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         Canadian Prime Ministers:     more books (101)
  1. Leadership to Save Canada: Is Paul Martin Fit to be Prime Minister? Can He Meet the Challenge of Change? by Howard Shaver, 2006-07-06
  2. Eighteen Men : The Prime Ministers of Canada by Gordon Donaldson, 1985-05
  3. Pierre Elliot Trudeau: The Fascinating Life of Canada's Most Flamboyant Prime Minister (Amazing Stories) by Stan Sauerwein, 2004-05-18
  4. Mackenzie King: Friends & Lovers by Louise Reynolds, 2006-07-06
  5. What Is Stephen Harper Reading?: Yann Martel's Recommended Reading for a Prime Minister and Book Lovers of All Stripes by Yann Martel, 2009-10-05
  6. Marching together: after many years of keeping a distance between Canadian and U.S. defence relations, the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper ... from: Canada and the World Backgrounder by Gale Reference Team, 2006-05-01
  7. John A MacDonald: Revised (The Canadians) by Peter Waite, 2000-02-08
  8. Ministerial responsibility for national security as it relates to the Offices of Prime Minister, Attorney General, and Solicitor General of Canada by J. Ll. J Edwards, 1980
  9. Cabinets And First Ministers (Canadian Democratic Audit) by Graham White, 2005-06-07
  10. Elected Dictatorships.(Canadian government)(includes related articles on prime minister and Bilderberg Council): An article from: Canada and the World Backgrounder
  11. The Politics of Kim Campbell by Murray Dobbin, 1993-01-01
  12. Who's who: among world leaders.(PROFILES): An article from: Junior Scholastic by Gale Reference Team, 2007-10-29
  13. The president's news conference with President Vicente Fox of Mexico and Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada in Waco, Texas.(Week Ending Friday, March ... Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents by Gale Reference Team, 2005-03-28
  14. Our Prime Minister on Afghanistan.(CANADA)(Stephen Harper): An article from: Catholic New Times by Barry McGrory, 2006-11-26

41. Canadian Prime Ministers Since 1867
world and newsAlmanac—Countries—Canada canadian prime ministers Since 1867.Term, Prime Minister, Party. 1867–1873, Sir John A. Macdonald, Conservative.
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Countries ... Canada
Canadian Prime Ministers Since 1867
Term Prime Minister Party Sir John A. Macdonald Conservative Alexander Mackenzie Liberal Sir John A. Macdonald Conservative Sir John J. C. Abbott Conservative Sir John S. D. Thompson Conservative Sir Mackenzie Bowell Conservative Sir Charles Tupper Conservative Sir Wilfrid Laurier Liberal Sir Robert L. Borden Conservative Sir Robert L. Borden Unionist Arthur Meighen Unionist W. L. Mackenzie King Liberal Arthur Meighen Conservative W. L. Mackenzie King Liberal Richard B. Bennett Conservative W. L. Mackenzie King Liberal Louis S. St. Laurent Liberal John G. Diefenbaker Conservative Lester B. Pearson Liberal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Liberal Charles Joseph Clark Conservative Pierre Elliott Trudeau Liberal John Turner Liberal Brian Mulroney Conservative Kim Campbell Conservative Liberal
Population by Provinces and Territories
Canadian Governors-General Since 1867

42. Canadian Prime Ministers
canadian prime ministers. The Great Canadian Quiz canadian prime ministersTest your knowledge of Canada's prime ministers with this quiz.
Canadian Prime Ministers
Macdonald, Sir John Alexander, 1815-1891

Information on Canada's first prime minister. Macdonald, Sir John
The Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute presents this brief biography. Macdonald, Sir John Alexander
A brief biography on the first prime minister of Canada. Diefenbaker, John
Articles, photographs and other information on Canada's 13th prime minister, John Diefenbaker. Trudeau, Pierre
A short history of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau's political contributions regarding the Quebec separatist movement. Prime Minister's Web Site
A biography and message from the current prime minister as well as an explanation on the role of the prime minister. Which Prime Minister would you like to know more about?
This site gives an index of all of Canada's Prime Ministers, their terms of office and political affiliation. It also has links to biographies, picture and major speeches for each. The site has text available in English and French. The Great Canadian Quiz: Canadian Prime Ministers
Test your knowledge of Canada's prime ministers with this quiz. Prime Ministers
Photographs, biographies and speeches from each of the prime ministers of Canada since 1867.

