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         Burkino Faso Culture:     more detail
  1. Unbelievable Experiences of an African American World Traveler by Leon Freeman, 2007

1. French Culture | Performing Arts: Salia Feb 2001
from the West African nation of burkino faso is breaking Salia Sanou was born inLéguéma, Burkina faso. Maison des jeunes et de la culture de Ouagadougou
Performing Arts Salia
Debut US Tour: Feb. 17-March 3, 2001 Salia and Seydou trained and worked with Mathilde Monnier at the National Centre of Choreography in Montpellier, France, since 1993. They formed their own company in 1996. In their debut US tour from Feb. 17-March 3, 2001, they will present two dance programs: Figninto (1997), winner of Le Prix du public at Montreal's 1999 Festival International de Nouvelle Dance; and (1999) which received its world debut at the Montpellier Dance Festival in June 2000. Figninto spins a tale in which blindness is a metaphor for our inability to communicate and the fragility of the precious relationships that bind us together. means "one who will not put down a burden." The story of the endless rhythmic struggle of the human body for survival, it is accompanied by traditional African percussion, flute, and shoku (violin). Biographies Born in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Seydou Boro began his professional career with the theatre company

2. Burkina Faso: THE ALL-AFRICA INTERNET GUIDE: Burkina Faso
A Frenchlanguage guide to burkino faso's electoral process. and plenty of official information on the state of the nation. In French. culture. Pan-African Film Festival (FESPACO)
BURKINA FASO With three ISPs and a national telephone number providing local charge Internet Access, Burkina Faso is making considerable strides in developing an Internet infrastructure. The government has embraced the medium and publishes a surprising number of official web sites, from the Ministry of Economy and Finance to Electoral Commission. Most web content is in French.
Web country code: bf general politics culture
Burkina Online
An impressive portal site with news, web mail, chat forums and a directory of Burkina Faso web sites, including many published by the government. Burkina Faso Home Page
Very basic introduction to the country, in French. IBurkina
French-language portal site. Politics
Gouvernement du Burkina Faso Official government site. In French only. Ministry of Economy and Finance An introduction to the country's economic performance with details on reforms, policies and the national budget. Available in English and French. National Electoral Commission

burkino faso president in Havana. Cuba offered Burkina faso its applied system ofliteracy via radio in the spheres of tourism and culture, personnel training in





52 issues per yea r
August 2, 2001 Burkino Faso president in Havana "AFRICA now recognizes that if its unity fails to advance in the current process of globalization, the continent will disappear," President Blaise Compaoré of Burkina Faso told Granma daily in an interview on the recent constitution of the African Union during his visit to Cuba from July 20-23. At its 37th and most recent conference in Lusaka, the Organization of African Unity was replaced by the African Union. Amara Essy, former foreign minister of the Ivory Coast, was elected secretary general of the new body, structured into a commission, a central bank and a parliament. "In this political union, Africa expects to find a far greater will to submerge itself historically, and also to coordinate actions and combine its means to tackle issues of much concern to the population, such as health, education, food and, of course, transportation and communications," Compaoré observed. Regarding his talks with Fidel Castro, who bade farewell to Compaoré at José Martí International Airport, he stated: "We exchanged ideas on issues of fundamental concern to the countries of the South in the historical context of globalization."

4. French Culture | Performing Arts | Salia Ni Seydou: Figninto 2003
compagnie salia nï seydou ministère de la culture et des arts burkina faso odas-africa Boro)from the West African nation of burkino faso is breaking
Performing Arts Salia ni Saydou Figninto 2003
US Tour: January 24-Feb. 8, 2003 The choreographic and dance group (named after the two principal dancers, Salia Sanon and Seydou Boro) from the West African nation of Burkino Faso will tour the US with their production Figninto - The Torn Eye About Figninto "the stranger opens his eyes wide in order to see nothing" Figninto , means "he who does not see," a blind man in the Bambara language. Does one see only with one¹s eyes ? Can one truly see what is around us ? In a world where the irrevocable nature of time shows us how helpless we are, do we have the time to see ? Does one ever take the time to do so ? Having no time cuts off the communication between men and women, forcing us apart even as it forces us further away from the rest of the world. What is the value of friendship if it cannot benefit from time : the time to love, to communicate, to reach each other. We think instead of using our time wisely, saving time, making something worth the time spent on it, even trying to turn time back. With time, everything that exists is perishable. Death. When death comes, it is that hollow space, tenacious, cold, ugly. One says, "he is gone, he was, he is dead". But it is through the one who is gone that we continue to live. So we display our feelings, lay them out for others to look at : our vulnerability, our solitude. Something is glimpsed there through this way of seeing, this torn eye which does not see. Not all is taken away by the annihilation of a human being. Time cannot be controlled, and the race toward our inevitable end does not need to be as frenetic as it sometimes is. One can take little bits of time, pauses, breathers, without pressure from anyone, anywhere. The time to meet, to make friends, to fall in love - it is not counted, it is taken and it is lived.

