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         California Nutrition And Health Programs:     more books (15)
  1. Eat Smart School Nutrition Program Guide (Go for Health Series)
  2. Healthy Choices Healthy Me Nutrician Program Complete (GRADE 1 AND 2 PERSONAL HEALTH AND NUTRITION CONCEPTS) by DAIRY COUNSIL OF CALIFORNIA, 2002
  3. This California community project can improve your health.(The Ceres Community Project, a feeding program): An article from: Women's Health Letter by Unavailable, 2010-02-01
  4. Dr. David Reuben's Quick Weight-Gain Program (tm): Safe, Easy Weight Gain for Every Age and Situation by David Reuben M.D., 1996-03-05
  5. California pediatric nutrition surveillance: 1989 CHDP program data summaries by Gloria Johnson-Barrows, 1991
  6. The Omega-3 Connection: The Groundbreaking Antidepression Diet and Brain Program by Andrew Stoll, 2002-03-05
  7. California dietary practices survey: Focus on fruits and vegetables, trends among adults, 1989-1993, Topline report by Susan B Foerster, 1994
  8. Food intake and human function: A cross-project perspective of the collaborative research support program in Egypt, Kenya, and Mexico by Doris Howes Calloway, 1988
  9. Breaking the Headache Cycle: A Proven Program for Treating and Preventing Recurring Headaches by Ian Livingstone, Donna Novak, 2004-01-01
  10. Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover: An Accelerated Program of Exercise and Nutrition for Maximum Results in Minimum Time by Bob Greene, 2004-12-21
  11. Demonstrating cost-effectiveness of nutrition services for children with special health care needs: A national network by Dena R Herman, 1999
  12. Food practices of the Mexican-American in Los Angeles County: Including a method for evaluating the diet by Virginia M Gladney, 1976

1. CA 5 A Day - Redirecting...
california Dept. of health Services describes its "5 a Day" and other nutritional programs. Find promotional materials, recipes and activities. student health, the california Department of Education, nutrition Services Guidelines On nutrition, Physical Activity, and Cancer is to improve nutrition and physical activity.
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2. Martindale's Health Science Guide: Nutrition Center
Join this feebased fitness service for personalized training consultation. Features exercise instruction, diet plans and nutrition programs. Fitness programs. Global health Fitness is 100% committed Since beginning my health and fitness programs, I have lost on your outstanding health and fitness programs. To be able
M artindale's H ealth S cience G uide -
* Food Science * Food Management *
* 1,000's of Recipes *
- Latest Update -
US/Pacific Thursday, April 3, 2003
Sydney, Australia Friday, April 4, 2003
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NUTRITION OVERVIEW World Daily Reports Nutrition Journals Nutrition (All Inclusive) Nutrition ... On-Line Nutrition Calculators NUTRITION INTERACTIVE Anatomy - Know Your Body! Body Composition Analysis Food Chemistry (Microbiological Methods ... Nutrition Resources A uthor: Jim Martindale
Production, Newport Beach, California. C onsultant: Frank Potter S pecial thanks to the: UCI Science Library Department of Defense National Institutes of Health National Science Foundation Martindale's 'The Reference Desk' Martindale's Health Science Guide; Subsections within, are the sole property of James G. Martindale are hosted by UCI Science Library and various other sites around the world NUTRITION OVERVIEW WORLD DAILY REPORTS Current time is: Singapore US/Pacific UTC/GMT/ZULU Cairo Sidereal Time (US only) or Julian Date Your current time is: The World Clock World Time Zone or Cities * States * Countries in Asia Australia ..New Zealand Pacific ... S. America

3. California Adolescent Health Collaborative - Legislation
(.pdf file). Use the california Project LEAN GIS Application to map nutritionand other health related data including nutrition and school health programs and

Access to Health Care
Calfiornia Budget Childhood and adolescence are critical times for the development of good dietary habits and physical activity. Adolescent nutrition and physical activity are important for the development of bone density and the prevention of obesity. Obesity has become more prevalent, now affecting approximately one out of five adolescents, a two-fold increase over the past two decades. California adolescents, like their adult counterparts, are far from meeting many of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The CalTEENS survey found that well under half of adolescents surveyed ate the recommended amount of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Surveys have found that between 10-14% of adolescents in California engage in almost no physical activity. On average, California teens spend 47 minutes involved in vigorous physical activity and 130 minutes watching television or playing video games each day. This year, the California Legislature is taking a comprehensive approach to adolescent nutritional and physical health by focusing on a broad spectrum of nutrition and fitness issues including:

4. Earth Is Enough-health Food And Nutrition Needs In Lake Elsinore,
Contact us for your entire vitamin, health food, and nutrition needs. We have health programs and products custom designed for your specific needs. Located in Lake Elsinore california.

