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         Bulgaria Culture:     more books (79)
  1. Political Parties in Post-Communist Societies: Formation, Persistence, and Change by Maria Spirova, 2007-06-15
  2. Culture, Cognitive Models, and the Performance of Institutions in Transformation Countries.: An article from: Journal of Economic Issues by Eckehard F. Rosenbaum, 2001-12-01
  3. Radio Nova (Bulgaria)
  4. Radio City (Bulgaria)
  5. Radio Bulgaria
  6. X Factor (Bulgaria)
  7. Today in Bulgaria: Everyday Regional Cooking by Margarita Kostova, 2002-05
  8. Advance of socialist culture (30 years since the socialist revolution of Bulgaria) by Georgi M Grigorov, 1974
  9. Bulgarian Wine Book (History, Culture, Cellars and Wines) by Yassen Borislavov, 2004
  10. Cyril and Methodius and Bulgarian culture by Petŭr Nikolov Dinekov, 1981
  11. Building the culture of the developed socialist society, our immediate historic task: Report to the Third Congress of Bulgarian Culture, held on May 18, 19, and 20, 1977 by Li¸ u¸¡dmila Zhivkova, 1977
  12. The mission of culture, responsibility before the future: Report delivered at the International Meeting-Dialogue "The Role of Culture for the Development of Man and Society," Sofia, December 2-6, 1980 by Li¸ u¸¡dmila Zhivkova, 1980
  13. Socialist culture and contemporary social processes by Li¸ u¸¡dmila Zhivkova, 1977
  14. Bulgarian monasteries: Monuments of history, culture, and art by Georgi Ivanov Chavrŭkov, 1978

81. Penpals (Bulgaria) - Email Pals For Exchange Of Language And Culture
Krasen. bulgaria. bulgarian. English. Russian. Chinese, Mandarin. Hi)I am interesting in China, with its culture, nature, history, people.

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83. Bulgaria - History, Culture, People And Many More.
The Republic of bulgaria is a small country situated in the SouthEastern partof Europe and occupies the eastern portion of the Balkan Peninsula.

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T he Republic of Bulgaria is a small country situated in the SouthEastern part of Europe and occupies the eastern portion of the Balkan Peninsula. Its neighbors are Yugoslavia on the West, Romania on the North, and Greece and Turkey on the South. The Black Sea forms its eastern boundary. Land and Climate
Bulgaria’s major river is the 1,750-mile (2,800-kilometer) Danube, which forms much of the border with Romania. The longest river originating in Bulgaria is the Maritsa. Other major rivers include the Iskur, Tundzha, and Struma. The flow of many Bulgarian rivers varies with the season. Some of the rivers become dry by the end of the summer.
The climate of Bulgaria is continental, with warm summers and cold winters. In the southern portion of the country, which is tempered by Mediterranean influences, and along Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast the winters are comparatively mild. The climate is on the whole favorable for agriculture, but it is too cold for the growing of citrus fruits and olives.
People Bulgaria was found in 681 by the Protobulgarians. The Bulgarians descend from the Protobulgarians. The majority of Bulgarians who profess a faith belong to the Eastern Orthodox church.

84. Business Portal Canada Bulgaria / Ressources / Art & Culture
bulgariaFrance - Faire connaître la Bulgarie et les bulgares aux français FR.Canadian Art culture - internet directories on FR * EN
BUSINESS PORTAIL BULGARIE BUSINESS PORTAL BULGARIA Directories Finances Governments Organizations Society ... - fine arts, photography, literature, music, theater, icons - excellent site - BG * EN
Artdrago - Bulgarian music, instruments, art online shop
- Offers more then 200 music CDs - folk, modern, classics, opera and a catalogue of native handicrafted music instruments, as well as arts. EN Bulgarian Art Shop Folk Arts, Fine Arts, Architecture, Musique, Litt©rature EN * BG - Server for Art and Culture - Site in Bulgarian and English on Bulgarian art nad culture. Includes virtual gallery, news, reviews, database of artists, net art, video art, links and other interesting features. BG * EN - Култура и изкуство BG * EN Culture Forum Magazine -reflection of the cultural processes on the Internet. Weekly bulletin, monthly multimedia cultural magazine, discussion forums, knowledge base. BG * EN
Guide : Culture Bulgare - Synth¨se et point de d©part   la d©couverte de la culture bulgare FR * BG Server for Art and Culture - Art et culture bulgare - Българска култура и изкуство EN * BG FR * BG BG Arts et culture au Canada sur

