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         Brunei Culture Government:     more detail
  1. Language Power & Ideology in Brunei Darussalam: Mis Sea#99 (Ohio RIS Southeast Asia Series) by Geoffrey C. Gunn, 1997-03-30

41. Asia Online! : Asia Country Guide
Bhutan Business / Economy, Travel brunei Education, government CambodiaArts / Humanities, culture China Education, Govt, culture
Link To Asian Countries : Featured Australia . Bangladesh . Brunei . China Hong Kong India Indonesia ... Japan . Kampuchea . Korea . Laos . Malaysia . Mongolia . Myanmar . Nepal . NewZealand . Pacific Islands . Pakistan . Philippines Singapore . Sri Lanka . Taiwan Thailand . Tibet . Vietnam Asian Guide : Complete Guide by Afghanistan
Society / Culture Bangladesh ... Govt Short Cut Asian Search Engine (including Bangladesh, Brunei, Kampuchea, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pacific Islands, Pakistan, Sri Lanka , Vietnam) Related Links Africa Europe Middle East North America ...

42. Indonesia And Brunei
be seen in the displays of bronze tools, wood carvings, cloth weaving, musical instruments,and women's jewelry (government of brunei, Language and culture).
Indonesia and Brunei
  • Regional Characteristics
      Physical Environment
        Land Resources
      Population Climate The People
        Language Religion Culture
      Economic Development
      Dutch Colonial Rule Political Rule Conflicts
        East Timor Irian Jaya
        Oil Wealth Political Rule
      References Review Questions Regional Characteristics Physical Environment Indonesia consists of over 17,000 islands and is the world's largest archipelago. Not only is Indonesia the fourth largest country in the world, but it's two largest islands, Borneo and Sumatra, are the third and sixth largest islands in the world. The island of Borneo is about the size of Texas and is divided by three countries - Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. The country of Brunei is the smallest of the Southeast Asian countries and is about the size of the US state of Delaware. The terrain throughout most of the islands is lowland coastal, but on the larger islands mountains and volcanoes can be found, and in Irian Jaya (the Indonesia controlled area of New Guinea) there exists the world's only tropical island glacier. Brunei consists of hilly lowlands in the western portions of the country, swamps along the coast, and mountains in the eastern part of the country. Indonesia is rich in forests, and they cover 56% of the land; one-third of the forests are located in Kalimantan (the Indonesian area of Borneo)(Pulsipher, 509). Indonesia is also a major oil producer and a large producer of tin. Brunei is a country rich in oil and in liquefied natural gas, though it lacks in other areas. The country is not able to support all of its needs for foodstuffs because of the lack of land and people to work the land, but agricultural development is on the rise because of government involvement and a desire to be self-sufficient in the future. The climate is suited for growing rice along the coasts and fruits and vegetables are grown in the interior of the country. Forests cover three-quarters of Brunei and the government protects them from vanishing by limiting the amount of logging to meet local needs only (Government of Brunei, Economy).
  • 43. Southeast Asia Internet Resources For Teachers
    country profile, covering history, culture, geography, education, health, economy,and government. html Contains links on brunei categorized by
    Internet Resources on Southeast Asia for Teachers Back to PSEAS page
    General Southeast Asia Sites
    Audiovisual Resources on Asia
    Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads: Travels of a Teacher in Southeast Asia
    Country Studies, Library of Congress
    Searchable country profiles for 85 countries, covering history, culture, geography, education, health, economy, and government. Includes maps, tables, and photographs.
    Internet Resources for Southeast Asian Studies

    Southeast Asian Studies World Wide Web Virtual Library
    Contains General Southeast Asia links categorized by: General Information, News, Southeast Asian Related Studies, Government and Politics, Business, Travel and Tourism, and Other
    Southeast Asian Image and Texts Project

