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         Birding:     more books (100)
  1. Sibley's Birding Basics by David Allen Sibley, 2002-10-01
  2. Global Birding: Traveling the World in Search of Birds by Les Beletsky, 2010-09-21
  3. Birding Northern California by John Kemper, 1999-03-01
  4. Birding by Ear: Eastern and Central North America (Peterson Field Guides(R)) by Richard K. Walton, Robert W. Lawson, 2002-04-04
  5. Fifty Places to Go Birding Before You Die: Birding Experts Share The World's Greatest Destinations by Chris Santella, 2007-11-01
  6. Birding Florida: Over 200 Prime Birding Sites at 54 Locations (Birding Series) by Brian Rapoza, 2007-08-01
  7. A Peterson Field Guide to Advanced Birding: Birding Challenges and How to Approach Them by Kenn Kaufman, 1999-03-01
  8. Birding On Borrowed Time by Phoebe Snetsinger, 2003-06-01
  9. All Things Reconsidered: My Birding Adventures by Roger Tory Peterson, 2007-11-14
  10. National Geographic Birding Essentials by Jonathan Alderfer, Jon L. Dunn, 2007-10-30
  11. Birding Texas by Roland H. Wauer, 1998-05-01
  12. Finding Birds on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail: Houston, Galveston, and the Upper Texas Coast (Gulf Coast Books, sponsored by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi) by Ted L. Eubanks Jr., Robert A. Behrstock, et all 2008-04-02
  13. Best-Ever Backyard Birding Tips: Hundreds of Easy Ways to Attract the Birds You Love to Watch (Rodale Organic Gardening Books) by Deborah L. Martin, Editors of Rodale Garden Books, 2008-07-22
  14. Zen Birding by David M. White, Susan M. Guyette, 2010-11-16

1. Birding In The USA And Around The World!
Photos, songs, birding hot spots, checklists, links, and advice for new and backyard birders.Category Recreation helps bird watchers discover the top birding spots aroundthe world. Bird songs and bird photos are here.
KEYWORDS" CONTENT="birding hot spots, birding locations, where to bird, birding sites, view birds, birdwatching, bird identification, birding, identification, checklist, birders, life list, listing, wild birds, nature, natural history, sport, recreation, exercise, optics, binoculars, scopes, telescopes, eggs, field guides, birds, bird"> Welcome to birding's biggest and best resource
Are you a new birder that wants to learn more about the birds at your backyard feeder
Going somewhere on a vacation and want to know where the best birding spots are?
Are you looking for information on birding software binoculars or books
What to see a list of Bird Records ...biggest, fastest, smallest? Need help identifying a bird
Are you a birding club looking for the ultimate fund-raiser This is it! Contents This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

2. Birding On The Web
Download free checklists of wild birds in each state, national park, and many countries around the world. Also includes scientific information. as binoculars and scopes, bird feeders and Birdfriendly coffee. birding is the most extensive section of this site.
A Birder's Dream! If you love wild birds and birdwatching, you just hit the motherlode! New photos, quizzes and bird songs appear almost daily! Rare bird alerts, scientific discoveries, checklists of birds . . . it is all here! Which seeds will attract the most birds? I found a baby bird; what should I do now? Where can I go birding to see a Colima Warbler? Are there any magazines or clubs just for birders? We can show you the answer to these and thousands of other questions. Learn from each other, too. Each of the four main areas of BIRDER has its own Chat group.

3. Where Do You Want To Go Birding Today?
Information about birds and birding around the world. Endemic and specialty bird information for many countries; photographs and links to checklists.
Website Trivia
This website contains information on birding in 203 countries, 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada, and all 50 US states plus Washington, D.C. 279 photographers and organizations have provided permission to showcase their work on this site. The site contains images of over 3,420 bird species. According to Xenu Link Checker, there are 9,136 links on this site. About 2,200 birders per day are visiting the site, accessing over 130,000 pages per month.
Birding Hotspots Around
the World
Our birds are in real trouble!
Click here
to find out more!
The links on this site go directly to information on specific birding hotspots around the world, local site guides, etc. Although these links can't replace knowing a fellow birder in the location you're going, they can certainly help! These pages hold photos of bird specialities from each specific location. These photos are . Please contact the photographers to use any of these photos. Things to Look For
If you can't identify the bird, just pause your
cursor on the photo for the species name.