85. Land Of Scenic Splendour, History And Culture
Land of scenic splendour, history and culture bulgaria is an amazing combinationof spectacular scenery and nature, fascinating history, and unique culture.
    Land of scenic splendour, history and culture
      Bulgaria is an amazing combination of spectacular scenery and nature, fascinating history, and unique culture. It is a land of mountains, rich biodiversity, folk music and crafts, mountain villages, and an old-world way of life with a Mediterranean flavour. A trip to Bulgaria will leave you with unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories.
    Old-World Traditions:
    The multifarious people that passed through Bulgaria's territory created a land of rich traditions. Vibrant folklore is seen in villages, in performances by world-renown song and dance troupes, and in pre-Christian pagan rituals. Bulgaria is known for its wonderful architecture, monasteries, wine, cuisine, and art. Natural Beauty and Diversity
    Bulgaria has 7 major mountains ranges, and each offers its own unique spectacular scenery. Volcanic rock formations, natural arches, dramatic canyons, and numerous caves contribute to the breathtaking landscape. The Bayuvi Dupki - Djindjiritza Nature Reserve in Pirin National Park is famous for its centuries old coniferous forest, limestone formations and hundreds of glacier lakes. It has snowcapped peaks and rugged alpine landscapes. 30% of Bulgaria is covered with forest. Over 3500 plant species and numerous animal species are found in Bulgaria. More than 160 species of water birds live in the Sreburna Lake area, close to the Danube River. It is astounding that so much diversity lies in this tiny 110,912 sq. km /43,257 sq. mile territory.

86. Bulgarian Economic Forum
Promotes bulgaria's investment environment to foreign investors. Details of events, activities, founders, Category Regional Europe Business and Economy Organizations...... bulgaria INVESTMENT FORUM PROJECTS AND FINANCING 13 - 15 May, 2003, National Palaceof culture, Sofia, PRESENT your investment project LEARN how to apply for
local time: About BEF Activities Founders and Members Contact BEF ... About Bulgaria Bulgaria poll In your opinion, will Bulgaria close the Iraqi embassy in Sofia? Yes No I do not know quote of the day Milko Kovachev, Minister of Energy Bulgaria Investment Forum - Projects and Financing BULGARIA INVESTMENT FORUM - PROJECTS AND FINANCING 13 - 15 May, 2003, National Palace of Culture, Sofia PRESENT your investment project LEARN how to apply for financing MEET the financiers and the representatives of the Government , SAPARD, ISPA, PHARE FOR THE FIRST TIME REGISTER NOW How to Participate sponsored by: Forthcoming Event :: Investments In Environment INVESTMENTS IN ENVIRONMENT THE WINNING STRATEGY 5 - 6 June, 2003, National Palace of Culture, Sofia
  • Energy Saving Technologies and Renewable Resources Business and Environment, Success Stories and Case Studies
  • Programme About news - 04 Apr 2003 Bulgarian Company Buys Small Hydroelectric Plant for BGN 4.2 mln more Black Sea Naval Organization Prepares for Action more Prime Minister Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Addresses PACE more Round Table Discusses Bulgarian Share in Postwar Iraq more Valeri Dimitrov Recommends BT Holding To Be Restructured more Joint Bulgarian-German Project at Customs Agency Is Launched more

    87. Society And Culture
    for transparency of government at different levels, advocating for more open supplyo Category Regional Europe bulgaria Society and culture http//www
    Access to Information Programm - Bulgaria NGO encourages individual and public demand for information through civic education in the right to know area, works for transparency of government at different levels, advocating for more open supply o
    Category: Regional > Europe > Bulgaria > Society and Culture
    Bulgaria Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 1997
    U.S.Government Information
    Category: Regional > Europe > Bulgaria > Society and Culture Bulgarian military page Bulgarian uniforms, army, Air Force. Bulgarian weapons, aircraft and armor. Category: Regional > Europe > Bulgaria > Society and Culture Parliamentary Elections'97 Results Quoted by Central Election Commission Category: Regional > Europe > Bulgaria > Society and Culture AD.COM Web Directory is based on ODP - Open Directory Project data. No proprietary software was used in the development of this web site.