43. Canadian Prime Ministers
Year, Prime Minister. Party. 1935, W. Mackenzie King, Liberal. 1948,Louis St. Laurent, Liberal. 1957, John Diefenbaker, Progressive Conservative. News Elections People ... E-Mail Us Year Prime Minister Party W. Mackenzie King Liberal Louis St. Laurent Liberal John Diefenbaker Progressive Conservative Lester Pearson Liberal Pierre Trudeau Liberal Joseph Clark Progressive Conservative Pierre Trudeau Liberal John Turner Liberal Brian Mulroney Progressive Conservative Kim Campbell Progressive Conservative Jean Chretien Liberal Advertising Private Policy Jobs

44. Canadian Prime Ministers
canadian prime ministers. Thanks to AnnMarie Chastko for the followinginformation Con - Stands for Conservative, Progressive Conservative
Canadian Prime Ministers
Thanks to Ann-Marie Chastko for the following information: Con - Stands for Conservative, Progressive Conservative and Lib - Stands for Liberal.
  • Sir John A. MacDonald , Lib-Con, July 1st 1867 - Nov 5th 1873 Alexander Mackenzie , Lib, Nov 7th 1873-Oct 8th 1878 Sir John A. MacDonald , Con, Oct 9th 1878-June 6th 1891 Sir John Abbott , Con, June 15th 1891 - Nov 24th 1892 Sir John Thompson , Con, Nov 25th 1892 - Dec 12th 1894 Sir MacKenzie Bowel l, Con, Dec 13th 1894 - Apr 27th 1896 Sir Charles Tupper , Con, Apr 27th 1896 - July 8th 1896 Sir Wilfred Laurier , Lib, July 9th 1896 - Oct 6th 1911 Sir Robert Borden , Con, Oct 7th 1911 - July 10th 1920 Arthur Meighan , Con, July 10th 1920 - Dec 29th 1921 W.L. Mackenzie King , Lib, Dec 29th 1921 - June 28th 1926
    Compare Newspaper Reporter Mackenzie King in Diefenbaker's Day Off Arthur Meighan , Con, June 28th 1926 - Sept 25th 1926 W.L. Mackenzie King , Lib, Sept 25th 1926 - Aug 30th 1930
    Compare Newspaper Reporter Mackenzie King in Diefenbaker's Day Off R.B. Bennett

45. Français Contact Us Help Search Canada Site Fly Your Flag! Fly
canadian prime ministers A Who's Who. Who was Prime Minister the daythe maple leaf flag became Canada's national flag? Under whose

Fly Your Flag!
A Ceremony of Citizenship and Pride Get Out Your Pencils! Flag Games ... Hot Links
Canadian Prime Ministers: A Who's Who
  • Who was Prime Minister the day the maple leaf flag became Canada's national flag?
    Under whose leadership was the Constitution Act, 1982 , which includes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms , enacted?
    Which province formally joined Canada on March 31, 1949, under the tenure of Prime Minister Louis Saint-Laurent?
    Who was chosen to take office as the first Prime Minister of Canada on July 1, 1867?
    Name the Prime Minister who appointed Canada's first female Cabinet Minister, Ellen Fairclough, in 1957.
    The Supreme Court of Canada was established in 1875 by an Act of Parliament to standardize Canadian law and act as a constitutional interpreter. Who was Canada's Prime Minister at that time?
    Who served as Canada's Prime Minister when Canadian troops fought at the defining First World War battles of Ypres, Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele?
    When do we celebrate Sir John A. Macdonald Day and Sir Wilfrid Laurier Day?
  • 46. Path Of Heroes
    library/18e.htm. Historical Gravesites canadian prime ministers (ParksCanada) http// French Canadian Heritage
    Canadian Portraits (Industry Canada)
    Prime Ministers of Canada (Industry Canada, National Library of Canada)
    Commemorating Canada's History (Parks Canada, Industry Canada)
    Canada's Prime Ministers: Wilfrid Laurier
    Ottawa: Historic Capital

