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         Burma Geography:     more books (58)
  1. Burma: Something Went Wrong (Art Catalogue) by Chan Chao, 2000-07
  2. The Game Birds of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka: Including Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet
  3. Geology of India & Burma, 6e by Krishnan M.S., 2006-08-17
  4. The census and women's work in Rangoon, 1872-1931 [An article from: Journal of Historical Geography] by M. Satish Kumar, 2006-04-01
  5. American Geographical Society (Around the World Program) (Set includes: Burma, New Zealand, France, Venezuela, Bahamas, Columbia.) by American Geographical Society, 1960
  6. Romancing colonial forestry: the discourse of 'forestry as progress' in British Burma.: An article from: The Geographical Journal by Raymond L. Bryant, 1996-07-01
  7. Landforms of Burma: Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park, Three Pagodas Pass, Hukawng Valley, Pangsau Pass, Diphu Pass, Shan Plateau, Gulf of Martaban
  8. Three Deltas: Accumulation and Poverty in Rural Burma, Bengal, and South India. (book reviews): An article from: The Geographical Review by Bimal Kanti Paul, 1993-01-01
  9. Chasing the Dragon: Into the Heart of the Golden Triangle by Christopher R. Cox, 1997-09-15
  10. Burmah and the Burmese by Kenneth R. H Mackenzie, 1853
  11. The History of Myanmar (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations) by William J. Topich, Keith A. Leitich, 2010-11-30
  12. India and Jambu island,: Showing changes in boundaries and river-courses of India and Burmah from Pauranic, Greek, Buddhist, Chinese, and western travellers' accounts, by Amarnath Das, 1931
  13. Nayaks of Tanjore by V. Vriddhagirisan, 1995-04-01
  14. The Crisi of the Early Renaissance, Civic Hummanisn And Republican Liberttyin an Age of Age of Classicison And Tyranny by Hans Baron, 1966

61. GEOG 341: Burma (Myanmar): The Geographies Of Anti-Development
PJ Perry, 'Myanmar, the new burma the changing geography of an unchangingpolitical order', Cahiers d'Outremer, 1997. (English
home course information 300 level courses
2003 Course Information Summer School Course: 3 points
Prerequisite: 12 points of 200 level Geography, including GEOG 202, or in special cases with approval of the HOD. Course dates:

6 January to 10 February 2003. Introduction:
This course will address the issues outlined above from a geographical perspective and in terms of the failure to develop the country's resources and the consequences. Particular (but not exclusive) attention will be paid to the period between 1962 and 1988 in the context of anti-development. The course will be at an intellectual level appropriate to final year undergraduate study while recognising that it will necessarily also be an introduction to unfamiliar territory for many students.
Course structure:
The course begins with a reading week commencing January 6th 2003 and a class meeting at 2pm in Geography Room 243 that day. Lectures will begin on Monday January 13th and will extend over 2 weeks. They will be held at 9am in Geography Room 243. The final test (duration 2 hours) will be held on Monday January 27th at 11.30am in Geography Room 243 and will count for 50% of assessment. The hand in date for the 2000 word project (see below) will be Monday February 10th.

62. Myanmar Voyages Travels And Tours From Myanmar (formerly Burma)
Myanmar in Brief. geography. The Land Myanmar, known as Suvanna Bhumi(the Golden Earth ) in the olden days for its fertile land and
International Tourism Co., Ltd. Home Myanmar in brief Where to visit Tour Programs ... geography
Myanmar in Brief
The Land
Myanmar, known as Suvanna Bhumi (the Golden Earth ) in the olden days for its fertile land and rich natural resources is the largest country in the South-East Asia Peninsular sharing borders with Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. With a total land areas of 676,577, it is about the size of Texas and the size of United Kingdom and France combined. The country stretches over 2090 km from north to south and over 925 km east to west. It has a 2832 km long coastline on the Indian Ocean. Over 50 percent of the total land area is covered with forests. Climate
As Myanmar lies mostly in the tropical region with three seasons, cool on the North, arid in the middle, raining and wet in the South. The best time for visitors is from October to February. The Hot Season from mid - February to mid - May, the Raining Season from mid - May to mid - October and the Winter Season from mid - October to mid - February.
Myanmar is a Union of 135 ethnic groups with their own languages and dialects. The major races are the Bamar, the Chin, the Kachin, the Shan, the Kayah, the Kayin, the Mon and the Rakhine. The name Myanmar embraces all the ethnic groups. The population of Myanmar is over 51 million with the Bamar, the majority race, making up about 70 percent. The official language is Myanmar. English is widely spoken and understood.