    88. Bulgaria People: Culture And History Of The Bulgarian People: Their Bulgarian An
    Search Search the net for american based bulgaria bulgarian culture duquesneheld history kolar parallels people symposium their uni walter
    The MyBulgariaCenter Bookstore Search: Home Connect Contact Newsletter ... Culture and History of the Bulgarian People: Their Bulgarian and American Parallels. Ed by Walter W. Kolar. Based on a Symposium Held at Duquesne uni
    by Kolar
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    Keywords: Culture and History of the Bulgarian People: Their Bulgarian and American Parallels. Ed by Walter W. Kolar. Based on a Symposium Held at Duquesne uni, Books, Kolar, Bulgaria, Civilization, Congresses, Bulgarian Americans, Folklore, Balkan Peninsula - History, Culture
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    Here are some other related books: Czar Ferdinand and His People
    Culture and History of the Bulgarian People

    Bulgarian Voices

    The Proto-Bulgarians

    Steven Otfinoski
    New $25.00! Used $18.95! Aviation laws of Bulgaria, the Peopl... J. L. Kneifel Studia protobulgarica et mediaevalia... Univ. izd-vo "Sv.-... Preotkrivaneto na prabulgarskiia kal... Petur D. Dobrev Bulgaria Julian Popescu New $22.95! Used $12.16! Prehistoric Bulgaria Douglass W. Bailey... New $54.00! (Prices May Change) Privacy Information Search: Search the net for american based bulgaria bulgarian ... Advertise With Us This page hosted by , a Novato business committed to building the community, one website at a time.

    89. Index
    The bulgarian Flag Brief History of bulgaria Festivals and Customs Some Useful Tips The Weather in bulgaria Tuorism in bulgaria

    The Bulgarian Flag
    Geography Brief History of Bulgaria Festivals and Customs
    The Bulgarian Flag
    Geography Brief History of Bulgaria Festivals and Customs ... Bulgarian Recipes

    90. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Bulgaria | Introduction
    bulgaria When bulgaria ran away with the topsyturvy capitalist circus,no-one told its people they were swinging without a safety net.
    home search help worldguide ... Related Weblinks
    Bulgaria When Bulgaria ran away with the topsy-turvy capitalist circus, no-one told its people they were swinging without a safety net. Consider that citizens resorted to digging up the streets to pull copper from the telephone wires and you'll realise the act wasn't exactly an overwhelming success. But what the visitor encounters now is a country struggling valiantly to adapt and people who remain remarkably hospitable in the face of social and economic chaos. Urban Bulgaria, especially Sofia, is much changed. In the villages though, you can still find folk who drive the donkey to work, eat homegrown potatoes and make their own cheese. The difference is that they settle down for an evening in front of the satellite TV. Of course, what high inflation means for visitors with stronger currencies (that's most of you), is that the ski and beach resorts are ridiculously cheap. And you don't need wads of cash to appreciate Bulgaria's dramatic mountains, haven-like monasteries, churches, mosques, Roman and Byzantine ruins, and the excellent coffee you'll be offered wherever you go. Full country name: Republic of Bulgaria
    Area: 110,912 sq km

    91. Bulgarians And Romanians Greet March 1 With Marteniza - Martisor
    about this time. In bulgaria and Romania, a very similar custom goesback at least 2,000 years to Thracian and Dacian times. On the
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    Marteniza - Martisor Bulgarian and Romanian Equivalent of Valentine Related Resources Beautiful Bulgaria
    Sofia - 1,600 years old

