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         Botany Publications:     more books (100)
  1. California Serpentines: Flora, Vegetation, Geology, Soils, and Management Problems (University of California Publications in Botany) by Arthur R. Kruckeberg, 1985-04-12
  2. Catalogue of the Benthic Marine Algae of the Indian Ocean (University of California Publications in Botany) by Paul C. Silva, Philip W. Basson, et all 1996-09-22
  3. Taxonomic Study of Ranunculus Hispidus Complex in the Western Hemisphere (University of California publications in botany ; v. 77) by Thomas Duncan, 1980-09
  4. A bibliography of Wisconsin vegetation, (Milwaukee Public Museum. Publications in botany) by H. C Greene, 1955
  5. Morphology and Infrageneric Relationships of the Genus Jatropha (Euphorbiaceae) (University of California publications in botany) by Bijan Dehgan, Grady Webster, 1979
  6. Systematics of the genus Monochaetum (Melastomataceae) in Mexico and Central America (University of California publications in botany) by Frank Almeda, 1978
  7. The St. John's-Worts of Canada (Guttiferae) (Publications in botany) by John M Gillett, 1981
  8. Anatomical studies of flower and fruit in the Hydrocotyloideae (Umbelliferae) (University of California publications in botany, v. 42) by Charles C Tseng, 1967
  9. Systematic anatomical studies on Myrrhidendron and other woody Umbellales (University of California publications in botany) by Rafael Lucas Rodriguez, 1957
  10. Systematics of the Neotropical Species of Thlypteris Section Cyclosorus (University of California publications in botany, v. 59) by Alan R. Smith, 1971-12
  11. Peristome of Fissidens Limbatus Sullivant (University of California publications in botany, v. 63) by Dale M.J. Mueller, 1973-12
  12. New Rhodophyceae from the Pacific coast of North America (University of California publications in botany) by Nathaniel Lyon Gardner, 1927
  13. Land of Chamise and Pines: Historical Accounts and Current Status of Northern Baja California's Vegetation (University of California Publications in Botany) by Richard A. Minnich, Ernesto Franco Vizcaino, 1998-11-04
  14. Economic Botany (Bot.Science Publications) by A. F. Hill, 1952-06

1. Society For Economic Botany Review BooksBOOKS NEEDING REVIEWERS FOR ECONOMIC BOT
The Botany department curates a world class collection of 1.3 million plant specimens including 13 000 types and many historical collections. botany publications. News. Publications on the PH Collections
NB: The following list MAY NOT be completely up to date. Also, not all of the entries have been examined to see if they are appropriate for review in the journal. If in doubt, ASK FOR THE BOOK! Azam-Ali, S. N. and G. R. Squire. 2002. Principles of Tropical Agronomy. CABI Publishing, 10 E 40th Street, Suit 3203,, New York, NY 10016. Brown, P. M. 2002. Wild Orchids of Florida. With References to the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains. University Press of Florida, 15 NW 15th Street, Gainesville, FL 32611-2079. Cheek, M. and M. Jebb (2001). Flora Malesiana - Series 1. Seed Plants. Nepenthaceae. Leiden, The Netherlands, National Herbarium of the Netherlands, Leiden University branch, Publications Department, P.O. Box 9514 Dauncey, E. A. 2002. Poisonous Plants and Fungi of Britain and Ireland on CD-ROM. RBG Kew Enterprises, Ltd., Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AB, United Kingdom. Dore, M. H. I., Ed. 2001. Climate Change and Forest Management in the Western Hemisphere. Food Products Press, an imprint of the Haworth Press, Inc., 10 Alice Street, Binghamton, New York 13904-1580; URL:

2. Botany Publications
PC Zietsman, selected publications. ZIETSMAN, PC BOTHA, FC 1987. Seed germinationof Z. mucronata subsp. mucronata. S. Afr. J. Bot. 53341344.
P.C. Zietsman, selected publications
Z. mucronata subsp. mucronata . S. Afr. J. Bot. 53:341-344.
Z. mucronata subsp. mucronata (Rhamnaceae). S. Afr. J Bot. 55:564-573.
ZIETSMAN, P.C. 1990. Pollination of Z. mucronata subsp. mucronata (Rhamnaceae). S. Afr. J. Bot. 56:350-355
Oleandra distenta , the first recorded for the Orange Free State. Bothalia 21:65-66.
ZIETSMAN, P.C. 1991. Pollination biology of Grewia occidentalis (Tiliaceae). S. Afr. J. Bot. 57:348-351.
Ziziphus mucronata subsp. mucronata (Rhamnaceae): Anthesis, pollination and protein synthesis. Bot. Bull. Academia Sinica 33:33-42.
ZIETSMAN, P.C. 1993. Pollination biology of Pelargonium dolomiticum Knuth (Geraniaceae). S. Afr. J. Bot. 59:259-264.
ZIETSMAN, P.C. 1994. Autogamy in Sesamum triphyllum Welw. Ex Ashers. var. triphyllum (Pedaliaceae). Navors. Nas. Mus., Bloemfontein. 10:633-646.
Brunsvigia sp. (Amaryllidaceae) at Thaba Bosiu, western Lesotho. S.A. Jnl. Science 90: 611-612.
ZIETSMAN, P.C. 1998. Pollination Biology of Cotyledon orbiculata L. var.

3. Science: Biology: Botany: Publications
Information on Science, Biology, Botany, Publications and much more Treasure Coast Health
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Science: Biology: Botany: Publications
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4. Systematic Botany Publications 1995
Publications from Systematic Botany. 1995 Andersson, E. 1995. Agerelatedmorphological differtentiation among populations of Dactylorhiza
Publications from Systematic Botany Andersson, E. 1995. Age-related morphological differtentiation among populations of Dactylorhiza traunsteineri (Orchidaceae) in eastern Sweden. Nordic Journal of Botany 15: 127-137. Bremer, K. 1995. Branch support and tree stability. Cladistics 10: 295-304. Bremer, K. 1995. Ancestral areas: optimization and probability. Systematic Biology 44: 256-260. Gustafsson, M. H. G. 1995. Petal venation in the Asterales and related orders. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 118: 1-17. Hedberg, O. 1995. Cladistics in taxonomic botany - master or servant? Taxon 44: 3-11. Hedberg, O . 1995. Studies in the genus Polycarpaea (Caryophyllaceae) in Ethiopia. Nordic Journal of Botany 15: 513-517. Holm, L. 1995. Elias Fries - mycologist. Mycologist 9: 62-66. Holm, L. 1995. Fries as ascomycetologist. Symbolae Botanicae Upsalienses 30: 21-24. Nordin, A. 1995. The identity of Buellia nubila . Lichenologist 27: 235-236. Pak, J.-H., and Bremer, K. 1995. Phylogeny and reclassification of the genus Lapsana (Asteraceae- Lactuceae). Taxon 44: 13-21. Pettersson, B. 1995. Orchidaceae. In: M. Thulin (red.), Flora of Somalia 4: 70-76.

5. Botany Publications Indexing, Botanical Indexing
Botany. Anne Brennan ConTEXT Communications 1820 Bridgetown Pike Feasterville,Pennsylvania 19053 Telephone 215364-1835 Web site
Anne Brennan
ConTEXT Communications
1820 Bridgetown Pike
Feasterville, Pennsylvania 19053
Telephone: 215-364-1835
Web site:
Formats: back-of-the-book, databases, images, journals, technical manuals, web sites
Building upon my formal education in horticulture over the past 10 years, I've expanded my expertise in botanical and environmental topics to include historical, design and healing aspects of gardens in addition to the more practical subjects of agricultural production and plant physiology. I draw upon this background, as well as my indexing and proofreading expertise in a variety of subject areas and production environments, to produce the most useful and appropriate index within the constraints of each project.
Lina B. Burton
P.O. Box 373
Aldie, Virginia 20105-0373 Telephone: 703-327-4299 Fax: 703-327-4419 Formats: back-of-the-book, catalogs Subjects: horticultural and horticulture-related materials, including botany; aspects of gardening and landscape design; crafts and household, including floral arts, cooking, sewing; and home improvement; and related subjects. Languages: botanical Latin (via Stern's tome!)

6. BOTANY PUBLICATIONS 1999 By David Kent, Miller Library
botany publications 1999 by David Kent, Miller Library. 1. Countryliving gardener gardener's Latin. (1999). New York Hearst Books.

