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         Capital Punishment Pro Death Penalty:     more detail
  1. The Death Penalty for Teens: A Pro/Con Issue (Hot Pro/Con Issues) by Nancy Day, 2000-12

41. Debate Over Capital Punishment -- A Pro Stance
An article supporting the death penalty with information about different methods of its implementation.Category Society Issues death penalty Supporting Views...... A pro Stance. Justice can not be served until the debate on capital punishment isresolved and all states have come to agree that the death penalty is the best
Cliff Notes The Complete Series Home Moral Issues Capital Punishment Debate Over Capital Punishment A Pro Stance CAPITAL PUNISHMENT : Debate Over Capital Punishment A Pro Stance Debate Over Capital Punishment A Pro Stance Justice can not be served until the debate on capital punishment is resolved and all states have come to agree that the death penalty is the best way to stop crime completely. "The bottom line is, one method of execution is just as brutal and as barbaric as the next," says Mr. Breedlove of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. This comes straight from the mouth of a member of a national organization against capital punishment. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition defines execution as The act or an instance of putting to death or being put to death as a lawful penalty. So if Breedlove’s words hold true, then what he believes is that someone going out and killing someone is barbaric. In a sense isn’t that what he’s saying, that one way of killing someone is just as bad as any other. So if he finds this so barbaric, why doesn’t he do something about it? Many people who are against capital punishment are only thinking of the criminal and how cruel it is for them. But, shouldn’t we think of the families that are broken apart now because of the merciless acts of these criminals. Think of Susan Smith, how she knowingly drove her car off into a lake with her two children strapped to the seats. Think of how they must have felt as the cold water started to fill the cabin of the car, and then ultimately drown them. Barbaric is exactly the word I would use to describe her actions. But yet, the jury rejected the death penalty and chose a life sentence instead. Mr. Smith, the father of the two children, broken up from the ruling said "Me and my family are disappointed that the death penalty was not the verdict, but it wasn’t our choice. They returned a verdict they thought was justice" (Bragg, pg. 1+).

42. Death Penalty
AlaskaAnchorage) After several attempts to introduce capital punishment in Alaska ofarticles and links to both pro and con death penalty sites, historical
PLU Library Web Search
Journals at PLU

Death Penalty While there are hundreds of Web sites devoted to this topic, the vast majority are created by those who oppose the death penalty. This page provides links to a selected number of sites that offer the most unique and up-to-date information as well as links to additional sites. General Con Pro General
Death Penalty; Capital Punishment; Ethics; Punishment
Ethics Update's punishment and death penalty page has links to selected resources, including those to court decisions, legislation, statistical information, full text articles, information about particular sites, and NPR's "Talk of the Nation" programs on the death penalty. It also provides an excellent bibliography of philosophical and popular literature on punishment and capital punishment as well as suggestions for term paper topics.
Failure of the death penalty in Illinois (Chicago Tribune)
Read the Chicago Tribune five-part investigative series on the state's capital punishment system published in November 1999. , another series published in January 1999, is also available online with related death penalty links.

43. The Info Service
Faith Against the death penalty prodeath Roadside America America'sExcellent Electric Chairs Speech In Favor of capital punishment Stop Killing
Death Penalty Info Service
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A Broken System: Error Rates in Capital Cases, 1973-1995
ACLU and Death Penalty ACLU: Executions Watch Australian Coalition Against Death Penalty ... [Our Awards]

44. Essays And Essays Writing Essays On Argumentative / Pro-Con Essays - 010-002
On Argumentative / proCon Essays Page 3 of 56. (The) death penalty send me thisessay Writer presents a strong, 3 page argument for capital punishment.
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Page 3 of 60 (The) Death Penalty
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Writer presents a strong, 3 page argument for capital punishment. It is explained that 'anyone who is known to have plotted a murder and acted it out should have the same done to them.' Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: Deatpen3.wps
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An 8 page paper arguing that capital punishment discriminates against the poor. Uses specific cases and pertinent statistics. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: Deathpen.wps
An Argument For The Death Penalty
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A 5 page paper that presents the positive applications of capital punishment. This paper presents consideration of the perspectives of two politicians with determined views in regards to the death penalty, George Pataki, Governor of NY and Marion Barry of Washington, D.C. Both men present arguments in support of the death penalty as a deterrent, especially in light of increased crime statistics in many large cities. Bibliography lists 4 sources. FREE outline included ! Filename: Penalty.wps