5. School Health Programs
by the USDA and california nutrition Network to has separate departments responsiblefor nutrition Services and with the School health programs Department to

6. CA Department Of Health Services: Cancer Prevention And Nutrition Section
and initiatives of the california Department of Education food assistance and childnutrition programs because of on fruit and vegetable consumption and health.
California Home Navigation DHS Home CPNS Home CPNS Campaigns Nutrition Network CA 5 a Day Retail 5 a Day Latino 5 a Day ... Skin Cancer Prevention CPNS Navigation About CPNS Policy Objectives Funding Professional Partnership ... Feedback Cancer Prevention and Nutrition Section
Policy Objectives CPNS Policy Objectives: The mission of the Cancer Prevention and Nutrition Section is to reduce the one-third of cancer deaths in California caused by poor diet, physical inactivity and excess sun exposure. A second goal is to promote good health and help reduce the incidence, prevalence and costs of all diet- and physical inactivity-related diseases, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. To achieve these ends the Section leads the three large-scale public/private social marketing campaigns, conducts regular population surveys of adults, teens and children, and oversees various research projects. Being aware of the state's negative trends for healthy eating, exercise and weight and in view of available resources, the Section proposes to concentrate its efforts and take responsibility within the Department for stimulating the achievement of three fundamentally critical behavioral objectives, namely:

7. SHAPE California
working together to improve the health and academic success of california children. nutritionmessage in child nutrition programs, classrooms, and
California Dept of Education A-Z Index Search Help ... CDE Home SHAPE California is a network of over 90 school districts working together to improve the health and academic success of California children. Working as a team, child nutrition staff, teachers, school administrators, family, and the community work to provide a consistent nutrition message in child nutrition programs, classrooms, and throughout the school environment. The SHAPE California Approach Strategies for Success - order from CDE Press articipant List Criteria for Maintaining Active Participation Work Plan Self Assessment Menu Planning Options ... Nutrition Competencies for California's Children Pre-Kindergarden - Grade 12 DRAFT Improving Children's Health Throught a Comprehensive Nutrition approach: an Evaluation of Nutrition Education in SHAPE California, 2001
Executive Summary

Final Report

This page is maintained by NSD.

8. ERS/USDA Briefing Room - Food And Nutrition Assistance Programs: Project Databas
food and nutrition assistance programs FANRP project descriptions. ProjectFood Security and health Outcomes in the california health Interview Survey.

9. ERS/USDA Briefing Room - Food And Nutrition Assistance Programs: Project Databas
Food Security and health Outcomes in the california health Interview Survey; nutritionand health Outcomes of USDA Food and nutrition Assistance programs;
Jump over Nav Bar search home briefing rooms ... project descriptions food and nutrition assistance programs:
FANRP project descriptions
Select a research project for more information:

10. Nutrition Services
administered by the Cancer Prevention and nutrition Section of the california Departmentof To turn the tide towards better health, programs such as the
Michele Lawrence
Superintendent Volume 1 Issue 1 What's In Season; Farmer's Market News School Nutrition Programs What the Teachers Are Saying ... ... A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Supporters
Nutrition Education News
Berkeley Unified School District California Nutrition Network Program
2001-2002 Volume 1, Issue 1
If you would like to make a contribution or donation, please contact the BUSD Nutrition Network Program office at What is the Network? The California Nutrition Network (CNN) is a campaign to promote healthy eating and a physically active lifestyle, administered by the Cancer Prevention and Nutrition Section of the California Department of Health Services. Why is this campaign important?
In the United States, childhood obesity has doubled in the past ten years and in the past five years, childhood Type II diabetes has tripled. These health problems, in turn, increase the risk to cancer and other types of chronic disease such as heart disease and stroke. According to a 1993 study (McGinnis), one in four deaths can be attributed to poor diet and inactivity. In addition, a 1996 Harvard Report on Cancer Prevention revealed that adult diet and obesity are the second cause of cancer, after tobacco. To turn the tide towards better health, programs such as the gardening and cooking classes provide experience-based nutrition education, teach life skills, improve students' abilities to learn, and help instill healthier eating and exercise habits that will make a difference in their adult health.

11. CA Home Page CA Governor Home Page Home
Most homedelivered meal programs provide their clients with a hot meal five daysa week delivered by staff or 0, california nutrition and health PROMOTION.

