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  1. Parent/guardian visualization of career and academic future of seventh graders enrolled in low-achieving schools.(career guidance by family members): An article from: Career Development Quarterly by Janet Usinger, 2005-03-01
  2. School guidance services: A career development approach
  3. Effective Careers Education and Guidance (School Effectiveness) by Andrew Edwards, Anthony Barnes, 1997-12-01
  4. Careers Guidance: The Role of the School in Vocational Development by John Hayes, Barrie Hopson, 1972-02-21
  5. Confronting the future: A conceptual framework for secondary school career guidance by Thomas Leonard Hilton, 1979
  6. Young People and Careers: School Careers Guidance in Shanghai, Edinburgh and Hong Kong by Zhang, 1998-01-31
  7. Opening All Options: Proceedings of the 1987 Ohio Middle School and Junior High School Career Guidance Conference by Ohio Department of Education, 1990-03
  8. Setting the Course.(role of the school counselor and career guidance program)(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Techniques by Susan Reese, 2001-10-01
  9. School Guidance Services: A Career Development Approach by Thomas H Hohenshil, 1979-06
  10. Methods guide: Elementary school career guidance (Georgia career guidance project: elementary school) by Earl J Moore, 1977
  11. Junior high school career guidance, grade eight: Suggested lesson plans by Tom Prins, 1988
  12. Careers guidance in schools by Great Britain, 1965
  13. Early elementary classroom activities (Georgia career guidance project: elementary school) by Edna Erickson Bernhardt, 1977
  14. The effectiveness of parent and teacher participation in the career guidance of secondary school students (Kent State University. Graduate School of Education. ... Counseling and Personnel Services Education) by Judith Mae Goloboff, 1978

1. High School Guidance: Colleges & Careers
Colleges careers, College Directories Search American UniversitiesCanadian Universities College Search Comparison College

American Universities

Canadian Universities

College Entrance Exams
ACT Assessment

Advanced Placement Program

College Board: SAT

SAT Vocabulary Review

College Admissions
College Admissions Essay Tips

The Common Application
Directory of State Grant Agencies FAFSA: Free App Federal Student Aid ... U.S. Government Financial Aid Guide
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Ralph Waldo Emerson Career Guides CareerZone: Explore Careers Occupational Outlook Handbook Biology Chemistry ...

2. K-12: High School Guidance And Counseling : HIGHER EDUCATION REFERENCES
Welcome to the careers in Psychology page. Containing Career and Graduate school Information of Interest to containing information about careers and graduate school that will be

High School Guidance and Counseling
All Universities
By Christina DeMello. Extensive listing for American and international university and college home pages. 3,040 different schools were featured when we last visited (8/00). Text
List containing all the schools, alphabetized by school name:

To download the above information, use the compressed and Gzipped file links on the following page:

Geographical Listings (same info as above, but indexed by country):

American Universities
Provides a list of American universities granting degrees. Indexed by alphabetical letter and name of university. May contain selected departmental listing when university does not have a home page. Text Campus Tours Provides virtual tours of many major campuses. Requires Shockwave.

3. The Netherhall School: Careers Guidance
interviews with the school careers staff and with local careers Advisory Officers. guidance covers not only
Careers Guidance
Head of Department: Mr B. Taylor Careers education in the school aims to help pupils to achieve an understanding of themselves and to be realistic about their strengths and weaknesses, to extend their thinking about the opportunities in work and in life in general, and to prepare them for making considered choices at each stage of the decision-making process. Years 7-9 Specific careers guidance starts in Year 9 as pupils approach their decisions on Year 10 courses, which naturally have implications for their future careers. Parents are closely involved, both through a Parents' Evening at which they may consult members of staff, and through individual decisions through the careers element of their pastoral programmes and have access to our Lower School Careers Library. Years 10-11 During Year 10 we use a computer-based careers education programme PATHFINDER for some of the careers part of the PSD course. This is designed to help pupils think about their future jobs and careers by encouraging them to assess their own abilities, needs and interests realistically, and by giving them ideas and information about jobs. Pupils are also encouraged to use the extensive Upper School Careers Library to find further information. Two weeks of work experience is provided for all pupils in Year 10. All pupils in Year 11 and their parents have the opportunity of interviews with the school careers staff and with local Careers Advisory Officers. Guidance covers not only opportunities in local employment and training, but also in Further Education in our own Sixth Form and in other Collegiate Board centres. Through the joint efforts of both the Careers Officer and the Head of Careers, many pupils are given direct assistance in finding their first job or training scheme.

