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         Biographies Royalty Middle East:     more books (56)
  1. Burke's Royal Families of the World: Africa and the Middle East v. 2 (Burke's series) (Vol 2)
  2. Lord of Arabia, King Saud: An Intimate Study of a King by Harold Courtenay Armstrong, 2001-11
  3. All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror by Stephen Kinzer, 2003-12-01
  4. King Hussein of Jordan: A Political Life by Nigel Ashton, 2008-09-16
  5. An Enduring Love: My Life with the Shah: A Memoir by Empress Farah Pahlavi, 2005-04-06
  6. The Prince: The Secret Story of the World's Most Intriguing Royal, Prince Bandar bin Sultan by William Simpson, 2008-03-01
  7. Saudi Babylon: Torture, Corruption and Cover-Up Inside the House of Saud by Mark Hollingsworth, Sandy Mitchell, 2006-11-01
  8. A Crisis of Identity: Israel and Zionism by Dan Segre, 1980-06-12
  9. The Royal Pawn of Venice by Lawrence Turnbull, 2010-03-07
  10. A Short History of Iraq: From 636 to the Present by Thabit Abdullah, 2003-10-10
  11. Kings of Afghanistan: Mohammed Zahir Shah, Mohammed Nadir Shah, Habibullah Kalakani, Inayatullah Khan
  12. A Leap of Faith: Memoir of an Unexpected Life by Queen of Jordan Noor, 2003-03-18
  13. The Last Khedive of Egypt: Memoirs of Abbas Hilmi II
  14. Xerxes - And The Invasion of Greece by Jacob Abbott, 2008-05-07

1. - The Royal Family Of Jordan - History, News, Books
Includes brief biographies of key leaders, information on Interview of King Abdullah(1999) middle east News Sites. Explore the World of royalty at World Royalty Middle East > Jordan > Jordan News Books About Jordan Videos Search
Royalty in Jordan
At the start of the 19th century, Jordan belonged to the Ottoman Empire . For a brief time after World War I, it was part of the kingdom of Syria. Then it fell under the rule of Great Britain and became Transjordan, with Abdullah bin Al-Hussein as its emir. In 1946 the country gained its independence and became the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with Abdullah as its first king. In 1951 Abdullah was assassinated by a Palestinian who resented him for political reasons. The assassin also fired at the king's grandson Hussein, but the bullet bounced off a medal Hussein was wearing over his heart. After Abdullah's death, Hussein's father Talal ascended the throne. He was soon declared unfit to rule because of mental incompetence, and in 1952 the 16-year-old Hussein was proclaimed king of Jordan. A respected voice for peace in the Middle East, King Hussein ruled until 1999, when he died and was succeeded by his eldest son, King Abdullah II.
The Life of King Hussein

2. Who’s Who In The Arab World 2001-2002
individuals from every sphere of activity royalty, politics, the diplomatic service, the military, Conference on the middle east. Index of biographies by profession and by

Edited by Publitec Publications in Co-Edition with K.G. Saur
15th thoroughly revised and completed edition 2000. 1056 pages.
ISBN 3-598-07689-4
People, Power and Prestige in the Middle East
- your source for reliable information
Part I: Biographical Section
This section sets out precise biographical details on some 6,000 eminent individuals from every sphere of activity: royalty, politics, the diplomatic service, the military, administration, science, legal professions, finance, arts, education, music, medicine, literature and the world of entertainment etc.
Part II: Surveys of the 19 Arab Countries
In this section you can find details on the Arab countries in a matter of seconds. It gives you a country-by-country breakdown of the following subjects: geography, history, constitution, economy and culture, containing information on:
  • head of state and political parties
  • universities and libraries
  • addresses of embassies and consulates
  • medical institutions
  • most important banks
  • trading organizations
  • transport facilities
  • media
  • cultural and tourist centres
Part III: Outline of the Arab World
  • the League of Arab States
  • the Maghreb
  • Arab Petroleum
  • the Suez Canal
  • Development of Arab Banks and Future Prospects
  • the Palestinian Problem
  • the Gulf Cooperation Council
  • the Peace Conference on the Middle East
Index of biographies by profession and by country

3. Arabesque Dance Company
. Reviews. biographies. Choreographies. Performances. Arabesque Dance Company States and the middle east, often performing for royalty and heads of...... Dance Company.
Your browser does not support scripts Arabesque Dance Company Description


