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         Bulgaria Culture:     more books (79)
  1. BULGARIA: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by BARBARA A. CELLARIUS, TIM PILBROW, 2001
  2. Executive Report on Strategies in Bulgaria, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by Bulgaria Research Group, The Bulgaria Research Group, 2000-11-02
  3. The national complex of artistic creation, cultural activities and mass media as a new stage in the guidance and organization of Bulgaria's culture: [report ... Sess. of the Com. for Art and Culture] by Li¸ u¸¡dmila Zhivkova, 1976
  4. Cultures of the World : Bulgaria
  5. The role of science in physical culture and sports in Bulgaria by Ivan K Staĭkov, 1977
  6. The People's Republic of Bulgaria, culture and art: Facts and figures by Kostadin Popov, 1983
  7. Bulgaria: land, economy, culture by Spas Rusinov, 1965
  8. Culture of Bulgaria: Thracians, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Slavic peoples, Bulgars, Bulgaria, Kukeri, Martenitsa, Gold, Varna Necropolis, Slavic Europe, ... Literary School, Ohrid Literary School
  9. The national complex of artistic creation, cultural activities and mass media as a new stage in the guidance and organization of Bulgaria's culture: [report ... Sess. of the Com. for Art and Culture] by Liudmila Zhivkova, 1976
  10. The neolithic period in Bulgaria: Early food-producing cultures of Eastern Europe (American School of Prehistoric Research. Bulletin) by James Harvey Gaul, 1968
  11. Bulgaria's contribution to the development of spiritual culture in the middle ages by Dimitŭr Simeonov Angelov, 1980
  12. Guidance of Bulgarias socialist culture by Stefan Ganev, 1976
  13. Thracian culture: An essay on ancient culture in Bulgaria by Yanko Todorov, 1987
  14. Folklore of the change: Folk culture in post-socialist Bulgaria (FF communications) by Radost Ivanova, 1999

21. Ìèíèñòåðñòâî íà êóëòóðàòà íà Ðåïóáëèêà Áúë
Ministry of culture, Republic of bulgaria

22. MINELRES - Minority Related National Legislation - Bulgaria - Culture
REPUBLIC OF bulgaria. NATIONAL ASSEMBLY. Law for the Protection and Developmentof culture. Promulgated State Gazette, No.50/1999, Amended - SG, No.1/2000.
Law for the Protection and Development of Culture Promulgated - State Gazette, No.50/1999, Amended - SG, No.1/2000 Article 31 (2) Resources from the Fund [Culture] are to be spent for: 6. Programs and projects for the protection of the freedom of cultural expression of the citizens, including ethnic, religious and linguistic communities.
Source: Unofficial translation

23. AriadNe/Culture & Recreation/Bulgaria - Culture, Arts, Recreation And Tourism In
Ariadne The European and Mediterranean link resource presents /culture Recreation/bulgaria - culture, Arts, Recreation and tourism in bulgaria. & Recreation/Bulgaria
The European and Mediterranean link resource for
R esearch, S cience and C ulture Search Submit News Help
Culture, Arts, Recreation and tourism in Bulgaria
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24. Bulgaria/Culture
bulgaria. culture. ..Did you know ..that the Penniless People ofbulgaria are from .. Finland? Museums and Exhibitions. Poetry. History.
Bulgaria Culture .......Did you know......that the Penniless People of Bulgaria are from...... Finland? Museums and Exhibitions Poetry History Bibliography/Literature/Translations ... International relations

25. BD Tours - Bulgaria - Culture And Traditions
bulgaria culture and Traditions. culture One has to see the magnificentThracian treasures, the monumental but beautiful work of
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US Bulgaria
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BD Tours GmbH
2 Kotel Str. Sofia 1421, Bulgaria Tel.: +359 2 9631733 Fax: +359 2 9634941 Email: Get Our Specials: Trekking, 4x4, ... Monasteries, Bulgaria - Culture and Traditions Culture One has to see the magnificent Thracian treasures, the monumental but beautiful work of the Greek and Roman cities in order to understand why Bulgaria became the cradle of Slav culture. For thirteen centuries the Bulgarian has been creating literature, art and music. Bulgarian culture has given the world men of great achievements, unparalleled in history. In the 9th centurie the brothers Cyril and Methodius, recognised as the patrons of Europe, upset the trilingual dogma and created the alphabet of the Slav peoples. During the 14th centurie John Koukouzel - The Angel-voiced carried out a reform in Eastern Orthodox church music. Unknown painters created masterpieces which have become part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage.

