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         Biographies Royalty Europe:     more books (100)
  1. Romanovs: Europe's Most Obsessive Dynasty by Oliver Thomson, 2008-05-28
  2. Notorious Royal Marriages: A Juicy Journey Through Nine Centuries of Dynasty, Destiny, and Desire by Leslie Carroll, 2010-01-05
  3. The Private Life of Marie Antoinette by Jeanne Louise Henriette Campan, 2009-02-01
  4. Kings of the Hellenes: The Greek Kings 1863-1974 by John Van Der Kiste, 1994-06-25
  5. Queen of France A Biography of Marie Antoinette by Andre Castelot, 2009-11-27
  6. Heart for Europe by James and Joanna Bogle, 1991-12
  7. Royal Babylon: The Alarming History of European Royalty by Karl Shaw, 1999-06
  8. Frederick the Great: A Historical Profile by Gerhard Ritter, 1975-01-16
  9. Royal Racing: The Queen and Queen Mother's Sporting Life by Sean Smith, 2001-03-01
  10. Behind Palace Doors: My True Adventures as the Queen Mother's Equerry by Major Colin Burgess, Paul Carter, 2006-10-01
  11. Augustus: Godfather of Europe by Richard Holland, 2004-05-01
  12. Europas Konigshauser (German Edition) by SIEBERT, 1998-11-06
  13. Henry II: King of France 1547-1559 by Frederic J. Baumgartner, 1996-06
  14. King Edward II: Edward of Caernarfon His Life, His Reign, and Its Aftermath 1284-1330 by Roy Martin Haines, 2006-07-28

1. Biographies Books & Memoirs / Leaders / Royalty / Victoria
1992. 25. Grandmama of europe The Crowned Descendants of Queen VictoriaTheo Aronson / HarperCollins (paper) / September 1984. 26.
Home Leaders Royalty / Victoria
Browse our most popular titlesfrom 1 to 36.
Victoria's Daughters
Jerrold M. Packard / St Martins Pr (Trade) / November 1998
Her Little Majesty : The Life of Queen Victoria

An Uncommon Woman : The Empress Frederick Daughter of Queen Victoria, Wife of the Crown Prince of Prussia, Mother of Kaiser Wilhelm
Hannah Pakula / Touchstone Books / November 1997
Uncrowned King : The Life of Prince Albert
Stanley Weintraub / Free Press / June 1997
Agatha Ramm(Editor) / Sutton Publishing / June 1998
Queen Victoria : An Eminent Illustrated Biography

Queen Victoria (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics)
Lytton Strachey / Penguin USA (Paper) / August 1997
Queen Victoria
Lytton Strachey / Harcourt Trade Publishers / October 1989
Prince Leopold : The Untold Story of Queen Victoria's Youngest Son
Charlotte Zeepvat / Sutton Publishing / July 1998
Victoria : An Intimate Biography
Stanley Weintraub / Plume / June 1996
Victoria and Albert
Richard Hough / St Martins Pr (Trade) / November 1996
Queen Victoria (A Harvest/Hbj Book)
Lytton Strachey / Harcourt Brace / September 1983
A Celebration of Empire : A Centenary Souvenir of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, 1837-1897

2. Biographies Books & Memoirs / Leaders / Royalty / Edward VII
Ltd. ; British Book Centre. 11. Grandmama of europe The Crowned Descendantsof Queen Victoria Theo Aronson / HarperCollins (paper) / September 1984. 12.
Home Leaders Royalty / Edward VII
Browse our most popular titlesfrom 1 to 25.
Edward VII
George Plumptre / Trafalgar Square / August 1997
Edwardian Shaw : The Writer and His Age
Leon Hugo / St Martins Pr (Short) / February 1999
Eminent Edwardians
Piers Brendon / Houghton Mifflin Co (Trd) / April 1980
The follies of King Edward VII
Allen Andrews / Lexington
Britain's Royal Family in the Twentieth Century : King Edward VII to Queen Elizabeth II
Donald Edgar / Outlet / January 1982
The life and times of Edward VII
Keith Middlemas / Weidenfeld and Nicolson
Rosa Lewis, an exceptional Edwardian
Anthony Masters / Weidenfeld and Nicolson
Edwardians in love
Anita Leslie / Arrow Books
St. John Hankin, Edwardian Mephistopheles
William H. Phillips / Fairleigh Dickinson University Press
Edwardian hey-days : or, A little about a lot of things
G. Cornwallis-West / EP Pub. Ltd. ; British Book Centre
Grandmama of Europe : The Crowned Descendants of Queen Victoria
Theo Aronson / HarperCollins (paper) / September 1984
Edward VII, a portrait
Christopher Hibbert / Allen Lane
The little victims play : an Edwardian childhood
Vera Ryder / R. Hale