63. Geography Department, Cambridge ยป Janice Stargardt
(eds. van Kooij, K. and M. Klokke). Groningen, Egbert Forster 2001, 33 pp., 8 pls.'The Historical geography of burma; the creation of enduring patterns in the
@import "/sitetech/extra.css"; You are in: Home People Affiliated staff Janice Stargardt ... Contacts
Related websites: Scott Polar Research Institute University of Cambridge
J Stargardt, MA DLett
Affiliated Lecturer, PACSEA Senior Research Fellow, College Lecturer, Fellow, Tutor and Director of Studies at Sidney Sussex College , (Foreign Professor, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sorbonne)
Janice Stargardt works on the environmental and historical geography/archaeology of South and South East Asia, especially on the long record of interactions between societies and their environments and cultural and commercial exchanges.
Contact details
Postal address: Department of Geography
University of Cambridge
Downing Place
Cambridge CB2 3EN E-mail Telephone Fax
  • Evans Fellow in South East Asian Archaeology, Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge Ford Foundation Fellow, in South East Asian Archaeology, Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge Senior Research Fellow, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge

64. Awesome Library - Local Information
Topics Countries -geography -Regions -USA Afghanistan Africa Albania AlgeriaAngola British Columbia Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso burma Burundi Cambodia
Awesome Talking Library Examples ... Keystone Family Protection
Here: Home Library > Local Information
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65. Houghton Mifflin Electronic Publishing - The Houghton Mifflin Dictionary Of Geog
Houghton Mifflin Dictionary of geography. Site of ancient Mon and burman kingdoms,burma was a province of British India from 1886 until 1937, when it became a
The Houghton Mifflin Dictionary of Geography
Places and Peoples of the World
by Editors of The American Heritage Dictionaries (Editor)
The Houghton Mifflin Dictionary of Geography is a comprehensive geographic dictionary that helps readers identify places and peoples of the world. It is an ideal companion to a Web news site that may carry news from obscure or unfamiliar places, since it includes entries for peoples and languages from all parts of the globe. This reference provides a wealth of current information about the world we live in. Entries provide detailed capsule histories for nations, regions, empires, and major cities from early historical times to the present. In addition, the Dictionary also covers physical geography and thousands of smaller cities and communities.
Key Features:
Technical Specs:
Product Available Electronic
File Size
Other Associated Files
Houghton Mifflin Dictionary of Geography [SGML] 3.9 MB NONE DTD, ENTITIES Sample Entry: Back to Top Electronic Licensing Home Trade Home Trademark Information

66. Online Burma Library > Main Library > Geography > Human Geography > Demography >
home search alphabetical list of subjects main library reading room burma press summary. Home Main Library geography Human geography

67. EdNA Online - Search
Resources across the curriculum on burma/Myanmar. Includes geography, environment,history, politics, international relations, society, business and economics
Search or Browse Related Sites Alliances Discussion Lists ... Advanced Quick Links School Education Higher Education International Education Technical Standards ICT Leading Practice ICT Research National Software Evaluat... OzProjects The Learning Federation UNESCO Standard Search Advanced Search Find: Look for: All the Words Any of the words The Phrase in All the Browse Categories General References Higher Education Educational Organisations School Education Search in: EdNA Evaluated pages Australian sites World-wide sites EdNA Collections Items linked to EdNA evaluated pages or: External collections G.E.M. VOCED Top Level School Education Curriculum Resources Cross Curriculum Studies of Asia Burma/Myanmar
Resources across the curriculum on Burma/Myanmar. Includes geography, environment, history, politics, international relations, society, business and economics, law, education, literature, media and arts. China
Resources across the curriculum on China and Taiwan and Chinese culture. Includes geography, environment, history, politics, international relations, society, business and economics, law, education, literature, media and arts. India
Resources across the curriculum on India and Indian culture. Includes geography, environment, history, politics, international relations, society, business and economics, law, education, literature, media and arts.