Arabesque Dance Company
Artistic Director
and Choreographer

Yasmina Ramzy
Lead Dancers

Denise Mireau


Adriana Candeloro
... Lisanne Skeoch Orchestra Dr. George Sawa Amer Matri Nabeel Shehadeh Najwa Tannus ... Sebastian Gatto Composer Richard Feren Arabesque Dance Company is sponsored by: Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, and Laidlaw Foundation and is a member of Dance Ontario and the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists
Company History
Arabesque Dance Company has emerged as Canada's leading Middle Eastern dance ensemble, promoting an art form that is often misunderstood, and yet, has persevered through two thousand years of persecution. The company has performed across Canada, the United States and the Middle East, often performing for royalty and heads of state, winning over audiences and gaining critical acclaim throughout its travels. Originally called Rakisaat Arabesque, the company staged its first performance at the Robert Gill Theatre in Toronto, in November of 1988, showcasing talent emerging from Yasmina Ramzy's dance school, Arabesque Academy. Staging Middle Eastern dance, choreographed for large groups, in a theatre setting had never before been done in Toronto. Heading the company of some 21 dancers and seven musicians is Artistic Director Yasmina Ramzy, widely regarded as a highly innovative choreographer who constantly strives to present original works. A characteristic of Arabesque Dance Company is the positioning on-stage of the musicians who play such ancient instruments as the 78-string qanoon (harp), the oude (lute), as well as rababa (one-stringed violin), and dumbek (Middle Eastern drum). Leading them is Musical Director Dr. George Sawa, who heads the Centre for Studies in Middle Eastern Music, also based in Toronto.

4. Biography Collections: Regions
Lives, the Biography Resource, linking to thousands of biographyrelated sites including autobiographies, journals, letters, diaries, memoirs, biography collections, etc. Encyclopaedia of the Orient North Africa and the middle east Most of the biographies are of musicians (Mozart, Haydn, Brahms, Beethoven, HAWAII. Hawaiian royalty. HUNGARY. The
Regions (including hyphenated-Americans)
The Afghan Network
Biographies of Famous Afghans

Rulers of Afghanistan
Encyclopaedia of the Orient: North Africa and the Middle East
Alabama Department of Archives and History
Follow the links to History Online and Famous Alabamians.
Women in Alaska's History
Albanian Home Page
Antarctic Philatelic Home Page
This site is dedicated to the stamps, postal history and heroic explorers of the great white continent and its surrounding islands.
Arkansas Biographies project
'The following links are to biographies of people who were born in, lived in, or were associated with the State of Arkansas in some way..
The Armenian Genocide: Survivor and Eyewitness Accounts
Armenian Hall of Fame
Asians of the Century: A Tale of Titans

5. The World Of Royalty: Royal History
The history of royalty from around the world. east. King Hussein, man of peace; Israel's Royal History, and more about royalty in the middle east. Queens by Judy Culligan. Educational biographies for children ages 9 to 12.
Royal History
The World of Royalty has MOVED!
Click here
to visit the updated Royal History page
on my NEW site,
Or visit my new homepage at April 17, 1998.

6. - Royal History
Educational biographies for children ages 9 to 12. in the UK, check out British RoyaltyVideos instead. From Europe to the middle east, Thailand to Japan, this World Royalty > Royal History > Royalty Books Genealogy Royal Autographs Search

Royal History
The short life and mysterious death of King Tut , the story of Cleopatra ; the royal history of Ethiopia and the life of its last emperor ; royalty in Ghana Morocco , and Nubia ; and more about Royalty in Africa , past and present.
Did you know Hawaii is the only U.S. state that was once a kingdom with its own monarchy? Read about Hawaiian Royal History and learn more about Royalty in the Americas
The romantic history of The Taj Mahal ; the truth about Anna and the King of Siam ; and more about Royalty in Asia
Chinese Royal History
Learn about the First Emperor , who built the Great Wall and was buried with the famous army of terra-cotta warriors; Tzu Hsi , who rose from concubine to empress; the last emperor, P'u Yi ; and the rest of China's imperial history.
The turbulent life of Alexander the Great ; the Kings of Ancient Rome and the lives of Julius Caesar and other Roman emperors; Belgium 's royal history; Good King Wenceslas ; the horrifying story of The Real Prince Dracula ; the misadventures of Bonnie Prince Charlie ; the mystery of Anastasia and Anna Anderson ... and more about Royalty in Europe
British Royal History
English Royal History Boadicea Alfred the Great William the Conqueror ... Eleanor of Aquitaine ; the Tudors ; the Stuarts ; the Hanoverians , the madness of King George III , the scandalous behavior of Bad Queen Caroline , the lives of Queen Victoria and her family;

