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         British Cooking:     more books (100)
  1. The Cooking of the British Isles (Foods of the World Series) (Time-Life Books) by Adrian Bailey, 1973
  2. Traditional British Cooking by Audrey Ellis, 1986-10
  3. Best of British Cooking by Masterchef, 1999-01-07
  4. The best of British cooking by Marika Hanbury Tenison, 1976
  5. Mrs.Beeton's Best of British Home Cooking by Mrs. Beeton, 1997-11-19
  6. Best of British Cooking by Marika Hanbury- Tenison, 1981-11-05
  7. British and Irish Country Cooking by Tony Schmaeling, 1985-05
  8. A heritage of British cooking by Maggie Black, 1978
  9. Traditional British Cooking by Hilaire Walden, 2000-01-01
  10. Cooking with Shakespeare (Feasting with Fiction) by Mark Morton, Andrew Coppolino, 2008-03-30
  11. British and Irish Cooking: Traditional Dishes Prepared in a Modern Way (Round the world cooking library)
  12. English Country Cooking at Its Best by Caroline Conran, 1985-11-12
  13. Food & Cooking in Eighteenth-Century Britain (Food & cooking in Britain) by Jennifer Stead, 1996-11-01
  14. Cooking With the Two Fat Ladies by Jennifer Paterson, Clarissa Dickson Wright, 1998-02

41. Bill Pearson's Links To The Best Of British Food And Cooking
Food n Drink Restaurant guide, recipes, tips and much more. Helen's InternetBook of british cooking Excellent site of British recipies and more.
Food and Recipes
Order Chocolate Therapy from Amazon
Food Producers Recipes (general) Christmas Recipes ... My own recipes Food Producers About Food
It is the UK’s largest directory of fine food producers and retailers Alcumlow Hall
Farm Shop and wholesale supplier of turkey, chicken, geese and duck to hotels, pubs, inns, restaurants, retailers and other farm shops. Situated near Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire. Ansteys of Worcester
Traditional cheesemakers and other fine foods Belton Cheese
Belton Cheese are an independant cheese dairy in the heart of the Cheshire cheese making country
Whitby baker who sells on-line H S Bourne
The Bourne family have been hand-making fine Cheshire cheese since 1930. Carmichael Estate Farm Meats
The Carmichael farm lands are upland farm units in southern Scotland producing traditional meat products from hill grass-fed stock and conserved home-grown feed. No hormone implants, growth promoters or other artificial feed additives are used. Caws Cenarth Cheese
The longest established Welsh Farmhouse Caerphilly cheese makers in Wales Chatsworth Farm Shop
The Duchess of Devonshire established the Chatsworth Farm Shop in 1977 as an outlet for the estate's beef and lamb. Since then it has grown to become a recognised leader in speciality foods from British producers.

42. Alphamusic - British Cooking
Translate this page Montag, den 10. Februar 2003. Patten, Marguerite british cooking Century OfBuch GRUB STREET VÖ-Datum 4/2001 Bestell-Nr. 1-902304-69-1 22.10 EUR.
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43. Hub-UK Food, Cookery And Recipe Links
Helen's british cooking Site Welcome to Helen's Internet Book ofbritish cooking. This site contains hundreds of recipes, tips
Home Great Food Ideas Recipes Tallyrand' Cuisine ... Contact Us Notify me of recipe updates Name: e-Mail:
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This is Food Links Page 1
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As a Scottish mother of six, Fiona Bird (who lives in Kirrimuir, Scotland. Fiona was the winner of Scottish Masterchef and a finalist in the overall UK Masterchef) she is very keen to encourage more children to cook and has started an initiative for children called Stirrin' Stuff click here Stirrin' Stuff click here Hub -UK would highly recommend the site ChefTalk , whether you are a professional or just a keen amateur. Described by

44. British Cuisine At SoHo, Central, Hongkong, Restaurant, Wine
The concept of Modern british cooking surprised more than a few peoplewhen we introduced it to Hong Kong. For many it conjured

45. Browsing Home Cooking World Cuisines European British Isles
Browse Home Cooking World Cuisines European British Isles Helen's Internet Book ofbritish cooking Includes an impressive collection of traditional puddings.

