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         Cardiology (heart):     more books (100)
  1. Hurst's the Heart Manual of Cardiology, 12th Edition by Robert O'Rourke, Richard Walsh, et all 2009-01-27
  2. Pathophysiology of Heart Disease: A Collaborative Project of Medical Students and Faculty, 4th Edition
  3. Adult Congenital Heart Disease (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Cardiology)
  4. Hurst's the Heart, 12th Edition by Valentin Fuster, Robert O'Rourke, et all 2007-12-26
  5. Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, Single Volume (Heart Disease (Braunwald) (Single Vol)) by Peter Libby MD, Robert O. Bonow MD, et all 2007-10-16
  6. Heart Failure (Contemporary Cardiology)
  7. Chronic Heart Failure (Oxford Cardiology Library)
  8. The Developing Heart: A `History' of Pediatric Cardiology (Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine)
  9. Pathophysiology of Heart Disease:: A Collaborative Project of Medical Students and Faculty (Pathophysiology of Heart Disease (Lilly)) by Leonard S. Lilly, 2010-11-03
  10. Atlas of Interventional Cardiology (Atlas of Heart Diseases (Unnumbered).) by Verghese Mathew (Editor) David R. Jr. Holmes (Editor), 2003-06-30
  11. Cardiac Remodeling and Failure (Progress in Experimental Cardiology)
  12. Congenital Heart Defects: Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment (Cardiology Research and Clinical Developments Series)
  13. American Heart Association Guide to Heart Attack Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention by American Heart Association, 1998-01-27
  14. Valvular Heart Disease (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Cardiology) by Bernard Prendergast, Nikant Sabharwal, et all 2011-04-01

1. Cardiology Heart Sounds Wave Files
Audio for numerous heart sounds and heart murmurs.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Heart Disease Murmurs......Heart Sounds *.wav. Aortic Insufficiency. Atrial Septal Defect. Coarctationof the Aorta. Early Systolic Murmur. Ebstein's Anomaly. Ejection Click.
Heart Sounds *.wav Aortic Insufficiency Atrial Septal Defect Coarctation of the Aorta Early Systolic Murmur ... Ventricular Septal Defect

2. Cardiology Heart Pictures - NY Emergency Room RN
Cardiology and cardiovascular resources, heart disease information, cardiologytools, heart pictures, online reference materials and more.
On-line resources pertaining to cardiology. Everything about the heart. This is the first page of two containing cardiac sites listed alphabetically (A - G) and sites (H - Z) are on page 2
Last Updated:
Abiomed Develops life-saving devices for the cardiac assist marketplace. Academic Cardiology Associates, P.C. Cardiology practice in Royal Oak and Troy, Michigan with information on heart disease, testing, procedures, and research. Acquired and Congenital Structural Heart Disease Adult Pulmonary Core Curriculum A multimedia teaching file intended to illustrate the varieties of pulmonary disease. Advanced Cardiac Life Support Helping you prepare for advanced cardiac life support. Designed for professional healthcare providers certifying in ACLS. Atlas of Heart Murmurs from the University of Kansas Medical Center American College of Cardiology Pocket Guidelines Online resource for standards in management of acute MI, stroke, and preoperative evaluation American Heart Association Scientific Statements Topic Index American Heart Association Includes an Interactive Risk Assessment Angioplasty and Cardiac Revascularization Treatments and Statistics Atlas of Murmurs Auscultation Assistant A multimedia web page dedicated to teaching medical students and nurses about auscultation. Contains real time murmurs of nearly all common conditions.

3. PEDS: Division Of Cardiology: Heart Transplantation
Heart Transplantation in the Division of Cardiology in the Department ofPediatrics, Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine.
Department of Pediatrics or view
Menu: Choose a Cardiology Resource General Information Clinical Activities Related Links Information for Parents Fellowship Program Faculty Summaries
Heart Transplantation
St. Louis Children's Hospital has one of the most active pediatric heart transplant programs in the country, with patients coming from all over the greater Midwest. Since it's establishment in 1986 under the direction of Dr. Charles Canter, more than 165 patients, ranging in age from 3 days to 22 years have received new organs. Transplantation is now routinely offered as therapy for end stage acquired or critical congenital heart disease when no other satisfactory medical or surgical options are available.
Preparation for Transplantation
A comprehensive evaluation is undertaken prior to consideration for transplantation. A skilled team of cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurse clinicians, nursing staff, social workers and therapists work in concert with the family to prepare for the transplantation and keep the patient in optimal health during the wait for a suitable organ. Depending on the nature and severity of the underlying heart disease, your child may be required to be in hospital while waiting.

