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         Bangubangu Indigenous Peoples Africa:     more detail

1. VADA - Volkeren En Stammen Peoples Tribes B
BANGRI (India); bangubangu (Democatische Republiek Congo Zuid Afrika South africa);BOHICKET BOHICKETT indigenous peoples in BOLIVIA; BOLOVEN (Laos); BOMBAY JEWS

2. Fortune H-M
A checklist of names of indigenous mammals occurring southern Lunda and related peoples(Northern Rhodesia Meeussen, AE Linguistische schets van het bangubangu.
Alphabetical Listing of Fortune Bibliography
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Ababda africa Abarambo africa Abe africa Abinsi Nigeria africaCushitic peoples africa Afar Afar Afikpo africa Afo africa Horn of africa-Cushitic peoples africa Garreh-Ajuran
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