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  1. "Here, Our Culture Is Hard": Stories ofDomestic Violence from a Mayan Community in Belize (Louann Atkins Temple Women & Culture Series) by Laura McClusky, 2001-08-15
  2. Belize (Cultures of the World) by Leslie Jermyn, Yong Jui Lin, 2011-03
  3. Executive Report on Strategies in Belize, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Belize Research Group, The Belize Research Group, 2000-11-02
  4. Maya Atlas: The Struggle to Preserve Maya Land in Southern Belize
  5. Belize in Focus: A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture (In Focus Guides) by Ian Peedle, 1999-08
  6. Belizean Culture: Belizean Creole, Culture of Belize, Palo de Mayo, Public Holidays in Belize, September Celebrations of Belize
  7. BELIZE: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by JOSEPH O. PALACIO, 2001
  8. Garifuna history, language & culture of Belize, Central America & the Caribbean by Sebastian Cayetano, 1993
  9. East Indian folk culture in Belize: A guide for the study of Belizean ethnic groups in upper primary and lower secondary by Elizabeth Joan Cardenas, 1991
  10. Problems in the maintenance of the Garifuna (Black Carib) culture in Belize by Joseph O Palacio, 1975
  11. Grapefruit culture in the British West Indies and British Honduras, ([Gt. Brit. Empire Marketing Board. Publication) by Harold Clark Powell, 1928
  12. Peopling Belize Chapters in Migration by St. John Robinson, 2006
  13. Archaeological Investigations in the Eastern Maya Lowlands: Papers of the 2003 Belize Archaeology Symposium (Research Reports in Belizean Archaeology)
  14. In Focus Belize a Guide to the People, Politics and Culture by Uknown, 1999

1. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Belize | Culture
Includes facts and figures, culture, history, and tourist information.Category Kids and Teens School Time Central America Belize......belize culture. The Maya built breathtaking temple complexes alignedto the movement of celestial bodies. Although they remained
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The Maya built breathtaking temple complexes aligned to the movement of celestial bodies. Although they remained technically a Stone Age culture, they also developed sophisticated mathematics, astronomy and calendars. The Spanish constructed some plain stone churches, but the modern architecture is predominantly British Caribbean in style. The majority of Belize's population are Roman Catholics, but British influence has created a sizable and varied protestant congregation, including German Swiss Mennonites. The Mayan practice of Catholicism is a fascinating fusion of shamanist-animist and Christian ritual. Belize has never really developed a national cuisine. Its cooking borrows elements from the UK, the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean. The traditional staples are rice and beans. These are often eaten with chicken, pork, beef, fish or vegetables. Coconut milk and fried plaintain add a tropical flavor. Exotic traditional foods include armadillo, venison and fried paca , a controversial brown-spotted rodent (similar to a guinea pig) that conservationist-gourmets won't touch with a ten foot cassava.

2. Ambergris Caye, Belize, Culture
More Information about Culture. Belize by Naturalight. Belize Search Engine. belize culture Books
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Belize's premiere search engine The settlers who came from Mexico brought with them their Spanish Language, Catholic and Mexican traditions and a rich culture. The official language of Belize is English and most islanders speak and understand English but the main language is still Spanish. The Mayan that some of the present settlers' ancestors once spoke in no longer spoken. Islanders also speak Creole; a language or dialect derived from the English language. Due to the influence of Mayan, Creole and English languages most of the islanders speak today what is known as "kitchen Spanish" - informal Spanish that incorporates English, Mayan and Creole words. An example is "pullar". The word comes from the English root "pull" and adds a Spanish suffix "ar". The English definition is "pull". The Mexican settlers also brought with them a distinctly rich culture with traditions comprised of Spanish, Mayan and Catholic elements. Many of these traditions are still followed today. Some such of these is the observance of religious feast days and regulations such as the Lenten Season, an important aspect of Catholicism; regular attendance at Church especially at Easter and Christmas and the celebration of Sacraments. Easter Procession and Novenas (prayers) are spectacular annual events and have the participation of almost the entire local population of San Pedro Town.