26. Soc.culture.bulgaria Newsgroup FAQs
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27. Project Bulgaria - Culture Page
HOLIDAYS, FEASTS AND CUSTOMS February 14 VINE-GROWER'S DAY. This original ritual celebration comes from the ancient Thracians and is called "Triffon Zarezan". It is connected with the resumption of work in the vineyards. It is celebrated officially by vine-growers and producers of wine.
March 1 MARTENITSI. On this day the Bulgarians give their relatives martenitsi - tasseled red and white thread /the white - symbol of health and strength, and the red one - of longevity/, with wishes for health and happiness. This original popular rite is connected with the coming of spring.
March 3 NATIONAL DAY. The day of the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman yoke /1878/. On this day the Bulgarian people pay homage to the heroes, who fought in the Russian-Turkish war 1877-1878, that put an end to the five centuries of foreign rule.
Late March MUMMER'S CELEBRATIONS - an ancient popular custom. Dressed in colorful costumes men with masks on their heads, perform ritual dances with which they protect the stockmen and men of agriculture from evil spirits. Every year in Pernik an international folk festival of masquerade and carnival plays and customs is being held. "Koukeri" demonstrate customs and rituals from all regions of Bulgaria.

28. Welcome To Hemus Hotel *** In Sofia
The 3 star Hemus hotel is set next to the National Palace of culture, near the administrative and cultural centre of Sofia.
CRUISES EXCURSIONS TOURS FLIGHTS CONGRESSES SPECIALS Hotels In Sofia You Are Here: HOME Bulgaria Golden Sands Plovdiv Sofia Sunny Beach ... Veliko Turnovo
For More Destinations return to HOME Other Services: Transfers Contact Welcome To HEMUS Hotel *** GENERAL INFO The 3 star Hemus hotel is set next to the National Palace of Culture, near the administrative and cultural centre of Sofia. The hotel offers 34 single, 75 double rooms and 8 apartments, with writing desk, direct dial telephone, private shower and bathroom, satellite TV in 40 of the rooms.
There are a Red saloon restaurant, day and night bar, coffee and pastry shop, currency exchange desk, souvenir shop, hairdresser's. FACILITIES ADDRESS 31 Cherny Vrah Blvd,
1421 Sofia
Tel.: +359-2-91943

29. Index Of /Bulgaria/culture
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30. Bulgaria-France. La Bulgarie : évenements, Culture, Histoire, Adresses, Un Maxi
Le pays vu par un couple franco- bulgare. Multiples informations touristiques et historiques.Category World Français Régional Europe Bulgarie...... de la culture de la 13h. bulgaria-france organise un buffet bulgare à Paris
Bienvenue ! Dobre doshli !
La Bulgarie son histoire quelques photos premiers pas, apprendre le bulgare, les traditions, partir pour la Bulgarie culture
Vous informer a adresses petites annonces investir, immobilier liens ...
Livre d'or
Bulgarie France, France Bulgarie
A la une ! Communications diverses : concours Lire... na bulgarski Culture Une nouvelle chaîne de télévision commencera le 1er septembre à diffuser à Sofia et région, a annoncé le ministre de la culture. Cette nouvelle chaîne "Vreme" proposera principalement des films bulgares, affirme son directeur Stanimir Trifonov.
lire l'article
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lire en anglais
Roumen Antonov ...
lire l'article en anglais
Sur le site de l'OTAN, le discours de Mr. Solomon Passy

Rechercher dans ce site : par mots clefs Quoi de neuf 2 adresses transmises par Elka Dimanche 27 avril L'info 24h/24 en anglais Sofia Paris Plovdiv Lyon ... Marseille le 03 mars 2001 Qui sommes-nous Participer au site le site de la CNIL

31. Travel Bulgaria - Bulgarian Travel Guide
Explore bulgaria Travel Guide bulgarian Vacation and Holiday Ideas Tourist ServicesTravel News and Announces Readers Support Photogallery, culture page 1,
Culture: page 1 Culture: page 1
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you would like to go!
RENT A CAR IN BULGARIA More than 100 cars, vans, jeeps, buses available for rent in all Bulgarian cities and resorts This year, This summer, VILLA PHILADELPHIA, Sinemoretz, Bulgaria Site creation and maintenance:

Thursday, 20 March 2003 0933, culture Ministry organizes Days of Russianculture in bulgaria 20 February 2003 read more. Mediaeval

33. Lucky Tours Co: Culture Tours In Bulgaria
ROMAN BYZANTINE TOUR IN bulgaria 8 days Our travel shows you valuablemonuments of the Roman - Byzantine culture in bulgaria.
Hiking Cycling Skiing ... Contact Us Culture Tours in Bulgaria Longing for exploring the past and present traditions, culture and history of an over 1300 years old country in its monuments, religion and live performances? Look no further and read on - our culture tours in BULGARIA are just for you! SIGHTSEEING TOUR OF BULGARIA 15 days The travel begins from the capital Sofia and leads throughout Bulgaria. The most interesting places of interest are the town-museums of Melnik, Nessebar, Koprivshtitsa; the three biggest Bulgarian monasteries, the Roman remains in Plovdiv, the Medieval Stronghold in Veliko Turnovo. BULGARIAN MONASTERIES 15 days We have chosen 21 monasteries for you. Most of them appeared in the Middle Ages and have been restored or rebuilt later. They gained new blaze and importance at the time of the Bulgarian National Revival. The valuable frescos which were often painted by famous painters are extremely popular. VERDI-FESTIVAL, JUNE `99 (6 opera nights at the Roman Amphitheater in Plovdiv) 15 days This tour is unique with its variety - the opera evenings alternate with full of experiences cultural and nature travels.

34. Soc.culture.bulgaria
Comp.Sci.Dept, Utrecht Faqs by Newsgroup. Newsgroup soc.culture.bulgariaGo up to soc.culture. soc.culture.bulgaria FAQ (monthly
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35. Hiking, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Skiing And Culture Tours In Bulgaria
through our web site for ideas for your next holiday we've got 15 trips to choosefrom - hiking, cycling, culture or skiing tours in bulgaria - a country
Cycling Culture Skiing ... DEUTSCH Welcome to Bulgaria! C ome and browse through our web site for ideas for your next holiday - we've got 15 trips to choose from - hiking, cycling, culture or skiing tours in BULGARIA - a country blending its unique atmosphere of beauty of nature, tradition and coziness with the sense for novelty typical for the modern world You are Visitor Number For more Info contact us Lucky Tours Co.
PO Box 7, 4023 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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36. The Sofia Echo - Bulgaria's English-language Newspaper
Online business and political news and analysis, daily news on bulgaria's currentaffairs and Articles covering news, business, culture, sport and entertainment

37. The Sofia Echo - Bulgaria's English-language Newspaper - Links
Comment. Sport. culture Shock. Restaurant Reviews. Classifieds. ABOUT bulgaria, GENERAL, cultureNational Library of bulgaria. culture The National Museum of History.
April 04, 2003 IN THIS ISSUE News Business Features People ... Classifieds ABOUT BULGARIA GENERAL Government History Politics Visa Info ... Useful Numbers SOFIA Sights Day Trips Transport Going out ... Venue Finder BUSINESS Overview Taxation Legal Issues Privatisation ... DISCUSSION BOARD
var q=0; Issue 14 : April 4 to 10, 2003
Links Business: Agency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting Business: American Chamber of Commerce Business: Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business: Bulgarian Foreign Investments Agency ... Newspapers: Online Newspapers Thousands of world newspapers at your fingertips, on the Net Newspapers: Romanian Economic Daily Newspapers: The Baltic Times Newspapers: The Budapest Sun Newspapers: The Copenhagen Post ... Webfactory Ltd.

38. Bulgaria FAQ Index
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39. 1Up Travel > History And Culture Of Bulgaria.
culture In the Middle Ages (especially in the 10th and 11th centuries),bulgaria was the center of Slavic culture. Over the centuries

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Country Flag ... Travel Warning History Despite a turbulent history, Bulgaria is the oldest surviving state in Europe to have kept its original name, and most of the population are descendants of the Bulgar invasion of the south Danube around that time. Culture In the Middle Ages (especially in the 10th and 11th centuries), Bulgaria was the center of Slavic culture. Over the centuries Bulgarian culture has been influenced successively by Byzantine, Greek, Russian, and Western cultures. Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

40. Best Of Soc.culture.bulgaria
Best of soc.culture.bulgaria. Art and culture. PostCommunist developmentsin the media in bulgaria Leigh Hall The Impact of International

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