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         Aztecs Ancient History:     more books (101)
  1. The Aztecs (Third Edition) (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Richard F. Townsend, 2009-09-16
  2. The Aztecs (Ancient Civilizations series) by Ganeri, Anita, 2007-01-01
  3. The Aztecs (Ancient World) by Robert Hull, 1997-10-31
  4. The Aztecs (See Through History) by Tim Wood, 1992-09-01
  5. Aztecs: Dress, Eat, Write, and Play Just Like the Aztecs (Hands-on History) by Fiona MacDonald, 2008-03-15
  6. The Crafts and Culture of the Ancient Aztecs (Crafts of the Ancient World) by Joann Jovinelly, Jason Netelkos, 2001-12
  7. Mayans & Aztecs: Exploring Ancient Civilizations by Mary Tucker, 2002-11-01
  8. Mexico, Aztec, Spanish and republican: a historical, geographical, political, statistical and social account of that country from the period of the invasion ... the ancient Aztec empire and civilization, by Brantz Mayer, 2010-08-31
  9. Mexico, Aztec, Spanish and Republican: A Historical, Geographical, Political, Statistical and Social Account of That Country from the Period of the Invasion ... the Ancient Aztec Empire and Civilization, a by Brantz Mayer, 2010-04-09
  10. AncientMaya & Aztec Civilizations (Cultural Atlas for Young People) by Marion Wood, 2007-06-30
  11. Exploring The World Of The Aztecs With Elaine Landau (Exploring Ancient Civilizations With Elaine Landau) by Elaine Landau, 2005-08
  12. The Art & Architecture of the Aztec & Maya: An illustrated encyclopedia of the buildings, sculptures and art of the peoples of Mesoamerica, with ... of ancient Mexico and central America by Charles Phillips, 2008-03-25
  13. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aztec and Maya by Charles Phillips, David M. Jones, 2004-12-29
  14. Ancient Mexico: Aztec, Mixtec, and Maya Landscapes (Touring North America) by George E. Stuart, Winfield Swanson, 1992-09

41. Aztec Resources
ancient Mesoamerican Writing Welcome to GB Online's Mesoamerica;Aztec Mythology Overview of Aztec culture/history, resource, free
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  • Ancient Latin America
    An exhibit on archaeology in Mesoamerica and South America as part of the MSU EMuseum with pages on sites, cultures, and technology used by the ancient people.
    http: //
    Ancient Mesoamerican Writing
    Welcome to GB Online's Mesoamerica - pages for enthusiasts with a focus on prehispanic codices, archeological sites, ceramics, and native issues http: //
  • 42. Basic Search
    Ron, Rome history - 30 BC-476 AD, Empire ; VIKINGS ; RENAISSANCE ; aztecs ; INCAS; CIVILISATION, ancient ; Rome ; ancient Greece ; Egypt - history - to 332

    43. Regents Prep Global History: Online Resources
    aztecsMexicas (Glenn H. Welker) Site devoted to Aztec culture and other early culturesin Latin Dr. Silvestri's WWW ancient World history Resources (Dr

    44. Ancient Civilization Links
    Aztec ancient aztecs; Aztec Architecture; Aztec Myths; aztecs; Theaztecs Easyto-read information about people, daily life, and history.
    Ancient Civilizations
    Aztec China Egypt Greece ... Rome Aztec China Egypt

    45. Harvard University Press/Ancient History Subject Index
    A. RAAFLAUB A unique, multiauthored social history of war parallel studies of Mesoamerica(the Maya and aztecs) and East Asia (ancient China, medieval
      Ancient History Subject Index
      The ancient Greeks commonly resorted to magic spells to attract and keep loversas numerous allusions in Greek literature and recently discovered "voodoo dolls," magical papyri, gemstones, and curse tablets attest. Surveying and analyzing these various texts and artifacts, Christopher Faraone reveals two distinct types of love magic: the curselike charms used primarily by men to torture unwilling women with fiery and maddening passion until they surrender sexually; and the binding spells and debilitating potions generally used by women to sedate angry or philandering husbands and make them more affectionate.
      A Critical History
      JOHN V. A. FINE
      EDITED BY IRAD MALKIN This book is a study of the variable perceptions of Greek collective identity, discussing ancient categories such as blood- and mythically-related primordiality, language, religion, and culture. With less emphasis on dichotomies between Greeks and others, the book considers complex middle grounds of intra-Hellenic perceptions, oppositional identities, and outsiders' views. Studying archaeological, historical, artistic and literary aspects from the Archaic period through the Roman Empire, this book illustrates the force and validity of ethnicity in history. Center for Hellenic Studies Colloquia

    46. Ancient History On The Web
    Civilizations in history Includes the Romans, Greeks, Bablyonians, Egyptians,Mayans and aztecs. Exploring ancient World Cultures history of the

    General Sources

    Ancient Greece

    The Roman Empire
    Internet Classics Archive : online western and eastern classics sponsored by the MIT program in Writing and Humanistic Studies H istory of the A ncient W orld
    Research on the Web
    European, Asian/African
    Other History Pages