3. Belize!, Caribbean Travel, Scuba, Mayan Culture
Your guide to Belize. Visit exotic mainland cities, towns, interior, meet friendly people! See ancient historic sights, Maya cities, cayes, sea, beaches, coral reefs! Visitor Info. belize culture. Business. Community
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More Weather Info Courtesy Belize NMS "Contrary breeze ah mek crow and eagle light on one line. Meaning: When there is trouble, enemies are sometimes forced to get together to solve problems." All Trips to Belize Expedition Cruises Cultural Exploration Hiking Sea Kayaking Whitewater Rafting Fishing Multisport Mountain Biking Bicycle Touring Belize!, Caribbean travel, scuba, Mayan culture Email this article
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  • The Belize Handbook, Chicki Mallan, Moon Publications, Inc., Chico, Calif. 3rd ed. 1995, 363 pp., ISBN 1-56691-030-7. US $15.95 (paperback). Best all-around travel guidebook for Belize visitors of diverse interests and budget levels, extensive hotel information and basic tourism information.
  • BelizeA Natural Destination, Richard Mahler and Steele Wotkyns, John Muir Publications, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 3rd Edition, 1995, 326 pp. ISBN 1-56261-221-2. US $16.95 (paperpack). Emphasizes ecotourism, natural and social history and environmental issues.
  • Tom Brosnahan, Lonely Planet Publications, Berkeley, California. 1994. 507 pp, 74 pp specifically on Belize. ISBN 0-86442-220-2. US $16.95 (paperback). General travel guidebook with emphasis on Mayan history and information about Mayan ruin sites.

4. Culture
belize culture. Please click on another topic. belize culture; Languages ofBelize; The Weather During Our Visit; Belize City; Transportation in Belize;
Belize Culture
The people of Belize seem very cheerful, friendly and helpful. Most of the people are descendants from Mayan Indian or the mix of early British settlers and African slaves. Nearly all are dark skinned. Quite a number of Chinese have migrated there in recent years. Though theft is a major problem there, we felt very safe. Violent crime is very low. By U.S. standards, poverty is high, but discontent with lifestyle does not seem evident. It seemed to us that the aspiration of many Belizieans is to own a little shop in their home so they can be independent and set their own hours.
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  • Belize Culture
  • Languages of Belize
  • The Weather During Our Visit
  • Belize City ...
  • Foods We Ate (Yum! Yum!)
  • Wild Life We Experienced
  • Ways in Which We Helped Our Friends
  • Photos of Tirzah
  • 5. Belize Special Edition
    belize culture; Languages of Belize; The Weather During Our Visit; BelizeCity; Transportation in Belize; Places We Visited; Foods We Ate (Yum!
    Carl and Judy made their first trip to the Caribbean nation of Belize! We had a great time, a wonderful visit with Ken, Sandy and Tirzah and lots of new things to feast upon (both with our eyes and our stomachs!). Following are some photos and some tidbits of our Belize adventure. Please click on any one of the topics below to get a glimsp of our discoveries.
  • Belize Culture
  • Languages of Belize
  • The Weather During Our Visit
  • Belize City ...
  • Foods We Ate (Yum! Yum!)
  • Wild Life We Experienced
  • Ways in Which We Helped Our Friends
  • Photos of Tirzah
  • 6. Belize Vacations Belize Hotels And Resorts, Belize Scuba Diving
    belize culture. Population 249,183 (July 2000 est.) Age structure014 years 43% (male 54,009; female 51,945) 15-64 years 54
    Belize Vacations, Belize Luxury Resorts, Belize Hotels and Villas
    Belize Scuba Diving Adventures, Belize Snorkeling
    Virtuoso, Belize Vacation and Belize Luxury Cruise Consultants
    Experience the Essence of True Luxury and our Uncompromising Service
    Places in Belize Abrergris Caye
    Altun Ha Mayan Ruins

