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         British Literature Arthurian:     more books (83)
  1. Return of King Arthur British and American Arthurian Literature since 1800 (Arthurian Studies) by Elisabeth Brewer, 1983-09-08
  2. The Arthurian Legend in British Literature by Elliot Engel, 1988
  3. Word and Image in Arthurian Literature: The Arthurian Yearbook (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities)
  4. A Companion to Arthurian Literature (Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture)
  5. The Arthur of the English: The Arthurian Legend in English Life and Literature (University of Wales Press - Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages)
  6. Legend of Arthur in British and American Literature (Twayne's English Authors Series) by Jennifer R. Goodman, 1988-04
  7. Holy Grail: The Galahad Quest in the Arthurian Literature by Arthur Edward Waite, 1993-02-24
  8. King Arthur in America (Arthurian Studies) by Alan Lupack, Barbara Tepa Lupack, 2001-11-08
  9. The Return of King Arthur: The Legend Through Victorian Eyes by Debra N. Mancoff, 1995-09
  10. Arthurian Legend in Italian Literature by Edmund G. Gardner, 2003-06-05
  11. Arthurian Writers: A Biographical Encyclopedia
  12. New Directions in Arthurian Studies
  13. Arthurian Romance: A Short Introduction (Blackwell Introductions to Literature) by Derek Pearsall, 2003-04-29
  14. Reinventing King Arthur: The Arthurian Legends In Victorian Culture (Nineteenth Century Series) by Inga Bryden, 2005-04

1. English Literature On The Web
English literature on the Web Richard Redgrave, The Poor Teacher (1843), Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead It would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know about any useful sites related to English literature. Bradley Shoop's Booker Pages. british Comparative literature Association. british Periodicals at Medieval (Voice of the Shuttle). arthurian Studies. arthurian Links Elsewhere
E nglish L iterature on the W eb General
British Authors

E-text Archives

20th Century
American Authors
Richard Redgrave, The Poor Teacher
Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead
It would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know about any useful sites related to English Literature. Please e-mail me at This page has been accessed times since the counter was put in on 1 July 1996. ( Web-Counter Last updated: 10 January 2003.

2. Arthurian Literature: Daily Schedule
Topic in literature arthurian literature. TTh 1230145, Grubbs 312 the Green Knight in their basic british literature survey course.
Index Requirements Papers Visuals ... Resources
English 555-02 Topic in Literature: Arthurian Literature
TTh 12:30-1:45, Grubbs 312
Instructor: Dr. K. Nichols
Daily Reading Schedule
NOTE: It is assumed that most students have read Sir Gawain and
the Green Knight
in their basic British Literature survey course.
Week One: Introduction
Computer Classroom
, Grubbs 101 survey links at top of
this page and the following: Translatio Studii et Imperii and Medieval Britain Timeline also browse Arthurian Literature, Part I and Part II , and Arthurian Legends Illustrated Pick topic for Background Report due 9/10 Week Two: Celtic Legend and French Medieval Romances "Culhwch and Olwen" (just skim through the long lists) in The Mabinogion online copy here Recommended: Commentary on How Culhwch Won Olwen ; more info. here Chrétien de Troyes, "Yvain" (read about 1/2) in Arthurian Romances Recommended: Medieval Romance ; more info. here Chrétien de Troyes, "Yvain" in

3. ENGLISH 307I, British Literature Survey I
ENGLISH 307I, british literature Survey I. I have fixed most, if not all, of thelinks below; in particular Courtly Love/arthurian should be working now, and
ENGLISH 307I, British Literature Survey I
This page was first posted on the Web on Sept. 6, 1997.
Last modified October 22, 2001.
This page is privately owned and on a commercial server. The views expressed here are mine, and do not reflect any official viewpoints of Wilmington College. My homepage, with links to my other classes and projects, is here
Please feel free to e-mail me at if you wish to contact me. These links provide a good deal of information on various aspects of the periods we are studying. I will be adding more material, as time permits, so as to provide a head start for those who wish to do presentations or papers on the later material. These pages represent only a tiny fraction of the huge amount of Web-accessible medieval material out there. Please bookmark The Labyrinth and use it as your starting point when searching for information on any medieval topic on the Web. I have fixed most, if not all, of the links below; in particular Courtly Love/Arthurian should be working now, and the links under Bayeux Tapestry are working . The page is linked from Web Course in a Box, but will remain on the AOL server for now.