4. Birding
birding. Watching wild birds is fun. Find out about rare birds in your area. Downloadlists of the top birding spots in North American and around the world.
Birding Watching wild birds is fun. Some birders travel the world to add another "lifer" to their list. Others enjoy watching the birds at feeders in their yard. Birders of all skill levels and areas of interest will find something of value. Checklists for all the states and provinces are here for free! Find out about rare birds in your area. Download lists of the top birding spots in North American and around the world. Newer birders can find dozens of helpful hits and tips for getting started. Read the Birder's Code of Ethics. Backyard birders can find answers to their questions about injured birds, attracting birds and dealing with pesky squirrels. You will also want to read about all the organizations that you can join to learn more about birds and conservation of birding habitat. Links to other Bird Pages
The Animal Diversity Web
Birding on the Web
Electronic Resources on Ornithology
Bird links with icons References
Index to Winging It articles
Bibliography - History of Ornithology
BIRDNET - The Ornithological Information Source Questions or comments?

5. American Birding Association: We're About Birds, Birding, Birders
Aims to enhance birders' skill and enjoyment through newsletters, conferences, and conservation efforts. With guide to birding publications.

Birding Store
Join Donate Publications ... Birder Resources
The American Birding Association
aims to inspire all people to enjoy and protect wild birds. About ABA
Go to.... About ABA ABA News ABA Mission ABA Code of Ethics Who's Who Membership/Subscriptions
Go to.... Join or renew Membership benefits Membership categories Membership FAQs Century Club NAB subscription Publications
Go to.... General Birding North American Birds Birdfinding Guides Winging It A Bird's-Eye View ABA Checklist ABA Big Day/List Report Opportunities for Birders Conservation Programs
Go to.... Conservation Projects Birders Exchange Shade-grown Coffee Birding Festivals Birding Economics Birding Trails The Birder Conservationist Volunteer Opps Coalition Efforts Education Programs
Go to.... Education Projects Past, Present, Future Inst for Field Ornithology Birdathon Activities Young Birder News Young Birder Workshop Young Birder of the Year Young Birder Scholarships Young Birder Camps A Bird's-Eye View Birder Resources
Go to.... Net Connections RBA Reports Birding Tours Events Calendar Festivals Directory Song Bird Coffee Birding Links Partners in Flight NORAC Intl Migratory Bird Day

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6. BirdSource
Designed and managed by the National Audubon Society and Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology to promote conservation and environmental learning. Includes many projects harnessing the power of individual birders to provide widescale data.
home contact us
Report and track birds online - Any place, any time! Christmas Bird Count Sign up for the Christmas Bird Count.
Project FeederWatch
Participate in Project FeederWatch during the winter 2002-2003 season!
The Great Backyard Bird Count BirdSource Projects
Choose a project BirdCast Irruptive Bird Survey Montana LBMP Movements of Bird Populations Autumn Hawk Watch Winter Finch Survey Warbler Watch Broad-winged Hawk Survey Christmas Bird Count Project FeederWatch Great Backyard Bird Count GBBC 2000 Results Classroom FeederWatch

7. Dutch Birding Association - The Site For Birdwatchers And Twitchers
News, Dutch birding journal, photo gallery, birds sounds, listers' rankings, and a bulletin board.Category Recreation birding Europe Netherlands......The Dutch birding website is about birds and birdwatching in the Netherlands. DeDutch birding website gaat over vogels en vogelen in Nederland.
Welcome to the homepage of the Dutch Birding Association (DBA)
You do not have JavaScript support in your browser. To have the best results visiting this site it is recommended to turn JavaScript support on or update your browser to a higher version. Visit the help page for recommended browsers.
Otherwise click here for visiting the DBA website without JavaScript and with a simple layout.