4. Cardiology Heart Conditions
Rehabilitation and Recovery. Home. Strong Cardiology Associates. Home. Our Facilities.Home. Women and Heart Health. Home. Pediatric Heart Health. Home. More Information.
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Search: Search Help Cardiology Call 911 Home Our Providers Home Prevention Home Risk Factors Home Heart Conditions Home Diagnosis and Treatment Home Diagnosis Treatment Transplant Home The Transplant Team The Transplant Process Rehabilitation and Recovery Home Strong Cardiology Associates Home Our Facilities Home Women and Heart Health Home Pediatric Heart Health Home More Information Cardiology News
Cardiac Care
Heart Conditions
As Western New York's leading provider of cardiac care, we treat every kind of heart condition. Below are brief descriptions of the most common, in alphabetical order. Each includes a link to more information. About 75% of all heart patients have one of these conditions.
Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)
While this is not consid-ered a "heart condition it results from cardiac arrest, which means the heart has suddenly stopped beating. Immediate treatment is absolutely necessary. SCD is now the leading cause of death in indus-trialized nations. About 250,000 Americans (one per minute) die from SCD each year.

5. Special Needs Family Friendly Fun - Cardiac Cardiology Heart
Cardiac cardiology (heart). American Heart Association National Center American Heart Association National Center http//www.americanheart
Links Portal
Offering family friendly fun and special needs resources that enhance the quality and fun of family life for special needs families.
Family friendly fun
Site map Site
Our mission is to: enable families with special needs to share their experiences by subscribing to our newsletter , joining our eGroup forum, talking in our chat room and posting to our bulletin board ; offer information on a wide variety of family fun and special needs topics ; and facilitate access via rings and links to websites relevant to special needs families. Adoption Arts Crafts Babies Charities ... Work at home
Cardiac Cardiology Heart
Other important Cardiac Cardiology Heart links:
American Heart Association National Center...

American Heart Association National Center...

Association of Professors of Cardiology...

association promoting the science of cardiology and ensuring excellence in cardiac care...
Blood pressure... Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Stroke, Heart Failure, My Health Record, Blood Pressure Health Station, Ask the Doctor, Physicians Resources, Medications, Find a Doctor...

6. Special Needs Family Friendly Fun - Cardiology Heart
cardiology (heart). American Heart Association National Center AmericanHeart Association National Center http//www.americanheart

RA Davies, H Haddad, K Badovinac, P Hendry, R Masters, C Struthers, J Veinot, S Smith, T Mussivand, T Mesana, W Keon
Ottawa Heart Institute and Canadian Institute for Health Information, Ottawa and Toronto 448 - VENTRICULAR INTERACTION IMPACTS LEFT VENTRICULAR SYSTOLIC FUNCTION IN PATIENTS WITH HEART FAILURE
Richard Townley, Colleen Keoughan, Ahmad Abdel-Wahed, Gerhard Stroink, Gabrielle Horne
MK Stickland , W Anderson , RC Welsh , SR Petersen , RL Jones , MJ Haykowsky
Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation , Faculty of Medicine , University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB 450 - TREADMILL EXERCISE RESPONSE IN PATIENTS WITH CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE: PREDICTED VERSUS TRUE OXYGEN COST OF WORK
EJ Bridges, H Perrault, M White, M Blanchet

8. MedWebPlus Subject Specialties Cardiology Heart Diseases
Web Sites Jump to ABC D Cardia Cardio - Heart Hyper - Sudden ArrhythmiaDe Sudden Arrhythmia De - Willi Version 2.3.0 © 1998-2002 Flexis, Inc.
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Specialties Cardiology Heart Diseases
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Vascular Diseases

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Heart Defects, Congenital Heart Failure, Congestive Pericarditis ... Myocardial Diseases
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9. MedWebPlus Subject Cardiology Heart Failure, Congestive
A, , GO, American Heart Association Living with Heart Failure. A, -, GO, Cardiologyand internal medicine journal of the Georgian Interntional Society of,_Congestive
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Cardiology Heart Failure, Congestive
Broader Terms:
Heart Diseases

