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         California Education Parent Resources:     more books (16)
  1. "Partnerships of schools, tribes, communities, parents, and businesses" INAR/NACIE joint issues sessions NIEA 22nd Annual Conference - San Diego, California, October 15, 1990 (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:341539) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1990
  2. Laws about tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs a guidebook for California's parents and educators (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:379560) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1994
  3. "Parental involvement" INAR/NACIE joint issues sessions NIEA 22nd Annual Conference - San Diego, California, October 16, 1990 (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:341538) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1990
  4. Child-care aid and quality for California families focusing on San Francisco and Santa Clara counties : Growing Up in Poverty Project (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:455030) by U.S. Dept of Education, 2001
  5. A Resource Manual for Parent and Community Involvement in Nutrition Education Programs (Net Nutrition Choose Well Be Well) by Janet Lundin, 1984
  6. A Resource Manual for Parent and Community Involvement in Nutrition Education Programs
  7. Teen parents selected resources for vocational preparation (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:324415) by Sheri C. Kallembach, 1990
  8. Parent involvement contracts in California's charter schools strategy for educational improvement or method of exclusion? (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:384120) by Henry Jay Becker, 1995
  9. Trainer's manual for working together for quality education: Seminars for parents of children with exceptional needs. An awareness program designed for ... of Education Office of Special Education by Anne Langstaff Pasanella, 1979
  10. Parents and their informational resources a reassessment of findings from Alum Rock (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:375985) by Patricia M. Lines, 1993
  11. Cross Cultural Resource Center Institute on Parent Participation: An evaluation report (Applied Anthropology Documentation Project) by John U Ogbu, 1978
  12. Parent opinions about standardized tests, teacher's information and performance assessments (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:378227) by Lorrie A. Shepard, 1993
  13. Professional supplement to accompany To parents of children with special needs: A manual on parent involvement in educational programming by Anne Langstaff Pasanella, 1977
  14. Boulder Valley schools teen parenting program an exemplary vocational education program serving a population with special needs, (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:326696) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1990

1. Parent Resources
University of california, Berkeley, california, to encourage provided by the USDepartment of education. parent resources for reading and language arts, as
General Information for Parents Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet Filtering Software for Safety Publications for Parents ... Parents Web Tour General Information for Parents
50 Ways Parents Can Help Schools
Administration for Children and Families
Advice to Parents
Issues of interest for parents concerning children from preschool through adolescence.
Angie's Parent Programs
A guide for parents in conjunction with the satellite broadcasts to help parents learn more about technology and how they can help children achieve success at school.
Awesome Clipart for Kids
Student and family-friendly free clipart, coloring pages, backgrounds, banners, and wallpaper with aliens, animals, cats, creatures, dogs, education, and more. Created and maintained by 13-year-old Tom Brown.
Canadian Parents Online
Information, news, and discussions on parenting from Canada.
The Children's Partnership
Their mission is to inform leaders and the public about the needs of America's 70 million children, and to engage them in helping children.
Child Development
The National Network for Child Development provides this comprehensive site on the child development of children from infants to eleven years of age. The information includes intellectual, social, emotional, and brain development.

2. Education World® : Parents Community
drew attention in Arizona, california, Michigan, and and US Department of EducationSecretary Richard W parent Soup parenting resources about children from

Parents Community

At School:

Afterschool Care

Choosing A School/District

At Home:
Home Activities


Home-to-School Connection

At Issue:
Kids "At-Risk"
Kid's Health Kids With Special Needs School Issues ... Home Parents Community What I’ve Learned About Cultivating Parent Involvement Educator Max Fischer has found that successful teaching often hinges on employing a wide variety of instructional methods to meet student needs. In this Voice of Experience essay, Fischer reflects on how getting parents involved in their students’ education also requires a variety of approaches. Should Schools Parent Our Kids? Should the community expect teachers and administrators to deal with problems or potential problems that do not directly affect students during the school day? Should parents want schools to take on the role of raising their kids? New Paperback Spotlights Students' Best Writing! The teachers of Greenwood School created Greenthumb Publishing Company to grow better writers. This year, Greenthumb Publishing has sprouted "TWIGS" (short for The Writers Inside Greenwood School)

3. Welcome To TEAMS Distance Learning
Provides elementary and middle school teachers support in the areas of content mastery, skill enhancement Category Reference education Directories...... parent resources. Star Schools legislation through the US Department of education ProgramInfo Standards (Correlated to TEAMS Programs) california State Buy
Beginning Teachers Career Center Classroom Projects Diverse Student Population ... TEXT Version
TEAMS Distance Learning brings exemplary learning opportunities to K-8 students, teachers, and parents across the United States through nationally televised satellite broadcasts and the Internet. Learners use instructional technologies to access a combination of the best features of time-dependent (synchronous) video-based instruction along with time-independent (asynchronous) computer access to multimedia and the Internet. TEAMS Distance Learning is one component of the (LACOE Telecommunications and Technology) division, a service of the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE). Funded in part by Star Schools legislation through the U.S. Department of Education About Us Program Info Standards (Correlated to TEAMS Programs) ... Contact Us