world, web, online, interactive, internet, geography, geographic, country, countries,education, educational, learning, humanities, social MYANMAR (burma)

69. Rama_geography
People, geography, government, economy http// Factshttp//; Map
u "THE RAMAYANA, an Enduring Tradition: its Text and Context" u WAYANG
The Ramayana in Southeast Asia
GEOGRAPHY Students in small groups work in the computer lab to research background on one of the Southeast Asian countries below. They report on one of the Southeast Asian coutries below:
CAMBODIA MALAYSIA VIETNAM ... INDONESIA Links were assembled at Corte Madera Middle School for Donna Kasprowicz's 6th grade class.

burma + burma + burma + geography +-Location Southeastern Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal
Source: U. S. Department of Commerce - National Trade Data Bank, May 6, 1999
TradePort is an authorized distributor of STAT-USA data.
Burma Main Menu
Developed by SAIC Internet Solutions

71. Political And Cultural Geography Of Southeast Asia
Slides of Physical and Cultural geography. Myanmar (burma) Area 261,218 sq miles1999 population 44.7 million Capital Rangoon Major Cities Mandalay Primary
Dr. Susan Russell POLITICAL AND CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY OF SOUTHEAST ASIA Slides of Physical and Cultural Geography Recommended References
  • The Rice Economy of Asia , by Randolph Barker, Robert W. Herdt, with Beth Rose, 1985. Washington, D.C.: Resources for the Future. "Southeast Asia: An Introduction", by Ashok K. Dutt, pp.1-19. IN Southeast Asia: Realm of Contrasts , ed. By Ashok Dutt. Boulder, CO: Westview Press. "The Geopolitical Base", by P. Karan and W. Bladen, pp.20-35. IN Southeast Asia: Realm of Contrasts , op.cit. "The Physical Environment", by Allen Noble, pp.36-52. IN Southeast Asia: Realm of Contrasts , op.cit. "Environmental Crisis", by Peter Dauvergne, p.27 of Far Eastern Economic Review , July 15, 1999. Southeast Asia: An Illustrated Introductory History
  • Recommended Film: The Goddess and the Computer , by J. Stephen Lansing and Andre Singer. Documentary Educational Resources, Watertown, MA. This film introduces you to the complexity of irrigated rice agriculture in Southeast Asia by focusing on traditional agriculture and the ritual regulation of water delivery and planting cycles on the island of Bali in Indonesia. It also discusses the problems that arose when development agencies tried to 'modernize' this system. The purpose of this lecture is to introduce students to the main geographical features of Southeast Asia. The list below presents 1990 census information and a few characteristics of each country. For maps of each individual country and a short list of updated facts, you may contact the National Geographic website:

    72. Burma And The Burmese
    The best way to understand burma's geography is to start with a largescale viewof Asia its major land masses, its archipelagoes, and the bodies of water
    Burma and the Burmese
    A Historical Perspective
    by Eric S. Casino edited by Bjorn Schelander with illustrations by Ann Hsu Partially funded by the U.S. Department of Education Center for Southeast Asian Studies School of Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies University of Hawai'i July 1997
    List of Illustrations Preface Chapter One: LAND AND PEOPLE Student Activities
    Answer Key
    List of Illustrations
    • Burmese Fishermen Temples of Pagan Shwedagon Pagoda Chinthes (mythical creatures) Burmese Ox Cart Fisherman in Northern Burma
    In 1989, following the rise to power of the new regime, the SLORC (State Law and Order Restoration Council), the official name of the Union of Burma was changed to Union of Myanmar. Many place names were either given new spellings to correct British mistransliterations or replaced by their pre-colonial era names. For example Pagan was replaced by Bagan, Rangoon by Yangon, and Maymyo by Pyin Oo Lwin. However, these new names are not widely used outside (or, for some, inside) the country, and most recent literature has retained the old names and spellings. Hence, to avoid confusion, the old names and spellings will also be retained in this text (including the terms "Burma," "Burman," and "Burmese"). It should be noted that specialists on Burma make an important distinction between "Burman" and "Burmese." The term