7. Browsing & Curriculum Planning -
Reference Careers, Science, Social Studies, biographies All, American History,Athletes, Hispanic Leaders, Italy, middle east, royalty, Russia, middle east - All,

8. Browsing & Curriculum Planning -
Science, Social Studies, biographies All, American History, Athletes, Authors, HispanicLeaders, Italy, middle east, royalty, Russia, Questions, call 800-843-3620.

9. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Leaders In World History (Biographies Of Historical L
Africa; Americas; Asia; Europe; middle east. COLLECTIONS An The Glass Bead Game'sBiographies; The Royal Palace comprehensive listing of world royalty;
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Leaders in World History

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  • 10. FIRM - Excerpted From John Cones' Book: Motion Picture Biographies
    was the middle east with 9 films biographies of those before the Renaissance are rare indeed (4 percent), and limited to charismatic biblical figures or Egyptian or Greek royalty."
    Excerpt from Motion Picture Biographies by John W. Cones Hollywood Biopics - Concluding Observations Analysis of this body of films, the Hollywood biopics, considers the geographic setting for such films, the occupations portrayed, time and sex biases, ideology, historical accuracy and the race, culture and ethnicity of the biopic subjects. In some instances, the conclusions of the author of the earlier work in this area (George Custin's Bio/Pics) are compared with those of the more contemporary study. In other instances, this later study places an emphasis on different issues which are critical in gaining an understanding of the Hollywood-based U.S. film industry. GeographyAs Custen points out, "[i]n their projection of biography onto a world map, Hollywood created a distorted view of accomplishment that sustained an image of history that . . . made it appear that entire domains of achievement had been invented by Americans . . . " Custen's study of biopics, which only surveyed the genre through the middle of the century, reveals that "[t]wo-thirds of all biopics are either about Americans or set in America . . . " and "[a]fter the United States, Europe appears to be the center of the biographical universe, with 22 percent of films set there." As Custen pointed out for his study, if " . . . the American and European totals (are combined) . . . 89 percent of all famous people are either American or European . . . Asia and Africa account for only 3 percent of all biopics (in Custen's study) . . . "

    11. Hall Kids Fiction - Kids Books, Explore The World, Biographies, People And Place
    Mexico; middle east; Other; Polar Regions; United States. biographies; Boys Men;Careers; Explore the World; Stories. Multilingual; Religions; royalty; Social Issues;
    Browse Biographies Books Browse Explore the World Books Browse Children's Books

    12. Biography & Autobiography : Royalty
    Art biographies Memoirs Business Investing Children's Books Subjects Biography Autobiography royalty. Use in PaperMaking in the middle east by Icon
    Search By: Keyword Title Author ISBN This Subject Only

    Children's Books

    Christian Books

    Subjects : Royalty
    You may browse this category by title or by publication date
    4084 titles
    (showing 1-20) "By South Cadbury Is That Camelot ..." the Excavation of Cadbury Castle 1966-1970
    by Leslie Alcock
    Hardcover - January 1972
    "Property" and the Making of the International System

    by Kurt Burch
    Hardcover - January 1998
    List price: $49.95 by Robert B. Partridge (Contribution by) Hardcover - December 1998 List price: $34.95 Lowest price on 03/31/2003: $31.35 by Robert B. Partridge (Contribution by) Paperback - December 1998 List price: $24.95 Lowest price on 04/01/2003: $21.92 I Peter by Ernest Best Paperback - January 1971 List price: $14.95 100 Chinese Emperors by Lu Yanguang (Illustrated by), Wang Xuewen (Translated by), Wang Yanxi (Translated by) Hardcover - January 1996 List price: $19.95 Lowest price on 03/30/2003: $19.95 100 Great Kings, Queens and Rules by Outlet Staff Hardcover - January 1985 List price: $7.99 100 World Leaders Who Changed the World Hardcover - January 2003 Lowest price on 03/26/2003: $24.03