7. WebGuest - Open Directory : Science : Biology : Botany : Publications
the entire directory. Top Science Biology botany publications (42). Journals(41). See also Science Biology Publications (46).
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8. MedWebPlus Subject Biology Botany Publications
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9. Listings Of The World Science Biology Botany Publications
This category is for websites dealing with botanythemed books, magazines, journals,and other publications. Search, Complete Directory.

10. Listings Of The World Science Biology Botany Publications
Related. Science/Agriculture/Publications/Journals (38) Science/Biology/Botany/Plant_Pathology/Publications/Journals(24) Science/Biology/Botany/Plant_Physiology

11. Harvard University Herbaria - Collections
Publications. Farlow Reference Library of Cryptogamic botany publicationsFarlowia A Journal of Cryptogamic Botany Libraries; Occasional
P u b l i c a t i o n s Farlow Reference Library of Cryptogamic Botany Publications
  • Farlowia: A Journal of Cryptogamic Botany Libraries Occasional Papers of the Farlow Herbarium Publication Seperates
Contributions of the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University Harvard Papers in Botany Harvard Papers in Botany
was initiated in 1989 to consolidate the following journals published by the Harvard University Herbaria:
  • Botanical Museum Leaflets Harvard University (volumes 130, 19321986) Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University N.S. (Numbers 1-214, 18911984) Occasional Papers of the Farlow Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany (Number 119, 19691987)
Harvard Papers in Botany also includes the Journal of the Arnold Arboretum starting with number 8 (first semester of 1996), as well as manuscripts generated by the Generic Flora of the Southeastern US (previously published by the Journal of the Arnold Arboretum and later as a supplement of this publication). We intend to publish original contributions in mycology and botany, particularly in systematic and economic botany and related areas. It is open to all those who wish to contribute. We are planning to produce regularly two issues per year (published in June and December), not discounting the possibility of extending it to four issues per year. Fourteen issues have been produced from May 1989 to December 1998, each priced individually [1 (46 pages): $8; 2 (76 pages): $8.50; 3 (77 pages): out of print; 4 (87 pages): $13; 5 (91 pages): $10.75; 6 (127 pages): $22; 7 (72 pages): $19.50; 8 (70 pages): $20; 9 (120 pages): $24; 10 (141 pages): $27; volume 2, number 1 (123 pages): $29; volume 2, number 2: $29 (136 pp.); volume 3 number 1: $28 (112 pp.); volume 3, number 2: $41 (217 pp.); prices do not include international postage].

Farlow Reference Library of Cryptogamic botany publications List.How to Order Farlow Publications 1. Please indicate the items


Farlow Reference Library
of Cryptogamic Botany
Publications List How to Order Farlow Publications:
Please indicate the items you wish by including the publication number, author, title, and volume (if appropriate) of each item.
Indicate the number of copies of each item requested.
Mail your order to
Botany Libraries / Harvard University Herbaria / 22 Divinity Avenue / Cambridge, MA 02138 / Attn: Publications You can also e-mail your order in to 4. Please do not send payment with your order. Supplies are limited and you will be billed accordingly when the materials are shipped. Farlowia: A Journal of Cryptogamic Botany Volumes 1-4, 1943-1955. Four numbers per volume. Cost:
  • $5.00 per number, includes shipping and handling. Minimum order of 3 items. $60.00 for the complete set, includes shipping and handling.
Please indicate the volume and year of each item you wish to purchase. Occasional Papers of the Farlow Herbarium Number 1-19, 1969-1987 Cost:
  • $5.00 per volume or number, includes shipping and handling. Minimum order of 3 items.

13. Wholesale Products And Drop Shipping Information! Science Biology Botany Publica
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14. LookSmart - Botany Publications
American Journal of Botany Browse research papers and abstracts from the archives. BotanicaMarina Publishes research papers regarding marine botany.

15. Browsing Science Biology Botany Publications Category
Browse Science Biology botany publications Top Science Biology Botany Publications. Categories Journals.