Kangaeru; shikei seido no haishi ni mukete; Rominger Legal Services capital punishmentresearch page; The death penalty Debate; prodeath penalty Resources; pro
  • Death Penalty; Capital Punishment; Ethics Updates
  • John Stuart Mill; Capital Punishment
  • Cesare Beccaria (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
  • Capital Punishment (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy) ...
  • Ä«À¸ namadas: capital punishment
  • 46. Capital Punishment
    Boggess PBS examination of capital punishment through the Contains pro and con argumentsand educators links; Northern Illinois' death penalty resources - Not Dept Folder/Class Hotlinks
    Capital Punishment
    Posted for Ms. Rummel and Mrs. Hagedorn, April, 2002
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    47. Death Penalty Pro
    likely to support capital punishment? proLife, Anti-death penalty?(examination ofpolls fails to find a included opposition to both abortion and the death

    48. Capital Punishment Links - Skyline Library
    law enforcement views, innocence and the death penalty, and cost of capital punishment.)Most information The death penalty This site includes pro and con
    kyline C ollege ... ibrary Death Penalty/Capital Punishment
    Links Page Catalog for Finding Books
    Links to Selected Web Sites

    InfoTrac OneFile Database
    excellent general periodical database.
    Available from off-campusas long as you have a library card (PLS library card bar code number is required).
    • To search only for articles that include the full text (the whole article) in the database, check the " articles with text " box under " Limit the current search " (below the text entry box) To narrow searches, combine concepts with AND Once you find one article specifically on your topic, click on any relevant subject headings (near the bottom of the article page) to find more articles on that topic.
      Proquest Newpapers database
      a database of full-text articles from many of the most important newspapers in the country New York Times S. F. Chronicle Wall Street Journal Washington Post L. A. Times Christian Science Monitor as well as some regional papers from Northern California. To access this database from off campus

    49. American RadioWorks: Deadly Decisions, Juror Responsibility, Page 1
    the Bureau of Justice Statistics capital punishment 2000 This System Error Ratesin capital Cases, 1973 1995, Columbia Law School The death penalty pro and Con
    Juror Reponsibility Juror Confusion Juror Bias
    Related Links
    Stats and Facts about the Death Penalty
    Death Penalty Information Center

    A wide variety of "information topics" on the death penalty.
    Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

    The basic annual primer on the death penalty put out by the U.S. Government
    Death Row USA

    A quarterly report by the Capital Punishment Project of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc
    Capital Punishment Statistics
    from the Bureau of Justice Statistics
    Capital Punishment 2000
    This annual Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin presents characteristics of persons under sentence of death on December 31, 2000, and of persons executed in 2000. The report summarizes the movement of prisoners into and out of death sentence status during the year. The Death Penalty in 2001: Year End Report from the Death Penalty Information Center (PDF format) Capital Defense Weekly Maintained by Karl R. Keys, a Massachusetts attorney. Reports on the Death Penalty Killing with Prejudice: Race and Death Penalty in the USA, Amnesty International report A Broken System: Error Rates in Capital Cases, 1973-1995,

    50. Criminal Justice In America--Links, Chap. 16--Capital Punishment
    information. The death penalty pro and Con A PBS Frontline site providingarticles on both sides of the capitalpunishment issue. Return
    Criminal Justice in America
    Chapter 16: Capital Punishment History of the Death Penalty in America
    Public Opinion on the Death Penalty

    Recent Developments in Capital Punishment
    History of the Death Penalty in America Capital Punishment Links Links to all Bureau of Justice Statistics bulletins on capital punishment. Capital Punishment Statistics From the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Death Penalty Information A high school curriculum on the death penalty. Teacher Edition Good overview from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. History of the Death Penalty From PBS Frontline. History of the Death Penalty From the Death Penalty Information Center. Capital Punishment in the United States A history and many links. From Close Up Foundation. Reckoning the Death Penalty An ABC special report on how the death penalty is applied from state to state and country to country. A Brief History of Wisconsin's Death Penalty The history of the state that has been without the death penalty the longest. Law about the Death Penalty Legal information, including statutes and case law, about the death penalty.

