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         Azerbaijan History:     more books (104)
  1. Armenian Tragedy: An Eye-Witness Account of Human Conflict and Natural Disaster in Armenia and Azerbaijan by Elizabeth Roberts, Yuri Rost, 1990-06
  2. Public Education in Soviet Azerbaijan: Appraisal of an Achievement (U1383) by R. Avakov, 1984-12
  3. Azerbaijan - 100 Questions Answered by Taleh Bagiyev, Taleh Heydarov, et all 2008-11
  4. International Election Observers in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan: Geopolitical Pawns or Agents of Change? (Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society 46). Edited by Stina Torjesen and Indra Overland
  5. The Baku Documents: A Complete Catalogue of Persian, Azeri, Ottoman and Arabic Newspapers and Journals in Libraries of Azerbaijan
  6. The Azerbaijanis: People, Culture and History
  7. Carpets, Monuments of Azerbaijan, Material Culture Series by M. [M. Kouliev] Kuliyev, 1983-01-01
  8. International Visions: The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict over Karabakh. From History to Future Peace Prospects by Scotland Liddel, 2007
  9. 21st Century Complete Guide to Azerbaijan - Encyclopedic Coverage, Country Profile, History, DOD, State Dept., Nagorno-Karabakh (Two CD-ROM Set) by U.S. Government, 2007-10-14
  10. DISPUTED DRILLING RIGHTS IN THE CASPIAN SEA: An entry from Gale's <i>History Behind the Headlines, Vols. 1-6</i> by Jim Nichol, 2002
  11. NAKHICHEVAN: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Russian History</i> by GREGORY TWYMAN, 2004
  12. Rural Transition in Azerbaijan by Zvi Lerman, 2010-01-16
  13. AZERBAIJAN: An entry from Gale's <i>World Education Encyclopedia</i> by Barbara Lakeberg Dridi, 2001
  14. MUSAVAT: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Russian History</i> by GREGORY TWYMAN, 2004

81. AFFA - Assosiation Of Football Federations Of Azerbaijan
ABOUT, SpyLOG. ASSOCIATION OF FOOTBALL FEDERATIONS OF azerbaijan, history. azerbaijanChampionships history 19922001. 1992, 1995, 1998. 1993, 1996, 1999. 1994, 1997,2000.

82. WWW-VL History Index
National Freedom Center, Inc. Topics The Jews of the Caucasus Jewsin azerbaijan; Jewish history of azerbaijan; Jewish history of Armenia;
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  • 83. Welcome To Ancient Azerbaijan! This Site Dedicated To Oriental Arms And Armors,
    Information and lots of pictures of arms and archaeological findings in the country.Category Regional Asia azerbaijan Society and Culture history...... As the curtain of history unfolds you'll discover many mysteries and in her hoarypast are the beautiful ancient monuments of azerbaijan culture discovered in
    web hosting domain names email addresses related sites

    Welcome to Ancient Azerbaijan Web Site! Land of Eternal Fire Switch to Russian Dear Friend, This page is the beginning of an adventure into the ancient past. Travel back in time with me to ancient Azerbaijan; this country located on the boundary of Eastern Europe and Asia in Caucasus. You'll become deeply aware of the wealth and interesting discoveries of this ancient country site. As the curtain of history unfolds you'll discover many mysteries and enigmas preserved in this ancient land. With each mysterious drapery unfolding she shows her charms of centuries old. Lying deep in her hoary past are the beautiful ancient monuments of Azerbaijan culture discovered in Kobustan, Apsheron peninsula, Kelbajar and Gemigaya in Ordubad district. The Geographical location of Azerbaijan offers; convenient bays, treasures of oil supplies, crossings of main caravan ways, and burning gasses coming up from the earth gave this country a special lure. "Land of Eternal Fire", as she is known due to the eternal fires that burn all around Apsheron peninsula of Azerbaijan. A place of unsurpassable impression with it's insuperable monuments of those years. This site presents a small part of the Museum's archaeological materials testifying to the highly developed cultural level of the Azerbaijan people and it's seaboard settlements and towns in the middle ages.