4. List Of Arthurian Literature
arthurian literature List. Notes. Early british and Latin sources are not included.
Arthurian Literature List
  • Early British and Latin sources are not included.
  • Tristan was originally a separate, independent tale. It was absorbed (or merged) into the Arthur cycle early on, and so all Tristan works are considered Arthurian.
  • There are many chronicles here, and they are (probably) of little interest, except for Geoffrey, Wace, and Lawman. They are flagged with a -c in the key. The less artistic ones are lumped together in a separate list at the end.
  • Norse = Swedish = Icelandic
Most titles are followed by a key indicating the original language and style, with the form " (L s) ". If the language is not specified, it is English. A " -c " is appended to the style to indicate a chronicle.
B - Britsh
D - Dutch
F - French
G - German
I - Italian
L - Latin
N - Norse
d - drama
p - poetry
pr - prose
tr - tragedy
Reference Material
King Arthur Barber
contains a list of Arthurian literature at the end, but it's not all that complete
The Flower of Kings Merriman
Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages Loomis
The Arthurian Material in the Chronicles Fletcher
"The Arthurian Legends: Modern Retellings of the Old Stories: An Annotated Bibliography"
in the Journal of English and Germanic Philogy vol.43 (173-221) and 49 (213-16)

british Robert Burns british author biography. Caligula) The Age of Cavalry and arthurian literature John of
Linda Gowans
This bibliography covers works in Gaelic from Ireland and Scotland (plus one from Nova Scotia) about Arthur and Arthurian characters: provenance is indicated by (Ir), (Sc) or (Nv) at the end of the entry. It is not designed to cover material relating to the general discussion of Celtic sources for medieval romance. Only reviews of a substantial length have normally been included. The numerical system has been adopted for ease of cross-referencing and future addition.
Section 1: Texts and Translations
1.1 Early References to an "Arthur" Lebor Bretnach (the Irish translation of the Historia Brittonum ... 1.6 Miscellaneous
Section 2: Critical Works
2.1 Early References to an "Arthur" Lebor Bretnach (the Irish translation of the Historia Brittonum ... 2.6 Miscellaneous
Section 1: Texts and Translations
1.1 Early References to an "Arthur"

Acallam na Senórach ," ed. Whitley Stokes, in Irische Texte , Vol.4, part 1, ed. W. Stokes and E. Windisch. Leipzig: Hirzel, 1900. Artúir, a British prince, appears in an episode connected with the introduction of a new type of horse into Ireland. Another Artúr is one of a list of princes drowned by the lake-monster of Loch Lurgan. (Ir)

6. Beowulf To Lear
Site for interdisciplinary course at Pace University on british literature, including Beowulf, Chaucer, arthurian legends, King Lear. Posts student work at the B+/A level, including citations of sources.

7. King Arthur: External Links
HISTORICAL Early british Kingdoms The definitive website focusing on the and Historicisationof Arthur, arthurian literature, arthurian Characters, Myrddin and
Search Britannia
Travel British Life Shop Britannia
HISTORICAL Early British Kingdoms
The definitive website focusing on the ancient kingdoms of Britain! No study of "Arthurian" Britain can be complete without a thorough understanding of the information available here. Now mostly available on Britannia. Arthuriana
The quarterly Journal of the International Arthurian Society-North American Branch. Arthurian Resources
One of the top Arthurian areas on the web. Thomas Green of Exeter College, Oxford puts forward the idea of King Arthur as a purely mythical figure through discussions on the Historicity and Historicisation of Arthur, Arthurian Literature, Arthurian Characters, Myrddin and a particularly good section on Arthurian Archaeological Sites. Arthurnet Online Discussion Group Details of how to join the Arthurnet listserver for e-mail discussions of all things Arthurian. A must for the serious researcher. Arthurnet Online Discussion Group Archive Indispensable searchable archive of past discussions on the Arthurnet. Arturius Rex - A Quest for Camelot David F. Carroll plugs his theory concerning a Scottish Arthur with fascinating extracts about the Kingdom of Mannan, Camelot, the Round Table, the Battle of Camlann and Arthur's Sister.