    U.S. History Pages
    Click here for H-Net Reviews
    On- line reviews of books and other multi-media ources. See especially H-World.
    Best of the Best
    The Perseus Digital Library
    Largest online collection of ancient history
    texts; collaborative effort of 14 universities.
    Ancient World Web
    index of sites, institutions, everything about ancient world Byzantium: Byzantine Studies on the Internet vital and growing site for Byzantine Studies Classical Atlas Project cartography of the ancient world Diotima materials for the study of women and gender in the ancient world General Sources ABZU: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Ancient History: A Trip Back in Time Topics include the Babylonian, Anatolian and Sumerian civilizations. Ancient Medicine Ancient Western Civilizations Information on the Anglo-Saxon, the Celt and Norse cultures.

    47. 4 Free Essays
    1176; ancient history Evoultion of the Earth Words 518; ancient Near East Words1593; Arab-Israeli Wars Words 1791; Aztec Empire Words 3324; aztecs Words 553;
    PAID ADVERTISEMENT Search 4 Free Essays : Any Terms Exact Phrase Essay Categories Art And Music

    Creative Writing

    ... Home History
    Categories: Essays:

    48. Ancient And Classical Civilizations
    Slavery, Women in history, World War II, Chinese history, Medieval and many, manymore! Return to the top of the page. aztecs. The ancient aztecs From ThinkQuest
    Aztecs Maya Egyptians ... Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Empires Past
    This ThinkQuest Site has information about ancient Rome, Aztecs, China, and Egypt. Ancient Civilizations: Virtual Museum Presented by The William Penn Charter School Sixth Grade
    Learn about the culture, daily life, geography, government, industry, and social levels of ancient Africa, China, India, Israel, the Maya, and Mesopotamia. Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations
    All about daily life in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and China. Contains original stories and games, as well as homework help galore. Timelines
    Find a variety of timelines including: Civil Rights, Civil War, American Revolution, History of Slavery, Women in History, World War II, Chinese History, Medieval and many, many more!
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  • The Ancient Aztecs
    From ThinkQuest, learn about Aztec rulers, religious beliefs, daily life, technology, and culture. Also view a timeline and learn about the Spanish Conquest.
  • 49. ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Library : Archaeology, Ancient Civilizations & His
    of civilizations such as the Egyptians, aztecs, and Maya finalizes the site whilestudying about Egypt's history. This Latin motto of the ancient Roman Empire

    50. CMP

    51. Ancient Civilizations
    aztecs II, Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. Internet resources on Mesopotamia,, ancientGreek World, ancient World, ancient China, Aztec Manuscripts, ancient history Civilizations.htm
    Ancient Civilizations Home Return to the
    Library Media

    Mesopotamia Egypt Greece Rome Africa India Mesoamerica Mesoamerica
    Ancient Mesopotamia Life in Ancient Egypt Life in Ancient Greece Life in Ancient Rome ... Ancient Mesopotamia

    52. Powell's Books - Used, New, And Out Of Print
    states that culminated in the magnificent empires of the aztecs and Incas New Documentsseries continues the efforts of the ancient history Documentary Research
    Technical Books Kids' Books eBooks more search options ...

    World History

    view all sections...

    Ancient History
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    Used Hardcover List Price $24.98 by John/ Berk Matthews Publisher Comments An in-depth study of the history, lore and tradition of Celtic philosophy and religion, this beautifully designed book offers a fascinating look at the mysterious ways of the Druids. Covering all aspects of Druidism, the book includes spells, dream... read more about this title check for other copies Used Trade Paper List Price $16.95 Ancient Economy (99 Edition) by M. I. Finley Publisher Comments "Technical progress, economic growth, productivity, even efficiency have not been significant goals since the beginning of time, " declares M. I. Finley in his classic work. The states of the ancient Mediterranean world had no recognizable real-property... read more about this title check for other copies New Trade Paper Selection of Greek Historical Inscriptions, to the End of the Fifth Century BC

    53. Aztec Culture
    history The aztecs came from the remote north, probably around the early 13th Alongwith the hunting of some of these, the ancient aztecs also hunted the wild
    Location : The South Central region of present-day Mexico was once the home of the Aztec. They lived in the highlands of Mesoamerica in an area of basins separated by eroded volcanic peaks and dissected mountain ranges. History: The Aztecs came from the remote north, probably around the early 13th century. They were migratory at first, wandering around the Mexican Valley struggling to survive. They were even enslaved once by another tribe. In the year 1325, however, they stopped their migratory pattern on the southwest border of Lake Texcoco as they beheld an eagle sitting on the stem of a prickly pear. He was holding a serpent in this talons and his wings were open to the sun. They saw this as an omen, announcing the location of their future city and capital, Tenochtitlan. In order to build their city, the swamps and standing water around them had to be drained and artificial islands were constructed to form gardens. The Aztec maintained their subsistence by utilizing fishing, hunting, gathering and gardening techniques. The valley rivers were rich in fish, insects, shrimp, tadpoles, and a naturally occurring pasta called ahuatle. Those near the ocean ate crabs, oysters, fish and turtles. Thus, the water was a major source of food for the Aztec who wished to utilize them. Among the wild animals are rabbits, snakes, armadillos, deer, pumas and coyotes. Along with the hunting of some of these, the ancient Aztecs also hunted the wild turkey.