4. Guidance And Careers At Burnside High School
Burnside High school guidance and careers guidance Counselling Services help you in some of the following ways to be going About the Department
Burnside High School Guidance and Careers Guidance Counselling Services help you in some of the following ways: Coping
in the
Classroom Managing
Time Learning
to Study
Getting on
with others Guidance
Making good decisions How to take tests and exams Choosing subjects and Careers Coping when things seem to be going wrong About the Department The Guidance Department consists of Four full-time Guidance Counsellors, a Careers advisor and administration staff. Each Counsellor is attached to one of the schools four divisions, although students can see a Counsellor of their choice.It is always best to make an appointment, in a rare case you might be able to see the Counsellor straight away. The Counsellors are available for students to see at any time during the school day. People in the Department Mr N. Coster (HOD) Mr Coster works with the Senior Division (year 13 students). His office is situated in F Block. Mrs S. Dixon

5. Norwell High School Guidance Dept.
College Planning Financial Aid - careers - Testing - Study Skills - Home NorwellHigh school guidance Dept. - Norwell Public schools - Norwell, MA.

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Career Planning Websites (updated 9/02)
Self-Assessment Career Survey - A good place to start your journey 2002-2003 Occupational Handbook - Descriptions of various careers including training info Career Interest Game - Match your interests to career choices What Can I Do With A Major In....? - A great site to check before selecting a college major
Job-Smart:Career Guides
- Good site with links to specific career guides Exploring Career Paths - More information about specific careers. Personality Tests: Keirsey Temperament Sorter - A 70 question test that gives results on Myers-Briggs system Myers-Briggs Traits - Further interpret your results on the Keirsey test Bulletin Board Post High School Planning Links Home Norwell High School Guidance Dept. - Norwell Public Schools - Norwell, MA

6. Cortland High School Guidance Office Careers Page
site gives students a look beyond high school. Career Exposure Site for informationon careers. Offers information on Career guidance, Career Resources
Career Information
Adventures in Education - Information Center This information center can assist you on a guided tour of planning a career. You can find out how to choose a career and how to set goals, etc. You can do endless browsing on occupational choices and find out what is "hot" for the future. Please check out this guided tour, it is helpful for all students! Peterson's - Education and Career Center Peterson's is an information services company, the leading provider of information on US-accredited educational institutions and special programs found around the world. Peterson's provides extensive information disseminated about careers and financing education.
ExPAN Scholarship Search
ExPAN is a very comprehensive web site that offers the following FREE Finders Categories:
- ExPAN Scholarship: 3300 private sources of financial aid
- ExPAN College Search: 3200 different two and four- year colleges
- ExPAN Career Search: Match your profile with 237 of the most popular careers
Test Prep (i.e. SAT)
This is the only test-prep web site included in PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites, and the only test-prep web site that includes information on a variety of required college admission tests.
Career Mag:

Career mag offers articles and news to help students plan and exicute their job or career search.

7. Careers In Theoretical Biology
guidance brochure for high school and undergraduate students. Defines theoretical biology, gives examples of its application, and provides advice on preparing for a career in the field.
Carreers in Theoretical Biology
Richard Gordon This career guidance brochure for high school and undergraduate students is a minor update of: Gordon, R. (1993). Careers in theoretical biology. Carolina Tips 56(3), 9-11. Printed copies of the original, with colored illustrations, may be requested from: Carolina Biological Supply Company, 2700 York Road, Burlington, NC 27215-3398 USA, Phone: (910) 584-0381, Fax: (910) 584-3399, Internet: 27215-3398 USA, Phone: (910) 584-0381, Fax: (910) 584-3399, Internet: who have provided permission for transmission on Internet of this version.
What is Theoretical Biology?
Theoretical biology may be defined as the application of reason to biology. In this sense, every biologist is, at least part of the time, a theoretical biologist. However, the daily goal of a theoretician is to explain the biological world. The theoretical biologist's product is a theory, an idea, not an observation or an experimental result, though it is based on them. This is what sets the theoretical biologist apart from other biologists. The theoretical biologist delves deeply into all the data available, comes up with unexpected relationships, tries to quantify them using all the tools of reason (math, logic, computers, etc.), and makes specific predictions about the outcome of future experiments and observations. Sometimes a critical experiment would never have been done without the inspiration of your theory in the first place. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your theory proven correct.