    84. Matches Played By Azerbaijan National Team
    News. League. WC 2002. history. AFFA. National Team. Clubs. Gallery. Forum. SEARCHFOR. © 19992001 Penki kontinentai Baku ,Baku, azerbaijan. All Rights Reserved.
    News League WC 2002 History ... Contact US
    Games Archive
    A Georgia 3-6

    H Georgia 1-0

    N Tadjikistan 2-0

    N Kyrgyzstan 3-2
    A Sweden 0-3 WCQ

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    85. Oral History Project Azerbaijan 1988-1991
    World Service the IISH has started to record the oral history of the interviews wereheld with political leaders of the independence movement in azerbaijan.
    International Institute of Social History
    Collections Last modified: June 4, 2002 Go to


    Recent acquisitions


    More options
    Help Also on this server
    (text in Persian)
    Services: Enquiries Oral History Project IISH-BBC: Azerbaijan 1988-1991
    In cooperation with the BBC World Service the IISH has started to record the oral history of the Caucasus in the period 1988-1991. The project plans to explore the last days of Gorbachev and the beginning of independence. The first interviews were held with political leaders of the independence movement in Azerbaijan. In addition to the interviews, newspapers, periodicals, and archival material from this period have been collected. The IISH now holds a unique and complete collection covering the transition to independence in Azerbaijan. Copies of the interviews go to the BBC World Service. The names of the persons interviewed are:
  • Ramiz AHMADOV Deputy editor of the newspaper 'Communist', head of the Azerbaijan Communist Party (present).
  • Zardusht ALIZADE One of the founders of the Azerbaijan Popular Front (1988-1990), head of Azerbaijan Social Democrat Party (present).
  • 86. The Azerbaijan Friendship Society Of Estonia
    azerbaijan INTRODUCTION, Background azerbaijan a nation of Turkic Muslims - hasbeen an independent republic since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    87. Ministry Of Communication Of Azerbaijan Republic
    Copyright © 2001 Ministry of Communication of azerbaijan Republic,home page ministry history. Baku Telephone Communications PM.
    General information Structure Minister History ... Album
    Ministry of Communication of Azerbaijan Republic home page ministry "Baku Telephone Communications" PM Duty telephones
    of state entities WEB site designed
    in ARBAY Ltd

    88. Cities Of Azerbaijan
    history Nakhichivan Autonomous Republic is the most ancient Azerbaijanland with multicentral history and rich materialcultural monuments.
    x=screen.width ; y=screen.height ; resolution=x+"x"+y; document.write(" "); Welfare
    Nakhchivan health is under State control and financed from the State budget. However, certain services are rendered at the patient's own expenses.
    Palace Structures

    In the words of the Nazim Hikhmet,"if there were no other ancient buildings of Azerbaijan,it would be suffice to show the whole world only the Palace of the Sheki khans". Education
    At present, there is an independent State University, branches of two Azerbaijan private universities, a boarding-school, 3 colleges, 4 high schools in the Autonomous Republic. People's Archtecture
    The original and unique character of Sheki connected with its pistures natural background became especially clear after Sheki's transfer into a new place in the second half of the 18th centry followed by intensive residental... Map
    Photo Album

    Azerbaijan u A Historical Outline Sheki is one of the oldest towns of Azerbaijan.There is a suggestion that the name of the town goes backb to the ethnonym of the Saks,who reached the terrytory of Azerbaijan inthe 7th centry B.C. and peopled it for several... The Monuments of Material Culture Being the capital of the Sheki khanate Sheki played an important role in the development of the Azerbaijan culture.This town is situated in a remote region,far from the central areas,at the spurs of the Caucasian...