    Belize City

    Belize Marine Parks
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    You'll love this! Belize: Culture
    Population: 249,183 (July 2000 est.)
    Age structure: 0-14 years: 43% (male 54,009; female 51,945) 15-64 years: 54% (male 68,052; female 66,366) 65 years and over: 3% (male 4,298; female 4,513) (2000 est.) Population growth rate: 2.75% (2000 est.) Birth rate: 32.29 births/1,000 population (2000 est.) Death rate: 4.81 deaths/1,000 population (2000 est.) Net migration rate: migrant(s)/1,000 population (2000 est.) Sex ratio: at birth: 1.05 male(s)/female under 15 years: 1.04 male(s)/female 15-64 years: 1.03 male(s)/female 65 years and over: 0.95 male(s)/female total population: 1.03 male(s)/female (2000 est.) Infant mortality rate: 25.97 deaths/1,000 live births (2000 est.)

    7. Belize Culture Project, Belize-NH Teachers Program
    Community Portraits WebPartnership, an extension of my sixth grade culture curriculumand I traveled to Belize through the BelizeNH Teacher Program, run by
    I thought.... How can I connect my sixth grade students in Concord, New Hampshire with students in Belize... Create a project where students in both cultures learn about, and befriend, one another... Thus the beginning of the Community Portraits WebPartnership , an extension of my sixth grade culture curriculum and also directly tied to a unique project already in motion, Community Portraits, between my school and The Park Alternative School in Cambridge, MA.
    I traveled to Belize through the Belize-NH Teacher Program, run by Sheila Adams and Bert Cohen out of the University of New Hampshire-Durham. The program connects U.S. teachers with classrooms and fellow professionals in Belize. The relationship promotes a a diverse agenda including: awareness about life in Belize, exchange of pedagogical skills, and creativity in the classroom. For me it was incrediby energizing. An unparalleled opportunity to expand my curriculum and to refresh myself (which I did both).
    I chose to work in a magnificent K-8 school in rural San Pedro Columbia. A small farming village of about 1000 persons. I traveled there alone, and worked in the school for a total of three days. I assisted two teachers, Eduardo in grade 5 (Standard III) and Franklin in grade 6 (Standard IV). I lived with (and received incredible hospitality from) the Sanchez family. I had the opportunity to teach a variety of lessons including cooperative lessons in decimal comparison and in biology. Yet the highlight was to be able to extend my class' integrated culture curriculum (a mix of social studies, writing, and technology) to the students of San Pedro Columbia. The project has several components:

    REPORT 199 Mar 2000 THE belize culture LIST DEBATE ON JOBS, AND ETHNICPERCEPTIONS Produced by the Belize Development Trust. Mel
    REPORT #199 Mar 2000
    Produced by the Belize Development Trust

    Mel and Ashley are certainly philosphers. ( Debate on ethnic problems and employment) But from where I stand, the argument that townies think Chinese are taking their jobs is false. When I say townies, the majority are Creoles. When I first immigrated to the colony of British Honduras, I was one of only about six "whites" in the whole country, that were not either in the British Army, or colonial service, but simply immigrants. At that time, the CREOLES or townies dominated the country, yet even at that time with over 75% of all jobs and all businesses and control of all government services, they still complained of racial discrimination. Go figure that one out! I never could as a "white minority". The complaints have never stopped. There is more here than meets the eye. It is a cultural inheritance. An idea that townies ( Creoles ) are owed something by the government. In particular a 40 hour a week salaried job. But pray tell, where is the government going to get the money to pay for a salaried job for every townie? It doesn't exist in any history of Central European countries over the last 200 years and they are white countries. They faced the same exact problems, with agricultural economies ( non industrial) and a government composed of privileged aristocrats, royalty and those politically famous, or in the military. All of them suffered the same result, which was national bankruptcy, for trying to provide jobs to townies in an economy that could not support them.

    9. The Belize Forums Has Moved!
    Employment in Belize Looking for work or a worker? 834, Culture (Cinca). Culture.belize culture Discussions about the arts, literature, life and times in Belize.