12. 100% Campaign: California Child Health Programs
shots; dental, vision and hearing screenings; nutrition checkup california Children'sServices (CCS Cal or other state assistance programs for health care, such
California Child Health Programs Medi-Cal for Children
Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM)

Healthy Families

Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP)
Eligibility Calculator

Use CHAMP-Net's eligibility calculator to find out the program for which you are eligible. Medi-Cal for Children
Program Summary
Provides comprehensive health insurance for low-income children in California. Who is eligible?
  • Children from birth up to age 21.
  • U.S. Citizen, legal resident and certain other immigrants may receive full-scope Medi-Cal.*
  • California Resident.
  • Children who meet the following income eligibility levels:
    • Birth up to 1: up to 200% FPL ($36,800 for a family of four)
    • Age 1 up to 6: up to 133% FPL ($24,472 for a family of four)
    • Age 6 up to 19: up to 100% FPL ($18,400 for a family of four)
    • Age 19 up to 21: up to 92% FPL ($16,928 for a family of four)
  • Resources such as property and cars do not count for children and pregnant women who are eligible for No-Cost Medi-Cal. They also do not need to complete a personal interview and can mail in their application.

13. Dairy Council Of CA - FAQ
All Dairy Council of california nutrition education programs and materials are evaluatedon an ongoing Can I copy your health professional materials?

Are all materials available to health professionals free of charge?
If you are a health professional residing in California, the materials are free. Those residing outside California may purchase the materials.
What client materials do you have available? Making Meals Matter for your Young Child
Pregnancy - A Special Time for Nutrition

The Calcium Connection - Healthy Bones from One Generation to Another

Which health professionals are eligible to receive free materials? Free Dairy Council materials are available to California health professionals who are involved in nutrition education for the public, such as physicians, dietitians, health educators, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other allied health professionals.

14. Web Links For Satellite Programs And Distance Learning
and Natural Resources, Food and Agriculture, and nutrition and health. Karen BerkeANR Communication Services University of california Davis, CA 95616.

Distance Learning Web Links for Satellite programs and Distance Learning
Web Links for Satellite Programs and Distance Learning
The websites listed below include a wide variety of distance learning and distributed learning resources that we think you may find useful.
Agriculture and Natural Resource Distance Learning Programs
For listings of satellite programs, internet and videotape courses, and degree programs in the areas of agriculture and natural resources, go to A*DEC (American Land Grant Distance Education Consortium). A*DEC is a distance education consortium of state universities and land grant colleges. The A*DEC database includes satellite events and training programs, courses, and degree programs in Children, Youth and Families, Community/Economic Development, Distance Education and Technology, Environment and Natural Resources, Food and Agriculture, and Nutrition and Health.

15. NIEHS Center For Environmental Health Sciences - OUTREACH
to organizations responsible for nutrition education in public schools in california,WIC and Food Stamp programs, as well as to health care professionals and




Community Outreach and Education Program
Results of the Marin County Town Hall Meeting on "Breast Cancer and the Environment."
More >>

Patricia Wakimoto, DrPH, RD, COEP Director
  • University of Southern California Cancer Genetics Unit
  • UC Cooperative Extension, the outreach arm of the University of California
  • Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and the Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program (FSNEP) provides nutrition education to low-income families, food stamp program participants and teachers in K-12 public schools
  • Adelante, a not-for-profit organization which serves primarily the Latino population in the northern California Bay Area. The organization provides adult education, vocational training and referrals to other community resources.
  • West Berkeley Family Practice Clinic, a provider of primary care and social services to low-income people of all ages
  • Nuestra Esperanza, a not-for-profit organization, which operates a multi-cultural activity center. Nuestra Esperanza's mission is to promote the emotional, spiritual, social, educational, and physical well-being of Latino families, individuals and others separated from the community by language and cultural barriers. Nuestra Esperanza is committed to meeting the needs of all individuals who lack support, with specific attention being given to those who have traditionally not been able to access services.

16. Envirnomental Healths Science Jobs, Internships, & Opportunities | Environmental
Posted March 25, 2002 Come to california and join who is experienced in evaluatingpublic health programs focused on behavior change in nutrition and/or
Environmental Health Sciences University of California, Berkeley F/T: Evaluation Specialist: Sacramento Posted: March 25, 2002
Come to California and join the dynamic team that originated the 5 a Day Campaign! We have an opening for an individual who is experienced in evaluating public health programs focused on behavior change in nutrition and/or related areas. Sacramento is a fine place to live - affordable, close to skiing in Lake Tahoe, sophistication in San Francisco, and wine in the Napa Valley. The position description follows; feel free to share it with others. If you would like to know more, please give me a call or e-mail me.
Sharon B. Sugerman, MS, RD, FADA
Research Scientist I
Research and Evaluation Unit
Cancer Prevention and Nutrition Section
PO Box 942732, MS-662
Sacramento, CA 94234-7320
916-324-3059 (phone)
916-322-1532 (fax)
The Cancer Prevention and Nutrition Section of the California Department of Health Services has a full-time position for a highly energetic team player for the California 5 a Day Campaign and the California Nutrition Network. The position is based in Sacramento. Requirements: Masters, ABD, DrPH, or Ph.D. in public health, psychology, social science, nutrition, public policy or related discipline. Need experience working with diverse community-based groups and institutions in participatory models of evaluation. Applicant should possess demonstrated knowledge of models of behavior change and of evaluating systems change and capacity-building initiatives. Experience in: evaluation design and implementation; consultation and technical assistance; and developing and managing processes and systems for evaluation and assessment. Must have exceptional interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills, and the proven ability to communicate with diverse audiences in a multi-culturally competent manner.