    89. Test - English - The British Council Azerbaijan
    Oil has a long history in azerbaijan. In ancient times, Baku oil was used as medicenefor humans and camels but was also exported as far as India as fuel.
    History Elementary level History Methodology Preintermediate level Research and Development Training Services BLACK GOLD
    Oil occurs naturally in Azerbaijan, and the fires from open fissures in the ground were worshipped as a key feature of the Zorastrian religion in the area. Oil has a long history in Azerbaijan. In ancient times, Baku oil was used as medicene for humans and camels but was also exported as far as India as fuel. Marco Polo passed through Azerbaijan when following the silk route and noted the reserves of oil around Baku and their strong distinctive smell. Oil production really took off at the end of the nineteenth century. The first drilling of an oil well took place in 1844, ten years before the Americans started drilling in Pennsylvania, and by the turn of the century, Baku was the leading oil producer in the world. Companies owned by the Rothschilds and the Nobels made their fortunes in the area, but pumped back their profits to create a handsome, cosmopolitan city on the Azeri coast which developed into Baku as we know it today. Hitler's drive on Baku during the Second World War was motivated by a desire for its oil, although the city was never captured. Under the Soviet regime, oil contiued to flow and in 1947 the remarkable city of Oily Rocks was constructed offshore. Roads ran over sea level on specially constructed platforms, connecting worksite and housing in a unique location.

    90. UMCOR Azerbaijan
    azerbaijan's history as a newly independent state of the former Soviet Union hasbeen as traumatic and turbulent as its neighbours', Armenia and Georgia.
    How to contact us: UMCOR/NGO - Europe UMCOR/NGO - USA Home Issues ... Jobs Where We Work Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan
    Bosnia /
    ... Sierra Leone Former missions Tajikistan Turkey Azerbaijan CURRENT PROGRAMMES

    Health Care»

    Community Development»

    Asylum Seekers in Azerbaijan»
    Since its inception, this mission has grown tremendously and has implemented a variety of humanitarian and development projects funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), U.S. Department of State, and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Most recently, in order to best serve the population and co-ordinate its efforts with the existing operating environment in Azerbaijan, UMCOR/Azerbaijan has undertaken a major transition from relief inspired work to community based sustainable development projects. UMCOR/Azerbaijan's current operations are based in Baku. UMCOR/Azerbaijan's major health care initiatives, funded by the U.S. Department of State, support the health care needs of the target population in the Baku/Absheron peninsula. In addition, UMCOR/Azerbaijan has initiated a comprehensive health and training support programme for the Asylum Refugees living in Baku funded by UNHCR.

    91. USACC Website
    history azerbaijan in history Professor Tadeusz Swietochowski ColumbiaUniversity azerbaijan, a stretch of land southeast of the


    Geopolitical Overview


    Political Environment

    Azerbaijan in History
    Professor Tadeusz Swietochowski
    Columbia University
    Azerbaijan, a stretch of land southeast of the Caucasus Mountain range, is geographically part of the Middle East, although, it is a border country, not part of the heartland. This borderland quality has been a major influence in shaping the country's history. From the time of ancient Media (8th - 7th century BC), Azerbaijan shared its destiny with Iran and maintained its Iranian character after the conquest by the Arabs in the mid-7th century AD, and the subsequent coming of Islam. Only in the 11th century, with the influx of Oghuz nomadic tribes, did Azerbaijan acquire a large proportion of Turkic inhabitants. The original Iranian population was fused with the immigrants, and gradually the Azeri Turkic language replaced the use of Persian. With the decline of Iran's state authority, new centers of power emerged in Azerbaijan in the form of khanates (principalities). Castle in Ramani Political fragmentation facilitated the conquest by Russia, and the Russo-Iranian wars ended with the 1828 Treaty of Turkmanchai. Azerbaijan was split along the Araz River with a larger part of its inhabitants remaining in Iran. For the northern part of the country, its passing under the rule of a European power, would be seen as a turning point in history. Initially, the Russian motivation was strategic-military, regarding Azerbaijan as a corridor for further expansion into Iran, but in the second half of the 19th century, economic factors came into force. Exploitation of the Azerbaijani oil resources increased rapidly, and the Russian held part of the country experienced lopsided industrialization, centered on the extraction of the mineral wealth around Baku. Oil became for Azerbaijan what the Suez Canal was for Egypt - sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse, and always an attraction for foreign involvement.