    10. Bulletin Board Moved!
    Gift through the mail (CND). 03-19-2003 0955 AM. Culture. belize culture Discussionsabout the arts, literature, life and times in Belize. 501, recipes (eeiko).

    11. WorldRover - Culture Of Belize
    Culture of Belize. belize culture and History Books. AOL Anywhere InternationalWeb Channel News, maps, currency information, sports, and weather.
    Culture of Belize
    Welcome to WorldRover's listing of country history and culture for Belize. Check out the links below to find more information on the people and history of a country. On the right you can also find flag clip art and maps available for free download. Embassy information is also available for a number of countries around the world, however, please confirm all information. We hope to add additional links regarding the culture of Belize as they become available. If you have a site or know of a site that should be added, please let us know. Thanks for visiting WorldRover's history, people, and culture site.
  • Belize Culture and History Books
  • AOL Anywhere International Web Channel - News, maps, currency information, sports, and weather.
  • Anthro.Net Research Engine - Search engine of web sites and bibliographic references for anthropology, archaeology, linguistics and related social sciences.
  • - Historians answer individualized questions about European history for free.
  • Center For World Indigenous Studies: African Documents - Reports on indigenous peoples.
  • 12. Culture In Belize
    Culture in Belize. Belize Arts Council Belize Arts Council stays. Belize Categories.Banking. Companies. Culture. Dining. Entertainment. Finance. Government. Hotels.
    Culture in Belize Belize Arts Council : Belize Arts Council stays.
    Cultural tour of Belize
    : Cultural tour of Belize from the Official Tourist Board
    El Café Gallery
    : See the wide range of contemporary and traditional Belizean art and enjoy a coffee at the same time at El Café gallery.
    History of Belize
    : A History of Belize, Nation in the Making traces the history of Belize. It focuses on how Belize became what it is today. This website takes us on a journey through time and gives us the opportunity to study the complex society we see today in this small Central American nation
    The Image Factory
    : The Image Factory is a not-for-profit Art Foundation dedicated to the promotion of various aspects of culture in Belize. Set up in July of 1995 the Image Factory has a large exhibition space in downtown Belize City, a small library, a video room, and a studio. Located in downtown Belize City, the Factory's exhibition space has played host to a wide range of cultural activities including art exhibitions, natural history exhibitions, book launchings, video presentations, poetry readings, music recitals and small performance art pieces.
    The Toledo Maya Cultural Council
    : The Toledo Maya Cultural Council is a community based organization (CBO) for the Maya people of Southern Belize; the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts. The main objectives of TMCC are to ensure unity among the Maya people of Toledo, to strengthen the concept of Indigenous and cultural rights based upon the principles of equality, to represent all Belizean Indigenous Maya of Toledo in National and International things.

    13. Belize Culture & Peace Forum
    belize culture Peace Forum,

    HELP US CONTACT US NEWSLETTER ... SPONSORS Whichever country you are from, please take a few minutes to share with people all over the world information about your culture, in the forum for your country. For example, describe:
    • Your favorite activities growing up The big events in your country's history What people in your country value What are the big national issues your country is facing What the geography of your country is like (mountains, desert, tropical, etc.) The weather. Is it hot? Do you have hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.? How you spend your free time What kind of job you want when you're older What your favorite foods are What your family is like Any religious beliefs or traditions you have Who you look up to, and why (include historical figures, too) Who inspires you to be peaceful, and why
    And please, also share your thoughts on how the people of the world can come together and live in harmony. How can we create global peace?
    Please feel free to reply to the comments in the forums from any of the countries, but only post a message to the forum for your country
    Thank you very much for helping make Love And Peace Mission 2000 the place for our global family to come together as we all work to create peace!