8. British Literature
british literature Almost all british Celtic literature has somethingto do with arthurian Legends. Though the myth and legends
British Literature Almost all British Celtic Literature has something to do with Arthurian Legends. Though the myth and legends of Authur are strongly found in British Literature, it is found in Welsh Literature
This section will have three areas: Translated texts of Authurian myth , and other resources on Authurian myth.
Map from Britannia

Arthurian Full or parital Text
  • Malory, Sir Thomas. Le Morte Darthur: Sir Thomas Malory's Book of King Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table Volume 1 Volume II Charrette project Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  • Arthurian Resources
  • Arthurian Sources Arthurian Sites ArthurNet Links
  • Bibliography Further Links Back to the Literature Library

    9. Literature From Wales
    arthurian (See also british literature), Arthur in the Welsh Tradition arthurianliterature; King Arthur in Early Welsh literature (includes some partial text).
    Welsh Literature The Book of Aneurin
  • About Y Gododdin (poem from book of Anuerin) Y Gododdin
  • The Book of Taliesin
  • Early Welsh Poetry
  • Black Book of Caermarthen
  • Links coming soon
  • The Red Book of Hergest
  • Mabinogion Legends of Camolot Mabinogion THE FULL TALES Mabinogion (Translated by Charlotte Guest)
  • Arthurian
    (See also British Literature
  • Arthur in the Welsh Tradition: Arthurian Literature King Arthur in Early Welsh Literature (includes some partial text)
  • Resources about Welsh Literature
  • Cyfarwyddyd: Welsh Tales and Foreign Adaptations Early Welsh Poetry The Mesotomic Syllable in Old Welsh Poetry (PDF File) Welsh Literature Welsh Triads Y Canu Cynnar (In Welsh, No English)
  • Celtic Bibliography Authurian
    Back to the Literature Page

    10. British LIterature Links
    are organized by time period, and follow the curriculum for british literature classes. arthurianLegends, The arthurian Legends http//
    Cab Calloway School of the Arts Library Media Center Home The Charter School of Wilmington These resources are organized by time period, and follow the curriculum for British Literature classes. Check the catalogs of The University of Delaware, The Wilmington Library , and the New Castle County Public Library System for additional resources. UDLibSEARCH Databases are available through school library and classroom computers. (These will not be available outside the school.)
    The Anglo-Saxon Period The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
    ORB: The Anglo-Saxons
    Geoffrey Chaucer The Geoffrey Chaucer Website
    The General Prologue to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
    Arthurian Legends The Arthurian Legends
    Bulfinch's Mythology, "The Age of Chivalry"
    Shakespeare Discovering Collection

    11. English 113--British Literature I
    English 113 british literature I. This page first posted January 31, 1999.Last modified April 25, 1999. Courtly Love and arthurian literature.
    English 113: British Literature I
    This page first posted January 31, 1999. Last modified April 25, 1999. Links will be added to this page as the semester goes on, and as time and opportunity permit.
    The Milton-L Home Page
    An authoritative page on John Milton, including links to articles, book reviews, images, and sound files.
    As with any popular topic, the majority of stuff about Shakespeare on the Web is not up to a very high scholarly standard. IN PARTICULAR, please do not refer to any pages which discuss the so-called "Shakespeare authorship controversy." There is no serious academic discussion going on about whether Shakespeare did or did not write the plays attributed to him; it is the biggest eccentric hobbyhorse non-issue in the study of English lit. That is, there are a lot of people wasting their time on itjust not many who know their business. Shakespeare's Globe Theater The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust The Shakespeare Classroom The Royal Shakespeare Company ... Furness Shakespeare Library
    Chaucer: Pedagogy
    This page is new, but is the authoritative one-stop reference both for students studying Chaucer, and for teachers who will have to teach Chaucer in class (press the appropriate link at the top of the page for teacher or student materials). All of you who are secondary-ed specialists are most strongly advised to bookmark this page; it will serve you well for years to come (sample assignments; readings; online texts; audio files; the works). And, of course, everyone else in the class will also benefit from it as a background and study guide. Read it early and read it often.