3. - The Roman Empire - The Personal Life Of Julius Caesar
Includes Plutarch's biographies of Julius Caesar, Marius, Sulla, Crassus, Pompeyand Cicero. You are viewing http// World Royalty Europe Italy ... Rome > Caesar > Books About Caesar Search
Julius Caesar
Young Caesar
If you don't know much about Roman history, it may surprise you to learn that Julius Caesar was not born royal and it is debatable whether he should be called an emperor. But he set the stage for the restoration of Rome's monarchy and founded a family that ruled the empire for nearly 100 years. He was born around 100 BC and named Gaius Julius Caesar after his father, a low-ranking Roman official. Young Caesar's mother, Aurelia, was the daughter of a former consul. The family was not extremely wealthy or powerful, but they were well-connected members of Rome's aristocracy, the patrician class. Caesar was proud of his ancestry, claiming to be descended from both the legendary Roman king Ancus Marcius and the goddess Venus. Nonetheless, his family was identified with the popular or democratic party; his aunt Julia married the "new man" Gaius Marius, who had risen from a humble background to become a prominent politician and general. When Caesar was 15 or 16, his father died. At that time Rome was engaged in a civil war, and Caesar made it clear which side he was on by marrying Cornelia, daughter of the popular leader Cinna. The marriage did not turn out to be a good career move for Caesar in the long run. Cinna was murdered and his enemy Sulla seized control of the government. Sulla ordered Caesar to divorce Cornelia, but Caesar refused and went into hiding to avoid arrest. Eventually Sulla was persuaded to pardon the rebellious young man, but he warned his followers that Caesar would be the ruin of the patrician party.

4. Brigitte's Pages
Surname List. european royalty. Site Map. europe AZ. Art-istrocracy. biographies. Contemporaries. european Royals

5. - Alfred The Great, King Of The West Saxons
Alfred in his own words. Modern biographies. All rights reserved. Youare viewing http// World Royalty Europe England > Alfred the Great > Books About Alfred Documentary Search
Alfred the Great
Born around 849 A.D., Alfred was the youngest son of King Athelwolf of Wessex. Little is known of Alfred's early life, and much of what is believed about him comes from the writing of a bishop named Asser, although some modern historians have cast doubt on Asser's accuracy. According to tradition, Alfred was sent as a child to Rome, where the pope anointed him king, but modern historians do not believe this story. It is possible that Alfred accompanied his father on a pilgrimage to Rome, however. Alfred's mother was named Osburh, also spelled Osburga or Osberga. She died when Alfred was young, and his father remarried for political reasons. He angered his subjects by making his new wife, Judith, queen - something which was forbidden at the time because of the unpopularity of a previous queen named Eadburh. Alfred's father seems to have lost his throne due to this unpopular move. He abdicated in 855 and his eldest son, Athelbald, became king. In time Alfred's other two brothers also inherited the throne. After the death of the last surviving brother, Athelred, in 871, the Witan chose Alfred to be king (skipping over Athelred's sons, who were too young to rule). Despite a supposedly poor early education and health problems that persisted throughout his life, Alfred had become a great scholar and warrior. As king he repeatedly defeated invading

6. The World Of Royalty: Royal History
The history of royalty from around the world. royalty in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and europe. (UK). MacMillan Profiles Kings Queens by Judy Culligan. Educational biographies
Royal History
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7. The Educational Encyclopedia, Biographies
Royal and noble genealogy a genealogical work of reference rather thana historical one. Royal families in europe. royalty in history.
Resources Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia Glossaries ... Resources Biographies Alphabetical list General overview People search engines Royalty Royalty Belgische dynastie Belgische koninklijke familie in Dutch Belgische monarchie in Dutch Britain's monarchs British royals Chinese, Japanese, Indian emperors their rulers saw themselves as universal monarchs, thereby matching the pretentions of the Roman Emperors in the West Danish royal family Dukes of Lorraine, Counts of Holland, Stadholders and Kings of the Netherlands, the Kings of Belgium, and the Grand Dukes of Luxembourg Emperors of the Sangoku, the "Three Kingdoms," of India, China, & Japan European nobility ... Face to face with the Czars the Romanov Dynasty begins in 1613 and ends with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Explore Russia's rich history through the lives of some of its most famous leaders. Click on a date and meet face-to-face with the rulers of the House of Romanov German royal and nobility genealogy data Germany and the Stem Duchies Heraldica a site devoted to heraldry (the study of coats of arms) of all forms and in all places. Related topics: titles, nobility, knighthood, national emblems, royalty, heraldic, blazon, crest, titles, nobility, knighthood, knight, national emblems, royalty, araldica, blason, armoiries, heraldique

