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         Careers Physical Sciences:     more books (100)
  1. Women in Physical Science Careers (CapstoneShort Biographies) by Jetty Kahn, 1999-01
  2. Career education and physical sciences (Guidance monograph series : series 9, Career education and the curriculum) by Michael B Leyden, 1975
  3. Physical Sciences Career Directory: A Practical, One-Stop Guide to Getting a Job in the Physical Sciences (Career Advisor Series) by Bradley J. Morgan, 1994-03
  4. Woman in Physical Science Careers by Jetty Kahn, 1998-01-01
  5. Careers for women in the physical sciences (United States. Women's Bureau. Bulletin) by Mildred S Barber, 1959
  6. Forensic Scientist: Careers Solving Crimes and Scientific Mysteries (Wild Science Careers) by Judith Williams, 2009-04-01
  7. Career Success for People With Physical Disabilities (Vgm Career Books) by Sharon F. Kissane, 1996-10
  8. Physical Sciences Courses 2008: The Definitive Guide to Degree Courses for 2008 Entry (Trotman's Green Guides)
  9. Peterson's Graduate Programs in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Agricultural Sciences, the Environment & Natural Resources 1999: Book 4 (Annual (Book 4)) by Peterson's Guides, Guide Patersons, 1998-11
  10. Physical Sciences Courses 2004 (Complete Guides)
  11. Physical Sciences (Complete Guides Series 2000)
  12. A Guide to Careers in Physical Anthropology by Alan Ryan, 2001-12-30
  13. Working in Physical Sciences
  14. Education, training and careers in biomedical engineering: And related aspects of the physical sciences in medicine : list of courses

1. Career Services: Physics Careers Information Archives
Career Bulletin Board funded in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, is a servicethat informs students about various careers in the physical sciences.
AIP HOME PAGE Online Journal Publishing Service AIP Journals Publishing Services Science Policy History Center Working at AIP Site Index [an error occurred while processing this directive] Physics Careers
Information Archives Have you ever asked yourself ...
What Can I Do with a Physics Major?
What Electives Should I Take?
Who Can I Go to for Career Advice?
Where Can I Find Direction?
How Do I Find A Mentor?

The AIP Careers For Physicists site, formerly the AIP Physics Career Bulletin Board funded in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation , is a service that informs students about various careers in the physical sciences. Hundreds of physicists have posted their biography and have answered questions about diverse areas of work outside academia. Many discuss how they reached their present position, and how the work related to the physics they studied. Career Cornerstone Home - for more information on the companion video and CD-ROM! Career Services
Phone: 301-209-3190
Fax: 301-209-0841

2. DCU Physics
Information on staff, vacancies; alumni, careers; courses; research activities, links to research centres.
DCU School of Physical Sciences Website Requires Frames

3. Career Exploration - Physical Sciences Careers
Mathematical sciences Career Information American Mathematical Society. Physics. careers/Employmentand Education Information American physical Society.
Physical Sciences Career Exploration Links
Select Topic Resumes Interviewing Job Search ... Spanish Versions Use our Click and Go System to Find Products on these Topics For Video's With this Topic Click Here Undecided? See Career Testing - Career Assessment
Add Your Resume
to Our USA and Worldwide Resume Bank
or Post Your Job Opportunity to our Job Bank This page contains links that can help you explore your career interests. The icons indicate:
Occupational information about the nature of the work, working conditions, training and/or educational requirements, job outlook, and earnings. Lists of graduate, professional, and other educational programs
Provides information of special interest to multi cultural populations

4. Virtual Careers Library: By Degree Subject Relevance
physical Mathematical sciences Jump to main categories Guide to current scientific research and PhD studentships. SCIENCE's Next Wave http// The special science careers magazine from SCIENCE Online.
Virtual Careers Library: By Degree Subject Relevance
Jump to main categories: VIRTUAL CAREERS LIBRARY - MAP UNIVERSITY OF LONDON CAREERS SERVICE Career Choice Further Study Job Hunting Resources Regional and International Working Self-Employment, Voluntary and Vacation Work By Degree Subject Relevance Employer Web Sites Searching the Web A-Z Employer list New Links Suggest a Site Search the VCL
Chemistry Materials Science []
Guide to current scientific research and PhD studentships. Includes SCIENCE 's Next Wave []
The special science careers magazine from SCIENCE On-line . Subscription service, but available free from many higher education institutions. []
Careers in Science and Engineering
Association for Women in Science and Engineering
Association of British Science Writers
Including the leaflet So You Want to be Science Writer?

