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         Basic Programming:     more books (39)
  1. Programming In Visual by Julia Case Bradley, A. C. Millspaugh, 2005-05
  2. Programming BASICS: Using Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, HTML, and Java (Basics Series (Boston, Mass.).) by Todd Knowlton, Karl Barksdale, et all 2001-10-23
  3. Programming in Visual Basic 2010: The Very Beginner's Guide by Jim McKeown, 2010-03-29
  4. Microsoft Visual Basic 2008: RELOADED by Diane Zak, 2008-07-24
  5. Programming with MicrosoftVisual Basic2008 by Diane Zak, 2009-02-24
  6. Practical Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET by Ying Bai, 2008-10-20
  7. Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming by John Connell, 2003-08-13
  8. Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with VB 2005: From Novice to Professional (Beginning: from Novice to Professional) by Daniel R. Clark, 2005-11-14
  9. Programming in Visual Basic 2008 by Julia Case Bradley, Anita Millspaugh, 2008-05-30
  10. Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2010 (8th Edition) by David I. Schneider, 2010-08-30
  11. Programming and Customizing the Basic Stamp by Scott Edwards, 2001-03-21
  12. Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2008, An (w/VS2008 DVD) (7th Edition) by David I. Schneider, 2008-07-13
  13. Visual Basic(R) 2005 for Programmers (2nd Edition) by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, 2006-06-16
  14. Visual Basic Programming for the Absolute Beginner w/CD (For the Absolute Beginner (Series).) by Michael Vine, 2002-07-01

1. CW's BASIC Page
A basic programming Couse for Beginners This course is copyright C Wragg 2000. It must not be reproduced in any form or media without the written permission of the author.
A BASIC programming Couse for Beginners
The first 7 modules of this tutorial were first published on the Acorn User CD no.11, and the remaining modules on CD No.12. Click on the appropriate button to load the module you wish to see.
  • Module 1: Starting BASIC Module 2: Making Decisions Module 3: Loops, Strings and Nots Module 4: Moving to the WIMP Module 5: Explaining the First Program Module 6: The menu Module 7: Defining windows Module 8: Adding the icons Module 9: Arrays and Buttons Module 10: Keeping the data (1) Module 11: Keeping the data (2) Module 12: Getting it back again Module 13: Drag and Drop Module 14: Bits and Pieces
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2. - The Home Of QBasic On The Internet
QBASIC.COM. The home for QBasic and Quick basic programming on the internet the BEST files and tutorials anywhere.
The fine print:, Inc., makes no warranties, express or implied, concerning the content of this site. This site contains material (source code and executable programs) by many authors, most of whom are not affiliated with, Inc. Use these programs at your own risk., Inc. is in no way affiliated with Microsoft, Inc.

3. Basic Programming And Chipmunk Basic Home Page
Ron's basic programming and Chipmunk Basic Home Page Chipmunk Basic for MacOS Chipmunk Basic for MacOS is an old fashioned Basic interpreter which runs on almost all Macs, and is accelerated for PowerMacs.
Ron's Basic Programming and Chipmunk Basic Home Page
Chipmunk Basic for MacOS
Apple G3/G4 iMacs and PowerBooks freeware . You can download it here:

4. L-Basic: Visual Basic Programming Tutorial
to learn Visual basic programming or Microsoft Access basic programming. LBasic emphasizes teaching programming
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L-Basic™: Visual Basic Tutorial
Version 1.23
L-Basic is an interactive Basic programming tutorial. It can greatly benefit those Product Info Download free trial!

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Screen shots
Version History
wishing to learn Visual Basic programming or Microsoft Access Basic programming. L-Basic emphasizes teaching programming concepts rather than teaching how to use visual controls.
L-Basic includes the following learning modules:
  • Introduction
  • Variables
  • Testing Conditions (unavailable in demo)
  • Control Structures (unavailable in demo)
  • Strings (unavailable in demo)
  • Good Programming

  • pop up code examples
  • run code with the touch of a button

L-Basic runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and NT 4.0. System requirements: 486, 8MB RAM, 5 MB HD
Screen Shots
L-Basic received five stars at File Transit
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5. Visual Basic Bookmark - Online VB Resource Directory
A directory of Visual basic programming resources and development information. By Majid Salimi.Category Computers Programming Languages Visual Basic Directories......Visual basic programming directory, covering thousands of VB development resourcesand searchable information, tutorials, guides, help, Q A, source codes and

focusIN Specialty Web Network
Upcoming EVENTS
March 25-26,
San Jose, CA Details... Microsoft Tech·Ed 2002
April 9-13,
New Orleans, LA Details... Visual Basic Bookmark , A comprehensive directory of programming resources and development information. Order: Books Magazines Free Stuff Hardware ... CD Discuss about: VB ActiveX Database VBScript ... Books In the NEWS Sharpei virus hits C# note, designed to infect computers loaded with the .NET framework... More... Ballmer: Sanctions would destroy Windows... More... Resources For Developers... ActiveX
Groups Tutorial ... CE Hardwares BOOK mark Most popular topics! VB Source Code Archives SQL resources Database Development C++ language ... MS Access FREE Bookmark Managers HotLinks

Manage, store and share your bookmarks, files, calendar and address book. Plus an email box, and 15Mb of storage space. What's HOT!