    44. The Government Of Brunei Darussalam
    of tutorials at the University of brunei Darussalam and on attachments to the variousgovernment agencies as of Communications; Ministry of culture, Youth and
    10 August, 1998, corresponding to 17 Rabiulakhir, 1419 Hijriah in the Islamic Calendar was a historic event for Brunei Darussalam. The date marked the Royal Proclamation of His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah as the Crown Prince of Brunei Darussalam. The Proclamation puts His Royal Highness in line to become the 30th Sultan of Brunei.
    His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah was born on 17 February, 1974 corresponding to 24 Muharram 1394 Hijriah of the Islamic calendar. The Prince was the third child of His Majesty Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Muízzaddin Waddaulah, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and Her Majesty Paduka Seri Baginda Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha.
    Throughout his academic life, His Royal Highness was not only industrious in his academic studies and extra-curricular activities but was also equally diligent and devoted much time and attention to his religious education, Islamic and welfare matters. In 1988, The Prince completed the reading of the Holy Quran (Khatamal Quran) and the 'surah-surah Lazim'.
    The Prince's education began early in life, at the Putera-Puteri (Prince-Princess) School at the Istana (Palace) Darul Hana. Subsequently, His Royal Highness progressed through the Brunei Junior Certificate (1988) and the 'O' level examination of the General Certificate of Education (Cambridge) in 1991 and 'A' level examination of the General Certificate of Education (Cambridge) in 1994. In 1995, the Prince attended a course of tutorials at the University of Brunei Darussalam and at the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, United Kingdom.

    45. Welcome To SEACAP Website
    The government of brunei Darussalam Islam is the official religion of Society culture. His Majesty the Sultan of brunei A caring monarch, biography
    Asean COCI - Brunei Darussalam - Organization
    CULTURE Organization Perform Arts Visual Arts Literary Arts Museum and Archaelogy Theater Arts Music Special Events INFORMATION AND MEDIA Organization Legislation Television Radio Press Film and Video Advertising Special Events Others COCI homepage... Kumpulan Putra Seni This is a homepage of Brunei Theatre Group Southeast Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library Brunei Related Studies : Arts and Humanities... The British Council Brunei : Arts, Media, Design The British Council in Brunei is committed to promoting excellence in the arts...
    Banks Operating In Brunei
    The opening of the Development Bank of Brunei this year brings to nine the number of banks operating in Brunei Darussala... Business in Brunei Darussalam Economic resources, agricultural, banking, industry... Brunei Darussalam Business Guide ...

    46. Cultural Exchange: Europe In Brunei / France. CulturE-ASEF
    de brunei Local committee of the Alliance Française, an organization supported bythe French government for the promotion of the French language and culture.
    Home Asia Brunei
    Europe in Brunei

    France France Institutions, Associations
    Local committee of the , an organization supported by the French government for the promotion of the French language and culture. Address:
    No. 1/A24-7 Spg 465, Ting Sing Garden Kg. Sg. Tilong, Jalan Muara Darussalam, BS8675 Bandar Seri Begawan 3027
    updated: August 2002 Home Asia Brunei Europe in Brunei ... Site Map - overview of CulturE-ASEF Link suggestions Asia-Europe Foundation and Universes in Universe email newsletter imprint

    47. Brunei: Cultural Exchange With Europe. CulturE-ASEF
    Ministry Of culture, Youth And Sports Links to information, in Malay, about thedepartments of the ministry Website of the government of brunei Darussalam.
    Home Asia Brunei
    Europe in Brunei

    Brunei in Europe
    Cultural Exchange: Directories, Institutions
    Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports
    Official website - only in Malay as of March 2002.
    Ministry Of Culture, Youth And Sports
    Links to information, in Malay, about the departments of the ministry: Language and Literature; Welfare, Youth and Sports; Museums; History Centre. Website of the Government of Brunei Darussalam. [en]
    updated: August 2002 Home Asia Site Map - overview of CulturE-ASEF Link suggestions Asia-Europe Foundation and Universes in Universe email newsletter imprint

    The Sixth NDP saw the development of infrastructure for tissue culture at bruneiAgricultural Research Centre (BARC). In 1996, the government of brunei
    Zohrah Haji Sulaiman
    Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Tungku BE 1410, Negara Brunei Darussalam
    Tel: (673)-2-249001 ext.373; Fax: (673)-2-249502/343074;

    The Government of Brunei Darussalam through Brunei Agricultural Research Centre (BARC) recognized the importance of biotechnology in the late 1980s. Biotechnology started with Bruneis participation in 5-year ASEAN-Australia collaborative project in 1989 which looked into development of therapeutically and biologically important substances from plants. Meanwhile, infrastructure for tissue culture laboratory was set up at BARC which aimed at propagating commercial and indigenous mushrooms. Tissue culture is now expanded to propagation of fruits and indigenous plants. Beside Agriculture Department, there are two other organizations (Forestry Department and Universiti Brunei Darussalam) which complemented the development of biotechnology in Brunei Darussalam. The role of overseas agencies from ASEAN, Australia and United Kingdom is also responsible in promoting biotechnology in Brunei Darussalam.