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Myocardial Diseases

Focussed Subsets:
All Diseases
Discussion groups Myocardial Infarction therapy ... Patient Education
Web Sites:
A GO Encyclopedia Disease Reference Congestive Heart Failure (Iowa Clinic) A GO Encyclopedia Disease Reference Heart failure (Iowa Clinic) A GO Ahmanson-UCLA Cardiomyopathy Center A GO American Heart Association Living with Heart Failure A GO Cardiology and internal medicine : journal of the Georgian Interntional Society of Cardiomyopathy (2002- ) A GO Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure Summit - from Pathophysiology to Clinical Practice A GO Congestive Heart Failure Dilated Cardiomyopathy Support Forum A GO European journal of heart failure A GO Heart Failure Online : website dedicated to patients with heart failure A GO Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) A GO

10. IRMC - Cardiology Heart Care Centers
Heart Care Centers Emergency Cardiac Care; Diagnostics Chest Pain Center;Heart Station; Special Studies Labs. Cardiac Surgery; Endovascular
Heart Care Centers

11. Heart Sounds, Arrhythmias And ECG's
Auscultation Assistant. Cardiac Auscultation Diagnosis Instruction. cardiology (heart)Sounds Wave Files. Heart Sounds. Heart Sounds (wave files). Virtual Stethoscope.
Links to Arrhythmias, ECG's, Heart Sounds, Electrophysiology, ACLS and CPR Information Cardiology Links Cardiology in General - general cardiology information links
Cardiology-Related Books

Cardiology Commercial Sites

Cardiology Educational/Informational

Cardiology Journals
Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease
Cardiac Anatomy and Diseases General Information
Valvular Disease

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Heart Failure
Cardiac Cath Links Cardiac Catheterization Procedures
Cardiac Cath Images
Cardiac Cath Resources Cardiac Cath-Related Books ... Cardiac Cath Organizations Noninvasive Cardiology Echocardiography and Sonography - echo, sono, and equipment manufacturers Vascular Links General Medical Links Anatomy Educational Medical Sites Hospitals/Health Care Centers Humanitarian Medical Sites ... Medical Links - Libraries, Databases, Searches, Pages with good links Miscellaneous Medical Topics - pharmacology, book stores, computers in medicine, biomedical links, physicians.

12. The Heart Disease And Cardiology Home Page
Information for patients and professionals about (heart) disease, diagnostic procedures, research, and treatments. About Health Fitness (heart) Disease/cardiology. Search
zfp=-1 About Heart Disease/Cardiology Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
Heart Disease/Cardiology
with Richard N. Fogoros
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Cardiology 101 - the basics Common Heart Tests Symptom Checker ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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In The Spotlight Fri, Apr 4, 2003
CRP Levels and Statins

CRP levels may guide statin use in angioplasty and stenting
Ephedra: all risk, no benefit

New study demonstrates multi-organ risk, without the weight loss or athletic improvement. This week's Top 10 Our Top 10 most popular articles - updated weekly. Did You Know? When you see the cardiologist, you will get better care if you have a basic understanding of your heart, your symptoms, your risk factors, and your heart disorder. Cardiology 101 - The Basics Email this page! Sponsored Links CoQ10 and Congestive Heart Failure Cardiovascular diseases, including congestive heart failure (CHF), have been successfully treated with Q-Gel CoQ10 supplementation. Find out more. Top-rated site. Free information.

13. The Cardiology Home Page
cardiology (The (heart))introduction, topics, discussion, investigations, photos, charts, echocardiogram, treadmill, ECG, angiogram, EPS, radiofrequency ablation, CABG, etc. The cardiology Home Page (All-(heart).com). has undergone a major upgrade!!
The Cardiology Home Page (
has undergone a major upgrade!! by Dr. Michael Wan
(last update: 6th October, 2002) Rank in Search under "Cardiology" in July, 00
Rank 2nd in Search under "Cardiology" in Feb., 01
Rank 7th in Search under "Cardiology" in Oct., 02 Want to decrease your risk of getting Stroke and Heart Attack
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14. American College Of Cardiology
THIC specializes in pediatric cardiac care and is located within Hope Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn. Find details of specific procedures.
// document.modified = "Wednesday April 02, 2003"; document.modified = "04/02/2003";
ACC News
2003 Industry Alliance Awards Winners
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April 2
Late-Breaking Clinical Trials on Interventional Cardiology Launch ACC '03
April 1
Case of the Month
Review the clinical case for Echo Case of the Month . See this case and other educational offerings on our Online Education page. March 30, 2003
CDC Issues Advisory on Smallpox Vaccination in Heart Disease Patients
The CDC has issued an advisory recommending against the use of the smallpox vaccine in patients with known cardiovascular disease.
March 24
There's still time to register on-site for ACC' 03, March 30 - April 2. March 24 Announcing New Quality@ACC section on Website! Check here for important information on how the ACC is working to improve quality of care, and why ACC is the recognized leader in defining, evaluating, and improving cardiovascular patient care. March 21 Non-U.S. Licensed