8. Cortland High School Guidance Office College Search Page
Peterson's provides extensive information disseminated about careers and financingeducation Planning Ahead Designed for middleschool students and their parents
College Search Information
American College Entrance Directory Each year, millions of dollars are awarded to college bound students through various scholarship programs. These web sites will help the qualified student find available scholarship money.
This is a web source for college information. It contains profiles on private and public Universities and Colleges. In this web site you may indicate which schools you'd like to obtain more information from.
ExPAN Scholarship Search
ExPAN is a very comprehensive web site that offers the following FREE Finders Categories:
- ExPAN Scholarship: 3300 private sources of financial aid
- ExPAN College Search: 3200 different two and four- year colleges
- ExPAN Career Search: Match your profile with 237 of the most popular careers
Peterson's - Education and Career Center
Peterson's is an information services company, the leading provider of information on US-accredited educational institutions and special programs found around the world. Peterson's provides extensive information disseminated about careers and financing education.
Get information on colleges via their college search page; create a profile of yourself to send to colleges; ask questions of their admissions expert;get information about paying for college; read a collection of articles about college and the admissions process.

9. Naples High School Guidance Department TeacherWeb Careers
careers. SAT/College Board http//, ACT http//,Career Net http//, Choices career,Lauren/links2.stm
Naples High School Guidance Department
Home Announcements ACE Study Skills ... Email
SAT/College Board
Career Net -
Choices career and college search zip code: 34102
Please visit the NHS Media Center's career section for many career resource materials. Also see NHS media Center's webpage.
job search
Job search
Yahooligans! - Search Engine Designed for Kids. Sites selected by the YAHOO! Inc. staff. To search the World Wide Web, type your search words in the box below and click on the Search button: Last Modified: Monday October 21 2002 © 2000-2001 TeacherWeb, Inc.

10. Guidance Department At Woodstock High School, GA
Teacher of the Year. guidance Including careers school to College

11. Naples High School Guidance Department TeacherWeb Update Careers
TeacherWeb. Naples High school guidance Department. Top Divider. UpdateCareers. You must enter the whole URL, including http//, to,Lauren/ulinks2.stm
Naples High School Guidance Department
Announcements ACE Study Skills Scheduling ... important dates
Update Careers
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ACT Link 2 URL
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Career Net - Link 3 URL
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Choices career and college search zip code: 34102 Link 4 URL
Link 5 Name/Description
Please visit the NHS Media Center's career section for many career resource materials. Also see NHS media Center's webpage. Link 5 URL
Link 6 Name/Description Link 6 URL
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job search Link 11 URL Link 12 Name/Description Job search Link 12 URL Password: © 2000-2002

12. Bohunt School > Select Section
Username Password Bohunt school . careers Education guidance. Year 7. Year8. Year 9. Year 10. Year 11. http//

13. John Hanson Community School > PSHE > Careers Education And Guidance > Homepage
John Hanson Community school PSHE careers Education and guidanceHomepage. careers Education and guidance careers Education and

14. Hill-Murray School Guidance & Counseling
take in school, careers they might explore, and other available postsecondary options.Most of all, the counselors at HM offer support and guidance to people
Main Menu Admissions Alumni Cocurriculars Directory ... Supporting Organizations Hill-Murray School
An overview of the H-M Guidance Program
A s new students transition to middle school, our efforts first focus on easing the transition and helping students gain skills in coping, stress management, and flexibility in adapting to the new educational environment. Other age-appropriate issues such as self-awareness, positive attitude toward self and others, personal coping skills, and the maintenance of on-going relationships with adults and peers are covered in the classroom or individual/small group environments. Time management, setting goals, organization, and study skills may also be included in individual and large group discussions as needed.
In the eighth grade, the focus becomes preparing students for high school. Study skills, organization, and time management are areas of emphasis. Other areas of focus include developing a positive self-concept, learning to value individual differences, conflict resolution and decision-making skills. Students take part in a classroom unit on relationship skills where they learn about communications and listening. They also participate in a unit on career exploration, which includes doing a career interest inventory.
Freshman year is one of great transition for students. Returning students from H-M Middle School meet and mesh with new incoming ninth graders. This is high school! Freshmen are invited to the Guidance and Learning Center early in the fall for an orientation. We explain how guidance counselors can help them access academic support systems, define graduations requirements, emphasize the importance of grades and

15. Careers World
Recruitment and careers advice offering advice for job seekers, professionals, college/university graduates, third level and second level school students.