46. Webbieworld Search Engine, Award Site, Webbie Awards - Hobby
Helen's british cooking Site This site is devoted to sharing the glories of Britishfood and cooking Helen Watson Recipes and articles are added on a monthly

47. Britcook
Helen's british cooking Site British cookery is sometimes regarded as a sourceof fun but actually it ranks with the best cuisines in the world.
page précédente
La Cuisine anglo-saxonne
Tout sur la nourriture en Grande Bretagne et ailleurs...
Helen's British Cooking Site "British cookery is sometimes regarded as a source of fun but actually it ranks with the best cuisines in the world. British cooking, however, is not just traditional 'Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding'. It reflects and incorporates something from all the cultures and countries Britain has had contact with throughout her long history..." A great site with recipes, photos and articles. One of the best sites about British "cuisine". Good for Language Activities Traditional English Dishes - Foods and Drinks of England Another great page from the Woodlands Junior School which will be of great use to you and your pupils when studying mealtimes and eating habits in GB
A Brief Introduction to British Food Introductory text that can easily be used with students although it has a rather dated view of British life;

48. Recipes | Food  | Drink | Cooking | Food Ideas | Kids Recipes | Snacks
Company Big Customer Service; British Recipes Best of british cooking;Camra Excellent Site for the Beer Buff Case Value Discover
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). TM Get UK
  • Recipe Monster The Monster of all recipe sites, over 100,000 Searchable recipes, Feature packed Free service, Search by Up to 4 ingredients or keywords, An Excellent online cooking resource. zChocolate world-wide express shipping by DHL, world champion chocolatiers Lunched Lunched food - the most lip smacking recipes on line, Easy to Follow Recipes, An Outstanding Web Site. 1st Choice Hampers All Recipes American Based Site an A to Zee of Recipes Annie Bakes Aussie Recipes! Fair Dinkum! Huge Site of Australian Delights! Asian Foods Asian Cooking Ingredients Back of the Box Brand Name Recipes, All in One Easy to Use Site! Bare Ingredients Easy to Follow Recipes BBQ Great BBQ Recipes for when the Sun Pops Out BBQ Bible An Essential Guide to Barbeques Boswells Cookshop Quality Cookware Online Small Company Big Customer Service British Recipes Best of British Cooking Camra Excellent Site for the Beer Buff...
  • 49. The Ultimate Directory Of Cooking Sites: Ethnic
    Helen's british cooking Site This site contains hundreds of recipes,tips and magazine articles about every aspect of british cooking.

    HOME PAGE Beverages Bread ... FEEDBACK
    I was asked, "How do you know if something belongs under Ethnic Recipes?" I decide by the definition of Ethnic which according to the American Heritage Dictionary is: Of or relating to sizable groups of people sharing a common and distinctive racial, national, religious, linguistic, or culture heritage.
    Amma's Indian Recipes

    A small but nice collection of Indian recipes.
    American-Friendly Filipino Recipes

    Why is this called "American-Friendly"? The reasoning for this is that I know of many Americans (and non-Americans) who refuse to eat any ingredients that they might find "strange". That includes pork intestines, banana hearts, or strange tropical fruit. This section will ensure the picky eater that they will not need these ingredients in any of these dishes.

    A goal of THE ARTISAN is to help visitors cook great Italian meals, and to do it with a minimum of fuss. This is a wonderful site full of Italian recipes. I plan to keep my eye on this site, the layout is also nicely done.
    Chinese Cooking and Recipes

    A nice site containing lots of information about Chinese cooking, they also have several recipes. I find the site hard to get around but if you have the time to spend, there are some nice resource here.