5. Burkino Faso March 1992
burkino faso March 1992 In March 1992, Revd Dr. John Steele led a SOMA AUSTRALIA Team to the nation of Burkina faso in West Africa. The other team members came from his parish at Littleton in the Diocese of Sydney. team insights into the Burkina. culture which they would otherwise not had.

6. Le Cercle Francophone
Translate this page La burkino faso. index.htm • http// • http//'Art • http//
Qui sommes-nous?

Comment nous contacter?

Voulez-vous vous amuser?
... le Vietnam
La France
La Musique

La Mode

La Suisse
La Musique

La Belgique
La Musique ...

Le Ballet

7. Exploring
the video must be to help explain a tiny bit about the culture of origin but it isan interesting glimpse into life, and the use of the djembe, burkino faso.
(last revision 08/31/99)
I emailed and requested a review copy, which was sent very promptly. Since Adam Rugo's comments were exactly right in so many cases I will quote from his post: "The Mennonites are a Christian denomination whose mission is direct involvement in the world to help people and relieve suffering. (snip) The Mennonites' work goes beyond simple evangelism and conversion to hands-on work to materially benefit the poor and suffering of this world. I have worked with a Mennonite organization here in St. Louis, a shop that sells hand crafts and art work from developing nations. The shop is part of the Mennonites' Ten Thousand Villages program. Through Ten Thousand Villages, the Mennonites are helping craftspeople in the developing world to receive more of the profits derived from the sale of their work in the U.S. than would normally happen in a "for profit" situation (in other words, in every other situation that you find djembe drums for sale). Djembes from Burkina Faso are among the items that Ten Thousand Villages offers for sale." Adam also wrote: "As a non-profit organization, the Mennonite Central Committee probably had little in the way of financial resources to put into the video, so 9 minutes was probably all they reasonably could afford to produce. Also, you have to imagine the purpose of the video. If it's available for loan, the MCC must want people to see it regardless of whether the MCC receives any money for it. The purpose of the video must be to help explain a tiny bit about the culture of origin and use of the djembes Ten Thousand Villages stores sell. This is quite different from "for-profit" videos we have seen produced to really teach specific djembe rhythms and to earn income for the djembe teachers and producers of such videos."

8. FMI - Fulani Culture Menu
Fulani Ministries International is an interdenominational Christian ministry that aims to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Fulani people in burkino faso, and wherever else they may be. Fulani culture. 1. Insights into Fulani culture An extract from the book PEOPLES ON THE MOVE.
Fulani Culture
. Insights into Fulani Culture: An extract from the book - PEOPLES ON THE MOVE 2. Our Vision: Christ at home in the life of the tents: An extract from the book written by David J. Phillips (due for publication 2001). 3. Other Nomadic People Groups across the World: Nomadic peoples are whole societies that support themselves by occupations that require systematic travel.
A Fulani Mother

9. Brief Overview Learning And Research Program On Culture And Poverty
Learning and Research Program on culture and Poverty to India in a multicountry pilot), Bolivia, burkino faso, Djibouti . Ecuador, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi,

10. Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | September Fever
as one of the regime's tools for promoting Italian culture, through the Chahine (Egypt),Danis Tanovic (Bosnia), Idrissa Ouedraogo (burkino faso), Ken Loach
12 - 18 September 2002
Issue No. 603
Current issue
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Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875 Recommend this page
September fever
Seeing 11 September at the 59th Venice Film Festival, Hani Mustafa zooms in on political import In its nearly 60 years of existence the Venice Film Festival has never been free from politics. Soon after it was established in 1932 it witnessed the rise of fascism. And as one of the regime's tools for promoting Italian culture, through the war years festival screenings were exclusive to Italian and German films. Its grand prix was even christened the Mussolini Award. From 1943 to 1946 the festival was discontinued, and when it reemerged its return was incorporated into the nation-wide celebration of the end of fascism. This year Venice coincides with the memory of 11 September and a remarkable Special Event screening marked the occasion. Directed by 11 filmmakers from around the world, 11 September is a rich and varied offering that generated debate even prior to being screened. Consisting of 11 mini features of 11 minutes and 9 seconds' duration each by Samira Makhmalbaf (Iran), Claude Lelouch (France), Youssef Chahine (Egypt), Danis Tanovic (Bosnia), Idrissa Ouedraogo (Burkino Faso), Ken Loach (Britain), Alejandero Gonzalez Inarritu (Mexico), Amos Gitai (Israel), Mira Nair (India), Sean Penn (USA), Sohei Imamura (Japan), respectively the film services various and often glaringly contradictory viewpoints ranging from mournful recall of the World Trade Center explosions to sympathy with those crushed by the American military machine. While not constituting a significant development for the filmmakers involved indeed at times they seem to be treading well worn territory the films reflect political perspectives in the process of translating cinematically.