8. Dynamic Directory - Society - Genealogy - Royalty
Pas containing biographies, articles, links and substantial genealogical information. european royalty during World War of the royal houses of europe during a particular moment in
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Dynamic Directory Top Society Genealogy :Royalty Description See also: This category in other languages: Swedish
  • Almanach de Gotha - Publisher's information about the Almanach de Gotha publication (formerly often considered the most influential royal genealogical reference book ever produced). Re-launched in England 1998 following a break of fifty four years.
  • Balkan States Nobility Genealogy - Index of genealogies in the collection of T. F. Boettger for the noble families of the Balkan States (Greece, Constantinople, Albania, Roumania).
  • The British Monarchy: History of the Monarchy - Includes family trees of royal houses (in PDF format).
  • Burke's Peerage - Burke's Peerage specializes in publishing books on ancestry, aristocracy, history as well as many volumes on the aristocracy and imperial and royal families of the world.
  • Charlemagne´s Descendants - Publish your own genealogical lineage from Charlemagne.

9. Browsing Society And Culture People Royal Family Category
http// Kings and Queens Index A concise setof biographies of Britain's kings and queens, and some of their courtiers.
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Browsing: Society and Culture People Royal Family Top Regional Europe United Kingdom ... People Royal Family
Categories: Diana, Princess of Wales
Elizabeth II

Golden Jubilee

Reform of the Monarchy

Related Categories:
Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Government: Crown

Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Society and Culture: Issues: Monarchy
Society: Politics: Monarchy The British Monarchy The official UK monarchy website covers the monarch's role and the history of the monarchy; biographies of the Royal Family, tourist information for Royal estates and the Crown Jewels.

10. GenDir - Genealogy Directory: Royalty Category
Lloyd and Leo van de Pas containing biographies, articles, links european Royaltyduring World War II. and genealogies of the royal houses of europe during a
Gendir: The Free Genealogy Directory Free geneology search. Research your family tree, locate your ancestors, find geneology software and other geneology resources
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Websites for Royalty Royalty (General Resources)
Almanach de Gotha
Publisher's information about the Almanach de Gotha publication (formerly often considered the most influential royal genealogical reference book ever produced). Re-launched in England 1998 following a break of fifty four years. An Online Gotha by Paul Theroff The Online Gotha is envisioned as a "Who's Who" among European royal families, showing who the members are at present and in the recent past. Balkan States Nobility Genealogy Index of genealogies in the collection of T. F. Boettger for the noble families of the Balkan States (Greece, Constantinople, Albania, Roumania). Burke's Peerage Burke's Peerage specializes in publishing books on ancestry, aristocracy, history as well as many volumes on the aristocracy and imperial and royal families of the world.

11. Politics Royalty World royalty europe English royalty Tudors Henry VIII BooksAbout Henry VIII Movies biographies Books, Leaders Religious, Politics

12. - United States - New - Library - Society - Countries - Europe - Sweden
Fan of the lovely ladies of europe's royal families History http// Alley/2960/24.htmlRead biographies of King

13. Cyndi's List - Royalty & Nobility
Links to royal genealogy resources.Category Society Genealogy royalty...... about the royal families of europe in the Royal Pages Brigitte's Pages europeanroyalty and Nobility by the Monarchy european Monarchy biographies and other
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National Genealogical Society

Arlington, Virginia
Cyndi's List The BOOK!

2nd Edition
2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
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    General Resource Sites
    • Information on present and former sovereign families of non-European countries.
    • A royal genealogical reference book, published continuously from 1763-1944 and again in 1998.
    • A compendium of articles on a variety of subjects, mostly connected with Orders of Chivalry, European Royal Houses, and the European Nobility.
    • A site for all things heraldic, chivalric, genealogical, noble, royal or pertaining to knightly orders.
    • Links to Royalty (Malcolm III, Edward I), Peerage (Cavendish, HRH Diana Spencer's genealogy), landed gentry (Dickerson), Saints who were royal (St Margaret, etc), and Knights (Hugh de Payens, Sinclair), and genealogy relating to all.