    92. History
    Act. history. Project Harmony ASCP Baku schools. more. Webmaster© 2002 2003 Copyright Project Harmony azerbaijan.
    about us news programs staff ... ascp schools
    Funded by the United
    States Department of
    State, Bureau of
    Educational and Cultural Affairs
    through the
    Freedom Support Act History Project Harmony was founded in 1985 by three people who shared the idea that personal contact between people of the US and USSR could help ease the tensions of the Cold War. Kathy Cadwell, an educator, Charlie Hosford, an architect, and David Kelley, a lawyer, were low on expertise but all the same were highly dedicated to their goal: to exchange student choir groups between high schools in American and the Soviet Union. Offices History Financial Profile From Directors ... Board of Trustees
    They dubbed their efforts "Project Harmony" and in Spring 1985, a delegation of US teenagers from Harwood Union High School in Vermont went to Leningrad, USSR. This first performing arts exchange led to more programs. Soon, Project Harmony was initiating youth performing arts exchanges between New Englanders and people from all corners of the USSR. By 1990, the volunteer trio of Project Harmony had grown into a full-time staff of six people with a permanent office in Waitsfield, VT, and a brand new office in Leningrad, USSR.

    93. Azerbaijan - Government, History, Population, Geography And Maps
    Search the Net history; 100% Free Clip Art including world flags and 1000's moreimages and photos! azerbaijan source CIA World Factbook 1998, azerbaijan.
  • Search the Net: History
  • 100% Free Clip Art including world flags and 1000's more images and photos!
    source: CIA World Factbook 1998
    Introduction [Top of Page] Current issues: Azerbaijan continues to be plagued by an unresolved 10-year-old conflict with Armenian separatists over its Nagorno-Karabakh region. The Karabakh Armenians have declared independence and seized almost 20% of the country's territory, creating almost 1 million Azerbaijani refugees in the process. Both sides have generally observed a Russian-mediated cease-fire in place since May 1994. Geography [Top of Page] Location: Southwestern Asia, bordering the Caspian Sea, between Iran and Russia Geographic coordinates: 40 30 N, 47 30 E Map references: Commonwealth of Independent States Area:
    total: 86,600 sq km
    land: 86,100 sq km
    water: 500 sq km
    note: includes the exclave of Naxcivan Autonomous Republic and the Nagorno-Karabakh region; the region's autonomy was abolished by Azerbaijani Supreme Soviet on 26 November 1991 slightly smaller than Maine Land boundaries:
    total: 2,013 km
  • 94. Baku-Capital City Of Azerbaijan
    Information about Baku and azerbaijan.Category Regional Asia azerbaijan Administrative Regions Baku...... The first two decades of the 18th century mark a deci sive moment in azerbaijan'shistory the beginning of Russian influence in the area, as Peter I (the Great
    The capital of Azerbaijan
    The capital of Azerbaijan, Baku is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea and is one of Azerbaijan's largest cities. The center of Baku is the old town, which is also a fortress. Most of the walls, strengthened afterthe Russian conquest in 1806, survive. This section is picturesque, with its maze of narrow alleys and ancient buildings. Part of a palace, a mosque, and a minaret date from the 11th century. Modern Baku spreads out from the walls, its streets and buildings rising up hills that rim the Bay of Baku. Greater Baku is divided into 11 districts and 48 townships. Among these are townships on islands in the bay and one island built on stilts in the Caspian Sea, 60 miles (100 kilometers) from Baku proper.

    United Nations
    Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE)
    Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
    International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
    World Health Organization (WHO) AZERBAIJANIS IN THE UNITED STATES Today, there are approximately 400,000 Azerbaijani Americans living in the United States, the majority of them being originally from Southern (Iranian) Azerbaijan. California, with a population of 100,000 Azerbaijani-Americans, is home to the largest Azerbaijani-American community in the U.S. The greater Washington, D.C. and New York areas account for the second largest population of Azeris living in the United States. Many Azerbaijanis now living in the United States originally came here for their education; they now occupy many professional positions. Recently, several cultural and social Azerbaijani organizations have emerged in North America that are ac tive in promoting Azerbaijani-American relations.