    Bulgaria - Culture and History

    Romania - Culture and History
    ... From Other Guides Romantic Getaways
    Bulgarian and Romanian men and women send each other greetings, Marteniza or Martisor respectively, not on Valentine's Day, but on March 1st. The Valentine tradition dates back to the Lupercian festival of ancient Rome, a celebration of sensual pleasure. At the end of the 5th century, the Pope replaced it with a festival on honoring the martyred Bishop Valentine. Already in the time of Shakespeare, it was an English custom for young lovers to exchange greetings on February 14th, and the first Valentine greeting cards were printed about this time. In Bulgaria and Romania , a very similar custom goes back at least 2,000 years to Thracian and Dacian times. On the first day of March, people wish each other health and happiness and place a decoration made of red and white woolen threads on their clothes or on their wrist. This is a called a "Marteniza" (MART-EH-NEETSA)in Bulgaria, "Martisor" (MUR-tsee-SHOR) in Romania

    92. MINELRES - Minority Related National Legislation - Bulgaria - Culture
    The summary for this Bulgarian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
    Source: ÄÂ, áð. 50 îò 1 þíè 1999 ã.; áð. 1 îò 2000 ã.

    93. Arte In Bulgaria
    Translate this page ARTE IN bulgaria.
    Home Notizie Forum Club ... Cerca
    Utenti: online ( ) chat ( Conoscere la Bulgaria Arte e Cultura
    Arte in Bulgaria

    Cinema bulgaro
    Attrici ...

    Città e Località

    Economia Agricoltura Banche e Finanza Energia Fiere ... PopFolk e Chalga Valle delle Rose Vampiri Informazioni Mappa Inno Nazionale Scheda Paese Dizionario IT-BG ... Sport Politica e Governo Ambasciate Ambasciata di Bulgaria Ambasciata d'Italia Istituzioni ... Politica ed Elezioni Legislazione italiana Società Bulgari in Italia Diritti umani Informazione Modelle Bulgare ... Viaggio in Auto ARTE IN BULGARIA Arte Cinema Cucina Lingua ... Turismo La regione corrispondente alla Bulgaria odierna ha, nell'antichità, partecipato in grado diverso allo sviluppo civile, secondo la naturale divisione geografica: la parte meridionale, appartenente alla Tracia propriamente detta, gravitante verso l'Egeo e l'Asia Minore; la parte settentrionale o danubiana, appartenente alla Mesia, separata dalla Tracia dalla catena dei Balcani, ostacolo alla penetrazione dal Mediterraneo, esposta agli influssi del settentrione. Questa situazione storico - geografica è stata per così dire ratificata da Roma con la costituzione delle due province di Mesia (15 d.C.) e di Tracia (46 d.C.) i cui confini però andavano oltre le attuali frontiere bulgare, nei territori oggi iugoslavi, romeni, turchi e greci. E' naturale quindi che, trattando dell'arte in Bulgaria, bisogna tener presente il più vasto quadro nel quale essa si sviluppò nei periodi più antichi e nel Medio Evo, e ricordare che questa regione rappresenta il naturale ponte di passaggio fra l'Europa e l'Asia, tra la valle del Danubio e il mare. Nell'età medievale poi l'impero bulgaro raggiunse una grande espansione e ad un certo momento trasferì il suo centro in Macedonia.

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    Culture and Art
    The Bulgarian lands have been inhabited by various tribes that have developed a rich and varied culture.
    The earliest monuments are the drawings found in the Magura cave (Second Millennium BC), the remains from Palaeolitic cultures in several caves in Stara planina (Balkan Mountains) and the Rhodope Mountains . Traces of some seaside Neolithic and Palaeolithic cultures have been found in the areas of cape Kaliakra and the southern seaside town Ahtopol There have been found a lot of remains from Thracian, Old Greek and Roman culture in the Bulgarian lands. The Kazanluk tomb and the Sveshtare tomb are remarkable monuments of the Thracian art. The Kazanluk tomb is from the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 3rd century BC. The murals on the walls of the tomb reflect battle scenes and the symbolic farewell with the Thracian ruler accompanied by three racing chariots. The Sveshtare tomb is built in the first half of the 3rd century BC. The chamber was decorated as a facade of a temple with depicted horseman who takes a golden garland from the hands of a goddess with a religious procession following her. Whole ancient cities have been restored. Some of them are

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