5. Welcome To Science Careers
Science Jobs, careers, Positions, Employment, Opportunities in Life, Biological, physical and Biomedical sciences.
For Job Seekers Search Jobs Job Alerts Resume/CV Database Career Fairs ... Next Wave For Employers Post A Job Resume/CV Database Improving the Workplace Email a Job Alert ... Contact Us Today is April 4, 2003 In the News Science Magazine Science on MSNBC ScienceNow ... Science New this week at ScienceCareers European Careers: Women in European Science AAAS Science and Technology Fellowship Program ScienceNOW Headlines Global Partners Global Alliances University Consortium Testimonials
Science Careers is published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Science Magazine.

6. AIP Career Services
Advice on career planning, job and resume posting service, and diary of professional meetings. From the American Institute of Physics. and job seekers in physical sciences and engineering. and employees in physical sciences and engineering to come employment opportunities in the physical sciences? We have the

7. Graduate Jobs In Physical Sciences
job search top recruiters top sectors careers guide job application Petroleum, gas,coal Pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare physical sciences Public Sector
home submit CV members login register search TheBigChoice document.write("Back"); Back Home Graduate Jobs Find graduate jobs in Physical Sciences, with basic information about companies and their current vacancies. For more career options we offer the UK's leading student and undergraduate career search including your search for Physical Sciences.
3 results : Page Per page Technology - R and D Pilkington Plc Activities also cover the assessment of new and emerging technologies, which could impact the Groups business in the longer term or provide novel solutions to established problems connected with products or processes. more Safety London Underground Job Description Working in the core business of the operating department, develop and maintain safety management systems aiming at continual improvement. Covering a broad range of safety management and risk management issues. Ho... more Various Vacancies AstraZeneca Looking for Ideas? So are we. ... more Please make sure that when contacting the recruitment managers, you have the minimum requirements stated. This will save both you and them time, effort and the phone bill. job choice...

8. Careers Within Physical Sciences
careers within physical sciences. FAST FIND physical sciences. careers withinphysical sciences. PhD studentships and vacation positions.
HOME A-Z index contact BAS careers ... Advanced search
Careers within Physical Sciences
FAST FIND ... PEOPLE ... HOT TOPICS ... LEARNING ... JUST FOR FUN ... ABOUT US MAP - To find us ABOUT ANTARCTICA =======Reset====== Physical Sciences Careers within Physical Sciences PhD studentships and vacation positions Monitoring programmes ... SITEMAP You are here: / HOME About BAS Cambridge Divisions ... PSD / Careers within Physical Sciences
Over-wintering positions : At Halley there are 7 staff who are responsible for a very wide range of experiments, mainly focussed on atmospheric research from the interaction of the air with the snow, to geospace. About 3 or 4 posts for electronics engineers and physics usually with a degree or equivalent experience. At Rothera, there are 2 staff who main tasks are associated with the meteorological programme. Qualifications for these posts are the same as Halley. Advertisements are normally in January, interview in March with appointment in mid- to late summer. For further details see the Employment Opportunities pages. For Cambridge , the science posts normally require a PhD, and for engineering and computing position a degree is usually the minimum requirement. All posts are advertised, usually in New Scientist.

9. Physical Sciences
BAS Directorate. Administration and Logistics. physical sciences. careers withinphysical sciences. PhD studentships and vacation positions. Monitoring programmes.
HOME A-Z index contact BAS careers ... Advanced search
Physical Sciences
FAST FIND ... PEOPLE ... HOT TOPICS ... LEARNING ... JUST FOR FUN ... ABOUT US MAP - To find us ABOUT ANTARCTICA =======Reset====== The BAS Organisation Travel to BAS Cambridge BAS Directorate Administration and Logistics ... SITEMAP You are here: / HOME About BAS Cambridge Divisions ... PSD / Physical Sciences
The Physical Sciences Division carries out research in oceanography, glaciology, and atmospheric physics and chemistry from the Earth's surface to the very edges of the Earth's atmosphere ~1,000,000 km (geospace). Research is primarily carried out through the division's research programmes: The Division also maintains several long term monitoring programmes, for example, for meteorology and ozone. The Division comprises about 75 staff, including 9 over-wintering in the Antarctic. The Division employs people with a wide range of skills for example in physics, chemistry, electronic engineering and computer programming. Much of the research is experimentally based with the wintering staff collecting critical data at Rothera and Halley, and several unmanned platforms for meteorological and geospace data. In the Antarctic summer, additional experimental campaigns are carried out in all disciplines at the manned stations, on the BAS ships, and in the field.