11. Information Literacy Archive - ICT And Learning Online
wrote a 68 page paper on burkino faso The paper contained maps, charts, comparisonsof economic indicators and information on culture, religions and nz information literacy archive information literacy:
information literacy:

information literacy:

school libraries and teacher-librarians
Please contact the editor,

to lodge material in the Information Literacy Archive Metacog Ltd 2001 Gwen Gawith: Digitised Cinderellas 2001 Cathy de Moll: The Internet and September 11 disaster 2001 Mark Treadwell: Cognitive and conceptual development ... 1994 Gwen Gawith: new technologies: new skills for information literacy. information literacy:
Technology and learning: a rent-a-luddite perspective
Keynote at TUANZ ‘97 CONFERENCE:
Education Stream : Auckland, 7th August 1997 Gwen Gawith I’ll begin with my favourite current quote: Stop the disc drive... I want to get off! Now that cry may sound surprising from someone who spends most of his spare time writing computer programs and is currenly writing a system that deserves at least a knighthood to help teachers cope with the planning and recording demanded by the National Curriculum. It is just that I believe Information Technology is a waste of a good computer... You can do a lot with a pencil, not only can you chew it, you can write with it and draw with it. Shakespeare never had one, neither did Da Vinci... Einstein did but he worked it all out in his head. Just think what the ‘greats’ accomplished without even a pencil, never mind Information Technology.

12. Senegalese Education Fund Library - Youth, Education And Culture In Africa
Africans on their own terms within the context of their culture, and (2 of storiesand traditions from her native tribethe Dagara of burkino faso, Africa.

SEF Home

Our Mission


Activities Update
E-mail Contact
Senegalese Education Fund Library
Youth, Education and Culture in Africa
Madoulina : A Girl Who Wanted to Go to School (Story from West Africa)
by Joel Eboueme Bognomo, Joe Eoueme Bognomo, Joe Eoueme Bognmo
From Kirkus Reviews
Order online from
Lessons from Mount Kilimanjaro : Schooling, Community, and Gender in East Africa
by Amy Stambach "Lessons from Mount Kilimanjaro is an ethnographic study of a school and community in East Africa. Stambach focuses on the role school plays in the development of the children's identity and relationships to their parents and community, as well as in the development of the region. At issue here are the competing influences of Western modernity and the cultural traditions of East Africa-ideas about gender roles, sexuality, identity, and family and communal obligations are all at stake. Stambach looks at the controversial practice of female circumcision in the context of school and community teachings about girls' bodies and examines cultural signifiers like music, clothing and food to discuss the tensions in the region." Editorial Review Order online from

13. INASP | African Journals OnLine Subjects
Arts, culture, Language and Literature Acta Theologica (South Africa); Akroterion SINETEthiopian Journal of Science; Sud Sciences et Technologies (burkino faso);
AJOL includes journals on Agricultural Sciences Arts, Culture, Language and Literature Health Science and Technology ; and Social Sciences
Agricultural Sciences and Resource Management

14. ECAADe 99 Liverpool, UK
to both the intellectual 'high brow' and the 'popular culture' audiences. offeringssuch as the annual International film festival in burkino faso in recent
The University of Liverpool, UK

August 18-21, 2000
Africa 2000 - the context Despite this 'gloomy' analysis, the African art scene is thriving. There has been the upsurge of various African art forms such as music, literature, film, art and design. This invigorating cultural scene has appealed to both the intellectual 'high brow' and the 'popular culture' audiences. African art forms have gained recognition and acceptance worldwide, from Latin American salsa music, through genres of European pop, to current contemporary art and media offerings such as the annual International film festival in Burkino Faso in recent times. African orientated artists, such as Jean Claude Basquiat, and Chris Ofili have achieved international acclaim for their work, whilst the Congolese artist, Tshibumba Kanda-Matulu, is famous internationally for his work on colonialism. The Notting Hill Carnival in London, of Afro-Caribbean origin, has substantial African and African-inspired contributions to the carnival through song, food and dance. The same is true of the carnival extravaganzas in Rio de Janeiro, Trinidad and elsewhere. African culture also has a significant influence on the development of cultural forms and styles that informs street cultures and youth styles, such as 'rap' and street fashion across the globe. This upsurge in African derived cultural creativity needs to be considered critically. Who has ultimate economic and political control of the African cultural market place? Who determines what African cultural forms and styles are relevant and accepted at international levels? Has the viewing of African art forms and culture changed from its perceived 'exotic' status at the beginning of the 20th century? Most importantly how relevant is art and culture to African personal perceptions and life in the new millennium?