6. Visual Basic Programming Zone
. Entering Visual basic programming Zone. please wait (you will be redirected within 20 seconds). ); /.
Click here to continue. Visual Basic Programming Zone Completely FREE Visual Basic site featuring source code, utilities, examples, tutorials and much more.

7. ZX81 BASIC Programming By Steven Vickers
ZX81 BASIC. Programming. FRONT COVER

I am working on two projects about basic programming 1. REFERENCE, CROSSREFERENCE AND SUBSTITUTION GUIDE
I am working on two projects about BASIC programming: 1. REFERENCE, CROSS-REFERENCE AND SUBSTITUTION GUIDE Supporting over two dozen subsets on roughly a dozen platforms, including Amiga, Apple, Atari, Commodore, CP/M, DEC VAX, IBM PC, Macintosh, Psion, Radio Shack, Timex-Sinclair, UNIX and more. The goal is to make cross-programming and multi-platform programming easier for anyone. You find source code for a project on an Apple, you can use this reference to make the code run on a PC, Mac or Atari.
2. A VIDEO SERIES ON PROGRAMMING Aimed at educational TV markets, this series of 20 half-hour segments take anyone from entry level programming into some pretty advanced coding ON ALMOST ANY COMPUTER using ALMOST ANY BASIC! The series will be presented by Lucrecia Russo, who will also be involved in every aspect of production.
This site is in constant flux, new things will be added all the time. Keep watching! Some BASIC program sites you might find interesting...

9. Theo's VB And VB Gaming Site
Learn VB with step by step tuturials, perfect for beginners, we have codes, examplesCategory Computers Programming Self Guided......Visual basic programming Learn VB basics, DL examples of codes, VB Guide

10. Basic Programming And Chipmunk Basic Home Page
Ron's basic programming and Chipmunk Basic Home Page. Information aboutChipmunk Page. Other basic programming Language Resources. The BASIC
Ron's Basic Programming and Chipmunk Basic Home Page
Chipmunk Basic for MacOS
Apple G3/G4 iMacs and PowerBooks freeware . You can download it here:

11. Amstrad CPC 464 664 6128 Basic Programming Tutorial And Games. The Basic Idea
Locomotive basic programming guide for Amstrad CPC including sprites, sound, graphics, debugging, Category Computers Systems Amstrad Software...... Book cover The Basic Idea with croaking frog mouseover effect This Amstrad Basicprogramming tutorial was commercially published as 'The Basic Idea' by
Jump to navbar for this section Skip all navbars Help Sitemap ... Links Amstrad CPC tutorial: Spanish translation: My Amstrad pages are being translated into Spanish Recommended books about the history of computer games:
Click here to buy 'Joystick Nation' at

Click here to buy Trigger Happy at

Too much for one visit? There are well over 100 pages on this website, so do be sure to come back to read more later. Why not add this page to your bookmarks or favourites?
Sean's Amstrad CPC homepage
This Amstrad Basic programming tutorial was commercially published as 'The Basic Idea' by Campursoft and was awarded 85% in Amstrad Action's review (May 1994), which concluded "it's difficult to see how Campursoft managed to come up with a tutorial that will not only hold your attention long enough to shove information down your throat, but will be friendly and straightforward enough that you'll want to swallow." Download the disc
Get my discs of free games and utilities for use with this tutorial. Includes all the games I wrote for Amstrad Action and Amstrad Computer User. How to use a CPC emulator on your PC
I get a lot of enquiries about how to use an emulator on the CPC. I can't keep up with all the different configurations, but I've written this step-by-step walkthrough which should enable you to get an emulator up and running quickly. This will enable you to play the games and use the demonstrations referred to in the tutorials.