    50. Washingtonian Online - Food & Wine
    Granted, a sort of general dreariness pervaded british cooking longafter wartime rationing had ended. But in the past decade, London
    Stars of London
    By Thomas Head Executive wine and food editor Thomas Head ate at ten London restaurants in three days. He didn't eat breakfast. Film, fashion, and food are the three big F's in London. Nobody balks at acknowledging British accomplishments in film and fashion, but for some reason London's image as a culinary disaster area has been harder to shake. Granted, a sort of general dreariness pervaded British cooking long after wartime rationing had ended. But in the past decade, London has become one of the bestand most expensivefood cities in the world. Modern British cooking, like Modern American cooking, re-creates classic regional dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients. European peasant food and traditional British comfort food are popular. Mediterranean and Asian influences are strong. London has always been a center of the wine trade. Bruce Poole of Chez Bruce contends that "the best wine lists in the world are in London." People in the United Kingdom now drink more wine than beer. London's dining scene, with more than 6,000 restaurants representing the cuisines of more than 60 countries, is booming. London has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any city but Paris.

    51. British Recipes
    Helens Internet Book of british cooking One of the best recipe sites to be foundonline, she also has conversions. Recipe Resource- British recipe page.
    All India Site Large collection of curry recipe sites. Best British Food - Wide variety of British recipes. British-American Cooking Terms - Where to find the different names each country has for foods. Death by Curry Wide assortment of curry recipes. Helens Internet Book of British Cooking One of the best recipe sites to be found online, she also has conversions. Recipe Resource - British recipe page. A Slice of Britian - Monthly recipe. SOAR Large collection of British recipes on this site. SOAR List of curry recipes. Taste of UK Primarily recipes for scones, tea loaves, cakes, and pastry items. Bits n Bobs City Sites - UK Expats Foods ... Home Last Updated: 19 November 2001
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    52. :: View Topic - SoHo SoHo - Pioneering Modern British Cooking In
    SoHo SoHo Pioneering Modern british cooking in Hong Kong. No hire charge.SoHo SoHo - Pioneering Modern british cooking in Hong Kong since 1998.

    53. Garage And Beat!
    british cooking RECORDS COMPANY!! GAB ISSUE 7 6 5 4, british cooking.GAB ISSUE 3 2 1 CDR. GAB! 7 - Brand spanking new issue.
    WELCOME TO GARAGE AND BEAT MAGAZINE AND THE HOME OF... BRITISH COOKING RECORDS COMPANY!! GAB ISSUE #8 #6 #5 #4 BRITISH COOKING GAB! #8 - Brand spanking new issue. 56 pages of rockin with the Easybeats, Pinkz, Shakes, Zodiac Killers, Downliner Sect, Teenacide Records, Cheap Chick and more. Groovy Baby! (Issue #7 is SOLD OUT) GAB! #6 - The Monks, The Creation, the Lemon Drops, Andy Babiuk , The Chesterfield Kings and Jeff "Punk Rock" Martin of The Surf Trio. Tages, Brute Force, and more! Out NOW!: Debut releases from (Cheeseburger's British "cousins") and The Tuffies HEY!! Dig the latest Garage and Beat! feature: Bastardized Love Is Panels Holy cow! The Love Is section was updated! Yeah, I do it from time to time. Stay tuned. It will be updated, but not on a weekly basis as originally promised. But where else can you find bastardized versions of your all time favorite cartoon strip? GAB! #3 - Tim Livingston of Sundazed Records, Ian ("You Turn me On") Whitcomb, Dave Arnson of the Insect Surfers, the Hollies as well as the usual spate of reviews. GAB! #2 - Mooney Suzuki, Invisible Men, Barry Tashian of the Remains, Musick Records, Seeds, Zombies and scads of reviews.