    12. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: British Literature (Literature)
    literature; Scottish literature; Welsh literature. british CELTICMYTHOLOGY arthurian Legends; Medieval Mythology; Other Myths british
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    British Literature

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  • Austen, Jane
  • Byron, George Gordon
  • Chaucer, Geoffrey ... Contact Us
  • 13. Bigchalk HomeworkCentral Arthurian Legends (British Celtic
    HomeworkCentral Linking Policy. HIGH SCHOOL BEYOND literature britishliterature british Celtic Mythology arthurian Legends. GENERAL

    14. ClassZone: Language Of Literature 1997
    database of arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information arthurianStudies Nested site in Labyrinth home page. british literature, Unit Two.
    Use the links below to select a title from a specific grade and unit. The titles in the menu correspond to individual sections in McDougal Littell's Language of Literature series. By selecting a title, you will jump to a set of links chosen by our editors. These links were selected because they provide additional content or information that may be useful when discussing a particular selection or topic.
    Select a grade:
    American Literature British Literature
    British Literature, Unit One
    "The Electronic
    Beowulf "
    An article by Professor Kevin S. Kiernanone of the developers of the Electronic Beowulf Project providing insight into the rationale and progress of the project
    Information about an effort to prepare digital facsimiles of the Beowulf manuscript and related documents. Includes links to sample images.
    Resources for Studying
    Provides several useful directions for extending the study of Beowulf , including a bibliography and a translation
    the Iliad: Ancient Greece
    Perseus Encyclopedia: Homer

    A useful discussion of the authorship and composition of the Homeric epics, with a bibliography and links to ancient texts dealing with Homer's life and works. Provided by the Perseus Project at Tufts University.

    15. Department Of English - Purdue University
    Felluga, is Byron and the Constitution of the british Novel. Armstrong specializesin Middle English Language and literature, arthurian literature, AngloSaxon
    Prospective Students

    Financial Support

    ... [Next
    Thomas Adler Professor
    Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1970 Phone: FAX: Email: Website: Specialization: Twentieth century drama, with particular interest in Williams, Pinter, and Albee Thomas Adler has written several books, including "A Streetcar Named Desire": The Moth and the Lantern (1990) and American Drama, 1940-1960: A Critical History (1994; paperback reprint 1997). A specialist in modern British and modern American drama, with particular interest in Tennessee Williams, Harold Pinter, and Edward Albee, he has published widely, with numerous book chapters and articles in such journals as Modern Drama Theatre Journal Arizona Quarterly Comparative Drama Southern Literary Journal , and Mississippi Quarterly . Recently, he has contributed invited essays to four different volumes in the series of Cambridge Companions to Williams, Arthur Miller, Sam Shepard, and American Women Playwrights. His current research project is a book focusing on A. S. Byatt, Tom Stoppard, and David Hare. Back to top
    Emily Allen Assistant Professor
    Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara, 1996

    16. Bio Info.
    developed and taught Victorian literature, TwentiethCentury british literature,Nineteenth-Century british literature, arthurian literature, Irish literature
    Virginia Hyde Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
    B. A., Arizona State University ( Summa cum laude Position: Professor of English Husband: David C. Barnes (since 1987) The "wallpaper" on my homepage is from the cover of my book The Risen Adam AWARDS : Most Supportive Faculty Member, EGO, WSU English Department (1995); Best Graduate Seminar, EGO, English Department (1996); Outstanding Teaching and Scholarship, WSU Honors Program (1984); Excellence in Teaching, WSU Honors Program (1986). I received a commendation from the Lawrence Society at its Eighth International Conference, held in Naples, Italy (2001). I hold the ASU President's Medallion of Merit and have received awards from the AAUW and IOOF as well as research and travel grants. I received the Vilas Fellowship of the University of Wisconsin and the National Sparks Fellowship and National Gibbs Fellowship of Phi Kappa Phi. PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS : I am president-elect of the Lawrence Society of North America, an affiliate of the Modern Language Association of America. Some other professional organizations (besides MLA): American Conference for Irish Studies, Arthurian Society, Browning Society, AAUP, and WSU Association for Faculty Women.