    54. Education World® : Site Reviews: Ancient History Project
    This Web site has information on history and cultures devoted to various aspects ofancient Egypt and Greeks, Celts, Vikings, Incas, aztecs, Chinese, Etruscans

    Site Reviews
    Archives: Alphabetical Listing By Date Listing ...

    "Best Of" Series
    2002 Reviews

    2001 Reviews

    2000 Reviews

    1999 Reviews
    ... By Date NOVEMBER, 1997 S I T E R E V I E W NOVEMBER, 1997
    Ancient History Project

    GRADE LEVEL: 4-8 CONTENT: This Web site has information on history and cultures from the ancient Egyptians to the North American Indians. AESTHETICS: The site uses large text and wide spacing. which makes the text easy to read. Graphics are used sparingly but decorate the site's main pages. Some of the projects are image-based. ORGANIZATION: It can take some time to become familiar with the structure of the site. A recently added site map helps. The navigation menu links at the top of each section are mostly jumps to other sections of the page but also link to the main menu which then leads back to the home page. REVIEW: This information at this site comes from two years of projects completed by sixth-grade students at the The International School of Amsterdam. The first year was devoted to various aspects of ancient Egypt and the following year students covered the Romans, Greeks, Celts, Vikings, Incas, Aztecs, Chinese, Etruscans, Maoris, and North American Indians. The site also includes projects on the same topics from other schools. This is a great source of information for students or teachers studying ancient civilizations and a good example for teachers contemplating a class project on the Web.

    55. AncCivNew
    (Great Ages of Man) 970.004 Leo ancient Mexico The history and Cultureof the Maya, aztecs, and Other PreColumbian Peoples.. Longhena, Maria.

    56. History Key Stage 3 And Above, The Lighthouse For Education
    http// (ancient history); http// http//
    Everybody learning, anywhere, anytime… History Key Stage 3 and above
    Last updated: Links:
    See Local Web Sites (for N.E.Lincs.)
    General History
  • (BBC History - excellent resource) (Timeline from the BBC) (History links for Schools - Click on the year group, GCSE or A level at the top) (Some really good material about peoples' lives in various periods of history - the site also offers living history demonstrations) (History links with emphasis on America) (History links) (History of Britain) (The History Channel - education section) (The History Channel) (Encyclopaedia History 1700 - 1950)
  • 57. Ancient History
    The ancient World Web ancient history links by subject. Precolombian CultureCultures of aztecs, Mayans, and Olmecs in both English and Spanish.

    58. Ancient Civilizations Lesson Plans, Resources, And Clipart
    a ancient ArtifactsGeography/ancient history lesson plan from one of threeancient American civilizations the Mayas, the aztecs, and the
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    59. Ancient Civilizations Lesson Plans, Resources, And Clipart
    Results 13 24 of at least 37 aztecs Webquest This lesson is ByzantiumWorld history/Ancienthistory lesson plan (grades 9-12)DiscoverySch Students learn
    Home Worksheets Links for Kids Arts ...

    A Great Site to find school related clipart.

    Over 20,000 pictures, illustration, clipart and images to download!!
    Dinosaurs ...
    and lots more!!!

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    Great School
    Multimedia CD's
    School Special - 4,000 Clipart images only 10.95 Sites for Kids CyberSleuth Top sites ranked by popularity Stay up-to-date! Sign up for our mailing list Webquests CyberGuides WorkSheets Teacher Productivity Tools Create teacher productivity tools in just minutes Lab Tool WebQuest Tool Weekly Assignments Certificate Maker Timeline Maker Coming Soon!!!

    60. Ancient History
    Netherlands; Civilizations in history information on ancient civilizations includingthe ancient Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Egyptians, Mayans and aztecs.
    Search mode: "AND" "OR"
    Ancient History
  • ABZU: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Account of the Revolt of the City of Suru of Bit-Halupe - documents a revolt by a tributary city against the imperial rule of the Assyrian king, Ashurnasirpal, in the seventh century BCE. Ancien-L - a forum for debate, discussion, and the exchange of information by students and scholars of the history of the Ancient Mediterranean. Ancient/Classical History Guide Ancient History Guide for The mine the internet for interesting and informative links on Ancient/Classical History, write at least biweekly topical features, maintain a bulletin board and more. Ancient History Resources - info and links on Ancient Greece, Rome, Alexander the Great, Byzantium and Europe in general. Ancient History: A Trip Back in Time - with topics including Babylonian, Anatolian, and Sumerian civilizations. Ancient Korean History Ancient Warfare - essays and information ancient history, and links to primary source sites. Ancient Western Civilizations - providing scholarly information on The Anglo-Saxons, The Celts, and The Norse cultures.
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