    49. APPENDIX B
    government Research Institutions. brunei Agricultural Research Centre, Departmentof Agriculture. 2. Mass propagation of plants using tissue culture technique.
    Section 2. National Policies of Biotechnology Section 4. Industries Section 5. Natural Resources (Bioresources) Section 6. Biosafety Protocol ... Section 11. Budget
    Biotechnology-Related DATA from Brunei Darussalam
    National Policy in General
    Organizational Structure
    Biotechnology activities are mostly carried out under the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resoures through its Department of Agriculture. The Organization Chart is as follows:
    Other Major Government Agencies which are involved in Biotechnology activities are Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and the Forestry Department, Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.
    Section 2. National Policies of Biotechnology GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ROLES/FUNCTIONS
    Universiti Brunei Darussalam 1. Education and Research in Biotechnology Department of Agriculture Development of biotechnology applications in crop propagation and medicinal plants research Training of staff in the related activities Provide support in the establishment of new biotechnology activities Department of Forestry Documentation of biodiversity resources through the National Herbarium Establishment of ex situ and in situ living plants collection and conservation
    Promotion Programs
    - The Government encourages the participation of student, researchers and the public to create awareness on the potential of Biotechnology as an industry in the next millenium. Various promotional activities has been organized by the Government which include

    50. Brunei Links Page
    the only information on this site re culture was the following link the rest ofthe stuff on this site is general info (government, tourism, etc) on brunei.
    about l forum l news l links members login help l email l site map Experts Register

    search site ASEAN country profiles ++Introduction Brunei Darussalam Cambodia Indonesia Laos Malaysia Myanmar Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam ++ Photo Gallery
    Links q u i c k - l i n k s ASEAN Group ASEAN Cultural Heritage Brunei Darrusalum Cambodia Indonesia Laos Malaysia Myanmar Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam International organisations Conservation Discussion lists ASEAN Group
    ASEAN-COCI members Languages Maps
    ASEAN Cultural Heritage
    Brunei Darussalam
    Cambodia Indonesia Laos ... Object ID Links for Brunei Darussalam
    Government Brunei Darussalam
    This official Government Brunei Darussalam website includes key historical information, a map of Brunei Darussalam, national flag and crest, national anthem, land and people, religion, language and culture, economy, tourism and business opportunities. Sarah, the only information on this site re culture was the following link - the rest of the stuff on this site is general info (government, tourism, etc) on Brunei. Language This is a link from the above site providing information about language and culture

    51. Government Of Brunei Darussalam Official Website
    Information about brunei's government and the country itself. ministers, ministries,cabinet, language, culture, religion, tourism URL http//
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    (A - Z)
    Government of Brunei Darussalam Official Website

    (Brunei Darussalam Official Website)
    Information about Brunei's Government and the country itself. Includes news and information on the monarchy, ministers, ministries, cabinet, language, culture, religion, tourism, economics and business.
    Subjects: Interdisciplinary Studies International Studies Asia-Pacific Southeast Asia Brunei
    Places: Brunei
    If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please use the Ohio University Libraries' Feedback Form
    © 2002 by the Ohio University Libraries

    52. Asia Observer - Government Leaders In Brunei
    government. Zakaria bin Sulaiman Minister of culture, Youth and Sports Sultan HajiHassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah Chairman of brunei Currency Board
    A start page for observers of Asian affairs NEWS Asia Southeast Asia Other news pages ... Vietnam RESOURCES Book reviews Economy Site of the week Web reviews FIND INFO Web directory Metasearch Asia-Links Worth Reading ... CLICK HERE to recommend Asia Observer to a friend Brunei Darussalam: Government leaders This page was last updated on January 1, 1999, but is no longer being maintained.
    Head of State
    Sultan: Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah
    Birthdate: July 15, 1946 in Brunei Darussalam.
    Family Status: Married (two wives), four sons, six daughters.
    Education: Sekolah Jalan Gurney, Gurney Road School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1959-61); Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur (1961-63); Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, London, UK (1963-67).
    Political Career: Installed as Crown Prince (1961); succeeded to the throne (October 1967); crowned Sultan (August 1968-present); after independence named himself Prime Minister and Minister of Defense (1984-present); assumed post of Finance Minister (February 1997).
    Office of H.M. the Sultan