14. Browsing & Curriculum Planning -
Science, Social Studies, biographies All, American History, Athletes, Hispanic Leaders,Italy, Middle East, royalty, Russia, europe - All, Eastern europe, England,

15. Browsing & Curriculum Planning -
Science, Social Studies, biographies All, American History, Athletes, ChronologicalHistory, England, europe, France, Germany, Middle East, royalty, Russia, royalty -All,

16. ® ... Regional:Europe:United_Kingdom:Society_and_Culture:People:Roya
the monarchy; biographies of the Royal Family, tourist information for Royal estatesand the Crown Jewels. The English Royal Family
Languages: Chinese Deutsch Español Français ... More... (~70 Languages) Welcome to... Flights Lodging Cars Cruises ... Web Directories (2.5 Million URLs) Search Countries: Africa Asia Caribbean Central America ... South America Special Deals Continental Airline Vacations Future Vacations Delta (Airline) Vacations Hot Deals ... Priceline - Disneyland Deals Travel Info Advisories (USA Gov't) ATM Locator Driving Directions Embassies ... Weather Travel Products Foreign Currencies (Buy) Insurance Luggage, Apparel, Adapters Publications ... Sporting Goods NEW! Messaging Forums - Don't be shy! Click on the Forums tab above to exchange travel info with users worldwide. NEW! Hotel Specials and Destination Guides Caribbean Florida Mexico Hawaii ... Diana,_Princess_of_Wales
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  • Ananova
    Up to the minute breaking news on the UK's Royal Family.
    BBC News: Our Monarchy: The Next Fifty Years
    Interactive website including background information, a quiz, articles, read audio of a debate on the future of the monarchy and other resources. Companion to the BBC special broadcast hosted by David Dimbelby.
    British Royalty
  • 17. Links: Other Royalty Pages
    and Royal Landmarks of europe Teen's royalty Terrence J. Boyle's royalty Theodore'sroyalty Monarchy Page Trenches on the Web biographies Verena's Royal
    Links: Other Royalty Pages
    Ahnen und Wappen Alexander der Grosse (356 - 323 v. Chr.) Alexander the Great. From History to Eternity All Over Press ... The Young Royals Reference Pages

    18. Peerage , Royalty, Orders Of Knighthood
    5 coloured plates of Insignia, biographies of Persons appointed to the Order, A History Statutes of 426 £21.00 The royalty, PEERAGE NOBILITY OF europe.
    ANSTIS, John (Garter Principal King of Arms). Observations Introductory to an Historical Essay upon the KNIGHTHOOD OF THE BATH. London 1725.
    ARONSON, Theo. GRANDMAMA OF EUROPE. The CROWNED DESCENDANTS OF QUEEN VICTORIA. (Book Club) 1974. xii + 353pp. Index. 32 illustrations. Slight foxing of edges otherwise very good, in slightly marked dust-wrapper. [3262] £21.00
    ASHMOLE, Elias (Windsor Herald at Arms).
    The BARONETAGE under Twenty-seven Sovereigns 1308-1910.
    BLORE, Edward.
    The BOOK OF THE RANKS AND DIGNITIES of British Society. BROOKE, Ralphe (Yorke Herauld). A CATALOGUE AND SUCCESSION OF THE KINGS, PRINCES, DUKES, MARQUESSES, EARLES AND VISCOUNTS of this Realme of England, since the Norman Conquest...with their Armes, Wives and Children, etc...with amendment of divers faults, committed by the Printer, in the time of the Authors sicknesse. 2nd edn. 1622. Folio. vi + 392pp. + Table (Moule cix). Many illustrations of Arms. Bound contemporary vellum, rebacked. Title page mounted. Lacks 341/4 (photocopies tucked in). Some worm holing in bottom margin otherwise good. Signature of Bryan Faussett 1769, Antiquary. Bookplate Henry Godfrey Faussett. [1513] £285.00 BUCHAN, John.

    19. Directory ::
    and Leo van de Pas containing biographies, articles, links european royalty duringWorld War II A site by genealogies of the royal houses of europe during a

    20. Royalty Information Sites
    includes family trees and sometimes biographies, portraits and Netty's royalty Page Netty Leistra's pages with Reigning Royal Houses in europe, Royal Houses Search
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