    Laurier House (Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada)

    Canadian Parliamentary Trivia

    Historical Gravesites: Canadian Prime Ministers (Parks Canada) French Canadian Heritage: Wilfrid Laurier english/personnages/carte_r07.html History - Laurier (Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada) en/histoire/frame_histoire_e.html Photo Credits Last Modified: document.write(document.lastModified);

    47. Canadian Prime Ministers Quiz - Baie Comeau Quebec
    For $100 Which Canadian Prime Minister was born in BaieComeau, Quebec? a)Jean Chrétien, b) Brian Mulroney. c) Pierre Trudeau, d) John Diefenbaker.
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    For $100... Which Canadian Prime Minister was born in Baie-Comeau, Quebec?
    a) Jean Chrétien b) Brian Mulroney c) Pierre Trudeau d) John Diefenbaker
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    48. Canadian Prime Ministers
    canadian prime ministers Gallery.
    Canadian Prime Ministers Gallery Back to Galleries Page
    Pierre Elliot Trudeau does his level best for Canada during the decadent 70's.
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    The Right Honorable Sir Wilfred Laurier
    Lawyer, Editor, Ensign, MLA, Prime Minister, and President of the Privy (council)
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    John Alexander MacDonald Back to thumbnail menu

    49. Federal Politics - Canadian Heritage Gallery
    Prime Ministers canadian prime ministers Brian Mulroney and Pierre Trudeau, withMila Mulroney and GovernorGeneral Jeanne Sauvé, at the National Arts Centre
    Canadian Heritage Gallery Home Page

    Previous Page
    Next Page
    Federal Politics Click on the thumbnail to view the image, and for information about ordering reproductions. Trudeau, Pierre Elliott Four Prime Ministers From left to right, Pierre Trudeau, John Turner, Jean Chrétien, and then Prime Minister, Lester Pearson, in 1967.
    ID #21025 P.E. Trudeau Pierre Elliot Trudeau winning the Liberal leadership in 1968 and thereby becoming Prime Minister of Canada.
    ID #21028 Trudeaumania Prime Minister Trudeau, signing autographs for Canadians during his opening years of power.
    ID #21035 Prime Ministers Canadian Prime Ministers Brian Mulroney and Pierre Trudeau, with Mila Mulroney and Governor-General Jeanne Sauvé, at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.
    ID #20228 Clark, Joe Joe Clark Joe Clark, federal Conservative leader, was briefly the Canadian Prime Minister in 1979. In 1998, he once again became the federal Conservative leader.
    ID #21067 Turner, John

    50. Prime Ministers - Canadian Heritage Gallery
    canadian prime ministers Brian Mulroney and Pierre Trudeau, with Mila Mulroneyand GovernorGeneral Jeanne Sauvé, at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa
    Canadian Heritage Gallery Home Page
    Federal Politics: Trudeau, Pierre Elliott
    Federal Politics: Mulroney, Brian
    People: Trudeau, Pierre Elliot
    Prime Ministers Click here to view a larger picture; to return, use your browser's back button. Canadian Prime Ministers Brian Mulroney and Pierre Trudeau, with Mila Mulroney and Governor-General Jeanne Sauvé, at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. ID #20228
    Credit: National Archives of Canada, PA152416 High-Quality Reproductions of the above Image You can order reproductions of this image as a Print, suitable for framing, produced on 38# photo-quality paper.
    Or, order a digital reproduction, suitable for printing this image, which you can download or receive on CD-ROM.
    (See details below) Phone Ordering: Canada / United States: 1-800-706-1961 Toronto / Mississauga / Brampton / Oakville: 905-824-7030 (Credit Card Required) Online Ordering: Click on the buttons to add images to your shopping cart. To review your order, click on "View Shopping Cart". (Credit Card Required) All prices in Canadian Dollars 5" X 7" Print (7.5cm X 17.8cm)

    51. John Gerrath And The Canadian Prime Ministers!!!
    short survey is designed to uncover which Prime Ministers, old and a story or twoabout your Prime Ministerial feelings are that, if you are Canadian, you have