12. Visual Basic Programming
Introduction to. Visual basic programming. The following exercises require you to start Visual Basic, load a project
Introduction to
Visual Basic Programming
The following exercises require you to start Visual Basic, load a project that will allow you to experiment with the Visual BASIC language. For homework, write up the answers to the questions.
Starting Visual Basic
Find the Visual Basic icon and double click (nothing new). See page 10 of the VB QuickLook manual. Also note the various number of windows (page 11):
  • Main window - standard Windows application menus and shortcut buttons
  • Toolbar window - buttons of components to put into a form
  • Properties window - allow you to configure the active component
  • Project window - select from multiple forms and switch between layout of the form or its code
  • Form window - for interface design
  • Code window - for entering and editing code connecting an event to an object
Further explanations of these windows are found on pages 12-15.
Loading and running a program/project
To load a project in which you can experiment with the Visual Basic language, do the following:
From the File menu click on
and load the project found at Now click on the View Form button to see an interface set up to run simple programs. The interface can also let you begin to experiment with input and output through the form's components.

13. Programmers Heaven - Visual Basic & VB.NET Programming Zone
Collection of free files for download, as well as a large, sorted database of programmingrelated Category Computers Programming Languages Visual Basic Resources......This area of the site covers the Visual basic programming language. Notsure where to start? Visual basic programming. Articles Links (381).


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Beginners Guide To Visual Basic
Visual Basic.NET Programming See also: Development Tools ActiveX / COM Components .NET Components Visual Basic Programming Development tools See also: ActiveX / COM Components DLL Components Visual Basic Sourcecode VBX Components VBX Components See also: ActiveX / COM Components DLL Components VB-Script Messageboards Visual Basic programming VB.NET Did you know that... You can submit your own files, products, services, links and articles here Woodbury Associates Releases UniToolbox Beta 1 Project Analyzer v6.2 Reviews VB Code Deleted Domain Name VB Software ... Add your own News Selected book Visual Basic .NET Code Security Handbook Latest users Merlin dgketchen Xprogrammer Latest resources Andrea visual basic programming and free downloads Location: Visual Basic Links General links VB-PowerWrap 3.3

14. DarkBASIC - Welcome - Next Generation Game Making Software
Official homepage.Category Computers Programming Languages BASIC DarkBasic...... create. Using a specially adapted version of the basic programming languageyou can write all manner of games and applications. Join
What's New? Retro Compo Enhance DB 3D Canvas Pro Textures ... Contact Us Top DB Sites Top DB Sites MatEdit DB CodeBase DarkEdit DB Heaven ... DB Planet Read the new Beginner's Guide to DarkBASIC Game Programming book
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Search: Welcome to Why not take part in our Retro Game Programming Competition sponsored by NVIDIA! DarkBASIC Professional
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Now you can take advantage of BSP, Bump and Light mapping, Bone based animations, Pixel and Vertex shaders, Brand new IDE, Reflections, Particle System and much more! Need to create 3D models and animations? Why not look at the brilliant 3D Canvas Pro available now. We also stock the awesome Texture Maker program - simply the best seamless texture generator and design package around. It perfectly compliments Cartography Shop , our world creation package - buy both today and save 10% Issue 3 of the brand new DarkBASIC Newsletter is out now. Contents include new DBPro Patch 4 News, an interview with Andrew Vanbeck, Showcase reviews, product info and more. Don't forget to subscribe to receive your free copy every month. About DarkBASIC Welcome to the website of Dark Basic Software Ltd. We're here to provide cool game making tools so that you can make the games that you want to play! We've made the whole process really easy too, so you don't need a math's or physics degree to get something up and running.

15. BASIC Programming Language - Wikipedia
basic programming language. BASICA (Advanced BASIC) (MSDOS); BBC BASIC (Acorn,RISCOS, DOS, CP/M); Bywater basic programming language open-source;
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Other languages: Deutsch Esperanto
BASIC programming language
(Redirected from BASIC BASIC is a family of high-level programming languages . Originally devised as a teaching tool, it became widespread on home microcomputers in the , and remains popular to this day in a handful of heavily altered dialects. The name is an acronym for B eginner's A ll-purpose S ymbolic I nstruction C ode , although BASIC's name was invented to result in a nice acronym. The acronym is tied to the name of an unpublished paper by Thomas Kurtz and has no relation to C. K. Ogden 's series titled " Basic English Some critics have called the language B ill's A ttempt to S eize I ndustry C ontrol in response to Microsoft's policies with respect to BASIC interpreters included with home computers.