    51. Pro Death Penalty pro-death for those searching the internetfor pro-death penalty information and resources. capital punishment is death pen

    52. The Free Mark Lankford Defence Project - Service Calls For End To Idaho's Death
    In recent political campaigns, the death penalty has been used both as an that Thursdaynight when he stepped back from his procapital punishment stance and
    USA Today, April 22, 2000
    Pro-death penalty no longer
    safe political weapon
    By Richard Willing
    In recent political campaigns, the death penalty has been used both as an issue to run on and a sword for slashing opponents. Because of DNA technology, that sword now swings both ways. Texas Gov. George W Bush, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, demonstrated that Thursday night when he stepped back from his pro-capital punishment stance and spared a convicted rapist and killer so that his guilt can be tested through DNA. "Any time DNA can be used in its context and be relevant as to the guilt or innocence of a person on death row, we need to use it," Bush said in explaining why he suspended the execution of Ricky McGinn.
    Political or legal sword?
    Bush's move, the first such reprieve he has granted after presiding over 131 executions, was viewed as a victory by capital punishment opponents. "if you acknowledge DNA can resolve doubts in some cases, that's an argument against (the) death (penalty) in all cases," said Richard Dieter, director of the Death Penalty Information Center in Washington, an anti-capital punishment group. Bush aides downplayed that suggestion Thursday. They argued behind the scenes that his action, merely reflects the governor's decency and common sense.

    53. Capital Punishment - The Death Penalty
    I talked to a prodeath penalty acquaintance about all this figure is derived fromnumber of people executed since 1976, when capital punishment was reinstated
    The Death Penalty I f you've been following stories on DNA testing... know that more than 110 people have been released from prison... ...some awaiting execution on death row... ...because DNA testing has shown them to be innocent. In a few cases these innocent people sat in prison for decades. I t is estimated that more than 20 people have been executed over the years... ...who were later shown to be innocent. The actual number is undoubtedly higher... ...but we tend not to delve into these things after the fact. O ver the years about a dozen people have been exonerated days or even minutes before they were scheduled to be executed when... ...another person confessed to the crime... ...someone uncovered new evidence, or... ...inadvertent clerical or procedural errors delayed things long enough for new evidence to surface. A nyone who takes the time to delve into the DNA testing... ...and who has the smarts to understand the science and statistics involved... ...which rules out some juries... ...knows that the possibility of error is next to impossible. Even so, the vast majority of states are refusing to open cases when sentences were handed down before the advent of DNA testing...

    54. TNR Online Death In Venice By Joshua Micah Marshall
    Germany's and Italy's postwar constitutions abolished capital punishment outright,thus which in this country allows ardently prodeath-penalty regions like

    55. W. I. Dykes Library -- Capital Punishment On The Internet
    that is often critical of capital punishment policies in Broken System Error Ratesin capital Cases, 1973 prodeath is a gateway to articles, polls
    W. I. Dykes Library Capital Punishment on the Internet
    UHD Home
    Library Home Internet Resources Search the Catalog ... Ask a Reference Question
    Related subjects: Criminal Justice Law
    Internet resources Capital punishment offers a death penalty page with current news and links to related sites. Capital Punishment Statistics are availble at this Bureau of Justice Statistics site. The Death Penalty Information Center is a non-profit organization that provides information and analysis. Focus on the Death Penalty provides an overview of the death penalty with links to sites on both sides of the debate. The site is maintained by the Justice Center at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Human Rights Watch is a private organization that is often critical of capital punishment policies in the U.S. and elsewhere. For a HRW report that has recently been in the news, see Beyond Reason: The Death Penalty and Offenders with Mental Retardation The Justice Project is a private organization dedicated to reforming of "our deeply flawed capital justice system." Their site includes many reports, such as the frequently-cited study, A Broken System: Error Rates in Capital Cases, 1973-1995

    56. Death Penalty - For (Ohio ESL)
    Indiana death penalty cases and people good collection of links Articles in favorof the death penalty Links collection pro capital punishment A personal
    Ohio University Ohio ESL English Death Penalty
    Voices for the Death Penalty
    Summary of the Seventeen Arguments for the Death Penalty
    Linked to chapters of an online book
    A good starting point; includes a good collection of links , a database of case information on scheduled executions , and even a site-wide search engine
    Clark County, Indiana Prosecuting Attorney's page
    Statement in favor of capital punishement together with lots of information on current Indiana death penalty cases and people...good collection of links
    Articles in favor of the death penalty
    A links collection
    DPINFO - Death Penalty Information
    A collection of links and information focusing on arguments in favor of capital punishment
    Pro Capital Punishment
    A personal website with information on the thoughts and opinions of many throughout history concerning the death penalty. It also provides examples in which the death penalty has and can be used to better society.
    The New American: Issues in Focus Capital Punishment
    Essays in support of capital punishment from a conservative group
    Death Penalty - a defense
    17 arguments for the death penalty