    95. Azerbaijan WWW Virtual Library
    Virtual azerbaijan is a comprehensive, awardwinning website dedicated to azerbaijan and azerbaijani s. azerbaijan azerbaijan azerbaijan azerbaijan Azeri Azerbaidjan Azarbaijan Azarbaycan azerbaijan azerbaijan Azerbaycan

    The WWW Virtual Library
    Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azeri Azerbaidjan Azarbaijan Azarbaycan Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaycan Baku Baku Baku Baku Baku Azerbaijan AZERBAIJAN
    [Est.: 15th December 1995. Last revised: 30 January 2002. This page is regularly updated. You are welcome to "anchor" to it from your own homepages. This month's additions are marked This document keeps track of leading information facilities for the Azerbaijan section of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library Information about other countries in the region is available from the Caucasus WWW Virtual Library , curently maintained at the ANU. Please register new resources or mail with VAR WWW VL administrator if you know of relevant WWW pages not in this page. Conversely, please notify maintainers of this document if you feel that any of the URLs listed on this page are no longer good enough to be registered here. Your feedback will be gratefully appreciated. My URL: The University of Southern California does not screen or control the content on this website and thus does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of such content. All content on this website is provided by and is the sole responsibility of the person from which such content originated, and such content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the University administration or the Board of Trustees

    96. Azerbaijan
    azerbaijan. Online Resources. The azerbaijan Journalists Confederationwas formed in January 2002 out of five existing journalists' unions.
    Organizations by City
    Online Resources
    The Azerbaijan Journalists Confederation was formed in January 2002 out of five existing journalists' unions. It is dedicated to defending freedom of press and expression as well as social, economic and other interests of mass media workers. Azer H. Hasret is secretary general. The Azerbaijan Economist is a website with news, statistical data, and research about Azerbaijan's economy, including banking and finance, energy and Caspian Sea developments. There is also Search AzEcon, a directory of banks, weather, and an English-Azeri dictionary.
    Azerbaijani Organizations can also be viewed according to area of activities: Business Environment Health
    ... Youth
    A print version of much of the information contained in this NIS Third Sector Organizations section can be found in the The Post-Soviet Handbook (Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 1999).

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    The University of Southern California does not screen or control the content on this website and thus does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of such content. All content on this website is provided by and is the sole responsibility of the person from which such content originated, and such content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the University administration or the Board of Trustees

    98. Pictures Of Azerbayan - Travel Adventures & Photographs Of Azerbayan
    Contains many pictures from azerbaijan. Each picture can be sent as a postcard.
    Other countries: Bahrain



    Now mainly an oil-exporting country, Azerbayan used to be a transit point of call for all those who travelled between Asia and Europe. Those influences can still be seen. Stories and pictures:
    Baku Useful travel links: Weather
    Lonely Planet

    Currency exchange
    Many more links on Azerbayan ... Suggest a site Go directly to: Africa

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    99. Azerbaijan Cookery
    Large collection of recipes, such as shashlyks, pilaffs, dolma, and sherbet.

    100. - News Azerbaijan News
    Online directory of magazines, newspapers and news from azerbaijan. News: Azerbaijan News Home World News Europe Azerbaijan News Azerbaijan News

    Capital: Baku
    Area: 86,600 sq km
    Currency: Azerbaijani manat (AZM)
    Telephone Code:
    Internet Code: .az Azerbaijan Magazines
    Azerbaijan International
    Add to my list
    Computer Times
    Add to my list
    Azerbaijan Newspapers Azerbaijan Add to my list Bakinskiy Rabochiy Add to my list Baku Sun Add to my list Azerbaijan's English Language Newspaper Bizim ESR gezeti Add to my list Echo Add to my list Daily Internet-Newspaper from Azerbaijan. Nash Vek Add to my list Nedelya Add to my list Our Century Add to my list Vishka Add to my list Yejhednevnie Novosti Add to my list Add to my list Zerkalo Add to my list News - World Regions North America South America Europe Asia ... Africa Sponsored Links Try out 5 subscriptions for $30 today! Why pay $100 when you can subscribe to your five favorite magazines for $30? Save $5 instantly on any purchase at

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