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         Canadian Prime Ministers:     more books (101)
  1. No subpoenas for minister, prime minister.(not to be called as witnesses): An article from: Wind Speaker by Paul Barnsley, 2003-10-01
  2. Follow the leader: over the past few decades Parliament has become less and less relevant as power has been concentrated in the Prime Minister's Office.(DEMOCRATIC ... from: Canada and the World Backgrounder by Gale Reference Team, 2006-03-01
  3. We're with you, prime minister.(parallels between the situation in Iraq and the situation with Indigenous peoples in Canada): An article from: Wind Speaker
  4. From one ex-finance minister to another: advice for Paul Martin as he takes office as Prime Minister.(Paul Martin): An article from: Inroads: A Journal of Opinion by Janice MacKinnon, 2004-01-01
  5. Fucking Stephen Harper: How I Sexually Assaulted the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada and Saved Democrcacy by Rob Salerno, 2010-05-06
  6. Archbishop's communion faux pas causes controversy.(CANADA)(Prime Minister Stephen Harper received communion from Archbishop Andre Richard): An article from: Catholic Insight by Unavailable, 2009-09-01
  7. Letter to Prime Minister (Jean) Chretien (the government is urged to adopt a more positive policy towards nuclear disarmament).: An article from: Ploughshares Monitor by Walter Pitman, 1999-12-01
  8. From Oka to Okanagan: former Prime Minister Paul Martin, the 13 provincial and territorial premiers, and Native leaders gathered in British Columbia's ... from: Canada and the World Backgrounder by Gale Reference Team, 2006-01-01
  9. Church leaders ask prime minister for "Jubilee budget".: An article from: Presbyterian Record
  10. Mr. Harper and Mr. Kenney: don't promote "gay rights," repeal them!(CANADA)(Minister Jason Kenney and Prime Minister Stephen Harper): An article from: Catholic Insight by Unavailable, 2010-04-01
  11. Mr. Prime Minister, 1867-1964 by Bruce Hutchison, 1964
  12. The Liberal trail of broken promises.(Paul Martin, prime minister, Canada): An article from: Catholic Insight by Tony Gosgnach, 2006-01-01
  13. Canada's Prime Ministers: Macdonald to Trudeau - Portraits from the Dictionary of Canadian Biography
  14. Paul Martineau: Canadian Federal Election, 1957, House of Commons of Canada, Prime Minister of Canada, Cabinet of Canada, Great Flag Debate

61. Grave Sites Of Canadian Prime Ministers - A. Meighen
Photo of the burial site of Canada's 9th Prime Minister and a short biographical sketch.

62. Canada - Aug 1999 - #6 Ottawa/Trois-Riveres
MinistersWe got an early start and headed directly to two Ottawa area cemeteriesthat we had located last night using the book on canadian prime ministers.
Day Six
Aug 10, 1999
Ottawa / Drive to Trois-Riveres
Tuesday var ft = '' ; var t1 = 'Did you enjoy this page? Please send an' ; var t2 = 'with your comments or questions' ; var pg = location.pathname.substring(location.pathname.lastIndexOf('/')+1,location.pathname.lastIndexOf('.')) ; pg = ' E-Mail ' ; document.write(ft + t1 + pg + t2) We got an early start and headed directly to two Ottawa area cemeteries that we had located last night using the book on Canadian Prime Ministers. The first was Beechwood Cemetery and the grave of Sir Robert Baird Borden, a rather obscure Canadian Prime minister whose only claim to fame for us was that he was buried very near to the Ottawa Marriott Courtyard. In later reading, we learned that he was a conservative Prime Minister that lead Canada during World War I. Down the street about five miles was the Notre Dame cemetery, and Canadian Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier. At the time, he was famous to me only for his likeness on the Canadian Five Dollar Bill. Since then I have read about the role he played in the founding of Canada. He was a French speaking Liberal, and served as prime minister around the turn of the century. His gravesite was memorable, although our pictures did not capture its grandeur.

63. Prime Ministers
http// Page=kidspage. Quiz aboutcanadian prime ministers. http//
Prime Ministers of Canada From left: Sir Wilfred Laurier, William Lyon Mackenzie King, Sir John A. MacDonald, Lester B. Pearson, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Return Home Intimate Portraits of the Prime Ministers of Canada (interactive) Prime Ministers of Canada Prime Ministers: 1867 to the present: Prime Minister's Chretien's Home Page Quiz about Canadian Prime Ministers Children's Site: "First Among Equals" Brief Facts Write to the Prime Minister Canadian Portraits Prime Ministers in Alphabetical Order (includes background information) Where they're buried (scroll down on this site)

64. Famous Canadians Theme Page
A brief biographical sketch accompanies each photo. canadian prime ministersBiographies canadian prime ministers from 1867 to Date.
Famous Canadians Theme Page This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of famous Canadians. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our Archives Time Machine: Women in BC History (Grade 11)
British Columbia Archives presents 11 curricular units (galleries) drawing heavily from archival information on BC History. Each gallery has a teacher guide and each is targeted for a specific grade range. This link is to a Women's Study unit which will allow Grade 11 students to learn more about Sylvia Stark, Catherine Schubert, Hannah Maynard, Emily Carr, and Judge Helen MacGill.
Canada Heirloom Series: Volumes IV, V and VI
The Canada Heirloom Series contains several hundred biographical profiles on famous Canadians organized under the headings of "Pathfinders", "Wayfarers", and "Visionaries".
Canadian Air Aces and Heroes
Articles on about a dozen Canadian air aces from WWI, WWII, and the Korean War.