    54. Times Online
    Then, you can tell me whether it is good or bad. Alan Zelt, USA. A As I repliedto another question there is no such thing as british cooking.,,989-38234,00.html
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    SPECIAL REPORTS Working Parents Investor's Centre Outsourcing Special NI_AD('BottomLeft'); Guest contributors January 31, 2001 Jonathan Meades Q: Faced with the firing squad in the morning, what would be your last supper? E Kant (address withheld) A: A cyanide capsule - critical reason suggests that such a death is surer and swifter that that inflicted by a load of squaddies. Q: You choose a very eclectic collection of eating establishments to review. How do you choose them - deliberate intent or circumstance? Ben Harvey, Hemel Hempstead, England A: Both. In another life I make films. Since the summer of 89 I've spent more than 100 weeks in British provincial hotels, more often than not in places where there is no restaurant which anyone would consider going to as a specific destination. This has, I guess, given me a reasonably thorough, if frequently regretted, insight into what the restauaration of these islands is really like. In London I evidently have much greater choice. I tend - and I quite appreciate that it may seem unlikely - not to go to places I think I'll dislike.

    55. Food And Drink
    Helen's british cooking Site. Helen's internet book of british cookingcontains hundreds of recipes, tips and articles about British food.
    David Smith's marvellous curry site tells you how to make restaurant style curries at home. Balti, Korma, Madras etc. Also recipes for side dishes, regional curries and chutney. U.K. restaurant guide too. Cookie Recipes
    Over 1300 recipes from the home of the cookie. Choose from cookie recipe of the day, recipe roulette, this week's top ten cookie recipes or use the quick search for cookie, cake, pie or bread recipes too. Conversion chart for UK weights and measurements. Get that oven on! Skarrup's Fudges
    Recipes for lots of fudge recipes including traditional and easy methods. Fantasia fudges, lunatic fudges, famous and faux recipes, making the perfect fudge and unusual fudge recipes. Also other sweet and candy recipes, cookies and kid's crafts. You are about to become very popular!
    Helen's British Cooking Site

    Helen's internet book of British cooking contains hundreds of recipes, tips and articles about British food. Click on Cookbook to find recipes for Cornish pasties, bubble and squeak, corned beef hash, toad in the hole, Welsh rarebit, Brown Betty, luxurious bread and butter pudding, Dorset cream toast, traditional porridge, tartan trifle, spotted dick and many more mouthwatering morsels, plus foodie quotations, complete menus and conversion charts.
    British/Irish Recipes

    From the master index of almost 1000 British/Irish recipes gathered by your guide from sources all over the wonderful web. You will find a good selection of starters and snacks, soups, salads, meat, seafood and vegetarian recipes plus lots of baked goods, puddings and desserts.

    56. Master Chef 2001 - Host
    My mission in life is to make british cooking among the best, if notthe best, that can be found anywhere in the world, explains Gary.
    Our Host
    Meet the MasterChef USA Host: Gary Rhodes Your first impression on watching Gary Rhodes as he hosts MasterChef , is, "what's with his hair?" Sticking straight up from the top of his head it gives one the distinct impression of a 1970's punk-rocker. But then you notice his intensity about food. "My mission in life is to make British cooking among the best, if not the best, that can be found anywhere in the world," explains Gary. "I'm looking at British classics and trying to put them on a new plane, with more refinement and more exact flavors. I hope that among my recipes we'll find a new 'classic', a dish that will be cooked and talked about for years to come." Certainly Gary's food has had almost all the British food critics "talking" over the past ten years. His "modern take" on British classics has garnered two Michelin stars - one at the Castle Hotel in Tanton, Somerset, and another at The Greenhouse. He has also received the prestigious CATEY Special Award, the catering industry's equivalent to the Oscars, for helping to revive British cookery and for his total dedication to the industry. He is currently the proud owner of a new restaurant, city rhodes, just off London's Fleet Street. But in Britain, Gary's fame to "the average bloke" on the street comes from hosting five, very popular, television series, including a cooking series for children based on Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes. Some of his best British television work, driving the roads of Britain in his favorite Ferrari sports car, can be seen on the American PBS series, Great Food. Spontaneous, charming and always enthusiastic about his food, Gary caught the eye of Executive Producer, Elizabeth Brock, who asked him to join the