    73. Legend Of The Birman:Sacred Cat Of Burma
    (Sacred Cat of burma) BIRMAN. geography of burma (Myanmar). One should knowa little about the country that gave birth to the Birman breed and its legend.
    The Legend of the Sacred Cat
    KATASCALI CATTERY best viewed in 24 bit color
    The Legend of the Sacred Cat of Burma History of the Birman Breed
    Hindu-Buddhist infulance on todays Temple

    Geography of Burma
    The Legend of the Sacred Cat of Burma
    Many centuries ago by a sparkling lake, in a valley surrounded by majestic mountains, the temple of Lao-Tsun was guarded by 100 yellow-eyed white cats with long silken hair. The temple housed a beautiful golden goddess with sapphire blue eyes who watched over the transmutation of souls. The head monk, Mun-ha, whose beard had been braided with gold by the enlighten one, often knelt in meditation before the golden goddess,Tsun-Kyan-Kse. At his side was his faithful and beloved companion, a beautiful temple cat named Sinh. Sinh would always shared in his master's meditation. As the monk meditated, Sinh would gaze steadily at the golden goddess beautiful sapphire blue eyes. A veil of mystery surrounding this initial background of the Birmans. According to the explorer, Auguste Pavie who made a study of this subject stated the pointed cats of all colors, some mitted and some not, can be seen in todays temples.

    74. BUBL LINK: 915.9 Geography And Travel: Southeast Asia
    document Location usa CIA World Factbook 2000 burma Basic reference informationabout Myanmar (burma), including details of geography, people, economy
    BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
    915.9 Geography and travel: Southeast Asia
    Titles Descriptions
  • Asia Tour: Cambodia
  • Asia Tour: Laos
  • Asia Tour: Malaysia
  • Asia Tour: Myanmar ...
  • World Travel Guide: Vietnam
    All links checked August 2001 Comments:
    Asia Tour: Cambodia
    Maps, photographs, information on Cambodia and its people, and general tourist information on the country and its regions.
    Author: Diethelm Travel
    Subjects: asian travel and tourism, cambodia
    Location: thailand, asia
    Asia Tour: Laos
    Maps, photographs, information on Laos and its people, and general tourist information on the country and its regions. Author: Diethelm Travel Subjects: asian travel and tourism, laos DeweyClass: ResourceType: promotion Location: laos, asia
    Asia Tour: Malaysia
    Maps, photographs, information on Malaysia and its people, and general tourist information on the country and its regions. Author: Diethelm Travel Subjects: asian travel and tourism, malaysia DeweyClass: ResourceType: promotion Location: thailand, asia
  • 75. CyberSleuthKids: Burma
    Home geography Asia burma. SEARCH RESULTS 1 6 of 6 - Banknotesof burma Pictures of banknotes from burma along with country specific info.
    Home Fun and Games Science Math ...
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    Dinosaurs ...
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    Stay up-to-date! Sign up for our mailing list Subject Themes Dinosaurs Civil War Educational Software US States ... Ancient Civilizations Clipart Mathematics Explorers Inventors ... Lessons US History Search: Home Geography Asia Burma SEARCH RESULTS 1 - 6 of 6
  • - Banknotes of Burma
  • 76. CIA -- The World Factbook -- Burma
    burma, geography, Top of Page. Location Southeastern Asia, borderingthe Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Bangladesh and Thailand.
    Use the browser controls to return to previous page Burma Introduction Geography People Government ... Transnational Issues Burma Introduction Top of Page Background: Despite multiparty elections in 1990 that resulted in the main opposition party winning a decisive victory, the military junta ruling the country refused to hand over power. Key opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient AUNG San Suu Kyi, under house arrest from 1989 to 1995, was again placed under house detention in September 2000; her supporters are routinely harassed or jailed. Burma Geography Top of Page Location: Southeastern Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Bangladesh and Thailand Geographic coordinates: 22 00 N, 98 00 E Map references: Southeast Asia Area: total: 678,500 sq km land: 657,740 sq km water: 20,760 sq km Area - comparative: slightly smaller than Texas Land boundaries: total: 5,876 km border countries: Bangladesh 193 km, China 2,185 km, India 1,463 km, Laos 235 km, Thailand 1,800 km Coastline: 1,930 km