65. Mrs. Hadfield's Class Links
The Prime Ministers of Canada; Prime Ministers of Canada; canadian prime ministers Brief Facts; First Among Equals; canadian prime ministers - a slide show.
Mrs. Hadfield's Class Links
Mrs. Hadfield Goes to Ottawa Deciduous or Coniferous - another teeny game from Mrs. Hadfield Biodiversity Respiratory and Circulatory Systems Celebrations Matter Prime Ministers of Canada

66. 404 Not Found
His name became synonymous with Canada, and to this day, his is one ofthe few canadian prime ministers most foreigners will recognize.
Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server. Apache Server at

67. References
\ canadian prime ministers. A list of all of the canadian prime ministersand illustrations of the stamps they have been portrayed on.
Updated: Dec 22/02 Video Canadian...
Stamp "sets"
Philatelic literature Provinces
Prime Ministers
Future references:
Terminology Colouring pages
For teachers
Living people honoured
Errors of design Reference [This portion of the web site will eventually have a wealth of information. I felt it would be useful to provide this information before it was completed. It is an on-going project and will likely never end. Please check back often to watch its progress.] Your "one-stop" shop to learning and understanding more about Canadian philately. Reflections of Canada - The National Stamp Collection Video Canada Post has put together a three minute video in both English and French promoting the Reflections of Canada exhibition opened on July 1, 2002 in Ottawa, Canada by the Prime Minister of Canada, The Honourable Jean Chr├ętien. Charles J. G. Verge, President of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, the curator of this exhibit, is the narrator in the video. Click for details Canadian Stamp Sets Have you heard of the Large Queens Admirals or Cameo stamps and wondered what stamp collectors were talking about? Here you will get an illustrated listing of all of Canada's major stamp sets.

68. Canadian History
Prime Ministers of Canada. Grave Sites of canadian prime ministers offersmap and photographs of grave sites, brief biographies, and more.
Home Add URL Contact Us Canadian History is in the making. Please submit anything you want included. Links:
A Scattering of Seeds

A 39-part television series celebrating the contribution of immigrants to Canada Canadian Heritage Gallery
A public service web site to promote Canadian Heritage Early Canadiana Online
collection of early printed Canadian materials preserved on microfilm and available online. From the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions Great Canadian Questions
the Dominion Institute brings together twelve leading commentators to explore six questions about Canada's past and future. Historica: Heritage Minutes
presents exciting stories from Canada's past through 60-second mini-movies. Search by theme, region, or chronology; or make your own Minute. Kith and Kin
dedicated to preserving Canadian social history and genealogy, by archiving family histories, and preserving local history, books, photographs, music, biographies, and educational programs. W.H. Pugsley Collection of Early Canadian Maps

69. PM Day: A Timely Holiday
holiday where people put up their feet and glue their rears to the couch for fivehours of television, with little interest in canadian prime ministers or the
PM Day: a timely holiday
When you think about it, how many Canadians would even know how to properly spell Macdonald?
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this link.

70. Directory ::
Canada Speaks A collection of speeches by canadian prime ministers. Includes speeches,in English and French, by Prime Ministers dating back to Confederation.

71. Vaughan Public Libraries: Homework Zone - Recommended Links
Homework Zone Social Studies canadian prime ministers. Canada Speakshttp// This site contains
Homework Zone
Social Studies - Canadian Prime Ministers Canada Speaks

This site contains biographical information about the Prime Ministers, such as their birth and death dates, their occupations, and their political record. This site also provides speeches made by some of the Prime Ministers.
Prepared By: National Library of Canada
Curriculum Area: Social Studies
Grade Level: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Date Reviewed by VPL: April 11, 2002
Celebrating Women's Achievements

Contains biographies of female politicians in Canada such as Kim Campbell and Agnes Macphail. Prepared By: National Library of Canada Curriculum Area: Social Studies Grade Level: 5, 6, 7, 8 Date Reviewed by VPL: April 18, 2002 First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics This Web site provides information about the job of the Prime Minister and the personal lives of the people who have been Prime Ministers. The site features an interactive game of concentration, a trivia game and pictures of past Prime Ministers. Prepared By: National Library of Canada, and National Archives of Canada.

72. Untitled
Canada speaks http// CanadaSpeaks is a collection of speeches by canadian prime ministers.

73. Red Apple Catalogue
The Kids Book of canadian prime ministers OLA Silver Birch Award, shortlist. TheKids Book of canadian prime ministers by Pat Hancock.