    14. Belize - - Mailing List Info.
    For example, the belize culture mails can be filtered to automatically goto its own inbox if mails sent or cc to is received.
    MAILING LISTS INFO What are Mailing Lists? Internet mailing lists are (usually) just communities of people sharing information via e-mail. For example, people interested in Belize can join a mailing list and discuss issues facing Belize. Belize Reporter - Online version
    Get news from the Belize Reporter sent to your email box each week day.
    Click here to join. Belizean Mailing List:
    A new Mailing List created by where Belizeans and others interested in Belize can discuss topics on anything about Belize. Since this list is new and looking for new members, people new to the Net can feel comfortable in starting a new tone for discussions. Click here to join! Belize-Culture Mailing List:
    To join this popular Mailing List: Send an email to and put the word "subscribe" in the body of the email. (No quotes) Follow the confirmation instructions received to unsubscribe. After you've subscribed you may post a message to the list by sending an email to . Add this address to your email address book.

    15. Belize Online Forums - Powered By
    Forum, Posts, Threads, Last Post, Moderator. Culture. belize cultureDiscussions about the arts, literature, life and times in Belize. 4,3,
    Belize Online Forums
    View Today's Active Threads
    Welcome to the Belize Online Forums.

    If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Members: 600, Threads: 59, Posts: 120
    Welcome to our newest member, bcash@thekleine The time now is 05:15 AM.
    You last visited: 04-04-2003 05:15 AM.
    Forum Posts Threads Last Post Moderator Culture
    Belize Culture

    Discussions about the arts, literature, life and times in Belize. 06:46 AM
    by webmaster Belizean to Belizean
    A place for Belizeans to meet and exchange information about who, what and where. 06:43 AM
    by webmaster Travel Belize Travel Central General questions about travel to and in Belize. 04:01 PM by Getting to Belize Discussions and tips about how to get to Belize (i.e. driving through Mexico). 02:18 PM by webmaster Accomodations in Belize Discussions and questions about places to stay in Belize (i.e. what is Corozal Town like?). 06:18 AM by Belize Travelogues Post your adventures and trip reports here. These are great sources of information for others.

    16. Caribbean CHOICE - Your Gateway To The Caribbean!
    06, 2003. Belize Flag belize culture History. Belize can be trulydescribed as a multiethnic and multi-lingual society. This society
    HOME Carnival Market Islands ... Factbook
    Caribbean Corner Carnival Culture Island Tidbits Recipes ... Links Featured Ad
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    Countries Culture Market Community Resources Anguilla Aruba Bahamas Barbados Belize Bermuda British Virgin Islands Canada Cayman Islands Cuba Dominica Dominican Republic European Union Florida France Grenada Guadeloupe Guyana Haiti Honduras Jamaica Martinique Mexico Montserrat Netherlands Netherlands Antilles Puerto Rico St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia St. Vincent and the Grenadines Suriname Trinidad and Tobago Turks and Caicos United Kingdom United States United States Virgin Islands Venezuela Friday, April 04, 2003
    Belize can be truly described as a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual society. This society consists of Creole, Garifuna, Spanish, English, Mestizo, Lebanese, Chinese, Maya and East Indian. The largest group is made up of Mestizos, which account for over 40% of the population. The Mestizos are descendents of mixed blood Mexicans and Yacatec Mayans who fled from the Yucatan in the mid 1800's. The second largest of these groups are the Creole, which comprise about 30% of the population. Creoles are the descendants of the early British settlers cohabitating with African slaves from Jamaica. Two thirds of the Creole population lives in Belize City the capital of Belize. They are featured in political parties, the media and the civil service. The Garifuna comprise about seven percent of the population and have their own language and culture. The Garifuna came to Belize from Honduras in the early nineteenth century. This group is the result of intermingling of African slaves, Carib Indians and Europeans. Their main customs are agriculture and fishing. Their main occupations are teachers or civil servants and they are known as remarkable linguists and students. November 19th is retained as a national holiday in Belize to commemorate the arrival of the Garifuna to Belize. Theses people have their own language, food and music. They are a festive people and have earned recognition for a dance called the Punta. This is a dance in which coupled dancers try to outdo each other with a variation of movements. The language is the result of a fusion of several cultures, namely Caribs, French, Arawaks and Spanish cultures.