16. Marine Botany At The University Of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
Marine botany publications. Stevens, CL, Hurd CL and Smith MJ Field measurementof the dynamics of the bull kelp Durvillaea antarctica (Chamisso) Heriot.
About Botany Courses Facilities Research ... Links Related Links New Zealand Teachers' Science Helpline Division of Sciences
Marine Botany Publications
Stevens, CL, Hurd C.L. and Smith M.J. Field measurement of the dynamics of the bull kelp Durvillaea antarctica (Chamisso) Heriot. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 3805: in press (2002) Burritt, DJ, Larkindale, J. and Hurd, C.L. Antioxidant metabolism during long-term desiccation of the intertidal red seaweed Stictosiphonia arbuscula. Planta (2002) In press. Harrison, P.J. and Hurd, C.L. Nutrient physiology of seaweeds: application of concepts to aquaculture. Cahir Biologie Marine, 42: 71-82 (2001) Stevens, C.L., Hurd, C.L. and Smith, M.J. Water motion relative to subtidal kelp fronds. Limnology and Oceanography. 46: 89-99 (2001) Hurd, C.L. Water motion, marine macroalgal ecophysiology and production. Journal of Phycology, 36: 453-472 (2000). Forrest, B.M., Brown, S.N., Taylor, M.D., Hurd, C.L., Hay, C.H. Dispersal mechanisms of Undaria pinnatifida and predictions of its spread in New Zealand. Phycologia, 39: 547-553 (2000) Hurd C.L., Durante, K.M., Harrison, P.J. Influence of bryozoan colonisation on the physiology of the kelp Macrocystis integrifolia (Laminariales, Phaeophyta) from nitrogen-rich and -poor sites in Barkley Sound, British Columbia, Canada. Phycologia 39 (5): 345-440 (2000)

17. SEB UK Chapter Newsletter
The UK chapter of this society which fosters research and education on the uses of plants.Category Regional Europe Agriculture Horticulture Research...... SEB Home Page the home page of our parent body and its journal, Economic Botany;New Economic botany publications books needing reviewers for Economic Botany;
Society for Economic Botany -
UK Chapter
Upcoming event
Annual General Meeting, talks and tours: Brenan Suite, Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Monday 27 January, 2003. Starting at 10.45 am.
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Talks: From Julin to Yunnan – collecting herbs in China (Chris Leon), Nodes and nutrition: SEPASAL in Africa (Steve Davis), Mummy wheat and other "miracle" crops: modern perspectives on the germination of ancient seeds (Mark Nesbitt), Medicinal plants used in SE Sulawesi (Andrew Powling)
  • Behind the scenes tours of Kew
There is no charge for attendance, but please let Hew Prendergast know if you plan to come ( Non-members interested in learning more about the work of the SEB are welcome.
Resources - UK Chapter

Contents of PRACE BOTANICZNE series


Acta Biologica Cracoviensia, series Botanica
For many years, the Editor-in Chief was Professor Jan Korna¶ Ph.D., and since 1994 - Ms. Anna Stengl, Ph.D. The Institute of Botany also publishes scientific reports and manuals for students on an irregular basis as Varia. Among other publications, three Atlases of the distribution of vascular plants in Poland were published, prepared by the Computer Chorology Laboratory of the Institute of Botany. For many years, the Institute of Botany has also hosted, in its Department of Plant Cytology and Embryology, the editorial board of impact factor journal Acta Biologica Cracoviensia, seria Botanica, published by the Krakow Chapter of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Editor-in-Chief of this journal is Ms. El¿bieta Kuta D.Sc.
Anna STENGL Editor
Ma³gorzata MATYJASZKIEWICZ Editorial Assistant
Editorial Council

Zbigniew DZWONKO, Ma³gorzata MATYJASZKIEWICZ, Maria OLECH, Anna STENGL, Adam ZAJ¡C (president), Alicja ZEMANEK, Bogdan ZEMANEK

19. ASPT Publications - Web Accessfront Page For Query On ASPT Title/abstract File I
To read, search, or print publications in the portable document format

20. MNHN's Scientific Publications
Three research journals and four collections of monographs in botany, Earth sciences, zoology, biodiversity management, human sciences and history of science. Some tables of contents, abstracts and recent papers are available online.




Patrimoine Naturel


Faune de Madagascar
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Scientific Publications Version
200 years of scientific publications
The Annales were established in 1802 a steady output of scientific journals and monographs has been maintained. three research journals (for which papers published since the beginning of 2000 are available in their whole in PDF format) and six collections of monographs in botany, Earth sciences, zoology, biodiversity management, human sciences and history of science. These can be obtained by purchase or exchange. one-shot titles and distributes extinct series Order Contact us Search

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