    17. British Writers - Classic Literature - Writers Around The World
    Arnold, Matthew (18221888) british writer. Poet and critic who wrote the famouspoem Dover Beach. . arthurian literature These sites are devoted to all
    zfp=-1 About Homework Help Literature: Classic Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Literature: Classic
    with Esther Lombardi
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Book Reviews Directory How to Directory ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    British Writers
    Guide picks Find info about British Writers: Matthew Arnold, Aphra Behn, William Blake, Charles Dickens, William Congreve, and more.
    Addison, Joseph

    (1672-1719) British writer. Poet, essayist and playwright, Joseph Addison once said, "Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are delivered down from generation to generation as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn." Aikin, Anna Laetitia
    (1743-1825) British writer. Anna Laetitia Aikin, also known by her married name, Barbauld, wrote this poem about the early years of Britain's era of world power. Akenside, Mark

    18. My Arthurian Page
    have enchanted a multitude of readers of british literature. to become immersed infantastic literature dealing with pages having to do with arthurian legends.
    Of King Arthur, The Round Table,
    and the Sangreal
    Hic iacet Arthurus, Rex quondam, Rexque futurus.
    For countless ages, the legends surrounding King Arthur, his knights, and the quest for the Sangreal have enchanted a multitude of readers of British literature. In fact, many of Britain's most famous works include discussions or references to Arthur (i.e., the Mabinogion , Tennyson's "Idylls of the King," and Malory's Le Morte Darthur ). As a common work chosen for inclusion in high school literature texts, Le Morte Darthur offers teachers and students alike an opportunity to become immersed in fantastic literature dealing with some of the most interesting legends of the island kingdom of Great Britain. This page is my contribution to web resources about the legendary King Arthur. Hopefully, students and teachers alike will find a wealth of resources to enrich their study of King Arthur.
    Table of Contents
    This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with Arthurian legends. The information is divided into the following categories: Links to Arthurian E-Texts Links to Arthurian Societies Educational Resources for Arthurian Studies Links to Arthurian Sites
    Links to Arthurian E-texts
    Le Morte Darthur: Sir Thomas Malory's Book of King Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table, Volume 1

    19. :: Perceval: A Casebook (Arthurian Characters And Themes
    You are here british literature Middle Perceval A Casebook(arthurian Characters and Themes). Search (books). Perceval
    the most comprehensive British Literature portal.
    British Literature databases

    from our British Literature metasearch Browse our
    British Literature directory

    about the topic you want Read Reviews, Compare and Buy
    the item you want

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    British Literature
    Middle Perceval: A Casebook (Arthurian Characters and Themes)

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    Perceval: A Casebook (Arthurian Characters and Themes)
    Catalog: Book
    Manufacturer: Garland Pub Authors: Arthur Groos, Norris J. Lacy, Arthur Gross Release Date: 01 October, 2001 Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours List Price: Our Price: Used Price: More Details from Amazon international

    20. :: Middle
    You are here british literature Middle. Search (books). Perceval A Casebook(arthurian Characters and Themes)Perceval A Casebook (arthurian Characters
    the most comprehensive British Literature portal.
    British Literature databases

    from our British Literature metasearch Browse our
    British Literature directory

    about the topic you want Read Reviews, Compare and Buy
    the item you want

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    British Literature
    Middle (page 1)
    Apparel Baby Books Computers DVD Electronics Magazines Music Music - Classical Outdoor Living Softwares Video Video Games
    Top Middle selling and features comparison... Middle English Literature 1100-1400 (Oxford History of English Literature, Vol 1) Book by Jack Arthur Walter Bennett, Douglas Gray List Price: Our Price: Brand/Publisher: Clarendon Pr... Read more Compare this: The Canterbury Tales (Everyman Paperback Classics) Book by Geoffrey Chaucer, A. C. Cawley List Price: Our Price: Brand/Publisher: Everyman Paperback Classics... Read more Compare this: A Handbook of Middle English Book by Fernand Mosse, James A. Walker, Kemp Malone List Price: Our Price: Brand/Publisher: Johns Hopkins Univ Pr... Read more Compare this: Prestige, Authority and Power in Late Medieval Manuscripts and Texts (York Manuscripts Conferences, V. 4)

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