    13. Biography & Autobiography : Royalty
    Art biographies Memoirs Business Investing Children's Complete Idiot's Guideto British royalty by Richard Political Leaders of the middle east by Edward
    Search By: Keyword Title Author ISBN This Subject Only

    Children's Books

    Christian Books

    Subjects : Royalty
    You may browse this category by title or by publication date
    4084 titles
    (showing 461-480)
    by Clifford D. Conner
    Hardcover - October 2001
    List price: $29.95
    Colonel Samuel Bagshawe and the Army of George the Second : 1731-1762

    by Alan J. Guy (Edited by)
    Hardcover - February 1993 List price: $66.00 Colonial Policy of William Third in America and West Indies by George H. Guttridge Hardcover - January 1966 List price: $37.50 by David Marshak Paperback - September 1997 List price: $29.95 A Companion to Early Twentieth-Century Britain by Chris Wrigley (Edited by) Hardcover - January 2003 List price: $124.95 A Companion to Malory by Elizabeth Archibald (Edited by), A. S. Edwards (Edited by) Hardcover - October 1997 List price: $63.00 A Companion to Malory by Elizabeth Archibald (Edited by), A. S. Edwards (Edited by) Paperback - November 1999 - Reprint List price: $29.95 A Comparative Discourse of Bodies Natural and Politique : A Defence of the Right of Kings by Edward Forset Hardcover - January 1968 - Reprint List price: $70.00

    14. - United States - New - Library - Humanities - History - Genealogy & He
    Find member biographies and links to essays. of nobility from Africa, the middle east,and much of Russia http//

    15. Yasmina Ramzy's Biography
    biographies Yasmina Ramzy Dancers Orchestra Composer and Canada, often performingfor royalty and heads of singer invited her to the middle east as his
    Your browser does not support scripts Arabesque Dance Company Description



    Biographies: Dancers Orchestra Composer
    Yasmina Ramzy
    Curriculum Vitae Choreography
    Yasmina Ramzy has been performing, teaching and choreographing Middle Eastern dance since 1981. She has toured extensively throughout Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, England, Mexico, the United States and Canada, often performing for royalty and heads of state. She began her training at the National Ballet School of Canada, focusing her efforts on ballet, classical guitar, ancient Egyptian studies and Tibetan Buddhism. Upon being introduced to Middle Eastern dance and music, she became enchanted by the beauty of the movement and music, and began immediately to explore her newfound passion. Middle Eastern dance soon began to take up most of Yasmina's time, and when a Lebanese singer invited her to the Middle East as his support act, she readily accepted. With her mother as chaperone, Yasmina explored the land by which she was fascinated. She throughly absorbed the music and culture, studying with leading artists such as Mohamed Khalil, director of the National Folklore Troupe of Egypt, and Ida Nour. Upon returning home, she engaged her first students and founded

    16. Global Connections . A Meeting Of World Leaders | PBS
    Politics From royalty to Democracy http//www.pbs of US foreign policies and actionsin the middle east? Internet Resources biographies of the middle east http
    Connecting Questions Nation-States Lesson Plans
    Learning objectives
    Students will gain an understanding of some of the background, motivation, and philosophy that shape political strategies proposed by world leaders to address the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Students will learn that there is a complexity of issues and viewpoints to be considered.
    Grade level


    NCSS standards

    Time estimate

    Two to three 45-minute sessions, with homework
    • Part 1: Introduction, choose world leader, research assignment Part 2: Prepare and deliver presentations Part 2: "Meeting" of world leaders

    What you'll need (see Resources for links)
    Lesson Plan Part 1
    • The class will read and discuss the article "Palestine, Israel, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Primer." Working alone or in small groups, have students choose a leader from the list provided. The list is divided into six groups, each with four leaders. Each group is organized by its location and/or political tendencies. Either make sure that all the leaders are covered or that there is at least some representation from each group or "faction."
    • Moderate Palestinians
      • Yasser Arafat, leader of

    17. Biography Page - Dame Edna: The Royal Tour
    EDNA ON TOUR THE ROYAL TOUR PROGRAM - biographies. Her hobbies are counseling royalty,addressing gender issues and in the Far and middle east, and recorded
    Tour Box Office Press Hot Flash ... Program Biographies Gallery Gladioli Contacts Links ... Members
    - PROGRAM -