16. Beaver Area High School: Guidance: Jobs And Careers: Home
Career Pathways similar to those used in many other school districts in WashingtonState and across the United States. Career Resource Center
Search Beaver Online
Upcoming Events

Can't See the Dates?

Confused about a future career? Looking for a future career? Below is a full list of all of the major career hunting sites on the net. This information is designed specifically to help those students interested in a field to choose a educational career which reflects what the career requires. Local job openings are soon to be posted as well. Recent District News Can't See the News?
Bureau of Labor Statistics
The BLS web site housese a wide-range of data and information related to labor statistics.
Career Key
This site lets you take an abbreviated version of John Holland's career interest inventory. You can see if you are a realistic, social, enterprising, conventional, investigative, or artistic type of person. Then you can explore occupations based on your personality type. The inventory is written for middle school through high school students.
Career Pathways
In this web site you will find four Career Pathways similar to those used in many other school districts in Washington State and across the United States.
Career Resource Center

17. MNPS-Guidance, Careers, & School To College
guidance Resources Homepage; Internet College Exchange; Information about standardizedtest Advice on colleges, careers and graduate school, with a yearly
Curriculum Resources Curriculum Standards Core Links Lesson Plans by Nashville Teachers ... Teacher of the Year
Guidance: Character Counts!
Character Education- Free Resources

Character Education Partnership
... Mothers Against Violence in America
Career Information

18. Emanuel School: Careers Education And Guidance
Year pupils are also offered personal guidance prior to accessed not only from theCareers library, but from the various computer rooms throughout the school.

Facilities and buildings


Introduction Facilities Curriculum Activities Sport Entry ...
Sixth Form Centre
Careers Education and Guidance
S uccessful Careers Education and Guidance depends on pupils being given sufficient information to be able to make informed choices. Young people need to be able to decide which options to pursue, they need to be aware of the qualifications required and how to take the first steps towards the career of their choice. A t Emanuel Careers Education and Guidance is included in the PHSE programme, offered in Form Periods, which also embraces guidance on the selection of option choices in the 3rd and 5th Forms. The Head of Careers has responsibility for the provision of these programmes,but they are delivered by Form tutors in each year. All 5th Form pupils are given an academic interview by a senior member of staff after delivery of the Careers component of the PHSE material and prior to making Sixth Form choices. 3rd Year pupils are also offered personal guidance prior to selecting GCSE options and subsequent to the PHSE work. I n addition to participating in such teacher led sessions, pupils are also offered the opportunity to make use of a wide range of computer software, Careers videos and resources held in the Careers library. This library is extremely well resourced and is updated continuously with literature and software relating both to Careers and to Higher Education. All software is networked, often with links to the internet and can be accessed not only from the Careers library, but also from the various computer rooms throughout the school.

19. King Edward's School - Prospectus - Careers Guidance
careers guidance. To this end, the school has a Head of careers and a specialistcareers adviser who maintain an upto-date resource centre.
Careers Guidance
At KES we aim to increase knowledge of the working world and of Higher Education as well as developing the skills sought by employers. To this end, the school has a Head of Careers and a specialist careers adviser who maintain an up-to-date resource centre. We draw on our close links with industry, commerce and Higher Education to provide a wide range of speakers for specialist talks and of exhibitors for the annual Careers Fair. Careers lessons are timetabled in Years 9, 11 and 12 and all boys complete a period of work experience after their GCSE examinations. Careers staff are available throughout the day for advice on topics such as university entrance, gap years, filling in application forms and going to interviews and Open Days.

20. Liberty High School Guidance Office
Features counselor directory and news. Information on extracurricular activities, tutoring, careers, exams, and colleges.,4588,661,00.html

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