8. Backyard Birding
Comprehensive site on gardening and feeding birds and creating wildlife habitats in your yard.Category Home Gardens Specialized Techniques Wildlife Bird...... The basics information at this site from the Fish Wildlife Service and elsewhereon backyard birding. We keep track of visits to Backyard birding pages.
Welcome to the Backyard Birding Page, a service of the Baltimore Bird Club . If you need to know how and what to feed the birds, or how large to make the entry hole on a bluebird box, or which shrubs and flowers to plant in order to attract birds, you've come to the right place. There are also yardlists and journals from backyard birders, and links to other web sites of interest.

9. Birding In Namibia
Information on good locations to do bird watching.
Namibia, with its wide variety of habitats, ranging from extreme desert to thorntree savanna to subtropical riverine and swamp habitats, understandably has a lot to offer in the way of birds, and, with a well developed network of roads, most of the region is easily accessible. Setting down at Windhoek international airport in the morning, one is instantly transported into birding holiday mode by a swirling cloud of Bradfield's Swifts, feverishly hawking the insects attracted by the airport's bright lights during the past night. Bradfield's Swift is one of the many species of birds found only in the southwestern arid region of Africa. Namibia's political boundaries straddle the greater part of this arid region, which extends into the northern Cape province of South Africa, and the southwestern corner of Angola. Of some 680, mostly African, species of birds one can see in Namibia, nearly 100 species are unique to this arid region. With a well-planned itinerary, one can see many, if not most, of these birds in a relatively short time, as well as an impressive number of other African animal and bird specialities, in an environment which leaves one breathless with awe and amazement. Travelling by car from Windhoek to Walvis Bay on the coast, one crosses the Khomas Hochland, a rugged mountainous area with majestic views and some dizzily high passes; Mountain Chats and Palewinged Starlings abound, and one has to be careful not to collide with flocks of Guineafowl crossing the road. Rock Kestrels, Blackbreasted Snake and Martial Eagles dominate the telephone poles along the road, and male Redcrested Korhaans perform their striking territorial display; flying up high into the sky, then dropping like stones to just above the ground.

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11. - The Best Birding Web Sites Siskin Egret's '4
Top 25 birding Web Sites 1st Quarter 2003. Siskin and Egret's 4 WingsUp Award Presented to the following birding Web Sites by Top 25 Birding Web Sites
2nd Quarter - 2003 Siskin and Egret's "4 Wings Up" Award
Presented to the following Birding Web Sites by Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
The Bird Identification InfoCenter is a fantastic resource on its own. The other information found at this site is incredible! Find Breeding Bird Survey Results as well as Migratory Bird data. This U.S. Department of the Interior site almost makes you feel good about paying your Federal taxes! FatBirder
Lots of sites are trying to become the "Ultimate" birding web site. In Europe the clear leader is FatBirder. The country links are extremely good thanks to a stable of birders that contribute local knowledge. Cornell Lab of Ornithology
The Cornell Lab is home to the largest collection of bird songs in the world. See results of "Citizen Science" programs like Project Feederwatch, the Great Backyard Bird Count, the House Finch Disease Survey and Project Pigeonwatch. More advanced birders help with studies like the Golden-winged Warbler Atlas Project. Bird Studies Canada Bird Links to the World
Over 5,000 links to birding web sites around the world. Enough said!