    DAME EDNA EVERAGE Dame Edna Everage is probably the most popular and gifted woman in the world today. Housewife, investigative journalist, social anthropologist, talk show host, swami, children's book illustrator, megastar, spin doctor and icon. With Dame Judith Anderson, Zoë Caldwell and Nicole Kidman, she is one of a remarkable succession of female stars to emerge from Australia.
    During the 1970s Dame Edna's success in Australia was repeated in Britain with London stage shows including Housewife Superstar and A Night with Dame Edna . Subsequently, she has performed at London's Royal Albert Hall and at the prestigious Theatre Royal Drury Lane and the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Television credits include two critically acclaimed UK specials, "An Audience with Dame Edna" and "Another Audience with Dame Edna." She has also hosted two series of her own innovative chat show, "The Dame Edna Experience," where her past guests have included Jane Fonda, Charlton Heston, Liza Minnelli, Sean Connery, and Mel Gibson. Most recently, the Broadway production of

    18. Bibliology, The Online Book Fair For Antiquarian And Collectable Books, The Onli
    Books Limited Near and middle east books Julian Forensic, Kennedy Assassination,Kennedy Family biographies. weapons and history), fist editions, royalty.
    Bibliology respects the relationship between booksellers and their clients and will not impose any surcharges or commissions.
    Bibliology's subscribers include:
    Annie P
    RARE, OUT-OF-PRINT and HARD-TO-FIND book titles.
    John Adye
    Abbey Antiquarian Books
    Early illustrated, children's book and pop-ups
    Myrna Roberts
    Acacia Books
    Modern First Editions. Biography. Adrian Harrington Adrian Harrington Rare Books Literature, modern first editions and bound library sets. Voyages and travel, atlases, colourplate and illustrated books. Children's books, fore edge paintings and fine and rare books in all fields. We also offer a full bookbinding service. Mike Seton Alba Books Michael Smith Albion Books Crime, Mystery and Detective Fiction, Baroness Orczy, Jeffrey Farnol, Travel and Topography, Billy Bunter, Georgette Heyer All At Sea Books Nautical Books, Whales and Whaling, Shipping, Naval, Passenger Ships, Logs, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Ports, Australian Maritime History. Rosalie Gancie Alphaville Books Kurt Gippert Americas Antiquarium - Kurt Gippert Anthony C. Hall

    19. Biographies: Dave Brubeck
    In his long career, Dave Brubeck has performed for British royalty, a pope tours,including several for the State Department in the middle east and eastern
    This biography is from AllAboutJazz , original location: Dave Brubeck A milestone in Brubeck's career was his appearance in 1959 with the New York Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstein. After three performances, they recorded Dialogues for Jazz Combo and Orchestra, a piece composed by Dave's brother, Howard. A pioneer in combining jazz with symphony orchestras, Brubeck continued to appear as composer-performer in concerts of his choral compositions and as soloist with orchestras. New Wine, a concert with the Montreal Jazz Festival Orchestra, was recorded and released by MusicMasters. The London Symphony Orchestra honored his fifty-plus years as a jazz performer with an all-Brubeck program performed by Stephane Grappelli, four Brubeck sons, and the Dave Brubeck Quartet. When Pope John Paul II visited the United States in 1987, Brubeck composed special music and participated in its performance at the Papal Mass in Candlestick Park, San Francisco. In his long career, Dave Brubeck has performed for British royalty, a pope, kings, presidents and heads of state. The Dave Brubeck Quartet toured the U. S., Europe, Canada and Japan with the Murray Louis Dance Co., a unique collaboration of America's indigenous art forms jazz and modern dance. World tours, including several for the State Department in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, have made jazzman Dave Brubeck one of America's foremost good-will ambassadors. The Quartet's repertoire has been influenced by the ethnic music they have heard on their travels.

    20. SCOTPIX Scottish Links For Research And Reference Purposes
    Links for research and reference, plus links for newspaper and media.Category Regional Europe Scotland Guides and Directories...... royalty UK (Official); Monarchy / royalty World. RETURN Last Words; Author biographies;Searchable Quotes; US) Internatonal LinksUS; middle east Crisis - (Israel

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