    57. OUP USA: Against Capital Punishment
    Against capital punishment is the first full account of antideath penalty activism thiswork traces the struggle against the pro-death penalty backlash that


    or Browse by Subject
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    Table of Contents

    Against Capital Punishment The Anti-Death Penalty Movement in America, 1972-1994 HERBERT H. HAINES While most western democracies have renounced the death penalty, capital punishment enjoys vast and growing support in the United States. A significant and vocal minority, however, continues to oppose it. Against Capital Punishment is the first full account of anti-death penalty activism in America during the years since the ten-year moratorium on executions ended. Building on in-depth interviews with movement leaders and the records of key abolitionist organizations, this work traces the struggle against the pro-death penalty backlash that has steadily gained momentum since the 1970s. It reviews the conservative turn in the courts which, over the last two decades, has forced death penalty opponents to rely less on the litigation strategies that once served them well. It describes their efforts to mount a broad-based educational and political assault on what they see as the most cruel, racist, ineffective, and expensive manifestation of a criminal justice system gone wrong. Despite the efforts of death-penalty opponents, executions in the United States are on the increase.

    58. Capital Punishment/Death Penalty - A List Of Background Information To Help Writ
    capital punishment/death penalty. pro (Supporting) capital punishment/deathpenalty. Without a doubt, there are a lot more articles
    Capital Punishment/Death Penalty Pro (Supporting) Capital Punishment/Death Penalty Without a doubt, there are a lot more articles that have been written against capital punishment than supporting it. However, if you need to argue the pro side of capital punishment, hopefully, some of the following information will help. Some of the more common arguments supporting the death penalty include: deterrence to crime; Lex Talionis (an eye for an eye) or the punishment fits the crime; costs less than a life sentence in prison; safer than allowing criminal to be paroled to do more harm back on the street. is an excellent web site to get the pros and cons of the death penalty. If your report needs to be just a few pages, then this site may be all that you need. will supply some information supporting the death penalty. Wesley Lowe has a web page devoted to the pro stance of the death penalty. There is a lot of supportive information for the death penalty, at this site:

    59. Christology
    death penalty USA Pages. Anti capital punishment Resources. capital punishmentin UK. Statistics, USA. pros and Cons. pro death penalty. Executions In Texas.
    Ukrainian Orthodoxy
    Home Page
    Capital Punishment
    return to link Index
    The Execution Tapes On Prison Law I Believe
    An Orthodox Christian's profession of faith Death Penalty and Sentencing Information About Those Executed in USA in 1999 Death Penalty
    News and updates Eugenics, Mercy Killing and Genocide Killing without Mercy A Bishop's Opposition Presbyterian Church ... Karla Faye Tucker
    Case of Execution as a Last Resort Larry Robison, a Schizophrenic
    His execution The Other Side of the Wall Famous American Trials American Prisons
    Alliance of incarcerated Canadians Witnessing Executions McVeigh's Punishment Time Magazine
    On McVeigh and capital punishment Philosophical View The Last Supper Does CP Deter Crime Death Becomes Us ... Pro and Con
    Abolitionists VS retentionists Pro Capital Punishment Spirituality, Religion and Morality
    A source The Sword of the Revenger Biblical basis for capital punishment Life or Death Arguments for both sides Blessed Are the Meek An Orthodox article The Karla Faye Tucker Story An Abolitionist's View Solutions Seeking life solutions to life problems Implications Life imprisonment and parole Death Penalty USA Pages Anti Capital Punishment Resources Capital Punishment in UK Statistics, USA

    60. CPL Hot Topics
    Statistics by the US Department of Justice capital punishment statistics includingthe Latest news coverage and sites pro and con for the death penalty.
    Hot Topics
    Capital Punishment
    Chicago Event Calendars


    WWW New Sites

    The Web is in a constant state of flux. Thousands of Web sites are added, deleted, or change addresses every week. This section will help you identify new and newsworthy sites in an attempt to keep you current with what is available on the World Wide Web. Here is a small assortment of popular, current event-based Web sites chosen by librarians at the Chicago Public Library's Information Center BEWARE: You may have difficulty accessing some of these sites due to the large number of visitors.
    Capital Punishment
    Capital punishment is punishment by death for committing a crime. In Illinois recently, ideas on how crimes should be punished have been up for debate. Check out the the following sites and join the debate.

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