12. Key Birding Areas In Northern Australia
Birdwatching Tours/Safaris in Northern Australia from the tropical rainforests on the east coast to the inland arid outback, to mangroves and monsoon forests in the north.
Northern Australian Tours Kirrama Wildlife Tours operates in Northern Australia, from the tropical rainforests on the east coast to the inland arid outback, to mangroves and monsoon forests in the north.
Kirrama Wildlife Tours P.O. Box 1400, Innisfail, Queensland, 4860, Australia
Phone: (07) 4065 5181 Fax: (07) 4065 5197
International Phone: 61 7 40655 181
International Fax: 61 7 40655 197

Graphically Speaking

13. GORP - Birding
birding in the US and around the world, including travel operators, books, birding guides, regional resources, and clubs. Our birding and wildlife expert answers your questions.
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Trail Finder
Club Finder Top 10s Outfitters ... Wallpaper Search:

Lightweight Hiking

Top 40 Wild U.S. Rivers

Special Issue: Exotic Vacations

Everest Exclusive
ANWR Gallery
Fly away from home and find a birding spot in GORP's regional birding guide
Expert Answers
Our birding and wildlife expert answers your questions. Great Escapes Find your birding getaway in our regional guide. Skills From focusing on a swallow to finding a condor. Visions Spend some time looking at glorious shots. Wildlife and Birding Vacations Top Picks - From far flung to close-to-home, some of our favorites. Birding Trips - For those who want to revel in the avian. Eco Cruises - Combine the relaxation of life on board with the thrill of seeing wildlife. GORP Birding Expert Read Sam's Expert Answers From archive: Can birds smell?

14. The Birding Home
Logs of birders' observations from around the world.Category Recreation birding...... Welcome to the birding Database, a global collection of birding reports. Keep yourbirding log on the birding Database it's easy, and always available.
BirdWatcher Of All Times: Danny Montag Reported Observations! Personal log:
Database Stats:
reports, by
Welcome to the Birding Database, a global collection of birding reports.
Bird Watcher's Log
Keep your birding log on the Birding Database: it's easy, and always available. Share your observations with other watchers in your personalized Personal Log. (See instructions below.)
* Our Birding Database currently lists sightings, reported by dedicated bird-watchers!
Our Mission
The Birding Database was built by Guardians of the Environment to collect information for environmental activity and scientific research.
We need your help
The Birding Database is an experimental service, still under development. Please help us with comments and suggestions. Recent Sightings! Time Species Watcher Location 2003, Mar 31, 11:00 Booted Eagle
Hieraaetus pennatus
Josef Kiat Israel, Ayalon valley 2003, Mar 31, 11:00 Steppe Eagle
Aquila nipalensis
Josef Kiat Israel, Ayalon valley 2003, Mar 31, 11:00 Common Buzzard
Buteo buteo
Josef Kiat Israel

15. Homepage Banner Top_frame
Newsletter for understanding bird behavior in North America and Australia, with sample articles.

16. GORP - Birding
Articles, guides to sites throughout the world, species information, resources, and links of interest to birders.
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Trail Finder
Club Finder Top 10s Outfitters ... Wallpaper Search:

Lightweight Hiking

Top 40 Wild U.S. Rivers

Special Issue: Exotic Vacations

Everest Exclusive
ANWR Gallery
Fly away from home and find a birding spot in GORP's regional birding guide
Expert Answers
Our birding and wildlife expert answers your questions. Great Escapes Find your birding getaway in our regional guide. Skills From focusing on a swallow to finding a condor. Visions Spend some time looking at glorious shots. Wildlife and Birding Vacations Top Picks - From far flung to close-to-home, some of our favorites. Birding Trips - For those who want to revel in the avian. Eco Cruises - Combine the relaxation of life on board with the thrill of seeing wildlife. GORP Birding Expert Read Sam's Expert Answers From archive: Can birds smell?