    53. Brunei Darussalam @, Local Links And Information,
    Education government Maps and Views News and Media, Science and Environment Societyand culture Transportation Travel and Tourism Weather. Asia Observer brunei

    54. Southeast Asia Travel & Tourism Resources
    Malaysia Singapore brunei - The Web The authorized site of the government ofCambodia information about Cambodia’s history, culture, tourist attractions

    We are continually working to improve this site and make the information easily accessible
    World Map (32k)
    ../e-mail a friend about us

    55. Brunei Government
    brunei. brunei is an absolute monarchy. CURRENT government. Sultan, HASSANALBolkiah, Sir. Min. of culture, Youth, Sports, HUSSAIN bin Mohamed Yusof,. Min.
    BASIC INFO. GEOGRAPHY GOVERNMENT ... BRUNEI Brunei is an absolute monarchy. CURRENT GOVERNMENT Sultan HASSANAL Bolkiah, Sir Prime Minister HASSANAL Bolkiah, Sir Min. of Communications ZAKARIA bin Sulaiman, HUSSAIN bin Mohamed Yusof, Min. of Defense HASSANAL Bolkiah, Sir Min. of Development ISMAIL bin Damit, Min. of Education Abdul AZIZ bin Umar, Min. of Finance HASSANAL Bolkiah, Sir Min. of Foreign Affairs MOHAMED Bolkiah, Min. of Health (Acting) Abdul AZIZ bin Umar, Min. of Home Affairs ISA bin Ibrahim, ABDUL RAHMAN bin Mohamed Taib, Min. of Religious Affairs Mohamed ZAIN bin Serudin, Ambassador to the US PUTEH ibni Mohammad Alam, Permanent Representative to the UN, New York MAIDIN bin Hashim

    56. Mangrove-friendly Shrimp Culture
    size of cockle that can be harvested are regulated by the government. around 1% ofthe total mariculture while fish cage culture contributes. brunei Darussalam.
    Home About mangroves
    By Megumi Minagawa
    Seika National Fisheries Research Institute There is strict protection of these mangroves. Some areas are protected as 'natural monuments.' Rather than aquaculture, enhancement and management of fishery resourcessea ranchingare expected to improve the sustainable utilization in mangrove areas. Target species for sea ranching in mangrove areas include mudcrab and black porgy . The mangrove situation in Southeast Asia is different from Japan's. To help countries in the region, the Japanese government has implemented a 5-year project with SEAFDEC that will develop mangrove-friendly aquaculture techniques and protect the environment.
    By Simeona Aypa , Department of Agriculture
    Santiago Baconguis , Department of Environment and Natural Resources Mangrove areas before the 1980s were considered vast tracks of wastelands that had to be developed into other uses. In 1967, there were 418, 990 ha of mangroves; 15 years later, 239,387 remained; today, only about 100,000 ha are left. There are many causes of this destruction. On top of the list is charcoal and firewood utilization, followed by the expansion of agricultural areas, fishponds, urban and industrial development, harbor construction, mining and housing projects. With the rise in human population comes the demand for agriculture, aquaculture and industrial development.

    57. International Bureau Of Education. International Activities. Databanks. World Da
    brunei, page of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Education and culture The EducationReview Office (ERO) is the government department which reports publicly
    Official information sources on education Africa South of Sahara Asia and the Pacific Central Europe and former USSR Latin America and the Caribbean Middle east and North Africa North America ... Western Europe General information sources Background information Statistics and indicators Databases on education systems Web resources Educational profiles National reports
    Asia and the Pacific
    Afghanistan Australia Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Northern Territory ... Western Australia Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Darussalam Cambodia China Cook Islands Fiji Hong Kong (China) India Indonesia Iran ... Japan Kiribati Korea (Republic) Korea DPR Lao PDR Macao (China) Malaysia Maldives Marshall Islands Mongolia Myanmar Nauru Nepal New Zealand Niue Pakistan Papua New Guinea Philippines Samoa Singapore Solomon Islands Sri Lanka Thailand Tonga Tuvalu Vanuatu Viet Nam A ustralia Federal sources Official site of the Australian Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training