16. Applesoft BASIC Programming Language - Wikipedia
Applesoft basic programming language. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.The first basic programming language dialect on the
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Applesoft BASIC programming language
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The first NOT BASIC programming language dialect on the Apple II computer was Integer Basic , coded and hand-assembled by Apple Computer employees. It could only handle numbers between -32767 and 32767 and had some limitations with respect to string arrays, but it was fast. Enter Bill Gates and Microsoft . Apple was looking for a new version of Basic for the Apple II Plus computer with 48 KB of RAM . It seems Microsoft was the Basic vendor of choice at the time; Apple licensed a 10 KB assembly language version of Basic called "Applesoft." It was similar to Basic implementations on other -based computers: it used line numbers, spaces were not necessary in lines, plus it had some killer features that Integer BASIC lacked:

17. Visual Basic Programming - Imaging Developer Tools
Visual basic programming Imaging Developer Tools. Programming Resources forMicrosoft Visual Basic Developers. imaging component evaluations and demos.
Visual Basic Programming - Imaging Developer Tools
So what is Visual Basic? The "Visual" part refers to the method used to create the graphical user interface (GUI). Rather than writing numerous lines of code to describe the appearance and location of interface elements, you simply add prebuilt objects into place on screen. The "Basic" part refers to the BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) language; a language used by more programmers than any other language in the history of computing. Visual Basic has evolved from the original BASIC language and now contains several hundred statements, functions, and keywords, many of which relate directly to the Windows GUI. Beginners can create useful applications by learning just a few of the keywords; yet, the power of the language allows professionals to accomplish almost anything that can be accomplished using any other Windows programming language. There is a wide variety of third-party imaging components available for Visual Basic programmers that allow you to create applications that include comprehensive imaging and/or compression functionality, and move them from development to implementation rapidly.

18. VB Helper How To - Free Visual Basic Programming Downloads
New Home. Old Home. What's New. Site Map. Books. How To. Tips Tricks. Tutorials.Stories. Performance. Essays. Links. Q A. New in VB6. Free Stuff. Pictures.
New Home Old Home What's New Site Map ... Books How To Tutorials Stories Performance Essays ... Feedback How To
Most Wanted List Search HowTo's Beginning Intermediate ...
  • Convert VB6 programs into VB5 programs
    New VB5 / VB6
  • 19. ZX Spectrum Manual
    SINCLAIR ZX SPECTRUM = basic programming By Steven Vickers Edited by Robin Bradbeer Converted to ASCII text by
    BASIC Programming
    By Steven Vickers
    Edited by Robin Bradbeer
    Converted to ASCII text by
    Chris Owen
    (Internet email:
    Original edition published in 1982
    by Sinclair Research Limited
    This version published in 1995
    by Chris Owen on behalf of Amstrad plc This manual is freely distributable but must not be distributed without this notice. HTML version by Pete Robinson
    Introduction A guide to the ZX Spectrum keyboard and a description of the display. Chapter 2 Basic programming concepts Programs, line numbers, editing programs using and EDIT RUN LIST GO TO CONTINUE INPUT NEW REM PRINT STOP in INPUT data, BREAK Chapter 3 Decisions IF STOP Chapter 4 Looping FOR NEXT TO STEP . Introducing FOR-NEXT loops Chapter 5 Subroutines GO SUB RETURN Chapter 6 READ DATA RESTORE Chapter 7 Expressions Mathematical expressions using +, -, *, /, scientific notation and variable names. Chapter 8 Strings Handling strings and slicing. Chapter 9 Functions User-definable functions and others readily available on the ZX Spectrum using DEF LEN STR$ VAL SGN ABS INT SQR FN Chapter 10 Mathematical functions Including simple trigonometry: PI EXP LN SIN COS TAN ASN ACS ATN Chapter 11 Random numbers Using RANDOMIZE and RND Chapter 12 Arrays Strings and numeric arrays - DIM Chapter 13 Conditions Logical expressions: AND OR NOT Chapter 14 The character set A look at the ZX character set including graphics and how to construct your own graphic characters: CODE CHR$ POKE PEEK USR BIN Chapter 15 More about PRINT and INPUT Some more complicated uses of these commands using separators:

    20. WinME / Win98 / Win95 // Visual Basic Programming Language
    WinME / Win98 / Win95 // Visual basic programming language. Click on (CD) toorder on CD., (CD), Beginning Visual Basic Learn programming.
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    WinME / Win98 / Win95 // Visual Basic programming language
    Click on (CD) to order on CD. Click here for more information. Click on ( ) purchase/register a program. (CD) 3D Engine for VB6, w/ complete Source Code. PD (CD) Lets you use PSP graphics plug-ins from VB (CD) ActiveX Toolbar, Menu Button, Panel...controls (CD) Printing and Previewing Custom Control. Free (CD) Ocx for Analog Devices AD7896 12bit A/D adcb95.exe (CD) (BUY) Automated Data Class Builder Add-In for Visual Basic (CD) Add properties and comment in modules code (CD) Graphical progress bar OCX for VB6. Free

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