74. Sara Jordan's History Products - Prime Ministers Of Canada
click to enlarge, Prime Ministers of Canada Available in cassette/bookand CD/book formats. Sing and learn about canadian prime ministers!
click to enlarge Prime Ministers of Canada
Available in cassette/book and CD/book formats. Sing and learn about Canadian Prime Ministers! Tid-bits on knowledge packaged neatly into ten catchy songs written within the musical style of each historical period. A wonderful, comprehensive, illustrated lyrics book accompanies each cassette/CD. A bonus of music accompaniment tracks are included to reinforce learning by having kids perform "karaoke" style or to be used in school performances. Price: $16.95 Quantity
Product Code: JMP122CDK
ISBN: 1-894262-58-1 Price: $14.95 Quantity
Product Code: JMP122K
ISBN: 1-894262-59-x
Track Listing
click underlined tracks to hear song samples
No. 1 A Nation Strong and Free

No. 2 From Sea to Shining Sea
No. 3 To Fill Macdonald's Shoes

75. Laurier House - Ottawa Attractions
Laurier House was home to two prominent canadian prime ministers SirWilfrid Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King. Its collection
Ottawa Attractions Choose from these Attractions:
Laurier House
Laurier House was home to two prominent Canadian Prime Ministers Sir Wilfrid Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King. Its collection of memorabilia evokes the political life of Canada over more than half a century. You may know them from history books Sir Wilfrid Laurier (Prime Minister from 1896-1911) and MacKenzie King (1921 to 1930 and 1935 to 1948). Now you can see where they lived and worked in the Capital. Open
From April 1 to mid-May: Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm. Mid-May to Thanksgiving: Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday 1 to 5 pm. From October to March 31st, Group tours by reservation. Closed Christmas, Good Friday and New Year's Day. Cost
Adults $3.75, seniors $3.25, children (6 to 18) $2.25; under 6, free. Services
On-street parking. Only the 1st floor is accessible to wheelchairs. Groups
Minimum of 10 persons per group, maximum of 50. Bilingual, guided, 30-minute tours are available. Reservations (613) 992-8142 on a first come, first serve basis.
Did You Know?

76. CM Magazine: Prime Ministers. (Great Canadians).
Carlotta Hacker has taken a brief look at the lives of the six mostrecent canadian prime ministers, excluding John Turner. The
CM . . . . Volume VIII Number 3 . . . . October 5, 2001 Prime Ministers. (Great Canadians). Rennay Craats.
Calgary, AB: Weigl (Distributed by Saunders Book Co., P.O, Box 308, Collingwood, ON, L9Y 3Z7), 2000.
48 pp., cloth, $24.95.
ISBN 1-896990-84-3. Subject Heading: Prime Ministers-Biography-Juvenile literature. Grades 4-6 / Ages 9-11. Review by Ruth McMahon. excerpt:
Martin Brian Mulroney, called Brian, was a shy boy who spent a great deal of time in the library. He loved to read. His leisure time was split between history and biography books and sports. Brian excelled in hockey, tennis, and baseball. He also sang in the church choir. Newspaper editor Colonel Robert McCormick came to town, and Brian offered to sing the Colonel's favorite song. The Colonel did not think an eight-year-old boy would know the words to "Dearie," but Brian did. He sang the song and greatly impressed the Colonel. Brian went home with $50, and every time the Colonel was in town, Brian sang for him. The text is organized into segments. Some information is found in boxes such as a list of "Key Events," which includes dates of important events in these politicians' lives. Other information presented in boxes are a story from their childhood and one called "Backgrounder" where some brief information is given on "The October Crisis" in the case of Trudeau or "The Math Behind the GST" for Brian Mulroney. The remaining information is given in a chronological narrative. The use of these segments or boxes should interest the students who like this style, but there are not so many that the reader gets lost. The book is well written and will appeal to the age group for whom it is intended.

77. Canadian Content
A quick reference for anyone interested in Canada. It includes articles on canadianisms, the lyrics to O Canada, prime ministers, random facts and links to canadian daily newspapers and other sites.

78. Federal Election Trivia
Which canadian prime Minister is known to have said The right to vote is one ofthe great privileges of democratic society, for after all it prime ministers

79. First Among Equals - Children's Version : The Prime Minister In Canadian Life An
Looks at the job of the canadian leader and includes biographies of all 20 prime ministers.
See Also The prime minister is the leader of Canada. He or she is sometimes called "first among equals." This means that even though all members of the Cabinet are equal, he or she is the most powerful. This website looks at the job of prime minister. It also looks at the personal lives of the people who have been prime minister. Next
Key Word
  • Cabinet
    • The group of people chosen by the prime minister to help him or her run the country. They are also usually Members of Parliament, which means that Canadians have elected them.
    Last Updated: 2001-11-20 Important Notices

80. Red, White & True: Canada
All canadian identity page. Famous canadians, prime ministers, pictures, links, and hockey.
If you did not go anywhere, click here

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