    58. Encounter Borneo - Brunei's Attractions, Accommodation, Tours, Information.
    retook full control of it's government administration from houses half the populationof brunei's capital. Our unique Kingdom and culture tours around Bandar
    Home Intrepid Tours Brunei Darussalam
    Bandar Seri Begawan
    ... Links Kingdom and Culture
    Brunei is a nation without equal. Governed by the longest serving family Monarchy in the world, and financially secure because of it's oil and gas resources, Brunei is politically and financially stable. With Malay, Borneo native and Chinese traditions, a benevolent monarch, assimilation of modern technologies, an international outlook and Islamic religion at it's foundations, Brunei is a unique cultural and lifestyle experience. Located on equatorial Borneo, at the geographic heart of Asia, Brunei's history and culture is intriguing, dynamic and an integral part in the evolution of modern Asia. Brunei has preserved much of this history in in it's museums and monuments. Our tours to the museums, Royal Regalia and other attractions help bring this alive. Compact and uncongested, touring Brunei is easy. Destinations are close because of well developed road networks. Traffic is minimal, and we use boats for some tours; boats have been the transport standard for hundreds of years. Brunei has been changing rapidly since the mid 1970's, when the nation became a half owner in it's previously foreign owned oil and gas industry, and its income suddenly increased. In 1984, Brunei re-took full control of it's government administration from the British protectorate status that had helped preserve it's national integrity through the tumultuous earlier period of the 20th century.

    59. Brunei Bay -
    to all the government ministries, and many of the major government departments,such tour will immerse you in the history and culture of brunei, with it's
    Home Intrepid Tours Brunei Darussalam
    Bandar Seri Begawan
    ... Links Kingdom and Culture Bandar Seri Begawan Bandar Seri Begawan has been the capital of Brunei for hundreds of year. Originally composed of a community built on stilts over the water, this water village capital gradually expanded onto firm land.
    Tours - click here Today, the water village is still home to about 40 thousand people. Some live in the traditional timber housing, but a growing number in recently built structures with modern services. Many of the traditional homes have modern conveniences and sophisticated electronics behind the simple facades. The central city area is the traditional shopping and commerce area, with the modern Yayasan shopping mall, traditional shop houses and local markets. The main terminal for local and regional buses is in this central area. Centrepoint is another large shopping complex and shop house development in the Gadong commercial region. Brunei's important role in the history and development of Borneo, and the role of the Family Monarchy, has been captured in numerous museums. These provide a unique insight into the development of Brunei and it's regional role.

    60. ZUJI
    culture, governs many of the country's ceremonies; there is even a government departmentresponsible brunei is a fairly strict Muslim country and a Ministry of,1277,ZUJIAU|5694|468|1,00.html
    About ZUJI Travel Resource Links Travel Resources Home Research a Destination Convert Currency Check Weather Check Visa Requirements Buy Travel Insurance Flight Arrival/Departure Info Book a Flight Find a Hotel Hire a Car Log-in Log-out Become a Member Site Map Travel Resources Home Destination Guides Travel Tools
    Regional Guide Introduction Fast Facts Best Time to Visit Money ... Maps
    Useful Travel Tools Check Weather
    Convert Currency

    Check Visa Requirements

    Flight Arrival/Departure Information
    ... Asia : Brunei Brunei
    Culture Bruneians are predominantly Malay, and customs, beliefs and pastimes are very similar to those of Peninsular Malaysia. Adat , or customary law, governs many of the country's ceremonies; there is even a government department responsible for preserving ceremony and advising on protocol, dress and heraldry. Brunei is a fairly strict Muslim country and a Ministry of Religious Affairs fosters and promotes Islam. The constitution does, however, allow for other religions to be practised. The official language is Malay, but English is widely spoken. Jawi , Malay written in Arabic script, is taught in schools, and most signs in the country are written both in Jawi and Roman script.

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