    ... Science
    John Gerrath
    and the Dancing PMs!!
    (Eager Beavers Click Here to Go Right to the Survey)

    (Check out the Weekly Results of the Survey)

    One of the Most important tasks a democratic society has is to choose who should lead them. In Canada, the citizens (including me) choose what is called a Prime Minister (a term cribbed from our former British bosses). Some had wanted to call it the "Grand Poobah", but they were smacked. As the men and women at the wheel of the Great White North, it is perhaps unsurprising that Prime Ministers should instill great washes of emotion at their very mention. Canadians may be reputed to be docile and shy creatures, but mention how much you thought Trudeau was right (or wrong), and watch the whirlwind of opinion explode from all sides! Yes! Canadians do produce some really snazzy politicians!
    This short survey is designed to uncover which Prime Ministers, old and new, were shining examples of virtue, or slime-crawling, weasel-faced crooks! You can also use the space provided to send in a story or two about your Prime Ministerial feelings and encounters. Canada may be big, but we're also small and most people here know each other. Chances are that, if you are Canadian, you have met or even married a Canadian Prime Minister. If you have, let me know.
    Choose Your PM!!

    52. Loryn's "Due South" Shrine - Canadian Prime Ministers Since Confederation
    canadian prime ministers Since Confederation Listed below are the CanadianPrime Ministers since Confederation. To see a more detailed
    Canadian Prime Ministers Since Confederation
    Listed below are the Canadian Prime Ministers since Confederation. To see a more detailed biography, kindly click on the prime minister's name. To see a portrait table, kindly click here
    NAME PARTY LENGTH OF TERM Rt. Hon. Sir John Alexander Macdonald Conservative 1 Jul 1867 - 5 Nov 1873 Hon. Alexander Mackenzie Liberal 7 Nov 1873 - 16 Oct 1878 Rt. Hon. Sir John Alexander Macdonald Conservative 17 Oct 1878 - 6 Jun 1891 Hon. Sir John Joseph Caldwell Abbott Conservative 16 Jun 1891 - 24 Nov 1892 Rt. Hon. Sir John Sparrow David Thompson Conservative 5 Dec 1892 - 12 Dec 1894 Hon. Sir Mackenzie Bowell Conservative 21 Dec 1894 - 27 Apr 1896 Hon. Sir Charles Tupper Conservative 1 May - 8 Jul 1896 Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier* Liberal 11 Jul 1898 - 6 Oct 1911 Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Laird Borden Conservative/Unionist 10 Oct 1911 - 10 Jul 1920 Rt. Hon. Arthur Meighen Conservative 10 Jul 1920 - 29 Dec 1921 Rt. Hon. (Wm. Lyon) Mackenzie King** Liberal 29 Dec 1921 - 28 Jun 1925 Rt. Hon. Arthur Meighen Conservative 29 Jun 1925 - 25 Sep 1926 Rt. Hon. Mackenzie King

    53. Canadian Prime Ministers - Mackenzie
    canadian prime ministers Alexander Mackenzie. Select an answer fromthe drop down menus, then click Check Answers to see your score.
    Canadian Prime Ministers - Alexander Mackenzie
    Select an answer from the drop down menus, then click Check Answers to see your score.
    Wrong answers will be marked with a check.
    1. Before entering politics, Alexander Mackenzie was a:
    Choose an answer lawyer stonemason doctor farmer 2. Alexander Mackenzie was?
    Choose an answer fourth Prime Minister third Prime Minister second Prime Minister none of the above 3. Mackenzie was defeated by?
    Choose an answer John A. Macdonald John Abbott Wilfrid Laurier Charles Tupper 4. Alexander Mackenzie was from:
    Choose an answer Halifax, Nova Scotia Hamilton, Ontario Lambton, Ontario Saint John, New Brunswick You got out of correct.
    Your Score: When all your answers are correct, fill in your name and submit your score.
    Make sure the display reads 4 out of 4! Note: These quizzes use cookies, so make sure you enable Accept Cookies on your browser.
    The cookies are memory resident and disappear when your browser session ends.
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    54. Canadian Prime Ministers Quiz #2
    Copyright © Ottawa Researchers Northern Blue Publishing.All Rights Reserved. Canada Channel.