    77. - The Tutorial Website Geography Tutorials
    Congress Classification/Class G geography. Anthropology. Recreatio , Social geography , burma/geography ( More ) Tutorials

    78. Thailand Geography
    CIA 1993 Factbook geography Thailand geography Thailand. LocationSoutheast Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, between burma
    Thailand Geography Thailand Geography
    Thailand eography
    , Add to My Yahoo! all of Yahoo! just this category. Thailand Geography
    Thailand Geography Thailand Geography
    - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography ... , Climate; Home; Page; Country Index Thailand Geography : Location: Southeastern Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand , southeast of Thailand Geography 2000 - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography; Home; Page; Country Index Thailand Geography 2000: Location: Southeastern Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand , southeast Northern Thailand Geography
    Thailand Thailand Geography Thailand Geography Thailand Geography
    . Situated in Southeast Asia, Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist kingdom almost equidistant from India and China. Known by outsiders as Siam for Thailand Thailand Tours Reservation
    Food in Thailand . Central, Herbs, North, Northeastern, South. General Info. Economy, Geography , History, Miscellaneous, People, Religion. Top of Page. Introducing Thailand Geography
    Geography Thailand
    is located in Southeast Asia on the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, shares

    79. Top 20 Geography: Asia: Burma - A Directory And Selection Of The Best Websites F
    Bookmark this Page, Top 20 AZ, Make Top 20 Online your Start Page. Top 20 GeographyAsia burma, burma, Maps. InfoNation.
    TOP 20 Online ... Top 20 A-Z Make Top 20 Online your Start Page
    Top 20 Geography: Asia: Burma
    Burma Maps ... InfoNation
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    80. What's New
    Added The 2nd Battalion, The burma Rifles. 4 January 1999. Added burma geography- a summary of terrain, communications and population, 4 January 1999. Links
    What's New 07 July 2002 Poland Updated: Vehicle symbol for 1st Polish Parachute Brigade 6 July 2002 East Africa Added: East Africa Force - 6th November 1940 3 March 2002 Palestine New 17 February 2002 Trans-Jordan Added: additional notes on the TJFF gleaned from annual British reports to the League of Nations (UN) on the operation of their Mandate and from other web sources January 2002 Added: RSM Leslie Grant, TJFF 19 January 2002 Campaigns Revised 25 November 2001 East Africa Added: East Africa Command - 20th December 1942 11 October 2001 Trans-Jordan Added: Memoirs of a TJFF officer - John Needham Vaughan 30 September 2001 Allied Forces Updated: Czech Infantry Battalion No 11 East 22 December 2000 Campaigns Added: Greece - 12 April 1941 29 December 1999 The Burma Campaign Added: 17th Indian Infantry Division at the Bilin River, 15 February 1942 2 April 2000 Added: Japanese 15th Army , January 1942 25 January 2000 Added: Chinese Expeditionary Force in Burma, 1942 25 January 2000 Trans-Jordan Updated: The Trans-Jordan Frontier Force 23 December 1999 East Africa Added: 22 (East Africa) Infantry Brigade Campaigns Updated: Crete 1941 - OB now reorganised, minor units added, some corrections

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