15. Hardin MD : Circulatory System & Heart Disease
From the University of Iowa, the *best* lists of Internet sources in (heart) diseases, cardiovascular system, cardiovascular diseases. Martindale's Health Science Guide cardiology *. * (heart) and blood vessel diseases
"We list the best sites that list the sites"
Site Map

Home indicates ...
Free journals
Diseases Search Hardin MD
See also: Home Respiratory Med Surgery
Heart disease articles
All links on this page hand-checked Popular Women's Health Dermatology Nursing Pharm Infect Disease Anemia +Pictures
Autoimmune Diseases

Blood Diseases

Celiac Disease
Diabetes +Pictures Graves Disease +Pictures Human Heart Pictures Hypothyroidism +Pictures Infectious Diseases +Pictures Lung Pictures Lupus +Pictures Medical Pictures Multiple Sclerosis +Pictures Respiratory System Scleroderma +Pictures Surgery / Transplantation Womens Health +Pictures Large Lists

16. Untitled
Medical news for physicians practicing cardiology. Search the web for medical information. Share and Category Health Medicine Medical Specialties cardiology...... rates are lower than theirs Statistical critique of (heart) valve comparisons ClosureRate, Subaortic Ridge and Aortic Valve Prolapse Pediatric cardiology.

17. Resource Removed From Server
cardiology CME presents 4 (heart) sounds for our listening.Category Health Conditions and Diseases (heart) Disease Murmurs......The files in this directory have been permanently removed from this server.
The files in this directory have been
permanently removed from this server.

18. KUMC Department Of Pediatrics/Cardiology
Return to Pediatric cardiology Instruction Home Page Several images included at thissite are from the Multimedia Encyclopedia of Congenital (heart) Disease and
Teaching Resources for Health Sciences Faculty and Students
Teaching Resources Organized by Heart Defect
Teaching Resources Organized by Type
  • Congenital Heart Defect Chest Radiographs
  • Congenital Heart Defect Diagrams
  • Congenital Heart Defect Echocardiograms, Still Frames
  • Congenital Heart Defect Echocardiograms, Video ...
  • Congenital Heart Defect Electrocardiograms
    Lecture Outlines:
  • ANAT 821: Cardiac Embryology/Tetralogy of Fallot
  • PATH 850: Cardiac Pathology/Congenital Heart Disease
    Return to Pediatric Cardiology Instruction Home Page.

    Scientific Software Solutions (SSS)
  • 19. The Heart Disease And Cardiology Home Page
    The starting place for exploring information on (heart) disease and cardiology.

    20. GW Hospital : Cardiology/Heart Disease
    cardiology/(heart) Disease. You are here Hospital Services, TreatmentOptions cardiology/(heart) Disease The Cardiac Center at The
    DIRECTORY Home Physician Referrals Key Word Search Hospital Services, Treatment Options ... Contact Us
    George Washington University Hospital
    900 23rd St., NW
    Washington, DC 20037
    Send us E-mail
    Cardiology/Heart Disease
    You are here: Hospital Services, Treatment Options > Cardiology/Heart Disease
    The Cardiac Center at The George Washington University Hospital provides one of the most comprehensive programs available for patients with cardiovascular disease. In addition to providing non-invasive testing, diagnostic cardiac catheterization, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology studies and rehabilitation, the Cardiac Center participates in a number of national research studies and has been active in the development of new treatments for heart disease.
    All patients receive assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention and evaluation of their individual care needs. Our cardiologists coordinate care with other members of the GW health care team including surgery, emergency and rehabilitation departments.
    Non-Invasive Testing The non-invasive cardiac laboratory includes tools to diagnose a variety of cardiac disorders. Studies can provide doctors with information about heart valves, heart muscle and the coronary arteries as well as possible congenital heart abnormalities. The following is a list of non-invasive procedures available:

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