17. Birdingonthe.Net
Recent messages of birding email groups, rare bird alerts, artwork, checklists, news, and links.Category Recreation birding......birdingonthe.Net birding for the 21st Century. 03/01/03 Back from birding.with pictures to support the claim that all birds are common somewhere.
Birding for the 21st Century
Mailing Lists

List Archives Index

Rare Bird Alerts


Species Lists

North America Middle and South America ... Search Google HotBirds GoogleImages WeatherMonster GoogleNews NYTimesBooks Bartleby Amazon-Books Amazon-Records for Droppings: 03/26/03 African Birding Club Bulletin An early candidate for published bird photo of the year is this one of Sokoke Scops Owls, Otus ireneae , which appears on the back cover of the most recent issue (March 2003) of The Bulletin of the African Bird Club. Consider a membership in the club if you have any interest in African birds and/or birding. Look here for details. 03/22/03 Dan Hegarty New Jersey's Birdman Watching from the Sandy Hook peninsula, Dan Hegarty is the New Jersey Audubon Society's only paid counter stationed there. The New York Times reports , a local copy of the story is here 03/19/03 New Lars Jonnson from Princeton Press The new Princeton Press Ornithology catalog arrived this week. There are lots of

18. Birding In Cincinnati
Presents overview of the Cincinnati Bird Club, birdwatching locations, newsletter, and event calendar.

Calendar Sightings Message Board ... New on the Web Site
Birding in Cincinnati
Although it's not a prime destination for traveling birders, Cincinnati provides plenty of interesting birding opportunities. This web site is intended to help both local and visiting birders find birds in this area. But this web site is not just for birders, it is also written by birders. Although I've set up the framework for the site, much of the content has been written by others. The sightings log and the message board depend almost entirely on your input. And a number of entire pages have been contributed by others. I hope you enjoy your visit here on the web site; and I hope you enjoy exploring the Cincinnati area looking for birds. Comments? Suggestions?
Let me know!
Ned Keller, This page was last updated on
Saturday, March 30, 2002.
Thanks for visiting!

19. Birding Tours/Bird Watching & Nature Tours & Guides At Focus Tours
birding tours and environmentally responsible travel in South America.
If you are interested in seeing and learning about wildlife and natural history, Focus Tours can help you get the tour you are looking for. Douglas B. Trent, Focus Tours' President, is an ecologist who lived in Brazil for over 11 years. He started Focus Tours in 1981 with the goal of using tourism for environmental education and to raise funds for conservation work. While living in Brazil, he guided around 200 days a year in various parts of Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay. Together with the experience of his wife and business partner Nancy, and our other two guides, we easily have operated more nature and birding tours in these areas than any of our competitors. For the majority of our over 20 years of operating nature and birding tours, we have acted as the ground (inbound) operator for American and European nature and birding tours companies. We are now able to offer our services directly to the public. This means you can take the same birding tours, with the same guides, often for substantially less expense. We are also able to offer you tours on your schedule , and design them to meet your specific needs. English-speaking naturalists guide all of our birding tours. They carry the equipment that will make a difference in how much you see: a spotting telescope, tape recorder and microphone to bring rare animals into view, and a powerful spotlight for night viewing. In addition, we provide checklists of the birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians of each area we tour, with common English and Latin names. These help tour participants not just keep track, but also learn the animals they see.

20. Birding Birdwatching And Wild Birds At About
Articles and extensive links.Category Recreation birding......birding Information for people who watch wild birds. I can help you findwhat you need to know about birding/Wild Birds. birding/Wild Birds.
zfp=-1 About Birding/Wild Birds Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
Birding/Wild Birds
with Christine Tarski
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects BUYER'S GUIDE Before You Buy
Top Picks

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... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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In The Spotlight Fri, Apr 4, 2003
Make a Log Bird Bath

Make a simple birdbath for your backyard using an old log. More: Hummer Plants - 75+ of hummingbird favorites! More: Birding Forum - Log in as a guest or join FREE! Ultimate Backyard Birds Directory Do you watch birds, want to identify bird, build your own bird feeders, baths, drippers or bird houses? Need information on what to feed birds or attract more birds? Here is the answer to all of your questions with over a hundred different topics! More: Butterflies! - Info, garden plans, build houses, more! More: Build Feeders - Lots of fun ways to make feeders. Complete Guide to Birdhouses Which birds use houses, how many to put up, measurements and specs, free plans, help birds make nests, keep predators out, and more!

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