    57. Books / Cooking, Food & Wine / Regional & International / European / British
    Food and Drink John Ferro Sims (Photographer), Lady Claire MacDonald / Paperback/ Published 1996 9. Great british cooking A WellKept Secret Jane Garmey
    Books European / British
    Browse our most popular books titlesfrom 1 to 33.
    Cooking With the Two Fat Ladies
    Jennifer Paterson, et al / Hardcover / Published 1998
    Anne Chotzinoff Grossman, et al / Hardcover / Published 1997
    The Great Tea Rooms of Britain
    Bruce Richardson (Photographer), John Gentry (Photographer) / Hardcover / Published 1997
    Dining With Sherlock Holmes : A Baker Street Cookbook Ships in 2-3 days
    Julia Carlson Rosenblatt, Frederic H. Sonnenschmidt / Paperback / Published 1990
    Irish Isle : New Irish Cuisine, Traditional Irish Music
    Sharon O'Connor / Hardcover / Published 1996
    Seven Centuries of English Cooking : A Collection of Recipes
    Maxime De LA Falaise, Arabella Boxer (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1992
    Classic Irish Recipes
    Georgina Campbell, Marlene Ekman / Paperback / Published 1997
    Lady MacDonald's Scotland : The Best of Scottish Food and Drink
    John Ferro Sims (Photographer), Lady Claire MacDonald / Paperback / Published 1996
    Great British Cooking : A Well-Kept Secret
    Jane Garmey / Paperback / Published 1992
    The Festive Food of Ireland
    Darina Allen, Sally Maltby (Illustrator) / Hardcover / Published 1993

    58. British Recipes And Cooking Books From
    British Recipes Cooking Books. british cooking is sometimes regarded as asource of fun but actually it ranks with the best cuisine's in the world.
    Gourmet Food Plaza
    A selection of British Recipes, and Cooking'll find it all in our Recipe pages
    Gourmet Food Gourmet Gift Baskets Wine Kitchenware ... On Sale
    British Cooking is sometimes regarded as a source of fun but actually it ranks with the best cuisine's in the world.
    Some of the best modern chefs are British, and their cooking has inspired many culinary traditions around the world. These recipes reflect the rich tradition of British cooking in its broadest sense
    Cooking Books British Recipes Cooking Books Welsh Rarebit Lancashire Hot Pot Cooking With the Two Fat Ladies Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding ... On Sale
    All products offered have a convenient, Secure Online Ordering System.
    For Gourmet Food Product Info or Customer Service you can Email us at

    59. Conference Center
    Prev topic Next topic Help Topic 64 of 75 british cooking. Trouble is itis very difficult to define just what is british cooking these days.
    Topic 64 of 75: British Cooking
    Mon, May 22, 2000 (15:28) MarciaH
    Tired of hearing one of the most digestable cuisines in the world? Delicious and wholesome, here are tempting this to tease your palate.
    46 new of 46 responses total. Topic 64 of 75 [food]: British Cooking Response 1 of 46: Marcia ( MarciaH Mon, May 22, 2000 (15:30) * 47 lines British Cooking Tip of the Day - Clootie Dumpling - A V
    Clootie Dumpling - A Very Old Traditional Scottish Recipe
    CLOOT is the old Scottish name for a CLOTH. The following
    dish is still made today. Mixing should be done by hand.
    Dry ingredients:
    -175g butter
    -1 teaspoon baking soda
    -350g plain flour
    -1 teaspoon powdered cinnamon -100g sugar -1 teaspoon powdered ginger Other ingredients: -225g currants -1 tablespoon syrup -450g sultanas -2 beaten eggs -1 tablespoon black treacle -enough milk to keep the mixture stiff Method: -Put all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix very well, making sure the spices are well blended. -Rub in the butter until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. At this point, add the currants and sultanas

    60. Listings Of The World Home Cooking World Cuisines European
    http// Added Nov-25-02; Helen's InternetBook of british cooking Post Review Includes an impressive collection of

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