10. Careers In Science - Faculty Of Life And Physical Sciences, UWA
careers in Science. Whether or not you become a scientist, the basicunderstanding of scientific reasoning, methodology and principles
Careers in Science
"Whether or not you become a scientist, the basic understanding of scientific reasoning, methodology and principles that you obtain from your first degree in science will be of inestimable value to you." - Justice Robert French, Judge of the Federal Court of Australia and Science Graduate of The University of Western Australia
Real Life Stories
In this section, you will read real life stories about our science graduates. Many of them have one thing in common - when they commenced their science studies at The University of Western Australia, they were uncertain as to where their degree would lead them, or what path their career path would take. Today, all of them have worthwhile, challenging and rewarding positions in areas they were perhaps unaware a science degree could lead to. As the graduates attest to, it is the skills they acquired while working towards their degree that have helped make them so valuable to their employers. Analytical and problem solving skills, project and resource management skills, experimental design skills, professional and reporting skills, computer literacy - they are all integral to achieving success in whatever your endeavours in science may be. Read on: be inspired, be motivated.

11. Careers: Career Paths/Physical & Chemical Sciences - Job Profiles
Student Employment. Contact careers. physical and Chemical sciences. Job Profiles
var homePage = 'no'; Advanced Search Career Paths Find a Job / Apply
Career Path

Engineering ...
Contact Careers

Physical and Chemical Sciences
Job Profiles DuPont offers assignments in a wide range of Physical and Chemical research and development arenas such as: Organic, Polymer and Physical Chemistry, and Materials Sciences and Physics. Organic Chemistry
Discovers and develops new synthetic routes for polymer intermediates, crop protection chemicals, petrochemicals, and fluorinated products. Polymer Chemistry
Finds new polymers with unusual properties and develops new polymerization techniques to understand the basic behavior of macromolecules. Includes a variety of polymer chemistry and fiber technology programs, including the study of ladder, high-temperature and fluorocarbon polymers, and polymers for membrane separation. Physical Chemistry
Includes research of molecular structure, chemical bonding, reaction kinetics, and reaction mechanisms in both small molecules and high polymers. Material Science
The profound change that DuPont is undergoing includes a push into advanced composites, ceramics, catalysts and other areas that rely heavily on a command of materials and other physical sciences.

12. Management Careers - Faculty Of Life And Physical Sciences, UWA
Management careers. Account Manager. 00126G. careers Associate, Senior;Chemist, Associate; Chemist, Research; Chemist, Senior; Clergyman, Anglican;
Management Careers
Account Manager Corporate Projects Manager General Manager - Operations Planning Manager of Vision Research ... Venture Manager Last updated on by Simone Collins DUIT Multimedia
CRICOS Provider No. 00126G Careers:

13. Careers Requiring The Biological, Environmental And Physical Sciences
careers Requiring the Biological, Environmental and physical sciences by Joseph Dougherty

14. WCC Physical Sciences Physics Careers
physical sciences Career Directory, first edition Bradley J. Morgan and JosephM. Palmisano, editors Visible Ink Press, 1994. VGM's careers Encyclopedia

15. Physics Resources: Physics Channel
to acceptance 31 October 2002 Computational neuroscientists, with skills developedin the physical sciences, are becoming archive careers and recruitment.
home job seekers my account search jobs employer
profiles announcements search
announcements natureevents search events news job channels physical
sciences life sciences phd-studentship channel content news special report
recruitment resources advertisers info post a job advertisers info npg nature
science update work@npg
The data busters

27 February 2003
Making sense of the reams of information streaming out of genome projects requires a sophisticated blend of biology and physics, says Kendall Powell.
From scepticism to acceptance
31 October 2002 Computational neuroscientists, with skills developed in the physical sciences, are becoming integrated into the effort to solve the mysteries of the brain, says Hemai Parthasarathy. + A clash of two cultures Chemistry caught in crisis catalysed by student apathy 25 April 2002 Researchers, politicians and teachers are warning of an impending crisis in British chemistry after a government report highlighted a...

