution Day November 17 - Day of National Revival December 31 - Day of Solidarity of Azerbaijanis throughout the World Historical Background A Rich, Proud and Diverse Foundation

    80. Tarix
    http// (Hitl?r 3 Ziyar?t 7 S?sverm?sayi 0 S?rh 0 S?sverm? xali 0.00 Yenil?nm? 0105-2003).

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