    55. Reader's Digest Canada - The Connected Canadian
    21, 2000 In the sixth installment of the Connected Canadian, find outif you know the financial value of past canadian prime ministers.

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    A Special Series for Canadian Netizens Featured Links

    56. Canadian Prime Ministers
    reference! Find gently used, outof-print, first editions collectibleCanadian books, (and more). era. Prime Ministers of Canada.

    57. Dr. Susan Neylan : : Canadian Prime Ministers 1867-1921
    Back to HIST 135 menu canadian prime ministers 18671921. 1867-1872,Conservative, John A. Macdonald. 1873-1878, Liberal, Alexander Mackenzie.
    Back to HIST 135 menu
    Canadian Prime Ministers 1867-1921
    John A. Macdonald
    Alexander Mackenzie
    John A. Macdonald
    John Abbott, John Thompson
    Mackenzie Bowell, Charles Tupper
    Wilfrid Laurier Conservative Robert Borden Union Gov't Robert Borden Conservative Arthur Meighen
    Other important figures mentioned in Imperialism lecture
    • Stephen Leacock
    • Joseph Chamberlain
    • Henri Bourassa
    • Bishop Bourget
    • D'Alton McCarthy
    What is ultramontanism?
    • a movement within Catholic Church and Catholic nations to counter liberalism
    • claimed there was an essential unity between religion and all other elements of society
    • each social institution: family, government, church, etc. had its place in society. But the Church as God's representative on earth should be subordinate to no other civil authority
    • the Catholic faith and the Pope (ruled infallibe by the Vatican in 1870) would have ultimate say over even political authorities (ie. Church and State would be one)

    58. Children | Canada Site
    First Among Equals canadian prime ministers Children's Site (Ages 9 to 12) Learnabout Prime Ministers, past and present, and their very important job.
    Web sites for Kids!
    Health Parents and Caregivers ... Safety
    Our children are our future. They deserve every opportunity to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. Services for Children: Guide to Government of Canada Services for Children and their Families provides descriptions of more than 100 programs and services that are offered by the Government of Canada.
    For Kids!
  • Adventures of Cecil Smartsox!
    For ages 6 to 12. Learn about Canadian Bank Notes.
  • The Big Blue Bus - Fisheries and Oceans Canada
    Learn about oceans and all things watery.
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum - Kids' Zone
    Games, information and interactive fun for kids.
  • Canadian Children's Museum
    Site for the museum made just for kids!
  • Canadian Museum of Nature - Discover! Discover Nature on-line from this museum in Ottawa.
  • Canadian Wildlife Service Kids' Zone Games and useful links for school projects.
  • CBC Interactive fun from the CBC.
  • CBC 4Kids Games Arcade Games available on the CBC4kids site.
  • Confederation for Kids (Ages 9 to 13) Learn how Canada became a country.
  • First Among Equals: Canadian Prime Ministers: Children's Site (Ages 9 to 12) Learn about Prime Ministers, past and present, and their very important job.
  • 59. A Scrapbook Of Canadian Prime Ministers
    A Scrapbook of canadian prime ministers. IndexReturn to Home Page Return to Home Page
    A Scrapbook of
    Canadian Prime Ministers
    Return to Home Page

    60. CDN Prime Ministers
    canadian prime ministers. Sites with information on canadian prime ministers NationalArchives picture, major dates, descriptive biography for each PM.

    Resources Celebrities Leaders ... How To
    CANADIAN PRIME MINISTERS The Right Honourable Sir John A. Macdonald
    The Honourable Alexander Mackenzie
    The Right Honourable Sir John A. Macdonald
    The Honourable Sir John J.C. Abbott
    The Right Honourable Sir John Sparrow Thompson
    The Honourable Sir Mackenzie Bowell The Right Honourable Sir Charles Tupper The Right Honourable Sir Wilfrid Laurier The Right Honourable Sir Robert Laird Borden The Right Honourable Arthur Meighen The Right Honourable W.L. Mackenzie King

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