    17. Belize First Magazine - Preferred Links
    belize culture Group (http// This, along with Ian Cawich's homepage, are tied to the belize culture Internet Mailing List, an active mailing
    Preferred Links
    Possibly no destination in the world and certainly no other country the size of Belize has so many informative and interesting Web sites as Belize. In fact, Belize may soon have more Web home pages than actual homes ... or tourists.
    Caribbean Coast Catalog
    This "sister" Web site to Belize First features books, maps, and information on traveling and living in Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and other parts of the Caribbean Coast
    The Reporter
    This site expertly translates the weekly newspaper into the digital world.
    San Pedro Sun
    Like the newspaper, this home page is friendly, chatty, informative, and upbeat.
    Ambergris Caye
    Everything you always wanted to know about San Pedro.
    Eclectic site by Shawn Brisbin, with varied and extensive information on Belize (some of it a bit hard to read due to the backgrounds). Excellent links section. You Better Belize It (

    18. Belize, Central America Travel Information
    prospective visitors to Belize. The site has information on whereto stay, belize culture, ancient treasures and natural assets.
    zfp=-1 About Travel Mexico/Central America for Visitors Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Mexico/Central America for Visitors
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    Belize, Central America
    Guide picks A selection of online travel related resources to the country of Belize, Central America, with information on accommodations, attractions, history, culture, geography and more.
    Belize, Central America

    Among other attractions, Belize offers visitors the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, tropical islands with pristine beaches and lush foliage, many historical Maya archeological sites and some truly exotic wildlife. Find out more here. Belize - A Virtual Tour
    If you are looking for an "off the beaten track" vacation, Belize may be the place to go. Visit this site and take a virtual tour of Belize - the small Central American country with the longest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere.

    19. Global Travel: Belize Travel Specialists: Adventures In Paradise.
    expeditions, expeditions in belize, inland expeditions, inland expeditions inbelize, culture of belize, culture in belize, belize culture, exotic, Exotic
    Global Travel
    Central American Travel Specialists
    Over 15 Years of Arranging Dream Holidays (1987 - 2002)
    Including the Islands and Caribbean Coast of
    Some people spend a lifetime searching for the perfect paradise.
    For you the search is over...
    Don't go on Holiday - Have an Adventure! Please take your time and browse our website for:
    • General Information, Places of Interest, Special Events, Discount Flights, Hotels, Resorts, Lodges, Villas and Apartments, Private Tours with Licensed Guides, and Our wide range of Tours and Packages.
    Click here to Enter Paradise
    Dear Ann, For as long as we live we will never forget the people, the sights and the adventures we had in Belize & Guatemala. It is without doubt the finest holiday we have ever had. Our travels in Central America were seamless, stress free and perfectly planned. The resorts and hotels were perfect. San Pedro was "Perfectly Caribbean" and ideal for our Wedding. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this dream possible, and if we decide to return to C.A. we know who we'll be coming to. With our heartfelt best wishes
    Tel: +44 (0)1268 541732 Fax: +44 (0)1268 541363 E-mail:

    20. Loco Gringo's Belize. LocoBelize.Com Activities Belize City, Belize District
    Swing Bridge. The Bliss Institute, located in Belize City at 1 BlissPromenade, is also a focal point for belize culture. You will
    Search All of LocoGringo Trip Research Akumal Rentals Belize Rentals Cozumel Rentals PDC Rentals P. Aventuras Rentals P. Morelos Rentals South QR Rentals Tankah Rentals Tulum Rentals for Activities in the Belize District
    Here are some interesting things to do and see while in the Belize District. These include locations in BelizeCity as well as some in the surrounding area. Enjoy..
  • The Image Factory in Belize City specializes in artwork that reflects Belizian life from local artists within the country. It is one of the best galleries to see the artwork of Beliz and is located on the north side of the Swing Bridge. The Bliss Institute, located in Belize City at 1 Bliss Promenade, is also a focal point for Belize culture. You will find exhibits from the ancient Mayan citiy of Caracol, Belizian art and other traveling exhibits. Open Mon - Thurs, 8 am - 5 pm and Fri. 8 am - 4pm.
  • More...
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