17. Health Education Council Resource Links
Expanded Food and nutrition Education Program Food Stamps Kids health Public healthInstitute SHAPE california Network of child nutrition programs USDA Food
Resource Links
Save Ourselves (Y Me of Sacramento)

Breast cancer support and advocacy
Cancer Fatigue

Cancer treatment information for caregivers and patients
American Cancer Society

National Association of Breast Cancer Organizations

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum ... Blackwomenshealth Promoting African American womens health Women's Cancer Resource Center Support services for women with cancer NUTRITION LINKS 5 a Day for Better Health American Dietetic Association California Department of Health Service California Endowment ... CANfit California Adolescent Nutrition and Fitness Program Dairy Council of California Department of Health Services Dole 5 A Day EFNEP Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Food Stamps Kids Health Public Health Institute SHAPE California Network of child nutrition programs USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center Weight-Control Information Network (WIN) A teenager's guide to better health TOBACCO PREVENTION LINKS National African American Tobacco Education Network (NAATEN) National Network on Tobacco Prevention and Poverty (NNTPP) California Dept. of Health Services Tobacco Control Section

18. The Tie That Binds - Linking Children's Health Insurance With School Nutrition P
the prototypes to state child nutrition directors around the name and address to thehealth programs so the The california Department of Education analyzed the
Table of Contents
Executive Summary


The Obstacles

The California
This report is also
available as PDF File
Given the significant impediments to the alignment of eligibility between the School Lunch Program and Healthy Families/ Medi-Cal, the Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools project turned its attention to other ways of linking the School Lunch Program with Healthy Families/ Medi-Cal. Specifically, we engaged in legal research and discussion with school officials and state agencies to fashion an outreach campaign using the School Lunch Program. In collaboration with the California Department of Education (CDE), the Department of Health Services (DHS), DHS' School Health Connections office, and the Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (MRMIB, the administrator of the Healthy Families program), Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools has focused on using the School Lunch Program to inform more families about Healthy Families/ Medi-Cal. The effort has shown significant promise.

19. My Nevada County - Living Here - Health
to go for assistance from a myriad of california health programs. to Mental and Behavioralhealth services and nutrition For many American people, nutrition is
April 04, 2003
Living Here Health
Wellness Programs

Links or contact information for area hospitals and clinics.
Immunizations are available under several government- subsidized programs at area public and non-profit clinics.
Medi-Cal/State Health Programs

Where to go for assistance from a myriad of California health programs.

Mental Health

Links to Mental and Behavioral Health services and resources. Nutrition For many American people, nutrition is very important. Staying healthy is not only for oneself, but also for those around you. Information available to young and old alike... Restaurant/Food Inspections Nevada County's food inspection program, including lots of information on how to keep food safe. Substance Abuse Prevention Programs to reduce or prevent substance abuse. Wellness Programs Wellness programs are mainly meant for the healthy to continue living healthy. Other Site Sections Senior Health Services Health services for senior citizens. Seniors County Links Free and confidential health services for teens. Tools Second Unit Housing Task Force Agendas and minutes of meetings are now available online.

the latest research on wine and health, so you Barbara Schneeman, Ph.D. Professor,Department of nutrition, University of california, Davis Sunday

Back to Programs

Nutrition Weekend
March 22 and 23, 2003
Weight Control and Psychology
Instructor: Seth Roberts, Associate Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley
Saturday, March 22
Included with day pass

Spy magazine.
The History of Obesity
Instructor: Lou Grivetti, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis Saturday, March 22 Included with day pass The Body Beautiful in Art Included with day pass
The human body has been passionately depicted throughout the centuries in clay and stone, paint and photography. This slide lecture uses some of the finest art works in history to illustrate how culture, history, wealth and survival shape our perceptions of beauty. Included with day pass For centuries, wine consumption has been associated with many medicinal benefits and blamed for many ills. From arteries to zinfandel, this class will investigate the latest research on wine and health, so you can make better-informed decisions about what you drink. One wine will be tasted.

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