4. Free Resources
parent Sites resources of Houghton Mifflin education Place. National parent InformationNetwork - Informational Center for parents SAN FRANCISCO california.
What is SFSV? Information for Volunteers SFSV Programs Get your business involved ... E-mail Us!
San Francisco Unified School District
California Department of Education

California Education Data Partnership

US Department of Education
- An internet-based education information service of the ERIC System, which is a federally-funded national information systems that provides services and products on a broad range of education-related issues.
National Association of Partners in Education
- The National Association of Partners in Education is the only national membership organization devoted solely to the mission of providing leadership in the formation and growth of effective partnerships that ensure success for all students.
California Partners in Education
Public Education Fund Network - The Public Education Network (PEN) assists local education funds (LEF) and other organizations to unite and engage their communities in building systems of public schools that result in high achievements for every child.
- An electronic collection of resources for parents and educators on school readiness, sponsored by the ERIC Clearinghouse.

5. Education World® - Parent Resources : *Associations & Organizations
Sisters is a nonprofit organization that matches children from single-parent homeswith CAPTA - california State PTA Promotes the education and well

6. Education World® - Parent Resources : Children's Health : Mental Health & Guida
Up One Level TOP parent resources Children's Health Mental of General ServicesOffice of State Printing california. Copyright 2000 by education World, Inc

7. California Department Of Education Home Page Special Education
the blind and visually impaired students in california. grounding for family involvementand parent education programs. requirements, and the resources available
California Department of Education Home Page Special Education Division Home Page Help
Information Publications Training and Technical Assistance Opportunities Recruitment
Special Education Links for Families and Professionals Statewide Assessment California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA) Will be an alternate to California's Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) and will meet the requirement for an alternate assessment Accommodation-Modification Terminology and Matrix This tool may be used to help inform practitioners of the terminology and categorization concerning specific test conditions. Guidance for STAR Out-of-Level Testing New State Board of Education Policy Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services Guidance on State and District-wide Assessments The OSERS has published guidance about provisions in IDEA '97 related to students with disabilities and state and district-wide assessments. Differential Proficiency Standards and the High School Exit Exam This official memorandum discusses local district options regarding application of local differential proficiency assessments and answers questions about the high school exit examinations and students with disabilities.

8. SCOE Resources: Information About Schools And Education
results of STAR testing, california’s statewide but the online resources here areuseful reading instruction, preschool education, parent involvement, special
special education
from the Sonoma County SELPA is also available.
School Wise Press GreatSchools: California
California Department of Education Educational Demographics ... Parent Information and Resource Centers
This site, created in support of the federal government's No Child Left Behind legislation, gives contact information and an overview of the many regional parenting centers throughout the U.S. So far, no Parent Centers are located near Sonoma County, but the online resources here are useful. The Connections section identifies parenting organizations and federal agencies and projects including migrant education, reading instruction, preschool education, parent involvement, special education, and more. Education Week

9. Irvine Unified School District: Parent Resources
of student data for state reporting to the california Department of education. ParentSupport for the Student Internet Use If you would like help
home schools enrollment faq ... site map search: Family Life Matters
A compilation of family life education offerings and parent support groups sponsored by various agencies in and around Irvine. A Parent's Guide to Talking with Your Child About the War With Iraq
Children and youth often know more, worry about more and ask less than we realize. This guide provides some ideas for bringing up difficult topics and helping you reassure your child. Irvine School Readiness Program
The Irvine School Readiness Program, a collaboration between parents and professionals, provides an assortment of services to help families with children in the 0-5 age range and early care providers develop skills that build strong families and healthy children who are learning and ready for school. Tips for Preventing Student Substance Abuse
Here are some valuable tips for parents relative to preventing substance abuse. Common Sense Tips for Student Internet Use
Here are some thoughtful guidelines for every student who spends time on-line.

10. LHS Parent Portal, Recommended Family Education Resources
MATH Lawrence Hall of Science University of california Berkeley, CA Publishers helpsparents and educators with innovative resources in parent education.
LHS Home Parent Portal Getting Involved at School
Recommended Family Education Resources
FAMILY MATH one of the EQUALS programs out of the Lawrence Hall of Science, is designed to promote math equity and access to all students, regardless of race, gender, or class. The goal of the program is to promote parents as effective partners in helping their children succeed in mathematics. It focuses entirely on diverse families learning mathematics together, using inexpensive materials and hands-on, problem-solving activities. Children and adults come together once a week for several weeks, doing most activities in small groups with two or three families working together. Best of all, they put into practice at home the ideas they've developed in class. FAMILY MATH activities illustrate concepts that reinforce the school math curriculum and demonstrate the importance of mathematics to future work and education.
FAMILY MATH transforms student attitudes toward mathematics, gives parents a sense of confidence, re-energizes teachers, and builds community. For more information on setting up or participating in a program, or to obtain FAMILY MATH publications, please communicate with:

11. LHS Parent Portal, Resources For Field Trips
published by the Marine Activities, resources education (MARE) Program 2003 TheRegents of the University of california Contact parent Portal Updated
LHS Home Parent Portal Great Things to Do at Home with Math and Science
Resources for Field Trips
Here are some suggested activity guides and field guides compiled by the to enhance your exploration of the wild world. Activity Guides Aquatic Project Wild Aquatic Education Activity Guide by Western Association for Fish and Wildlife Agencies
Wester Regional Environmental Education Council. Boulder, CO 1987 The Cooperative Sports and Games Book by Terry Orlick
Pantheon Books, New York. 1987 The Kids' Nature Almanac by Alison Smith
Crown Trade Paperbacks, New York. 1995. More New Games by Andrew Fluegelman
Dolphin Books/ Doubleday, New York. 1981 New Games by Andrew Fluegelman
Dolphin Books/Doubleday, New York. 1981. Sharing the Joy of Nature Activities for All Ages by Joseph Cornell
Dawn Publications, Nevada City, CA. 1989 Sharing Nature with Children by Joseph Cornell
Dawn Publications, Nevada City, CA. 1989.

12. Special Education Resources Centers: Non-profit Organizations
National parent to parent Support Information Services Alabama Special EducationAction Committee california FresnoExceptional parents Unlimited Garden
Internet Special Education Resources
Special Education Non-Profit Resources
Providing Nationwide Services Providing Regional and Local Services

13. Parent/Family Web Page parent and Family resources. california Department ofeducation resources california Department of education; CDE Press;
Cristina Parodi, Parent/Family Liaison
Phone: (858) 569-5410
Email: Parent and Family Resources California Department of Education Resources

14. California State PTA - Resources
parent education (English) parent education (Spanish) Reflections Coordinator SafetySchool education Activities School california State PTA 930 Georgia Street
PTA in California
The Communicator

Job Descriptions

List of PTA Materials

Worksheets for Local PTA Officers and Chairmen

The following WORKSHEETS are available for download as PDF files: Acrobat Reader required.


Financial Secretary

Parliamentarian ... Treasurer District Auditor Convention Chairman Financial Secretary Leadership Services ... Treasurer Unit Administrator Auditor (English) Auditor (Spanish) Citizenship ... Capta Store California State PTA 930 Georgia Street · Los Angeles, CA 90015-1322 Telephone: 213/620-1100 · Fax: 213/620-1411 Contact Us Site by Stats by

15. San Bernardino City Unified School District
education World parents Center School Success california Testing Programs california Dept. of education parent resources US Department of education

16. Government Resources And Links
parent Community; educational resources; Government resources; Other Service (IRS);US Department of education; Thomas Federal State of california resources.
Welcome to the Yolo County Office of Education Website! Home Page Board of Education YCOE Departments Employment ... Contact Us Important Links Home Page
  • YCOE Site Map YCOE Site Search
  • Contact Us ... Other Office's of Education
    Federal Government Resources State of California Resources Legal Resources

    17. New Parenting Resources - Parent News
    Privacy Policy and Legal Notices Copyright © 2001 parent.Net All Rights drivers edor also driver education california or california driver education.
    See the new plus size Spring fashion
    collection of plus size clothing
    Parent News New Parenting Resources
    New Resources Child Safety
    Divorce and Your Children

    Family Fun
    Special Needs Children

    Some of our trusted friends:
    Wooden Hangers


    Photo Frames

    Refridgerator Magnets
    ... Contact us Please let us know how we can help you! and Legal Notices Friday, 04-Apr-2003 12:08:39 GMT

    18. University Of California - Agriculture And Natural Resources
    about the University of california, Agriculture and GIS Intern Environmental educationIntern Family Assistant Pilot Testing parent education Programs Public

    19. Document Title
    Lawrence Hall of Science University of california, Berkeley where parent ResourcesThis page is on the Los Angeles County Office of education site.
    Resources and Links Links for Students Links for Parents Links for Teachers College Links
    Links for Students Weather Weather Weather

    AccuWeather, Inc.


    Interactive Weather Maps

    National Weather Service Data
    ... The Leonids, Live!
    Coverage of the historic 1998 Leonid Meteor Shower from the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
    PS 64's Library Links

    A public school librarian created this site to assist students in research. Excellent site. Bill Nye the Science Guy
    Requires Macromedia Flash Yahooligans
    A webguide for children created by Yahoo! Inc. Berits Best Sites for Children A directory of safe, recommended websites for children up to age 12. Each selected site has been carefully reviewed and given a rating out of 5. Newseum The interactive site from the Newseum, the museum of

    20. Links And Resources
    Top Organizations parent resources Searching Curriculum resources california State Department of education; 2000 STAR test results.
    Links and Resources
    Top Organizations Parent Resources Searching ... Curriculum Resources (Technology Services also maintains a Links and Downloads page) RUSD Employees: Access your OpenMail E-mail here!
    Top Organizations Parent Resources Searching ...
    Parent and Community Resources
    Top Organizations Parent Resources Searching ... Curriculum Resources
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