15. South African Arts & Culture: Popular Culture (2)
in South Africa which is doing a tremendous amount for local culture. selectionof films from all over Africa, including Zimbabwe, burkino faso, Zaire, Mali



fine art


photo: Siddique Davids
Boy George brings his travelling rave show to Johannesburg POPULAR CULTURE .... Overview - part 2 / part 1 Go to: Shebeens Clubs Bat Centre Contents page (continued) And there's lots more. Techno-raves and acid-house music have found their own variations in local culture. Musicians from throughout Africa perform in nightclubs like La Frontiere in Hillbrow, Johannesburg - in fact, in nightclubs dotted throughout the city. On offer is an exotic, heady blend of music. Search it out - it's among the best examples of popular culture. And you could catch a famous pop figures like The Rolling Stones or Michael Jackson on their African adventure. South Africa, is, in a sense, a melting pot: there are cultural influences here, mutating and in flux, from Britain, the United States, Europe, from China and the East, all combining with cultures created by local history. For spectacle, there's the familiar Boswell Wilkie circus with acrobats, animals and oh-so-local clowns whose slapstick pokes fun at us. We could be in the middle of Europe. Then there's the Coon Carnival (yes, that word's still used, but it's lost its racial connotations) in Cape Town on the day after New Year, a colourful, brightly-costumed Mardi Gras of competing bands, as South African as bobotie or vetkoek. Food is another manifestation of popular culture. It ranges from sumptuous traditional Cape cooking inherited from the early white settlers, to traditional boerekos meaty farm fare to bunny chow (a hollowed-out half-loaf of bread stuffed with curries) to pap and wors, the maize porridge/spicy sausage combination that's almost a national emblem. But for popular culinary culture you'll have to tour the city streets where you'll find everything from sheep's head, trotters and chicken feet cooked on the pavement while you wait to Italian pizzas and American-style hamburgers for sale.

16. INASP | AJOL Titres De Revues
Arts, culture, language et littérature Acta Theologica (South Africa); Akroterion EthiopianJournal of Science; Sud Sciences et Technologies (burkino faso);
Matières et titres
Accès à des revues africaines aux sujets de sciences d'agriculture arts, culture, language et littérature santé sciences et techniques ... sciences sociales
Sciences de l'agriculture

17. Discussion Forum - African Culture
Demonstrations,Classes,Workshops, Performances and/or Choreography from various regionsof Africa (Senegal,Guinea, Mali,Ivory Coast,burkino faso as well as Cuba

18. Discussion Forum - African Culture African culture (http//www regionsof Africa (Senegal,Guinea, Mali,Ivory Coast,burkino faso as well as

19. Dogon, Mali - Sacred Sites - Martin Gray
are believed to have migrated to somewhere in the region of burkino faso, Guineaor region before the arrival of the Dogon; these were the Toloy culture of the
Sacred Sites of the Dogon, Mali
Binu shrine, Bandiagara escarpment, Mali
Sacred sites of the Dogon people, Mali. The Dogon are an ethnic group located mainly in the administrative districts of Bandiagara and Douentza in Mali, West Africa. This area is composed of three distinct topographical regions: the plain, the cliffs, and the plateau. Within these regions the Dogon population of about 300,000 is most heavily concentrated along a 200 kilometer (125 mile) stretch of escarpment called the Cliffs of Bandiagara. These sandstone cliffs run from southwest to northeast, roughly parallel to the Niger river, and attain heights up to 600 meters (2000 feet). The cliffs provide a spectacular physical setting for Dogon villages built on the sides of the escarpment. There are approximately 700 Dogon villages, most with fewer than 500 inhabitants.
Dogon or Dogom , but in the older literature they are most often called Habe
Dogon village of Songo, with mud mosque, Mali
Masques Dogons (1938) and (1948). The latter work was published in English in 1965 under the title

20. ClayGate 960 : Africa
Africa (General) cuisine - culture - education - geography travel - government Tunisia- Western Sahara, Western Africa - Benin - burkino faso - Cape Verde
960 - Africa ; African history DDC Africa (General)


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