16. Science Jobs At Nature Global Science Jobs Database
more articles Life sciences channel more articles physical sciences channel.archive science careers and recruitment. Groundbreaking research.
home job seekers my account search jobs employer
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announcements natureevents search events news job channels physical
sciences life sciences phd-studentship channel content prospects
regions special report
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science update work@npg
Young at heart
: 3 April A few weeks ago, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany, resembled a scientific version of a football training camp. A hundred or so prospective graduate students ...
Changing attitudes in the world of drug discovery
: 3 April
Victims of success
: 20 March The doubling of public funds for life-science research in the United States has increased the number of postdocs, but it has yet to create significantly more permanent academic positions, says Eugene Russo.
+ Clouded vision
+ more articles: Life Sciences channel San Diego : California dreaming : 13 March "I asked Jonas Salk why he came here and he said the weather," says Joe Panetta, president and chief executive of Biocom, a biotech trade association in San Diego, California. "I asked Francis Crick why he came here and he said the weather."

17. EdNA Online - Search
Academic Divisions / Faculties, Schools, Departments / Natural physical sciences. bythe Australian Marine sciences Association, careers in Marine
Search or Browse Related Sites Alliances Discussion Lists ... Advanced Quick Links School Education Higher Education International Education Technical Standards ICT Leading Practice ICT Research National Software Evaluat... OzProjects The Learning Federation UNESCO Standard Search Advanced Search Find: Look for: All the Words Any of the words The Phrase in All the Browse Categories General References Higher Education Educational Organisations School Education Search in: EdNA Evaluated pages Australian sites World-wide sites EdNA Collections Items linked to EdNA evaluated pages or: External collections G.E.M. VOCED Top Level Higher Education Academic Divisions Faculties, Schools, Departments documents were found. Page 1 of 4 1 to 10 shown below. Full Description Show Titles Only View by URL Legend
Category: Homepage of the faculty, with information on courses in liberal and creative arts, the social sciences, the natural sciences, information technology and business. The Faculty comprises twelve Schools,... Australian National University - ANU School of Resources, Environment and Society

18. Career Center - Career Field - Engineering & Physical Sciences
careers for Physicists Career information resources on physics careers and servicethat informs students about various careers in the physical sciences.

Specialized Career Center Services

General/Multiple Fields


Specialized Career Center Services
  • Events - The Career Center offers many programs including workshops, panels and career fairs that are useful for students interested in careers in engineering and related fields. Search our Calendar for upcoming events.
  • CareerMail
  • Counseling Drop-Ins - You may wish to see a career counselor to discuss career planning, internship and/or job search, either by appointment or during our drop in hours.
  • @cal Career Network - Can be used to connect with Cal alumni who are in your career field of interest, whether you are exploring career options or seeking advice about your job search.
  • Information Lab - The Information Lab has a reference collection of print materials on the fields of engineering and physical sciences - look for relevant titles in our indexes or in the Engineering and Physical Sciences section. You may also be interested in the Career Exploration, Internship, Job Search and Graduate School sections of our library.
  • Grad School Information - The graduate school section of the Career Center website provides information and tips, including links to resources on graduate schools in engineering and physical sciences.

19. Career Center - A-Z Index
Sessions Employer Profiles Employer Research Employer Services Employer WebsitesEmployment Engineering physical sciences careers Environmental careers
A-Z Index
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20. Careers In The Physical Sciences
science or engineering, step back and imagine the shape of that career.” Careersin Science and Engineering, pg. 9 The physical sciences contain subfields
“If you’re considering a career in science or engineering, step back and imagine the shape of that career.” - Careers in Science and Engineering, pg. 9 The physical sciences contain subfields in areas from astronomy to engineering. Trends in the field change as the economy and our lifestyles do. More recently, job opportunities in the physical sciences have been expanding to keep up with the growing economy. Career trends in these fields differ, however, within academic institutions, government organizations and private organizations. A degree in the physical sciences launches young scientists into exciting and rapidly expanding fields. The following sites are a compilation of the various disciplines that offer a plethora of diverse career opportunities in industry, education and research. Cited below are links for information on promising career options available to young scientists seeking positions in any field from Geology to Engineering, to Marine biology. These links are starting points for anyone interested in obtaining general information on the physical sciences, and they include career trends, career advice, and references to more specific career fields. This site includes research experiences for undergraduate students interested in a future career in science. There are specific (REU) links for a number of disciplines, including atmospheric Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer and Information Science, Engineering, Earth Sciences, Materials research, Ocean Sciences, and Physics.

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